Maryse’s Love Of Big Fat Ass 

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Sasha Banks was done being nice, and more importantly, she was done with losing. In NXT she had truly been The Boss, holding on to the NXT women's championship for one gloriously long reign, and literally owning every single woman on the roster as the Alpha female of that brand. Admittedly she allowed Charlotte to slip through her fingers, and that had cost her big time on the main roster, but for over six glorious months she had been untouchable. Hell, she'd even had a now legendary match with Bayley, which had been so good it had the entire fan base cheering her name. Something that she had unfortunately bought into, which was another mistake which had cost her dearly, as lately she hadn't been able to hold onto a championship, or go more than a month without getting her ass fucked. God, it was a miracle she hadn't been broken.

But all that was about to change. Oh yes, she had returned after a long hiatus to get her head straight, and immediately attacked the RAW women's champion and called her shot. And she got it. At Summer Slam, no less. The Biggest Party of the Summer, and arguably the second biggest PPV of the year. It was the perfect place for her to make her come back, and solidify herself as the old Sasha Banks. The dominant champion, and even more dominant butt buster behind-the-scenes. And she was coming back to the perfect opponent, namely Becky Lynch. Sure, that pure bottom had somehow convinced everybody she was 'The Man', even Charlotte, but Sasha knew better. She'd been deep inside Becky's 'arse' countless times, after beating her with ease, and this time would be no different.

Over and over again Sasha told herself this as she made her way to the arena, and especially as she headed to the locker room. She had very deliberately avoided going there in the weeks leading up to this event, because she didn't want to be tempted to fall back into bad habits. She wasn't even sure Becky was the Alpha female of RAW, but it didn't matter. It was a Summer Slam women's title match, and that meant the participants asses would automatically be on the line. Which she would solidify before the match, and if Becky only turned out to be a stepping stone on her path to greatness, so be it. Either way, she was winning a title tonight, and more importantly, fucking some bitch up the ass afterwards, to cement her place in the food chain.

There was an obstacle to her plan. Namely, Charlotte Flair, AKA, the bitch who had derailed her career countless times now, almost turning her into her bitch countless times in the process. Hell, when Charlotte had taken Sasha's anal cherry she had arguably succeeded, as it was only when Sasha got away from her that she truly began feeling like her old self again. And as always, The Boss's butt hole quivered with fear and anticipation of what might happen to her. And it didn't exactly help that The Queen was already fucking another woman up the ass, in the centre of the locker room. Which almost had The Boss run for her ass hole, especially when she saw her rival wasn't the only one pounding booty, although a wicked grin crossed her face when she realized who was getting butt fucked, which made her feel hopeful.

Becky Lynch was in heaven right now. She was exactly where she belonged, on all fours in the centre of the room's locker room, getting her ass used by a superior woman. And best of all, it was the most superior woman ever, her wonderful French Mistress, who was currently proving without a shadow of a doubt that she was the Alpha female of RAW, not Becky. Which at this point, was the worst kept secret in the whole of wrestling, given that she hadn't topped anyone publicly since before Wrestlemania. Sure, she had successfully defended her title for months, but when it came to collecting her debts, she and her defeated opponent would return to her hotel room, and then there was no proof she had topped them. And the infamous arse tamer Maryse had been seen hanging around, so pretty much everyone had put two and two together.

It had been mostly freeing to declare her undying devotion to her French Mistress, lathering her feet in kisses in front of pretty much every woman on the main roster. Her French Dom had then got tired of waiting for Sasha, but in a way, things worked out even better, as Becky felt so wonderfully humiliated from her old friend and rival seeing her like this. Which was doubly a treat, because Bayley was right next to her, getting the same treatment from Charlotte. Oh yes, this was a wonderful reunion for the four horse women, with the two most submissive members of it getting their fat arses pounded the way they always should have. God, and to think Becky and even Bayley had been delusional enough to try to be tops! Becky shuddered at the very thought of it now.

Thankfully her wonderful French Mistress had rescued her from that, putting her back in her place, and reminding her just what amazing pleasure she could have from getting her arse hole reamed out and pounded hard and deep. Which was something Becky and Bayley had been treated to for the better part of an hour, but now Sasha was standing there, they knew that was their cue to beg for more. Something they were only too happy to do. Bayley beat Becky too it though, because she was distracted from the look on Sasha's face, as it was very familiar. Oh yes, the redhead knew that look all too well, as while her old friend might not want to admit it, she was extremely jealous in that moment. And it wasn't Charlotte or Maryse she was jealous of.

"Fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, please Charlotte, fuck me harder!" Bayley moaned shamelessly, barely noticing Sasha, and not caring, because she just needed to cum so bad, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck my big fat disgusting ass! It's what I need! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, what I deserve, for being a shameless little anal whore. Oh please, oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, please my Queen, ruin my butt. Wreck it! Pound it wide open, oh fuck, ooooooooooooh shit, just like old times. Oh please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard and make me cum! Do it, ah fuck, and prove you still got it. Oh yes, thank you, my Queen, thank you, thank yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

"Me too, mmmmmmmmmm, ruin me, ruin my big fat disgusting arse!" Becky pleaded just as shamelessly, "Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, pound me, pound me arse. Wreck me fucking shit-pipe! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, make me wrestle with the gaping wide bum hole! Oh God, mmmmmmmm, oh, my French Mistress, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, put this poor excuse of a wrestler in her place. Show my friends. I'm nothing but a fucking fuck hole, made for your pleasure. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, my arse was made for you my French Mistress! It's yours! I'm yours! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, oh please make me cum, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddd!"

Like the well-trained anal bitch she was Becky tried to keep begging when the pace of the bumming increased, but she very quickly became an incoherent mess. Although to be fair, it was the same with Bayley, just as it would be the same for anyone in their place, Sasha probably soon to be one of them, once again. And Sasha knew it too, her arse hole no doubt now quivering, just like Becky's bum hole was around the cock of her French Mistress. Not that she could pay much attention to anything which wasn't the incredible pleasure working through her body. Well, maybe Bayley taking her hand in hers, as that was so sweet, and just like old times in NXT.

Charlotte definitely missed those times, as while the WWE was full of amazing pieces of ass, there would always be a special place in her heart for her horse women. Oh yes, she would always look back fondly at when she and Sasha would pass Bayley and Becky back and forth like the pieces of meat they were, using them for their pleasure while staring each other down, both confident that they would ultimately prevail over the other. Especially as it was The Queen who had ultimately prevailed. And while she always preferred Becky's fat ass, there was definitely something to be said for Bayley's even fatter ass. And to have them both in front of her, those massive globes jiggling obscenely while both their butt holes were pounded? Oh, it was perfection.

Those wonderful moments Charlotte forgot all about the very real threat to her that was wrecking Becky's rectum right beside her. And she forgot about Sasha and the rest watching them, the deal she had made with Maryse, and just, everything. Oh yes, the whole world fell away, and there was nothing but the overwhelming satisfaction of this moment. Well that, and trying to prevent herself from cumming. Both to made this last longer, and to out last her rival. Something that she normally succeeded effortlessly at, but this time Charlotte was not so sure of her success. All she knew was that one minute they weren't cumming, and the next both of them were. And to the credit of both herself and Maryse, they pushed themselves through those orgasms, and several more, in the name of displaying their dominance.

It also warmed Charlotte's heart that Bayley and especially Becky were cumming so hard and frequently. Both because she cared about them more than she cared to admit, and would increase Sasha's chance of winning big on PPV, which for the first time, could actually benefit The Queen. She didn't really think it would happen, but it was nice there was a better chance of it now. Not that she could look away from the jiggling cheeks in front of her right now to tell Sasha that, or even to speak. No, she had been far too sampled Bayley's big butt for far too long, so Charlotte put her everything into reminding this little anal whore exactly who she belonged too. Meanwhile, Maryse was only too happy to pick up the slack.


Obviously Charlotte resented those words, and it was finally enough to pull her eyes away from the heavenly sight in front of her for a few long seconds, so she could glare at the other tall blonde. Maryse would pay for her audacity of even trying to suggest that she was hers, and worse, confusing Bayley and especially Becky of who they truly belonged too. Something that Charlotte was determined would happen soon enough, maybe even tonight. But this was a perfect opportunity to at least lay the groundwork for that. She just needed to out last Maryse. Which felt like it should have been easy, but again, sadly she had to settle for stopping about the same time as the other blonde. And they both remained upright, with their cocks completely buried inside of the asses of Bayley and Becky, as they turned their attention to the other horse woman.

"Bonjour Sasha, merci de vous rejoindre enfin." Maryse greeted, before translating, again in a worryingly happy tone, "Hello Sasha, good of you to finally join us."

For a few long seconds, Sasha just glared at Maryse, before turning to the devil she knew, "What's going on Charlotte? What are you doing with her?"

"Oh, I'm not with her." Charlotte shrugged, before grinning, "I just made a deal with the devil."

