Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Disclaimer #3:  I don’t own and have never met Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.  This is fiction, just for fun and no profit will be made from it.


Author’s Note:  Taker may be a tad... overprotective.


Chapter Five:  Questions Best not Asked


    Soft breaths filled the stone chamber, the smaller figure on top shifting lazily while blue eyes slowly opened.  Waking up cuddled up to one of the biggest names in the world was still a bit surreal. Not to mention the environment surrounding her.  Every moment she was here, she was expecting to wake up at home; all of it having been an odd dream. Kissing a goateed chin, she couldn’t help but smile when his ebony eyes opened to meet hers.  “Morning you. You did great yesterday,” she praised, doing her best to hide just how nervous she was. Unfortunately, ‘Taker wasn’t fooled in the least.

    Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he was lifting her from the casket bed; setting her on her feet before getting out himself.  Raising a brow, he crossed his bulging, tattooed arms across his chest. Knowing she had been caught, Sam rubbing the back of her head like a guilty child; avoiding his dark gaze while shuffling her bare feet against the stones.  “I... I wanted to go out to see some of the other wrestlers. Find out a bit about the men I’m going to be around for the rest of my natural life,” came a simple request.

    “No,” growled the response she had both expected and feared.  Then he was turning his back, heading to the table in the center of the room like the discussion had ended.

    Nibbling her lower lip, she gathered her courage before following him.  “You can’t expect me to want to stay in this room for the rest of my life.  Besides, it would give me an opportunity to decide for myself who’s dangerous and who isn’t,” she pleaded, hated how whiny she sounded.  She wasn’t all that encouraged when it felt like she might as well have been talking to a brick wall.

    “Not all of them can be as bad as you think.  I mean, Sting seemed to be alright,” she blurted, her hands clamping over her mouth the instant the words were out of her mouth.

    In an instant, he was back on his feet; towering over her with a glower on his intimidating visage.  “He introduced himself yesterday, during your fight. He said a few things that perked my interest. I just want an opportunity to figure out what’s happening here.  Maybe even make a few friends,” reasoned a small voice that almost didn’t sound like her own while she struggled to meet his gaze. After a few moments, he slumped; sighing as he gave a reluctant nod.  Apprehension replaced with joy, she nearly tackled the behemoth in her joy; planting a noisy kiss on his bristly cheek.

    Punk, Rock and Hogan were having a spirited discussion when the thinnest among them spotted a certain superstar.  “Don’t look now guys but the ice king has allowed his pet a bit of time among us lower beings,” the wiry troublemaker whispered, a genuine smile on his goateed face despite the harshness of his words.

    “And you’re hanging out with someone like Rock here?” teased the flaxen haired male to his right, getting a glare from the bronze skinned fighter across from him.

    Before any of them could move Sting was stalking past the trio, leveling Punk in particular with a scowl.  Then he was heading off the pair, narrowing his eyes at the wrestler that towered above him. “Glad you at least came with her.  I’m sure you already know just who’s itching to cause problems,” murmured his raspy baritone, crimson eyes flicking down to briefly land on Sam.  At the moment, she was safely ensconced in ‘Taker’s arms; making it a wonder she could breathe at all. A soft rumble was the only response, the muscles around her tensing briefly.

    “Easy, I don’t think he wants to hurt me,” she assured, getting a doubtful scowl before the cage of flesh around her loosened.

    “Yeah, we’re as harmless as can be,” chirped a smarmy mid-tone that was beginning to spell trouble.  Not only did the ‘Dead Man’ shove her bodily behind himself, but Sting also placed himself in the way; getting ready for a fight.

    Peeking around the built wall of her lover, she saw none other than the cocky male that called himself C.M. Punk.  Yet, despite how apprehensive the others were, he seemed all bark and very little bite. While he wanted to get ‘Taker’s dander up, she highly doubted he was going to do anything to outright hurt her.  “Stand down boys,” sighed her weary voice as she stepped around the pair that were insisting on protecting her. Ignoring their attempts to stop her, she held a hand out to the lithe but built man in front of her.

    “Nice to see you again,” chimed a greeting that hung in the air.

