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Chapter 11: Caught With His Pants Down



The next few days were semi-uneventful. We had interviews and stuff. I was happy when Chris did his part to throw the fans off. In an interview he did, he very convincingly denied the rumors that he and I were a couple. Of course it still stung a little to hear him denying us, but at the same time, I was glad. Too many people were starting to suspect, and it was making me really uncomfortable.



Of course this didn’t mean we didn’t still tease each other on stage, or flirt, whatever you wanna call it. There was still plenty of that.

For instance, the night of our St. Louis show, Chris asked if he could wear my Beatles shirt. “I want to have your scent on me before I can have you on me,” he had said to me, his voice a sexy murmur in my ear.

Of course there was no way I could say no to that! I had given him the shirt with promises of him having all of me after the show. Just seeing him in my clothes was a turn on. Then again, everything turned me on when it came to Chris, as usual.

He was really a tease that night. When we got to “SexyBack”, which by the way, I had talked him into making a regular routine (though he’d never sing the full song), he changed the lyrics to “I’m his slave.” Yes. He was really getting it after the show. He did too.

The night after that, I called Chris my young apprentice onstage just to get him going. I knew it bugged him when people considered him the girl in the relationship because he was the younger one. To tell you the truth, it bugged me when I read about fans thinking I’m the girl. Not that I’ve read any of the fan fiction on Chris and I. Okay, maybe one, but Chris was rehearsing at the time, and I was really bored, so I read just a few. Okay, so I’m caught. It wasn’t just one.

Anyway, I’m getting off the point. Chris and I would always secretly tease each other about who was the girl. I still say it’s him because he is shy and sensitive. Who cares if he is built more like a man than I am? I can’t help my build. I’m too busy to workout. I’m not lazy. I’m not.

Of course we couldn’t do anything about it that night to see who was better as a top, for we were on the tour bus, and it was a night where Sanjaya was on crack. Okay, not literally, but I swear he must have eaten a gallon of sugar, for he was practically bouncing off the walls. None of us ended up getting to sleep until very early morning, so chances of being alone with Chris were none existent. We would be off to LA in a few days to record our song, however. I’d make sure I got what I wanted then. Heck, I wouldn’t leave LA until I did.


I knew Blake and I would both be in a major need of another bangin’-each-other-senseless session by the time LA would come along. I wasn’t completely innocent when it came to the teasing, but he did his fair share of the teasing as well.

For instance, at our Michigan show, during our set, he had the nerve to say, “I got something for ya. You want some?” He followed it up by giving me such a suggestive look that it would have served him right if I had taken him on stage right then and there and shown him exactly what part of him I wanted. I behaved myself though. I knew there was always LA to make him pay for that remark.

That same day, as we were sitting so close to each other I had to ignore my sudden urge to jump him, I knew that there was no way we were going to make it to LA. I was looking forward to when we would be staying at a hotel in two nights.

The day after that, Blake had pretended to be crazed-girl fan, telling me how much he (she) loved me. I smirked. I knew I definitely had to use that as more ammo for proof of him being the girl in our relationship.


The night finally came for Chris and I to have a night alone together. We would be staying at a hotel that night, and then flying off to LA early in the morning to record the song we wrote together.

After the Toronto show, and after talking with fans, signing stuff and posing for pictures, he and I grabbed our stuff and headed for our hotel room. We didn’t even need to discuss it. We just knew where we were going to go without having to talk to each other about it.

When we got in our room and were finally alone, it was the weirdest thing. Neither one of us said a word, which was extremely out of character for me. Chris wasn’t saying anything, and I just decided to go with it.

He took me into his arms, and I held him close to me. We kissed for moments before making any other movement.

When we broke the kisses, he took my shirt off, and then I took his off. We then continued to take turns undressing each other. We mirrored each other’s actions. When he undid my pants, I undid his pants. When he slipped mine off, I slipped his off.

Not a single word had been said by the time we were both on the bed, naked in each other’s arms. We were still kissing, our hands roaming over the other’s body.

