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Alexandra Daddario’s family wasn’t always rich and famous. These days when asked about her life growing up in interviews, she’ll do one of her incredibly cute laughs and say it was great, but do her best to change the direction of the questioning. This is because until she left home and became one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, her teenage years at home were a horrible hell on her.

Her parents were addicts. There would always be people coming and going from the Daddario house, many of them looking scruffy and unkempt. Her parents were so poor, there would be days where she hardly had anything to eat. This was sad and challenging, but the true hell of her existence started early in high school. 

She had just gotten home from a day at school, when she heard her father shouting for her to come to their den. He wasn’t alone, there was another man Alexandra hadn’t recognized. The stranger had beckoned her over and, at an urging look from her father, she relented and came to stand beside him. The stranger was tall and ebony black. His eyes were a curious dark green, and they swept over her, taking in her slightly plump form, and her - already in her teens - extremely large breasts.

What happened next felt like a blur to her, and she never could exactly remember choosing to do it. The man’s hand - a large rough paw - lifted and groped her huge breast, weighing it almost like one would a slab of meat. Her hand swung out and slapped the tall black man in the face, and before she could shout he swung his own hand, smacking her right back in the face, causing her to tumble to the floor and starting to cry. The stranger’s eyes swung from her convulsing and bawling form back to her father’s, and he nodded casually, then told her father that eighteen-hundred was good.

Alexandra felt a horrible pit of icy betrayal in her stomach when her father nodded. The black man pulled out a sick thick wad of bills, then peeled notes off until her father grinned and left them alone in the den. The man prowled around her before literally reaching down and picking her up from the floor by her pretty and thin neck.

She was afraid like she’d never been in her whole teenage life. Her assailant dumped her over the couch in the den and despite her weak protests with her hands, pulled her skirt down, along with her panties. It didn’t take long after that Alexandra Daddario had something inserted into her virgin cunt for the first time. He worked two thick fingers inside of her and she wailed in pain. 

Alexandra shouted for her mother, but dissolved into more tears when she responded from the other room to ‘shut up and be a good girl for him.’

Some people freeze and disassociate themselves from their body when a horrible trauma occurs to them. The opposite happened to Alexandra Daddario. She felt everything like she was hyper-aware. He fingered her for minutes, before forcing his fingers into her mouth, gagging the beautiful teen around them. 

The future teen celebrity gagged on her rapists' fingers and took big gasping breaths when he withdrew the digits, only to whine and wail again when his cock - a massive thick black cock - slapped against her beautiful pale face. 

“Listen to your momma and suck my dick.”

There wasn’t any fight in Alexandra. The black man’s cock smelled horrid, tasting of unwashed sweat and grime. She barely could handle it, and her tears flowed down her apple cheeks. She couldn’t help it, she had never done this before and kept scraping her rapist’s dick with her teeth. This infuriated him so much that he hit her face once, then wrapped those massive hands around her throat and started choking her. Her fingernails scraped against his forearms, but didn’t do anything but gouge his dark skin a little. Her eyes, which in a few years would be world famous for their hypnotic blue color, bulged in fear.

She looked desperately around with them for help, but saw her mother and father sitting in the corner watching, her mother’s hand tucked into her father’s pants and obviously jerking him off. Hurt horribly by her family’s betrayal, her struggles slowed and in seconds she went limp in his arms, falling into unconsciousness. 

Alexandra Daddario woke up to the feeling of her knees bending to her shoulders, and a massive pressure against her little virgin pussy. It felt far too big, and she tried to crawl away, but was trapped under his combined weight and muscles - which he pushed down on her all at once, spearing her virgin cunt with his cock, tearing away her virginity right in front of her parents. The pain was so horrible to her she started to scream, animalistically and wildly scream. Her father rushed over to her to clamp his own hand over her mouth, his cock still out of his pants and waggling free.

Out of everything that happened that day, she never forgave him for that in particular.

Her mind started to break then, and her beautiful eyes unfocused and stared at the ceiling as she got the first fucking of her life, a brutal rape aided by her parents for drug money. The rapist called her filthy names, and even beat her flawless and perfect breasts. It was bad, and only grew worse when his entire body tightened and the black drug dealer spilled his cum deep inside of Alexandra Daddario’s cunt.

This all must have satisfied the man, because he rolled off the crying and devirginized cunt and stood. Once his massive cock was tucked back into his pants, he peeled more bills from his stack of money and handed them to her father. Her mother helped Alexandra to her feet, then ushered her out of the room and straight into the shower. Her voice was curt, a hard edge to it, saying that she had been a good girl. Her mother started the water and helped her daughter into it. She was still zoned out, sobbing in little spasms, that she didn’t stop her mother from cleaning her body, even when her mother’s hands explored her cunt, making sure to clean it as well, doing too good a job as her fingers worked in and out of her sopping wet hole. 

Alexandra Daddario never told anyone how she was raped and molested, and made up a story of her first time when asked in the future. As soon as she graduated, she fled home and became the famous woman she is now. No one but her parents and her rapist knew just what happened to her that night after school, and no one buy Alexandra knew that she still fingers herself to the memory to this day. 


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