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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.

It’s been four days since the trip to the principals office. I haven’t seen any sign of Junsu since my mother took me to the doctors. Those four days I stayed out of school to let my ribs heal. I really wanted to see Junsu I missed him so much. At least today I can go to school and see him. I got dressed in my uniform getting ready for school. Surprisingly the snow was melting already so it was getting warmer out. It’s so weird when the weather did a change like that. It was wrong that I had four days off after my first day of school. I didn’t want to imagine how much homework that I had. After I got the uniform on, I decided to look at myself in the mirror. I had my hair cut just like everyone else’s. I was wondering how Junsu would like the hairstyle on me. I didn’t want to be like everyone else in Junsu’s eyes. I had a few days to think about the feeling between me and Junsu, there was only one thing that I could come up with and that was love. All I could think of was maybe Junsu would flip out if he heard that so I was going to keep it to myself. 

“Changmin.. If you don’t leave you’re going to be late.” My mom yelled up at me. 

As I walked down the stairs I smiled at my mom, she was glade that I could finally go back to school. 

“Thanks mom.” I grabbed myself a piece of toast and some apple juice my mom had placed out for me before I walked out of the door walking to the school.

Everything looked the same as it did when I first walked to school. Besides the fact that there was a little bit of snow here and there. As I looked up at the sky I realized that spring was really coming. Even though the news said that we where going to get more snow. I hoped not if we did then I had to put all of those clothes back on and I didn’t want to do that. Since spring was almost here that meant summer was just around the corner. I could see Junsu all I wanted during the summer. As I walked by the playground I stopping to look at the little kids playing on the swings and slide. Some of them where even wearing the elementary school uniforms. The reason I noticed them cause they looked just like mine just blue instead of black. I leaned against the fence watching them play. A little girl was running between the swings and the slide. It looked like she wasn’t to sure which to go on. As I watched her I smiled thinking back when I was that young running around the playground when I got the chance to. I didn’t notice that someone was leaning against the fence with me. I glanced at the person. It was Junsu. I didn’t noticed that he was there I felt really bad that I didn’t notice me. 

“You looked peaceful just watching the kids playing. I didn’t want to disturb you.” Junsu said looking at the little kids play. 

I felt my cheeks start burning as I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. “I didn’t even notice you there. Sorry Junsu-hyung.” 

Junsu smiled then. “It’s all right Changmin. I didn’t say anything. I just quietly came next to you while you where daydreaming.” 

“Oh.. Junsu how has school been?” I looked down when Junsu smiled he made my heart really pound. Junsu looked down then looked at me. 

“It’s been boring. Bae hasn’t stopped I don’t think he will ever change.” 

“Sorry.. Junsu-hyung. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories of him.” Junsu looked at his watch. “Come on Changmin we need to get going before we are late.” 

I stood up nodding my head lightly. “Yeah you’re right. Just watching these kids remind me when I was younger. It seemed like so long ago now.” 

Junsu started walking a head of me as I walked behind him I realized I was looking at his nice round ass. I started thinking about just that ass and what it would feel like much less how his front half would feel against mine. I smiled at the picture that popped into my head. Of both of us naked laying in the same bed. I looked up at Junsu’s face noticing he was looking at me with a weird look on his face. 

“Oh sorry Junsu-hyung where you saying something?”

Junsu shook his head lightly. “Nothing really I was just wondering if you lived by the park?” “Actually yes I do. Just a few blocks east of the park. That is coming back from school.” I told him then wondered why he was asking. 

“Why do you ask Junsu-hyung?” 

“Coming from school I go west a few blocks. I was just wondering. Maybe we can get together after school and walk half way home together.” Junsu said looking at me with his big eyes. 

“Sure I don’t mind. Though I have to go straight home since my mom will worry if I’m not back at the same time.” I told him hoping that I didn’t make my mom sound like an over protective mother. “No problem. Though from the sounds of it, maybe you should tell you’re mother that you made a friend at school then she wouldn’t worry to much.” He said looking at me in my eyes I walked ahead of him thinking about it. 