He made the first movement to grab the lubricant, so I decided I’d let him top that night. I really wanted to feel him inside me anyway. Sometimes it was nice to just feel him moving over me and inside me, his strong arms wrapped tightly and protectively around me. It felt so right.

The whole time he prepared me, he kissed me everywhere he could each. He kissed over my eyes, down over my jaw, and down to my neck. He nipped at the skin of my neck ever so gently, and then finally he brought his lips to my mouth.

We continued to kiss as three of his fingers massaged their way into me. I even held back my moans, for the silence was just… It just felt right.

He finished preparing me, and I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist in anticipation of finally having him inside of me. I had been craving him for far too long, and frankly, I was tied of waiting.

The wait was finally over as I felt him slowly push into me. I bit my lip, and then kissed him deeply as he pressed his mouth to mine.

We continued to kiss as he entered me completely.

When he paused to let me adjust, his hands began roaming over my body again, which caused me to shiver at his touch. For such a strong guy, he sure had the gentlest touch. I could see why all the fans made such a big deal out of his arms.

I ran my hands over his biceps, and kissed down his neck and up past his jaw. When our lips met, he began his rhythm inside of me, making his thrusts firm, yet gentle at the same time.

By pressing my legs tighter against his waist, I urged him to make me a slight bit harder, and possibly deeper. He gave me everything I needed without me having to verbally ask.

I wished the moment could last forever. I had never felt closer to Chris than I had at that moment. I don’t know if it was the silence or what. Whatever it was, I knew that I wanted to do it again and again.


I laced my fingers with Blake’s as I took him a slight bit harder, as he wanted. I don’t know what had made us silent, but I kind of liked it. He wasn’t saying anything, and I didn’t feel a need to say anything either. It was just nice. Usually there was dirty talk, or heck, even casual talk between us as we had sex, but this time it was different. There were no words said, and it actually felt more like making love as opposed to having sex.

I quickened my pace a little bit more, and the silence was broken only by Blake’s slight gasps of pleasure. He moved his hands to my back again, and his fingers gently dug into it.

I bit my bottom lip, and moaned a little myself. I was so close. I wanted to ask him if he was too, but I didn’t want to break the unofficial no talking rule that we had. Besides, judging by the quiet whimpers that were now coming out of him as I continued thrusting harder into him, and judging by the sheer look of pleasure on his face, I knew that he was close too. And there was nothing more that I wanted at that very moment then to make us both come.

I pulled Blake even closer to me, and repositioned myself so that I was at just the right angle to give Blake was he loved—to give Blake what we both loved. That being accomplished, I pulled almost all the way out, then slammed back into him over again over again.

Blake threw his head back and moaned, a little louder than he had been moaning, but still not as loudly as he usually moaned. I could tell he was still trying his best to keep the silence.

I made the same movement again, only this time I would rub his nipples gently with my index and middle fingers with every thrust I made into him.

His moans were still toned down, but I had to gently press his hips down as he arched them up off the bed.

He placed his hands over my backside, pushing me in even harder yet. It caused my own eyes to roll back.

I buried my mouth in his shoulder as I felt the pleasure crashing over me like waves. I was so close. I knew it would only take a few more thrusts.

Blake continued using his hands to press me in harder. His breath was becoming extremely ragged, and soon, I felt his body tense in my arms.

That did it in for me. I felt my own body tense in his arms, and I moaned his name against his shoulder as I came as deep inside of him as I possibly could.

I swear he came at the exact same time, calling out “Richie”. I nearly came again at the sound of his pet name for me falling from his lips.

For moments after, we didn’t move. The only sounds that filled the room were our heavy breathing as we tried to come back down from our orgasmic highs.

Finally, I pulled out of him.

He gasped as I licked his chest clean. Surprisingly, even though he hadn’t been wearing a condom, the sheets didn’t get dirty. It was all over our chests though.

He lay me down beneath him, and licked me clean in return.