"So did you, mmmmmmmm oui, you just weren't aware of it when you attacked my bitch." Maryse chuckled, smacking Becky's ass to emphasize her words, "Ou oui, espèce de salope idiote, tu n'étais pas consciente qu'en attaquant ma chienne, tu t'assurais juste que tu serais ma prochaine pute conquise! Oooooooooooooh oui, oh oui."

Trying not to overreact, Sasha simply questioned, "But my match is still with Becky, right?"

"Oui." Maryse shrugged nonchalantly.

"Then that title, and her fat ass, are as good as mine." Sasha protested, first indicating to the RAW women's title, then to Becky, before taunting Maryse with a wicked chuckle, "So please, please tell me you put your ass on the line too, mmmmmmmmmm, because I would love to be the one to finally introduce you to the joys of butt sex."

"It is a joy that I'm sure you know all too well.! Maryse said dryly, before admitting wickedly, "And non, I would not be so stupid as to entrust the safety of my ass hole to this little butt slut. Mmmmmmmm, but she is on a hot streak, so much so that she beat the undefeatable Rhonda Rousey and Charlotte Flair on the same night. Which begs the question, can a legendary loser, and butt slut, like you actually beat her? Huh? Oh yes, I know, I know, you're The Boss! But when was the last time you actually won a single title? Or won a big match on a PPV, which actually mattered? Mmmmmmmmm, can you even remember that far back? Peut tu? Huh? Ha ha ha ha!"

"Laugh it up bitch, mmmmmmmmm, but it's going to make it all the sweeter when I win back my title, and butt fuck your ass whore right in front of you." Sasha snapped.

"Oh please, I love to watch fat assed bitches get what they deserve. So if, by some miracle, you actually win, I will very much enjoy watching you pound Becky's big booty. Besides, mmmmmmmm, I have plenty of other anal whores I can use for my pleasure. Isn't that right, my bitches?" Maryse announced gleefully, indicating some women surrounding them.

A lot of them then chorused, "Yes my French Mistress."

"But just imagine for a second, if she beats you." Maryse grinned wickedly, "Ooooooooooooh oui, just imagine if the biggest butt slut in the history of the WWE beat you? Made you tap like a bitch in the middle of that ring? Would you ever get over that humiliation? Huh? Mmmmmmmmm, why don't you make it easy on yourself, forfeit the match, and promise to be my bitch forever. I might even let you butt fuck a few of my bitches. Get revenge on Becky. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you know, you would. So make it easy on yourself, and just drop to your knees, and suck my cock like the good little ass to mouth loving slut I've heard that you are!"

 On cue Maryse pulled her cock out of Becky's ass, Sasha staring at her for a few long seconds, and blushing as she felt her mouth-watering, before she came to her senses and snapped, "Never! I'm-"

"Oooooooooh, the hard way, then? Good! Mmmmmmmm, I was hoping for a fight. Glad to see you not disappointing me, Sasha." Maryse chuckled condescendingly, before ordering, "Trish, mmmmmmmmm, get over here and clean these cocks. Ohhhhhhhhhhh oui, give The Boss a little preview of her soon to be future."

"Yes my French Mistress." Trish Stratus replied and obeyed quickly, causing Sasha to gasp softly.

Trish briefly wondered whether Sasha hadn't been expecting this. She should, as her fall from grace had become legendary. Or maybe she was just taken aback by the 'Property of Maryse' tattoo on her lower back? Something which Trish made sure was nice and visible as she kneeled down in front of her Mistress, and then the dominant blondes, as another way to please the superior women. Which was seemingly something to achieve, given the happy look on their faces, which made Trish's submissive heart flutter. Which happened again when she wrapped her lips around the head of her French Mistress's dick, and tasted the deepest part of Becky Lynch's butt.

It was also something which had her moaning loudly in pure pleasure, Trish savouring the flavour for a few long seconds, before finally beginning to bob her head up and down to get more of that yummy butt cream. She then repeated the process with Charlotte's dick, the obvious difference being that she was tasting Bayley's ass instead, which was just as tasty. God, it was so twisted to be still tasting ass all these years later, from fresh new stars. And on a fresh new star's cock at that. The new star, who was probably going to fuck her, before the end of the night, and honestly, Trish couldn't wait. Because don't get her wrong, she loved her French Mistress with all her submissive heart, but there was definitely something to be said for new experiences.

"Awww, what's the matter Sasha? Don't like seeing one of your idols being used as the fuck toy she is?" Maryse questioned mockingly, revelling in the chance to once again enjoy her total victory over Trish Stratus, "Mmmmmmmmm oui, you don't like it, do you? Oooooooooh, or seeing her 'Property of Maryse' tramp stamp? Huh? Maybe because you're afraid it will happen to you? Well, don't worry Sasha, mmmmmmmm, I only permanently brand my favourite fat assed bitches, and you'll have to do a lot of work before you can qualify for that. But maybe if you're lucky, I'll get my marker pen, and give you something you can keep for a little while, to remind you of this special night."

"Dream on, bitch!" Sasha snapped, finally feeling like herself, "I don't know how you ever convince anyone to bottom to someone like you, but this is a different generation. A better generation. And we're better than Trish ever was. I AM better than Trish Stratus could ever dream, and tonight I take my rightful place on top, where I belong."

"Which just proves you haven't been on top, mmmmmmmmm, because you’re an anal loving bottom, who will be just another easy conquest for me." Maryse pointed out with a wicked smirk, "Just like Becky, mmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, someone from the 'better generation', who was also an easy conquest for The Sexiest of the Sexy! Just like you will be. And everyone else in this locker room."

"Please, don't compare me to Becky." Sasha scoffed in disgust, then quickly added before anyone could say anything, "Or Bayley. Every generation has it's disgraceful butt sluts, and those two definitely qualify as ours. In fact, they may be the biggest butt sluts in the history of the WWE, just proving we're the best at everything. Something I'm about to do, once again tonight."

"We'll see." Maryse said dismissively.

"We will." Sasha promised, the two of them staring at each other for a few long seconds, before adding, "Oh, and for the record, I was a Lita girl."

"Oh, she has the same tattoo." Maryse revealed gleefully, "Her ass isn't quite as fat as some of my anal whores, but there is something really special about having both Trish and Lita as my completely housebroken bitches. As in, living in my home, and doing chores for me between ass fuckings. And they love it, don't you Trish?"

"Yes Mistress." Trish beamed, reluctantly removing her mouth from the now well cleaned cocks, "Mmmmmmmm, I love being your little French maid, my French Mistress."

For that reply Trish was rewarded with more yummy butt cream. A lot more, in fact, as the next few hours was Charlotte and her French Mistress trading Bayley and Becky back and forth, while Sasha and the rest of the locker room watched. Unfortunately, Trish didn't get a turn with one of those dicks up her big booty, but unless some tragic injuries struck, she should be getting some anal abuse herself. And there was definitely something to be said to building anticipation. Or at least, that's what she told herself, every time Bayley or Becky got to taste each other's asses or their own, instead of the poor seven times women's champ, who's only purpose at that point was to be her French Mistress's ATM whore.

Thankfully the PPV did eventually start, meaning that it was time for Trish to get ready, go out there and entertain as she used too. God, it was such a rush, especially as her French Mistress had told her to try her best, and defeat Charlotte if she could. The thought had literally made the cruel Dom laugh out loud, but Trish knew what it meant if she succeeded. How pleased her owner would be with her. And the consequences that could come with making Charlotte mad at her. So she did indeed try her best, and had one of the greatest matches of her career in the process, but ultimately The Queen was too much for her, and she tapped like a bitch. Of course, there was no shame in losing to someone with the pedigree and achievements of Charlotte Flair. Especially as her reward would be getting her slutty little ass fucked.

"And that's how it's done." Charlotte boasted smugly, as she walked back into the locker room with the mighty Trish Stratus crawling behind her.

"Wow, you beat a completely broken bottom, what an achievement." Sasha quipped sarcastically.

"It's what I do."  Charlotte smirked, slowly closing the distance between herself and Sasha so she could tell her directly to her face, "That, and butt fuck anal bitches. It's what I have to do. Oh yes, it's just what I have to do every day, given all the so-called competition around me are nothing but ass sluts. Mmmmmmmmm, something that I'll prove once again, when you inevitably lose your next match."

"Not gonna happen!" Sasha snapped back.


"I give, I give!" Sasha cried out as she frantically hammered her hand against the mat, signalling her latest in a long line of submissions.

Becky felt genuinely sorry for Sasha in that moment, but she had her orders. So she held onto the Disarm-Her longer than it was necessary, putting an explanation point on The Boss's latest defeat. Although to be fair, it could have gone either way, and in a vacuum, Sasha had nothing to be ashamed of. She had given the performance of a lifetime, coming extremely close to beating Becky countless times as they went back and forth, exchanging near false and nearly making the other tap several times. But in the end, The Man continued her winning streak. And The Boss continued her losing streak in big matches. Which unknown to the audience, would have serious consequences. Perhaps more so than ever before.

