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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.

It was the first day of school, I was just transferred to a new all boys high school. I decided to leave my house early so I wouldn’t be late since I walk to the new school. As well as getting my nerves to claim down before I got to the school. It wasn’t really to bad out for being the middle of winter. Sure it was cold but at least I had my nice warm coat on. There was little to no wind in the air that I was grateful for. Since we couldn’t wear hats at school I decided not to bring one. As I walked to the school I looked around the neighborhood. There wasn’t that many people out as this time, though there was a few girls walking ahead of me. They seemed to have a good friendship with each other, they must be going to the all girls school next door to my school. One of the girls turned around looking at me she smiled. I recognized her as the girl next door to me and my mother. She was a pretty girl with long black hair and brown eyes. Instead of just looking at her I glanced around me looking at everything. The trees had snow on them looking heavy enough to break the branches but of course they wouldn’t break. 

On the way to school I saw a small playground across the street from the corner store. Besides that there wasn’t much between my house and the school. The houses looked a bit expensive all big just like mine. It didn’t take me that long to reach the school gate. It was about a 20 minute walk. At least I knew how long it took to get to school. I had to stop and do a double take at the boy that was right in my eye sight. That is when I first saw him. He was just so handsome. Of course I was sure his clothes weren’t any different then mine but the way the pants fit on him was so perfect. His black hair lay down in just the right spots. I saw that his hat was in his hand so he must have taking it off at some point. I couldn’t see his eyes but I was sure that they would be great. I couldn’t wait to meet him. Hopefully he was in all of my classes. Looking at him up and down one more time I knew I had to try to talk to him now while he was still alone.

I started to walk over to him but stopped a few feet away when I saw some boys walking up to him and started talking to him. I don’t mean to listen in on other people’s conversations but I heard them talking anyways. 

“Hey Junsu-hyung, how are you doing today?”

The boy named Junsu, turned looking at the other. “I’m fine thanks.”

I couldn’t believe the sweetness of his voice. His voice was so great to hear it sounded like velvet. Now I even knew his name, Junsu. That was great I could look him up later not to many people should have that type of name. I’ve never heard anyone with the same name as his. So it didn’t matter if I knew his last name or not I could still most likely fine him. Junsu seemed to be a bit on the shy side compared to the others that he was with who where busy talking around him but not to him. So I thought that I would hold off on introducing myself to him for now after all I didn’t want to shake him up on my first day. Then there was something else came up at the back of my mind, I needed to get to the main office and I didn’t know where that was. I had to ask someone, I decided to change my mind and ask Junsu and his friends. 

I walked the rest of the way over to them clearing my throat before speaking “Excuse me.”

Right when I spook I had four pairs of eyes on me and one of them belonged to Junsu so I froze not believing how big and innocent his brown eyes where. He looked at me with such curiosity in his eyes. I knew he didn’t recognize me. The other boys one looked just like him just a little taller I’m guessing someone from his family. The other two boys looked nothing like the two. One was skinny and short with shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. The last one that I looked at was also short but was a bit on the bigger side, his hair was short and combed back and his eyes looked scary like he just got out of a horror movie without taken out the contacts. So I looked back at the boy named Junsu his eyes where more lovely then

anyone else in the group.

“Well, what is it that you want?” The scary boy asked me. 

“Sorry to bug you but where is the main office?” I asked not taken my eyes off of Junsu’s I couldn’t even if I wanted to. 

Junsu was the one to answer me. “It will be the first door on you’re left it’s not hard to miss.” 

I bowed to them saying a quite thank you to them running off to the main office. As soon as I was out of reach of them I stopped running taken a deep breathe trying to calm my heart down. I have never been so nervous in my life. I don’t know what made me nervous to be around a guy like that. I couldn’t stop shaking. I took a deep breathe to calm my nerves before walking in the main office to get the paperwork for my mother and get my class numbers. When I got my classes I was really hoping that Junsu and I are in classes together. We did look like the same age and all though I might just want us to be the same age thinking that I can get closer to him or maybe he is just out of my reach.

--- Junsu’s Point of View--

I woke up in my twin bed to my alarm clock ringing in my left ear. I was ready for school already with my uniform out ready just to be slipped into. So I wasn’t in a rush when I got dressed and fixed my hair. My hair need to be cut again I was sure mom was going to cut it last night. That never happened though my twin Junho could go over and stay at Daesub’s house on a school night. I thought that he would run late again as normal to school when he stayed over there. 

