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Chapter 9: Invasion Of The Paranoia



Over the next few days, I was starting to relax again. Chris and I were having fun with the fans, giving them a little taste of seeing us together. We both were fully aware that fans like us in the couple sense. I sometimes felt bad lying about it in interviews, but I had to. It couldn’t get out that Chris and I were a couple. Not that I give a damn about rules, but he and I would be I breach of contract if we let it be known that we were a couple. Besides, even though I loved the support Chris and I had, I was torn. I liked that people suspected that Chris and I were more than best friends, but at the same time, it kind of annoyed me. Every little move we made was scrutinized. It was like we had no privacy as a couple. I knew that there were also fans that wouldn’t like us together in that way. I knew that some might even go postal on us, believing that it was wrong for two men to love each other. It could even ruin both of our careers, so I wasn’t planning on coming out any time soon, if ever. It was nobody’s business that Chris and I were a couple anyway. That is when I got defensive—when people would get pushy and rude about it. Some fans even acted like we owed them confirmation. Well they weren’t going to get it.



Anyways, once in a while I didn’t mind teasing people. Chris and I both enjoyed giving the fans something to talk about, yet knowing that what we did could also be completely innocent, or just plain joking around.

When we got back from our little rendezvous in my mustang, we already when Chris and I both left and came back together in my mustang, so we were eager to rouse them up again.

Chris signed a girl’s poster I heart some cake too, when he read that her poster, I saw that it said I heart cake on it. Then he and I played some Frisbee together, making sure to be within the view of the fans. We also made sure that Sanjaya didn’t play with us. We didn’t want to behead anyone, after all. Ha!

That night, we even introduced a beat box battle that ended up just turning me on more than anything. Apparently, Chris’ mouth was good at more than I thought. I knew that that night I was not going to be able to sleep without having some fun with him. And I intended on getting exactly what I wanted. I always do.


We had decided to share my room that night. We had to head our early for Oregon the next day, but we were lucky enough to stay at a hotel for the night.

Blake and I each had a key, so I headed back a short bit before him. We had decided it was best to once in a while not leave together in order to divert suspicion. I knew people would suspect anyway, but every little bit helped to try to throw the fans of I guess. Heck, I even had to throw my parents off. Sometimes when I’d talk to my mother, she would leave hints that she suspected that Blake and I were more than just friends. Of course I’d always say something to throw her off the trail. It was something lame, like “Blake’s in his glory with all the beautiful women he sees on tour.”. That would always seem to settle her suspicions, but deep down, I wondered if she truly believed me, or if she was just letting it go for now. I wondered what she would think of Blake and I as a couple. I knew she loved Blake like a son, but loving him like one and actually accepting him as one were two entirely different things, I knew. I wondered if her attitude towards Blake would change if she knew exactly what he and her son were doing together practically every night after the show. And on days off. And sometimes before the show. Well, you get the picture. I really wondered what she would say if she found out what Blake and I had done when we stayed at her and my father‘s house. I wasn’t in any hurry to find out.

Anyway, that night, I arrived back at the room first. Blake was still signing stuff for fans and what not. I was tired, and I just wanted to take a nice, warm shower and call it a night. So, I grabbed a clean pair of boxers, stripped my clothes off, and headed to the bathroom to shave and shower.


Being so close to Chris in the pictures we took with fans, and seeing him next to me on so many of the photos that we signed, was almost too much. Chris had gone to the room early, which we had planned to do sometimes so as not to be seen entering his room together. Needless to say, it left me wanting to get back to the room with him as soon as I could. I stayed back for five minutes, however, wanting to please the fans, and of course wanting to wait the allotted five minutes. This was not good for me.

One girl had this picture that Chris had signed earlier. The picture was of just Chris, and in it he had on a tight t-shirt. His big, muscular arm was pressing against the fabric, seeming as if it could just about bust the seams of the sleeves.

I swallowed hard, my eyes glancing at the picture now than then.

“I have this one for you to sign. Unless, you’d rather sign that one?”

I looked up as the fan, who was holding the picture spoke. I blushed when I realized that I had been staring. I quickly shook my head. “Na, I’ll sign the one of me. There’s no reason for me to sign the other one. It’s all Chris! I’ll sign the one you have of me so that it can be all me like it should be,” I joked.

She laughed, and handed me a picture of me from TV guide. I signed it out to her, and even added, “All me!” underneath my name.

