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When I woke it wasn’t that slow swim to the surface of awareness as per usual, but rather like being shot out of a canon. You wake suddenly, aware and feeling startled. A total WTF moment that leaves you a little disoriented. First thing I realized was that I lay on a large bed, the room was lit by the soft golden glow of a desk lamp. Briefly I noticed heavy smoky grey velvet drapes at the windows. The whole room was in shades of silver and grey with claret and dark blue thrown in. With the black lacquered furniture it had a nice manly look. Of course, it didn’t tell me where the hell I was, only that I was in nice surroundings.

Rising from the bed I took a few steps, and noticed I was in a long pale grey silk negligee. I hadn’t seen my clothes anywhere, and I was getting a little freaked that someone had undressed me and put this on me. There was a matching robe to my negligee on a chair so I drew it on, tightly tying the belt. I found no slippers or shoes so I walked barefoot to the door. It was unlocked so I cautiously opened it, unsure what I’d find on the other side.

I blinked. It was a long hallway, and it looked almost familiar. Stepping out I shut the door and didn’t even debate which way to go. It was like an invisible hand led me. I felt a strong sense of need that made me turn to the left and start walking, and it only grew stronger with each step I took. My steps hurrying, I wondered if maybe I automatically knew which way to safety? I hit a corridor that had many children in small groups, chatting and holding books or walking towards open doors that led to rooms full of desks. This was the old school! I knew it had seemed familiar. I’d gone to school here.

They had stopped talking, the silence moving like a wave down the corridor, and turned towards me. Their gazes moved over me, but they kept their distance. I could hear the buzzing of sudden hurriedly whispered conversations, but couldn’t make out much of it.

“…the First…”


“…doing here…”

“…hate her…”

“…get him…”

I pressed closer to the wall, the need warring with fearful confusion. Maybe going back the other way was best. This was obviously not the way out. I turned to leave, but came to a halt and just stopped myself from screaming. A girl around 8 stood there. She had a wild mane of uneven curls, and trickles of blood going down her forehead and temples from her hairline. She stared up at me, and the effect of that stare from a bloodied face was like something out of a horror movie.

“A-are you okay?” Maybe she’d skitter away fearfully if I talked to her.

Her head tilted some. “Why?”

I lifted a shaky hand to motion to her face. The blood was really freaking me out, and I couldn’t look away from it. It was like the morbid fascination people had with train wrecks or something. The smell of it was strong, and though I’d never been one to get all woozy and faint at the sight of it, the smell of it just seemed… odd. It was the best I could describe it. “Umm… are you hurt?”

She just kept staring. “I hate my hair, and I’m not very good with scissors. He brought you here, didn’t he?”

“What?” My mouth was going dry from fear. He? Who the hell was he? Why did he bring me here?

“He’s the First,” she told me. “Everyone’s talking about it. How he watched you, and then had to have you.”

Icy, paralysing fear grabbed at my insides, and froze me in place. I wanted to ask what she meant, but my mind kept going back to the night I’d arrived, and that sense of someone being right there and watching me. Oh God, had some sick stalker taken me? Did he also have my sister? How the hell could kids know about it? How could he do this with kids around? What the fuck was going on?

“She’s not awake yet?” Micky asked, entering what had once been the school’s main office area.

Jaejoong turned away, going to a filing cabinet and pulling one of the drawers open. “I don’t know.”

“Not true,” Changmin never looked up from the computer monitor at the desk he sat at. “I looked it up in our database. Bound vampires know when their life-mate is asleep, awake, hurt, in danger…”

“That’s not right away,” Junsu corrected from his own desk where he’d been using a calculator and had a stack of papers. They did not have pre-set duties to prevent boredom with said duties. This week he was the one to do the books. “The bond needs a few days to strengthen as they drink more of each other’s blood. It takes three exchanges for the bond to reach full strength. Doesn’t mean that they can break it even now, just that…” A growl of annoyance made him pause and look up to find Jaejoong glaring at him.

