Unnatural Love

BY : FlameWolf666
Category: WWF/WWE > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I don’t know and have never met Undertaker, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vince Mc Mahon, Jim Ross, Paul Bearer, Kane or C.M. Punk. This is fiction, for fun and no profit will be made from it.

Author’s Note:  Punk begins hanging around the dungeons much to ‘Taker’s dismay.


Chapter Six: Unwanted Company


    Opening her eyes, Sam found the names from last night lingering on the fringes of her mind.  Yet, she couldn’t recall what either of them were. Just that they were important in some unknown way.  Rubbing her temples as she felt a headache begin to surface, she jumped slightly when she felt a pair of cool lips press against her forehead.  Tilting her head up, she smiled when her eyes met those of ‘Taker. “Morning,” husked out of him before she could say anything, leaving her feel just a bit stunned.  Normally, she was the more talkative one. The man she now lived with much prefered to show how he felt through actions as well as body language.

    “Good morning,” whispered out of her as he was lifting her out of the coffin bed to set her on the cold, stone floor.

    Smiling gently, the massive man gestured to the full table before moving to take his seat.  Things having returned to the status quo for the time being, the young woman took her own seat before filling her plate with some of the food that had been laid out before them.  After their activities last night, she was starving; a fact that seemed to amuse her silent partner. Giving him a slightly shameful grin, she picked up a piece of bacon when a rather rhythmic knock came from the closed, steel door.

    Looking as surprised as she felt, the Phenom was on his feet; boots thudding on the stone as he made his way to the entry.  Opening it slightly, a glare slammed over his goateed face before trying to close it again. Unfortunately, their visitor had other plans.  Shoving his way into the room like he belonged there was C.M. Punk, a proud smile on his scruffy face as he strode toward the table. “Hey Sammy!   Nice spread,” he greeted with a wave before pulling up ‘Taker’s vacated chair and picking up a rather juicy looking sausage.

    Murderous expression on his face, the current face of the company stormed over to the intruder; picking him up by the skin tight, black tank top he wore to snarl in his face.  Amused and frightened at the same time, Samantha ran to ‘Taker; placing a hand on his right bicep. “Hey, take it easy partner! I don’t mean any harm. Just thought the little lady could use some more... verbal company,” came an explanation that did nothing to help the situation.  Glare intensifying, the behemoth made his way back to the door. Likely wanting to just dump the unwanted visitor outside and be done with it.

    Sensing this, Punk only grinned wider; mischief gleaming in his green eyes.  “Put me outside and I’ll just knock til ya let me back in. I’m not on the mat today and I’m bored.  After all these years, you should know exactly what that means,” came a half threat, the lithe male still seeming jovial in the face of such extreme fury.  Tensing and tightening his grip on the other man’s shirt, Undertaker seemed ready to just snap his neck and be done with it. The only thing that seemed to stop him was the female that was still clinging to him.  The woman that was, even now, looking up at him with wide, blue eyes.

    Slowly, reluctantly, he set his long time rival back on the ground.  Clearing his throat and making a show of straightening his tank top, Miz gave the man towering over him a rather playful smile.  “There ya go. Knew ya’d see reason,” purred out of him in a satisfied tone before he was making his way back to the table. Letting out a low growl, ‘Taker looked at the woman beside him as if to ask if he could just kill the man.  Giving him a consolatory pat on the arm, she shook her head before making her way toward their unexpected and unwanted visitor.

    “Punk...  Must you always rile him up?” she admonished as she resumed her seat and began to eat.  Still glaring, her lover came to stand behind her; placing both hands on her shoulders.

    “Up until recently, nothing got a rise out of this guy.  He just went through his day without interacting with anyone, only coming out of this hole when called by Vince,” he responded, taking a bite of the sausage he had been holding before ‘Taker had tried to throw him back through the door.

    Not surprised by this bit of information, Sam simply took hold of her lover’s right hand; pressing a kiss on top of the knuckles.  “And don’t think I’m the only one that’s noticed. Vince has eyes everywhere and I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’s already plotting something,” the man across from her advised around his mouthful of food, his eyes meeting the ones of the star behind her.  With the way he tensed his hands, she could tell he was both pissed and worried.

