Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf666
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Author’s Note:  I know, I’m raising more questions than I am answering them.  Don’t worry, all will be revealed in due time!


Chapter Eight: Stirring Memories


    The scent of sulphur, death and blood.  The sounds of tormented souls mixing with those of demons and hellhounds.  A boat made of the bodies of the dead, some rotting while others were nothing but bone.  A massive beast with three heads, black fur and a snake for a tail. A woman that looks hauntingly like Samantha.  A man that eerily looks like Undertaker dressed in black robes and holding a wooden staff topped with the carving of a skull.  The feeling of intense love and loyalty with an undercurrent of dread. Like something awful was going to happen to the pair.

    Gasping, ‘Taker opened his bottomless eyes; his arms tightening around his sleeping lover.  It almost felt like he was on the verge of remembering something. Something that could be very important and seemed to center around the woman on top of him.  Frowning slightly, he stared up at the stone ceiling; thinking until she began to stir. “Mmmmn. Morning,” hummed a sleep muzzed voice, soft lips landing on his chin.  Instinctually sitting up, the wrestler set his lover on the floor but made no move to get out of the coffin bed himself.

    Unaware of her partner’s distress, Sam went over to the table the urn had been set on.  Running a careful hand over its steel surface, she shuddered when a shock of electricity travelled from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.  Body going stiff, she inhaled deeply while images flashed before her wide eyes. Images that went by far too fast for her to pick out anything but carried an emotional weight anyway.  By the time it was all over, unconscious tears were rolling down her cheeks. “What the Hell was that?!” whispered out of her as she turned to look at the Phenom.  To her shock, he was right where she had left him; his emotionless eyes meeting hers steadily.

    For a moment, silence passed between the pair, the infamous male unnaturally still.  Then he was lifting himself out of his casket, his bare feet hitting the stone with a sharp slap.  Pulling on his boots first, he made his way over to her; stopping just a few inches from touching her.  After another few beats of ear ringing quiet and disconcerting stillness, he slowly raised a hand to hover it over her right cheek.  Crinkling her brow in confusion, she leaned her head to one side so his skin could finally meet hers. “Memories,” growled out of him, making her jump out of her skin slightly.

    Feeling even more lost, she looked from him to the urn and back again.  Did him regaining some of his memories have anything to do with her being the new keeper of the container?  If that was the case, that raised more than a few disturbing implications about the odd object. Though, it wasn’t surprising given the power it seemed to have over her lover.  “What did you remember?” she ventured cautiously, meeting his dark, shark-like eyes.

    “I think you already know,” he responded quietly, removing his hand from her cheek to walk toward the steel door that lead to the outside.  Just as he reached it, a knock sounded on the metal.

    Opening the entry, the Phenom glowered down at his short, overweight assistant.  Offering the platter of food to his ‘adopted’ son, Paul Bearer gave a nervous smile.  Narrowing his eyes, ‘Taker snatched the platter and slammed the door in the other man’s face.  Growling low in his chest, the irritated fighter set the food on the table and pulled out a chair for Sam.  Unfortunately, she was too busy staring at the closed entry to notice. What had happened with Kane had affected her a lot more heavily than she had originally let on.  Because of this, just the sight of the ghoulish assistant made her freeze.

    Watching his lover in such deep distress only made the warrior more mad at the man that called himself his father.  Not to mention his supposed brother. Though, given what he had just recalled, he was seriously beginning to doubt everything he had been told.  Snapping his fingers in front of his beloved’s face, he waited until she was looking at him before taking her face in his large hands. Meeting her eyes carefully, he rested his forehead against hers.  “Neither of them will touch or dare come near you again,” hissed out of him while her wides eyes gazed up at him.

    “Somehow, I doubt Kane will be persuaded by a beating.  You weren’t there. You didn’t see how insane he was,” whispered her shaky voice, unconscious tears rolling down her pale cheeks.

    “Then I guess you’ll need a few more people watching your back,” responded a voice from the other end of the room.

