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Zendaya never expected to end up like this. If you had told her just a few years ago that she’d end up pregnant and naked on her knees while wearing a collar that said “nigger slut,” until she was let into her "Owner's" mansion, she would have punched you in the face.

It all started Zendaya’s senior year in highschool. She grew up in a very, very affluent part of California in a community vastly dominated by whites. She had to work twice as hard to get any respect, and was on track to graduate with honors. Sure, by then she was already a world-famous celebrity for years, having been a Disney starlet since she was 14, four years ago. That didn’t matter very much to Chad. Chad was, if you couldn’t guess, a white six-foot-three football star, and built to perfection. This perfection he liked to show off by often only wearing grey sweatpants that outlined his huge cock, along with no shirt to put his ripped physique on display. 

He didn’t care that she was known across the world, he always treated her worse than the shit on the bottom of his shoes. It made her so fucking angry and annoyed every time he’d use a racist slur on her, but there was a part of her - a part hidden very deep under the surface of her creamy black skin - that got wet every time he called her a ‘stupid nigger.’

She could still remember the first time she had that reaction from his abuse. She had been at her locker as Chad walked by. She had hoped he’d leave her alone, and groaned inside as he veered closer to her. He had a smirk on her face and grabbed his cock through his pants, saying “Hey stupid nigger, look at this,”

She couldn’t help herself but lower her eyes and stare. She felt her throat go dry and she reflexively swallowed. His massive cock was huge. The outline of his cock was clear through his sweatpants and Zendaya couldn’t take her eyes off it - she’d never seen one so big before. His cruel laugh broke her out of her reverie and, with a huff, she slammed her locker closed before running off.

Her abuse wasn’t only verbal. Gradually, as his verbal attacks continued to go unpunished, he moved onto more physical molestations. Chad would grab Zendaya’s tits or a firm handful of her ass as they passed in the hall. Every time she hissed for him to stop, but never reported him. She didn’t know if it was because she didn’t want to be seen as the whiny woman who reports the school's football star for "boys being boys," or because there was a small part of her that enjoyed the attention, if not the acts.

Things continued to escalate until once Chad grabbed her and lifted her from the floor, burying his face in her tits and motorboating her cleavage. All she could do was stare in shock as he kissed and vibrated his mouth against her tits. Her shock doubled when she was put back down on the ground and Chad growled,

“You nigger sluts should have thought twice before coming to a white man’s school.”

That night she spent six hours straight masturbating, all the while sobbing and crying to herself over how ashamed she felt. To this day she was never really sure why the next day she went back to school dressed up in an even more alluring and sexy outfit; a tank top and a too-short skirt, with no bra, nor panties. She felt free, empowered, strong...until Chad saw her.

He eyed her like a hungry wolf, and everything Zendaya was feeling shriveled up inside of her. She did her best to look busy as Chad walked up to her. He was so large compared to Zendaya, that she couldn’t help but be intimidated, scared...and turned on. Of course he was wearing the sweatpants, and again she couldn't help but stare at his cock outline.

“I like your outfit, nigger. My dick is going crazy over it.”

Right there in the middle of the hallway, with Zendaya pinned against her own locker, Chad pushed his hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt. The Disney teen star couldn’t help but moan, she was as wet as she’d ever been in her life. She had to clamp one of her dark-skinned hands over her mouth to stifle a louder moan when his thick - really freaking huge, to her virgin mind - finger sunk inside her cunt for the first time. She knew she should shout, should resist, should do anything but let herself be molested by this racist asshole.

She didn’t do any of those as she was fingered right there in the hallway, or any of those things when his other hand grabbed her arm - so skinny he was able to wrap his massive hand entirely around it - and pull her away from her locket with a growled, “Come with me, slut.”

Zendaya’s mind was elsewhere during all of this, and she didn’t complain or say no as he led her through the building to the disused fire escape stairs in the old wing of the school. Abstractly she knew they were called the “fucking stairs,” because of how far away they were from any classrooms and the rumors of students slipping away from class to fuck in it. Once they were there, Chad pinned Zendaya against the railing of the stairwell and growled the sentence that she would never forget for the rest of her life, and that the mere memory of would immediately flood her pussy with arousal.

“You’re my nigger now, Disney bitch.”

She wanted to protest this proclamation, saying that she wasn’t anyone’s nigger, when he pulled his cock out of his pants and she saw one in real life for the first time. It was even bigger in the flesh. It was curved slightly, and was a massive throbbing slab of white meat. It respectably compared to all of the porn Zendaya had watched these last few years, being a number of them outright.

“You didn’t wear any bra or panties today, and this short slut skirt. You’re asking for this, you stupid nigger bitch.”

Every word, though Zendaya knew it was terribly wrong, caused another thrumm of arousal to course through her cunt

“Suck my white dick, my nigger bitch.”

For the first time, but far from the last time, Zendaya dropped to her knees before her white master and took his white cock into her eager and wet mouth. This time his cruel laughter didn't stop her from bobbing her mouth on his cock, giving him the best blowjob she could.

“I bet your daddy would be so proud that you got a white cock in your mouth. Think he ever expected you to be sucking a big white cock when he enrolled you here in this school?”

