Maryse’s Love Of Big Fat Ass 

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"What a disgrace." Maryse grimaced at the sight of Becky Lynch of all people holding up both women's titles, victorious in the main event of Wrestlemania 35.

She said it again once 'The Man' walk through the door of the women's locker room, causing Becky to frown, and question, "What was that?"

"J'ai dit, quelle putain de honte." Maryse said mockingly, before translating, "What a fucking disgrace. To think that someone such as you would be allowed in the ring is bad enough, but that you were allowed to main event, let alone win? Clearly this place has gone downhill since I was here last."

"Wow." Becky murmured, just staring in disbelief for a few long seconds, before laughing, "You're delusional."

"We shall see." Maryse said dismissively.

"Seriously?" Becky laughed again, "Did you not just see that? We main evented Wrestlemania! I! I main evented Wrestlemania! The women's division finally has earned some respect, and people are taking it seriously. You? You're just an eye candy diva, a glorified model, someone here just to look pretty. You and your generation are nothing compared to mine, and we've definitely been better off since you left in, what 2012?"

"At least my generation knew their place." Maryse scoffed, "Especially the ones with the big, fat disgusting asses like yours. But you know all about that, huh? When you were getting your fat butt screwed by models, instead of just Charlotte."

"That, I... I don't-" Becky tried to respond, but she was too flustered. Then when she tried to step forward menacingly she got a hard slap across her face for her trouble, the championships falling to the floor in an almost perfect metaphor, as Becky cupped her face and swore, "Ah fock! You bitch!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Maryse growled, pushing Becky into the lockers, and then grabbing her firmly, and turning her around, "You are only good for one thing Becky, and I'm going to remind you what that is."

Maryse then licked her lips at the greatest prize there was to be had in wrestling. Non, not those silly little titles which were now on the floor, and Becky had been holding up so proudly earlier, but big fat ass. Oh oui, she'd been away from wrestling for some time now, it was true, but while she hadn't missed titles one bit the one thing she really had missed was the big fat asses of so-called tough female wrestlers. And Becky had one of the biggest, fattest asses on the roster right now, and she was probably the most delusional. So much so that she had started calling herself 'The Man'. Oui, Maryse could think of nowhere better to start her new collection, especially since this total bottom had just won not only the two women's titles, but the title of Alpha female.

Her only regret was that no one was here to witness it. That Becky had been so busy taking pictures and doing interviews that everybody else had left by the time she got to the locker room. Of course it was understandable why Becky's defeated opponents had left in a huff without so much as a shower, but it would be nice if they at least had one witness to Maryse taking the only title which really mattered back. Although that was kind of an afterthought when she got a close-up look at those meaty cheeks encased in fishnets, and almost bursting out of that ridiculous bodysuit the redhead wore in the ring. Something Maryse briefly considered taking off, but decided it would be more insulting if she did this while Becky was still wearing it.

Besides, it wasn't like she needed to remove it. Non, the tiny piece of fabric was easy to push out of the way, revealing a tiny thong, which only confirmed Becky's true nature as a total bottom, Maryse thought with a wicked grin. Of course, before she did that she spent about a minute where she just admired that thick booty, and greedily groped it. Mostly because it was fun, but also because she thought the delusional wrestler would try and fight back some more. When she didn't, it caused Maryse to chuckle wickedly, then she dropped down to her knees, and slowly revealed first the tiny thong, and then Becky's butt hole, which truly look good enough to eat. So that's exactly what Maryse did, buried her face deep between those meaty cheeks and starting to frantically lap away at that cute little fuck hole.

There had been no doubt in Maryse's mind that's exactly what Becky's butt hole was before she even got to see it, and then both seeing it and tasting it only confirmed what she knew to be true. After all, she may not have been here for a while, but she kept in contact with Natalya, who was secretly still loyal to her. Loyal enough that Maryse knew that Charlotte Flair had practically been living in Becky Lynch's big fat ass, and many others had pounded this big booty, including 'models' like Eva Marie and the Bellas, at least before the redhead started getting ideas above her station. Which meant that this would be a super easy conquest for Maryse, a fact which was pretty much proven from the reactions she was getting from her soon to be bitch.