“Still not happy that you’re bound?” Junsu asked, shaking his head. “I’d like to be bound.”

“What!” Changmin shook his head. “Why the hell for?”

“It’s supposed to be very fulfilling and rewarding. Can you imagine having that one person in this whole world who will love you eternally and faithfully a part of your life?”

“No,” the youngest honestly replied with a grin. “And why have I never imagined this? I want to savour all the beautiful women in this world, not be bound to only one. I still have many wild seeds to sow.”

“Idiot,” Micky tossed a ball of wadded up paper at him. “You have no ‘seeds’ to sow until you’re bound.”

Unrepentant, Changmin beamed. “I can pretend.”

Junsu rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m looking forward to being bound and having a family of my own. I envy Jaejoong for this chance to have someone to love and to love him, and to have children.”

“Can we stop talking about this?” Irritated, Jaejoong slammed the filing cabinet drawer shut. “I’m not exactly ecstatic at being bound, you know. It’s just an annoyance.”

Yunho came out of one of the adjoining offices. “We have three more children coming tomorrow.” He sighed, running a hand over his face, and moved around the long counter that separated their work area from the public area.

“Damn,” Junsu whispered.

“Same family?” Micky asked.

Yunho nodded. “The oldest is 13, the youngest 6. Their parents were murdered.”

“Aren’t they all?” Jaejoong angrily retorted. “It’s why we opened this place, to take in the orphans.” He glanced at Junsu. “Being bound makes you a target. You want that? It’s not often that the kids survive when hunters go on a killing spree.”

“Jaejoong,” Yunho nodded off down towards the glass doors that were the boundary between the classrooms and the public area of the building. The private living areas were on the other side of the classrooms. “Your mate is awake.”

Jaejoong neared, scowled and made an annoyed sound, and marched angrily towards the glass doors.

Pressed against the wall as I was, afraid and yet unable to just run because of some damn strong need to stay, I tried to slow my thoughts and think clearly. Sometimes kids misunderstood situations. It happened often. Right?

I gasped when a strong hand caught my arm, pulling me and making me turn. After what I’d just heard the child say I expected some monster with greasy hair and bad skin and teeth to be leering at me. Instead my jaw dropped. He was beautiful. He was the one who’d come to me in my dream that night. Here he stood, flesh and bone, and my heart started to race. It pounded loudly against my ribcage, the strength and speed of it making me breathless. He had a scent about him that was all male and spicy and something else that I couldn’t name, but seemed so familiar and delicious. I wanted to nuzzle along the tempting line of his jaw and into his neck, especially where his hair caressingly touched it.

He wasn’t looking at me, but at the child. “Elise, why were you trying to cut your hair off again?”

“It’s all frizzy and ugly and red,” she pouted up at him.

Still holding firmly onto my arm he leaned down to smile tenderly at her. “But you hurt yourself,” he told her. “Now you’ll have to go see Micky to get tended to. Or… is it because you like Micky more and you wanted to see him?” He gave her a pout.

She blushed, but reached up with a small hand to pat his cheek. “But you have a mate now, Jaejoong so I can’t love you anymore.”

His lips twitched in a smile. “You can love anyone you want, Elise. And I love your hair,” he said, ruffling it gently. “Your hair suits you and makes you unique. Now run along and let Micky tend your cuts.”

Elise leaned closer to him. “She’s pretty and nice,” she whispered. “She was worried because I was hurt.”

“Was she?” he asked, smiling at her.

The child nodded. “I like her.” She moved around us and hurried down the hall towards glass doors at the end.

He straightened, and when his dark eyes met mine I felt it like a very physical sizzle that coursed through my whole body. I gasped, unable to tear my gaze away. Before I could stop myself I’d reached my free hand up and touched his jaw with shaky fingers. He was real. The man in my dream was real. He hissed at my touch, pulling his head back out of my reach. He didn’t say anything, but dragged me back the way I’d come.

