Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Disclaimer #2:  I do not own and have never met ‘The Rock’.  This is fiction, just for fun and no profit will be made from this.


Author’s Note:  Taker isn’t exactly a social butterfly but his fellow wrestlers aren’t about to let him bringing in a woman go by unnoticed.


Chapter Three: Being Welcomed Into the Fold


    Wandering down the hall that would lead back to the entry of the dungeons, Sam became aware of the fact there were other figures lingering just outside the fringes of her vision.  Blinking, she stopped; forcing Undertaker to pause with her due to the fact their hands were linked tightly together. Immediately, strong arms were wrapping around her while the figures approached them.  The first to come into view was a mountain of a man, tanned skin gleaming while eyes stared at her from behind dark shades. Raising a manicured brow, the dark haired giant raised his chin so his gaze was more directed at the man behind her.  “Cute girl ‘Taker. Seeing her out?” rumbled a smooth baritone, making every hair on her body stand on end.

    A low, dangerous noise came from behind her, the arms wrapped in front of her like a shield clenching slightly.  “No... I’m afraid I’m being ‘persuaded’ to stay,” came a response that made the chiseled man look back down at her.  Raising that same brow again, he simply shrugged before he was moving past them and into another hall.

    “Don’t mind Rock.  He barely takes notice of anything that isn’t on the other side of his mirror,” chuckled a teasing mid-tone, drawing her attention back to the other fighters.  The one speaking to her was wildly unlike the others. He was a bit on the short side, at least compared to these behemoths. He was also thin and wiry rather than thick and muscular.  Swooping his dark hair back with his bare hand, he grinned and her with a goateed mouth.

    “Name’s C.M. Punk by the way, pleasure ta meet ya,” purred out of him as he reached out a fingerless gloved hand for her to shake.

    Blinking, she simply shrugged before reaching out her own hand to reciprocate.  It was a massive shock when he yanked her forward and out of the embrace of her lover.  Soon, she was surrounded on all side by massive, muscle bound strangers. Unfamiliar, tattoo covered arms wound around her to offer protection; drawing a displeased rumble from ‘Taker.  Meeting his gaze long enough to shake her head, Sam smiled up at the people who would likely be her new family. “Hello! Name’s Samantha,” she offered.

    “Name’s Hulk Hogan sister!” boomed a powerful, attention grabbing voice, drawing her attention to a red and yellow clad man.  He was just as built as the others, blonde hair hanging down to his chin while he was bald on the top. Taking her hand in tanned fists, he shook her whole body rather than just her offered appendage.

    “Macho Man!” roared a much more colorful man next to him, dressed vaguely like a cowboy but in neon colors.  He wore thick shades that were almost like a rectangle sitting on his square face. Black dreds peeked out from under a fluorescent cowboy hat and a bearded mouth grinned widely at her.

    Shaking her head, she carefully extracted herself before heading back to the safety of her otherworldly lover.  As soon as she got close enough, he was scooping her up; holding her tight against his pecs while glaring at the others.  “We didn’t mean any harm big guy. You’ve never had anyone overnight and we were all curious. Besides, she’d have met us at some point anyway,” the man who called himself C.M. Punk chirped, holding up both hands with his palms facing outward to show he meant no harm.  Huffing, the Phenom simply turned on his heel before heading down to the dungeons.

    Once he was gone, an invisible tension went out of the small group.  “Phew... never seen him act like that with anyone. Wonder what the story is,” Punk mused out loud, green eyes glimmering with mischief.  Knowing what this expression meant, Hulk began to glare while crossing his arms over his bare chest.

    “Whatever it is you’re thinking about, you better stop.  Dunno if you noticed but that undead bastard is more powerful than all of us put together.  The only reason we win during lesser bouts is because of his contract with Vince. Don’t fuck with this woman of his,” the flaxen haired warrior advised, knowing full well he was likely to be ignored.

    Scoffing, the troublemaker waved off his fellow fighter.  Yet, on the inside, he was already formulating plans. It had been too long since anything interesting had happened around here and he was determined not to let the opportunity pass him by.  Besides, it wasn’t every day someone like Taker’s companion stayed after seeing what they had. Everyone involved in the business knew about Kane and Undertaker’s... peculiarities. Thus far, all of Kane’s potential conquests had run for the hills as soon as they had been able.  For some reason, Samantha hadn’t been given that choice.