Becky had no idea what the hell was going on. About an hour ago she received one of the greatest highs of her life, defeating the supposedly unstoppable Rhonda Rousey in the middle of the ring, in the main event of Wrestlemania and then holding the women's titles of both RAW and SmackDown high in the air, celebrating her victory. She'd certainly never felt more dominant, especially as by proxy she'd also beaten Charlotte, finally getting that monkey off her back. Because while she had beaten her before, Charlotte had always found a way to weasel out of bottoming for her. But not this time, right? Right, this time she would finally, truly have her revenge. Or at least that's what she thought, but instead Charlotte was thankfully nowhere to be seen as she was in danger of being topped by a freaking model, and a retired one at that.

Arguably that was already happening, but the top females of the WWE were constantly shoving the faces of their defeated opponents between their bum cheeks, so this shouldn't be a big deal. Especially as Becky loved rim jobs, no matter what the context. However Maryse wasn't kissing her arse, as she should be, given that she was a puny model. No, she buried her face in between those cheeks and lapped hungrily, and with the same purpose that Becky found all too familiar. Maryse also spread those cheeks, pulled back, spat onto the hole, and then tried to push it in with her tongue. Which eventually included literally trying to push her tongue up her butt. She didn't get as far as she would've been able to six months ago, but she got far enough to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt Becky Lynch was no anal virgin.

It also made Becky moan embarrassingly loudly and happily, confirming her love for getting her arse munched on. Which to be fair, was just another thing in her life she could blame on Charlotte Flair. Because seriously, Charlotte had an indecently long tongue, to go along with her long body, and that big tongue had done such wonderfully wicked things to her. One of which Maryse was doing now, namely making her anal walls nice and wet for a pounding. No! Becky couldn't just let this happen. Not again. Her days of being a mindless bottom were done. She was a strong, confident butt busting top now, and she had to take control of the situation. Preferably by grabbing the back of Maryse's head, pushing it deeper in between her cheeks, and then talking trash to her.

Which Becky tried, only for her hand to be swatted away, pulled her face out of Becky's backside, and Maryse to order, "Spread your cheeks, you nasty bitch. Mmmmmmmmm oui, show me the hole I'm about to ruin."

Then without giving Becky a second look Maryse retrieved a big strap-on cock, attached it around her waist, and then began covering it with lube. Only then did she turn around, and glare at Becky, who had been staring at the French-Canadian over her shoulder, stunned at her actions. And she had thought Charlotte was arrogant. Well, she was, but Maryse was on a whole other level. Which dumbfounded Becky enough that she was rooted to the spot, so instead of making her baby face come back she just stayed there, leaning against some lockers, waiting for a retired model to come do the one thing she'd been desperately trying to avoid for months. But she also hadn't done as she was told, which angered Maryse, and after stomping over to her pray and brutally begin beating on Becky's bottom she began yelling at her.

"J'ai dit, écarte tes joues, espèce de con stupide!" Maryse yelled angrily as she brutalized Becky's butt with blow after blow, before grabbing a handful of orange locks, pulling them back and translating, "I said, spread your big fat ass you dumb little anal whore! Do it! Do it now... or I won't fuck your big fat disgusting ass."

"Please..." Becky whimpered.

"Do it!" Maryse snapped, and then chuckled as she finally got what she wanted, and then she growled into Becky's ear, "Vous savez, j'allais vous faciliter la tâche. Étirez-vous avec les doigts. Faites l'amour à votre gros cul dégueulasse, comme j'entends Charlotte. Mais tu m'as bouleversé, mmmmmmmmm, et tu sais ce qui arrive aux petites putes anales irrespectueuses, quand elles ne me montrent pas le respect approprié? You know, I was going to make it easy on you. Stretch you out with fingers. Make love to your big, fat disgusting ass, like I hear Charlotte does. But you've upset me, mmmmmmmmm, and you know what happens to disrespectful little anal whores, when they don't show me the proper respect? Huh? Oooooooooooooh, they get THIS!"

Maryse emphasized the last word by slamming forwards, forcing the first few inches of her big dick through Becky's back door and into the other woman's fat ass. The fact that she was able to do this at all, let alone that there would even be a hint of pleasure in within the cry that the pathetic double champion then let out just prove what a stupid little anal whore Becky Lynch really was. But more than anything else, there was the fact that for a few long minutes she tensed up, like she was going to finally fight back, only to hang her head in shame, obviously accepting her true destiny as a fuck hole for a superior woman. God, and this total bottom had somehow convinced the locker room that she was a top. Fuck, it was going to be so easy for Maryse to claim her rightful place at the top of the food chain.