Even as she finally let go of the hold, and celebrated her well-earned victory, Becky hoped Sasha would allow herself to find enjoyment in what came next. Well, Maryse would make sure of that. Oh yes, THEIR French Mistress would make sure that no matter how much she tried, The Boss would absolutely love what was about to happen to her. Becky just hoped that Sasha didn't spend too long fighting the inevitable, and just accepted the fact that she was an anal loving bottom, put on this Earth to please superior women like Charlotte and their French Mistress. It was something that the bitch would have to accept eventually, and The Man had no doubt that their owner would push her old friend over that edge.

It was something Becky was looking forward to watching, so she hurried back to the locker room, while Sasha hung back and made her excuses to anyone who would listen. Meaning that Becky was the first one of them to see the once mighty Trish Stratus completely naked, and bent over Charlotte's knee. Which made her happy for her old friend, as whatever Trish had become she knew this was quite the notch on Charlotte's belt, one she was thoroughly enjoying, given that she couldn't even wait for the other members of the horsewomen to attend, and had instead opted to just go ahead and start spanking that big fat ass. She was doing it pretty slowly and gently, but she was doing it, which was more than enough to have Becky flashing back to the good old days. Or just this morning.

Don't get Becky wrong, no one could ever compare to her wonderful French Mistress. Maryse was hands down the best Dom ever. But... Charlotte was pretty amazing at it, something that she once again proved, from the looks of it even impressing The Sexiest of the Sexy. Not that she'd ever admit it. No, Maryse was doing a good job of hiding it, but Becky of all people knew what it was like to see someone impressed with the performance of Charlotte Flair. Or just being impressed herself. And of course, Sasha was impressed too. Again, not that she'd be honest about that, but it was pretty clear when she finally walked through the door, and then just stared of the perverted sight in front of her.

"Awww, there's my little fuck hole." Maryse taunted gleefully, after pretending not to notice Sasha, so the little bitch would get a good look at her future, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, oh oui, tell me, Sasha, did you enjoy tapping out to Becky like a little bitch? Huh? Ooooooooooh oui, all that time away, so that you could come back in style, and you did. Oh oui, you tapped out! To a fucking bottom! Oh fuck, you must be so ashamed. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, then again, I suppose this is just normal for a total loser like you. God, mmmmmmmmm, you're a disgrace to the entire species, let alone wrestling. I know I'm ashamed to be just in the same building as you. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, but I am looking forward to putting you in your place."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Sasha blurted out, before hanging her head, and whimpering, unsure what else to do at this point, "Let's just get this over with, okay?"

"No." Maryse said coldly, before smirking wickedly, "I want to enjoy this, mmmmmmmmm, so strip. Strip nice and slow, and show me your hot little body. Oh oui, you know what I like to see, don't you? Oooooooooooh oui, that big fat ass of yours. So don't be afraid to show it off. No, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't be afraid to show the only thing you have a value, mmmmmmmmm, that nice big booty of yours."

"It isn't big, or fat." Sasha grumbled, but she knew that was a poor defense, because as Maryse pointed out...

"It would be, on a normal-sized woman's body." Maryse pointed out gleefully, "And it would look downright tiny on my tall, goddess like body. Mmmmmmmmm, but on your little garden troll body? Oh God, it's sooooooooo big and juicy. Ohhhhhhhhhhh oui, I can't wait to get a piece of it. Or better yet, the whole thing. So show it to me. Oh oui, show me your big fat ass."

"Whatever." Sasha grumbled, beginning to do as she was told.

"What was that?" Maryse pushed.

There was a brief pause, and then Sasha grumbled, "Yes... my French Mistress."

"Good girl." Maryse chuckled wickedly, "Good little bitch. Now, do as your told."

"Yes, my French Mistress." Sasha grumbled.

Sasha didn't want to have to say that, twice, and from here on out, and she really, really didn't want to do a striptease for this French bitch. Especially with Charlotte watching the show as well. But she had lost in decisive fashion, on one of the biggest stages available, no less. So by the law of the WWE women's locker room, she had to obey, if she wanted any hope of avenging her loss. Also, honestly, there wasn't that much fight left in her, as she put all her eggs into coming back strong, only to tap out to a completely broken bottom, making this maybe the most shameful loss of her life. Which sadly, was really, really saying something. Worsened by the fact that she then had to put on a show for these two over grown blondes. Especially when she had to bend over in front of them, and slowly pull down her trunks and underwear.

"Very nice." Maryse grinned, getting out of her chair and opening her marker pen, "Mmmmmmmm oui, very nice indeed. But it's missing something. Here, let me help you with that."

Before Sasha could reply Maryse grabbed her head and started writing something on her forehead. God, it would be so easy to slam this bitch down to the ground, or hit that punch-able face of hers, but again, Sasha could do nothing, but just stand there as Maryse wrote on her. And oh God, she didn't need to see the words, because she could feel them, and she knew exactly what they said. WHORE on her forehead, followed by Hi, I'm Sasha, I have a... on her chest into tiny writing, and then in big writing BIG on one boob, and FAT on the other, while of course, the word ASS was on her stomach. She was then turned around, so that the bitch could write ANAL SLUT in big letters across her shoulders, a PROPERTY OF MARYSE tramp stamp, and then finally FAT ASS on her butt, one word on each cheek.

"There..." Maryse beamed at what just might be her masterpiece, "A vast improvement, non?"

"Improvement? Yes." Charlotte reluctantly admitted, before quickly adding, "But it looks like you ran out of ideas at the end there. No worries though, I'm sure that happens to lesser Doms all the time."

"Oh sweet, simple, Charlotte." Maryse chuckled mockingly, "I was merely getting the state of her disgusting little bottom through that thick head of hers."

"Good luck." Charlotte scoffed, "Better women than you have tried. Sigh, if only it was as easy to get into her head, as it was easy to get into her slutty little ass."

"Ha ha, there are no better Doms than me, and I look forward to succeeding where you failed." Maryse countered, before ordering, "Oh oui, and now I'll prove it, by beating that big booty. Ooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmmmmm, bend over Sasha. Mmmmmmmmm, bend over my knee like the bitch you are. It's time for a good hard spanking."

"Yes, my French Mistress." Sasha grumbled.

As she blathered on Maryse sat back down on her chair next to Charlotte, and Sasha moved closer to her, expecting that order, so she was able to pretty much immediately get into position. Just to get this over with, of course, not because she was looking forward to getting her ass spanked. Of course. Because when Maryse suddenly delivered a hard smack to her ass, she didn't cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She didn't! As she would happily argue that fact, if anyone else asked. But they didn't. No, the two giant blondes just chuckled wickedly at her misfortune, and started enjoying the prizes in front of them. Which unfortunately, wasn't just limited to the spanking itself.

No, the next few long minutes Sasha had to deal with the humiliation of having her meaty cheeks fondled by this arrogant bitch. Hell, she found herself looking forward to the actual smacks, which at first came few and far between. She also looked forward to the no doubt brutal butt beating she would eventually get, and after that, the ass fucking. No! Oh God, she couldn't actually be looking forward to getting her ass stretched out, could she? The Boss refuse to believe it, even if she found herself thinking about it throughout the early stages of the spanking, to the point that when Maryse finally gave it her all, Sasha welcomed having the entire world melt away, leaving her with just the agony of getting her booty pounded this way.

Maryse loved nothing more than spanking fat assed bitches with an attitude problem. Okay, maybe she could think of at least one thing she preferred over that, but this came pretty high up the list of things she loved. And both of these things had stuff in common, like jiggling cheeks, and making her feel powerful and dominant, while they left her bitches feeling weak and submissive. And this time was no exception, in more ways than one. Oh yes, Sasha Banks might be a tiny little thing, but considering her size, she had quite the big, beautiful booty. Especially now Maryse was getting a close up look at it. And more importantly, getting to feel it up, and smack it.

Indeed, she could see with her own eyes that Sasha Banks definitely had the kind of booty to qualify to be one of her favourite kind of bitches. Although, even if her ass was as flat as a pancake, she would've made Maryse's list, as perhaps more than anyone else Sasha had elevated the women's division higher than it had been before. Which for most people was a good thing, but not for Maryse. No, she liked her wrestlers humbled. It was easier to dominate them that way. If people actually started respecting them, they would get ideas in their heads, like they were made for more than being her playthings, and The Sexiest of the Sexy couldn't be having that. Hell, it was her whole reason for returning. Well that, and just in search of new booty.

She was surrounded by it now, with most of the best pieces of ass already broken and added to her collection. Although her collection just wouldn't be complete without Charlotte and Sasha, so it was truly special to share this wonderful moment with them. And one of her very favourite anal bitches from the past, which prove that no matter how much these current 'superstars' tried to fight it, ultimately they would become just like their precious hero Trish Stratus, broken and branded, nothing but a mindless fuck toy for her French Mistress. And speaking of Trish, she was currently getting her big jiggly bottom spanked again, Charlotte adorably acting like that should bother Maryse. It was almost like she had never heard what The Sexiest of the Sexy loved the most.

