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(Sorry for the delay. Family death and illness, and then the Holidays put a cramp on things.)

My parents came from the belief that food can cure anything, including depression and worries. I grew up hearing, “It won’t get any better if you don’t eat something.” So when I entered the kitchen it looked like we were going to feed the neighbourhood. I blinked, nearing the table and seeing many of the foods I loved and hadn’t really had in a while. And some I had, but not homemade like these were.

“The neighbours brought over a little something,” my mother told me, motioning for me to sit in the spot I’d sat in my whole childhood. My father was sitting down already.

I saw that my sister’s place was set. “She’s back?” I asked, excited and hopeful. I watched my mother freeze for a moment, struggle with her emotions, and then turn away to serve the rice.

“No,” my father softly replied. “It’s just habit to set both your places.”

So for two years they continued to set my place? Maybe in hopes I’d come back home? The guilt that ripped through me left a raw gaping wound. I wanted to take my mother’s hand in mine and tell her I’d make a habit of coming to visit more often, but I knew it would only upset her because she’d think I pitied her. “It’s a nice habit,” I smiled.

I helped clean up as I should do since I was a good daughter, and then I hit the town. I walked through it so I could stop and talk to more people. I didn’t need a photo or anything because it was a small town and everyone knew my family. Since my sister hadn’t taken off for the city like I had they would know her even more than they would me. I even went by the small grocery store to talk to some of her co-workers, but had no luck. What friends I knew she had could tell me nothing.

I was paying no attention to where I was heading. My mind was full of what everyone had said. My sister had gone to work, she’d gone through her day as per usual, been friendly and kind as she always was, and had left work to make her way home, walking there as our house was only streets away. It sounded like a typical day in this small town. So what had happened? How could she disappear in a town of people who had known her all her life? It made no sense!

“Excuse me, but do you realize you’re trespassing?”

The voice startled the bejebus out of me. I looked up, realizing that I’d walked all the way to the old high school. It hadn’t been very big, and a few years ago it was shut down, now all the teens having to bus it to a bigger town nearby. A young male, in his early twenties, stood a little ways off, watching me curiously. With a glance around I saw that I’d followed the road to the school’s front entrance. The road led around the right side to where the parking area was, and beyond to the sports fields. To the left were grassy areas where students could sit in the shade of trees or in the sun-warmed grass. The building itself was made of honeyed bricks. The whole property was rimmed in chain-link fencing and trees to give the school a measure of security and privacy. The front of the school had flower beds and a few smaller trees.

“I’m sorry, I hadn’t realized I…” I was turning away to leave when I spun back around. “Trespassing? I thought the school was scheduled to be torn down?”

“It was bought by a group that now run it as an orphanage.”

I nodded. “Oh.” Again I was about to leave, but stepped closer to him. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to trespass, but…” I went into detail about how my sister looked, even taking out a photo of her and I from two years ago to show him. “Have you seen her at all? She’s missing. Has been for days now, and we’re really worried.”

His dark gaze was on the photo, and he seemed to be taking it seriously. “I haven’t seen her, sorry.”

My shoulders slumped, and I nodded, taking the photo back. “Thank you. If you do…” I pulled pen and paper out of my purse and wrote my cell number on it. “If anyone here hears anything or sees her or whatever, could please let me know?”

He nodded, taking the paper. “Sure. No problem.” Pocketing the paper he smiled. “I hope you find your sister.”

“Thanks.” The shadows had lengthened, and the sun was below the trees. The sky was getting dark, only a strip of blazing last light left just above the horizon. A cool breeze had kicked up, and dry coloured leaves were blown across the asphalt, sounding eerie in that moment where time seemed suspended between day and night. It was odd how I knew I had no reason to remain, but I didn’t want to leave. There was a strong pull here, and it kept my feet from moving me away. “Thank you,” I said again, giving a small bow and wasting more time before I had to make myself turn and leave.

He tilted his head somewhat, eyeing me worriedly. “Are you all right? You seem a little flustered.”

