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 It was a few weeks before I saw Junsu again. I don't know what happened to him but it seemed like he wasn't going to school. I also couldn't find his brother or his brothers friends. There was no way that all four of them disappeared at the same time. It wasn't right to not see Junsu in the hallways or in lunch. Of course everyday I wished on the way to school that I would see him walking so that I could walk with him to the school.

I smiled to myself when I walked by the park on the way to school. The air was nice and everyone was playing in the park. Little kids swinging with their parents next to them. Talking to other parents about their kids and most likely to see which kid did what better. Not that I would know after all I'm not a parent I'm just a kid that had a crush with a guy that he just laid eyes on when he first met him. But that image of Junsu wasn't going anywhere. Just thinking about Junsu right there was getting me hard. I don't know what was coming over me. After all I do masturbate just like every other male out there. At least that is what I have been told.

I let out a deep breathe continuing to walk to school. Hopefully by the time I got to the school. That hard on would be gone that way I didn't have to explain anything to anyone of why I was so hard. It would seem wrong if I told everyone that I was thinking about someone that I can never get his face off of my mind and that's what got me so hard for the first time this day. It was a little unusual that this was my first one of the day usually it would have happened a few times all ready. But nope not today I started wondering what was so different about today when I hear yelling behind me. So I turned to look to see who started the fighting and who was the source. Who knew what was going on to who ever was yelling behind me.

My eyes widen when I saw both Junsu and Junho yelling at each other while walking to school. I had to know what was going on though I wasn't so sure if they would tell me. Knowing my luck they wouldn't tell me cause it was family business nothing to do with me. Either way I was Junsu's friend and I've been worried sick about him.

Junsu yelled, “Well I hate you to you're a jerk Junho.”

The next minute I knew Junsu ran right by me. I didn't know what to for him. Though I at least knew that he would be at school today. So at least that made me happy. All I had to do now is get to school.

When I got to the school I looked around looking at everyone in the face seeing if I could find him. Funny he was no where around was he already in the building? Well there was only one way to find out. That was to find him. Though where would Junsu be? At his locker more then likely.

As I was thinking this though my head. I just had to find him. There was no way I was just going to let him stay mad at his only brother no matter if they were twins or not. I turned the corner and there he was just like it thought at his locker.

I ran over to him slowed down when I got close enough I saw tears going down his face. “Junsu What's wrong?”

Junsu jumped like I scared him. “Oh hi Changmin. It's alright I'll be alright just a little fight nothing to be all to be worried about.”

“I was worried anyways I haven't seen you in a while I was worried. It's been weeks.” I told him after all it was the truth.

Junsu nodded. “I understand after all I was gone for a long time I'm sorry. I was on a little vacation that I didn't really want to be on. But I had to.”

I knew I looked confused by the look that Junsu was giving me. I didn't say anything cause I hoped he would continue Of course though he didn't. So he left me guessing about what he was talking about I guess I deserved it for just not telling him what was on my mind about hoping to come over to his house. Since it took him a little while to come back to school I thought I scared him or something.

“Hey Changmin you need to get to class before you're late.” I heard Junsu saying.

“Yeah I know sorry I spaced.” I told him apologizing for spacing out.

I smiled looking at him walking with him to my classroom. I wished I could walk with him to his classroom but then I would so be late for mine. I just wanted to go to his classroom cause it was farther that way I had more time with him. That is what I want just time with him. From the way it seems though I will not get that time unless I get to go over to his house or mine I don't know which will come first. At least I know my mom wants to met him.

“Changmin are you sure you're alright you're spacing a lot.” Junsu said to me interrupted my thoughts.

“Yeah I'm alright just a lot on my mind can't wait until you can met my mom. She's been wanting to met you since I started school. She likes to know who I hang out with. Then again I'm sure every mother is like that. Or it could be just my mom cause I'm an only child. I'm not to sure about that yet.”

“Actually a lot of mothers are like that.” Junsu told me though there was a sad tone to his voice.

“Why do you sound so sad about that Su?”

“Su? Did you just come up with that nickname from hearing my brother's friends?” Junsu asked looking at me.

I started to blush a little I could feel it. “Yeah is that alright?”

“Yeah that's fine. I don't mind it.”

I couldn't help but smile. He was blushing as well. I saw it I didn't know if he noticed it. But I couldn't help but to think that I was the one that caused him to blush. I wonder did he have feelings for me that even he didn't know about?

“You know Junsu I would love to come over to you're house did you talk to you're parents about it?”

Junsu looks down the sadness in his eyes came back. “I'm sorry Changmin but I was told no by my mother this morning. I wish you could but mom said no. Maybe hopefully some other time.”

I was so shocked by this I actually stopped walking with him so much he turned around to look at me. I didn't think his parents would say no. I figured Junsu talked about me as much as I talked about him.

“Well umm.. do you think you're mom would let you come over to my house instead.” I asked slowly hopefully this would work instead.

Junsu looked down. “I don't know Changmin.”

I didn't know what was going on but I had to try to get him to smile. “Well we can always try. But right now let's not worry about it. How do you think you'll do on the soccer team?”

“Alright I always do fine on it. Are you going to come to the first game next saturday?” Junsu asked his eyes lighten up at the talk about soccer.

I tilted my head to the side to act like I was thinking. “Are you going to play?”

“Yeah I'm the caption I have to play.” Junsu informed me.

“Then I'll be there to cheer you on Junsu.” I smiled lightly seeing him happy.

He nodded beaming more. “I'll look for you see you later Changmin.”