This was the first day of the new semester. After I got my hair fixed which by the way wasn’t an easy task I went downstairs with my bag to eat breakfast. My mom made eggs and bacon this morning which I was grateful for. I loved mom’s bacon and eggs. She made them just the way I loved them, the bacon not to crispy and the eggs over-easy with toast. While I was eating I was reading a part from my Bible since I knew I wouldn’t get the yoke on it. I’ve done it time and time again. This morning it was Galatians 6:7-8. After I was done with my reading I finish getting ready for school. It took me a good three minutes to get my boots on, my coat on with my winter hat. 

“Alright mom I’m leaving. See you later love you.” I yelled out before leaving the house. 

I started walking to school in the winter breeze it wasn’t that bad for this time of year. I was watching the snow on the tree branches and the icicles on the roofs of houses. They all looked so beautiful this time of year. I had a while to walk so I concentrated on walking to school. I lived a good five blocks from the school. Mostly just houses between my house and the school, well that minus our pizza restaurant across the road from our house. My father runs it by himself mostly me and Junho would go over there after school to help out for a little while. It’s been mostly me helping out dad with Junho going over to his friend’s house after school each day. 

When I got to the school I walked right over to the stairs waiting for my brother and his two best friends, I thought that maybe they would have been here by now but I guess I was wrong about that. I should have waited inside the school but thought better of it since Junho never liked to go looking for me. So I stood right where I was leaning against the railing of the stairs. I thought about pulling out my Bible to read while I was waiting for them, when I heard footsteps coming up to me. When I looked up I noticed my brother and his friends, Daesub and Jahoon. They were goofing off as normal if I didn’t know my brother any better I would have thought he had something for them. I shivered just thinking about it. 

“Hey Junsu-hyung, how are you doing today?” Daesub asked me. 

“I’m fine thanks.” I told him smiling big glade that they finally showed up since it was getting colder out then warmer like the weather man said this morning. 

They started talking about a bunch of things I wasn’t really paying much of attention to. Junho was great at talking to people I wasn’t. It isn’t that I don’t like people I just have a hard time talking to them. Well, everyone but my own brother. Then again that was normal he is my twin brother and all. Just then I heard someone coming up from behind me. I figured it was another classmate so I just ignored them. 

“Excuse me” He said after clearing his throat. I guess he was nervous talking to others that he didn‘t know. Then again who wouldn‘t we look like weirdoes if people didn‘t know us.

We all turned around at the same time I could tell hearing their boots moving against the snow. I stopped in my tracks when I found myself face-to-face with a beautiful boy. He was tall, with black hair, and brown eyes. It seemed like this boy knew more then I did and I wanted to know what that thing was. I could tell he was new for I knew almost everyone in the school. I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but it was true. I wanted to know more about this new student. I wanted to talk to him more but my heart started going a mile a minute when I looked into his eyes.

“Well, what is it that you want?” Jahoon asked him. I knew that Jahoon never liked to be disturbed in the middle of a conversation it didn‘t matter if it was an adult or a child. 

“Sorry to bug you but where is the main office?” He asked only once looking over to see the people that I was with before returning his wonderful eyes back on me. I never took mine off of his. I think he was trying to figure me out and that was the reason that he looked back at me. 

“It will be the first door on you’re left it’s not hard to miss.” I told him when I noticed that the rest wasn’t going to answer him. 

After I told him he bowed and said a thank you before running off. The three behind me started laughing. I was feeling sorry for him already. I also had a feeling that he was going to have a hard time at school if he was really this shy. I would know I went though it when I first came to school here. For me I had my brother he looks like he had no one. I wondered what his name was and if I would see him in any of my classes. 

“We should get going to class.” I told the rest and started walking from them heading towards the school. I didn’t look back at them nor did I care if they where following I just wanted to get to my classes to see if he was in any of them.

When I got to homeroom I took my seat. Next to me was the most popular boy in the entire school. Though he was popular he was a pain. What my brother calls a "stuck up snob". But I don’t really pay attention to him or any other person in the classroom. I was just waiting for the teacher to come in to say we have a new student in the class then I would be happy. While I was sitting there being bored I started thinking about the new kid. He looked so lonely but happy at the same time. I’ve never seen anyone look so happy but lonely at the same time. I’ve felt like that but the little acting lessons my mom had me take I always had a smile on my face and never showed what I really wanted people to see. I never really wanted people to see my true feelings unless I know them. This new boy I wanted him to know what I was feeling. Just by looking at him I wanted to show everything to him. I just couldn’t wait to meet him, to find out his name and so much more about him. Everything from his old school, his family, what he does everyday, and of course his favorite things to do. I hoped that we had things in common. It would be great to have someone else in school that I could talk to. 

I looked up when the teacher walked in, but there was no new student with him. That meant he wasn’t in my homeroom but that didn’t mean he wasn’t in any of my other classes. I couldn’t wait for the rest of the day. I felt like I needed to know if he was in my classes or not.

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