Then, once we were both clean, we lay underneath the covers and kissed. Aside from having called out each other’s name when we came, we still hadn’t said a word to each other.

Blake snuggled closer to me and kissed my cheek. “I love you, Christopher,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled, and stroked his hair as he rested his head on my chest. His eyes were drifting close, and I knew we were both in major need of some sleep. “I love you too, Blakey.”

And then all went black as I felt my eyes close, and I let the sleep overtake me.


Early the next day, Blake and I shaved, and showered. We showered together to save time. We behaved ourselves. Honest we did! Afterwards, we dried each other and dressed for the day. Then, after loading our stuff in the bus and bringing our overnight bags with us, we headed for the airport and caught our flight to LA.

We behaved on the plane ride too. We didn’t try to take advantage of our “Mile-high club” membership, thought Blake insisted that he wanted to on the way back to the group.

We used the time there to talk about recording our song. I was going to sing some backup vocals on it. That was part of the reason I was coming along. The truth was, Blake and I really just wanted a day to be together without the rest for the gang or the producers looking over our shoulder every move we made.

“We should have just done a whole album together,” Blake joked.

I grinned. “Maybe in the future. I think it would be fun.”

He grinned as well, and nodded. “Yeah, it would be.”

“You know, changing the subject, I really enjoyed making love to you last night.” I said this part just audible enough for Blake to hear me. That was the thing about first class—you weren’t seated as close to strangers as you were in coach.

He smiled, blushing a bit. I found it cute. After all, it wasn’t often that you saw Blake Lewis blush.

“I liked it too. It made it more romantic, or whatever. You know, not talking. Not to mention, you were amazing.” He placed his hand over mine and smiled at me.

I smiled back at him, and rubbed the back of his hand with my thumb. “I loved the silence too. We’ll have to try that again sometime.”

Blake nodded. “Indeed we will, but just not tonight. Tonight I want to hear you scream my name as I bring you the ultimate pleasure as a thank you for helping me with my new album.” His lips were so close to my neck right then that I honestly thought he was going to kiss me.

However, he quickly sat up straight as a stewardess headed over our way.

“Would you like some more nuts?” she asked, shaking two big bags of peanuts in front of us.

I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I could tell by the expression on Blake’s face that he was trying just as hard.

“Um. N-No thank you,” he said, his voice shaking, probably from holding back his laughter.

“Are you sure? How about some hot fudge sundaes?” We now offer those for our preferred guests, you know.” She winked at us both.

“That sounds great. Could you please bring us those and some milk?” I asked for Blake.

She nodded and smiled. “Coming right up!”

As soon as she left to go back to the kitchen area, Blake and I burst out laughing.

“I’d like some nuts all right,” he said in a low voice. He gently ran a hand over my crotch.

I gently grabbed his hand and held it there for a moment before releasing it. “You’re going to get it tonight,” I whispered.

“That better be a promise,” he said.

My eyes darkened with desire for him. “Oh, it is. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, you know.”

“I don’t think either of us needs one,” he said simply.

I smiled. He was right. We didn’t.


We recorded for most of the day. After our flight arrived, we had stopped at our hotel just long enough to check in and drop our bags off, and then we headed straight over to the studio.

It was so much fun recording with Chris. I just felt more energized having him there. A lot of the times he wasn’t with me when I recorded, for he was busy with things he had to do. So it was nice to have him there with me. Though I still had fun recording when he wasn’t there with me, I had a whole lot more fun with him there with me.

I won’t go into too much detail since obviously the song isn’t out yet, but it was a great experience, and I hoped to bring him into record with me again. Like he and I had talked about earlier, it would be nice to one day do an album together.

Hours later, when we left the studio, we were debating on what to do that night. We considered getting dinner, and then going to a club and meet up with friends as we usually did when in LA. We also considered just going back to the hotel and ordering room service.

