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I walked though my front door hoping that I wouldn't hear any fighting today. I sighed lightly when I heard nothing. I was hoping I could get lucky today and there would be no fights what-so-ever. That is what I was at least hoping for.

So I went up in my room when I noticed that no one was home. This would be a great time to get all of my homework done. Though I was surprised that Junho wasn't home at all since he came home earlier. He must have went out with mom if anything since I knew dad was still working in the pizza place. 

As I pulled out my homework I heard the front door open then slam shut. That wasn't a good sign no matter who it was though I had a feeling it was mom. I continued on doing my homework until I heard her scream. 

“Mom what's wrong?” I yelled out as I ran down the stairs to my mother.

Mom looked at me. “You didn't start cleaning again young man. What where you doing up there?”

I looked at the floor wondering what she was talking about since the house was almost perfect “I was going to start my homework mom.” 

“You little piece of good for nothing child. Get to work now! I can't stand this dirty floor.”

“Mom our mop broke yesterday.”

“Well get you're old toothbrush and clean it.” Mom told me as she went outside to get some sun.

I sighed as I got to work hopefully I will not stay up to late doing my homework. I hated coming home and wished for the first time ever that I could be with someone else some where else. The first person that came to my mind was Changmin. Though I just met him I just wanted to be with him. He seemed so strong maybe he's the friend that I needed all this time. 

I got out my old toothbrush and started cleaning the floors on my hands and feet running over some of my English words that the teacher gave us. I wasn't sure if I was getting them correctly. But I did know that I was getting some of them correctly that I've heard them a lot of times. I was surprised that I got the floor done so fast. I put the toothbrush away in the cupboard beneath the sink since I knew it was going to have to be used again. 

I let out a deep breathe and started to do the dishes. It was amazing how many dishes got dirty while me and Junho where at school. That reminded me where was my brother. He came home early since he was sick where is he then? Oh well I would find out later hopefully. 

After I got done with the dishes I vacuumed the floors in the living room and the hall way. It didn't take me that long to to though I didn't like doing it to much. I heard the door open when I got done in the hallway. Turning around I saw my father. 

“Welcome home Father.” I said with a little smile on my face. 

Dad walked over kissing my forehead. “Thanks son. How was school?”

“It was alright. I was telling you about the new kid in school Changmin. He came back today. Um I was wondering though if it's alright with you and mom can Changmin come over and spend the night this weekend or maybe I can go over to his house.” I asked carefully wondering what was going on though dad's head. 

“I don't know Junsu. I'll talk to your mother about it tonight? Did you get done with all of you're chores and you're homework?” 

My eyes fell to the floor I knew dad already knew my answer but I was still going to tell him. “Only half of my homework and most of my chores. Mom is out back. Father do you know where Junho is. He left early from school and I haven't seen him all day?” 

“Yeah he's over at you're grandmothers. Like always when you boys are sick. You're going to have to take you're brother's chores for a little bit Junsu.” Dad told me. 

I couldn't help but to sigh lightly. “I know dad I know. I'll get it done.. I just hope I have time for my homework.”

“I'm sure you can do it and get done with you're homework and all the chores in the house before bedtime Junsu.” 

“Thanks dad. I'll get back on it. Umm by any chance.. did you get a new mop?” 

“Oh I knew I forgot something. I'll get it tomorrow I promise Junsu.”

I shook my head a little then went back to work. By the time I was done with all of my chores it was dinner time. 

I couldn't be any happier when I was told it was dinner time. I washed my hands then went to the dinner table smiling happily. As I sat down I saw mom looking to happy. I didn't know if that was good nor bad. 

Everyone sat down we got ready to pray it was dad's turn to pray tonight for that I was greatful cause I wouldn't be able to come up with a verse tonight from the top of my head. I sat quietly while dad read two verses for prayer talking about forgiveness and respectful of our elders. As I started eating I couldn't help but notice I was falling asleep while I was eating.

“Don't be going to sleep at the dinner table Junsu.”

I looked at my dad. “Trying not to father. But I'm really tired after all the work today.”

Dad smiled at me lightly. “I'll do the dishes tonight you go upstairs and get some rest.” 