With that we went our separate ways going to our classrooms. I couldn't believe that I didn't know about Junsu being the team caption. There had to be some reason why he always seemed down. Mostly when it came to his family. He seems so happy on the field kicking the ball around. Though I have only seen it once I really liked seeing him out there smiling on the field while concentrating on what he was doing with his feet.

I looked up at the teacher sighing lightly taken the notes she was already putting on the board. I just couldn't wait for after school. I never got to see Junsu in school minus the start and the end of school. That was all I wanted to be with him. All day if I could all night. I just wanted to get to know him more of course it would be more easier if we had classes together but he was older then me. Not by much but he was older then me.

I went though the rest of the day in a daze just doing everything I could in class. Go figure I still had homework to make up and more was coming my way. Let me tell you that hurts when you can't even catch up and get more and more homework. I was really going to need Junsu sooner or later. Sooner rather then later. If it was going to be later I would be up to my neck in nothing but homework.

I sighed hard it was a long day going from one class to the other finding more and more homework that I had to do. Coming to this private school was rough. All of my teachers wanted past homework and the new homework. I just wanted to get home sit down and get some of this dang assignment done.

I went to my locker packing my things so that I could go home of course the next thing that I remembered was Junsu's practice I heard it over the loud speaker. Oh well I can do what I did not that long ago sit on the side watching him while doing some work. Hopefully it wasn't windy. I got everything together going out to the sidelines up in the bleachers sitting there doing homework while the soccer team practice.

Once in a while I looked down at the field watching the soccer team instead of doing my work. What was not to like looking down at that field seeing Junsu passing the ball back and forth between his feet going up and down the field in those shorts and tee shirt. There was something about Junsu that just got me going.

I was falling hard and fast for him I knew it though I didn't want to tell him. There is nothing worse then before we even start being friends that he blows me off cause I fell for him.

“Hey Changmin thanks for coming to practice.” Junsu remarked out of breathe behind me.

I jumped cause I didn't even notice he was behind me. “Hi Junsu. I didn't know practice was over I was in my own world.”

“It's alright.” He said sitting down next to me. “So what are you working on?”

I sighed. “Homework. This is my pile of old assignments and these in the other are new assignments. The teachers want all of it. They where saying hopefully by the end of the month but the new ones they want the day it's do. It's a lot of work since I just moved here almost two months and they are still piling old work on me.”

Junsu nodded his head before speaking. “That has to be rough. I've always been here so I don't know what it is like in a different school but I'll help you I can stay here a little while and we'll do this for a while until you get catch up in you're assignments sound good?”

I couldn't believe it he was going to really help me and stay here with me for a while until I got it done. This was going to be great. I couldn't wait to get this started. “Are you sure about this Junsu?”

“Yeah why wouldn't I be? I told you I would be here if you needed some help on you're work.”

“Well that is true but I didn't think you had enough time to do it with soccer practice you know. It was one of the reasons I wanted to go over to you're house.” I admitted to him.

Junsu looked down. “Well you know the playground that we walk by on weekends we'll met there on the weekends. Sound good?”

I nodded my head I couldn't believe this it was like we where setting up a date every weekend. I was going to love it. We got down to business. Starting with one subject today then doing a different subject the next day. I was thinking this was going to take a while but from the looks of it, it wasn't going to take that long with Junsu helping me with it.

It was starting to get a little late and Junsu still had to shower. So we had to get going but I got at least a good four pages done of math. I had Junsu to thank for it. While he went to shower I gathered everything up and went down to the front of the school. By the time I got down to the front of the school Junsu was already done.

“I just got here the same time you're fast in the shower Junsu.” I couldn't help it to not complement him on it.

Junsu shrugged his shoulders. “I got used to it. We shower right before games then after so we have to shower fast.”

“Makes sense. I used to do the same in my old school.”

Junsu's eyes seemed to light up after I said that. “Oh so you where on sports teams at you're old school. Which ones did you play on?”

“Well I was on the soccer team for two years. I also did a little basketball besides that it was nothing. I'm not planing on doing anything here until I get cought up in my work.” I sighed lightly catching my breathe. “Then again I will not be able to do soccer noticing that we all ready had try-outs.”

Junsu was thinking over that before he replied to me. “Well if you're good I can talk to the coach for you.”

“Oh I couldn't ask you to do that. It would be unfair.” I told him with nothing but honest in my voice.

“Not really. If it comes down to it the coach will ask for more players in the middle of the school year anyways. After all he always does.” Junsu said matter of fact.

I looked at him thinking about that. Being on the same team as Junsu. That would be fun a lot of fun. Plus I would be able to see him without clothes considering that we would be showering together. Though I wouldn't be able to do anything if something happened to our friendship I wouldn't be able to handle that. Junsu was so far my only friend. I didn't want anything to happen to that.

“We'll see what happens. Maybe I will. Don't know. I'll talk it over with my mom and see what she says.” I told him smiling knowing that my mom will not have a problem with it.

Junsu smiled big I knew I had made him happy with that. That's when I saw the playground knowing that we had to split ways now and go home. I didn't want that yet but I didn't want Junsu's parents to get worried about him so we had to go home.

“I guess I'll see you tomorrow Junsu.” I said not really wanting to say those words maybe one of these days I will not have to say them.

Junsu nodded lightly. “Yeah see you tomorrow. Try to focus on you're work for tomorrow we'll pick up where we left off today tomorrow after soccer practice.”

It was my turn to nod my head to what he was saying. “Will do Junsu.”

At that we went our separate ways of course I stopped to watch him walk until I couldn't see him no more. There was nothing I wanted more then to just walk with him. Though more then that put my arms around him holding him smelling him. Maybe just maybe get to tell him my feelings and how much I loved him.

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