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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Note: Don't be thrown by the brief mention of them going to Vegas and LA. I went back to the second chapter (or was it the first?) and added a small part about them going to Vegas and LA. It was just a small mention; no sex or anything. I'll edit it into the second chapter (or first, wherever it was) tomorrow. Right now I am too tired to do so. It wasn't much of a change though, so don't worry. It won't affect anything if you choose not to read it. Basically, they went to Vegas and LA for the shows they actually went to in real life, and then they went to Bothell after that instead of directly after Chesapeake.Thank you so much Ali for reviewing the last chapter! You rock! :)


Chapter 3: Rules are Meant To Be Broken



The rest of our time in Bothell we spent hanging with my friends, mainly Kristi and Andrea. Of course, since we were keeping our relationship a secret, I asked them not to say anything to the fans about us coming to see them. I swear, I don’t know how the fans picked up on the fact that Chris and I are more than just “best friends”, but they had. Every little move Chris and I made was analyzed as if under a microscope. If they saw us looking at each other and smiling, the fans would say we were “so doing it”. Of course they would be right, but why would they just assume that? I mean, can’t two guys look at each other with admiration without it having to be sexual? Humph! Anyway, Kristi and Andrea both agreed to keep their mouths shut. I had never been able to pull the wool over Kristi or Andrea‘s eyes, so I had come out to them while Chris and I were still on the show. I didn’t even try to lie to them about it. They were cool about it though. I should have known they would be.



Anyway, during our stay in Bothell, I also introduced Chris to my other friends, and we went to all my favorite hangouts.

It was perfect. I was so proud to be showing my boyfriend around! We also got to have a little more fun. Once when my parents were out running errands, Chris made love to me on my bed, which I found just as hot as when I made love to him on my bed. And once when my father was at work and my mother was shopping, Chris gave me the most mind-blowing blowjob—ever. I made sure his mouth was clean. Or should I say, my tongue did. Heh, heh.

When it was time to leave, I was sad, but I lived there so I knew we’d both be back.

After Chris and I said goodbye to my parents, Kristi dropped us back off in Seattle about three hours before we had to catch our flight.

I wanted to take Chris up to the observation desk of the Seattle space needle. I knew it would be the perfect thing for us to do as a couple even if it was a little touristy.

By then it was nine pm and dark enough so that we’d be able to see the whole city lit up. We were catching the red eye that night just so that we could get everything in here that we wanted to get done.

So when we got to the observation deck, Chris was taken away by the view. I grinned. I had been up there before, obviously, and knew how beautiful it was at night.

We went to a part of the deck that was more secluded. It wasn’t too crowded, thankfully.

“This really is beautiful,” Chris said as we looked down to the city below.

I grinned. “It doesn’t compare to your beauty.”

Chris smiled. “I never thought I’d hear you say something so cheesy.”

I laughed. “I didn’t either, actually. At least not to a guy.”

Chris looked hurt, and I instantly felt bad.

“Did you bring Lauren up here?” he asked quietly.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but I’m not lying when I say that you’re my life now. I love you, and it’s you I want to be with.” I took his hands in mine. No one was paying attention, surprisingly. Then again, not that many people were up there with us to begin with.

“But I’m sure you thought the same thing about Lauren when you were with her. What happens if one day you just stop being in love with me?” he asked.

I shook my head. It’s not going to happen. You want to know how I know that?”

“How?” he asked.

“Because I fell for you before I even knew I could fall for a man. I feel for you a lot faster than I fell for Lauren, and it didn’t just start out as a physical attraction like it had with her. I fell for you within moments of meeting you, and I think that should say something right there. Also, I’ve never been more in love with anybody—including Lauren— than I am with you. I love you, and I am never ever going to stop.”

“You mean that?” he asked, his eyes tearing up a bit.

“You bet I do!” I said sincerely.

We smiled at each other.