“I told her about you. I didn’t say much. In hoping that maybe you can come over sometime during the summer and met her. Or even maybe this weekend. I have a bunch of homework to make up and if you’re not busy maybe you can help me out.” 

Junsu caught up to me easily. “Sure just let me talk it over with my mom and dad tonight and I’ll tell you their answer tomorrow morning.” 

I just nodded my head as the students were getting louder known that even if I did say something he wouldn’t hear me anyways. Since right now my voice was so quiet I didn’t waste my breathe on talking. I learned fast from my first day that when the other students are around there is no way in hearing what people are saying right next to you. I never really noticed that guys where that loud, but I guess with no girls around someone has to take there place in the loudness of it all. 

“Changmin you have to come met my brother and his friends. They are the guys that you met on your frist day. Don’t worry we still time before class.” Junsu said taken my hand leading me over to the three guys that I met the other day. I didn’t really want to met them right now I just wanted to spend time with Junsu all by myself. But that was selfish of me but I went with him anyways. I watched Junsu with them while he waited for one of the boys to finish. It was the one with the contacts in. Today he wasn't wearing the once I saw the other day. These once made his eyes a bright green color. I was starting to wonder if he needed the contacts or not. I wasn't so sure but I waited behind Junsu it seemed forever before green eyes stopped talking. 

“Hi guys.” I heard Junsu say. “I wanted you three to met one of my friends.” 

“Sure Su.. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours right guys?” Said the guy that looked like Junsu or as I learned on my first day Junho. 

“Of course let's meet him.” Green eyes said. 

Junsu carefully pulled me over to them as if to say it's alright they will not bite you. “This is Shim, Changmin. He was the student that asked us where the main office was the other day. It was his first day.” 

I looked up meting each in there eyes smiling lightly bowing a little to them. “Hello.” 

“Oh so you're Changmin. I heard so much about you from my brother. You're his hero since you beat up Bae when I wasn't there. Thanks for looking out for him. I'm Junho.” Junho said. 

He took a deep breathe like he winded himself out. I didn't think he could wind himself out after all he wasn't big as in fat he was built like a swimmer like his brother. I wondered again then if they swam a lot when it was the summer time. If so that was great that meant I had someone to go with instead of by myself when I went swimming in the summer. 

“Just like Junho said thanks for taken care of little Junsu.” said green eyes. “My name is Jahoon. I take it you found the office well the other day?” 

“Oh yes thanks to Junsu-hyung.” I told Jahoon glad to know his name instead of thinking of him by the color of his eyes which seemed to change a bit. 

“See how you two are taken all of the words from my mouth.” said the shortest one of the group. “I'm Daesub, Su is one of the best people in the school and he's smart so you can count on him to help you with the homework that you missed these past four days that you where gone.” 

I figured that I could count on Junsu to help me with my homework. All I needed to do was ask if it would be alright to come over to my house this weekend and help me. I was sure that my teachers would give me a little while to get my homework in. But with Junsu at my side I could get it done in a week end. 

“Daesub you don't have to give out my help like that while I'm standing right here.” Junsu said to him. 

If you asked me Junsu sounded upset about that. That he didn't get a chance to tell me before these guys did. At least I knew their names but I liked my nickname for Jahoon better then his real name. But I would of course call him by his real name I wasn't going to be that stupid.

“So Changmin how do you like the school so far?” Junho asked me while Junsu and Daesub continued there little fight about the help that I might get from him. 

“Well, I was only here for a day but that one day I didn't mind it. It will take me a little while to find all of my classes again. Since I was out for four days but I'm sure I will be fine.” 

“Su can show you around.” Junho said lightly pushing Junsu towards me. 

