On The Road Again

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

On The Road Again



Chapter 1: Oops!


A lot happened in the past couple months. I don’t even know where to begin. Well, there were three events that stick in my mind really, so maybe I’ll just tell you about those. The three events were as follows. I went to Chesapeake, Virginia with Chris, he went to Bothell, Washington with me, and finally, Chris and I both got a talking to by Simon Fuller about our relationship. But more on that later. I’ll start off with me going home with Chris.

I’ll admit, when Chris first brought up the idea to me, I wasn’t really interested. I mean, sure I wanted to see where my boyfriend grew up, but at the same time, I kept picturing some small, country-bumpkin town. I was picturing family square dances and county fairs—maybe even passing around a community jug of God knows what to share and drink.

However, Chris assured me that Virginia was nothing like that—at least not where he came from. So, I agreed to go. I had met his parents plenty of times before, but I thought it might be kind of nice to go visit them at their home. It was a nice coupley thing to do I guessed. Besides, I wanted Chris to come to my hometown, so I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. So, come the first Friday in June, I flew out to Chesapeake to be with my boyfriend.

When I arrived at the airport, there was Chris waiting with open arms.

We smiled at each other, and I ran to him and hugged him tightly. We couldn’t kiss, as much as we wanted to. Not only would it be a great paparazzi shot for someone looking to make some quick money, but also, Chris parents were waiting for us to stop hugging so that they could greet me.

“I’m glad you arrived on time. I was worried your plane would be delayed or something,” Chris said right before we broke the hug.

“I’m just glad my plane didn’t crash,” I joked. I wasn’t afraid of flying, really, but it was always a thought in the back of my mind that the plane could crash. I just tried not to think of that.

“Don’t even say that,” Chris said.

I smiled, loving the fact that he didn’t want to lose me.

“Welcome to Virginia, Blake! How was your flight?” Danny, Chris father asked me.

I smiled, and we shook hands. “It was nice, thanks. It helps that I can now afford first class.” I grinned.

Danny laughed. “Yeah, I guess it would.”

Well I’m glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. Come here, you,” Phyllis, Chris’ mother stated, opening her arms to hug me.

I smiled, and hugged her. “Thank you, Mrs. Richardson,” I said, wanting to stay respectful.

“Please! You’re like family. Call me Phyllis,” she said.

“And of course, you can call me Danny,” Danny piped in.

“And you can call me Blake,” I joked, grinning.

They both laughed.

“Well, let’s go get your bags. I’m eager to get you home,” Chris said. He blushed when he realized how that had sounded. “I want to show you my home,” he elaborated.

I gave him a knowing smile. “All right. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

So, we headed over to the baggage claim, and I collected my bags.

“I’ll take those for you,” Chris said, taking my bags and carrying them for me.

“Thanks, but my arms aren’t broke. I can do it,” I said. I smiled to make sure he knew I wasn’t being a smart ass.

“I want to,” Chris said simply, fleshing me a smile that really made me want to kiss him.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Don’t mention it.” He licked his lips and gave me the look he always gave me right before we headed to the bedroom. I couldn’t wait until we got situated in our hotel room. I was going to rock him senseless that night.


I was so excited to have Blake come see my hometown! I’ve never been more proud as I was at that moment. I got to show my boyfriend where I lived. I know I was beginning to act like a girl, but I didn’t care.

When we got to my place, I took Blake’s bags from the trunk and began to carry them inside.

“Shouldn’t we put them in your car so that we can drop them off at the hotel?” Blake asked.

“Hotel?” My mother laughed. “No, sweetie. There’s no need for you to stay at a hotel. We are happy to have you stay here with us. We have a spare bedroom.”

I cringed. I knew Blake wasn’t going to like this. But there was no way out of it. My parents didn’t know about Blake and I yet, and frankly, I was not anywhere near ready to tell them. It wouldn’t look good for me to insist on staying at a hotel with him when there was no reason at all (to her knowledge) why we shouldn’t just stay here.