    “Hogan is right... just let this go,” rasped a baritone that held a commanding edge.  A voice that had everyone look up while its owner stepped from the shadows. The first thing visible was his face, having been painted a bright white.  Black surrounded his eyes and lips, stripes adorning the corners and bottoms of both. Midnight colored hair was slicked back from his forehead and red tinted eyes glared down at all of them.  Like Punk, he was a bit more slender but still maintained an impressive build. Lifting his upper lip, he crossed bare arms in front of a leather clad chest.

    “Taker isn’t like the rest of us.  He has powers we can’t even begin to comprehend.  Do us all a favor and just do the responsible thing this time,” the apparition growled, well aware of the fact that the others were cowering away from him.

    Since he had come here, everyone had been afraid of him.  Something he was entirely okay with. As a rule, he much more preferred solitude.  Still, he had his reasons for speaking out now. Of all the fighters gathered here, he sympathized with Undertaker the most.  He and the undead male had a lot in common, both being shunned by the more ‘normal’ men. It just didn’t seem right the reclusive star had to be pursued by these hounds just because he had found a female companion.  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like that peace was about to be granted.

    While seeming frightened, Punk still had that telltale glint in his vibrant eyes.  A glint that said the time of peace was over. The man had been bored for weeks, a terrifying prospect once you got to know him.  “Come on Sting, do I really look like the type of person to act like a kindergartener? I mean, really,” the long time trickster cooed, his smile giving him away.  So, with a singular motion, the painted male grabbed the other man by the shoulders; pulling him in close.

    “I know you are and, this time, I am asking you to just not go with your impulse.  Got me,” the man simply known as Sting murmured in Punk’s ear, smirking when the shorter man gulped audibly.

    Unaware of what was happening behind them, Sam and Undertaker continued their journey; the oddly protective fighter eventually setting her on her feet.  Smiling, the brunette glanced up at the headliner towering over her; wondering vaguely why he felt so frightened by the others. “They seemed nice,” she offered, feeling even more mystified when he glowered down at her in response.

    “Do you know something I don’t?” came a simple question that took the wind out of his sails entirely.  Sagging, he shook his head while still looking entirely too apprehensive. It was like he was admitting they weren’t bad people but he didn’t trust them.

    Deciding to drop the obviously uncomfortable subject, the curious woman simply took in the sudden change of scenery as soon as they opened the doors that led downward.  It felt eerily like they were entering a separate dimension. The lighting went from normal to dark and faintly tinted red. The walls turned from wood to black, jagged stone, seeming to seep a clear fluid.  The air was filled with the sounds of people being tortured as well as the smell of stale blood. Shuddering, she reluctantly followed when her odd companion began to head down.

    While it was the same as it had been when she first came here, it seemed even creepier in the light of day.  Some part of her had hoped that the rising of the sun would erase this nightmare. To see it was really here and not some fever dream or set piece made the fine hairs on her arms stand on end.  How could any of this go ignored by the police or society at large? Yet, something inside her told her she would be much happier without knowing the answers to these questions. That there was something happening here that would be beyond the comprehension of the populace at large.

    As they reached the ground floor, a hulking figure stepped into their path; effectively wiping any further thought from her mind.  Immediately, ‘Taker was in front of her; blocking her view of the immense man. So, despite her better judgement and the fact that her heart was thudding in her throat, Sam peeked around to get a better look at the stranger.  He was almost as massive and the Phenom, built much more broadly and just a hair shorter. Long, greasy black hair flowed down just past his shoulders and angry, ebony eyes glared at them from behind a red streaked, black leather mask.  A similar red streak was also across his chest, almost making him seem like he had blood splashed on him.

    Like Undertaker, this beast of a man was silent; allowing his body language to do the talking for him.  From what it was telling her, the man was not impressed by the fact that she was still here. Looking up at her dark companion, she wasn’t all that surprised to see he was just as pissed.  “She’s mine Kane,” growled out of him, making this the most she had heard out of him yet. Unfortunately, the fighter across from them only became more angry at the declaration. Letting out a low growl, the shorter man was reaching around to grab her; only stopping when ‘Taker grabbed his wrist in a crushing grip.

    Rather than repeat his earlier warning, he bared his teeth at the wrestler in front of them.  As Kane sunk slowly to the floor, ‘Taker slowly released him; simply pushing his was through with Sam on his heels.  Staring back at the shadowed figure that was pulling himself to his feet. From what little she knew, the beast was the Phenom’s long lost brother.  A man who was a lot more feral and out of control. A man that was someone to fear judging by the way he had turned to glare at our backs, let alone the things the others had said about him.  Of all the stars she had met today, he seemed like the one she would have to watch out for the most. It certainly didn’t help that she could feel his eyes burning into the small of her back, making it a relief to be back in her companion’s room.