The ironic thing was that this was just making the sight in front of her even better. Especially when, after what felt like an eternity of greedily groping those meaty cheeks, the two dominant blondes slowly began to build up the pace, making the cheeks jiggle even more, and the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room, along with the cries of their bitches. Oh yes, that was so very satisfying. Sasha's fat ass even clearly became discolored. Perhaps not as clearly as Trish's big pale booty, but it was still pretty impressive. As was the fact that Maryse was able to keep up with the woman who claimed to be genetically superior. Or perhaps more accurately, it was impressive that Charlotte kept up with her.

Sasha was certainly impressed, but she wasn't surprised. Maryse was infamously good with all things involving the ass, and for better or for worse, Sasha had a lot of first-hand experience with a spanking from Charlotte Flair. Hell, if anything she was grateful it wasn't her old ally right now, because as skilled as Maryse was at this, she couldn't quite match the level of brutality that Charlotte was effortlessly able to dish out. Also, the Queen's hands were a lot bigger than The Sexiest of the Sexy, which was really saying something. However, for better or for worse, the result was the same. Namely The Boss's booty feeling like it was on fire, and the proud former champion left squirming on another woman's knee.

The worst part was that part of her enjoyed it, something which was humiliating, given the way that her wet pussy was pressing against the thigh of her tormentor. And just like always, she received a wicked chuckle for that fact, and more booty abuse. Then the spanking abruptly stopped, in favour of going right back to the gentle caresses. Which was mostly a good thing, as it massaged some of the pain away, but it left Sasha wallowing in her humiliation. Especially as she knew what happened next. Oh God, at best she would be rimmed first. Although arguably, she kind of wished that Maryse would just get the 'main event' over with, as a rim job would just make it more likely that she would break.

"That was fun, mmmmmmmmm, mais la grosse fessée me donne toujours faim. Oh oui, spanking fat ass always makes me sooooooo hungry." Maryse chuckled wickedly, before turning to Charlotte, "What do you think, your Majesty? Mmmmmmmm, Est-ce que ces gros culs ont l'air assez bons pour manger? Huh? Oh oui, do these big, fat asses look good enough to eat?"

"I could eat." Charlotte shrugged, trying and failing to hide a smile.

"Good." Maryse chuckled, before smacking Sasha's ass hard again, and ordering, "What are you waiting for, bend over bitches! Oh oui, bend over and give us those big fat asses!"

"Yes, my French Mistress." Trish enthusiastically replied and obeyed.

"Yes, my French Mistress." Sasha less enthusiastically replied and obeyed.

"Oh oui, that's good, mmmmmmmmm, c'est bon." Maryse moaned at the beautiful sight she was then presented with, again addressing the other tall blonde without looking at her, "Non?"

"A meal fit for a Queen." Charlotte quipped, before adding, "Or a Queen, and a wannabe."

"Wait." Maryse ordered dismissively, ignoring the latest attempt to get under her skin, and ordered, "Bayley, Becky, equip us. Now!"

"Yes, my French Mistress." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, my French Mistress." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

In truth, Sasha welcomed this position, as it meant a nice, soothing rim job, and they were one step closer to getting this over with. And okay, maybe, just maybe, there was part of her which was looking forward to the actual butt fucking, simply because it would mean incredible pleasure. Although mostly, she was worried about what kind of effect that would have on her, given what she'd heard about Maryse. Also, having Charlotte work right along side her wouldn't help, because oh God, The Queen looked amazing with the big dick she was currently acquiring. Oh God, what if they truly worked together? Not just side by side, but actually double teamed Sasha's poor little butt hole? God, The Boss could have fainted with fear, and unfortunately, cum with excitement, at the very thought of it.

Given the look on Trish Stratus's face, she probably wasn't the only one imagining that, as the two big female losers of the night stared at their conquerors, as they were equipped with cocks by Maryse's obedient little servants, and then those big dicks were covered with lube. Oh fuck, they looked like literal goddesses, standing before two conquered warriors, and about to use them for their pleasure. Which shouldn't be a thought Sasha actually enjoyed, but she did. Along with the idea that maybe they would forget about the rimming, and just go straight to shoving those big dicks up the asses of Sasha and Trish. Although for better or for worse, that's not what happened, and soon tongues were sliding all over holes, getting them nice and ready for what was to come.

Maryse and Charlotte were the definition of dignity and dominance as they kneeled behind their prey, spread those cheeks nice and wide, with both hands, and then admired their prizes. The Sexiest of the Sexy wasn't quite sure what the so-called Queen did next, but the true Alpha female of the WWE pretty much lost every ounce of her dignity and self control as she buried her face in between those cute little meaty cheeks. She'd argue she kept a hold of the dominance, but she had to admit, at this moment there could be an argument that she was worshiping Sasha's ass like a mindless bottom. Not that she cared. No, she was far too busy indulging in her favourite past time, playing with a big fat ass.

Admittedly, this was not her favourite thing to do with a bitch hole, but it was pretty close. Oh yes, there was just something about another woman's ass hole which drove Maryse crazy, and to her shame, she could happily lick one for hours. Or at least, line up her bitches, and go back and forth between them, tasting each one of their back doors. Which had the added bonus of being a wonderful way to tease her sluts. Something that she was definitely doing with Sasha. Oh yes, Charlotte might've failed to break her once and for all, but Maryse would prove her superiority, and succeed where The Queen had failed. But for now, she just concentrated on tonguing butt.

She even let go of those cheeks, so she could enjoy the feeling of those meaty cheeks against her face. And again, that just proved that despite her petite stature, Sasha Banks had a deceptively fat ass. One which Maryse rejoiced in motor-boating for several long minutes, in between frantic licks to that forbidden hole. Of course, eventually she swirled her tongue around that bitch hole, and pushed her way in. Which wasn't possible when dealing with anyone with real respect, but Maryse was able to get her entire tongue in there, without even trying. Which just proved to her delight, what a shameless anal whore The Boss truly was. Something she further proved by tongue fucking that slutty little hole for several long minutes, before switching her tongue with her fingers.

Just like before that first finger effortlessly slid into Sasha's back door. In fact, it slid in so easy, that Maryse took a second to swirl it around, as well as simply pump it in and out. At which point, she became vaguely aware that Charlotte was doing the exact same thing to Trish right beside her, and had likely been copying all of her actions. As she should be, as in Maryse's biased opinion, this was way too fun to skip out on. Especially because it made shameless anal whores like Sasha Banks and Trish Stratus moan, gasp, whimper and cry out with pure pleasure the entire time. Just like they would, when the anal abuse truly began. Oh yes, this was fun, but the true dominance wouldn't start until they were balls deep inside them. And clearly Charlotte was done waiting.

"I think that's good enough, don't you?" Charlotte questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"It will do." Maryse shrugged dismissively.

"Right then." Charlotte said, taking the lead before Maryse had the chance to upstage her, "Spread your cheeks, bitches. Show us those bitch holes."

"Yes, my Queen." Sasha moaned, unable to hide her unfortunate disappointment at having those fingers removed from her tailpipe.

"Yes, my Queen." Trish cautiously followed Sasha's lead, not even trying to hide her disappointment at those fingers being removed from her ass.

Charlotte made sure that she and Maryse moved as one, causing those butt holes to stretch for their strap-ons nice and slowly. There could be no doubt these butt sluts could be anally penetrated faster and harder. In fact, they'd probably prefer it that way. Although it would be amusing to find out who enjoyed it more, and who could take it easier. Given by all counts, these two had been butt fucked countless times. And in Sasha's case, Charlotte knew that to be a fact. Hell, she had been responsible for at least half of those ass poundings. But Trish had been in the WWE literally decades ago, being one of the girls to pioneer this type of conquest. So it would be interesting to see whether this proves anything.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't as both those bitch holes not only easily opened, the anal whores attached to them cried out in pure pleasure. Oh yes, they cried out in pure pleasure just from getting their asses violated, proving just how submissive they had become, and how lose their most private holes had become. Oh yes, these one-way roads had become vast motor ways from the relentless anal poundings they had taken from real women. Real women like Charlotte, and unfortunately, like Maryse. God, Charlotte hated to admit it, but the other tall blonde really was a threat to her. A threat to her ass hole. But in that moment, she couldn't help admiring her, especially how she effortlessly humiliated these pathetic little butt sluts.