“And I feel the same way about you. There wasn’t a question in my mind when I first met you. I’ve never had feeling for a man before you, but with you I just knew I was in love with you. And come to think of it, my love for you is stronger than it ever was for Gayle, and I loved her a lot!” he said.

I grinned. “Maybe we’re both more gay than we thought.”

He laughed and nodded. “Yeah. Maybe we are.”

We smiled at each other, and I looked around. I was happy to see that no one was on our side of the observation deck. If I was quick enough, no one would notice if I were to…

I pulled Chris in for a kiss on the lips. It was just a slight bit longer than a quick peck. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Chris looked around, and then gave me one more kiss before pulling away.

“We better get going now,” I said licking my lips. We have the flight to catch. Feel like taking advantage of our member benefits when were on the plane?”

Chris laughed. “You got it.”

We grinned at each other. I was definitely going to bring him home again one day.


I loved Washington, and kissing Blake on top if the space needle, not to mention knowing that he loved me more than he has ever loved anyone—including his ex, was just perfect. I meant what I said when I told him I felt the exact same way about him. I definitely wanted to go back again.

When we got back to LA, we had separate hotel rooms on the record. However, I would sneak to Blake’s hotel room, or he would sneak to mine at night. There wasn’t a chance in heck we were going to be separated at night. Not if we could help it anyway.

It was great to see our friends again—especially Jordin. Blake and I loved hanging with her. She was our best friend, and fun to hang with.

We went to Paula Abdul’s birthday party and had a lot of fun together.

However, I have to admit I was a little jealous when I saw Blake checking out Lance Bass, who was also a guest there. He was clearly looking at Lance’s butt.

I was going to brush it off for the night, but once we were in the privacy of his hotel room, lying naked together and kissing on his bed, I brought it up. I couldn’t keep kissing him with the memory of him looking at Lance. I know I was being a little possessive, but I thought I was the only man that Blake had feelings for.

“I saw you checking out Lance Bass tonight,” I said out of the blue.

“What? I was not.” Blake kissed down my neck and started to straddle me. He nipped at my throat.

I gasped, and tried to remember what exactly it was I was talking to him about. “You were too! When he was talking to Paula, posing for that picture or whatever, you were right there and you looked down at his butt.”

Blake stopped kissing me. “I was probably checking out his pants or something. They were cool. Trust me, Lance Bass is not my type.”

“Am I?” I asked.

“Well duh, how many times have we done it?” He grinned.

I smiled. “I’m serious though. Do you think I have a nice butt?” I didn’t know why I suddenly felt so insecure. I guess deep down, I never could see the super hotness that everyone else seemed to see in me.

“Of course. In fact, you have a nice everything…” Blake trailed off, and began kissing my neck again, moving his kisses down to my chest this time.

I moaned as he found my right nipple and began teasing it with his tongue.

“I know there are so many beautiful girls, or even hot guys out there that would be yours in a heartbeat if you asked them out. I guess I just wonder sometimes why you love me.” I was a little embarrassed to tell Blake how I really felt, but I knew that I could tell him anything. Besides, honesty is important in a relationship.

Blake moved onto my left nipple, mirroring his actions, and for a moment, I thought he either hadn’t been paying attention to what I was saying, or was flat out ignoring me. However, he looked up at me after a moment and spoke.

“Chris, for one, you’re sexier than you give yourself credit for, and for two, as much as I love you, your looks aren’t what made me fall in love with you. True, they were a factor in the love at first sight sense, but once I started talking with you, I fell in love with you, not just your looks. You’re smart, you’re talented, you’re sincere, and you’re loyal. You have a heart of gold. You’re modest, hence not thinking you’re as sexy as you really are. You make me laugh. You just seem to get me. I love you, man. And I don’t mean as just a best friend. I love you probably more than you’ll ever really know. Besides, I doubt any other man or a woman could ever turn me on as much as you do.”

I grinned. “I feel the exact same way about you. You’re everything you said I am. I also love how you get moody when things aren’t going your way.”

“I do not!”