Something which Maryse savoured for a few long seconds, along with just how beautiful Becky's butt hole looked stretched around the first few inches of her cock, which was on perfect display for her thanks to her new piece of meat. Oh oui, there had been no doubt in Maryse's mind that Becky Lynch would make a wonderful addition to her collection of fat assed bitches, but it was hilarious how quickly Maryse was proven right. And she continued to be proven right, as very slowly the Sexiest of the Sexy slowly began pushing inch after inch of her strap-on into the rectum of the woman who delusionally called herself The Man. Of course, if she was really The Man she wouldn't be in this situation, or at the very least she wouldn't continue spreading her cheeks like the ass whore she was. But Becky did, once again proving Maryse right.

From what Maryse had heard she could have probably buried a lot more of her cock into Becky's butt if she had used a little more force initially, and she could definitely get her full length in there if she had followed it up with a series of hard thrusts. Probably just two or three. But as tempting as that was Maryse decided against it, given that she'd already forfeited the pleasure of watching the other woman's ass hole slowly stretch open for her. Hell, for that matter, she hadn't even fingered this bitch's booty. Which again, wasn't necessary, but it was a lot of fun. And after all, the only thing that really mattered here was whether Maryse was enjoying herself. The opinions of bottoms never really mattered to her, especially not wrestlers, who despite initial whining always loved it in the end.

Of course, it was hilarious to find the special wrestlers who desperately tried to present themselves as tough and dominant, only to enjoy every moment of getting their asses dominated and ultimately conquered by the Sexiest of the Sexy. Becky Lynch was unsurprisingly a prime example, as even though she let out cries, gasps and whimpers of pain it was obviously mixed in with pleasure. Fuck, this slut even moaned at one point. Fucking moaned in pleasure from getting her shit-pipe stuffed with long, thick girl cock. God, Maryse was so ashamed of her, and yet delighted. Especially because at the time there wasn't long to go before every inch of her dick was inside Becky's bowels, bringing Maryse one step closer to adding a fresh piece of ass to her collection.

Becky wanted to hate this, but she couldn't. She wanted to hate Maryse for forcing her to bend over and anally violate her, but she couldn't do that either. God, she couldn't even stop herself from moaning. Oh God, Maryse was right about her. Everyone was right about her. She really was nothing but an anal whore. She, Becky Lynch, was nothing but a shameless anal whore. Really, the only thing she was ashamed of in that moment was that she'd ever tried to be anything else, and denied herself this ecstasy. Why? Why had she wasted over six months of her life? God, she had shown such disrespect to real women, like Maryse, by not immediately bending over and spreading her cheeks. For that, Becky Lynch was truly ashamed.

Looking around into the face of the smirking goddess behind her Becky was just about to apologize for her appalling behaviour, when she remembered why she acted that way, and desperately fought against what came so naturally to her. Namely, she got a glimpse of her titles. The SmackDown and RAW women's championships, which just over an hour ago she had fought so hard for. No, she had been fighting for them her entire career, but never more so than over the last six months. And it had been so satisfying to achieve her goal. Oh yes, it'd been the greatest moment of her life, professional or otherwise, and no matter how amazing just getting her butt stuffed again felt, she couldn't forget the fact that she'd only just managed to prove herself something other than a pathetic anal loving bottom, and she couldn't just backslide now.

No, she was the hero of this story dammit, and she was on the ropes, but she would make a come back. Kick Maryse's arse, and then give her a taste of her own medicine. Better yet, do it in front of everyone. Oh yes, if she could butt fuck the only woman to retire as the Alpha in front of a room of her peers, Becky would finally be taken seriously as a top. In fact, because of her win tonight, she was Alpha now, so no matter what she was going to OH GOD! Maryse's thighs were now pressing against her meaty cheeks, meaning that she had done it. Every inch! Every single inch of the other woman's dick was buried as deep as it could go inside of her bowels, something which of course Maryse had to laugh and gloat about.