    “I guess we’ll just have to deal with it when it comes.  How bad could it really be?” she murmured, having pushed away the story of Triple H being forced to rape a dead body as a massive exaggeration.

    When Punk got a grim expression on his face, she began to feel the slightest bit uneasy.  A fact that wasn’t helped when ‘Taker simply lifted her from her seat, taking her place and putting her in his lap.  Protective, tattooed arms wound around her, a bristly chin settling to the left of her neck. “Hun... You didn’t watch a lot of wrestling before ya came here did ya...,” the man across from her murmured, setting down his food as he seemed to lose his appetite.

    “But...  Surely it was all just for show,” she protested, despite the fact she already had a suspicion this place was beyond any law made by man.  Some part of her just didn’t want to believe Vince could get away with forcing such atrocities on men that worked under him. Then again, she was getting the feeling more and more that these weren’t any ordinary men she was dealing with.

    After the encounter in the ‘common room’, she was beginning to get the feeling that something a lot more supernatural was going on here.  A supposition that sounded ridiculous, even to someone like her. While she believed in ghosts and maybe some forms of witchcraft, she had a hard time believing such practices were anything but fruitless.  Time and again, she had seen nothing result from spells or attempts to raise the dead. Yet, not much else could explain the shades of men that were milling around; seeming almost to not be real. “No... Its all too real and he has done terrible things to a lot of us for the sake of money.  Unfortunately, there are too many people that are watching that are okay with it being real,” sighed a sickened mid-tone, effectively jolting her out of her thoughts.

    “And, while he may be able to protect you when you’re down here, he can’t protect you from the man who rules us.  His nuts are in as much of a vice as the rest of us,” continued some rather colorful advice that made her lose whatever appetite she’d had as well.

    Pushing away the plate, she instinctually leaned back into the man she was sitting on.  “And Vince ain’t the only one you gotta worry about either. I doubt either Paul Bearer or Kane are okay with your presence,” he continued with a sour expression before he was pulling out a cigarette.  Lighting a match, he took a deep drag before breathing out fragrant smoke. Shuddering, Sam didn’t have to ask what he meant. Reaching across the table, she gestured for the cig; surprising both her lover and the man across from her.  Looking up at ‘Taker and only getting a blank look, Punk shrugged before reaching into his pack to get her a fresh one. Silently, he passed her the white cylinder as well as his lighter.

    Placing the filter between her lips, Sam snapped the lighter to life to light the end.  It had been years since she had done this so she took the smallest puff she could possibly manage.  Taking the smoke into her lungs and holding for a second, she closed her eyes as she felt the familiar sensation of nicotine rushing through her bloodstream.   Exhaling with a light cough, she shuddered as the old buzz hummed through her limbs. “Christ...,” she uttered after a moment, leaning back into the warrior she was sitting on for comfort.

    A large hand began to run through her dark hair in response, the unsteadiness of his fingers telling her everything she needed to know.  While she could be with him for most of the day, there would be times where she would be forced to be alone.  Her only hope was to make as many friends among these men as possible.  The more eyes watching, the better chance of her being rescued if something did happen.  Unfortunately, it was at that moment a knock came from the heavy, metal door.

    Jolting from the noise, Sam found herself on the floor and shielded by two rather tall men,  While Punk wasn’t nearly as muscular as the rest, his lack of bulk would likely work in his advantage; allowing him to move faster than the others.  Narrowing his eyes, ‘Taker looked at the man to his left before seeming to come to a decision. With a nod to himself, the Phenom strode toward the door to open it.  None of them were surprised to see Paul Bearer on the other side. Beady eyes moving briefly over the other people in the room, the overweight assistant returned his focus to the man that was his ward.  “We have a match today. Vince wants to use it as an opportunity to show off your new uniform,” he informed.

    Narrowing his eyes, ‘Taker’ motioned to Sam; not seeming to mind when Punk accompanied her across the room.  Then the trio were heading down the twisted, red tinted halls that led to the stairs. As they passed the opening that led to Kane’s part of the dungeon, the masked man suddenly appeared; eyes narrowing behind the dark holes in his disguise.  Turning to face his brother, ‘Taker’ silently pushed Sam along behind him; trusting Punk to keep an eye on her for him. Seeming to sense this, the troublemaker moved her toward the stairs while the pair of giants faced off silently.

