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Chapter 18: You‘re Just Jealous!



As we traveled in the bus to DC the next day, us guys talked about our adventures from the night before.



“So, what did you guys do last night?” Sligh asked. He was probably asking us so that we would ask him and find out about his not being so boring.

Chris and I looked at each other and blushed.

I turned back to Sligh, to tell him. I was kind of enjoying now being able to be so open about Chris’ and my relationship. “Well, ever since hearing the Coaster’s song, ‘Under the Boardwalk’, I’ve always wanted to have sex under a boardwalk. So, I brought it up to Chris, and we did.”

Sligh made a face. “The next time you are going to tell me something sexual about you and Chris, please don’t.”

I grinned. I loved ticking people off. “He was so good. He took me so deep and made me come so ha—” I was cut off as Sligh practically pounced on me, placing one of his chubby, sweaty hands over my mouth.

I pushed him off. “Talk about disgusting!”

Sligh shrugged. “It got you to shut up, didn’t it?”

“Well anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted,” I glared at Sligh. “I was going to tell you that after we were um…finished, this big German Shepard came over. He started sniffing at our clothes, and then he took right off with Chris’s pants and my shirt.”

Chris nodded. “Yeah, and he took my underwear too!”

Phil laughed. “Oh no! So what did you do?”

“Well, Blake got dressed, wearing my shirt since the dog took his, and headed to the hotel to get me some clothes. However, he found these clothes that were deserted on the beach,” Chris began.

I nodded. “They were with a woman’s clothes, but I didn’t see a man or a woman, so I took the man‘s clothes. They were really huge though.”

Chris nodded. “I had to hold the pants up so that they wouldn’t fall off. The owner must like to eat a lot.”

I nodded too. “And I was practically drowning in the shirt. Look.” I went back to the bunks and brought out the clothes.

Sligh, who had gone quiet at the start of Chris’ and my story, suddenly came to life. “You!” He pointed at me.

“What?” I asked, honestly having no idea.

“You’re the one who took my clothes, man! I had to walk down the rest of the beach and on the boardwalk in my underwear! Then, to make matters worse, it was a security guard that escorted me back to the hotel through a back room. He threatened to arrest me for indecent exposure! My hotel key was in my pants pocket, so a maid had to come and open the door. Melinda was laughing, and I know the maid and guard were trying their hardest not to!”

Phil laughed. “What? Why were you…? Start from the beginning, Big Guy!”

Sligh sighed. “I don’t like recalling it. It’s traumatizing.” Even so, he told us the entire story from beginning to end.

All but Sligh was laughing when he finished telling us the story.

“Ah man, what I wouldn’t have paid to see you walking down the boardwalk in your underwear with people gaping and pointing at you!” I said.

“It’s all your fault,” Sligh snapped, pointing at me and scowling.

I laughed, and held up my hands. “Hey. I had no idea those were your clothes.”

“Not that that would have stopped you,” he grumbled, still scowling.

I laughed. “You’re right. It wouldn’t.” It really wouldn’t have. He was totally right.


The rest of the ride there was spent with us guys confessing what had happened in Atlantic City. Sligh was still bitching that we not only took his clothes, but also mocked that he must be a big guy who loves to eat. In Blake’s and my defense, we didn’t know it was Sligh we were talking about when we made those comments. Anyway, he got his clothes back. Then again, Sligh didn’t want to touch the pants with a ten-foot pole until they were washed since I had worn them without underwear.

Anyway, we were all amused that Sanjaya and Jordin had nearly gotten themselves arrested.

Shyamali had called Sanjaya’s and her mother that night. Needless to say, after ten minutes of bitching her son out over the phone, Mama Malakar had grounded her son for a week. When he got back, he’d do the time.

Sanjaya was very unhappy with his sister at the moment because of that.

The most shocking thing, however, was Phil’s confession of his and Gina’s kiss.

“So you’re not going to tell your wife?” I asked.

Phil shook his head. “We were drunk, and it meant nothing to us. Grant it if I had to kiss a girl besides my wife, I am glad it was Gina. I enjoyed it, but that it as far as it goes man. I don’t want to upset my wife over something that meant nothing. I barely even remember the kiss.”

“But you told us that you enjoyed it,” Blake reminded him.