Still amazed by all this, I stumbled after him. I was so confused, and yet… and yet I felt so… so right in his presence. We had come back to that bedroom I’d woken up in, and he shoved me inside and slammed the door behind him as he entered after me. Okay, right or not I didn’t much like being bullied. I turned and faced him, frowning. “Who are you? How the hell can you be real when you were a figment of my imagination? What’s going on?”

“You’re finally awake,” he said with an irritated sigh. “Fine. You’ll want to feed now.” He moved forward a step, his hands reaching for the hem of his grey and white striped sweater and pulling it up and over his head.

I’d been about to tell him that I wasn’t hungry and to answer my damn questions when I got a good eyeful of him in a wife-beater tee. My heart started to pound and race even more and my knees trembled. I backed up until I hit the wall. “W-what are you doing?”

My dream guy tossed the sweater on the bed, kept moving forward, and didn’t halt until his body touched mine and one of his hands lifted and pressed flat against the wall beside my head. He tilted his head some, baring his throat. “You need to feed.”

I could only stare at his throat where a circular birthmark was below the line of his jaw. A movement caught my eye, like a tick, and I realized it was his pulse. It was rapid, strong, and my first thought was to lick it and feel it moving against my tongue. “Please…” I whispered, not exactly positive what it was I was pleading for.

With another annoyed sigh he shifted. “Fine. I’ll go first.” The hand he had on the wall now caught at my hair, tilting my head back. I swallowed hard, nervous but not afraid. His gaze moved over my throat like a caress, and I trembled. My hands lifted as if to hold him back, but instead they slid up his stomach and caught the material of his wife-beater to keep him near. A sound much like a hiss and groan rumbled from him and his face lowered. Warm breath whispered across my skin, and then soft full lips brushed over the pulse in my throat.

That one simple touch made me arch closer to him and moan, that need I’d felt since I awoke turning into a living thing inside me. A hot and wet tongue darted out to tease my pulse point, making it jump and race, and then came the sharp stab of pain that dissolved rapidly into intense pleasure. I cried out, arms going around him tight so I could mash our bodies together. He grunted and his free hand curled around my hip. I wanted to get even closer to him. I needed to get closer to him so I lifted a leg to curl it around his.

Jaejoong drank, her taste already slightly different from the night before when he’d first drunk from her. Now it had something more alluring to it, and he knew it was from her changing from mortal to vampire thanks to his blood mingling with hers. Letting go of her hair he caught at the robe covering her shoulders and pushed it and the thin negligee straps down her arms. From the moment he’d grabbed her arm he’d become ultra-aware of her, but when she’d stared into his eyes and touched him tenderly he’d almost pinned her to the wall in the hall and started to drink from her then and there! And that would have led to some pretty interesting groping and intercourse in front of all those kids. It had taken every ounce of inner-strength he had to make it to their room before he chomped on her blood and got her out of that negligee.
Right now she was rubbing herself against him, her hands roaming over his back and his ass, and her breathing rapid and strong. Small sounds of pleasure escaped her, and he found them sexy as hell. Lifting his head he found her mouth with his, knowing her blood was still on his lips and his tongue. Eagerly she kissed him back, pulling on him to get him even closer.

Breaking the kiss, he dropped his head back. “Do it.” Her blood smeared lips pressed to his throat, her tongue snaked out to taste his skin, and he shivered. “Do it!” he ordered in a hoarse and low growl. There came the momentary pain as her fangs broke through his skin, but as soon as she began to drink it was replaced by pleasure.

I couldn’t have stopped myself if I’d even wanted to, much less tried. From the moment he began to drink from me the beast inside woke, and instinct took over. The sound of his voice commanding me to drink took every last ounce of self-control I might have had left, and flung it to oblivion. I liked the skin of his throat, feeling the pulse beneath it jump against my tongue, and then eagerly I sank my teeth into it. Liquid ambrosia filled my mouth, and I swallowed it quickly, suckling on his neck for more. It was a thousand times better than in that dream. My body felt like liquid fire surged through my veins and hit every erogenous zone imaginable.