"Plus! Plus, plus, plus, plus, oh oui, chaque centimètre! Mmmmmmmmmmm, chaque pouce dans votre gros cul! Oh Becky! Oh fuck! Oh oui!" Maryse moaned dreamily as she got close to her goal, and then once her dick was fully embedded within Becky's rectum, she let out a loud chuckle, and continued, "Oh oui, qui vient de glisser comme un couteau dans le beurre. Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssssss, comme un couteau chaud à travers un beau beurre mou. Oh oui, that just slid in like a knife through butter. Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss, like a hot knife through nice soft butter. Ohhhhhhhhhh oui Becky, tu es née pour ça. Né pour être une petite pute anale sans vergogne. Né pour être à moi. Ma petite pute anale personnelle. Et maintenant? Je te possède. Oooooooooooh oui, je vous possède, et votre gros cul dégueulasse. Mais ne t'inquiète pas salope, je prends bien soin de ma propriété.Ohhhhhhhhhh oui Becky, you were born for this. Born to be a shameless little anal whore. Born to be mine. My personal little anal whore. And now? I own you. Oooooooooooh oui, I own you, and your big fat disgusting ass. But don't worry bitch, I take good care of my property."

Poor Becky couldn't even understand any of that, as she was unaware that it was translated for her benefit, but whatever it was she got the gist. And she certainly couldn't deny it, even if a small part of her wanted too. Oh yes, in that moment she belonged to Maryse, and it was hard for her not to see that as a good thing, as it meant that again she had an arse full of dildo. Something Becky had been cruelly denying herself for so very long, not even shoving a hand held cock up there,  as she was too afraid of relapsing into the anal addicted bottom she had been since Charlotte popped her anal cherry all those years ago in NXT. Which was a memory which was extremely vivid right now, given that another tall, beautiful blonde girl had her cock buried in her bowels.

Seemingly to heighten the memory Maryse began rotating her hips, and thus churning Becky's insides with that big dick, which was one of Charlotte's signature moves, at least outside of the ring. The only difference, at least in Becky's case, was instead of loving words of encouragement as there had once been, there was more abuse, this time purely in French. Which was actually a good thing, because it meant that Becky didn't have to think about how she had broken up with the love of her life, and become bitter enemies with her, only to bend over and let another blonde bum her on the night of her greatest victory, at least as far as in ring action was concerned. Of course, then it became impossible for Becky to think about anything other than the fact that she was finally, officially getting her arse fucked again after what felt like a lifetime.

In reality it had only been six months, but it definitely felt like much longer. Not that it really mattered. No, all that really mattered was the long, thick object sliding in and out of her arse hole, and the wonderful woman who had finally given Becky what she so desperately needed. God, how had she forgotten she needed this? It felt like she was breathing again after being held underwater for too long. So right, and good, and natural, and pleasurable, that Becky never wanted to end. Admittedly, there was something of a slight adjustment, but Becky enjoyed the twisted pain of the initial rectum stretching, and sure enough it wasn't long before that even faded away and all she felt was pure pleasure. Pure, amazing ecstasy from getting bummed, like the little anal whore she was.

This was the point she would have probably cum, if this was some wannabe top, like Sasha, Rhonda, or even herself only a few short hours ago, but Maryse proved herself a true butt buster by effortlessly bringing her to the edge of orgasm, and then keeping her there. At which point Becky tried to be a good little bottom, and just allowed the superior woman to enjoy her conquest, but she just needed to cum so bad. But she also didn't want this to end, not when she finally got what she really needed once again. But she needed to cum. And over and over those thoughts went, until finally she got her chance to beg to cum. Which of course, only came from the grace of the goddess now simply known as Maryse.

"Harder! Oooooooooooh fock, fock me harder! Fock me arse! Pound it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fockkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Becky cried out desperately, "Wreck my focking shit hole! Gape it wide open! Ruin me butt hole! Oh God! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmmm, fock me! Fock me please Maryse, I'll do anythin'. Be yer fat assed bitch! Give ya me titles. Anythin', mmmmmmmmmm, just please, pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, slam me shitter and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh make me cum, mmmmmmmmmm, make me yer bitch, yer fat assed bitch, oh shit, yer anal whore, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yer butt slut, ah fock, make me yours! All yours!"

"Are you The Man?" Maryse asked with a wicked smile.

"NO! I AIN'T THE MAN YOU ARE!" Becky  screeched desperately at the top of her lungs, "YER THE MAN, THE CHAMP, THE ALPHA! I'M JUST YER BITCH!"

"Damn right." Maryse chuckled, before ordering, "Now cum for me bitch! Cum, and thank me for it!"


All it took was a slight increase in the pace to have the once proud Becky Lynch squirting violently all over the lockers beneath her. She also went from constantly whimpering, gasping and moaning to screaming, squealing, and crying out. All of which were in pleasure, but the difference were some of the sounds were so deafening surely every fan who had witnessed her previous victory could now hear her being completely defeated, conquered, and owned. Or at least, Becky hope that would be the case, because even more than orgasms, the thing she wanted most in that moment was to be Maryse's fat assed bitch. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite a while, as she became lost in the ecstasy of multiple anally induced climaxes.