"Ooooooooooooh fuck, those slid in soooooooooo easy!" Maryse cackled with delight, adding between the sounds of pleasure, "Tellement facile! Oh oui, j'oublie parfois à quel point ton petit cul de salope est lâche, Trish! Et toi, Sasha ... je ne peux pas dire que je sois surprise. Non, vous êtes tous les deux la définition d'une pute anale bien utilisée. Dieu, je suis vraiment dégoûté. Dégoûté que je ne me permette jamais de passer ne serait-ce qu'un moment de mon temps avec vous. Oh oui, j'ai mal au ventre de honte. Eh bien, j'espère que je trouverai une utilité pour vous. Mmmmmmmmm oui, j'espère que l'utilisation de vos trous de cul comme de trous de baise compensera votre révolte. Mais j'en doute. Oh oui, prends-le! Prenez-le jusqu'au bout! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, tout le long de vos culs. Oh putain, si facile! Mmmmmmmmm, comme un couteau dans le beurre. So fucking easy! Oh oui, I sometimes forget just how loose your slutty little ass hole is, Trish! And as for you Sasha... I can't say I'm surprised. Non, you're both the definition of well used anal whore. God, I am truly disgusted. Disgusted that I would ever allow myself to spend even a moment of my time with you. Oh oui, I'm sick to my stomach with shame. Oh well, hopefully I will find some use for you. Mmmmmmmmm oui, hopefully using your butt holes as fuck holes will make up for how revolting you two are. But I doubt it. Oh oui, take it! Take it all the way! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, all the way up your asses. Oh fuck, so easy! Mmmmmmmmm, like a knife through butter."

Normally Charlotte made sure that she got a word in, and the fact that she didn't this time was definitely a sign of weakness. One that she couldn't really afford, given the reputation of the legendary blonde that was right beside her. But she couldn't help it, as she was just so overwhelmed by having another legendary blonde bent over in front of her. Something which was at least understandable, as this was like the Holy Grail for her. Oh yes, when she started out in the WWE there was a list of things she wanted to achieve, and butt fucking Trish Stratus was definitely one of them. Ideally, she wanted to add Trish to her collection of anal bitches, and now she was finally sliding her dick up that big round butt of hers Charlotte was more determined than ever to make that happen.

After all, Trish may be broken to the point where she was unrecognizable as the mega star she had been. Especially as it looked like, at the instruction of her French Mistress, she hadn't seen the inside of a gym in years, her butt becoming bigger than ever in the process. However, she still had something most of Charlotte's butt sluts never had, an unshakable aura of credibility. Sasha had it, but too a much lesser extent. Or was that just because Charlotte had butt fucked The Boss so many times it was hard to take her seriously? Whatever the case, for once while bending over two anal sluts, she never really looked away from Trish's legendary ass to see what Maryse was doing with Sasha's cute little back hole.

Sasha tried her best not to enjoy this process, but she couldn't help it. Worse, she couldn't hide her enjoyment either, which was the really important part. Maybe if it had been quicker and harder, it would've been different. But even then, it was unlikely at this point. Hell, it wasn't even that it didn't hurt. It did, especially the anal penetration. But she had been so frequently sodomized at this point that her body was anticipating the ecstasy to come. And God, there was even part of her which got off on the twisted submission of having her ass stretched open and filled with a big dick. Something which of course, Maryse kept a running commentary about, although thankfully it was mostly in French, so she couldn't really understand it. Not that she wanted too.

Of course, this was just another day in the office for Sasha. Oh God, she had convinced herself she could finally turn her fortunes around, only to end up in the exact same position she had been in for the past few years. Which was really heart-breaking, especially considering who this was happening in front of. Not the locker room. No, they had seen her in this position so much that it was old hat. But the woman next to her was the legendary Trish Stratus, and she hated that she was seeing her like this. Although luckily, Trish was pretty much out of it, her eyes closed and her face awash with pleasure, as she was anally defiled for what was probably the millionth time. If only it was Sasha who was actually doing the violating.

Again, she had been so close. Just one win away, and that RAW women's championship would be hers, but more importantly, a shot at Trish's big fat ass. Hell, she and Charlotte could have shared Becky and Trish. It wouldn't be the first time she shared bitches with The Queen. Admittedly it had been a while, but it would've been an excellent opportunity to relive the good old days, and establish herself as a top once again. Instead Sasha was now the one being shared, she and Trish face down and spreading their cheeks while being filled to the brim with strap-on cock. And it only got worse when thighs came to rest against cheeks, announcing that the full length of those dildos had been fully embedded within the bottoms of the disgraced former tops.

Especially as Charlotte finally found her words, interrupting Maryse's babbling, so she could get a word in, "You're right, Maryse. Mmmmmmmm, these butt sluts just took it so easy. Sooooooooooo fucking easy up their butts. Fucking sluts! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck, that's all you are Sasha, and that's all you ever will be. Just like Trish here. Oh yes, I turned you into nothing but an anal whore, however much you claim otherwise, just like Maryse did to the legendary Trish Stratus. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, and now? Now a couple of real women get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Enjoy your big fat asses. Remember that, while you're both moaning like the anal whores you are."

"Bien dit." Maryse admitted dreamily, before adding without a hint of irony, "Yes, well said, but enough talk. Let's fuck."

With those ironic words Maryse suddenly began pulling her cock out of Sasha's ass, Charlotte copying the action so that she and the French Dom were moving about at the same pace. They definitely pushed in the same time, and then repeated the process, making it official, Charlotte and Maryse were sodomizing Trish Stratus and Sasha Banks. Something which made the former tops cry out with pure pleasure right from the start, poor Sasha once again being unable to stop herself, and Trish not even trying. And then, of course, things got even worse for Sasha, but better for Trish. Oh God, not breaking was perhaps going to be harder than ever with Trish Stratus to witness her humiliation.

Trish had heard what an amazing butt fucker Charlotte was, and she was glad to see that wasn't an exaggeration. In fact, if anything, what she had heard was downplaying just how amazing and effortlessly dominant this tall blonde goddess was. Not unlike her French Mistress. Oh yes, just like her French Mistress, this tall blonde gave her the kind of slow and gentle ass fucking which relaxed her back hole and back passage, making them welcome the giant dildo being slid into them. It also maximized the pleasure, while not making it too overwhelming. Although admittedly, Trish was an easy target, given how many times she had been fucked in the ass at this point. Then there was the fact that she knew exactly what was coming.

Sure enough, her French Mistress abruptly pulled her cock out of Sasha's ass and swiftly moved around so she could press that ass flavoured dildo against Trish's lips and order, "Suce-le! Mmmmmmmmm oui, suce ma bite. Quoi? C'est vous qui vouliez tenter sa chance contre la nouvelle génération, alors goûtez à l'un de leurs culs. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck oui, oh oui, suce la salope! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouaishhhhhhhhhhhh, je veux voir Trish Stratus goûter le petit cul salope de Sasha Banks, comme le cul à la bouche aimant la petite salope qu'elle est! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh oui, bonne salope. Bonne petite chienne ATM! Suck it! Mmmmmmmmm oui, suck my dick. What? You were the one that wanted to try her luck against the new generation, so here, taste one of their asses. Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck yes, oh oui, suck it bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want to see Trish Stratus tasting Sasha Banks's slutty little whore ass, like the ass to mouth loving little slut she is! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh oui, good bitch. Good little ATM bitch!"

"Yes, my French Mistress." Trish enthusiastically replied and obeyed, when she got the chance.

Which meant that Trish had to slip her words in between the ranting of her French Mistress, as she could barely wait more than a few seconds to obey such a wonderful command. Her eyes then flutter closed and she let out a long loud moan, as she tasted the deepest part of the other woman's ass. Which of course, was a regular occurrence for her, but this was the first time tasting Sasha Banks's booty, and it was every bit as yummy as she had known it would be. Oh yes, it was truly a wonderful flavour, one that she savoured for a few moments, before she finally started to bob her head up and down. Given that she had hesitated in doing that Trish was expecting to be punished, and indeed, she was, but it was so worth it to savour that flavour.

As it turns out she was punished harshly indeed, as pretty much at the same time, both of those big cocks were taken away from her, and she was left with nothing. Yes, it was Sasha Banks who was then treated the joy of being spit roasted like a happy little fuck pig. And she even acted like it. Oh yes, at least for those wonderful moments, any hint of the confident Boss character was gone, leaving her just a total pig for the taste of ass. Trish's ass! Oh yes, Trish had savoured the taste of Sasha's ass, and now the younger girl was savouring the taste of hers. Which made it a lot easier being left on the side-lines. That, and the beautiful sight in front of her. And of course, the knowledge that she wouldn't be left out for long.

Sure enough, the two dominant women switched back and forth between the fuck holes of those two submissive women for several long minutes, making sure that both of them got to taste each other's asses several times. And a few times, they even switched over, so that the French Dom would give Trish the gift of having her cock inside her big fat ass, while Charlotte enjoyed the familiar booty of Sasha. And of course, whenever she got the chance from then on, Trish made sure to quickly deep throat whichever cock was in her mouth, making sure she got the majority of that butt cream. And to her delight, Sasha did the same thing. Oh yes, for a few glorious minutes they were both complete ATM loving spit roasted whores. Then when it didn't seem like it could get any better, it did. So, so much better.