    Breathing out a sigh once the heavy door was closed, she slumped in one of the chairs at the table; running a shaky hand through her inky hair.  “Christ... He’s a pleasant person isn’t he?” she tried to joke, immediately regretting her decision when her quiet host simply gave her a concerned look.

    “Sorry.  I have a bad habit of trying to make light of things when I’m nervous,” came a weak explanation.  Shaking his head, the towering being walked toward her; kneeling so he could take her into his tattooed arms.

    In an instant, she noticed he was shaking; dark eyes staring up at her with a fear she hadn’t thought him capable of.  “I intend to stay out of his way, of course. And you don’t have to worry about me trying to escape,” she assured, reaching forward to cup his shockingly cool cheek.  Leaning into the touch, he let out a small, worried noise before slowly straightening. Towering over her easily, bottomless eyes stared down at her for what felt like an eternity.  Then he was walking over to the other chair, lowering himself on the splintered, tired looking wood. It was honestly a wonder it was even holding his rather considerable weight.

    Meeting his gaze carefully, Sam found her questions from her first night here returning with a vengeance.  So, taking a deep breath, she gathered what courage she had and began to speak. “You’re not really... alive, are you?” came the first of many inquiries.  Despite knowing what the answer was, she still felt her heart drop into her stomach when he shook his head.

    “Okay, then what are you?  Are you some kind of zombie?  Or some demon from Hell?” she whispered, feeling oddly unafraid.  While he was definitely supernatural, he seemed to have no drive to cause her harm.  In fact, he went out of his way to protect her; even if it wasn’t needed all the time.

    “I... no longer remember.  Neither do the others...,” came his response, taking her more than a bit off guard.  Compared to yesterday, this was downright talkative and she had a feeling it wasn’t the norm for her odd host.

    Blinking, Sam found herself with even more questions than before and little hope of answers.  From the look of it, he knew as much as she did about what was going on. Feeling a headache from stress staring to come on, the young woman rubbed her temples as she leaned back in the chair.  “I imagine I’ll figure this all out at some point. There is one thing I want to know.  Am I in any danger?” murmured out of her, dread filling her due to what she was sure the answer would be.  Her only warning was a low growl before she was simply moved into ‘Taker’s lap, resolute orbs glowering down at her.

    Instead of responding verbally, he simply wound powerful arms around her; his muscled body tense.  With a large hand, he began to pet her hair; an action that was meant to sooth her as much as it did him.  It seemed like, as far as he was concerned, he would allow nothing to threaten her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t help but feel ill at ease anyway.  He had no control over what any of the other wrestlers did, least of all Vince. It wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility that something horrendous would happen to her sooner or later.  There was also the fact that, as strange as he was, he wasn’t a superhuman. He couldn’t be in multiple places at once and he certainly couldn’t protect her from everything, the encounter with Vince being clear evidence of this fact.

    Nestling into his cotton covered pecs, Samantha simply let out a slightly aggravated sigh.  “I wasn’t planning on any of this when I came here. I just wanted to see you up close,” came a confession she hadn’t meant to give, making her freeze in place.

    Blood roaring in her ears, she looked up at ‘Taker with utter horror written on her pale face.  Like always, his expression was neutral; his eyes resembling bottomless pools as they threatened to suck her into their depths.  Just as she was beginning to think he was regretting the fact he was now stuck with her, he pressed his lips to her forehead; tickling her skin with his facial hair.  Then, ever so gently, his callused hand began to caress her upper arms; soft noises of pleasure escaping him due to the simple contact. Humming as she felt her muscles relax, it started to dawn on her that he had likely had very little contact in the way of a willing partner.

    While he hadn’t brought anyone here, that didn’t mean he hadn’t taken many a cheap whore to some seedy hotel simply because he needed relief.  It was possible she was the only person to have shown him something other than fear or outright disgust. In fact, she welcomed his touch as well as what affection he wished to show.  Something other people might cringe away from after only a few minutes with him. Frowning slightly, she reached up to kiss his goatee; giving him small pecks on her way to his mouth.

    As soon as their mouths melded together, he was embracing her; large hands covering her back easily as he allowed her to take the lead.  Letting out a soft, amused noise, she deepened the lip lock; lightly touching his tongue with her own. A low groan came from the huge man under her, thighs twitching under her fingertips from his need.  Slowly, as if afraid to hurt her, he moved one of his hands to cup the back of her head; twining his fingers in her midnight hair. Hot, harsh breaths gusted into her mouth, his tongue growing more demanding the longer this went on.

