Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf666
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Author’s Note:  Well... uh... I have no excuse for this.  I only really know the most about ‘Taker’ and that’s not that much to be honest.  I didn’t follow wrestling to the letter really.  Gonna characterize Sting off the little I’ve seen of his stage presence.  Please forgive inaccuracies and enjoy this for what it is :D


Unnatural Love


By: FlameWolf


Chapter One: The Phenom


    Smoke billowed out of the curtained entryway, a booming bell filling the stadium and filling the hearts of the audience with instinctual dread.  An unholy choir began to sing, sending a chill down the spines of the collected people watching.  As an organ began to play a funeral dirge, a large silhouette filled the smoky entry; moving with a strange grace down the ramp.  As the lights flickered in the darkness to simulate lightning, the gathered mob caught glimpses of a being they had come to utterly worship.  A wide brimmed hat was perched on a tall head, dark hair hanging in a bone white face as hard boots clumped on the equally hard floor.  Ebony covered his impressive figure from head to toe, the only color on him a purple cloth that simulated boots and a matching band on his hat.

    As he passed, his followers reached for him with soft sighs of adoration; thrilling when their fingers brushed a tattooed shoulder.  Yet, among the avid fans, there was one, shy female who watched him with more than worship in her blue eyes.  Samantha had never been much of a wrestling fan, admittedly.  Yet, when her cousin had showed her this man’s first match, she had been hooked.  There was just something about him, about the energy he gave off in his bouts that drew her to him.  She had watched many of his matches on TV before gathering the gumption to come to the arena herself.  Now that she was here, she found herself just wanting to disappear into the crowd as he closed the distance.

    The power he radiated was incredible, something already supernatural about him given his ties to an urn his strange assistant carted around.  She had thought it had been part of the show in the back of her head but now that she was here, she found it hard not believe he was something not human.  All too soon, he was bare inches from walking by; paying no mind to the throng of people sighing his title ‘Undertaker’.  Closing her eyes to gather her courage as her heart roared in her ears, she reached for the man known as the ‘phenom’; her fingertips touching his bicep oh so briefly.  In that second, it was like an electric shock had passed through her and a breath left her as she froze.  It hadn’t hurt, on the contrary, it had felt pleasant; leaving a low thrum of arousal in her womb.

    That was when she noticed he had stopped as well.  In fact, he had turned his head ever so slightly to look at her through the dark strands of his hair.  Noticing her hand was still outstretched, she slowly pulled it back; her heart doing its best to burst free from her chest.  The much taller man simply stood there, seeming to assess her despite his shorter, fatter partner trying to pull him to the ring.  Then he was turning, Sam letting out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding as soon as he was gone.  Without noticing, she was moving to the front; watching with wide, cerulean eyes as the behemoth climbed into the roped off square.

    Soon after he had entered the ring, the music stopped and the lights came on in full; allowing her to see he had turned to face her.  His almost dead, ebony eyes were fixed on her as he removed his hat as well as a leather trenchcoat he had been wearing over his uniform.  A loud, inhuman squealing came from the door on the other side of the building; making everyone but Undertaker look at the source.  Even Samantha’s gaze had moved, a gasp leaving her when she saw a brown clad wildman charging the raised platform.  A homemade, leather mask comprised of strips covered his bearded face, his curly hair only adding to his feral appearance.

    As he got closer, huge bald spots on the left side of his head became apparent.  On his upper body, he wore a sleeveless, brown shirt with a strange symbol sewn on the back.  The way he ran more resembled an animal that had just recently learned to use only two legs and more of those screeches left his mouth as he dove under the ropes and slid across the canvas on his belly.  This man was simply known as ‘Mankind’ and this was far from Undertaker’s first match with him.