Flustered? Why would I be flustered? “Oh, I…” I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things, but I could swear his eyes flickered to behind me, and he stepped back, looking almost…

The thought never finished. Something slammed into my back, and then my world went black.

He’d barely slept all day. Dreams tortured him. The most potent was of her touching him, and pressing her naked body against him as she drank from him. The lust it aroused in him was only matched by the hunger to drink from her. So he pinned her to a tree and sank his fangs into her neck. He was about to take her sexually when the dream was shattered. A cry tore from him, and he writhed on the bed, physical pain wracking at him. Not even curling into a ball helped. The pain intensified as the day progressed. Sweat soaked his clothes and hair as he panted and clawed at the bed. The hunger gnawed at him like he had a large empty hole in his body that nothing but her would fill. Daylight held him back. It kept him from her, even as he felt her nearing. Every cell in his body was attuned to her, and he knew the moment she stepped onto his property. He also knew the moment the sun was nearly fully below the horizon.

It released him from its grip, and his eyes flew open. She was here. Before he could think or continue to deny what was going on he was out of the room, racing through the halls as the others stirred from their rooms. They had a few mortals working for them, trusted ones that were descendants of generations of mortals who had cared for his kind, and he knew she was speaking to one of them outside.

“Jae…” Yunho never got to finish before his friend raced by and out the doors.

Jaejoong skirted around the perimeter, keeping to the shadows like a predator. The breeze carried her scent, and it only fuelled his need. Coming up behind her he paused for a moment, one last valiant effort to stop himself that he lost, and then he lunged. Instinct took over as he slammed into her back and held her tightly in one arm. His free hand tilted her head so her neck was bare, and he lowered his mouth to the exposed skin. His fangs pierced her as easily as hot needles into soft butter. Her blood erupted into his mouth, a trickle of it leaking free to create a tiny red river that followed the shape of her collarbone and disappeared down between her breasts.

“Damn!” Junsu breathed, standing with the other three outside. They’d been worried about Jaejoong, and when Yunho said he’d raced out the doors they’d figured it might be safer to follow.

Yunho could see the female slump in his friend’s hold. Even from where they stood they could tell that Jaejoong’s eyes were now crimson. Pushing forward he neared. “Jaejoong, slow down.” When his friend growled menacingly without letting go of the female he held up a hand. “You have to leave some blood inside her or she’ll die and won’t change.” It had been known to happen when vampires had gone too long denying the binding was happening. Their hunger took over, and they completely drained their mate who died and could not be changed. The vampire then died not long after.

“It’ll kill you too,” whispered Micky.

Jaejoong forced himself to lift his head. The world was tinged in a red haze, and he panted, licking at the blood on his lips. “Stay back,” he growled.

Yunho held a hand up to warn the others behind him to remain back. “Jaejoong, you know what to do now, right?” He spoke calmly. His father had once told him that when in the grip of a binding the vampire was like an animal protecting their territory. It was never wise to get too close to their mate until the binding was complete. He held back, not wanting to rile the as yet untamed beast that was his friend right now. “Jaejoong… You have to finish taking her through the change or she could die, and then you would die too.”

Eyes falling shut, Jeajoong let his head fall back, inhaling the scents of autumn, her, and her blood. “I know.” Lifting his head he gave his friend a desperate look from crimson eyes. “I didn’t want this, Yunho. I didn’t want a life-mate.” But he lifted his wrist to his mouth to use his fangs to rip his skin open. And as his blood began to flow he shifted her in his other arm and pressed the wound to her lips. Some leaked down her jaw line and down her neck, but after some of it managed to get past her lips he felt those same lips part, and her tongue tentatively reach out to lick at him. That first touch was like an electrical current, and he moaned, bowing over her to get closer to her.

He pressed his lips to her forehead, leaving bloody smears there. It was like imprinting her taste and her scent deep into his pores, joining it to his, and now his would join with hers. They would be one, for all eternity. He was feeling weak from giving her so much blood, and knew it had to be enough. Shakily he hefted her into his arms, and carried her into the school, appreciating that his friends moved back to give them plenty of room. Except for Junsu who ran inside to clear the way to Jaejoong’s room.

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