    Blinking, the self made mischief maker found himself a bit stunned at the genuine offer of friendship.  Pursing his lips, he gripped her hand briefly before retracting his wrapped appendage. “Same here. You already met Hulkster and Rock.  Guess all that leaves is Heartbreak Kid, Triple H and Hitman,” he found himself responding before leading her deeper into the massive room.  A room that appeared to be a gathering area of sorts. All manner of costumed men lingered in various spots, all seeming to lack a certain life that the others had possessed.  It was almost like they were background extras or something, making an unpleasant shiver crawl down her spine.

    As they got closer to a table in the back of the room, she was forced to focus on the strangers conversing around it.  Seeing them coming, a sandy haired man on the end of the table got to his feet; revealing the fact he was wearing black and white pants emblazoned with a broken heart sigil.  Giving her a suave smile, he offered his hand to Sam. “Name’s Heartbreak Kid. What’s yours my little kitten,” purred his mid-tone as he pulled her closer. Ignoring the displeased noises of ‘Taker, who was still several feet behind her, she gave a falsely simpering smile at the stranger.

    “My name is none of your business until you learn how to properly respect me.  Besides, I’m with him; hotpants,” hissed her voice, taking a vicious turn as she began to practically crush his hand while she gestured to Undertaker with the other.

    Letting out a cry of pain, he yanked himself free; cursing quietly while she and Punk continued on to the other two.  Acting like nothing happened, a man clad in pink and black offered his hand after removing thick shades so he could meet her gaze.  Brown orbs sparked from under curly, black locks as she clasped his hand, receiving a kind smile in return. “Name’s Hitman,” he husked out in a lightly accented voice before releasing her.  The bearded man next to him simply watched, a rather severe expression on his chiseled face.

    “I don’t see any need to introduce myself to some whore who likely doesn’t give a shit about the man Vince gave her to,” growled out a voice that sounded like the very plates of the Earth rubbing together.

    Before Sam could respond, ‘Taker had closed the distance; murder clear in his bottomless gaze.  Getting to his feet, the brunette flung the table out of the way; upper lip lifting to reveal his teeth.  “H!” Sting called out, voice holding a hint of command. Tensing his jaw, Triple H stood down reluctantly; nostrils flaring.

    “She may have you fooled but it’ll take more than an innocent face to convince me she’s not some trap Vince has set!  You know what he’s like!  We all do!” hissed the tanned, half clothed man, dark eyes landing on Sam for a split second.

    In a swift motion, the Phenom had the other fighter by the throat; his eyes burning with a deadly emotionlessness.  With a quick snap, he could end this other person’s life and not think anything more of it. In this moment, he well and truly was a monster.  Yet, Samantha was moving toward him; grabbing the arm holding Triple H in a loose grip. Dead, shark-like eyes met hers, making fear slither down her spine.  “Don’t, please...,” whispered her meek voice, every atom in her body screaming at her to run away.

    Seeming to contemplate her words, he slowly released the brunette’s neck.  “Thank you,” Sam whispered before moving between the two giants to prevent any further conflict.

    “I can’t say anything to convince you of my innocence but I just ask you let my actions speak for me.  I’m not who you think I am,” she murmured, leaning into the man behind her to help diffuse him just a bit further.

    Almost immediately, well built, tattooed arms were wrapping around her protectively.  Unimpressed, Triple H glared at the small woman before shaking his head. Without another word, he stormed out of the room; shoving past one of the people that seemed to be not quite there despite the fact they were very solid.  “Don’t mind him. He’s been cuckolded by Vince more than once and I think he’s afraid to let anyone near his heart ever again,” Punk explained, brow furrowed.

    “Really?  Is McMahon really that awful?” whispered the stunned female, blue eyes sparkling with sympathy and fury.  As far as she was concerned, messing with someone’s feelings was the height of scummy behavior.

    “Darlin’, you don’t know the half of it.  He’s done some fucked up things just for the audience.  Even going so far as so have H rape a dead body,” Heartbreak sighed, a disgusted grimace on his handsome features.

    Shuddering, she found herself glad she had only recently started to follow wrestling.  If she had seen half of what Vince had forced on these men, she would have been far too disgusted to attend a match in person.  As it was, she was beginning to understand just why ‘Taker was so apprehensive whenever the man had been around. So far, the Dead Man had shown no chinks in his emotional armor.  Until she had come along.  Feeling unsettled, Sam found herself wanting to change the subject.  “So... what’s the story with the guys milling around here. They seem a bit... different,” she blurted, taking everyone by surprise.