    Turning to give the pair a cautious glance, the lithe male shook head before proceeding to escort her to the ground level.  “Seems he holds more of a grudge than I thought. I’ll have to tell the fellas to help keep an eye on things. Thankfully, you already seem to have Sting on your side.  Never seen him so protective of someone in the entire time I’ve been here,” he murmured as they came up in the hall that led to the backstage area.

    “There’s also you, big guy,” she pointed out playfully, chuckling when he turned his head to raise a brow at her.

    Considering her words for a moment, he chuckled before shaking his head and reaching to ruffle her dark hair.  “Yeah, I guess so. Already kinda see ya as a kid sister,” admitted his amused mid-tone as she flailed at him. Chuckling, he pulled her in for a good natured noogie before releasing her.  Smoothing her mussed, ebony hair, she startled when she felt protective arms wrap around her to yank her backwards against a warm body. Knowing it couldn’t be Undertaker yet, she looked up to see Sting towering over her.

    “Th’Hell’re ya doin’ with her alone?” hissed out of the crimson eyed warrior, black lips lifted to bare his teeth.

    “Its okay.  ‘Taker knows he’s with me,” she assured quickly, hoping to circumvent a fight from happening.  Thankfully, her would be protector relaxed just slightly; still glowering at the male across from him.

    Punk simply held his hands up with the palms facing forward, a smirk on his goateed face.  “Its the truth. Besides, you know I don’t mean any real harm.  Most I wanna do is rile the dead man up a bit.  He’s been like a walking corpse for so long, can ya really blame me?” came his very flawed reasoning.  Yet, Sam giggled; shaking her head as she gently pulled away from the wrestler behind her.

    “Keep looking for trouble and ‘Taker will probably kill you,” she pointed out, disturbed to find she was only half joking.  Still, after all she had seen, she wouldn’t be surprised if just that happened.

    Huffing out an amused noise, the lithe fighter shook his head while grinning.  “Nah, he’d punch my lights out for sure but outright murder? That’s more his brother’s territory.  Believe it or not, ‘Taker isn’t really the violent type. Not unless he’s protecting something,” came a fairly good point that helped her feel worlds better.  With as much trouble as Punk seemed to be, she still liked him and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him.

    “Still, I wouldn’t want to see what he would do if you were ever in real danger,” he continued, looking genuinely nervous.

    Given what she already knew about her mostly silent companion, she wasn’t really surprised by any of this.  She was one of the few he reacted to and the only woman he had ever taken to the dungeon below. Despite not knowing much about one another, there was already a deep trust between them.  There was also the fact that she might genuinely love him and couldn’t imagine a life without him anymore. The sound of boots approaching from her right brought her back to the present and she turned to see her lover coming up from below, followed closely by his glowering brother.

    Backing toward Sting out of instinct, she kept her eyes on the masked figure as he made his way around his sibling.  Shooting her a glower, the masked fighter made his way to the ring while Undertaker moved toward Sam. Examining her for any sign of injury, he looked from one wrestler to the other.  Narrowing dark eyes at his make-up wearing rival, he stood by her side but didn’t touch her. Sighing and shaking his head, the crimson eyed man turned and walked away. Watching him for a few moments, she looked up at the headliner that was towering over her.

    While some part of her wondered just what had happened between the two to breed so much distrust, she knew better than to try asking.  At best she would get no answer. At worst, he would get pissed just thinking about it and would get all protective again. Just the fact he had trusted her with another man was a huge step in the right direction.  She didn’t want to risk losing such massive progress. So she simply reached over to take his hand in hers, pushing away her burning curiosity for some other time. Thankfully, he closed his fingers over hers; seeming to relax almost immediately.

    Seeing that as the signal to take his leave, Punk wandered away; whistling as he went.  Unaware of the fact he had left, Samantha stood on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his chin.  Melting into the contact, ‘Taker moved his head so she was kissing his lips instead; wrapping his tattooed arms loosely around her.  Suddenly, there was an inhuman screeching coming from somewhere backstage. Pulling away from the fighter, Sam looked off in the direction of the noise; knowing full well what was causing it.  “Mankind,” she whispered, shuddering slightly. Of all the men she had met so far, he was the one that intimidated her the most. In fact, he seemed less human than even Undertaker.