“You do to” I insisted. Hello! What about when we kept getting interrupted at the Elliot Yamin concert? You were grumbling the whole time. You even complained about it long after the fans had gone!”

“I love the fans, it’s just that some people don’t know when we need some damn privacy!” Blake said, sounding annoyed again.

I grinned.

Blake grinned too. “Okay, so maybe I do get a little moody. But I just like having my alone time with my baby. Speaking of which, I really, really, need some right now. Are you done being insecure?” He started kissing the side of my neck again.

I tangled my fingers in his hair. “All right, Mr. Insensitive.”

Blake grinned at me. “I’m sorry. Have I convinced you how much I love you yet? Because I really, really, do.” He kissed my neck again. Gosh his lips felt so good there…

I smiled. “I guess so. But I need a little more convincing.”

“What will it take to convince you?” he said, sounding a little frustrated.

I smirked. “Some shower sex maybe?”

Blake grinned brightly. “Now that I can do!”

I grinned back. “Actually, can I make love to you?”

He licked his lips. “You can do anything you want to me, baby. I’m all yours and only yours.”

“Mm, bathroom. Now,” I ordered.

He nodded.

I got up off the bed, and he did too. I then grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom.


“So do you think I’m hotter than Lance?” Chris asked as he pushed me up against the tiled wall of the shower cabin. He had just finished preparing us both, and I was so in the mood for him. Heck, I was in the mood for him before we even got to the hotel room.

“Mm, yes…. I always was more of a Justin Timberlake fan than a Lance Bass fan. But really, I don’t see the comparison between you two. You’re a million times hotter than Justin,” I said in all honesty.

He grinned, and slowly slid into me.

I had one leg wrapped around his waist, but as he entered me, he picked me up slightly, my back against the wall and his hands supporting my back. My other leg instinctively wrapped around him.

I moaned, and we kissed, not stopping until he was all the way inside of me.

“I bet neither Lance nor Justin could ever make me feel as good as you do either,” I told him.

“Well you’re never going to find out because I’m the only one allowed to do this to you. Got it?” he asked.

“Mm, I love it when you get possessive. Like I’d ever let anyone else but you touch me,” I said, kissing his neck again. It was quickly becoming my favorite spot to kiss.

He moaned, and began his rhythm inside of me. He was so strong, and never got tired of holding me up.

My back glided easily up and down the wall with his thrusts, and I latched on tightly to him. “Yes, Christopher….” I whispered, feeling the pleasure jolt through me as if I’d been zapped every time I felt him hit my prostate. Though it was not a painful zap. No, this was a gonna-make-me-come-at-any-moment kind of zap.

“Do you like having my cock fill you? Hm?” he asked

“You know I do,” I said, trying to push myself down harder onto him. “It’s so big and hard.” I whispered in his ear.

He let out a cry of desire, and slammed even harder into me. It caused my back to slam slightly into the wall, but the feeling of pleasure overwhelmed the feeling of pain. In fact, I hardly felt any pain at all, even though normally being slammed backwards into a wall would most likely hurt.

“Say my full name again. It gets me so hot. I want to come inside you so badly right now,” he murmured into my ear.

“Christopher, I said half moaning it. He always had a way of giving me more physical pleasure than I ever thought imaginable while at the same time, turning me on with his words.

“Say it again,” he ordered.

“Christopher. Mm, you are the only man I have eyes for. “I doubt there is anyone whose dick fits so perfectly inside me. I doubt there is anyone who can make me feel this good. I doubt there is anyone who can take me as deep as you can. I doubt there is anyone who is as tight as you are when I f—”


I couldn’t finish my sentence. Chris had lost it deep inside of me, and was screaming out my name, among a few other words that I couldn’t quite make out. Before he even tried to come down from his orgasmic high though, he continued thrusting into me hard, hitting my prostate every time. He also began to stroke and fondle me until I too was crying out his name among other things that wouldn’t exactly be suitable for our underage fans to hear. Heck, they might not even be suitable for our overage fans to hear.