Maryse cackled evilly as she effortlessly made an ass whore cum. Something she had missed terribly. Sure, she had a collection of anal sluts that would come when called, but there was nothing like some fresh ass. Well, fresh for her, as again from what she'd heard every single girl on the roster had brutalized this big fat butt. As they should. Oh oui, Becky Lynch clearly had an ass made for fucking, and the so-called 'Man' was maybe the biggest butt slut Maryse had ever met, so of course, even her fellow anal whores would be sodomizing her on a regular basis. But from now on Becky wouldn't have to settle for wannabe tops. No, finally, there was a real woman here to give her a true rectum wrecking.

That was exactly what Maryse did. Oh oui, with more evil laughter Maryse increased her pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to pound that big fat disgusting ass, making those obscenely big globes jiggle like jelly in an earthquake, and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh to be almost as loud as Becky's squeals of ecstasy. Maryse also grabbed a handful of that ugly orange hair, and yanked it back so she could start yelling abuse pretty much directly into Becky's ear. At first it was all in French, but eventually the Sexiest of the Sexy did the so-called Alpha female the favour of translating, because even if she wasn't fully aware of the words they hopefully entered Becky's subconscious. Or at the very least, they were just fun words to yell.


Of course the downside to those words was that even Maryse could no longer hold back from cumming. Oh oui, the combination of those words, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of sodomizing this poor excuse for a woman was just too much for her. Especially as this was supposed to be the Alpha female, and a double champion at that. And from the looks of it, Maryse had conquered her already. So easily. Oh oui, she just couldn't hold back. Not any more. Non, Maryse went crashing over the edge of an incredibly satisfying climax, but to her credit pushed herself through it and several more to make absolutely sure she had broken the woman who called herself 'The Man' and turned her into The Bitch. Her bitch.

What was really impressive was despite having wrestled an emotionally draining match, and then taking the most brutal rectum wrecking thrusts Maryse had to offer, which obviously triggered some devastatingly powerful climaxes, Becky just kept going. In fact, not only did she keep cumming, but shortly after her first orgasm Becky started hammering herself backwards, actually contributing to her rectum being ruined. Which of course made Maryse use even more force, and cackle with delight. Oh oui, Becky Lynch was definitely a keeper. In fact, this might just be her new favourite fat assed bitch. Especially as they ran out of steam at the exact same time, which was really impressive, considering all of Maryse's years of anally defiling bitches.

"Impressionnante." Maryse chuckled breathlessly, "Oooooooooooh oui, very impressive. Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, you may be a poor excuse for a champion, and an Alpha, and a woman, ohhhhhhhhhhh, and a 'Man', but you truly are an excellent butt slut. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, a natural anal whore. The perfect fat assed bitch. My perfect fat assed bitch. Mmmmmmmm oui, that's what you are. Oooooooooooh oui, très impressionnant. Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, vous êtes peut-être une mauvaise excuse pour un champion, et un Alpha, et une femme, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, et un `` homme '', mais vous êtes vraiment une excellente salope. Mmmmmmmmm ouaishhhhhhhhhh, une pute anale naturelle. La chienne au gros cul parfait. Ma chienne au gros cul parfait. Mmmmmmmm oui, c'est ce que vous êtes. Qu'es-tu? What are you?"

"Ah fock!" Becky swore as Maryse pulled back roughly on her hair, quickly answering, "I'm yer bitch, I'm yer bitch!"

"My what?" Maryse pushed, smacking Becky's sore ass roughly.

"Ah fock, I'm yer fat assed bitch!" Becky cried out, before whimpering, "I'm yer butt slut, yer anal whore... yer perfect fat assed bitch. I'm yers Maryse! All yours!"

"Damn right you are!" Maryse smirked, even after she delivered another hard smack to emphasize her words, "Now prove it, mmmmmmmmmmm, oh oui, fucking prouve le! Prove it by spreading these big fat disgusting ass cheeks of yours! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, show me that gape. Show me your gaping bitch hole! Ooooooooooooh oui!"