She laughed again, and then thanked me.

After we exchanged goodbyes, I headed out to be with Chris. I couldn’t wait even just a minute more to be with him.

When I got up to his room, I entered it. I then shut the door, hearing it lock as it closed.

I smiled when I heard the water running. It seemed like my Christopher was taking a shower. I contemplated joining him in the shower. As I did this, I stripped down to nothing, letting my clothes fall on top of his that he must have discarded prior to his shower.

Once I was undressed, I figured I might as well join him. After all, who knew when he’d be out? I didn’t want to wait. So, I entered the bathroom, quietly shutting the door behind me. I then crept over to the shower and opened the door.


I jumped a little as I heard the shower door open. I was trying to wash my back, and had my back facing the cabin door so as not to wash the soap off before I had it spread over my back. It was a little hard to reach, however. Anyway, for a split second I was afraid some crazed fan had gotten in. It didn’t take me long to be rational though, and I soon remembered that Blake and I always shared a room.

“Do you need help with that?”

I smiled as Blake took the body puff from my hand and ran it over my back.

“When did you come in?” I asked.

“Just a few minutes ago. When I heard the shower running I just couldn’t resist.”

I closed my eyes as he began kissing gently down the side of my neck. He knew how much I loved it when he did that.

“You know, it really turned me on when we did that beat boxing duel. You’ get better every time I hear you,” he practically purred.

I grinned. “I learn from the best.”

Blake finished with my back, and then turned me around and moved onto my chest.

I watched as he slowly ran the puff in smooth, circular motions around my chest before running it up over my nipples. I moaned as I felt a little jolt of pleasure.

“Do you think you’d be up for a little something tonight?” he murmured into my ear.

As much as I wanted to, I was still tired. The warm water from the shower was only aiding to my tiredness. “I would, but I’m tried. Neither one of us have gotten much sleep lately. Aren’t you tired too?”

Blake shook his head. “We’ll have plenty of time for sleep later. You got me too in the mood to sleep now.” He continued to nip down the side of my neck, leaving a slight mark where the shoulder meets the neck.

I moaned. “Blake…” He was making it so hard to say no. No wasn’t really part of his vocabulary when it came to something he wanted.

“The way you beat boxed just made me think of the other things your mouth is good at, and I thought that maybe you could suck me. Will you? Please? It will be so hot. And I promise to return the favor.”

I closed my eyes. He was kissing down my chest now, and I couldn’t even think straight.

“I’ll even go first…” he purred.

I gripped my fingers in his hair. There was no stopping him now. I didn’t even want to try. “All right.”

He grinned up at me. “That’s my baby.”

Seconds later, his mouth was on me. Instinctively, my hips bucked towards his mouth.

He placed his hands over my backside, and then began working his mouth over me.

I closed my eyes as his tongue and mouth did all the work. He had me almost completely taken in, and yet he still found room for his tongue to slide up and down the underside of my erection.

I moaned, and pressed my fingers against his scalp. He was definitely waking me up a little.

He brought his mouth off of me, and licked all around the head, continuing to spiral his way down to the base.

I whimpered, trying to hold back the cuss words as he then took my balls into his mouth. Obviously not at the same time, but it still felt amazing. He knew not to be rough. He was so gentle, and yet it still felt so good… I imagined those paddles that doctors use to revive a patient, only giving off a pleasurable shock instead of a painful one.

I whimpered at the loss as he released the second one from his mouth.

He stood up and began stroking me with his hand.

“Please don’t stop,” I whispered. As good as his hand felt, I wanted his mouth.

“Why? Do you want to come in my mouth?” He asked it with his mouth against my ear.

It took everything I had to not come right then and there. “Yes…”

“Mm, I suppose you can do that. You’ve been good. I think you deserve it.” And with that, he dropped down to his knees again, and took me all the way into his mouth with one swift moment.

The sight of it is what did me in, and okay, and the feeling had a little bit to do with it as well.

My fingers dug into his back as I cried out his name and came. My eyes closed, and my head fell back against the tiled wall as he milked me for everything I had.

“You are so fricking incredible,” I told him as I watched him lick the last remnants from my now rapidly softening cock.

He climbed back up my body, and grinned. “Now it’s your turn.” After all, a deal is a deal, right? Right. Besides, he’d be pouting all night if I didn’t do this for him, and we all know how a pouting Blake Lewis is no fun at all.


