Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Author’s Note:  I have loads of strange plans for this.  Don’t be surprised if I only use the various stage names for the wrestlers.  There’s a good reason for it.


Chapter Two: The Backstage Experience


    Faint screams in the background were what ultimately woke her up, her body sitting up before her eyes were even open.  Staring into the endless darkness, Sam desperately tried to remember where she was and why she could smell blood lingering in the air.  When she felt someone shift on the mattress beside her, it all came rushing back.  Still, she made no move to fight when a pair of muscular arms wrapped around her waist loosely.  Facial hair surrounded lips rested on her neck before her host was laying her back in the over-sized coffin.  It almost felt like he was trying to tell her it was safe and she should go back to sleep.

    Rolling so she was facing the wrestler, she stared at his dark silhouette while her eyes gradually adjusted.  When she had bought tickets to the show, spending the night with Undertaker had been the last thing on her mind.  Not to mention just how weird things were around her.  It almost felt like she had stepped into another reality entirely.  A reality where things like the law didn’t matter and it frankly scared the shit out of her.  Nestling into the chest of the man she had come here to watch, she felt a bit safer when he simply held her tightly against him.

    Some part of her was more than a little sad that this would all end tomorrow.  They hadn’t even made love yet.  A fact she was still more than a little surprised about.  With all the stories she had heard about trysts with the others, she hadn’t expected things to end at oral.  Even now, she had some expectations that he would try to initiate sex now that she was awake.  Instead, his large hand rubbed her back in an effort to lure her back to slumber.  Deciding not to question it, Sam let out a long yawn before giving him a timid kiss under his chin.

    Making a noise that could be a purr, ‘Taker reciprocated with a kiss to her forehead.  For a man many considered a monster, he was being strangely sweet with her.  She certainly hadn’t thought him capable of anything like this just looking at him.  “Thanks for tonight.  Its the strangest thing but... I almost feel connected to you.  Sounds silly doesn’t it?” came out of her as she began to doze.  The male holding her shook his head, cupping her left cheek with one hand.  This caused the same jolt of electricity to jump between them, drawing a gasp from her as she woke up just slightly.

    “You... you feel it too,” whispered out of her, her vision adjusting enough to make out dark eyes locked on hers.  Nodding, the Phenom gave her lips a chaste kiss before giving a quiet, irritated huff.

    “I know.  You want me to sleep.  Don’t worry, I’ll go back to slumberland soon,” came an assurance despite the fact she should have no worldly idea what he was trying to tell her.

    Ignoring all the questions due to exhaustion, Samantha simply closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift.  Soon, she was slipping into the easy comfort of her dreams.  Dreams that involved someone that looked a lot like Undertaker and a river of blood.  Dreams about a huge beast guarding the entrance to this place and feeding the thing treats.  She could even feel it coarse, black fur under her hand while it wagged its unusual tail.  A tail she couldn’t quite see.  In fact, like most dreams, the details were blurry.  The only thing that stood out clearly, was the face of her ethereal companion.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    It wasn’t the sun or birds chirping that signalled the coming of another day.  It was the absence of her odd, temporary roommate.  Still, something in the back of her head told her that he wasn’t gone.  Opening her eyes slowly, she was reminded of the fact torches were being used for lighting by the lack of pain.  Staring at the high, satin lined wood around her, Sam sat up carefully.  Looking around the dungeon-like room, she wasn’t too surprised to see ‘Taker sitting in one of the few chairs furnishing the decently large space.

    There were several bookshelves lining the walls, packed with volumes of varying ages.  There were also a couple dressers as well as a table placed on top of a small square of crimson carpet.  Every piece of furniture was made out of a black colored wood that seemed to hold a natural lacquer.  It had to have cost a fortune to furnish this place.  Not to mention the fact that the entire room was made of large, stone bricks.  Still, she was soon distracted by her current problem.

    Staring over the side of the coffin made into a bed, she was more than a little intimidated by how high they were.  It would be near impossible for her to get out on her own.  As if sensing her thoughts, her silent host was getting to his feet; an amused expression on his unnaturally pale face.  Without his ebony hair in the way, she could see all his features quite clearly.  Despite having a rather intimidating face, the smile he wore softened the hard edges.  Bending his tall body, he easily lifted her out; placing her on her feet.  Then he was motioning toward the table he had just vacated.