    Unfortunately, Undertaker wasn’t paying any attention to the beast running toward him with foam flying out of his mouth.  In fact, his inscrutable eyes had never left hers; not so much as seeming to feel it when Mankind charged into his back with all the force the madman possessed.  Another, inhuman scream tore from the human-like creature as he rolled backward; hopping onto all fours while his unkempt hair fell into his crazed eyes.  Baring blunt teeth, the combatant straightened to tear at his locks in frustration; strands flying in the air while the crowd began to murmur in confusion.

    Yet, the ‘Phenom’ was utterly unaffected; staring her down while the man known as Paul Bearer tugged uselessly at his arm from the side of the ring.  The short, unnaturally pale male looked outright perplexed; his mustached lip twitching as piggy eyes followed his ward’s gaze.  When he saw a normal looking female staring back, he only felt his confusion grow.  His Undertaker had never been this distracted by the petty mortals that watched the carnage, in fact, the dark being had never taken notice of them before.  Still, the mystery would have to wait.  The masses were growing restless the longer the scheduled fight was delayed.  So, in a last ditch effort, he raised the urn to get the warrior’s attention.

    As if sensing the power held within the object, the giant of a man swung slowly to look at his handler.  All Paul had to do was point, Mankind squealing while he rushed the other man yet again.  This time, ‘Taker was ready; bracing to catch the man.  To no one’s shock, the neanderthal of a man was running straight into the trap.  In an instant, the masked creature was caught and spun deftly upside down; the wrestler holding him preparing to perform his famous ‘Tombstone’.  Locking gazes with Sam once more, he dropped to his knees; slamming the top of his adversary’s head into the mat.

    Going limp, Mankind fell forward with a sickening thud; booted feet twitching.  Not wanting to waste the opportunity, ‘Taker crossed the other man’s arms over his chest.  Tossing back his thick mane of ebony hair, he showed he had rolled his dark eyes up to their whites; his tongue lolling out like he was some beast.  Unperturbed, the ref began the countdown; declaring him the winner and helping the tall male to his feet to raise his hand.  While this happened, several men in white suits came out to surround the unconscious assailant.

    Though she couldn’t quite see what they were doing, she did see something get injected in his muscled arm.  Then he was being carted out of the ring while the champion was gathering his coat from his squat assistant.  Dark eyes landing on her once more, she felt her heart stutter in her chest.  Flushing as she licked her lips, she brushed a lock of her dark hair behind her ear while ‘The Phenom’ climbed out of the ring and descended the metal stairs.  Suddenly, he was walking towards her.

    Brown eyes watched this from a spot at the announcer’s table, a slight grin curling thin lips.  Beside him, a much more heavy-set man was glaring up at him.  “I know that look Vince.  That’s the look you get when you see easy money,” spat a Texan accent, sounding vaguely disgusted while the crowd continued to cheer for Undertaker around them.

    “You don’t get big if you think small Jim.  I’ve never seen ‘Taker react to anything or anyone before.  He’s been nothing but a robot.  Until now,” cooed the gray haired announcer, moving his mic up while keeping his gaze fixed on the ‘Dead Man’.

    Unaware of the observation, the hulking man was reaching toward the much smaller woman in front of him.  Touching her cheek with the barest brush of his fingertips, he let out a low hiss when another shock passed between their bodies.  Moving his gaze to his fat companion, he gave a singular nod before starting to make his way up the catwalk.  Vaguely wondering what that had been about, Samantha watched the wrestler until she felt someone tugging insistently on the sleeve of her coat.

    Looking down, she was a bit shocked to see the unnaturally pale face of Paul Bearer.  Beady eyes met hers from the depths of dark eyes sockets, a strangely off feeling about the man.  Smiling up at her, the slimy assistant gestured for her to join him on the other side of the barricade.  A request that shocked her even more.  Suddenly, she found herself surrounded on either side by a bulky security guard.  In the next second, she was bodily lifted over the metal wall meant to keep the mob at bay.  An action that was followed by a series of disapproving boos.