    He wasn’t the only one being swept away by the mysterious chemistry, Sam was also becoming lost in the fog of need that suddenly enclosed around her.  Something deep inside her was craving this man, giving a slight franticness to her actions. Without noticing it, her own hands had come up to cup his face; her tongue fighting his for dominance.  All too soon, she had to break for air; the heat in ‘Taker’s dark gaze making her insides feel a bit gooey. Seeming unsatisfied with how things had ended so abruptly, he pushed her head forward to kiss under her chin while she panted to catch her breath.

    Meanwhile, the hand that was on her lower back traveled to grasp her left butt cheek; pulling her hips closer to a very obvious erection.  As soon as she felt the telltale, hardened flesh pressing against her core, she was moaning; moving her right hand up to tangle in his surprisingly well groomed hair.  With a animalistic sound, he pushed his hips up into hers; grinding slowly as he leaned up to take her mouth in a hungry kiss. Yet, despite the intensity, his movements remained gentle.

    Next thing Sam knew, her back was pressing against the polished surface of his table; the man himself looming over her.  Face still neutral, he pulled his tight, ebony tank top over his head, revealing his rather impressive muscles. Then he was leaning down to take her lips once more, right hand gripping the back of her head to prevent her from pulling away.  In a singular motion, he was on the table with her; the wood creaking in protest while he pushed his thick thigh against her center. Funny thing was, he didn’t have to worry about his female running away one bit.

    In fact, she was arching up into him, receiving what he was giving eagerly.  Soft, tantalizing moans were leaving her, only to be swallowed up by the wrestler currently above her.  With a quiet, purring noise, her shirt was gone; exposing her naked breasts to the cool air. Releasing her mouth with a feral rumble, he pulled back to ogle what he had bared.  Despite how intimate they had been yesterday, Sam felt a sudden onset of shyness. Biting her bottom lip, she curled her hands into tight fists; valiantly fighting against her innate urge to shield herself from his hungry gaze.  Yet, despite the embarrassment she felt, some part of her was flattered by the expression in his eyes.

    While normally emotionless, they held an inner fire that seemed to be directly connected to her body.  Then, without any warning, he was taking her right nipple into his cold mouth. Just like the last time they had done this, a sharp gasp of surprise left her as her hands instinctually landed on the back of his head to twine her fingers with his dark locks.  Soon she was squirming beneath him; soft keens echoing off stone walls. Suddenly, her lower half was exposed; his fingers playing with her swollen labia. Yet, he made no move to further undress himself; giving her the sense he was going to perform oral on her but do nothing to satisfy himself.  Just like their first night together.

    Unwilling to let things go this way, Sam moved her right hand to reach between them; dancing cautious fingers against the straining tent in his pants.  Freezing, ‘Taker’s body gave a shudder before his endless eyes locked on hers. “I don’t just want this to be about me. I get pleasure from fulfilling your needs as well,” whispered out of her, her fingers unzipping his pants before stopping.  As much as she wanted to, she would not proceed until she was sure he was okay with it. So, when he simply unfastened his pants and pulled them down, she took it as a sign of his definite consent.

    Wrapping a hand around his erection, it was all should do not to pull away due to how cold his flesh was.  It was downright unnatural. Still, she wasn’t about to let this stop her. In fact, she knew if she stopped now ‘Taker would likely never forgive her.  There was a reason why he hadn’t tried to progress things past oral sex and this was likely what it was. Even a highly paid hooker would feel some instinctual disgust, something inside them telling them to stay away from this man for their own good.  She wasn’t about to hurt him like that, not with how kind he had been to her so far. So, leaning up to give him a tender kiss, she began to move her hand along him.

    Every muscle inside him tensed at the same time, his breath sucking in as he seemed to freeze.  Disbelieving eyes locked on hers, a terrible hope shining in them when she kept moving her hand on what had to be a fairly painful erection by now.  Gradually, he began to relax; his fingers starting to play with her still eager womanhood. Just touching this man, giving him pleasure when no one else would had turned her insides into a hot spring that had been coiling tighter and tighter.  As soon as his fingertips brushed her clit, she was letting out a whimper while her womb clenched in anticipation.

    Huffing, the Phenom kept rhythm with her movements.  When she slowed, so did he. The same was true for when she chose to go faster.  It wasn’t long before she was jerking him off for all she was worth, not daring to stop despite how fogged she was getting from the lust swirling through her body.  If she did, she had no doubt he would too; something she wasn’t really willing to test out so close to her peak. Clinging onto her wits through sheer will, Sam kept pumping the hardened rod of muscle in her hand.  Only when ‘Taker came with a roar did she stop, finally allowing her own orgasm to roll over her in a powerful wave.

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