Phil blushed. “Well, she’s a beautiful girl. Why wouldn’t I enjoy it?”

“Well if you enjoyed it, then obviously you remember it well enough,” Blake insisted.

“It meant, nothing, okay? Gina and I both agreed that what happens in Atlantic City stays in Atlantic City. I shouldn’t have even told you guys.”

I shrugged. “You can trust us not to tell anybody.”

He nodded. “I know, and that’s why I told you guys.”

All five of us grinned. We were all brothers, and brothers never betrayed each other.

When we arrived in DC, of course Blake and I had to tease the girls.

“So, I heard you almost got arrested last night, Jordin,” I said, placing an arm around her shoulder.

She blushed. “Yeah, well thank God I didn’t. Never again will I do something so stupid. I couldn’t live with the guilt last night, so I called me parents and told them everything.”

“Did you get grounded for a week too?” Sanjaya asked. He glared at Shyamali who glared right back at him.

Jordin shook her head. “No. My parents were happy that I told them the truth, so they let me off the hook. They just thought it was funny, but told me never to do that again, or they wouldn’t be so lenient.”

“What? That’s not fair!” Sanjaya exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Hey, you do the crime, you do the time,” Shyamali told him.

He stuck his tongue out at her, and she stuck hers out at him.

“All I know is that I am perfectly happy being good girl Melinda from now on. I don’t care if I’m boring. It’s better than being escorted back to my room by a guard.”

“At least you still had your clothes on,” Sligh glared at Blake and I again.

“Sorry, I don’t wear women’s clothes,” I said.

Blake snickered, and we both high fived.

Sligh rolled his eyes.

Sanjaya made kissing noises as he passed by Phil and Gina, who were talking between themselves at the moment.

Gina whirled around to face Sanjaya. “He told you?”

“What? Like you didn’t tell the girls,” Phil said. “They won’t tell anyone. I just had to tell someone.”

Gina sighed. “Fair enough.” She had so told the girls.

LaKisha and Haley told us their story from the night before, and it made the rest of us want to go back and teach those guys a lesson they wouldn’t forget.

“You should have made that Drake guy drink the drug, and then have some one take advantage of him!” Blake said.

“But that would have made them just as bad as him. I would have just punched him,” I stated.

Blake grinned. “My big strong, man.”

I grinned too, and we nuzzled noses before kissing.

“Chris has made you go soft, man,” Sligh said, patting Blake on the shoulder.

“I’d say just the opposite,” Blake said before kissing me some more.

“You’re disgusting!” Sligh snapped. He stormed away, and the rest of us all laughed. It really was great to no longer have the tension of hiding our relationship from the ones we cared about. I just hoped that when Blake and I came out to our parents, they would be just as understanding and supportive as our friends were.


Four days later, we had our Memphis show to do. It was cool because we had a day off afterwards, allowing us to tour Graceland and stay at the Heartbreak Hotel that night. I liked both places a lot. The hotel even had the coolest heart-shaped swimming pool. We all had fun swimming in that.

We got suites for the night, which were really nice. They were the nicest we had stayed at yet, actually.

I wanted to spend the rest of the night in the suite, but unfortunately, Chris had other ideas that night.

“You know, I talked with the receptionist, and she said that she would let us in the gym even though it’s closed. So, you and I can have our own little private workout.” He pulled me close to him, and kissed down the side of my neck.

“Chris, it’s late. We just did a show, and frankly, the only private work out I feel like doing is one that can be done right here in our bed,” I said.

He grinned. “Come on. Just work out with me for a half an hour, and then I promise we can come back and have your idea of a private workout.

I sighed. “All right, but only a half an hour!” I only agreed because the thought of watching him workout was a major turn on. Heck, just watching him pound that hammer when he had won me my SpongeBob had turned me on more than I had ever been turned on in my entire life.

So, it was down the gym. I imagined the others were all snug in their beds, enjoying a good night’s sleep.

“Remind me again why I am down here?” I asked.

Chris grinned at me, and pulled off his shirt. The only thing that covered his body now was his boxer-briefs, gym shorts, socks, and sneakers.

“Oh yeah,” I said, my voice coming out a little squeaky.

He smiled that smile that always made me want to eat him alive.