Sexy panting groans rumbled from him, a total turn on. His hands yanked the negligee down to my waist, the silk scraping against my hard nipples, and making me moan against his throat. His hands stroked a little roughly up and down my back, around to my breasts, and his thumbs grazed my aching nipples while he kneaded the breasts. I wanted more.

It took effort to lift my mouth from his neck, but I did it, and right away his lips found mine. Our tongues duelled, and I could feel the sharpness of one of his fangs scraping against my tongue. Reaching down I found the button and zipper of his denims, and I impatiently tugged and fumbled until I undid them. I didn’t bother with trivialities, and started to just push his denims and underwear down. I wanted bare skin. I wanted to feel him inside me. He obviously got the hint because his larger hands yanked the skirt of the negligee up to my waist.

I lifted both legs to wrap around his hips at the same time he slid his hands to my ass and lifted me up. Still kissing, I reached one hand down to grip his hard cock and lead the head to my opening. I barely had time to remove my hand before he surged forward with an urgent thrust. I broke the kiss to cry out joyously, trembling against him.

Heated quick breaths mingled, and I stroked his hair from his face so I could look into his dark eyes. Our gazes locked, the connection intensified as we swayed and undulated together. I forgot all about my missing sister, how I ended up here, why I’d wanted his blood so much, or anything else other than the feel of him inside me, and staring into his eyes. I could swear that I not only heard my own heart beating wildly, but his as well. The rhythms of both began out of sync, but with each meeting of our bodies as he thrust into me and as we kept staring at each other, they began to synchronize until they matched evenly in strength and tempo. And as it did my orgasm hit, rocking my whole body. I was aware of how he held himself deep inside me, groaning long and low.

The afterglow from great sex would have lasted longer if reality hadn’t intruded. I was nuzzling the line of his jaw, occasionally licking at the blood that was starting to dry. He didn’t seem in any hurry to move away, which was nice. He wasn’t talking or anything either, but that didn’t bother me right away. He smelled so good, like man and blood…

That thought shattered the afterglow, and I lifted my head so I could look into his face, except his face was pressed into my shoulder, partially hidden from me. “Why were you in my dream? How can you be real? And what the hell is up with all the blood?”

He stiffened, and sighed heavily. Not quite as gentle as before, he detached me from him and stepped away. The loss of contact made me feel cold and lonely despite him being in the same room as me. I watched him calmly fix himself and do up his denims. It left me feeling rather exposed so I hurried to straighten the negligee and cover myself.

“We’re life-mates,” he said, sounding rather irritated with that declaration.

Shaking my head I frowned at him. “And that means?”

“Life… mates…” he repeated more slowly. “Means mates for life.”

My eyes narrowed as my anger rose. “You know, just because you did me up against a wall doesn’t mean you can treat me like I’m an idiot. Let’s get that straight.”

Suddenly he was in front of me, his hands on my shoulders, pinning me to the wall again. “I’m not exactly thrilled with the fact that I’m bound to a life-mate so don’t think just because you and I are bound that you can give me attitude.”

I pushed at his chest, shoving him back. “Tell you what, Jaejoong. How ‘bout you give me my clothes, and I’ll be on my way. We can consider this a so-so ending to a nice dream, and then forget all about it. Okay?”

“You can’t leave.”

I didn’t much care for the distant and closed-off expression on his face, his eyes unreadable. “Yes, I can, and I will. Even if you don’t get my clothes…”

“If you leave you’ll die.”

He said it in a deadpan voice, his eyes still unreadable even if he was looking right into my eyes. It was freaking me out. I shoved at him, and ran for the door. I had to get out of here. He was threatening to kill me! But as I was about to yank the door open a thought hit me, stealing my breath. What if he had my sister here somewhere? Twirling I gasped to find him right there behind me. I flattened myself against the door, my heart racing painfully. “Don’t touch me!” I cried.

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