    Blinking, she only had a moment to wonder what he wanted before there was a knock on the door.  Moving toward the steel portal, ‘Taker opened it to reveal a smiling Paul Bearer.  Piggy eyes moving, his smile faltered when he saw the woman was still in the room.  The few that Kane brought here always ran as soon as they could get away.  Looking up at his ward with a questioning expression, he startled when the silver dome he was carrying was snatched out of his pudgy hands.  Then the door was unceremoniously shut in his face.

    Turning back to her, her host raised a brow when he saw she had yet to take a seat.  Blinking, she nervously moved over to one of the two chairs.  While she was a bit surprised, Sam certainly wasn’t going to turn down a free breakfast.  Moving a lock of her ebony hair behind her ear, she was feeling more than a bit flustered.  A soft chuckle brought her attention back to ‘Taker just as he set the dome down in the center of the table.  Removing the top with a flourish, he revealed a massive breakfast.  There was a veritable mountain of pancakes, a pile of scrambled eggs, a mass of crispy bacon and several pieces of toast.  It looked more like it was meant for twenty people rather than just one man.

    Moving to a small cupboard, the warrior pulled out two plates as well as silverware; answering her questions about how she was going to eat the banquet in front of her.  Taking a good amount of the food, Sam was a bit surprised when her host simply pulled aside a few strips of bacon.  “You’re not hungry?” she ventured, hoping he wouldn’t mind the question.  Meeting her gaze carefully, the much larger male slowly shook his head before nibbling on a piece of fried pork strip.  Confused but not willing to push it further, she shrugged it off before digging in.  If he didn’t want to eat, that was his business.  Besides, it wasn’t like she had much of a say in what he did.

    Breakfast was a silent affair, a fact that wasn’t surprising given how much of a chatterbox ‘Taker had been so far.  Still, Sam had hoped he would ask her what her name was or how to contact her.  No matter how silly the desire was.  While he was a superstar with his pick of groupies, she found herself wanting to have a relationship with him.  Especially with the odd connection they seemed to both feel.  Looking down at her clean plate, she felt a pang of regret that she would have to leave now.  “Thanks... for last night,” murmured from her lips, her heart slowly beginning to turn into a painful ball in her chest while she got to her feet.  This was hurting a lot more than she thought it would.

    Tilting his head to one side, the ‘Dead Man’ was slowly getting to his feet; brow crinkling slightly.  Smiling at him to show it was okay, she moved a lock of her ebony hair behind her ear before walking toward the heavy metal door they had come through the other night.  “If you could somehow call for Paul Bearer, I can get out of your hair and we can both get on with our lives,” she announced, forcing a smile on her face while feeling like everything inside her was being ripped out at once.  Understanding dawning on ‘Taker’s face, he shot out a hand to grab her wrist before fairly yanking her away from the entry.

    With a firm shake of his head, he pulled her against his body before wrapping his arms tight around her.  Flushing while a burst of elation blossomed inside her breast, she soon found herself brought down quickly by reality.  While it would be like a fairytale to live here and be with this mysterious man 24/7, she had a job to return to.  Not to mention her family and friends on the outside.  There was also the fact he was probably just trying to help her feel better about what was going on.  There was no logical reason he would want her to move after one night.  They hadn’t even had sex for crying out loud.

    Sighing as she allowed herself to lay her cheek against his built pecs, she felt her tears come despite trying to remain strong.  “I appreciate you trying to make me feel better by pretending I mean more to you than I do but its okay.  Really.  I’m not new to the game celebrities play.  I’ve read more than enough to have a good idea that most of these situations are meant to be one night only,” she tried to reason, tilting her head back so she could look at him.  When she saw the stern, almost frightening visage his was infamous for, she felt the beginnings of unease.

    “No,” growled his deep voice, the singular word seeming to almost echo through her entire body.

    It it was only one syllable, it held more power than when anyone else spoke.  In fact, it told Samantha all she needed to know about his true feelings about her leaving.  Happiness replacing the sorrow squeezing around her heart, her logic forced a rather feeble argument against something they both obviously wanted.  “But, what about my life on the outside?  My job?  My family?  My friends?” came a fairly reasonable question.  Instead of answering, ‘Taker tightened his hold on her.  Before she could say anything else, there was another knock.

    Looking down at Sam with heavy concern, the wrestler seemed hesitant to release her so he could see who his visitor was.  Realizing this, she gave him a reassuring grin.  “Its okay.  I’m not going to run away from you,” she asserted.  Still, he was very reluctant to loosen his hold even a little.  With what looked like an extreme effort on his part, ‘Taker slowly unwound his arms from around his feminine visitor.  Giving her a rather stern glance, he moved toward the door; acting like she was some wayward cat that would scoot around his legs as soon as the door was open wide enough.  It almost made her laugh, his utterly serious expression being the only thing keeping the merriment at bay.