    Both parties turned their heads to look at door to see C.M. Punk leaning on the frame with his arms folded over his chest.  Lifting his upper lip reflexively, Undertaker released Samantha to turn and glower at one of his long time rivals. Smirking, the mischief maker simply came into the room; closely followed by Sting.  “As much as I hate agreeing with Punk on anything, he’s right. Sam needs all the allies she can get. Especially with Vince being aware of how much she means to you,” he pointed out, glaring at the man that had led him here slightly.

    Smiling shakily at her guests, Sam walked over to the pair; hugging Sting and C.M. Punk in turn.  Then she was leading them to the table, finally taking her place near the head. Watching all of this with an aggitated expression, ‘Taker took a seat next to her.  The other two also took a seat, the painted warrior on the other side of the still shaking female. “After you two eat, I would suggest you go up to socialize with the others.  There are plenty of good men up there that would help protect you if given a chance,” the troublemaker murmured, seeming almost laid back as well as lazy.

    “There are just as many that are also under Vince’s thumb.  Including the two of us. If given a chance, he could use us to get to her,” the man next to him pointed out, make-up coated brow crinkling slightly.

    Punk merely shrugged in response, grabbing a piece of bacon; practically swallowing it whole.  “As much as I appreciate the concern, I can’t just rely on ‘Taker all the time. So, even if its a risk, I agree with C.M.,” Sam interjected quietly, staring down at her lap nervously.  After what had happened with Kane, she fully expected her lover to have an adverse reaction to her acquiescence. Unfortunately, she wasn’t disappointed. The Phenom immediately shot to his feet, pacing back and forth in a rather aggitated manner.

    “I don’t like any of this!  One snap of the fingers and Sam could be in real danger.  If I had my way, she wouldn’t have to make alliances with anyone,” the wrestler pointed out, running a large hand through his shoulder length, black hair.

    “I know but the reality is that you can’t be in two places at once.  Under these circumstances, wouldn’t it be better to have more eyes?” Punk pointed out while Sting pinched the bridge of his nose with an irate expression.

    “You’re making way too much sense today.  You sure you’re the same C.M. Punk I’ve known all these years,” the painted fighter questioned, a dark brow raised.

    Giggling, Samantha wiggled her eyebrows teasingly at her troublemaking friend while her massive lover took a seat to her left.  In fact, she was so focused on her acquaintances’ antics that she didn’t notice her partner glaring a hole in the table. Some of the things C.M. had said resonated with him.  Despite his odd powers, he truly couldn’t be everywhere. He had no choice but to agree with the mischief causing man he considered one of his rivals. A fact he despised more than he was willing to admit.  Wrapping an arm around his beloved, ‘Taker held her close to him while the shenanigans died down.

    After breakfast, the two intruders had finally vacated the room; leaving the Phenom with the woman he loved.  “We’d better go upstairs, hang out with some of the guys. But I want you to stay away from Triple H. He’s not that bad of a guy but he only listens to Vince and doesn’t trust anyone.  Especially me. He would turn on you in a heartbeat,” husked some advice before a strong hand was helping her to her feet.

    “There’s also the fact that we still don’t really know the reason why McMahon is keeping you a prisoner here.  I have a bad feeling he has something terrible planned because you are the only person to have woken me up. Before I met you, I was more like a zombie.  Simply living to fight,” he continued as he led her down the long, dark hall that led to the stairs.

    Despite the fear flooding her at the moment, Sam stared at her lover in awe.  This had been the most he had spoken yet. Being a man that preferred to let his body language talk for him, it made her pay close attention to what he was expressing.  Biting her lower lip, she wound her arms around one of his and stuck close to him. Especially as they got closer to where Kane lived. Keeping one eye on the dark doorway while they walked past, she mulled over his words in her head.  While Vince had given her an initial reason for her captivity, it really didn’t make sense.

    Just because she was with the ‘Dead Man’ didn’t mean she knew any more about him than a normal one night stand.  There had to be a hidden subtext, just like there was with the wrestlers. Why was it only a few seemed to be actual people?  Why did people that seemed to hate Vince have to obey him no matter what? Why did it feel like Punk knew a lot more about the situation than he was letting on?  Most of all, what memories of ‘Taker’s were resurfacing and what did they have to do with her? Feeling no closer to any answers, Sam resolved to corner C.M. the next time she had the opportunity.  Get him to stop beating around the bush and disclose what he knew.

