Maryse’s Love Of Big Fat Ass 

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Naomi had been in the WWE for almost a decade, and while she hadn't won a lot of championships her longevity had set her up for life, and she even found love with a man who understood everything she needed. Oh yes, her husband gave her everything he could give her, and yet still allowed her to indulge in the kind of fun the women of the WWE had secretly been indulging in for almost 20 years. Which for Naomi, meant that every single night there was a cock deep in her big fat ass. Sometimes her husband's cock, but more often than not, it was another woman wrecking her big booty with a strap-on cock. And honestly as much as she loved her husband, Naomi preferred it when it was a woman, like it would be tonight.

Tonight was special, not just because it was Wrestlemania, but because Naomi would have the privilege of bottoming to the greatest butt buster in WWE history, Maryse. The only woman who had retired as the Alpha female had texted her out of the blue, and like the proud bottom she was Naomi happily came running. God, the second she got that text her slutty little back door quivered with anticipation, and then even more so when she read the text. She read it over and over again on the ride to her destination, and her entire body was practically vibrating with anticipation when she finally knocked on the door to the hotel room she had been ordered too. And even though it was probably only a few seconds it felt like an eternity until finally the door opened and the beautiful face of Maryse came into view.

"Finally, I didn't think your lazy ass would ever get here." Maryse smirked while looking her pray up and down.

"I came as soon as I could." Naomi pointed out.

"Silence!" Maryse snapped, lowering her voice, "You know how I feel about backtalk."

Naomi did, which was why she was doing it, and why she apologized in a soft voice, "Sorry my French Mistress."

"You also know I don't give a fuck about excuses, or apologies, so just shut up and get your fat ass in here."

"Yes, Mistress." Naomi replied playfully as she stepped inside.

It wasn't quite the big luxurious suite her Mistress usually preferred, but Naomi quickly found out why that was as she stepped further into the room, to find out she wasn't alone. Because there right next to the bed, was a white girl, bent over and spreading her cheeks, revealing her ass hole was gaping wide open. The lucky bitch! And Naomi was hoping that she would be the sole focus of her Mistress's lust tonight. Oh well, a tired Maryse was still better than all the wannabe tops to pass through the WWE in the last few years, with maybe one exception. Whoever this was it was almost definitely one of those wannabes, although it was impossible to tell who it was from this angle, and Naomi didn't really care.

Especially because once the door was shut behind them Maryse grabbed onto Naomi's meaty cheeks and purred into her ear, "I know what you're doing, you know?"

"Yeah?" Naomi smiled half-heartedly, both because that meant her little skiing had most likely had failed, and the disappointment of seeing another bottom here, who had been thoroughly use the way she wanted to be.

"Yeah..." Maryse moaned, becoming lost for a few long seconds in playing with that big fat booty, and then finally pointing out, "You're trying to antagonize me to spank you. But why should I give you what you want, huh? You're here for my pleasure, not your own. And you know what that means, don't you bitch? Vous savez ce que ça veut dire?"

"If you wanna spank me, you'll spank me." Naomi pouted glumly.

"Right, now strip and get your fat ass on the bed." Maryse ordered, before moaning in delight, "Mmmmmmmm oui, I feel like a little chocolate treat. Or a big one? Ha ha ha ha!"

"As a desert?" Naomi questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Oui." Maryse smirked, beginning to walk over to the other white woman, as she continued, "Oooooooooooh, is that jealousy I hear? How delicious. And I suppose, natural to be curious. But don't worry about this fuck hole. All she is, is another delusional piece of fat ass which needed to be put in her place. Isn't that right bitch?"

"Ah fock, yes my French Mistress!" Becky Lynch cried out as her new owner grabbed onto her hair and yanked it back so that Naomi could see her face, the former Alpha not hesitating to continue, "Ooooooooooh shit, I'm just another delusional piece of fat ass who needed to be put in her place. Oh God, thank you Mistress! Thank you for putting me in my place, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, and gaping me slutty little arse! I mean, my big fat arse! Oh my French Mistress, thank you, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fock, thank you for reminding me I'm just a piece of ass, ah yes, made to be fucked! Mmmmmmmmmm, oh thank you. Thank you for making me your fat assed bitch!"

