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Small town, we had a decent backyard edged in trees for shade, and on the other side of that another decent backyard so the thought of shutting the curtains never occurred to me until I felt watched. Tired as I was, I stripped down to my panties, glad to have the bra off. I loved lingerie, it was a weakness. I loved soft laces and caressing silks. I loved pretty pastels that made me feel feminine and soft and lovely. I loved black and crimson that made me feel empowered and sexy as hell. I never chose the really skanky ones that showed too much. I liked the thought that if a man saw me in my lingerie it would tempt him without exposing too much, make him want to touch me and try to get me out of it so he could see the best bits he normally wouldn’t be able to.

I tossed my bra on the little padded vanity chair. The air in the room was slightly cool. I never liked it when a room was too warm. My nipples tightened at the coolness. I was pulling my PJs out of the overnight bag when the strong sense that someone was watching froze me. For a moment my heart stopped, the sensation painful it was so sudden and strong, and then it raced. It was like the coolness in the room was a physical touch that ran up my legs, over my ass, up my back, and then moved to my breasts. Whisper soft and yet insistent. I trembled, reached for the robe, and shut my eyes. I didn’t want to turn to the window and see someone there. To see a face partially visible from the darkness without. It would scare the living shit right outta me!

Forcing myself to turn I didn’t look at the window as I made my feet move, taking me closer. When I got there I lifted one shaky hand and snapped one curtain shut, and hurried to do the second one. With that barrier in place I felt slightly safer. My knees buckled, and I sank to the carpet, the robe clutched to my front. What the hell was going on? I’d never felt anything like this before. It had totally scared the hell out of me.

Unsure how much time had gone by, I finally pushed up and went to put on the pyjama pants and tank I usually wore. I climbed into bed, and dimmed the small bedside lamp, but did not turn it off. I was still too shaken to sleep in the dark.

Exhausted as I was, and despite the fact I was still a little scared, I fell asleep rather quickly.

Jaejoong felt overheated. With a grimace he stumbled towards his private bathroom, shedding his clothes as he went. He set the water to cool, but it wasn’t helping so he completely turned the hot water off and gritted his teeth against the freezing sting on his heated skin. His eyes shut, and right away he could see her again in his mind. The graceful curve of her bare breast with the light pink nipples that grew taut and begged to be tasted, the line of her back, the swell of her ass, and the shadow of pubic area that he could make out through the lace of her panties were all branded into his brain.

Hands fisted he lifted one and punched the wall of the shower. It didn’t help. The pain from doing so never even lessened the ache that gnawed at his gut. Junsu was wrong. He had to be wrong. He wasn’t ready to be bound to a life-mate yet. He’d been enjoying being single. What male vampire, unbound, wouldn’t? He could take all the lovers he wanted without fear of impregnating them or of having to feed off them. He was… normal. Or as normal as could be expected of someone who would one day turn into a full vampire needed blood to sustain him. He couldn’t go out in sunlight now either, but that was just a small price to pay. He’d been born vampire, had never known the touch of the sun, and never would.

This woman was just someone he felt a sexual connection with. That was all. He hadn’t found his life-mate. Maybe if he found some way to seduce her he could get her out of his system. Now there was an idea! One nice long night of hot sex to purge himself of this damn ache… Though, hadn’t he started to feel off before he even saw her? So maybe he was coming down with some flu or something. Until they went through the change vampires were vulnerable to the same illnesses as mortals. That could explain it. It would also explain how he hadn’t been in his right mind when he’d gone to her bedroom window to watch her undress.


He groaned, turning the water off, stepping out of the shower, and grabbing a towel just as the bathroom door opened. “Privacy would be appreciated,” he snapped.

“This from the guy who takes pictures of us on the toilet or naked in the shower?” Micky smiled and moved forward to look the older male over. “Junsu said you’re going through the change.”

“I’m not,” Jaejoong denied.

“He said you had fangs,” Changmin, the youngest, stated from the bathroom doorway.

“He’s wrong.” At the dubious brows raised on the two he pushed through them to his bedroom. “I’m not going through the fucking binding!” Twirling he came face to face with Junsu. “Traitor.”

Junsu arched both brows. “You never said I had to stay quiet. And they deserve to know that one of us is…”

“I’m not…”

“Jaejoong.” Yunho had spoken calmly from near the door leading out to the hallway. He pushed forward.

“Yunho, I’m not going through the binding,” Jaejoong desperately yet softly vowed.

“Okay. Then you won’t object to us double checking then.” Yunho stopped before the oldest of them. “Fangs only appear when you’re going through it so if you’re not then there won’t be any.”