    Once they reached the ground floor, she shook herself out of her musings to pay close attention to her surroundings.  With how scared her partner and friends were, she couldn’t afford to be off guard. Scanning the area as they moved toward the ‘cafeteria’, she took note of one person in particular giving her the stink eye.  Leaning against a far wall and watching her like a hawk, was Triple H. Huddling closer to the warrior next to her out of instinct, she kept an eye on the man until they were well out of sight. There was just something in his dark eyes that made her feel like she was in danger.  In fact, she didn’t feel better until they had stepped into the ‘cafeteria’.

    All the men she had met so far were in there with the exception of Mankind, Triple H, Kane, Paul Bearer and Vince.  Even Rock was there, shades covering his eyes and a bored expression on his tanned face. Feeling relief mixed with apprehension, she took a seat at the large table they had chosen; unsurprised when ‘Taker took a seat to her right and Sting took a seat to her left.  Punk, of course, had chosen a seat next to the Phenom just to bother the man. “Now that we’re all here, we can talk about the plan,” Hulk announced while the others took their seats. The only one that remained standing was Rock.

    “I think I have a pretty good idea.  You want us to help protect Sam as much as we can,” Heartbreak Kid pointed out, leaning back in his chair with a smarmy grin on his too handsome face.

    “Psh, if that’s the reason why I was pulled here I may as well leave right now.  I have no reason at all to watch out for Undertaker’s little whore,” Rock sneered, turning his head to one side with a disgusted snarl curling his upper lip.

    Instantaneously, the Dead Man, Sting and Punk were on their feet.  The only thing that kept them from charging forward was Hulk getting to his feet, waving his meaty hands in a placating manner.  As soon as the trio sat down, the blonde wrestler was shooting a glare to his arrogant companion. “Brother, I know you don’t care for much more than yourself but it wasn’t always that way,” murmured his deep voice while his blue eyes narrowed.  Tensing, the arrogant wrestler removed his sunglasses to meet the other warrior’s eyes.

    “Don’t... just don’t,” hissed a clear warning, his defined muscles bulging defensively.

    “Then sit your ass down and listen,” Macho Man bit out, removing his own shades to glare up at Rock.

    Shaking his head, the self absorbed male took a seat; putting his sunglasses back into place.  It was almost like the object was a shield between himself and the world. Like he had been injured deeply and was in no hurry to experience something like that again.  “Alright. Now, we’re all under Vince’s control but this doesn’t mean we are unable to do whatever we can to protect this little lady,” Hulk continued, acting like nothing had interrupted the meeting in the first place.

    “Whenever one of us is available, we should make sure she’s safe from the background.  Try not to alert Vince to the fact we’re looking out for her,” Hitman suggested, running a hand through his curly, black hair; looking as worried as the rest of them.

    It was an unspoken fact that if they got caught, it would mean an unimaginable amount of trouble for these men.  This, of course, made Sam appreciate what they were doing even more. Smiling slightly, she got to her feet and cleared her throat.  Once everyone was looking at her, she began to speak. “I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for all the trouble you guys are going through to ensure my safety but I just don’t feel good about putting all of you in danger just for me,” whispered her small, timid voice while all eyes fixed on her.

    “Welp, there ya go!  I don’t have to do shit, so if you’ll excuse me,” Rock pointed out as he got to his feet.  It was only when Hulk grabbed his right wrist that he stopped in his tracks.

    “You’re gonna stay right the fuck here,” the blonde snarled, blue eyes practically spitting fire.

    “I appreciate your concern for us lil lady but we’re not really givin’ ya an option in this.  Anything happened to ya, a lot of us would never forgive ourselves,” Macho Man declared, a serious expression on his bearded face.

