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My brother Alex called me today, telling him to meet me at his house after I got done filming for the day. I felt my stomach churn in disgust; I couldn’t help but get this reaction every time I got a call from him. I tried as I always do to talk him out of it, frantically lying that I had to do extra re-shoots tonight. It didn’t fool him, it never did. He never took no for an answer, and he didn’t now. His voice didn’t have an ounce of emotion as he warned me that if I didn’t show up, he’d leak all of the blackmail he had on me. Since my brother had been raping me for years, since before I finished filming the Harry Potter series, he had plenty of video and pictures to ruin any future career in Hollywood. 

The disgusting, humiliating, and perverted things I did for my brother would destroy my career and shatter my reputation as a model feminist for the world. It would end my life, basically. I knew I couldn’t refuse, so I told him that it was fine, I’d meet with him after filming ended for the day. He said only one more sentence, and when he hung up after, I was already soaking wet.

“Good girl, Emma.”

The trip across the streets of Paris to my brother Alex Watson’s flat was a short one. Every block that passed as I grew closer caused my stomach to flip one more time, and my heart to pound a little harder. When I finally knocked on his door, he greeted me with a leer that was decidedly unbrotherly. He led me inside with a hand on my ass, and directed me to a box on the living room table. It was a premier set of Versace Lingerie, easily worth thousands of dollars. It was barely there, hardly covering any of my admittedly tiny breasts or arse. 

“Put it on, Emma.”

I didn’t want to wear the terribly slutty lingerie, but my weak protests didn’t sway him at all. In no time I had stripped my clothes off in front of my own brother. When the sheer black bra and barely-there panties and stockings were on, a blindfold followed. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I could feel it. 

It had been a long time since I last really argued with what my brother, my master, did to me. I knew better than to resist when he tied my arms behind my back and laid me down flat on the floor, spreading my legs wide to leave my body defenceless and exposed.

Not fighting made the rapes go easier. 

I was expecting that now, to feel at any moment the stiff forceful thrust of my own brother fucking me, but it never came. As the minutes ticked by my body kept betraying me; I kept getting more aroused and wetter. When finally I thought I would brave a question, I opened my mouth to say something. The knocking on the door immediately silenced me. I could hear but not see Alex walk to the door, have a muffled talk with whoever was there, then return.

But there were way more footsteps than just his. I started to squirm and it took every bit of will I had to not scream as I knew that at least ten people had entered the room. I did my best to hide my shame, rolling over and closing my legs to at least try to hide my cunt from their view. 

It didn’t help.

The hands came next after the footsteps. They were everywhere on my barely 5’5” body, forcing me back back to being flat on the floor of my brother’s apartment, spreading my legs wide so everyone could see. I couldn’t help it anymore, I started screaming and only got one shout out before my Alex was kneeling next to me, his powerful hand clamped on my mouth to silence me. Still blindfolded, I only had the feeling of the hands on my body and the laughing of the men around me left to my senses.

“Be a good girl and play nice. You’re going to be entertaining my friends, and they all have permission to use you however they want.”

He leaned closer and whispered to my ear, quiet enough that none of the other men could hear.

“Don’t do anything stupid to piss them off, or I’ll tell them exactly who you are.”

It was that threat that got me to relax, to stop fighting against the gang rape that was about to happen. My cunt was being rubbed, a tongue was sliding over a shoulder and onto a breast. My hands were behind my back and my eyes were covered by the blindfold, putting me entirely at their mercy. It drove my shame and my aroused even higher.  Finally one of them reached my cunt and started rubbing it, laughing and commenting on how utterly drenched I was.

I didn’t care. This was rape, but I couldn’t do anything about it, so I did my best to just lay back and let it happen. 

It did.

One of them got between my legs and pushed his finger inside of my cunt at the exact same time as he started to tongue me as fast as he could. He wasn’t the only one going at me. At the same time a pair had started to attack my tits, twisting, pinching, licking and sucking on the pebble hardness of my nipples. I had just came for the first time on my rapist’s tongue when the hands tightened on me and I was flipped over onto my stomach, my perky and tight ass sticking up into the air.

Without any warning or preparation one of the men pushed his cock inside of me cunt and began to really fuck me. I couldn’t help it anymore, I started to scream and howl with pleasure. I just started cumming again and again, one long shudder on the raping cock inside of me. I don’t really know how long he fucked me like that, but eventually he came right inside of me. He didn’t who I was, he didn’t know I was a world-famous feminist celebrity, all I was right then was a cocksleeve and a cum dump for him. 

When he pulled his dripping cock out of my quim, I felt something cool on my ass - it was a marker! They put a tally marker on the curve of my ass when I took a load of cum. From that point onward they started to unceremoniously rape me in all my holes - my cunt, my arse, my mouth. It started off with just one of them fucking me at at time, but that didn’t last. I felt a pressure at my ass, then a blinding mix of pleasure and pain as I got double-raped. I gasped and moaned, only to have a third cock shoved into my mouth - the same mouth I used to lecture the United Nations about equal rights for women.

It wasn’t like I was even a slut for them at this time. It seemed almost more that I was just a fucktoy, a warm set of holes for them. Adding onto the humiliation was the growing tally of marks on my skin, each one a mark of a load I swallowed, took in my arse or cunt, or took straight on my face and tits.

This went on and on. My brother and his friends raped me in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen. I even got pulled onto his flat’s balcony and fucked right there in the open, for anyone in Paris to look up and see their favorite Harry Potter celebrity get fucked. To add onto my degradation, my rapists took me into the bathroom and dunked my head into the toilet as they raped my ass and my cunt. 

It was mostly a haze to my mind, but one of the things that stuck with me and cut through the fog was the group joking to themselves as I took another load of cum inside. They were laughing about how I was going to get knocked up, having a little competition to see who could cum in the most in me, even though I moaned and protested and begged them to not cum in me.

By the time the last of them spilled a final load of cum right onto the parts of my face not covered by the blindfold, which I thanked god was still on, I was completely exhausted. My mind was shut down, I couldn’t form any thoughts. There was a lot of cum leaking out of my cunt and dripping down my skin. It was on my tongue, the only thing I could really taste. I could hear pictures being taken and laughing, but I didn’t have the energy to hide or even cover myself. All I did was lay there, completely exposed and humiliated. At least they didn’t know who I was, they didn’t know that I was world famous and my brother’s sister

As if they could read my mind, my brother pulled off my blindfold and turned my face towards the men who were standing in front of his massive TV playing one of the Potter movies on mute. I just stared at the laughing men who had just gang raped me. They never stopped taking pictures and high-fiving each other, slapping each other on the back in joy.

I broke then, starting to cry and sob my heart out as they got dressed and started to leave, each of them making sure to say “Bye, Emma!” or “I loved you in the Bling Ring!” all to rub salt in my open wounds. It destroyed me, I finally gave up and stopped fighting my fate. I can’t see myself as a feminist anymore, a strong world leader for independent women. I laid there covered in cum and with slutty marker writing all over my body, how could I be anything more than a worthless cunt? 

Worst of all, I loved it so fucking much.

Everything I was changed then. My strong public feminist mask of being Emma Watson that I wore shattered forever, any hope of truly being that prideful, indomitable hopeful inspiration to women everywhere was turned to dust in my hands. All I am is a fucking cunt, a cum dump, my own brother’s little incestual slave. Wet and ready holes for pleasing men. I needed cock. I needed my brother. I needed any man, I didn’t care how they’d want me. 

I broke forever then, and from there on I belonged willingly to my brother.

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