"Wow, really Becky?" Naomi laughed out loud, "We all knew it was just a matter of time before you return to bottoming, but Maryse only just got back. What, did you drop your pants and bend over the second you saw her?"

"She didn't even make it that far." Maryse laughed, "I bent this anal whore over while she was still wearing her ring gear. Mmmmmmmm oui, right after she won her stupid little titles I took that big fat 'arse' of hers and made it mine. And now I have already taken back my rightful place as Alpha female, something the pathetic anal bitches in the women's division will soon learn. But for now, I believe I gave her an order?"

"Yes my French Mistress." Naomi grinned and obeyed.

Admittedly Naomi wasn't just disappointed in Becky for bottoming so easily because it made her a disgrace to women's wrestling, and their entire gender. No, she was actually kind of sad to lose Becky as a top, because it had been wonderfully humiliating for Naomi to have to bottom for a woman everyone knew was just as submissive as she was. But at least she didn't have to take anymore half-hearted butt fuckings, where she would have to do most of the work. No, once again the Alpha female was a real butt buster, a real woman, and Naomi was very grateful for that fact. Something she tried to show by giving the best striptease she could give, while making sure not to wait too long to get into position. She knew how much Maryse hated that.

Maryse was so glad she had given Naomi the honour of being her chocolate dessert, as she'd always been a proud bottom, who unlike Becky Lynch never forgot her proper place, and how to act around a top. Something she proved by giving Maryse her favourite type of striptease, not waiting too long to present her with that big fat black booty of hers. God, it had been way too long since she'd seen that gigantic ass in the flesh, and now Maryse plan to take full advantage of finally having it again. That included just staring at her prize for what felt like an eternity, partly because Maryse forced herself to grab a nice big strap-on and lube it up in the process. Of course, she could only wait so long before burying her face into that big butt.

When she did Maryse didn't bother using her hands to spread those cheeks. No, she slammed her face deep in between them, pushing herself so deep she couldn't breathe properly. But that was the point. Oh yes, all she wanted to be able to breathe in was a smell of Naomi's big black booty, and of course, the anal slut's arousal. Which was a position she kept herself for a few long seconds, before starting to rub her face in those gigantic butt cheeks, transitioning from smothering herself in fat ass to motor-boating it, and back again. She then went back and forth a few times, before finally sticking out her tongue, and beginning to greedily lap away at the tasty treat in front of her. At first, that meant sliding her tongue up and down the whole of Naomi's ass crack, but eventually she honed in on that back door.

Once they reached that stage Maryse reluctantly used both hands to pull those meaty cheeks apart, so she could get as much access to that slutty little back hole as possible. Also, so that she could pull back on and spit on it a few times, to make sure this was extra nasty. She then rubbed that saliva in with her tongue, and repeated the process a few times, before just settling into giving a nice long rim job. Which arguably wasn't much of a top thing to do, but Maryse didn't care, as she just loved to indulge in her fetish for big fat asses. In fact, it had been so long since she had tasted this beautiful black booty, that it only seemed right to give it her best work, including eventually beginning to swirl her tongue around that bitch hole, and then push her tongue inside it.

Proving that at least Naomi was getting the constant anal poundings someone with an ass as fat as hers deserved Maryse was able to slide her tongue all the way into that obscenely big booty. Maryse grinned with delight at this, as it meant she could literally tongue the other woman's butt, which was something she became lost in towards the end of that long rim job. However, it just wasn't the same as using her big dick, so eventually Maryse reluctantly pulled her mouth away from that huge butt to give it the fucking it so richly deserved. Which was the point she would normally finger an anal bitch, but she knew that Naomi was such a back door whore such a thing would be unnecessary. Besides, she had waited long enough to truly anally violate her black bitch.

So instead Maryse just straightened herself up and delivered a few spanks to that big fat ass, making the cheeks jiggle so much she had to watch it for a few seconds, before delivering another slap and ordering, "What are you waiting for, you dumb slut? Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmmmm oui, spread your big fat ass cheeks. Give your French Mistress your slutty little ass hole!"