Blake didn’t say a word until I brought him up the stairs to show him to his room.

“What happened to the hotel you agreed we could stay at?” Blake asked as soon as we entered the spare bedroom.

“Shh! They’ll hear you,” I scolded, shutting the door behind us.

“How am I supposed to rock you senseless when I’m stuck in not only your parents’ house, but also a whole other room?”

I licked my lips. Rock me senseless? Okay, I was really wishing we could get a hotel room now too. “Blake, I thought I’d be able to explain to my mother about us wanting to get a hotel room, but then I realized how bad that sounds. As far as she knows, we’re only best friends, remember?”

“So tell her I have issues with staying at other people’s houses. Tell her, I need my own space.” Blake sat down on the bed. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he had on his face the pout of a two-year-old.

“Then how would I explain spending the night there with you?” I asked.

Blake shrugged. “We’re best friends. It wouldn’t be that weird.”

I sighed. “Blake, her feelings get hurt easily. She would take it personally. I know she would. She was really excited about you coming to stay with us for the weekend, and I don’t think it will kill you to show a little bit of courtesy towards your hosts and your boyfriend, who just really wants this to go well.” I wasn’t going to cry. I wasn’t. But I felt the tears filling my eyes.

Blake’s expression instantly softened. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Don’t cry. Come here.”

I sat down next to him, and he took me into his arms. “I’ll be a good little house guest. I promise. It’s just… Separate rooms?”

I smiled. “Officially. My parents are early to bed and early to rise type of people. Once they go to bed, they won’t know whose bed you’re sleeping in.”

Blake grinned. “You really think that will work?”

I nodded. “In the morning, when my parents are downstairs, you can just pretend that it was your room that you came out of.”

Blake grinned even brighter. “You’re brilliant!”

“That’s the reason you love me, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Well, it’s one of the reasons.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Oh, and what other reason might there be?”

“Well, for starters, you’re a great kisser.”

“Yeah? You mean like now?” I pulled Blake into a lip-numbing kiss that lasted as long as it could before we had to breathe.

“Mm. I was thinking more like this.” Blake lay down on the bed, pulling me on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me, his tongue begging for entrance inside my mouth.

I moaned, and began kissing him back, my hand starting to slide up underneath his t-shirt.

Just when things were getting a little heated, there was a knock on the door, causing Blake and I to both cease out kissing and sit up straight.

“Yeah?” I asked as Blake and I both straightened out clothes.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Is everything okay in there?” It was my mom.

“Yeah, I’m just helping Blake unpack,” I lied.

“All right. Wash your hands before you come down.”

“I will, mom.”

We listened for my mother’s footsteps to retreat.

Blake burst out laughing. “Wash your hands? What are you, like three?”

I smiled, and playfully swatted him. “Shut up!”

“We’re lucky she didn’t just open the door,” Blake said, serious now.

I shook my head. “She’d never just walk in when company’s over.”

“Well good. Now give me one more kiss to tide me over until tonight,” Blake ordered.

I shrugged and did just that. After all, Blake was the guest, and my parents always taught me to have good southern hospitality towards guests.


I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the prospect of not staying at a hotel. I mean, even now that I would be sneaking into Chris’ room, how was I supposed to get in the again, anything having to do with Chris turned me on. I supposed t wouldn’t be too bad. It was so lame though. Here I was at twenty-five years old, having to sneak around with my lover as if I were a teenager again. I knew I had just gotten there, but I already wished that it were time to go. I was definitely booking us a hotel room for the nights Christ stayed in Bothell with me.

Dinner was delicious. Phyllis is a really good cook. Her apple pie was to die for.

Afterwards, Chris took me out to go see the Chesapeake hot spots. Though I had a hard time believing there were such places in ol’ country bumpkin town.

To make a long story short, it wasn’t so bad.