It didn’t take much debating before we both agreed on just going back to our hotel and ordering room service. It would be nice to stay out of the public eye and just enjoy being alone together. After all, that was the main thing we were looking forward to in LA, besides recording together of course.

So, we headed back to the hotel and ordered what we wanted to eat.

As we waited for our food to arrive, we checked our emails on our laptops, while sitting on our bed.

“You know, we could have made just an audio CD of our sex tape. That way if it got into the wrong hands, we could just deny that it was us,” Chris joked as we checked.

“Ha! Though I am pretty sure we said each other’s name probably more than once at some point in our sex tape.” I still got a little uneasy at the mention of our tape. It reminded me that five of our friends—two of them minors, mind you—had seen Chris and I have sex with each other.

“Still. At least they wouldn’t have seen us naked and doing it.”

I laughed. “Naked and doing it?”

He turned to me and grinned. “What? It’s basically what it was.”

I finished checking my mail, and then turned off my Mac. I set the computer on my bed stand. “What it was is me showing you who is the man in our relationship.”

He looked at me, his eyes seeming to glaze over a bit. He shut out his window, and turned his own Mac off before setting it on his bed stand. “Excuse me, but I believe that it was I who topped that night. And I claimed you as mine. Remember Haley’s lipstick?” He nipped at the side of my neck, and smirked against the skin.

I grinned. “How could I forget? The dang girl nearly had a conniption fit. I still can’t believe she didn’t notice us ruining it in the video. But that reminds me; you are the one who wore it. You‘re definitely the woman.”

He shook his head. “Only because you wanted it all over your body when I kissed you.”

“Yeah, like a woman kisses her boyfriend. You’re the one who had it on your lips.”

“You asked me to.”

“Do you always do everything I ask you to?”

“If I want to hear the end of it, then yes,” Chris said.

I grinned again. “Damn straight!”

His eyes lowered as he kissed down my jaw. “Not when it comes to you.”

My own eyes lowered. “Ditto. Good point.” I pulled him I for a kiss, and he hungrily kissed me back.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Room service.”

I groaned. Why was it that room service people always had such bad timing?”

“Hold that thought,” Chris said with a smile as he got up to pay the man.

Well at least I was dressed this time, unlike the last time.


One thing I could say for the hotel—their food was delicious. The fried chicken reminded me of back home.

After we finished with our dinner, we fed each other chocolate-covered strawberries covered in whipped cream. They were so good. Of course I couldn’t resist dragging mind down over Blake’s chest. It tasted so much better with a hint of Blake on it.

He did the same to me, which gave him the same effect it had given me, which was pretty much instant arousal.

“So,” Blake said once we had finished our dessert, and everything was put away. “What do you say we settle this, “who’s the girl?” thing once and for all? We can take turns topping, and we’ll decide from there.” He gently pushed me backwards towards the bed.

“Who goes first?” I asked, pulling off my shirt, and then his before letting him lay me down on the bed.

“I go first because I thought of it.”

“Or just because you’re a diva.”

“Because I’m the man, and the man always gets what he wants.”

“You’re parents spoiled you a lot when you were a kid, didn’t they?” I asked with an eyebrow raised as Blake quickly began to undo my belt and pants.

He made a face, and briefly paused from undoing my belt. “Dude, can you please not mention my parents when we’re about to have sex?”

“I shrugged. “You just did.”

“Only because you did first.”

“Two rights don’t make a wrong.”

“You really are the woman.” He finished undoing my belt and pants, and yanked them off with my boxer-briefs. “Because you argue way too much.”

“Look who’s talking,” I said.

He moved so that his face was centimeters with mine, his lips lined up with mine. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

I was sure my eyes were dark with lust. “I plan on doing a whole lot more than kissing you, Blake,” I said simply.

I know I saw the lust in his eyes. That was it for the both of us. There was no more holding back.

Within seconds, we both frantically working at undressing him the rest of the way so that he could prepare me and get inside of me. I wasn’t going to wait any longer, and I knew that he wasn’t either.