"Charlotte, how do you feel about double fucking these bitches?" Maryse purred wickedly.

For a few long seconds Charlotte stared at the other blonde with a hard to read expression on her face, and then she grinned wickedly, "I'm down. As long as you're the one on the bottom."

"I'll bottom for Trish, if you bottom for Sasha?" Maryse counter offered, then laughed at how that sounded.

"Deal." Charlotte said, knowing exactly what Maryse meant, before turning her attention to the butt sluts they were using for their pleasure, "What are you waiting for Trish? Go ride your French Mistress."

"Yes my Queen." Trish eagerly replied and obeyed.

"And Sasha... finger your ass, or something, will you? Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, you're going to want to keep that whore hole nice and loose. For our benefit, not for yours, of course." Charlotte chuckled wickedly, then quickly added, "Oh, and don't even think about using just one finger. No, mmmmmmmm, we both know that won't be nearly enough. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, use at least three. Or better yet, fist yourself. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, it's not like you haven't done it before. Or I haven't done that to you. And you loved it, remember? Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, you cum so hard whenever I fist your ass. But don't you dare cum. Not without permission."

"Yes my Queen." Sasha grumbled.

"What was that?" Charlotte pushed.

"I, I said yes my Queen." Sasha blushed, lowered her head, and did as she was told.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Charlotte grinned.

Charlotte then looked at Sasha expectantly, and obediently she turned around and shoved two fingers straight into her well loosened bitch hole, before slowly adding a third, and then even a fourth. She then turned away from her old friend and rival, to see the mighty Trish Stratus lowering her slutty fat ass on her French Mistress's big dick. God, she had wanted to see that for so long. Or more accurately, see it in person. And for herself to be involved with it. So it wasn't long before Charlotte moved into position behind the wrestling legend, who barely had a chance to fully stuffed herself with her French Mistress's cock, and bounce up and down a few times, before she was ordered to stop, so she could take a second dick up her big booty.

"Maryse, spread your bitch's butt cheeks for me, and I'll return the favour when the time comes." Charlotte offered.

"Deal." Maryse agreed dismissively, reaching around and grabbing those big cheeks, and then pointing out, "But from now on, Sasha is my bitch. Not yours."

"We'll see." Charlotte replied dismissively, licking her lips as she watched Maryse pulled apart those globes. Then she called out, without looking away from the heavenly sight in front of her, "Remember Sasha, no cumming without permission. You need to wait until two dicks are in your ass for that. But why don't you go ahead, and fist that ass, huh? Mmmmmmmmm, I can't think of a better way to keep you ready for us."

"Yes, my Queen, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!" Sasha moaned as she worked her thumb into her own ass, along with the rest of her fingers, and then started slowly working the rest of the fist inside.

Given that, as had been previously mentioned, Sasha had succeeded in fisting her own ass before, and probably did it on a regular basis thinking of her Queen, Charlotte had no doubt that she would achieve her goal. So naturally she was in no hurry to look around to see what the so-called Boss was doing, as she was far too busy watching Trish Stratus's ass hole stretching for a second strap-on cock. Of course, this wasn't the first time Charlotte had double stuffed an ass before, but it was the first time with the legendary Trish Stratus in the equation, so it was very, very special indeed. Naturally, even if it was Bayley, Becky or another frequently used anal whore, she would have been just as captivated by this wonderfully special treat. Which was more special than ever, given who this was.

Although, it might as well have been Bayley or Becky, given how easily that bitch hole, which wasn't supposed to be even able to take one cock, managed to stretch for a second. Not only that, but this complete disgrace to womankind cried out in mostly pleasure during this obscene violation. Fuck, the little anal whore then continued doing so as Charlotte started pushing slowly forwards, causing inch after inch of her big dick to slide into that slutty little back hole and deep into Trish Stratus's back passage, alongside Maryse's equally big dick. Oh God, Charlotte was currently living a very twisted life, but this was easily one of the most twisted moments of it. And she loved every second of it.

Well, it would've been better if this had been in any way a challenge. After all, Trish Stratus had once been the benchmark of excellence within the women's division, something a lot of women had tried and failed to live up too, given how over she had been with the fans, and how many championship she had won. But was she putting up a fight worthy of a former Alpha? No! Hell, this was the original Alpha, and she had been reduced to nothing but a mindless anal whore, whimpering, crying out and even moaning with pure pleasure as her rectum was stuffed with a second strap-on cock. God, Charlotte promised herself whatever happened, she would never be reduced to this. No, she would never become as pathetic a mindless butt slut as the once mighty Trish Stratus.

Trish, meanwhile now lived for moments like this. Well, more accurately, she lived to please her French Mistress. That was all she wanted to do. Her reason for existence. But her favourite part of that existence was taking it up the ass, and the very best times was when it was with more than one dildo. Which was extremely rare, because her French Mistress didn't like to share her toys, even when she was using another one of her bitches to go on the bottom. She saw it as too much of a treat for them, one that they rarely deserved. One which Trish felt like she'd earned today, and thankfully the French Dom agreed, as now her slutty little ass was being obscenely stretched.

Because she had been getting fucked up her big fat butt on a daily basis pretty much for the past 10 years, Trish felt pure pleasure from this. Even from a double anal penetration. Yes, it still hurt, but she got off on it. Especially more than the regular types of ass fucking she took. Not that it really lasted that long. No, all too soon Charlotte's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing that Trish had taken the full length of both of those big dildos in her back passage. Something she was thankfully given plenty of chances to savour, as they paused like that for a few long minutes. Which of course, was mostly for the benefit of the tops, especially as they got to taunt her for it. Especially Charlotte.

"Every inch. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, that's every inch of TWO big fucking strap-on cocks up your dyke ass Trish!" Charlotte exclaimed with delight, before moaning gleefully, "Oh my God, I can't believe Trish Stratus has TWO massive fucking dicks up her big fat ass! No wait, I can. Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, it turns out that the mighty Trish Stratus is just like every other pathetic excuse for a woman who ever wrestled here. Nothing compared to The Queen. Nothing, but a mindless anal whore, just waiting to be used for my pleasure. Because that's all you are, isn't it Trish? Huh? Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, the original Alpha female of the WWE is now nothing but a fuck hole I can use for my pleasure."

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!" Trish quickly and loudly agreed, "I'm nothing but a fuck hole! Mmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk, an anal whore who loves having two big dicks up my ass! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me fuck me fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooodddddddddddd!"

After that encouragement Charlotte started pumping her hips back and forth, causing both of those big dicks to slide in and out of Trish's butt hole, and thus officially starting the double butt fucking. This sadly caused whatever pain there had been too quickly fade away, but It was impossible for the little anal whore to complain, as she was too busy whimpering, moaning and crying out with pure pleasure. She of course, then tried to hold back from begging for the privilege of cumming for as long as she could, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that long, as the poor little butt slut was bombarded by intense pleasure. Which was even more intense now it was two dicks up her ass instead of one. And of course, the fact that her French Mistress was directly underneath her, looking at her in utter disgust, and yet, with incredible arousal.

It was being able to look directly at her French Mistress, the entire time more than anything else, which had Trish soon crying out pathetically, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, please my French Mistress, mmmmmmmmm, my Queen, fuck me. Ruin my fucking shit hole with your two big dicks! Ah fuck, fuck me, fuck my big fat slutty ass! Fucking destroy it and prove that Trish Stratus is nothing compared to you. Nothing but a shameless anal bitch! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yehhhhhhhhhhhhh, Trish Stratus is nothing but an anal loving bitch! Oh fuck, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooddddddddddddd, fuck me, oh fuck, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Admittedly, there was a little pain when the pace started to increase once more, a sign that she should have probably waited a little longer. However, that thought was quickly overwhelmed with pleasure, and soon there was no pain at all, only ecstasy. And amazingly, that was before she even came. But when she did cum, it was one of her hardest climaxes ever, which was really saying something. It was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as both The Queen and her French Mistress proved why they were perhaps the two greatest tops in the long history of the WWE. Which again, was really saying something. As was just how lucky Trish Stratus was in that moment, which was her last coherent thought for quite a while.

Maryse made sure she contributed to this by thrusting upwards into that big fat booty. Hell, she didn't even bother with the occasional thrust, instead choosing to start moving her hips at the same time that Charlotte started increasing the pace of her thrusting. As a result Trish's big fat disgusting ass was pounded hard and deep as possible by the two tops, but only one of them was using all their strength to do so. That of course being, Charlotte, who was once again falling right into Maryse's trap. She knew it too, given the way that she glared at The Sexiest of the Sexy before starting the rough rectum wrecking, but at some point, she stopped thinking about it, or simply stopped caring, and used every ounce of her being to pound that big bottom. Exactly as Maryse planned it.