First, he took me to visit his ex-co-workers from Hooters. I must say, there were a lot of beautiful women there. I was actually feeling a little proud. He could have had any of those big-chested women, but he chose me. They were so nice to me too. I had a great time, and the manager gave us free wings and drinks. We managed to eat despite the fact that we had just had dinner and dessert.

When we left, I grinned at Chris. You chose me to date instead of one of those sexy ladies? You really are gay!” I teased.

“I’m gay? You’re the one always begging to have me inside you,” Chris said, his voice a little lower.

I raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t the one begging last Tuesday night.”

Chris’ eyes darkened. “It’s been that long since we…?”

I nodded. “Far too long.”

“We’re going to have to do something about that. Now come on. I have some other friends I want you to meet,” Chris said.

“Uh!” I said in surprise. The ass made me think we were actually going to finally go get that room. Instead, he tells me that we were meeting up with more people. I swear he was going to get it so good the second we got the chance to have sex.


For the next two hours, I showed Blake all my favorite spots to see and introduced him to a third of my friends. I would introduce him to the rest the next day.

We finally headed back to my parents’ place. I had promised I’d be back by midnight. I know I was too old to have a curfew, but I wanted to be respectful of my parents.

I knew Blake wanted to get intimate, but I didn’t know what to do. There was no getting out of us staying at my place. I couldn’t come out to my parents yet. I just couldn’t. I would though. Someday—just not some day soon.

“Well at least your parents have gone off to bed,” Blake whispered as I locked up.

I nodded. “See? I told you. Now why don’t you go get what you need and meet me in my bedroom?” I grinned.

He smiled. “You never gave me a tour of the house. I don’t know where your bedroom is.”

“Well then let me show you,” I said. I took his hand, also glad that my parents had gone to bed.

He squeezed my hand, and we headed up the stairs to my bedroom.

He grinned when he saw my bedroom. It wasn’t much. I had a desk with my computer and a lamp on it. There was a Maroon 5 poster and a Hooter’s calendar on my wall. Also on my wall were various pictures of me with the other contestants tacked to a corkboard. My stereo was in one corner, and my guitar was on its stand in another other corner.

Blake, however, was only interested in my bed. “What size is it?”

I blushed. “Blake, I think you know by now.”

“What?” Blake was confused. He then realized I had misunderstood him. “Not your dick, you moron, your bed!”

I blushed an even deeper shade of red; totally embarrassed now. “Oh. It’s a full-size.”

Blake laughed. “You’re such a nut. I know perfectly well how big that is.” He sashayed over to me and took me into his arms, kissing me while grinding up against me.

I shivered, the friction turning me on to no end.

“D-Don’t you have to get anything from your room?” I asked.

Blake shook his head. “I think I’ll sleep naked tonight, as usual.” He nipped at my earlobe.

“But don’t you have to brush your teeth or…?”

“Why are you avoiding sexual contact, Richie?” Blake murmured.

“I-I’m n-not,” I lied. The truth was, it was just dawning on me how awkward this was with my parents in practically the next room.

I broke free from Blake’s embrace, walked over to my door, and shut it. When I turned back to face Blake, he was naked.

“How the heck did you do that so fast?” I asked.

Blake grinned. “You know as well as I do that we both have a lot of practice in that department.” He pulled me close again to whisper in my ear. “You remember, don’t you, Richie? Remember sneaking in a quickie before rehearsals just because we certainly could not go on television all hard for each other?”

I nodded. “I remember.” I swallowed hard.

“Do you remember excusing ourselves from dinner so that we could go to the bathroom and suck each other off in one of the stalls?”

I swallowed again. “I-I remember.”

He backed me towards the bed, making sure that his naked dick was pressed against my clothed one. He ground up against me, and gently nipped at the skin right below my left ear. “And let’s not forget how the cosmetologist was always so ticked when she’d find our hair a mess again after she had just done it. You remember why it got messed up again, don’t you, Richie?” He tugged at my shirt, and I allowed him to pull it off of me. It dropped to the floor.