Frustrated, Jaejoong reached up with one hand and lifted his top lip from his teeth, opening his mouth so they could see. Changmin moved forward. “Oh man, those are so fangs! They look great on you!” At the glare he got in response he shrugged nonchalantly. “Better on you than on me. I still want to work my way through many lovely ladies before I get screwed over by being bound to one for the rest of my immortal life.”

Yunho glowered at the youngest as Jaejoong snarled and stomped off across the room. “You should have been beaten more as you grew up.”

Changmin smirked. “I’m one of the Ruling Five, I’m privileged.”

“Has there ever been a Ruling Four in our history?” Micky asked, rolling his eyes.

Yunho ignored them, and faced Jaejoong. “You can’t deny what’s happening.”

“I was feeling off about an hour before I even laid eyes on her,” the oldest argued. “So maybe it’s something else. It’s got to be something else. I don’t want a life-mate!” he cried, desperate. “I want to be like Changmin said. I want to have hundreds of lovers, and…”

“If you don’t bind with her both of you will die,” Junsu stated.
He came into my dreams and stole my breath away. He was beautiful. Rich brown eyes like melted chocolate, dark golden brown hair, a tempting little mole beneath one eye that made me want to lick it, and broad shoulders and chest. The sun was setting behind him, casting a crimson halo around him like he was some God. I was so caught up by the beauty of his face that I didn’t notice, at first, that he was nude. But when it did click that he was I couldn’t stop admiring the muscled limbs and… Oh yeah, baby! Nice package! At least I knew how to dream them nicely endowed! I could hit that… many times.

It being a dream I never wondered why he was nude outside in autumn. Brrrr…. Instead I started to walk towards him. I could feel the coolness of damp leaves beneath my feet, and I glanced down for a moment to see they were bare. Correction, I was bare. I was as nude as Mr. Nude before me. Oh well, saved time on the whole getting naked part.

He caught my shoulders in his hands, and drew me to him. My heart raced against my ribcage. He was a good three inches taller than me so I had to tilt my head back some to look into his eyes. I was the one who initiated the kissing by lifting on tiptoe and leaning into him so my lips could touch his. It seemed to open a dam because I couldn’t keep my hands off him. His skin was smooth, warm, and the muscles rippled beneath my fingers. It wasn’t enough. I wanted to taste him, to run my tongue over that smooth skin and nibble on his neck. He had a very tempting neck that begged to be nipped and licked and suckled on.

I pushed him up against a tree, trailed my lips down over his chin to his collarbone, and took my time exploring his wonderful chest with my mouth. The more I kissed and licked the more I wanted. I began to nibble, working my way up to his shoulder, my hands sliding down to graze over his ass cheeks. I was panting, the lust inside building and building. It wasn’t enough to just touch him nibble on his skin. I wanted more. I wanted… to be a part of him. I wanted him to be a part of me. I wanted us combined as one. It was difficult to explain. And the needing of that grew and grew until I couldn’t think or feel. I just wanted.

“Do it!” he hissed, tilting his head so I had more access to his neck. His fingers were roughly gripping my hips, holding me so tightly to his erection I would be surprised if I wasn’t all bruised.

I didn’t hesitate. I opened my mouth wide and bit his neck. His taste filled my mouth, and I moaned, rubbing against him excitedly as I drank him in. He tasted better than chocolate. His taste was darkly seductive. Like sex dipped in smooth spicy dark chocolate. That was the only way to describe it. And it was more of a turn on than any aphrodisiac on the planet.

He growled, the sound animalistic, and in the blink of an eye he had me pinned to the tree and his face was pressed into my neck. His hands hooked beneath my thighs and lifted me. It was automatic to spread my legs and wrap them around him. My fingers tangled in his hair, holding him closer as I felt his lips tugging at my skin.

“Soo Yon!”

The knocking startled me awake. “Yes?” I lay on my back, and realized that in my sleep I’d started masturbating in response to that hot dream. Dammit, why did my father wake me before I could reach orgasm?

“You okay?”

My father sounded worried. “Yes. Bad dream,” I called to him, hoping he wouldn’t open the door. My body was wired for sound. I was wound so tight I was ready to scream. Never had a dream ever turned me on so bad before. I was about to slide my hand out of my pyjama pants, but the touch against my slick hot pussy made me moan softly. Eyes shutting I tried to picture him again, but he was elusive. I couldn’t quite capture the feel and look of my dream again. Clinging to anything from that dream I ran my fingers up to my clit and began to rub, my hips pumping. It didn’t take long for the orgasm to hit, and I pressed my lips tightly together so I wouldn’t make any loud noises that would alert my strict parents to what I was doing.

Collapsing I panted for a moment, and turned my head to look at the window. A crack in the curtains told me that it was morning. With a groan I pushed out of bed. I’d shower and then get started on the search for my sister.

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