    “Because they’re not really alive.  Whatever we are, they are something different.  They are simply used in fights, to be thrown away and reused as a different character the next time,” growled a voice to her left, drawing her attention to Sting.

    “Some of us used to be like them.  Just waiting for a missing piece of ourselves to come back.  Odd thing was, the more the audience cheered for us; the more we became what we are now,” he continued, seeming to know more about what was happening than any of the others.

    “There were only a few exceptions.  Undertaker, myself and Triple H,” murmured his raspy voice, crimson eyes fixing on her own.

    “I was among the first,” growled from above her, drawing her gaze to the man currently shielding her with his own arms.

    “So was I and I still do not remember just what I am.  Just that I am not supposed to be in this reality,” Sting responded, glaring up at the slightly taller man beside him.

    Frowning slightly, Sam rubbed the Phenom’s lower arms soothingly as she mulled over everything that had been said and what it implied.  Just as she had thought, there was a lot more going on under the surface here. Unfortunately, she was no closer to figuring out what it was or why ‘Taker seemed to be more dead than the rest of them.  The only person would did was Vince and he would likely be unwilling to share, even with her being stuck in this crazy place. Feeling frustrated, she leaned back into her lover; enjoying his scent despite the rotting undertone.

    While she was distracted, Punk began to move away from the group; a thoughtful expression on his goateed visage.  He remembered the most of this bunch despite the fact he was the most recent. Maybe it had to do with who he really was.  Who he had been before he had been brought here.  Yet, he wasn’t sure he should share what he remembered with the others.  The last thing he wanted was to be reset like anyone else that had gotten too close to the truth.  He had no idea who was loyal to Vince and he had to watch his step.

    Only noticing his absence some time later, Sam made a mental note to pursue him later.  Maybe, just maybe, there was something he was trying to hide. For the moment however, she was all too glad to disappear back to the ‘dungeon’ with ‘Taker.  Meeting all these men and learning as much as she had was exhausting. Not being all that social, all she wanted was some peace and quiet. A moment to relax.  A fact her partner seemed to sense. In a sudden movement, she was scooped up into his arms and they were heading back to the sanctuary of his room.

    As soon as they were past his door, he was setting her on her feet before shedding his trenchcoat and hat.  Realizing they were alone, the massive man seemed to relax; a weary expression crossing his goateed face. “I imagine that was a tad more hectic than you’re used to,” Sam observed, taking a seat while her own tension drained out of her muscles.  A chuff from the fighter across from her told her his exact feelings on the matter.

    “I just hope you’re willing to do it every so often.  I like a few of the wrestlers I met today and would like to get to know them just a bit better,” she murmured, laying across the table while her companion took a seat close to her.

    Giving her a skeptical glance, he simply gave a nod before pulling her into his lap and nuzzling into her hair.  “Just be careful around C.M. Punk and H. Punk likes to cause trouble and H... he just doesn’t like anyone,” grumbled his worried response while his lips rested on the crown of her head.

    “I don’t think Punk will hurt me.  Though he might flirt with me just to rile you up,” she pointed out playfully, earning a low snarl from the man she was sitting on.

    Giggling, she leaned back so she she could look up at the fighter she had fallen in love with so quickly.  Pursing his lips, he rubbed his nose along hers affectionately before taking her lips in a gentle but possessive kiss.  Teeth nibbled at her lips between swipes of his tongue, a guttural noise escaping him while his right hand came to settle on her lower stomach.  After endless moments, he pulled away to allow her a single gulp of air. “Mine,” husked out of him before he was taking command of her mouth once more.

    Breaking the liplock with a gasp, Sam panted while he began to nibble her neck; his facial hair scratching pleasantly against her skin.  “Of course I’m yours. You’re the only one I want,” husked quick assurances while his hands lifted her shirt to explore the expanse of her torso.  Eventually, they settled over her bra; a displeased sound issuing from above her and making her chuckle.

    “Didn’t think you’d want me to show off the girls to just anyone,” purred a good point before he was dipping his hands into the lacy cups to play with her sensitive nipples.