“I um… You… We weren’t satisfied with the b-b-blow jobs,” I said.

Blake nodded. “That’s right.” He undid my belt, slid it out of the loops, and tossed it down to the floor with my shirt. “You begged me to come inside your tight body. Remember that?” Blake’s lips were brushing against my ear now.

“I didn’t say it in those words,” I said lamely, trying to ignore how hard I was getting.

Blake yanked down my jeans with my boxers. I stepped out of both as if on autopilot. We had already discarded out shoes. Since I was naked except for my socks, I slipped out of them without Blake having to coax them off.

“Would you like me to do that again?” he asked.

“In my parents house?” I asked.

Blake shrugged. “Why not? We’ve had sex with Phil and the others in rooms nearby. Why should your parents be any different?”

He had a point. Besides, I was so hard right then that there was no chance I could sleep without doing something about it. “All right, but we have to keep it quiet,” I said.

“I’ll do my best,” Blake said with a grin. He pushed me down onto the bed.

“I mean it, Blake.

“Chillax! I promise they’re not going to hear us.”

“They better not.” That was the last bit of protesting from me. I wanted this just as much as he did. Besides, my need for sex was heavily outweighing my shyness about having my parents in the other room.

I had to have Blake, and I had to have him now—parents or not.


I was so hard. Chris’ parents being a couple of rooms away had gone from turning me off to turning me on completely. Forbidden love was definitely a turn on, I had decided.

“Mm, do you have anything?” I asked.

Chris nodded. He knew what I meant without me specifically having to ask for it. “Under the bed.”

I smiled, and then leaned my top half over the bed to look under it. I found a box of condoms and a tube of KY jelly. I picked them both up. “Condoms?”

“Not for you, for me so we don’t get the sheets dirty,” he said.

I grinned. “Good idea.”

I took out one of the condoms and ripped open the wrapper with my teeth. I then rolled it onto him, causing him to hiss with pleasure.

“Careful,” I said with a smirk. “You better not come before you have me inside of you.”

“Well then you better stop talking and do what needs to be done then,” Chris said, his voice in that sexy, hunger-filled tone that I love.

I smirked. “As you wish.” I took the lubricant and warmed it between my fingers. I was quick but thorough in my preparation of him. He had taken a pillow and pressed it against his mouth to muffle his cries of pleasure. He was going to need more than a pillow to muffle his cries by the time I was done with him. I’d see to it.

I finished preparing him, and gave my erection one quick coat. Then, being the good ninja that I am, I hid the lubricant and condoms back under the bed. Finally, I turned off the lights, spread his legs, and positioned myself between them. I leaned down to whisper into his ear. “You can rest your legs on my shoulders, or you can wrap them around my waist. Either way I’m going to rock you senseless.” I nipped at that spot below his ear again, and he moaned loudly. I smiled, and covered his mouth with my hand. “Quiet, remember?” I asked, my own voice quiet.

He nodded, and I removed my hand.

I grinned as he wrapped his legs tightly around my waist.

“Mm, I like this way best too. The other way is so crude, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Shut up and put it in me,” he said right against my ear.

“That’s not very romantic,” I teased.


“All right, all right. I’m sorry,” I said. What was I doing still talking anyway?

I slid inside of him slowly. I may have been seriously in the mood, but I would never risk hurting him.

Even so, it didn’t take long after I was fully inside of him for Chris to adjust.

“Are you ready now?” I asked after a moment.

He nodded, and pulled my face to his to kiss me hard. “What do you think?” he asked after breaking the kiss.

I licked my lips. “I say I better start now before we both lose it prematurely.”

Chris nodded, and I began my rhythm inside of him, starting off slow, but quickly pushing back in firm and hard every time.