    “Really, I promise,” she whispered, meeting his bottomless eyes carefully.  Giving her an endless stare, he gave a simple nod before slowly swinging the door open.

    It was no surprise to either of them that Paul Bearer was there, smiling up at the man he considered his ward.  “Vince wants to see you both,” squeaked his abnormally high voice, his jowls jiggling slightly when he turned his head to look at Sam.  Seeing him on TV did no justice to just how much like a corpse both he and the Phenom looked.  Combined with the odd taste she had noticed while kissing the fighter, she began to feel the slightest bit uneasy.  Not to mention the screams that had disturbingly faded into a sort of background noise.  What the Hell was going here?  Whatever it was, she was starting to have a sense she had long lost her ability to opt out of it.

    Seeing this man in person, touching him; it had awoken something in her.  Something that almost ached to be near him.  Something that was almost impossible to deny.  As apprehensive as she was, she really didn’t think she’d be happy if she went back to the ‘real world’.  She’d be thinking about the superstar almost constantly, wondering if she had imagined all of it.  In all honesty, she’d end up back here sooner or later and would cause the both of them a lot of pain.  Still, could she say she was really ready for such a heavy commitment.  A slight choking sound brought her back to the here and now.

    Returning her focus to her host, she was more than shocked to see him lifting the man he considered his father by his wattled neck.  Rushing forward to place a hand on ‘Taker’s left bicep, she felt her protest die in her throat when he shot her a look out of the corner of his eye.  Licking her lips, she backed away with a vaguely fluttery feeling in the center of her chest.  Nostrils flaring, her host’s eyes widened before he was slowly setting Paul down.  Turning toward her, he went to one knee and opened his arms.  It was like he was making an effort to seem less frightening.

    Still, the young woman was hesitant.  To see him so violent outside the ring somehow brought it home how dangerous he could be under the right circumstances.  He was a fighter and seemed to have an odd distance from other humans.  In fact, with the exception of her or Paul, he didn’t seem to really react to much.  Not that she had been around him long enough to really know that for sure.  It could be that yesterday was just how he acted when he was ‘in character’.  Still, something deep inside her told her this wasn’t the case.

    After some contemplation, Sam began to approach ‘Taker.  For some reason, it felt like she was crossing some threshold she could never come back over.  The glimmer that came into the wrestler’s ebony eyes didn’t help this suspicion.  Yet, she couldn’t back down now.  Even with her heart racing at about 100mph.  Stubbornness had always been both a blessing and a curse.  Despite any logic, she bent to wrap her arms around his neck.  For some reason, she felt right at home.

    Relaxing just slightly, Undertaker hugged her back gently.  Breathing out in a quiet huff, he gave her cheek a kiss before straightening.  “I know you don’t like Vince but that was no reason to attack me,” grumbled the overweight assistant, bringing their attention back to the fact that he was still there.

    “Besides, if you want her to stay; you two will have to straighten things out,” he pointed out, bringing a look of worry onto ‘Taker’s pale face.  While Sam hadn’t followed wrestling for long, she was well aware of how much of an asshole Vince McMahon was.  What she didn’t understand was why on Earth the man had any right to demand anything.  As far as she knew, he was just an announcer.

    A large hand wrapping around hers startled her out of her thoughts.  Looking up, she saw that her host almost seemed scared.  A man who had shown no reaction to someone like Mankind was afraid of Vince.  Suddenly, she wasn’t all that sure if she wanted to go through with this anymore.  Suddenly, she was filled with a strong urge to run.  To run and never look back.  Unfortunately, it was far too late for any of that now.  Had been since she had seen the dungeon that came before his room and didn’t flee while screaming.  Not to mention the fact that she had pretty much already agreed to stay.  At least until they had sorted out whether she was really going to stay here or not.

    Brow furrowing, the 7’ tall male simply bent to scoop her up into his arms.  It was like he was trying to tell her, in his own way, that he would make sure she was safe.  Unable to argue, Sam simply nuzzled into his defined pecs while he began to move.  Despite the worry as well as questions buzzing through her head, the combination of motion as well as scent had her dozing off.  Thankfully, he woke her just before they reached Vince’s office.  Yawning and opening her eyes, she felt her anxiety return when she saw the rather ornate door in front of her.  It was mahogany, elaborate designs hand carved into the highly polished wood.  It was almost like looking at the door of someone of great importance, not some two bit narrator for a fight.