“Let’s get you washed up first, and then I’ll take you to bed and give you your reward there,” Chris whispered in my ear.

I licked my lips. I was a little sweaty from the show. Plus, lying in bed with him always turned me on, so I agreed to it. “Will you help wash me?” I asked.

Chris smiled and nodded. “Well, since my back was the last thing I had left to wash, and since you took care of that for me, I supposed I could.” He kissed down the side off my neck, and took the body puff. He put more soap on it, and then ran it down my back and over my backside.

I sucked in a breath and slowly let it out. He was not making it easy to hold off until after the shower.

He helped me wash my hair, massaging my scalp as he did so. He washed my chest, stomach, and legs. I washed my own feet and neck.

He grabbed the puff from me again, and held me close from behind. He began washing my groin for me, moving the body puff in a soft motion up and down over it, making sure to cover the entire area.

I moaned. I was beginning to think we weren’t going to make it to the bedroom.

Next, he moved onto my backside, which caused me to gasp when I realized that it wasn’t the body puff that was washing me. He had now let two of his soap-covered fingers inside of me.

“W-What are you doing?” I asked. “Not that I mind.”

I could feel him smiling against the back of my neck. “I’m just making things a little more interesting is all. He had started with two fingers, but now had slipped a third soap-covered finger into me.

I threw my head back, and it rested on his chest. I closed my eyes as he continued to bring me pleasure this way. My eyes shot open as I felt his fingers grazing my prostate. “I thought you were tired.”

He smiled down at me and released his fingers. “I’ve woken up.”

I gasped as he trailed his new erection slowly up and down between my cheeks.

“I know you wanted me to suck you, but would you settle for this instead? I can still owe you one for next time.”

I smiled. “I suppose so. It will give me something to look forward to.”

He had already coated his erection with the soap. “Mm, good. Cuz I can’t go to bed without being inside of you. See what you do to me? I was tired and just wanted to go to bed, but then you had to put those sexy lips on me. You with your perfect tongue and mouth. You made me come so hard. And now I just can’t get enough of you. Your body is so perfect.” He ran his hands over my chest. “And you’re so tight. You just had to go and get me hard again, and now I’m wide awake in more ways than one.”

“Put it inside me now,” I said through clenched teeth. He had me so hot I was about to explode.

“Now is that any way to ask?” he teased.

“All right, you can wait. But don’t blame me if I come before you’re inside,” I said simply.

That did the trick. He was in me before I even knew what was happening. He nipped at my neck. “You don’t come until I am inside of you or you are in my mouth. Got it?” He murmured into my ear.

I couldn’t even speak anymore. I settled for throwing my head back, and resting it against his chest. I had my eyes closed, but I felt his lips pressed against mine. We kissed for a moment, and then he started his rhythm inside of me. He got right down to business. I guess it was because he knew how close I was. He pulled almost all the way out right from the get go, and them he slammed hard into me, hitting my prostate every single time. What got me even more aroused was the groan he made every time he slammed back in. Just knowing that he was enjoying this as much as I was made it impossible for me to hold back much longer.

He swore as he came, filling me with more than just his cock. He was so deep. I loved making him swear. He didn’t like to swear, but sometimes it slipped. It slipped because it was me making him feel so good he had to swear. That thought made me lose it as well. It also helped that he had began stoking me at some point. I couldn’t for the life of me remember when. I screamed out his name, along with my own choice swear words, as I came. I had come over his hand and the tiled all, the water instantly washing it away.

For a few moments, we stayed together as one, both panting and trying to come back down again.

Finally, he gently slipped out of me and turned me around to face him.

“Thank you. You did so good,” I said.

“Mm, right back at you,” he replied.

We kissed until we were both losing our energy.

He then turned of the water, and we got out of the shower.

After we both got into some clean boxers, we turned the lights off and climbed into bed. We were both so completely spent that we couldn’t do a thing more except for fall asleep in each other’s arms. It wasn’t such a bad way to end the night. I was sure I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I was resting my head on Chris’ chest after all. And okay, the sex we had just had may have something to do with it as well…


It was August before I knew it. Time was flying by so fast. I wished that the tour could last forever. As exhausting as it was, it was also so much fun. I also enjoyed being with Blake. Of course, Lord willing, he and I would be together after the tour as well. We did plan on moving in together afterwards. Even so, there was something fun about touring with him.