Although when the butt pounding became truly brutal, and Trish's cum started violently squirting against her stomach, Maryse found herself almost regretting that inevitably she would have to break such a skilled top as Charlotte Flair. Because make no mistake, this was a natural top, with an incredible level of skill, the type of which Maryse didn't think she would truly find within a wrestler. Like, ever. Which of course, would just make the inevitable that much more satisfying, but in that moment, The Sexiest of the Sexy imagined a world where she and the Queen could of been friends, brutalizing the bottoms of inferior females just like this. Then she stuck a finger up Charlotte's ass. Again.

The most delicious part of it was that this was something that she had done before, last time they were butt fucking bitches together, in fact. And oh, the look on Charlotte's face? Priceless. Especially as Maryse had simply popped her finger into her mouth, and then before her rival could figure out what was going on, she took it out of her mouth, reached around and none too gently shoved it into that sweet little bitch hole. Hell, Maryse was even pretty sure it made Charlotte cum. Oh yes, in one fell swoop she made two strong female wrestlers cum from getting their fat asses filled. And for the mighty Queen, it was only a finger, and yet it still made her cum. Yes, feeling Trish's big meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of anally defiling another woman had a lot to do with it, no doubt, but it was that finger which had pushed her over the edge.

In turn, that thought made Maryse cum. Like with Charlotte, it was a combination of things, like the stimulation on her clit, and especially the fact that she was responsible for reducing the mighty Trish Stratus to a screaming, trembling, and squirting wreck. But there was also the anticipation of what was to come. Namely, that they would be doing this all over again with Sasha, and after that, Charlotte. Sadly it wouldn't be immediate, unless the other blonde wanted to save her some trouble, but it was inevitable she would get The Queen's anal cherry, and that meant she had a very satisfying climax. Or more accurately, several of them, because as always Maryse effortlessly proved herself an excellent top, by pushing herself through her first climax. But not too many more this time, as she had to save something for the so-called Boss.

Sasha could have probably got away with just plugging her butt hole with her fist, or maybe just four fingers. That would've kept her loose back there, which was the main purpose of this. But considering she was watching Trish Stratus being double ass fucked, she just couldn't help hammering her own butt with her fist. God, it was so tempting to cum, but she didn't want to risk it. Not when she was closer to breaking than ever before. At the same time, she was enraged that she wasn't involved in the hellacious double butt pounding that the mighty Trish Stratus. That should be her, dammit. And by that, she mostly meant in Charlotte's position. Also the one Maryse was in. And, to her shame, part of her wanted to be the piece of meat in that sandwich. And soon she would be.

Suddenly Charlotte yanked her strap-on out of Trish's big booty, the other dildo coming out with it, and then she roughly smacked those meaty ass hard enough to make them jiggle and ordered, "Spread your cheeks for me, bitch! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck, show me, and everyone here, that the mighty Trish Stratus is nothing but a well used anal whore. Just like everyone else here, except me."

"Yes my Queen." Trish whimpered softly, scrambling to do as she was told.

It was kind of surprising that she still had energy to do so, but Sasha was very grateful for it, as it meant she got to move in this position, and see the handiwork of the two dominant blondes. Both she and Trish moved kind of awkwardly, and she had to hurry as everyone else in the room was scrambling to see what had become of the mighty Trish Stratus. But she managed to get a spot, and oh God, was it ever worth it. Oh yes, it was so worth it tripping over her own feet to see Trish Stratus spreading her cheeks and exposing her obscenely gaping ass hole. Fuck, Sasha didn't even have the words to describe how happy she was in that moment. Of course, it would been better if she was the one to cause that gape. Or she got to cum, which would hopefully be happening soon.

"Bayley, Becky, suck our cocks clean." Maryse ordered, before sliding her finger into her mouth as she had everyone's attention, and then moaned happily as she began sucking on Charlotte's ass cream.

"Yes, my French Mistress." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, my French Mistress." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

"And start with mine." Charlotte chimed in, not wanting to be left out, especially not when Maryse was celebrating another victory over her, which was deeply annoying, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, share the taste of the legendary Trish Stratus's big fat ass on both those strap-ons, while Sasha continues preparing her own ass for a double fucking."

"Yes, my Queen." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, my Queen." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

Glaring with annoyance Sasha did finally pull her fist out of her ass in defiance. Although it certainly made Charlotte chuckle, especially when Sasha bought her hand up to her face, and started cleaning her own butt cream from it. She just couldn't resist, and this wasn't much of a defiance for that matter, as her ass had been kept nice and loose for the blondes, and she was only moments away from being double butt fucked. Hell, this could be interpreted as her pushing them towards that. But again, she just couldn't resist. Also, she wanted something to distract her from how jealous she felt watching Bayley and Becky getting that yummy liquid. Sure, she was now getting her own, and had sampled that a few times now, but it was Trish Stratus's ass cream, and she could never get enough of that.

Especially given how much her friends/rivals were enjoying themselves. Oh yes, Bayley and Becky were moaning loudly and happily as they licked the shafts up and down, and took turns bobbing their heads on each of those dicks, eventually taking them all the way down like the well-trained cock suckers they were. The big difference being what they were doing, and what Sasha had been doing, was of course that they got to take their time and really savoured it, while the blondes tried to regain their strengths. Something which probably didn't take too long, given their experience, but they continued enjoying the show for probably longer than was necessary, before finally giving Sasha the order she was waiting for.

"Sasha, come plant your pretty little butt on my cock." Charlotte finally ordered, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ride me bitch! Ride me with your slutty little ass hole, and allow yourself to get double butt fucked like the total disgrace you are. Mmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, show your new French Mistress what will soon be happening to her."

"Yes, my Queen." Sasha whimpered softly, hung her head, and did as she was told.

Maryse did her best not to give Charlotte the satisfaction of reacting to her comment, which was difficult for a second or two, then it became effortless as her main focus shifted to Sasha humiliating herself with only a slight push. Oh yes, the so-called Boss didn't bother wasting everyone's time by pretending she didn't want this. No, she quickly positioned herself over Charlotte's big dick, and then violated her own ass hole. Which was also easy, given she had kept it nice and loose for her tops. Oh fuck yes, that big fucking cock slip through that bitch hole nice and easy, and just as easily began disappearing into that back passage, Sasha crying out in pure pleasure the entire time.

In what felt like no time at all she was sitting on Charlotte's lap, clearly savouring the moment. Then, before having to be asked, Sasha started bouncing her little booty up and down that big strap-on dick, again whimpering, crying out, and even moaning right from the start in pure pleasure. Which proved that Maryse could have joined in right away if she wanted too. And she did, but not as much as she just wanted to watch the show for a few long seconds. Of course, it was not long before she was kneeling down behind Sasha, and without having to be asked Charlotte reached behind her little friend and spread those cheeks nice and wide so it would be easy for the French Dom to stuff her big dick into The Boss's butt. And of course, the little butt slut slowed down, again making it easier on her new Mistress.

Despite how obviously Sasha's ass hole had been frequently used as the fuck hole it was clearly meant to be Maryse had thought for sure The Boss would be a double anal virgin. However, the fact that she didn't make more of a fuss about this, and neither did anyone else, suggested otherwise. As did the fact that when the time came, that supposedly forbidden hole stretched fairly easily for the second cock. God, this disgusting little anal whore even cried out in mostly pleasure as she was violated by the second dildo, pretty much confirming that this was nothing new for this shameless butt slut. Which was a shame, because such a thing could really help break a bitch. Also, it was just tons of fun. But Maryse didn't need the help. No, she'd never failed before, and this would not be the first time.

Of course, Maryse wasn't in a hurry. No, she took her time, pausing after the initial double anal penetration to savour the moment, before slowly pushing forwards, causing inch after inch of that big dick to disappear into Sasha's shit-pipe, alongside Charlotte's equally big dick. Which was the kind of thing only veteran anal whores like Trish Stratus could take and still enjoy. And yet, that somehow, was the reaction she was getting from Sasha Banks, which begged the question, just how frequently had this so-called top been butt fucked? And just how many of those were the double ass pounding variety? Because clearly, it had been more than Maryse would have guessed. Something she drew attention too as her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of both those big dicks were deep inside The Boss's booty.

"Wow,, wow, wow, mmmmmmmmmm, ça va si facile! Oh oui, mmmmmmmmm, it's going in soooooooooo easy, oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK YES, EVERY INCH!" Maryse cackled with delight, before moaning, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh oui, c'est chaque centimètre carré de ces grosses bites qui glissent profondément et facilement dans ta merde. Mmmmmmmmm, oh oui, ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, je ne pense pas que même Trish Stratus ait pris les choses si facilement, et je baise deux fois son gros cul dégoûtant depuis des années. ANNÉES! Oh oui, je ne sais pas si j'ai déjà rencontré une pute anale aussi honteuse. Ce qui pour moi, c'est vraiment dire quelque chose. Oh oui, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, Sasha Banks est la plus grosse salope de cul de l'histoire. Ah putain, mmmmmmmm, je dois vraiment te faire mienne maintenant, salope. Tout à moi! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oui, that's every inch of those big dicks sliding deep and easy into your shit-pipe. Mmmmmmmmm, oh yes, ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, I don't think even Trish Stratus took it so easy, and I've been double fucking her big fat disgusting ass for years. YEARS! Oh oui, I'm not sure if I've ever met such a disgraceful anal addicted whore. Which for me, is realy saying something. Oh oui, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, Sasha Banks is the biggest butt slut in history. Ah fuck, mmmmmmmm, I really have to make you mine now, bitch. All mine! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, AH FUCK!"