We were both breathing heavily as we tried to come back down from our highs.

Chris continued to hold me firmly in place for a few moments. Finally, he kissed me deeply on the mouth before gently setting me back on my feet.

We rested our foreheads against each other’s and smiled.

“Mm, I think that can go into our ‘the best we ever had’ record book,” I said.

He grinned. “I think so too.” He licked his lips, and then pulled me in for yet another kiss.

We washed each other’s body and hair, and then dried each other off before turning the lights off and getting into bed.

“I love you so much, Richie,” I said to Chris as he held me in his arms and I rested my head on his chest. I could tell he was starting to drift off to sleep.

“And I love you, Blakey. Forever,” he said.

“Forever,” I agreed, before all went black as I drifted off into a happy slumber.


The tour rehearsals were tiring, but they were so much fun. I was doing a song with Jordin by the Rascal Flatts called “What Hurts The Most”, and we sounded pretty good.

We all got to play instruments, so I was very happy about that. Also, what made me even happier was the fact that Blake and I had a few songs together, including a beat boxing battle. However, it always made us both so hot. We just had to get it out of our systems once we were in our room for the night. It made us both pretty insatiable, therefore we were tired come the next morning, but it was so worth it.

I guess Blake and I should have been less obvious, but we were both so happy to be together. I couldn’t help but stare at him as I played the drums, and Blake came up with a new handshake, or as our fans call it, “cake shake”. He pointed to himself and then me before holding his index finger up as if to say “we’re number one”. He then touched his middle finger with mine. He later told me that the secret meaning behind it was that he and I are the only ones for each other. The middle fingers touching said it all, even though it would take a lot of thinking it over to understand the meaning behind it. Therefore, chances are, the fans wouldn’t figure it out. Since the middle finger generally is used to say a good ol’ F you, and since the f word is another term for having sex with someone, the meaning was clear to the both of us. I was the only one he was allowed to sleep with, and he was the only one I was allowed to sleep with.

Another thing that I guess could have been a little obvious was when Blake was playing the drums, he would poke me with the stick to get my attention, and then he would stare at me like I had stared at him.

I guess Blake and I weren’t the only ones who could see it, for the show’s producer, Simon Fuller had a little talk with us the day after.

He called us into a private room to have his little talk with us.

“Please, gentlemen, take a seat.” Simon motioned towards two chairs that were in front of him. He remained standing himself.

Blake and I cast glances at each other, wondering what was going on. However, we sat as told.

“What’s up?” Blake asked.

“I’m going to ask you boys something, and I want an honest answer,” Simon said.

“All right,” I said, wondering now even more so where this was going.

“Are you two sleeping with each other?”

I don’t know about Blake, but I nearly fell out of my chair.

“Excuse me? That’s none of your business,” Blake snapped.

“I’m sorry. I will rephrase. Is there more going on between you two than just a friendship?” Simon asked.

“It’s still none of your effing business,” Blake said.

“It is when you guys signed a contract that you would not date any of the other contestants while still on the show and doing the tour,” Simon said calmly.

“Blake and I are just best friends, Simon. Please. We both dated women before the show for crying out loud,” I said, trying my best to sound sincere.

“That doesn’t say anything nowadays,” Simon quipped.
“Well we both love women, so you have nothing to worry about.” Blake sounded ticked. I knew he was going to go into his diva mode if Simon didn’t let up on us soon.

“Well there are rumors going around that you two are much more than just best friends. I know you two were in LA and Vegas together, going to shows by yourselves?” Simon pressed.

“I should have known we couldn’t go anywhere without the whole world knowing about it,” Blake snapped.

“We had friends with us at both shows. One of the shows we even had female friends, thank you. What? We can’t go anywhere just the two of us without it meaning we’re dating?” I was getting pretty annoyed myself now.

