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When you’re a celebrity like me, Brie Larson, starring in franchises like the Avengers and even your own solo films, you end up going to a lot of parties. No, seriously, it’s at least twice a week or more. You have movie premieres for all your friends, socials where you network with other studio heads trying to get funding for their projects, and even just parties for the sake of the crippling alcoholics that you’re friends with (if it’s not you yourself). That’s how I ended up at the party where I got gang raped, discovering that at heart I was a real slut.

I’ve always had a problem holding my drinks in, but I would never call myself an alcoholic, I’m just a lightweight. The party was at one of the high end clubs in Los Angeles, one with plenty of music and even more drinks. Apparently the party was celebrating how well Endgame did in the theaters, but this was about the fourth or fifth party for that reason.  I was already lightheaded and was having fun dancing with this tall blonde guy I didn't know but vaguely remembered being behind the set while filming both my solo film Captain Marvel, and Endgame.

Well on my way to shit-faced drunk, I was grinding against him and his hands were all over me. I kept trying to push his hands away, but they kept coming back. I could have stopped grinding on him, but I was enjoying the feeling of the music too much to stop, so he must have thought that it was a sign for him to keep going. About the fourth time after I pulled his hands off my ‘B’ sized breasts, I think he finally got annoyed, for he grabbed me and shoved me against the wall in the club, continuing to grind against my pert ass from behind.

I should have fought harder than I did, but I didn’t want to make too much of a scene. There were plenty at the party I knew, and I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself. 

He was rock-hard and huge, as I could tell through his pants as he ground against my ass. I didn’t want to do this, so I kept hissing “No!” All he did was laugh and start to shimmy my skirt up my thighs and say how much I want this. I felt a pit in my stomach and I knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I quickly looked over my shoulder, my light brown eyes staring into his brilliant blue, “I’ll suck you off, but not here. Not in public.”

He grabbed my arm and led me along the wall to the bathroom. Once we got int here, he forced me to my knees on the dirty floor and, without any preamble, pulled out a cock way bigger than I even imagined.
“No fucking way am I sucking that.”

“Well, Brie, you aren’t fucking leaving this bathroom until you suck my cock.”

He slid his hands into my blonde hair and shoved his cock into my face. I tried to keep my mouth closed but his head was pressing against my lips and eventually it slipped in and right into my mouth. At that point I thought fuck it, if I made a scene now my colleagues and friends would rush into a scene with me on my knees getting face-fucked, and that’d be horribly embarrassing. So I shifted a bit so my knees weren’t so uncomfortable and worked his massive cock into my mouth. I’m not even sure when my hands joined his cock too, jerking his thick meat as I sucked him off.

It wasn’t good enough for my rapist though, because he sunk his fingers deeper into my blonde hair and jammed that thick cock right into my throat. I lost it, I started struggling and trying to scratch him. I must have bit down on his dick because he got really angry and pulled out of my mouth. The next thing I knew he smacked me right in the face and my mind swam. I crumbled from my knees to the dirty filthy floor and started to crawl for the door. 

My head was still ringing when his thick cock pressed into my cunt, and it felt like I was being torn apart from how big he was. I started begging him to slow down, let me try to get used to it because he was too fucking big, but he ignored that and kept raping me into the dirty bathroom floor. It wasn’t like any other sex I’d ever had, where I felt in control and in charge. I felt so full and I came right there, impaled by my rapist.

He felt me shudder around his cock. I couldn't form words, I couldn’t fight, I couldn’t do anything, my brain was just destroyed. Buried hilt-deep in my celebrity cunt, he -spanked- me and started to really hammer away. I’ve never been fucked that hard, every thrust drove me harder into the sticky floor of the bathroom. When I finally started coming down from cumming, I drew a breath to scream, but it was silenced when his hands wrapped around my throat.

The next few minutes of me choking blended together. I don’t know how long he raped me into the floor, but I kept growing weaker and gave up fighting entirely, laying there and taking it as he raped me. I never thought this could happen to me, one of the biggest feminist celebrities in the world.

The booze from the party, the lack of oxygen from the choking, and the forced orgasm from my rape had totally fried my brain and I zoned out. I didn’t react more with more than grunts until I felt a cock at my mouth, which focused my confused mind. I was still being held down and raped into the floor of the bathroom, but there was a second guy here and he wasn’t helping me. 

He saw Brie Larson being raped on the floor of the bathroom and far from helping me or stopping it, he decided to join in. For the first time in my life I was being fucked by two cocks, the new guy caring just about as much as the first for my comfort as he ruthlessly skullfucked me. I was still out of it, being thrust back and forth between the two men spitroasting me. It was a number of long minutes until the first guy said something that pierced through my fogginess.

“Holy shit, I’m about to cum inside of Brie Larson!”

I tried to pull my mouth off of the cock raping my throat so I could tell him not to, that it wasn’t my safe time of the month, but the second guy held tight onto my blonde hair and I couldn’t do anything as I felt my rapist shoot load after load into my burning hot and wet pussy.

He didn’t even say anything after he pulled his thick cock out from my body, leaving my laying on the floor getting facefucked. He just tucked his cock in his pants and left the bathroom. To my complete horror, just seconds after he left the bathroom another group of men came in. The man raping my face grinned at the other party goers before he said, “This is Brie Larson, Captain Marvel herself, can you believe it? She wants to fuck anyone interested.”

Oh shit, this couldn’t be happening to me. I tried again in vain to pull my mouth off his cock, but he kept a firm grip on my hair, and as the other men high-fived each other, it wasn’t long before a new cock was shoved right up my cunt and my rape continued.  