"Yes my French Mistress." Naomi grinned gratefully, and quickly did as she was told.

Naomi was only too happy to obey that command as it meant incredible pleasure for her. Even more than what she'd been getting before, which was really saying something, because her French Mistress was awesome at dishing out a rim job. However both the butt slut and the butt buster were eager to get to the butt sex by the time Naomi finally received that order, so if anything it was hard to slowly spread her cheeks, instead of pulling them wide apart first chance she got. Luckily for her unlike some Doms, and admittedly when her French Mistress was in a certain mood, right now she didn't receive any more teasing, like sliding the dildo up and down her ass crack, or even slow, gentle pressure against her back door. No, instead she just gave one hard thrust, instantly sending the first few inches of cock up her big fat ass.

Such a hard and rough anal penetration would have most women crying out in agony, and then quickly begging for mercy, or giving the other person a piece of her mind, but not Naomi. No, Naomi was a well-trained, and more importantly frequently used, anal whore, who had spent the best part of the last decade getting her gigantic ass brutally pounded by everyone from the most dominant tops, to even her fellow bottoms. Oh yes, it seemed no one could get enough of her big black booty, and neither could Naomi. Because on the rare occasion her back door was closed for more than an hour she was happy to dildo it herself, or at least shove a nice big plug up there. But she knew how much her French Mistress love to eat ass, so she hadn't bothered on this particular occasion.

That turned out to be for the best, as not only had her French Mistress jumped at the chance to give her a nice long rim job, but the surprisingly rough anal penetration actually caused her some pain. Not as unbearable as it should've been, but something that was just enough to make her feel punished for being a shameless anal whore, which was a feeling Naomi loved. Oh yes, she loved every part of an ass fucking, including the pain, although sadly, that was a distant memory for her. Something which was proven by the fact that she moaned in pure pleasure throughout the rest of the butt stuffing. To be fair that was because her French Mistress insisted on pushing the rest of the girl cock into her rectum painfully slowly, but that was kind of the point, to make Naomi moan like the anal whore she was.

More accurately it was part of the point, and not even the main one, because the main part was just her French Mistress maximizing her own pleasure. And she should, because as a filthy little anal loving bottom Naomi had accepted long ago that it was her purpose in life to please more dominant women, especially with her big fat butt. And there was no one who cherished her big ass more than the goddess simply known as Maryse. Oh yes, her French Mistress love to make that big booty bounce for her, while she pounded it hard, and Naomi couldn't wait for that to happen. Of course she would have too, as right now her French Mistress was savouring the sight of inch after inch of her big dick disappearing into Naomi's back door with a wicked grin on her face.

Maryse was pretty much grinning and cackling maniacally right after she brutally penetrated that fat butt, throughout the long, slow rectum rearranging, and beyond. Which would've been embarrassing, if she gave a fuck what these women thought of her. But she didn't, so it didn't matter. They didn't matter. All they were was fuck holes to her, who just happened to have the big fat asses she was addicted too. So she simply maximized her own enjoyment every step of the way, consumed by the kind of moment that she lived for. The kind of moment that she put a so-called woman, who was a disgrace to their gender, in her place with a nice, long, drawn-out ass fucking.

Of course, no matter how long she made it last eventually her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of her cock was buried inside of Naomi's big booty. Which of course she savoured for a few long seconds but just stared lustfully at where her pale thighs met those meaty dark cheeks, creating a beautiful contrast. Maryse didn't particularly care what colour the skin was of her anal bitches, just that they had big bubble butts. Although she had to admit, at times like this she could definitely see why Interracial was a popular fetish. And of course, she took the time to mock the black anal bitch, first in French, before eventually getting around to translating.

"Oooooooooooooooooh oui, chaque pouce! Mmmmmmmmmmm, c'est chaque pouce de ma grosse bite dans ton gros cul de grosse salope! Oh oui! Oh oui!" Maryse moaned happily, and then cackled in delight, "Oooooooooooooooooh oui, every inch! Mmmmmmmmmmm, that's every single inch of my big dick up your big fat slutty ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, take it all butt slut! Take it all the way! Mmmmmmmmmmm oui, prends tout le cul salope! Prends tout le chemin! Prends tout! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui! Tu es à moi Naomi! Oh oui, tu es ma chienne au gros cul, et tu le seras toujours! Oh oui! Oh oui!"