I was sad to leave LA the next morning. The night before had been incredible. I could still feel him inside of me deeper than he’d ever been before as I rode him. I could still remember and feel him pushing me down onto his erection. I swear he made me come twice in one go. And here I had thought I was going to win. I had made him come twice prior to that. Of course had to show me up and do the same thing for me.

Needless to say, on the way home, we got some use of our “Mile-high Club” membership. It still wasn’t satisfied though. I always needed more.

I had my chance for more when we got back to the rest of the gang. When we arrived back at the busses, we found out that everyone else was in hair and makeup. I was still very in the mood, especially since Chris had decided to wear a shirt that looked practically painted onto him. His muscles were rippling, and he was drinking from his water bottle, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he drank, and his shirt riding up just a bit, revealing his stomach muscles.

I pounced on him, practically making him drop his water bottle.

“Blake, what the hell?” he asked. He put the cap back on his bottle, and set the bottle on the table.

“I was just thinking, you never gave me that blowjob you promised me from days ago. How long ago was it now?” I kissed down the side of his neck, making sure to kiss that spot behind Chris’ ear that always made him hard.

He sucked in a breath, and I smiled against the skin, knowing it had worked.

“All right. You want it right here?” He asked, starting to undo my pants.

I bit my lip. It would be hot to have him suck me right there, but at the same time, anyone could just walk on the bus and see us. “Maybe we should go to the back room.”

He nodded. “All right.” He took my hand and led me to the living room area of our bus.

When we got there, he undid my belt and pants, and pushed my pants down to my knees before dropping down to his knees.

I brought my hands to the back of his head. “Wait! We forgot to shut the door.”

“Nobody’s here. They’re all in hair and makeup,” he insisted. “Remember?”

His lips were to the head now, gently sucking it, and I lost all train of thought. I supposed it couldn’t hurt. Besides, shutting the door would mean that he would have to make his mouth off of me. And I really couldn’t have that…

I swear he licked every inch of my erection before taking it all the way down.

I moaned loudly, and he had to hang on to me tighter to stop me from falling over when my knees bucked.

I placed my hands over the back of Chris’ head, letting my fingers run through his makeshift Mohawk. I couldn’t wait until he grew it longer. Right now, he was too busy making something else grow.

He moaned with me still in his mouth, and I held onto him tighter. My eyes were closed, and I couldn’t help but whimper as I felt his fingers gently caress my balls.

I gasped, and threw my head back. I swore. “Chris, yes….”

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I-I... They need you in hair and makeup.”

Chris’s mouth froze over my erection, and my eyes shot open just in time to see Melinda’s retreating form exiting the bus. She was running as if her hair were on fire. My stomach sank. Not again, I thought.

Chris released me from his mouth. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No. I can’t go into hair and makeup like this,” I said, trying not to sound testy.

He smiled weakly. “No, I suppose not.

He got up and shut the door, making sure to lock it. Finally, he went back over to me and got down on his knees to finish the task at hand.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes again as his mouth engulfed my cock. It allowed me to forget about what had just happened for the time being at least. But I knew that in a few minuets, when I was it he right mind-frame again, it would all sink in. Until then, I was just concentrating on how fricking good Chris’ mouth felt on my dick.


I concentrated on the task at hand, and soon I had Blake coming hard in my mouth. I drank it all down and licked him clean before pulling his pants back up for him, and redoing them and the belt.

I stood back up, and pulled Blake in for a hug. “Are you okay?” I asked as I gently rubbed his back.

He nodded. “I’m fine. We better get to hair and makeup before someone else comes looking for us.”

He didn’t exactly sound thrilled.

I sighed and nodded. “Right.”

He walked on ahead of me, and I couldn’t help but feel even worse. Not only had Melinda just walked in on us, but also, now Blake was back to the moody side of him again. Great! I thought. Motherfricking great.

We headed to hair and makeup, and I was sure we were both already trying to figure out what to say to Melinda. This was going to be fun. Not.

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