    Giving her a grin she didn’t like, the corpse-like man was motioning toward the polished ramp his boss had ascended.  Licking dry lips and wishing for the safety of the crowd, Sam nodded before going up the slight incline.  The journey felt like an eternity, people screaming for her blood while a few items were even thrown at her.  A few soda cups and half full popcorn containers bounced off her, filling her with the urge to just flee.  After all, she hadn’t asked for any of this.  “Just ignore them.  They’re all jealous that they will never get close to my Undertaker,” assured a falsetto that made her look around for the speaker.

    When she simply saw Paul, she felt unsurprised.  She had only heard him a handful of times but it had sounded exactly like that.  Shaking her head and not really wanting to compete with the crowd, Sam simply kept walking.  It was only a few more steps to safety.  Not only that, but she would finally figure out what Undertaker wanted.  Let alone what their connection was, if the electricity she had felt had been any indication.  She had never felt anything like that before with anyone else and she was curious why she would feel it with this stranger.

    As soon as she was stepping onto the plateau, a large hand was reaching out of the thick darkness to pull her backstage.  Strong arms engulfed a small body before the pair was moving through a maze of halls and rooms.  Then they were going down a series of stairs, entering a cool dungeon that lurked below the arena.  A faint, coppery scent filled the air, along with the sound of faraway screams.  It was all she could do not to retreat back to the world of light above.  Back to where things were still sane.

    The sound of metal hinges creaking brought her attention to a heavy, metal door that was being pushed open by Paul.  Then she was being ushered inside, still trapped inside ‘Taker’s arms.  As they moved, torches flared to life down the long hall.  It was then she noticed they were alone.  It seemed that not even the odd man outside was allowing in this place.  The opening ahead showed why as soon as the torches in the walls flickered on.  In the middle of a circular opening was a large, coffin-like bed.

    It wasn’t just a bed that was shaped like a coffin.  A lid hung open to one side and the interior was lined thickly for comfort.  It was just large enough to hold her host alone and she found herself wondering why she’d been brought here.  Then she was being guided to a chair, the fighter releasing her ever so slowly.  Taking a seat, she watched while he placed his trenchcoat lovingly on a coat stand.  This was closely followed by his wide brimmed hat, leaving him oddly naked looking.

    Moving the curtain of hair out of his face, unnaturally dark eyes met hers unblocked.  Holding out a hand, he waited; power radiating off his powerful body while bottomless orbs bored into hers.  Even without him speaking, she knew what he wanted; placing her hand in his.  An appendage that was easily outsized by his.  Closing his fingers around the limb, he pursed his goateed lips when yet another shock passed between them.  Suddenly, he was scooping her up in his arms; laying her down in his ghoulish bed.  Just laying in it made her feel like a corpse waiting to be buried.

    Staring up at the giant of a man, she jolted slightly when he reached down to place his palm against her cheek.  Locked in his gaze, she felt something stirring in the back of her mind.  Flashes of something that almost felt like lost memories.  Giving a nod, her host released her; walking away from his bed to retrieve a chair.  Placing the chair by the side of the furnished, over-sized coffin, he sat in it and proceeded to stare at her.  Sitting up slowly, Sam felt both confused and surprised.  She had expected him to proposition her.  Not... whatever this was.  “Um, I’m Samantha,” she ventured, offering a hand.

    Her host simply nodded, ignoring the offered appendage while he continued to stare at her.  It was like he was just as confused by what was happening as she was and seemed unsure of how to proceed.  “H-haven’t you ever taken one of the fans before?” whispered out of her, something squeezing inside her when he shook his head.

    “Oh, I guess I should take the lead then?” she continued, feeling more than a little nervous as she leaned out of the coffin.

    Instead of moving to meet her, the hulking man simply watched; even when her lips landed on his.  Lips that were much cooler than any normal person’s.  Making a shocked noise, Sam pulled back; shaking fingertips touching her mouth.  She could have put off his cold hands as poor circulation but this was another matter entirely.  It was almost like he wasn’t alive at all, filling her with a deep unease.  Yet, she didn’t want to run away.  Instead, she reached with an unsteady hand to touch his gaunt features.  His skin was just as cold as his lips, unsettling her greatly.