With that Maryse slowly pulled her hips back until about half of the dildo was out of that back hole, and then just as slowly pushed all the way back in, before repeating the process, sodomizing Naomi with long, slow strokes, which had both current and former WWE women moaning in pure bliss. Maryse had been so caught up in the actual butt stuffing those sounds barely registered before, but now they were another reason for her to chuckle and grin, as Naomi was once again proving herself a shameless anal whore, as all wrestlers should be. Just as she reminded a wrestler she should be, Maryse's mind switching to the neglected anal whore in the corner. Perhaps she should continue to be neglected. Teach her a lesson in respect. But ultimately, the Alpha female just couldn't resist including her predecessor in the fun.

"Becky, mmmmmmmmm, get your fat ass over here and take over spreading Naomi's ass cheeks." Maryse suddenly ordered.

"Yes my French Mistress." Becky replied, and did as she was told.

It was truly pathetic how quickly Becky moved, stumbling over on her tired legs, and then kneeling beside Naomi, and then replacing those black hands with her own. Naomi was a good girl, waiting for Becky to take over, before even moving her hands, so Maryse continued getting the best look of her big dick sliding in and out of that shit hole. Although now she had the distracting view of Becky, staring up at her with love and devotion. God, Maryse had known that The Man would be no real challenge for her, but she thought there might be a glimmer of a fight left over after sticking her dick up her fat 'arse'. But no, one little butt fucking. And Becky Lynch was already back to being a mindless anal whore. Which was hilarious really. Pathetic, but definitely hilarious. At least to Maryse, a 'model' Internet fans didn't think was fit to share the same ring as 'real wrestlers'. Oh, if they could only see these wrestlers now.

Becky of course loved to watch an bum fucking as much as the next girl, or at least the next WWE girl, and it was extremely tempting to look down at the best view possible at her French Mistress's big dick sliding in and out of Naomi's shit hole. Not so she could imagine she was the one doing the arse fucking, of course. No, that ship had sailed. She would be imagining that it was her having the honour of being bummed by the goddess simply known as Maryse. However her loose and incredibly sore arse could still feel her French Mistress's big cock moving inside it. So instead she just looked up lovingly at her new top, silently thanking her for putting her in her place. And of course, silently plead for an extra special treat.

One that Becky eventually got when that big dildo was predictably pulled out of Naomi's ass, and then immediately pressed against Becky's lips, Maryse ordering loudly, "Suck it Becky, suck my dick! Ooooooooooooooh oui, suck the yummy ass cream off my big dick! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, that's so hot. Suck it, cock sucker! Suck my fucking strap-on like the little ass to mouth loving bitch you are! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck yes, so good of you to remember your place, and just how much you love the taste of ass. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, you fucking love it! Oh oui! Oh oui! Suce Becky, suce ma bite! Ooooooooooooooh oui, suce la délicieuse crème du cul de ma grosse bite! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, c'est tellement chaud. Suck it, cock sucker! Suce mon putain de gode ceinture comme la petite chienne amoureuse du cul à la bouche que tu es! Oh oui, mmmmmmmmmmmm, putain oui, si bon de vous souvenir de votre place, et à quel point vous aimez le goût du cul. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, tu adores ça! Oh oui! Oh oui!"

She tried to reply 'yes my French Mistress', but gave up as her new Dom continued blathering, mostly in French. Thankfully she wasn't punished for this. At least not right now. No, her wonderful Mistress allowed her the privilege of cleaning her cock of all that arse cream. Becky was even given the chance to savour the deepest part of Naomi's bowels, when she wrapped her lips around the head of her French Mistress's strap-on. Which of course had Becky moaning loudly and happily, and her eyes fluttering shut, as she became completely lost in the heaven that was tasting another girl's arse. Then of course, she started bobbing her head up and down, taking more every time until she was deep throating the entire length of the bum flavoured dildo.