“Thanks father I will have to do that so I don't fall asleep at school tomorrow.”

I raised my head concentrating on the food that was in front of my face. I had to eat at least as much as I could so that mom didn't get upset with me. That was the last thing you wanted to do is get my mom upset. Even if it was someone else that got her upset I would take the blow of it. 

As I finished with my food I put my plate in the sink. Then kissed my dad on the cheek then my mother on the top of her head going upstairs to my room. I sat at my desk doing my homework since I had to finish it before tomorrow. There wasn't much I could do about that.

By eleven o'clock at night I finally got all of my homework done turning off the light at my desk setting the alarm, then just going to my bed falling on it. I didn't even try to cover up with my blanket. Letting out a held in breathe I closed my eyes going to sleep. 

~Junsu's Dream~

I looked at Changmin as we sat on my bed. This was his third time over. It felt normal to have Changmin over at the house now. Better then anything else. I'm glade that my mom is always behaving when he was over. 

“So what do you want to do Su?” Changmin asked me. 

I blushed lightly. “I don't know. It is getting late. Maybe lets just watch some tv and talk.”

Changmin smiled sweetly at me. “Sounds great to me Su.”

I watched as Changmin get up grabbing my remote which was right next to my tv where I put it up. I noticed that my eyes went down to his ass for some reason. I tried to stop myself but that didn't work to well. When Changmin turned around I was still staring at the same spot. I just couldn't stop. Maybe I was just interested on how such things would work. 

“Hello Su you alright?” Changmin was saying to me.

I looked up at him. “Yeah sorry spaced.”

We smiled at each other as I took the remote from him. I laid down on my stomach looking at the tv while Changmin laid next to me the same way while I flipped though the channels. 

“It wouldn't be so surprising if there was nothing on...” I stopped in mid sentence looking at my tv like what is this. 

“What's wrong Su?” Changmin asked he had worry though his voice. 

Both of us just laid there looking at the TV for a little while. 

“Wow that looks good.” I whispered.

Changmin nodded his head. “It does. I wonder how they do it. I mean they are both men.”

“Have no idea. I didn't even know I had this channel on my TV.” I was still whispering as I watched two men making out with their hands all over each other.

Changmin moved closer to me breathing onto my ear. I couldn't help but shiver it felt indescribable. Then lightly I felt his lips on my cheek. His lips slowly moving towards my mouth. It seemed like he knew what he was doing. 

I just laid there letting Changmin kiss me. I couldn't believe how hard my heart was pounding him sure he could hear it. I turned my head a little as he kissed my lips. Changmin's lips where so soft. That I wasn't expecting at all. Changmin pulled away looking really red. 

“I'm sorry Su. Just...”

I closed the gap between us fast kissing him on the lips. I didn't know what came over me. I just needed my lips on his. So soft, so full lips. I just wanted them. My eyes closed as I felt Changmin kissing me back. I never felt anything so good before. My arms went around Changmin holding him close to me I didn't know what to do but my body seem to know just well what to do. 

Changmin's hands started to feel up my body. It felt like all of the parts of my body that he touched where on fire. That's when I pulled away from him, my breathing was hard and labored. 

Changmin came closer to me kissing my neck. I sighed lightly tilting my head back giving him a better way to get to my neck. I felt his tongue come out of his warm month licking my Adams apple. I couldn't help but let out a gasp. My fingers went into his hair holding his mouth to my neck. Since my fingers went into his hair he just keep on licking my neck. 

“Gosh this feels so good. Is it really wrong?” I said though my voice was barely a whisper. 

Changmin pulled away a little just enough to talk. “I don't think it's wrong.”

I shivered a lot when his breathe went across my neck where he was just licking me. 

~Junsu's dream ends~

“AAHHHHH” I screamed loudly looking at my clock from my bed breathing hard seeing it was time to get up. “I have to go to church. That was so wrong.”

I got up taken a shower looking down at myself groaning when I noticed I had a hard-on. I can't believe that dream. No that nightmare gave me a hard-on. I guess It couldn't have been that bad. But gosh I would never do that.

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