    Closing his eyes, this beast of a man leaned into her touch; releasing a sound that replaced some of her unease with a warm sensation.  Nuzzling slightly, he kissed her palm; a slight tension she hadn’t noticed before leaving his broad shoulders.  “You... you were afraid I’d run...  weren’t you,” she whispered, heart stuttering when ebony eyes shot open and his head slowly nodded.  Taking a breath and ignoring the voice in the back of her head that she get out before this went too far, she kissed him once again.

    While the temperature of his lips filled her with instinctual revulsion, she tilted her head to give them a careful lick.  When he opened to her soundlessly, she swept her tongue into his mouth.  There was a faint, unpleasant taste lingering under the sweetness, reminding her vaguely of how rotting meat smelled.  Shoving the thought to the furthest reaches of her mind, she brought up a hand to cup his cheek while his tongue began to dance cautiously around hers.

    It was almost like he was afraid she would run from him, filling her with a poignant sorrow for this being.  This strange creature wearing the skin of a man.  This dark beast that was wrapping her in a shaking hold while his kiss slowly grew less and less timid.  Gradually, he positioned himself over her smaller frame; taking over for her with a careful nip of sharp teeth.  Large but gentle hands cradled wide hips as a low rumble reverberated into her mouth.  Releasing her lips, he nipped eagerly at her pulse; hands moving to unbutton the skin tight jeans she had chosen to wear.

    Finally, they came free; moving down her legs along with the silken material of her red panties.  Next came her shirt and her bra, leaving her exposed before a superstar.  Suddenly feeling self conscious, she shielded her body from his inscrutable gaze.  While she wasn’t ugly, she also wasn’t the supermodel she had seen hanging off of many of these guys.  She had fat clinging to her belly and thighs, not to mention the stretchmarks on her slightly saggy breasts.  She was nowhere near pretty enough to be the first female he brought down here.

    It was only gentle but insistent pulling on her hands that brought her focus back on the wrestler above her.  A faint glare was now on his pale visage, nostrils flared as black eyes fixed on hers.  It was like he was pissed that she dared to hide herself from him but was unwilling to simply uncover her by force.  Nodding in response to the unspoken message, she spread her arms to allow him to see her once more.  Humming in approval, he placed his left hand under the corresponding breast; weighing it thoughtfully.

    Some of his hair falling in his face, Undertaker leaned forward to take her pink nipple into his cold mouth.  Gasping at the unfamiliar sensation, she looked down at the bottomless eyes fixed on her face.  Even if he wasn’t as human as he looked, she quickly found herself not caring.  He wasn’t doing anything to harm her when he could easily just take everything he wanted from her.  Cautiously, she wove her fingers into his surprisingly soft locks.  When he closed his eyes and purred around her, she felt encouraged.

    Giving her taut flesh a few, skilled licks, he stealthily moved a hand to her wet nethers.  When rough but chilled fingers met her hot flesh, she let out a soft cry of surprise while her back arched from the spark of pleasure that ran through her.  Releasing her breast, the towering male made his way down her quivering body until his goateed mouth was level with her slit.  That electricity from earlier was increased tenfold, her back arching while a moan left her lips.  Hands scrabbling at her hips for a few moments, the Phenom got to work.

    Each caress of his talented muscle set off a shudder through her, building up the fire within her to a nearly unbearable inferno.  The low growls he was letting out were only helping, drawing her toward something powerful and magical at the same time.  Something she had never been able to achieve with her own hand.  Then his tongue was dipping into her wet cavern and she was tipping over that sweet edge.  Falling apart with his name on his tongue.  Then, her vision was graying out; Undertaker pulling away from her long enough to lay her in his coffin.  Instead of doing anything to satisfy himself, he simply curled up beside her, keeping an eye on her while she slept.

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