Which of course led to more verbal encouragement from Maryse, "Yessssssssssssssss, take it deep bitch! Take it all! Take it all the way down your throat like a good little whore. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, oh oui, that's it, yesssssssssssssssss, every inch! Ooooooooooooooh oui, that's every single inch down your throat you perverted little bitch! You ATM loving bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui Becky, you're such a great ass to mouth bitch! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, a totally shameless bottom. Oh yes, suck it just like that, cock sucker! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss, just like that, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oui, oh oui, mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, suck it! Get every drop of Naomi's slutty little ass. Non, get every drop of Naomi's big fat disgusting whore ass! OH OUI! Ha ha ha ha, suck it! Prenez-le chienne profonde! Prends tout! Prenez-le tout le long de votre gorge comme une bonne petite pute. Oh oui, mmmmmmmmm, oh oui, c'est ça, yesssssssssssssssss, chaque pouce! Ooooooooooooooh oui, c'est chaque centimètre dans ta gorge que tu as perverti petite garce! Espèce de salope aimante ATM! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui Becky, tu es une si bonne salope de cul à bouche! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, un fond totalement sans vergogne. Oh oui, suce juste comme ça, suceur de bite! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss, juste comme ça, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oui, oh oui, mmmmmmmmmmm ouaishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, suce! Obtenez chaque goutte du petit cul salope de Naomi. Non, prenez chaque goutte du gros cul de la putain dégoûtante de Naomi! OH OUI! Ha ha ha ha, suce-le! "

The encouragement wasn't necessary, but it was very welcomed, especially as the superior woman began stroking Becky's hair. Sure, it was no doubt meant to be condescending, but that's why Becky enjoyed it so much. She used to have a top who claim to love her, but the truth was she screwed over her career at every turn. Same for her so-called friends. This was better. She knew her French Mistress just saw her as a worthless fuck hole, and that was all Becky wanted to be at that moment. Maybe it was all she would be ever again, but at least it would be at the hands of a top who was honest. And the most successful Alpha female at that, meaning that she was probably the first of many that would fall. She just hoped her French Mistress would put Charlotte in her place once and for all.

Whether because she was daydreaming about things other than sucking strap-on, or the shaft had been thoroughly cleaned, or her French Mistress just had enough of the blow job, and fancied some more ass, the dildo was abruptly pulled out of Becky's mouth, and shoved straight up Naomi's fat ass. But that was okay with Becky, because she thought it was likely she'd be given the chance to do it again, and it wasn't long before she was proven wonderfully right. Oh yes, her French Mistress started going back and forth between Naomi's big butt and Becky's hungry mouth, a.k.a. teasing the black woman, while rewarding the white one by constantly allowing her to go ass to mouth. Becky certainly hoped that she'd be rewarded by being allowed to bend over next to Naomi so their French Mistress could go back and forth between their slutty little ass hole, but sadly it didn't happen. Although this was one hell of a consolation prize.

Naomi was wondering the same thing, and while it wasn't her place to question a top, she really, really hoped that would be the case. It would be one thing if the two bottoms had arrived together, but Becky had been getting her slutty little 'arse' fucked for hours before Naomi even arrived, and who knows how much the so-called Man had cum during that time. Meanwhile Naomi hadn't been butt banged since this morning, meaning that her made for fucking fat ass was way overdue for a pounding, and yet still she had to share? How unfair was that? Although, she kind of got it. Her French Mistress love taking down wannabe tops, and especially wrestlers, and taking down two at once was like heaven to her. And she never wanted to deny her French Mistress what she wanted, but... Naomi just needed this so bad.

