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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.

I was waiting for Junsu after school so that we could walk home together but I didn't see him nor his brother Junho. So I looked for Junho's friend Daesub since I knew what he looked like. Maybe he would be able to tell me something. Just as I was thinking about it Daesub came out of the building. I jogged over to him. 

“Umm... Daesub-hyung sorry to bother you but do you know where Junsu and Junho-hyungs are?” I asked him when he looked at me.

“Junho went home early he wasn't feeling good. As for Junsu he most likely went to see about the soccer team.” Daesub told me.

I was surprised that Junsu was on the soccer team. “Junsu-hyung is on the soccer team? Really?”

Daesub smiled. “Yeah he loves soccer. It is his and Junho's favorite sport. It's the only sport they both love. Junsu has been on the soccer team since they let him in his freshmen year.”

“Thank you Daesub.” I replayed bowing lightly to him running off toward the soccer field. 

This way I could see if Junsu gets on the soccer team this year and work on my homework that I needed to do. This would be great. Then again I still have to give this stupid letter to my mom that I wasn't looking forward to. I didn't want to give it to her since most likely we would have to move again. I didn't want to do that since I wanted to be around Junsu more. 

As I walked up to the bleachers I saw them all practicing. I loved soccer myself but I don't think I could be a player though. I just never had the full heart to really play the sport. Though I would love to try maybe Junsu can help me. 

With that last thought I just had to smile as I watched Junsu running up and down the field dribbling the ball between his feet. I had a soccer ball at home but I never got it down. Since I am an only child there was no need to get it down and play with it. But maybe this would be a reason to get it down. 

As I was watching Junsu dribbling the ball I saw someone going over talking to him. Junsu and him where talking to each other about something or another something must have upset Junsu cause he frowned. It's the first time I have ever seen him look so sad. I wondered what he was talking to Junsu about. Seeing that sad look broke my heart. I needed to know what was the conversation about. Then I started to think what can I do to make him feel better. I needed to figure out how to make him smile again.

After a good 30 minutes or so soccer tryouts got done with and everyone went inside. It seemed like everyone was looking at Junsu to make sure they where doing everything correctly. I wondered why. But I shook my head and got my things together to meet Junsu out fount of the school. I didn't know how long it would take. So I sat down on the stairs waiting for Junsu to come out. I was sure that he needed to change his clothes and take a shower. He doesn't hold nothing back when he is playing soccer weather it is just tryouts or a game. That meant he was competitive. Which is one of the thing that I liked the most of my friends. That meant they wouldn't take it easy on me in games. 

“Changmin is that you?” I heard Junsu's voice say behind me.

I looked up at him. “Yeah I thought we were going to walk homes together. Wow I just sounded like a whinny girl.”

Junsu laughed lightly. “No you didn't I told you I would walk home with you I just forgot about practice. Sorry about that.”

“It's alright Junsu. No problem about that. I ended up finding out though Daesub” I replied to him while picking up my book bag walking with Junsu going out the school gates with him.

Junsu smiled lightly. “Thanks for waiting. For the next few weeks I'll have soccer practice. So if you are going to be waiting you might want to either bring you're homework or a book.” 

“I have a lot of homework so I don't think that will be a problem.” I said looking down lightly. “If you don't mind me asking why where you frowning while that guy went over and talked to you?”

“Oh it was nothing to big. Don't worry about it Changmin.” Junsu said smiling at me lightly.

I nodded my head still walking with him. “All right I was just wondering. Since I've meet you I've never seen you so sad.”

Junsu stopped walking leaning against a fence. “I have my moments. I can't always be happy as a clam.” 

“I understand. No one can be that happy all of the time.”

“So what is it that you wanted to ask me?” Junsu asked with curiosity in his voice.

I gazed over at him I didn't think he would bring that up yet. “Umm... I was just going to ask if maybe I can come to you're house instead of you coming over to mine. Since that way you're parents can met me before they let you over.”

“I wouldn't mind but I would still have to ask my mom and dad.”

I recognized his words. “Of course. We should have a phone soon so I'll be able to give you my phone number.”

“Don't worry about it right now. I know it has to be hard to move into a new town.” Junsu said moving off of the fence walking next to me. “I'll see you later I've got to go the other way.”

“All ready? Can't you walk a little bit farther with me Su?”

Junsu smiled it looked like he couldn't help it. “I wish I could but my parents are picky on one thing and that's me coming home on time. Even after my practice.”

I nodded to him since I understood what he ment. “Of course maybe some other time then?”

“Maybe bye Changmin.” Junsu said walking off.

As he walked away from me I couldn't help but notice that I was looking at Junsu's ass. It was a fine one, one that one day maybe would be mine. At least I hoped and prayed about Junsu's ass being mine. 

As I walked home the rest of the way myself I thought about the letter that was in my bag. I didn't want to hand it to my mom. Just the thought of having to leave Junsu when I was just starting to know him. I didn't want that. I had a feeling that Junsu needed me in a few ways. I just couldn't place them. One was cause of that bully at school. The others I haven't figured out just yet. 

“Hi mom I'm home.” I shouted when I got in the house I didn't hear a reply she must be working late again. 

It seemed like mom worked late since we got here. I shrugged it off going to my room right away pulling out my homework and turning on the radio. It was the best way for me to study and concentrate. I just loved music and hoped one day I could be in the business. That's all I wanted nothing else. 

I looked at the clock it should take me one more hour to do my social. I hoped at least. Social wasn't my best coarse but I did alright in it. I took out the books and started my homework hoping that mom would get home soon so that I could find out if we were moving again or not

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