Anyway, on one of our travel days, we were on the bus, bored out of our minds. Sanjaya’s sister had decided to stay on the girl’s bus. Sanjaya was playing cards with Phil, and Chris Sligh was snoring away in his bunk. Sanjaya’s guardian was sleeping as well with good-quality earplugs in her ears. I supposed the rest of us should have looked into getting those. I don’t know why we hadn’t yet.

Blake and I had found a place in the living room area where we had the privacy to write together. We both really wanted to have a song written together that would be on his album, so we had decided to write it that day. After all, we had nothing else to do on the bus.

It never took us long to write anything. It just flowed so easily. I guess he and I had chemistry in more ways than one.

The song was titled “What You Got To Lose?”. It was a catchy song. We knew a love song would be too obvious. At least by making our song catchy, it wasn’t a direct give away.

“We’ll have to record it together now. Maybe you can come with me to LA when I record there in a couple weeks. You know I don’t like to travel without you anyway,” he said, kissing me.

I smiled. At least we didn’t have to check and see if Chris Sligh was awake. We could tell by his snoring that he was still sleeping. I kissed Blake again.

He pushed me back onto the couch, and I moaned as I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. I let mine in to play with his.

Our hands began roaming up each other’s shirt.

“Could you guys please not have sex with a minor on the bus?”

Blake groaned, and I looked up to see Sanjaya standing in the doorway, his hand propped up on the doorframe, and looking very gay himself.

“We weren’t going to have sex,” I insisted.

He rolled his eyes. “Please, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are real-life talking chipmunks. You so were.”

I sat up straight and smoothed my shirt down. “We wouldn’t have with you guys in the other room.”

“At least not when there are two on the bus who are unaware that Chris and I are banging each other,” Blake said, sitting up straight and straightening his shirt as well.

I rolled my eyes. “Way to be romantic.”

He kissed my cheek. “How’s that for romantic?”

“It’s a start.” I pulled him in for a more passionate kiss, this time on the mouth.

He moaned into the kiss.

“Ugh! I came to see if you guys would play Phase Ten with us, but I see you guys are already getting to the final phase,” Sanjaya said, sounding annoyed even though he was joking.

Blake and I both smirked.

“We’ll play,” Blake gave in.

“We will?” I looked at him in surprise. Cards weren’t exactly his thing unless stripping was involved. He especially usually didn’t play when Sanjaya was involved.

Blake shrugged. “Sure? Why not? It’s not like we can continue doing what we were doing. Sligh could wake up at any moment—not to mention Sanjaya’s babysitter.”

“She’s not my babysitter, she is my guardian,” Sanjaya said coldly.

Again, Blake shrugged. “Babysitter, guardian. What’s the diff?”

Sanjaya glared at him, but only for a second. Then he smiled, and clapped his hands together.

“Yay, another player!” He looked at me. “You playing, Chris?”

I nodded. “Sure, why not? There’s nothing else to do apparently.” I glanced at Blake, who gave me an apologetic look before standing up and heading out into the main area where they were all playing cards.

I sighed. He had visibly frozen when Sanjaya came in. I had a feeling that Blake and I would have gotten a little farther than kissing, had Sanjaya not walked in on us. After all, there was a door that could be locked. It’s not like I was planning on doing it with Blake with the door open for all to see.

I think Blake was still a little spooked from most of our friends seeing our sex tape, and he was so determined to keep anyone else from finding out. I guess I couldn’t really blame him. I mean, I was a little freaked out myself. Heck, I still blushed every time I walked past any of our friends who had seen the tape. I think it was the worst to be around Jordin since we are so close and she had now seen me naked, even if it was just via a DVD. And of course every time I saw Gina getting eyeliner put on, or Haley applying a fresh coat of lipstick, I just knew they were thinking about the tape. Thank God Melinda had just figured she had put her scarves in Gina’s bag by accident. Blake and I had had Gina bring them to her, pretending that she had found them there. They both had black bags, so the lie fit perfectly.

I sat down at the table between Phil and Sanjaya. Blake hadn’t even left me a spot next to him. He smiled at me from across the table at least, but still… He just seemed paranoid now. I hoped he would lighten up soon. Maybe I was overreacting, but… I just wanted the old Blake back. I missed him.

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