Simon sighed. “I can’t prove anything, so there is nothing I can do about it. But let me warn you that I better not ever see you two slacking off on your obligations because you are to busy doing whatever it is you two do behind closed doors. It can’t get out that you guys are gay.”

“We’re not,” Blake said, standing up and looking as if he were about to punch Simon out.

“We’re professional, Simon. We will not slack on our obligations. You have nothing to worry about,” I assured him.

“Well good. I’m glad to hear it. I’d hate to have to sue either of you for breach of contract.”

“Are you threatening us?” Blake asked.

Simon shook his head. “I’m just stating a mere observation.”

“Are you finished?” Blake snapped.

Simon shook his head. “Just one more thing. If you are asked about your relationship in interviews, you better deny being a couple, and you better make yourselves sound convincing. Heck, bring it up yourselves if you have to. I want it to be made known to people that you two are nothing more than best friends.”

“Whatever, can we go now?” Blake asked, heading towards the door.

“Not until I have your word—both of yours.”

“Fine, you have my word. I‘ll deny, deny, deny. Why would I admit it anyway? Are you happy?” Blake asked.

Simon nodded. “Yes.” He turned to me. “Chris?”

I shrugged. “You have my word. I’ll deny it all if they ask.”

“All right. You’re both dismissed. “Have a good day, gentlemen.”

I heard Blake say an F-you to him as we left, but I don’t think Simon heard him. He hadn’t acknowledged it anyway.

“Are you all right?” I asked Blake once we were out of earshot of Simon.

Blake nodded. “He has no right to tell us we can’t date.”

“Technically he can. We signed a contract,” I said.

“Well he’s not going to stop me from seeing you. No one tells me what to do.”

“Except your mother,” I teased.

He smiled. “Shut up.”

I nodded towards the door. Rehearsals were over for the day, and we had nothing else planned for the rest of the night. “Wanna go break a Simon Fuller rule?” I asked.

“Does it involve sex with each other?” Blake asked, looking hopeful.

I nodded. “It sure does.”

He grinned. “Then let’s go!”

I grinned too, and we quickly left for my room.


“I was so livid at Simons’ flat out asking stuff that was frankly none of his damn business. I don’t care what we signed. How ridiculous was that damn rule anyway?

Well I gave Simon what he wanted. A day later I gave an interview, and I brought it up all on my own. I told them that Chris and I were both straight, and so not dating each other. The interviewer pressed on, saying that he thinks Chris and I could work as a couple, and that we would be one good looking couple. I was secretly pleased. After all, we were a pretty damn sexy couple. Even so, I laughed sarcastically. I couldn’t let on that Chris and I were a couple. Otherwise Simon would just die of a heart attack. Note the sarcasm. One thing was for sure though, I was not going to let him stop me from seeing Chris. If anything, I was more determined to get even closer than ever before with him. And I knew the tour, I knew, would be the perfect place to do it. Pun intended.


I’ll admit, when I heard the interview that Blake did, it hurt. I knew he had to lie, but I didn’t expect him to sound so serious, or even disgusted by the thought of us as a couple.

Blake seemed to notice my discomfort. He called me on it when he hung up the phone.

“Don’t look at me that way. You know I had to say it. I don’t want Simon suing either of us. You know he will too.”

I sighed. “I know. It just hurts to hear you talk like you’re disgusted by us.”

“You know I only sounded like that because Simon told us to make it believable. You also know that the last thing I am is disgusted by you. Come here.” He motioned for me to sit down on his lap. He was sitting in a chair.

I smiled, and did as told.

He pulled me in for a kiss. “I think I need to show you again how disgusted I am by you,” he said against my ear. He kissed that spot on my neck that always drove me wild.

“I really think you should,” I agreed.

He grinned, and made to stand up.

I stood up, allowing him to do so, and then he grabbed my hand and led me to the bed.

Maybe Simon’s little talk was a good thing, I figured. After all, Blake always does the exact opposite of the rules. When he is told not to do something, he wants to do it even more. So I really couldn’t complain.

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