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You know who I am, I'm Ellen Page. My story? Fine, sit down and listen.

Look, for some people discovering they are gay is something that happens later in life, after a lot of soul searching. For me, it happened at a very early age, after I’ve been working in hollywood for just a few years. When I eventually came out, almost everyone was very proud and supportive of me, especially my parents. 
Almost everyone.
There was a pair of guys in my neighborhood that laughed at that, two guys on the football team who kept trying to get with me but didn’t do anything for me, they were men! Boys, practically, come on! The big buff brawny idiot jocks never did anything for me. I should have taken them a little more seriously, because they were the first ones to dick the dyke out of me.
Even though I might have been a Hollywood star at this point - my appearance in the new X-Man movie had just been announced and my last movie Hard Candy having done well at the boxoffice - I was still in high school and, like any high schooler, I liked to party. There were plenty of people I knew there, including plenty of guys who kept trying to flirt with me. 
Hell, maybe I can blame the drinking I was doing. It was shot after shot after shot, but when the boys came sniffing around, I kept telling them off. I might have even said a few rude things about how much men suck and if they wanted to fuck someone who likes girls, they could fuck each other. It really still couldn't have been my fault, could it? It's never a woman's fault if they get raped.
The party was going strong when that craving hit me, you know? I just had to smoke. So I headed behind the house and lit up. I bet you can guess what happened next, can’t you? The pair of guys I told you about, yup. Fuck, the taller one was so fast. He was on me and had me slammed against the back of the house before I could do anything. You know how small I am, I didn’t have a chance overpowering this brute.
His hands were all over me, and he ripped - literally ripped - my t-shirt right off my tits. My bra followed a second later, and I was pissed - that was expensive! Well, his way clear he started licking and sucking and groping them. He said something about how my tits were perfect, and that men deserved them too. 
The other guys was pulling down my shorts - and I groaned inside, of course it was a day I wasn’t wearing underwear - and started smirking, saying how much I must have been secretly wanting this. The little guy got onto his knees and started eating me out.
Holy. Fuck.
Alright, I might have been getting a little turned on from having my tits molested, but jesus christ I came at the drop of a hat there. No, I don’t think you realize how hard I came. I squirted for the first time EVER, soaking his face and the grass as I screamed. 
Fucking idiots were laughing again, telling me they knew I wasn’t a real lesbian. The first guy pushed me down and, ugh, stuck that dick right into my mouth. If it wasn’t such a terrible situation, I would have laughed at how long he lasted - or didn’t last. He came right down my throat and, fine, it was pretty good tasting.
I sorta wish this ended then, but of course you know it didn’t. The other boy threw me onto the ground to my hands and knees and I had my first real cock in my cunt in seconds. Fuuuuck. It felt so strange and good, but I still didn’t want this. I’m a lesbian! Even broken clocks can be right twice a day, and when he started to diddle my clit, I came like a wildcat. 

I mean, sure. When I came down from it, he pulled out of me and well, I got right back onto my knees and started sucking him off without being asked. It wasn’t much longer then until the first time I ever took a load of cum right on my face, the face that millions of people have seen in movies.
They must have been both been spent, because the stupid jocks boys just high-fived each other, then walked away. Ugh. I couldn’t find my purse, so I didn’t have anything to clean all that cum up with, so well, I did what I had to do. I rubbed it right into my face and my neck and down to my own little titties.

I remember that there was a big blast of it on my shirt that was on the ground, those assholes. I got dressed and went home as soon as I could, but I know that I got some looks from the other people at the party. 


Ever since then, I guess I haven’t been as gay as I thought I was. I hate dick - loathe it, really - but I can’t stop enjoying it whenever it’s forced into me.

This was just the first time, and far from the last.
You happy hearing about it, pervert? We're done, I'm getting out of here.

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