His hands easily surrounded her head and he started to facefuck Zendaya. She was in tears, both from the humiliation and the first time she ever had something so large in her mouth. She was horribly conflicted, but that made her only more horribly aroused.

Zendaya was choking on Chad’s dick. She could feel it bulge her throat and took huge gasping breaths when he pulled out of her mouth, dragging his thick white cockmeat across her brown face. Without even thinking, she chased it with her tongue like an addict. 

“I hear niggers have the tightest pussies, is that right? About time I find out.”

Chad’s hands were on her then and he literally lifted Zendaya’s whole body from the ground. It must have been his football exercises, because he had no problem manhandling the teenage star of the Disney channel, bending her right over the railing in front of him.

Zendaya’s voice surprised even her, “I want it in so bad. I want your cock!”

His laugh was barking and cruel, and he rubbed his thick flesh against her tiny black cunt, “I’ve wanted this so long, nigger. Thinking you’re so much better than me because people know your name around the world. Well...which one of us is about to get fucked now, and which one of us is about to do the fucking?”

He aligned his cock with her folds then tried to push it in. A pained groan came out from Zendaya’s mouth, but her tight muscles resisted his invading cock - for a little while.  It was so big, and Zendaya was in so much pain, that it was almost a relief when with a sudden thrust, Chad sunk every inch right into Zendaya’s cunt. A combined wave of pain, euphoria, and orgasmic pleasure shuddered through her body as the teen had the first true orgasm of her life.

Sometime in the middle of the next twenty minutes of brutal and cruel fucking, Zendaya heard the lunch bell go off in the distance, but she didn’t care. All she could focus on, all she could want, was his massive white cock. Her body crashed with wave after wave of orgasm, until she started to feel lightheaded. Chad’s hand came down and slapped Zendaya right in the face with a warning growl, “Don’t go out on me now you nigger bitch. You’re my fuck meat, you’re mine forever.”

Zendaya didn’t care about the insults anymore, she knew it was true. She was his. She was his nigger. 

His thrusts were frantic, quick, and erratic now. With a sudden dawning horror Zendaya tried to claw back at him as she shouted, “Please don’t! Please don’t cum in me!"

Another slap, this time to her black ass, turned her complaints into long unintelligible moans.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. I’ll cum where I want.”

Sure enough, in seconds Chad’s cock erupted a geyser of cum right inside of Zendaya’s clenching cunt. She could feel every spurt inside of her and the rivulets of cum soaking down her thighs as her rapist withdrew his conquering cock from inside of her. She felt empty, like she was missing something.

His next words were like an ice bucket tipped over her heart.

“Tell anyone about this and I will fucking kill you, Disney bitch. Do you understand me?”

Zendaya automatically nodded, knowing there wouldn’t be a way in hell she’d ever speak to anyone about this. Chad didn’t even bother fixing her skirt, instead just leaving her bent over the railing, her ass and an overflowing cunt full of cum on full display. She sunk down to her knees and started crying, before leaving school early and going home numb with shock.

It didn’t end there. Her facebook, the very same one millions of fans followed her on, pinged with a message that night. It was Chad adding her to his friends, along with a video of her getting fucked by the racist bully. Her dark skinned flushed red, she had been far too out of it to notice the camera phone as she was getting fucked.

She didn’t realize it until her fingers were already in her cunt; she was masturbating to her rape. She never stopped crying as she got herself off watching the scene on loop in front of her on the screen. 

If Zendaya had any intention of stopping the molestation, that night broke that idea before it could fully form. In the following months she became Chad’s nigger bitch. They didn’t just fuck on lunch at school. They fucked before school, after school, at home, at parks, at the theater. He even made her get fucked while watching her own movies on the television.

She was addicted to the abuse.

Eventually they both graduated from high school, Zendaya magna cum laude. This, of course, made Chad laugh as he fucked her before her graduation in her black gown, cumming on the inside of her hat and making her wear it through the ceremony to celebrate her achieving "mega cum lots". After that, Zendaya just sort of fell into being his full time nigger.

Sure, she would still go on to act and star in movies like Spiderman: Homecoming, but every night she’d return to her own home (to a mansion estate he made her pay for totally, then hand over the deed to him) to her Owner. Every time before she would be allowed into her Owner’s mansion, she would strip nude and drop down to her knees at the entrance, waiting for her Owner to lock the collar bearing the engraving “Nigger Slut" around her slim neck. She had come to feel the heavy weight of the steel as something close to comforting, always missing it when she was out around the world in public. 

There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for her Owner, her husband Chad. Though they were married, the marriage was extremely lopsided; she didn't complain or say no when he made her sign an ironclad prenuptial that gave him all of her assets on the event of their divorce. Even though she was often out filming her next movie, she did her best to cook each of her Owner's dinners and keep the mansion in clean order. She did all of that, and also serviced his every sexual want. This included both helping him fuck a few of her celebrity friends he had crushes on, and she even went so far as to help him fuck her own sisters.

This was Zendaya’s life, and she wouldn’t change a single thing. Although, she did hope her growing baby bump wouldn’t derail her acting career. Between it and being her Master’s nigger...well, she didn’t really want to give up her career, but nothing came before him.

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