    “Just what’s wrong with him?” she whispered to herself, wondering how a human being could be so feral.

    “No one really knows.  He’s just always been like that since the day he appeared,” came a reply she hadn’t really expected from above her.

    Nodding slightly, she furrowed her brow while her curiosity intensified.  As much as she hated to admit it, it was just more evidence that something beyond nature and human comprehension was happening here.  Unfortunately, there was no sign she was any closer to figuring it out. A fact that more than frustrated her. Sighing, she simply stood by her partner’s side while the lights dimmed and his entry music began to play.  Placing her hand in his, she walked down the ramp to the ring with her head held high. Thankfully, this time, no one decided to throw anything at her as soon as she made an appearance.

    Keeping her focus on the ring in front of them, she felt her blood run cold when she saw not only Kane was in the center but Triple H as well.  Looking up at the man known as the ‘Phenom’, she couldn’t help but wonder if he would really be okay. Two against one seemed a bit unfair, even with how strong Undertaker seemed.  The fact he was smiling at her didn’t help her feel much better.  Hearing footsteps behind them, she turned to see Paul Bearer heading toward them at a fast clip; the urn tight under his arm.

    The fact his ward seemed to not need the mysterious object disconcerted the overweight male, a panicked look in his piggy eyes.  Holding up the funerary container, he locked gazes with the much taller man. Just like before, all emotions fled his eyes for something dark and cold.  Something almost evil. Fighting back her instinctual fear, she tightened her grip on his hand; keeping pace with him while the assistant led them to the mat.  Giving him a kiss for luck, she took his coat and hat before taking what was becoming her usual seat. She hadn’t sat down for five minutes when another inhuman scream echoed through the crowded stadium.

    Head turning in the direction the noise had come from, she felt genuine fear descend over her when she saw Mankind barreling toward the ring.  Shooting a glare toward Vince, she returned her focus to what was happening. She didn’t notice the knowing smirk the disguised owner gave her in response.  Cold eyes were focused on her expression in particular, a cruel gleam of amusement dancing in their dark depths. Just like Miz had feared, the wheels were already turning; especially when he noticed Sting heading towards her.

    Like Undertaker, the painted man hadn’t really reacted to much around him.  In fact, he’d gone out of his way to avoid having any sort of relationships whatsoever.  Until Samantha. Couple that with the fact the two titans already had a bitter history orchestrated by him and fireworks could fly if he played his cards right.  Still, he would allow thing to play out as they were for a bit longer. After all, something interesting was bound to happen without his help. Besides, the longer he allowed ‘Taker and the woman to bond; the better the conflict would be.

    Oblivious to all of this, Sam watched in horror as Mankind tackled her lover to the canvas.  “It may look bad but not much can really hurt him,” assured a gentle baritone in her ear. Briefly turning her head, she was relieved to see Sting standing over her.

    “Yeah, I guess.  I still can’t help but worry.  Especially since he’s fighting against so many,” she replied, drawing in a gasp when Kane joined in the melee.

    It was then she noticed Paul Bearer was heading toward them.  Deep set, ebony eyes settled on her, his mustache twitching while his fingers tensed on the urn he was holding.  “You should go back below,” he suggested in his unnaturally high voice, shifting foot to foot almost nervously. Narrowing her eyes and frankly smelling a rat, she shook her head.

    “No matter how hard it gets to watch, I’ll stay here.  Besides, I don’t intend on going anywhere without ‘Taker,” she informed, narrowing her eyes at the ghoul in front of her.  She wasn’t surprised when his falsely friendly expression turned sour.

    Turning his back, he stomped away like a child denied a sweet; sending a chill down her spine.  Miz’s words echoed in her head, her heart cramping in her chest while a cold sweat settled over her skin.  Rubbing her arms, she forced herself to focus on what was happening in the roped off square located in the center of the room.  To her surprise, her lover seemed to be winning. Even with the odds against him. Watching with wide eyes, she shot to her feet and cheered with the crowd when he threw the three men off him like they weighed nothing.

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