It had been far too long since she got an anal pounding from a real top who actually deserved the title of Alpha female. By the goddess simply known as Maryse. Oh yes, it had been way, way too long, and her French Mistress was effortlessly proving why she was the best. Of course, it had also been way too long since she had cum from a real top truly wrecking her rectum, making it really, really hard for Naomi to resist begging for it the second she felt the urge. Of course, she was a well-trained bottom, who knew better than to do that. But there was only so much anyone could take, especially a total anal slut like her. So inevitably, it all just became too much, and she had to beg for the privilege of cumming like a little bitch with a dick in her ass.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please, my French Mistress, make me cum!" Naomi started shamelessly begging, "Oh please, pleasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, wreck my ass! Wreck my big slutty fat ass! Oh my God yes, mmmmmmmmmm, pound me! Pound me harder, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, pound my pooper! Slam my shitter! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, just fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass! Yesssssssssssss, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCKING RUIN IT! RUIN MY SLUTTY LITTLE BUTT HOLE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME MY FRENCH MISTRESS, FUCK ME HARD! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD!"

Honestly Naomi was half expecting her French Mistress to leave her begging for longer, partly for daring to wanting to bring an end to the bum fun, but mostly just because it was something the wonderfully sadistic Dom loved to do. They both did, to be honest, so on some level she was disappointed that it didn't take that long to get what she wanted. Of course, that thought was fleeting, because of course what she wanted most in that moment was an anally induced orgasm. It was just that this meant it was the beginning of the end of one of her favourite things ever, getting her big booty destroyed by a real woman. Although it was hard to complain when she found herself racing towards, and especially when she went crashing over the edge of an incredible orgasm.

Of course it didn't take much, just a slight increase in the pace, and her French Mistress smacking that big booty of hers hard enough that the cheeks jiggled. Well, even more than before, considering they were already bouncing a lot from the regular thrusting, and were jiggling like jelly in an earthquake by the time her French Mistress started using every ounce of her strength to destroy her fat ass. And by then, Naomi was beyond the point she could think coherently. Oh yes, she was bombarded by climax after climax, each so powerful it made her wonder why anyone in this company would ever want to be anything except a bottom. Especially when there were ass taming stud's like Maryse around. Which was the last coherent thought Naomi had for quite a while as she was overwhelmed with pure ecstasy.

Maryse chuckled with wicked delight as she once again effortlessly made a total anal slut cum for her by fucking a big fat disgusting ass. And best of all, she got to feel those gigantic cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust, and the extremely loud smacking sound of firm, well-toned flesh hammering into those obscenely big globes was almost as loud as her anal bitch's screams of pleasure. It was the kind of thing Maryse truly lived for. Oh yes, fame and fortune was nice, and she received those, of course, but nothing truly compared to wrecking an obscenely big bottom. Especially when it belonged to a wrestler. Admittedly, Naomi was a total loser, who she couldn't even really break, as she had been a total anal whore since day one, but she just had the kind of fat ass Maryse just couldn't ignore, and in moments like this she was glad she didn't.

She just hoped that dumb fuck hole Becky Lynch was watching carefully, because this was exactly how wrestlers should be. Oh yes, in Maryse's opinion female wrestlers, especially the ones deluding themselves into thinking they were tough like Becky, when really they only had one purpose, and that was to bend over for real women like Maryse. Not that there was anyone who could truly match Maryse, but over the years she'd had a few like-minded friends, who rejoiced in keeping wrestlers where they belonged. However her friends had failed to keep the wrestlers in their place, forcing the Sexiest of the Sexy to make a comeback, and so far it was going great. Couldn't be better, in fact. Oh yes, once again Maryse had taken her rightful place as Alpha female, gained a new ass whore, and was now enjoying another one.

Life really couldn't be better for Maryse in that moment. Although it did make it challenging not to cum too quickly, as once again she was experiencing her personal definition of happiness. But because like her husband, she was awesome, Maryse was able to keep herself from cumming for an impressively long time, and then impress even more when it came to pushing herself through climax after climax. Which wasn't easy, given the overwhelming mental high of absolutely destroying a big fat ass, and reminding Naomi that she was nothing but a giant piece of ass to her. Especially given that Naomi enthusiastically agreed with that by hammering her own booty back against Maryse's bowel wrecking thrusts, ensuring that the anal pounding was as devastatingly hard as it could possibly be.