I reached my hands out so Junsu didn't fall with the push his brother gave him. Since Junsu wasn't paying attention to his brother the push was a bit on the rough side so he all most fell if it wasn't for my hands being there. Junsu's back landed right against my hands I had stopped Junsu from falling right on his ass or falling right into me and making us both fall to the floor. I thought that was mean for his brother to do but I guess that is what happens when you have siblings. I for one wouldn't know that since I was and still am an only child. 

“That wasn't very nice Junho. Didn't dad tell you not to push me anymore.” Junsu said with a little wine in his voice. It sounded so cute I couldn't help but smile when he said it like that. I didn't notice that Junho was saying something back at Junsu nor did I care. I had Junsu right in my hands and I wasn't going to rush him to move if I could avode it. 

In my mind I was just thinking of how his back muscles felt under my hands which I could surprisingly fell thought his shirt. Also I just wanted to turn him around and kiss him to show my feelings to him right here in fount of his friends and his brother. Thought that wouldn't be far to Junsu. He has a right to know my feelings before his friends and his brother. 

“Either way we had better get to class before we are late.” Junho said next of what I heard. 

“You brat you didn't finish.” Junsu was saying as Junho, Daesub, and Jahoon walked down the hallway. “I'm sorry Changmin. That's just my brother and me. I didn't mean for you to hear the agruement.” 

“Oh it's alright Junsu-hyung. I'm fine.” I told him smiling watching him smile with me as we both walked down the hallway. 

“So where is you're locker you might want to get all of you're books.” Junsu asked me. 

“Its around the corner. Then if I remember right my first class is right next to it.” I told him.”Are you worried about getting to you're class instead of helping me to mine. I'll be fine Junsu-hyung.” 

“No I'm not worried one bit my teacher knows me and doesn't mind if I come in a little late. I've had the same homeroom teacher since I came to this school.“ Junsu said smiling at me. 

Oh I could melt into that smile. Into those lips all together. I fell behind Junsu for a second and looked at the nice ass of his. I was falling more in love with that ass of his. It was so round and perfect. I just couldn't wait to have him in my arms I hoped that would have been soon. But it didn't look like that was going to be easy to do. First I was going to have to get to know him more then I already did. Then get him to trust me so he knew I wasn't going to hurt him. Though with that step I think he already knew that one. Since I was the one that fought off Bae for him when his brother wasn't there. Then the last thing would be to make my move. Kissing those lips then down to his neck. Oh I had to stop there or I would get a hard on again. Just thinking about him in my arms was hard to keep myself under control. It would be really hard right now since he was right in fount of me. And all I wanted to do was pounce on him and fuck him like no tomorrow. Listen to him scream my name in pleasure. Of course it would take some time and everything. But I was willing to wait for him. I opened my locker putting my coat away grabbing a few things as Junsu stood there staring at me. I thought he could read minds with how he was looking at me. But I knew he couldn't so there was no way for him to know I was thinking sexual about him when I have only known him for just five days. That wasn't even a week. I was pathetic like no believe. Did I need sex that badly? The only answer I could think was yes if I was thinking this way I had to. But I didn't want to take him how I was taken. 

“Are you cold or something Changmin?” Junsu asked worry filling his voice. 

I looked into those lovely eyes of his. “No I'm fine. Please don't worry so much. It was just a little cold draft.” 

Junsu nodded his head without saying another word watching me take out my books. I wished for the life of me that I could read thoughts so that I knew what he thought of me. That one piece of information would fill me with joy. Just to know what he was thinking about. Maybe one of these days I would get up the nerves to ask him. As I started to shut my locker I noticed a note in the top so I grabbed it looking at the writing. I knew this writing this was my dad's handwriting which meant he knew where we were. I needed a phone but I couldn't leave Junsu-hyung hanging. I put the letter in my back pocket promising myself to show mom when I got home. I didn't want to leave just when I was starting to make friends. 

“Changmin I have to get going alright. Can we walk home together? or at least to the park?” Junsu asked.

“Sure would love to. I needed to ask you something so it would be great timing to ask while walking home.” I told him smiling at him walking into my class room taken my seat. Now I couldn't wait until after school.

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