Soon I was picked up off the ground and moved so I could be fucked, suck dick, and use both of my hands to jerk two people off at the same time. I didn’t want to use my hands to aid my rape, but I didn’t have any choice. They held my hands on their hard dicks and used my own hand to jerk themselves off. Soon the cocks in my throat and my cunt both came, only to be promptly replaced by two more. The two guys I was jerking off came to, starting to cover my creamy skin with splatters of cum. 

I eventually found myself riding a guy cowgirl, jerking two guys off as another raped my mouth to the side. One guy moved up closer to me and started to force his cock into my ass, and it hurt so bad, having three holes, and my hands, filled at the same time. Before this I didn’t do anal. I mean,I’d done it, but it wasn’t something I sought out, because it just didn’t do anything for me.

These rapists didn’t care, of course. They stuffed every one of my holes at once and fucked me until they came, covering more of my unblemished body in ropey lines of cum. None of them used lube besides spit, but as my shame grew, so did my arousal. Somewhere around the fifteenth person to rape me I started to get off on it all, I practically never stopped cumming.

That really started when the guys began to talk dirty to me, telling me what a filthy slut I was and how would the world react to knowing it. They kept saying things like how I was a cum dumpster, that I was a free-use slut, and they were gonna use me all night and maybe in the future. Eventually those guys finished and added to the cum covering me and the guys that came into the bathroom shifted a little in their verbal abuse. One of the guys, in an Australian accent, told me how good my cunt felt and how I was a good little slut for finally letting him fuck him and taking every cock that came before me.

They started to say how sexy I was, how erotic it was to see a famous celebrity like get filled and covered with cum. How much my moans turned them on. As the verbal abuse turned from degrading to positive and praising, I started to really get into it, moaning louder and louder when they told me I was being a good girl. I rocked my tight ass back against the guy fucking it, and ground my cunt and hips down into the guy fucking me.

I finally was losing myself and throwing myself completely into this rape. I started to suck cock after cock pushed into my mouth with skill instead of just being face-raped. I eagerly jerked and pumped every cock I could get my hands onto. I rode and fucked the cocks with my cunt and ass rather than just laying there and taking it. 

This was good. I had to be good. As long as they were talking positive to me and telling me how good of a slut I was being, it felt better. I took it all, being the best slut I knew how to be. At that time I truly, deeply, believed it. I was enjoying being a good girl and a better slut. 

Even though the people at the party had my cooperation now, more kept coming in and fucking me. I couldn’t help but get tired, there were dozens and hundreds of people at the party. Every hole on my body ached and was sore. I was covered in so much jizz that a porn star would have grimaced and shook her head. I was slowly stopping enjoying it, just wanting it to end. I didn’t do anything to stop them though, I couldn’t. I was a good little slut, and that’s why this was happening to me. 

I thanked the men for their cum whenever I had my mouth free, and begged for a cock to replace an empty hole whenever I could. I needed to be good, I had to be a good girl for them or I thought my mind would break. I urged them on with every bit of body language I knew, even though I wanted it to end. Eventually there was just two guys spitroasting me at the end, just like how it started. Then just the one guy fucking my face, my tongue and mouth eagerly cleaning him off when he told me too, thanking him for doing this. 

I had to be good, I had to stay a good slut right up until the end.

Then he was gone and I was left lying on the dirty floor of a bathroom, soaked in more cum than I could have ever imagined. It was in my hair, covering my tits, over my back, dipping down my arms and my legs. More than one guy even purposefully came over my toes and feet. To this day I’m still not sure how long I laid there on the floor of the bathroom as the rest of the party eventually died off outside. I would have kept laying there until one of the owners of the club came in and said he was closing up. I vaguely remembered him fucking my arse before blasting his cum over my face and using my blonde hair to wipe his cock clean

I gathered what little of my clothes remained, tried  rather unsuccessfully to wipe what I could off the cum off my body, and called an Uber and made my way back to my apartment. The Uber driver’s eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw me, and I knew he knew exactly who I was. I just didn’t care, I was so tired. 

When I finally got home I fell onto my bed and cried for an hour straight. 

I slept for sixteen hours just like that on my bed. After I woke up I sat in my shower and cried again, letting the burning hot water almost scald my skin off. As soon as I stumbled out of the shower when the hot water ran out, I laid down in my bed without getting dressed and ended up sleeping another twelve hours.

It was a number of days later before I left the flat and tried to have a normal life again. I felt numb from what happened, but my mind was starting to rationalize the event to get over the trauma. I was growing okay with what happened. Those men didn’t do anything wrong; I was actually a slut. Sluts are born to fuck. You can’t rape a slut. I went to that party dressed like a slut, I drank and I flirted. Clearly they had every right to rape me. With how I acted, what else could have happened?

What happened that night was my destiny, I think. It was a sign, showing me the true me. I’m Brie Larson, and I’m a slut that was made to fuck. My job is to spread my legs for anyone and everyone that asks. That’s my destiny. If I fail to do that, well, rape is just the natural result of that. It’s the world’s way to tell me I fucked up and teaching me a lesson

Why else would I have been cumming so hard from what happened? If it had been wrong or bad, or if it wasn’t supposed to happen, wouldn’t it have not felt good? Yes, those men were right to show me how much of a slut I really am. I was a slut and I was being a bad slut by not letting men do that to me. When a slut is bad, she gets raped to remind her of her place

It’s been a while since that party, and my life has changed. I’ve slept with a bunch of my Marvel coworkers, and I’ve actually been raped a couple of times since then, but I remembered the lesson I learned that night and just laid there and took it, because it was my punishment for being a bad slut.
Now, I try to be as good a slut as I can and if I mess up and act like a bad slut, well, whatever happens, happens.

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