    Looking up at Undertaker, Paul Bearer raised a pudgy hand to knock.  Before his dimpled knuckles could land, the entry was swinging open with a skin crawling creak.  “Enter,” commanded a familiar voice, one she and millions of others had heard officiate innumerable matches.  Growling low in his chest, the Phenom frowned before moving into a large but very well lit room.  The carpet was a lush, red affair and the walls were painted a nearly blinding white.  There were several bookshelves line with VHS tapes, all having to do with the company or the wrestlers.  At the opposite end of the room was a large, Oak desk; polished to a mirror sheen.  Behind said desk was Vince himself.

    Smiling in an almost kindly manner, the gray haired male motioned to the pair of chairs positioned at the front of the desk.  “Take a seat,” purred a request that sounded a lot more like a demand.  Making a displeased noise, the current star of the company walked forward; boots thudding on the thick carpet.

    “Thank you for bringing my message but you are no longer needed. You may leave now,” snapped another command when Paul made a move to join the pair.

    Blinking, the fairly short assistant frowned slightly before doing as he had been ordered.  As soon as the door was shut, Vince’s startlingly blue eyes were focusing on Undertaker solely.  For the longest time, there was only silence.  The entire time, Samantha wished she could simply disappear into the wrestler holding her.  “Not everyday you have a woman spend the night ‘Taker.  In fact, I would say this is the first time you’ve ever done it.  I’m impressed.  Most of the others had groupies coming in on their first day,” murmured a soft, oddly neutral voice.  Then his gaze was slowly shifting to the dark haired femme.

    “What’s your name hun?” came a deceptively gentle question.

    Not really wanting to reveal her identity, she simply gave him a blank stare while ‘Taker’s arms tensed slightly around her.  Instead of getting angry, the man across from them merely chuckled; brushing off the lapels of his gray suit coat like he didn’t have a care in the world.  “You don’t trust me.  Its okay, I’m a practical stranger.  I’m also sure the fact our friend is so tense isn’t exactly a glowing review of my character.  I’ll make things a bit easier for you by revealing a small tidbit about myself no one in the public knows.  I own this whole show,” came a declaration that explained everything.  In fact, all Sam could do was stare.

    “Now, your name hun?” he cooed, his voice dripping with a fake sweetness.

    “S-samantha,” stammered out of her, causing a sharp intake of breath from the star holding her.

    “Alright Samantha.  You have accidentally stumbled into something your little mind couldn’t possibly comprehend.  Something that goes beyond what most people would consider ‘normal’.  Because of this, I’m afraid I can’t allow you to leave,” he announced, sounding like he was commenting on nothing more interesting than the weather.

    Blinking, she wondered if she had heard right; Undertaker letting out a continual rumble of displeasure.  While he hadn’t been intending on allowing her to leave anyway, he seemed particularly incensed that Vince had been the one to pull the trigger.  “Of course, you will be allowed contact with your family.  Under specific conditions, naturally.  You will be well cared for and will want for nothing,” continued the voice of the owner, fading into a drone while her thoughts began to whirl in a panicked circle.

    There was no way any of this could be legal.  Yet, something deep inside her told her that didn’t matter in this case.  “Why...  None of the other women had to stay,” came out of her in a stunned murmur, halting Vince’s spiel.

    “Undertaker here... he and his brother are special exceptions.  Any woman that spends the night must either be paid off or forced to stay,” he pointed out.

    “Then why not just offer me some cash?” she protested, regretting the words as soon as they were out of her mouth.  Whatever was going on between her and the ‘Dead Man’ was worth more than any amount of money.

    “I don’t think you’d take it dear.  Now, you’ve heard everything I have to say.  You’re both free to go,” McMahon dismissed, waving at them with a lazy movement of his hand.  It was like they were no longer worthy of his attention.

    Taking the opportunity, the Phenom got to his feet and left the room.  As soon as they were outside, he was placing her on her feet.  Sighing, the larger male seemed a mixture of guilty as well as slightly surprised.  There wasn’t even the smallest bit of hurt from her careless words.  It was like he could read her mind, the thought giving her an odd chill.  “Its okay.  I was probably going to stay anyway,” she pointed out before beginning to head back the way they had come.  Falling in step beside her, Undertaker told her hand in a loose hold; not releasing her for the entirety of the journey.

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