    “He’s right.  So many of us have lost the ones we loved due to Vince’s interference.  We can’t just sit by and watch it happen again. No matter what might be the consequences of our intervention,” Hitman interjected, a haunted look in his hazel eyes.

    In fact, all the men at the table seemed to carry some pain of their own; making her heart ache for them.  Whatever the boss man had done, it had to have been pretty awful. Yet, these people were still willing to obey him.  An observation that baffled her. If all these guys banded together, they could easily overpower Vince. So why didn’t they?  Why were all of them so afraid of one man? What did he have over this large group. Pursing her lips, she allowed her gaze to move toward Punk.  A man who might very well hold all the answers to her questions.

    Unaware of Sam’s scrutiny, C.M. leaned back in his chair and watched the chaos.  Despite how serious the situation was, watching these men in such disarray brought a smile to his scruffy features.  Yet, a small part of him was concerned; an unusual sensation for him. All this rivalry and distraction could pose a problem to keeping Samantha safe.  Not to mention what Vince would do when he found out. Just the thought of it made the troublemaker shudder. “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” whispered a question in his ear, practically making him jump out of his skin.

    Spinning around, he was a bit stunned to see the woman he had been thinking about giving him and almost suspicious glance.  Getting a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, the wrestler gave a cautious nod before getting to his feet and following her.  Thankfully, they didn’t go far from the table; just far enough that the others wouldn’t be able to hear. Feeling more and more nervous, Punk shifted from foot to foot while reaching up to rub the back of his head.  “Do you know anything about what’s happening here? Cause if you do, I want you to tell me what it is,” hissed the brunette, azure eyes narrowed.

    Knowing he was caught and not really wanting to lie to someone he considered a friend, the lanky male gave a very reluctant nod before letting out a slow breath.  “I’ve known since I was summoned here. I think I’m the only one that retained their memory. Its not exactly something I can just share about either because if Vince got wind of what I knew, my memories would be forfeit,” husked a quiet response while dark eyes looked around the room to make sure none of the others had approached.  For a wonder, not even ‘Taker had come to see what was happening. In fact, the behemoth was just watching them from his seat at the table.

    Feeling even more confused, Sam felt her head begin to pound while questions whirled in her brain like a hurricane.  Before she could ask any of them, Punk was holding up a hand to stop her. “Before I tell you, I need you to give me a solemn promise that you won’t share this with anyone.  Not even ‘Taker,” he continued, a deadly serious expression on his visage. A bit taken aback, Sam licked her lips while her eyes travelled to her lover. While she felt bad keeping anything from him, she had to know what was going on.

    “I swear on Undertaker’s urn that I won’t breathe a word,” she responded, ignoring the sickening feeling that filled the pit of her stomach.

    Nodding, C.M. gave a final glance toward the group that was now dispersing before taking a deep breath and releasing it.  “Alright, just try to keep an open mind. What I’m about to say may seem a bit unbelievable. I’m also sure you’ll think I’m lying due to my reputation.  So just listen and don’t interrupt,” husked a stern order.

“A-alright,” Sam whispered, feeling more and more nervous about what she might come to learn, not to mention how much danger the knowledge would put her in.

“We’re not humans in the way you think.  We’re not even technically alive. All of us are Gods of some sort.  All of us were summoned here by Vince and he is the only reason why we exist on this plane at all.  He could easily erase our existence by simply ripping up our contract. If we dare to disobey him, we are basically dead.  To top it off, I know which God each of us are,” Punk informed, seeming to brace himself for her response.

    Sam merely blinked while she tried to absorb the strange facts.  While it did, indeed, seem unbelievable; a lot of it made an odd sort of sense.  As out there as it sounded, it explained just why these strong men obeyed someone like Vince.  “Still, why would any of that matter if they can’t remember how they came into being?” she pondered out loud.

    “They can sense it in the back of their heads.  Almost like an instinct,” whispered an answer while ‘Taker finally began to approach them, seemingly tired of waiting for their conversation to be over.

    “I can tell you more later.  There’s more you need to know, especially when it comes to the ‘Dead Man’,” Punk continued before turning and walking away, leaving her alone with her enigmatic lover.

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