Becky whimpered pathetically, and then automatically did as she was told. She was too exhausted, both emotionally and physically, to even really consider what she was saying or doing. She was just on autopilot, after literally years of previous experience being the anal bitch of Charlotte, Sasha, and just about anyone who wanted a piece of her big booty. Although she got a rather nasty wake-up call as after she slowly pulled her arse cheeks apart Maryse roughly and abruptly pulled her dick out of Becky's bum hole and then stood back to admire her handiwork. Admire Becky's widely gaping open back door, the double champion continuing just leaning with her face pressed into the locker, sticking her arse and completely exposing herself.

It was really humiliating for The Man. If she could even call herself that anymore, as that persona seemed dead and buried after just one hard bumming. But oh, what a bumming it had been. Becky's entire body felt like it was still trembling from the aftershocks of her mind-numbing orgasms. God, she'd forgotten how much she loved getting her slutty little arse fucked. No! It had never been quite that good, not even with Charlotte. With Charlotte there had been a shred of dignity she could cling onto, but now she felt truly broken. So broken she allowed herself to stay there in that position even as Maryse began taking pictures of her handiwork. Hell, all it took was Maryse clearing her throat and Becky looked around so that her new Dom could get a shot of her face, so there could be no doubt who Maryse had just 'Man-handled'.

"Yes bitch." Maryse chuckled, "Now suck my dick! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, clean my cock of your nasty little ass! Oh oui, suck it! Suce ma bite! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssssss, nettoie ma bite de ton petit cul méchant! Oh oui, suce-le! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui, suck it good Becky! Show me you are The Man at sucking strap-on dick!"

As Maryse continued blathering on Becky just slowly turned around, took her hands off her cheeks, and blushed at her tormentor. She then dropped to her knees and crawled over to Maryse, and blushed up to her again. In those brief pauses Becky acknowledged that this was it. In reality, she was probably done already, but it felt like one last chance to reinsert herself. To claim, even though it wasn't true, that she hadn't been affected by the arse fucking. To swear that she was a top. That she wouldn't take this last step in becoming Maryse's bitch. But that thought was fleeting, and inevitably she wrapped her lips around the head of Maryse's cock and let out a long moan in pure pleasure. God, it had been so long since she had tasted her butt. Too long. Way, way too long.

Even better, this was the deepest part of her bowels, something Becky savoured for a few long seconds, before starting to eagerly bob her head up and down, moaning happily the entire time. God, why had she denied herself this ecstasy for so long? Maryse was right, she wasn't the Man. She was obviously nothing but an ATM loving anal bitch, and Becky silently promised she would make up for lost time. And more importantly, thanking this wonderful woman for making her see the light. Something she did by giving the dildo which had just pummelled her rectum a long, drawn-out blow job, inevitably taking it deep into her throat so she could get every drop of that precious liquid. And of course the entire time Maryse kept up a running commentary, which Becky listened to dreamily.

"Oooooooooooooooh oui, suck it! Mmmmmmmmmmm, suck my dick. Oh yes, get every drop you skanky bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui get every drop of your butt cream." Maryse ordered, chuckling as she revealed, "Oooooooooooooooh oui, c'est nul! Mmmmmmmmmmm, suce ma bite. Oh oui, obtenez chaque goutte chienne skanky! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui obtenez chaque goutte de votre crème pour les fesses. Habituez-vous à ce Becky, car vous allez souvent être dans cette position. Vous et le reste de vos petits amis lutteurs. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, comme je l'ai dit, trop d'entre vous deviennent trop gros pour vos culottes. Il est temps une vraie femme mais vous tous à votre place. Et ça va être moi. Mmmmmmmmm, mais ne leur dites pas encore. Ooooooooooooh ouaishhhhhhhhhhh, nous ne voudrions pas gâcher la surprise, n'est-ce pas? Get used to this Becky, because you are going to be in this position a lot. You, and the rest of your little wrestler friends. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, like I said, too many of you are getting too big for your britches. It's time a real woman put you all in your place. And that's going to be me. Mmmmmmmmm, but don't tell them yet. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, would we?"

"No, I swear, I swear I won't tell." Becky promised, momentarily removing her mouth from the dildo.

"I know you won't." Maryse spat, and then scowled, "So get back to sucking that dick. Oh oui, suck it good, and I just might fuck you again before we leave. Mmmmmmmm, of course, either way you are coming back to my hotel room, and getting your big fat 'arse' destroyed. Oh oui Becky, ooooooooooooh oui, your night has only just begun."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress." Becky replied predictably, before The Man returned to sucking her ass cream off of the strap-on of her new owner.

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