Unfortunately cumming was the beginning of the end, and eventually Maryse was forced to stop slam fucking that big fat ass. But to her credit, Maryse was not only able to keep going for longer, but she truly became like a wild animal, pound fucking Naomi's big booty with every ounce of her strength, until her poor pathetic anal bitch collapsed with exhaustion. Admittedly Maryse was dangerously close to doing the same, but instead this view invigorated her to push herself to another climax, if only for the joy of turning the female wrestler into literally nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. Literally turning her most private hole into her fuck hole. The thought of which made her cum extra hard, almost enough to knock her unconscious, but instead she abruptly pulled out, smacked that ass, and gave another command.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Maryse ordered loudly, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, show me what I've done to your whore hole!"

"Yes my French Mistress." Naomi eagerly replied and obeyed.

Becky could see perfectly well what her French Mistress had done to Naomi's whore hole. Anyone could, because it was a gaping crater. But of course Naomi didn't hesitate to reach back, grabbed hold of her meaty cheeks, and then slowly pull them apart, emphasizing that gape, becoming nothing but the trophy Becky had been when the black woman stepped into the room. So of course, Becky knew from recent experience, just how rewarding humiliating herself like this could be. Something which made her feel really, really jealous. Especially given that fat ass was freshly gaped, Naomi still quivering from the incredible climaxes she had been gifted with. God, Becky hoped she would feel that way again, and soon. In a way she did, sooner than she would've thought, just not in the exact way she wanted too.

"Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, very nice. Now hold that pose..." Maryse ordered, retrieving her phone and taking a few shots, before ordering, "Becky, bend over next to her. Oh oui, I want a picture of you both. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I want a picture of the slutty little shit hole I just fucked! Oh oui, mmmmmmmmmm, proudly showing the world how I used your bitch holes for my personal pleasure."

"Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress." Becky eagerly replied and obeyed, "Oh thank you, thank you for the opportunity to please you."

Once in position Becky repeated Naomi's actions, quickly reaching back to grab her meaty cheeks and then slowly pulling them apart, giving their French Mistress the best view possible of the arse hole which was still widely gaping thanks to the earlier anal pounding the redhead had taken. Becky then looked over her shoulder bashfully, ironically at the same time that Naomi did, allowing their French Mistress to take a photo which would prove who she had anally taken. Something that their French Mistress could easily use to ruin them by posting them online, but Becky knew that her owner wouldn't do that. Not because she remotely cared about her, but because the goddess simply known as Maryse loved fucking her big fat ass too much to get Becky kicked out of the WWE. At least that way.

Then Maryse ordered, "Mmmmmmmm, good girls, ooooooooooooh, good little anal whores. Now... Naomi, get over here and clean your fat ass off of my cock."

"Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress." Naomi once again eagerly replied and obeyed.

Which was hardly surprising. After all, Becky had been given the privilege of tasting Naomi's big fat ass all over her French Mistress's beautiful cock a few minutes ago, and before that her own. But it was never enough. No, Becky Lynch could never get enough of tasting her own ass, or the asses of the other girls. She had lost sight of that over the past six months or so, but her wonderful new Dom had given her a vivid reminder of what an arse cream addicted ATM whore she really was. Which once again, made her insanely jealous of Naomi, even though once again, it was only fair that she should have a turn. But it truly was torture watching Naomi wrap her lips around that bum flavoured dick, moan loudly, and then after briefly savouring the moment, beginning to rapidly bob her head up and down the shaft.

It wasn't until Naomi started pushing the dildo into her throat so she could get every drop of that precious liquid that Becky realized that her French Mistress wasn't providing her usual running commentary. This had the redhead reluctantly pulling her gaze away from the brunette, then up that beautiful body to see that the blonde was actually staring at her with a wicked grin on her face. Which actually made a lot of sense, given that Naomi had always been a willing anal loving bottom, but somehow Becky had convinced herself she was a butt busting top. Of course, now she was grateful that the goddess known as Maryse had opened up her eyes, and her arse hole, to the truth. She was no alpha. She never was. No, Becky Lynch was nothing but an anal loving bottom, with a big fat ass, meant to be owned by her French Dom, who was now back, and better than ever. Something she reminded Becky over, and over, and over again, throughout a night of rectum wrecking fun.

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