I pulled off my own shirt, and walked slowly over to him. I took him in my arms. “I say we go straight for the cardio.”

“Well then, let’s get you on the treadmill.” He grinned at me, and I knew he knew that that wasn’t exactly what I had had in mind.

“The kind of cardio I was thinking of only requires us and a bed,” I stated.

“Well, there are no beds down here, so I guess you’re going to have to settle for the treadmill,” he said.

“Have you ever had sex on a treadmill before?” I asked with a grin.

He laughed. “And how would you expect to do that, hm?”

I stepped onto it, and he set a good sped for me.

“I don’t know. You’ll never know if you don’t try,” I said.

He laughed. “You would have major butt burn if we lay down on one and tried to do it.”

“We could stand.”

He rolled his eyes. “What? And then fall backwards off of it?”

I grinned. “I’d fall on top of you, and that would work.”

Again, he rolled his eyes. “Come on. Be serious now. I promise you if you do my workout down here for a half hour down here, I’ll do your kind of workout with you for a full hour in our hotel room.”

I smiled at the thought. “All right, but a half hour! Not a minute more.”

He nodded. “It’s a deal. Now start running!”

I gasped as the treadmill suddenly picked up its pace. I tried my best to catch up, already feeling myself become out of breath. “What have I gotten myself into?” I groaned.

Chris smirked. After your half hour is up, I know what I’m going to be getting myself into.”

Our eyes locked, and I picked up the pace. This half hour was going to be so worth it.


After our workout, Blake practically dragged me up to our room.

We didn’t take long undressing each other. I certainly didn’t take long in preparing him. I wanted and needed this as much as he did.

You see, while Blake had been riding the exercise bike, he had watched me lift weights. And well, we all know what that does to him.

“You know, I’m all sweaty. I should take a shower first.” I pretended I was about to get off the bed to go take a shower. I smiled as I felt Blake roughly pull me back by the arm.

“I don’t care how effing sweaty you are. You’re going to put it in me now, and there will be no more excuses.”

I moaned, and pinned him down below me. “Gosh, Blake. You’re tougher on me as my trainer than I was for you as your trainer.”

His eyes darkened with desire. “Are you complaining?”

“Heck no!”

We grinned at each other.

“Besides. I’m sweaty too, but right now I really don’t give a damn,” he said.

Looking down at him and hearing him talk so dirty was enough for me to want to pound into him like right now. So, I entered him. I had entered him a little bit faster than I usually liked to start off, but he didn’t seem to mind. Actually, it was quite the contrary. He tightened his legs around my waist, pushing me in faster and more forcefully.

I let out a deep groan of pleasure, which made him say the f-word followed by a long drown out ‘yes…’.

“You have such a dirty mouth,” I said, pausing once fully inside of him.

“You never usually complain about it,” he said, his voice a sexy murmur in my ear. “Especially not when it’s wrapped around your dick, sucking you until you can’t hold back any longer You remember coming in my mouth as I swallow it all down. Right, Richie?”

I nearly came on the spot at his words and tone. “You’re really asking for me to pound you, you know it? And I don’t mean with my fist.”

“So then why aren’t you giving it to me? I want it, and you know I—”

I cut Blake off with a kiss, and then I finished for him. “Always get what you want. Well you’re about to get it.” I began my rhythm then, not holding back. I pounded hard and fast into him, his moans of pleasure and the way his eyes rolled to the back of his head being the only encouragement I needed.

Again he swore, and he pushed me in deeper again by way of pressing his heels into my back.

At some point we had managed to switch positions so that he was on top of me, practically riding me now.

I didn’t mean to, but I let the f-word slip from my mouth. I followed it up with his name.

“Mm, I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that,” Blake said, a little out of breath, but still grinning nonetheless.

I groaned, and pounded up into him even harder yet as he roughly pushed himself down onto my cock.

I was so close you couldn’t even imagine.

The rest of the time was spent rolling around on the bed, fighting for dominance until neither one of us could hold it back any longer.

I screamed out Blake’s name as I came so hard I literally saw stars behind my eyes. I filled him deeper than I ever thought imaginable.

I think Blake came as hard as I did, for he was shaking so hard that I had to hold him steady. He had said the f-word again, dragging it out this time before finally ending with my full name. I wasn’t a fan of the f-word, but for some reason, hearing it fall from Blake’s lips in a moment of passion that I was giving him didn’t bother me as much as the f-word normally would.