    Aware of the hardness growing under her butt, she ground daringly against the bulge; moaning when he rewarded her with a pinch to her buds.  Teeth settled on the nape of her neck as he began to grind into her, soft rumbles bubbling from deep inside his chest. With a quick motion, he was tearing the restrictive garment from her chest; his breaths becoming hot and heavy while his movements became more insistent.  Both hands now encompassed her breasts, callused fingers dancing over erect nodules of flesh. Quiet, animalistic noises came from Sam, her insides turning into a hot magma from the electricity seeming to arc between them.

    Something unknown to both of them was craving this union, only adding fuel to the wildfire building between them.  Soon, he was tearing off her shirt; his hands moving down to rest on her hips while his thighs shuddered under her.  Taking a moment to catch her breath, she gave a nod with a feeling of apprehension. While he had already taken her hymen on their first night together, this was her first time taking a man.  As if sensing her nerves, ‘Taker’s hold relaxed as his kisses became less urgent and more gentle. Smiling, she took in a breath before moving to get off him.

    While his endless eyes burned into her, Samantha slid her jeans over her hips; taking her panties with them.  Despite the fact he had seen her naked twice before, she still felt self conscious. Especially when he got to his feet, easily towering over her as he slowly approached her.  Lifting his shirt over his head slowly, he smirked when he noticed she had flushed a bright pink. Now only wearing his tight wrestling pants, ‘Taker reached for her cheek before leaning down to rest his forehead against hers.  It was like he was doing his best to set her at ease, making her smile despite her extreme amount of nervousness.

    Letting out a shaky breath, she reached out to undo the button of his jeans; the sound of his zipper going down seeming very final.  Forcing her breathing to remain steady, she reached out to take the cold flesh in her hands; more prepared for the temperature after the last time.  Despite knowing very little about him, she instinctually trusted this man. So, taking a deep breath, she began to move her hand slowly. Like before, the man in front of her stiffened; his breathing hitching like he could barely believe she was deigning to touch him.  Soon, however, he was reaching down to stop her motions; his dark orbs holding a deep hunger in them.

    Nibbling her lower lip, she stood on tiptoes to kiss under his hairy chin while his large hands settled over her back.  Slowly, one of his hands travelled to her left thigh; lifting it so it wrapped around him. This, of course, allowed his impressive erection to press directly against her hot and eager core.  For days, she had been anticipating this; the connection between them only making this moment sweeter. As he thrust against her, something began to tickle in the back of her head. Something like a memory.  Flashes of a bloody river and a boat made of bones and half rotted bodies. Wretched things that seemed to be alive despite their desiccated condition.

    A name passed her lips, one that did not belong to her partner.  Yet, it seemed right as every muscle in his body went tense. Picking up her other thigh, he made sure she had a tight grip with her legs before wrapping both arms around her waist.  Moving to a stone wall, he seemed to relish the surprised squeak she made when her back pressed against the icy surface. Nosing into the crook of her neck, he used his weight against her to hold her in place while he removed one hand to position himself.  Feeling him nudging at her hot entrance with his unnatural flesh, Sam leaned into the contact instead of shying away. Meeting his eyes with hers, she let out a lusty moan as he slowly slid into her.

    While she was stretched almost uncomfortably, it felt like two halves making a whole.  Like their very souls were meeting again after a long and unwanted separation. Dark eyes widening, ‘Taker husked out a name that was not hers but felt right all the same.  Cupping her cheek while blood tainted tears ran down his white cheeks, he began to move as his lips descended over hers. Gasping into his cool mouth, she rested her hands on his clammy back while he began a slow, torturous rhythm.

    Despite begging for him to go faster, he seemed determined to take his time; to savor the moment.  Huffing through his nose while his hips gyrated in a maddening manner, he shook his ebony locks out of his face so he could look into her eyes.  Then she was slowly tipping over the edge, only the feeling of ‘Taker’s arms keeping her anchored to reality while she floated. Feeling something warm fill her insides, she felt herself shudder as some part of her hoped she would get pregnant.  “I love you,” husked out of her as she dozed in and out of consciousness, the feeling of the giant above her shuddering in the aftermath putting a smile on her face.

    “I love you too Sam,” rasped a breathless response before she was swept up into his arms and they were both lying in his coffin bed.  Closing her eyes while she cuddled into his naked chest, she allowed herself to drift off into a very deep and peaceful sleep.

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