Sasha couldn't offer up a response, as she was too busy being overwhelmed by the feeling of two big dildos obscenely stretching her poor little ass. Because Maryse was right, it wasn't the first time, but that didn't mean it was easy, as the French bitch seemed to think it was. No, The Boss definitely felt like her poor little back hole and back passage were about to be torn apart by the giant cocks stretching it open, but that of course, wasn't the worst part. No, the worst part was, it felt good. Or at least, her body remembered what happened last time, and was eagerly anticipating the pleasure to come. Whatever the case the result was the same, namely Sasha being unable to stop the sounds of pleasure which came out of her mouth, much to the amusement of the dominant women, who continued viciously mocking her.

Especially when Maryse started pumping her hips back and forth, causing both of those large strap-ons to start pumping in and out of her most private hole, and thus officially begin the double ass fucking. Oh God, Sasha was so overwhelmed by it, and then a mixture of pain and pleasure she couldn't even begin to pretend that she wasn't absolutely loving it. And that it only got better as the minutes ticked by, causing her bowels to relax, thanks to a combination of her butt being so well used and just how skilled an ass fucker Maryse was. So relaxed, that whatever pain there had been faded away, and she was just left with overwhelming pleasure threatening to break her and turn her into truly nothing but an anal bitch.

To Sasha's shame, it wouldn't be even the first time. No, this pretty much happened every time she was double ass fucked. Which was thankfully rare, but it did happen. And whenever it did, recovering from it was extremely hard for even someone like her. Hell, if Sasha was honest with herself, it was hard enough to take a single butt fucking without breaking, especially when it was from someone as skilled as Charlotte. But to have both Charlotte and Maryse double teaming her like this just wasn't fair. Especially not when she had to stared at Charlotte's smug face the entire time. Oh God, Sasha just couldn't resist breaking a little bit, as she would truly do anything in that moment to cum.

"Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me hard and make me cum!" Sasha whimpered, becoming louder and more desperate as she continued, "Wreck me, ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, wreck my fucking shit hole! Gape it! Destroy it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fucking ruin it forever! Ruin me forever. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, make me your anal bitch, if you can! My Queen, mmmmmmmmm, my French Mistress, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, someone, anyone, please pound fuck my fucking ass hole! Slam my big fat booty. Slam it! Butt fuck me, fucking oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd, on my God, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

After what felt like an eternity Maryse finally started to increase the pace. More importantly, almost immediately Charlotte began thrusting upwards into her ass, meaning that both tops were working together to give Sasha the most powerful climax possible. This was 100% for their own benefit, but in that moment Sasha couldn't care less. No, all that mattered to the once mighty Boss in that moment was increasing the amount of blissful ecstasy echoing through her body, which reached it's crescendo with her latest anally induced orgasm. Which was of course followed by another, and another, and another, completely robbing her of the ability to think, and turning her into a truly mindless anal whore.

Charlotte was the one to take Sasha's anal cherries originally. As in, both her regular anal cherry, and her double anal cherry. So she wasn't worried one bit about losing her. Sure, Sasha might become someone else's bitch for a while, but she always snapped herself out of it, and went back to insisting that she was a top. Which Charlotte only allowed, because she found it adorable, and hilarious, that such a natural bottom would be that delusional. Oh yes, the truth was that The Boss had been nothing but The Bitch for years now. The Queen's little anal loving bitch, something that Sasha once again proved by squirting her cum violently all over Charlotte's stomach. Which, despite how much she sodomized this anal slut, was actually something of a rarity.

Sure, she thoroughly enjoyed making Sasha anally ride her to climax, but like the rest of the women's division Charlotte preferred to take her defeated opponents doggy style to emphasize the fact that they were nothing but her bitches. Especially when it came to double anal. In fact, this was the first time Charlotte was double fucking Sasha's ass in this position. But more to the point, she'd only been in this position for a double ass fucking a few times before, and that was with Asuka as they shared a truly shameless butt slut, like Bayley and Becky. Two more anal whores who would ultimately be reminded of who their true owner was, and they would come crawling back to her as soon as she dealt with this uppity French Bitch.

To help that along, Charlotte sucked in a finger, and then shoved it roughly into Maryse's back door, returning the favour from earlier. And like earlier, the recipient was clearly taken by surprise, and was then clearly annoyed by the fact that it pushed her over the edge of orgasm. Not that she was the only one. No, having such a victory over Maryse made Charlotte experience a powerful climax of her own, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. Especially as the other blonde's ass hole was so incredibly tight. Which made it hard to penetrate and fuck, but it was so worth it, given the reaction she got. Also the fact that this confirmed that she would soon be, taking an anal cherry for the first time in a very long time. Which again, was a factor which pushed her into orgasm.

Of course, both Doms were determined to push themselves as much as possible to maximize their own pleasure, and to truly destroy Sasha's shit hole. Given Charlotte had the easier position, maybe the mighty Maryse had finally made a mistake which would cost her dearly? Or maybe the point was to push both tops to their limits, to see what each other was capable of? Or maybe it was to truly break Sasha Banks once and for all? Maybe even just to make sure The Boss could never sit down properly again? In that moment, it really didn't matter. No, all that truly mattered to Charlotte was putting everything she had into the rectum wrecking, to the point all three women collapsed together in a sweaty heap after using every ounce of their strength to brutalize the poor Boss's butt hole.

Enraged by what happened Maryse pushed the sluts away from her, forcing the finger out of her ass in the process, and demanded, "Spread your cheeks for me, slut! Mmmmmmmmm, show me my handiwork!"

"And mine." Charlotte smirked.

Maryse was so busy glaring at the other blonde she wasn't even sure if Sasha replied or not. All she knew was one minute she was staring at the so-called top, and then she was turning to smirk at her latest conquest, namely Sasha Banks's gaping butt hole. Oh yes, multiple time former champion, and somehow even a former Alpha female, was kneeling on the floor of the locker room, and displaying her battered back hole as proof of Maryse's dominance. And yes, Charlotte's too, but the French Dom didn't want to concentrate on that. No, she wanted to concentrate on one thing. Namely, taking proof of this. So she snapped her fingers, prompting one of her fat assed bitches to bring her phone to her so she could take a few shots, while Charlotte did the same.

Then, before she could be upstaged again, Maryse ordered firmly, "And the rest of you. Mmmmmmmm oui, I want all my fat assed bitches to line up in a row, and present themselves to me. Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, spread them wide, mmmmmmmmm, étale ces grosses joues! Let the so-called Queen, and the rest of this division, admire all my hard work."

There was a chorus of 'Yes, my French Mistress' and then Bayley, Becky and Trish all kneel down next to Sasha and spread their cheeks, proving that one way or another each one of their ass holes were still gaping open. Given the success of all four of these wrestlers it was incredibly impressive, Maryse grinning proudly as she took shot after shot of her handiwork. She was also happy that Charlotte didn't try and talk back to her. It wasn't much, but it was a small sign of weakness she had seen throughout the night, and one that she could build on moving forwards. Although that feeling was undermined by looking over and seeing Charlotte sucking her finger clean. The one which had no doubt been inside Maryse's ass.

Worse still, while Maryse was fuming from that, Charlotte ordered, "Now get over here and suck our cocks."

Again, there was a chorus, this time 'Yes, my Queen' and then all four bitches scramble to do as they were told. Of course, because they were the most well rested, Bayley and Becky were their first, these two broken ATM loving bottoms both wrapping their lips around the head of a strap-on cock and tasting the deepest part of Sasha's bowels, just like they had done with Trish. The obvious difference being that they had tasted this particular flavour countless times now. Not that it stopped them from enjoying it. No, they moaned loudly and happily, before graciously moving aside so that Sasha and Trish could get a taste of that yummy little booty. The four bottoms then all shared surprisingly nicely, while the two tops stared daggers at each other.

Because make no mistake, Maryse wasn't even kind of worried about Sasha Banks. No, Sasha was a delusional bottom, and if she didn't truly know her place by now, it would be just funny to remind the dumb anal ho of it over, and over, and over again. Oh yes, the so-called Boss was no threat to her. The so-called Queen on the other hand was a different story. Oh yes, Maryse was going to have to deal with her real soon. Something she tried to make clear while staring into the eyes of her future bitch, while they both effortlessly took pictures of Bayley, Becky, Sasha and Trish taking it in turns to deep throat those big dicks so that they could get all of that yummy butt cream.

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