After a few moments, when we had both regained our composure, I gently pulled out of him, and then held him in my arms. “That. Was. Incredible,” I managed to pant out.

He moaned. “Tell me about it!” He rolled over to his back. “We really should shower.”

I nodded. “We really should.”

He looked over at me. “Wait until tomorrow morning?”

I nodded and grinned. “Oh, most definitely.”

He grinned too.

I then turned off the lights and took him into my arms underneath the covers.

We kissed, and soon after drifted off into sleep in each other’s arms. There was definitely no heartbreak that night.


The big day arrived. It was the day before our second Virginia show, and Chris’ homecoming. Well, our Charlottesville show and this upcoming Hampton show were as close to his homecoming as he was going to get since we didn’t have a Chesapeake show.

At the Charlottesville show, he had had a lot of fans rooting for him since it was still his hometown state. But I knew that he would have an even bigger crowd at the Hampton show. It was closer to his hometown, and therefore his actual homecoming. I was happy to be there with him for his homecoming, as he had been with me for mine. I was eager to see his family again, for spending time with him and his family made me feel even more like his boyfriend.

We ended up having a lot of fun. The day before his homecoming show, we all had a barbeque at his place. I got to talk to his parents again, and chill with some of his friends. It was just an all around fun time. His parents were so great. I knew that one day, if Chris and I ended up getting married (though I knew I was getting way ahead of myself with this thought), I couldn’t ask for better in laws.

Apparently, Chris was noticing how well I got along with his parents. As soon as I was by myself, sipping my beer in a corner, he came over to me and pulled me aside.

“I love how well you get along with my parents.”

I grinned at him. “They’re pretty cool—especially your dad, man. I’m glad they aren’t these stuffy old Bible-preaching hicks that don’t know how to have any fun.”

He smirked. “Is that what you thought they would be like?”

“Well, I did before I met them for the first time. It’s just with you coming from the south and being a Christian and all…” I trailed off.

He raised an eyebrow. “So all Christians are just these overly conservative weirdoes?”

“No! I’m just… All right. I stereotyped, and I’m sorry. It’s good to read the Bible. I just don’t like when Christians get all holier than thou, and start preaching to me.”

“Well I can assure you neither me, nor my parents think we are holier than anyone.”

I grinned. “I know.”

He grinned too. “You know, if we weren’t at my parents’ place in public view, I’d kiss you right now.” He gave me a suggestive smile.

I smirked. “I’m going to hold you to that thought and more tonight.”

“You better,” he said before walking away to talk to one of his friends that had called him over.

I could hardly wait.


It was great doing the show the next night. It felt amazing to have everyone wanting to see me and cheering me on. It was about time I got my homecoming show! The others had already had theirs. Now it was my time to shine. It was a proud moment, singing in front of my family and friends, and being interviewed. The interviewers were mainly focused on me, and it felt kind of good.

I had so much fun at the after party. Meeting the fans was so much fun. I even saw Blake being all chummy with my dad again. They had their arms around each other, and I knew in my heart that as soon as this tour was over, I wanted to come out to my parents about him and me. I just had a feeling that they would be all right with it. They loved Blake already. It just seemed right to tell them sooner rather than later.

I really had more fun than I had had the whole tour. Well, aside from Blake’s and my special moments of course, if you know what I mean.

However, there was a moment I didn’t like. When we went to a club the night before the show, Blake got a little drunk and was practically humping Shyamali from behind as they danced. If she weren’t my friend, and a lady at that, I would have wanted to rip her hair out. I’m not a violent person. It’s just… It made me sick seeing those two dance like that. I knew Blake was just having fun though. Besides, he was a little drunk, like I said. I couldn’t hold him accountable. Well, I sort of could, but I knew I could trust him. I didn’t mention it to him, for I knew it would only start trouble. It trusted him. I really did. I just didn’t trust Shyamali. I have no doubt she’d date him in a heartbeat if he were interested in her. She wouldn’t bat an eye at hurting me in the process.

But, like I said, I trusted Blake, so… I was just going to have to keep an eye on Miss. Malakar I planned on it.

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