“Yes, Blake…” He moaned as I hit his prostate. “Yes…” His fingers dug into my back and he was using my shoulder to muffle his cries.

I decided to make it a little harder for him to muffle his cries. I wanted to come, and this would be a way of—please forgive the clique—killing two birds with one stone.

I began pounding into him harder, making sure to hit his prostate every time—hard.

It worked. Chris swore loudly, and then instantly covered his mouth with his hand. “Bastard.”

I smiled, and pressed my mouth to his to muffle his cries. I moved in and out of him even faster yet, and fondled his balls as I did so.

With one last muffled cry, he came at the exact time I came, as if it were planned that way. It sort of was, actually.

He cried out my name against my shoulder, and I cried out his name against his shoulder.

For a moment, we just stayed like that, with me still inside of him as we panted, and tried to catch our breaths again.

Finally, I slipped out. I pulled his condom off for him and deposited it into the trash.

He pulled me into his arms underneath the covers, and we kissed for a few moments before speaking.

“Thank you. I love you,” he said.

“Thank you. And I love you too. So much,” I replied, my eyes lowered as I kissed him.

He kissed me hungrily back, and then I rested my head on his chest, and we soon both drifted off to sleep, now spent and so totally satisfied.


The sunlight streamed through my windows, and I smiled as I remembered that I had Blake in my arms. Last night had been wonderful. Though I’ll admit, I had nearly had a panic attack when Blake had made me swear out loud like that. Thank God my parents are both heavy sleepers!

I opened my eyes to see that Blake was smiling up at me. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

I grinned. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Thanks to you I did.”

“Likewise. Last night was so good.”

“You bet it was. You were so tight. You made me come so hard,” Blake murmured in my ear.

I moaned, and Blake pulled me in for a kiss.

We had just broken the kiss when the door started to open.

Blake and I quickly moved to our own ends of the bed, not having time to do anything else.

My mother poked her head in the room. “Chris, I think Blake is still sleeping. He didn’t reply when I… Oh! Good morning, boys. I didn’t expect to find you both in here.”

I wondered if my mother could tell how freaked out I was. “I uh, we….” I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s all right. You don’t have to cover for me, Chris. The thing is, Mrs. Richardson, I mean Phyllis, I have this thing where I feel so out of place in other people’s homes. I asked Chris if he minded me sharing his room and bed with him. I figured it might help me to not feel so awkward if I had Chris in the room with me. You know, that way it would make me feel at home again since he and I shared a room at the idol house.”

Wow, he was a quick thinker. I made a mental note to reward him for that later. The question was, would my mother buy it? She wouldn’t. She could always tell when I was hiding something.

To my great surprise, my mother looked relieved. “Oh.” She smiled. “Don’t be embarrassed by it. It’s perfectly understandable. Some people just don’t like staying in strange places.”

“Your place isn’t strange. It’s just unfamiliar is all,” Blake said.

She was still smiling. “I understand. I’ll leave you boys to get ready. Breakfast is ready when you are.”

“All right. Thank you, Phyllis,” Blake said.

I nodded. “Thanks, Mom.”

My mother grinned, and then shut the door, leaving us alone again.

I turned to Blake. “Great thinking! Remind me to reward you later.”

Blake raised an eyebrow. “How about now?” He reached out to me.

“Blake! Get real! She’s waiting for us.” I gently pushed him away.

He pouted. “I thought you said she’d never just walk in when you have company.”

“She’d never walk into company’s room. She would, however, her own son’s. Though now that she knows we share a room, she shouldn’t now.”

“Even so, I’d lock the door tonight,” Blake said, getting out of bed.

I nodded. “I plan on it.”



“Can you please go to my room and get my clothes? I don’t want to put my old clothes back on, and I don’t want to walk out in the hallway naked.”

I shook my head and laughed. “Sure, babe.” I kissed him, and then quickly dressed before going to do just that. Well, at least now we could move Blake’s things into my room without getting the third degree.

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