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I was sitting in Math class waiting for the bell to ring, it couldn’t be much longer. I glance around the classroom once more just to make sure the new boy wasn’t in the class with me. I haven’t even heard anything about the new kid so I knew nothing about him, besides the point of seeing him this morning with my brother and his friends. I took a deep breathe still looking at the clock wishing it would go faster. There was only three minutes of class but it felt like forever. I knew out of everything that I would see him while in lunch next period.  

When the bell rang I was up and out of my chair getting weird looks from everyone in class. My cheeks turned red as I ran out the door going to my locker. The first thing that I did was put my head against the locker, feeling the cold metal against my forehead, I felt better after a few minutes. After taken another deep breathe I unlocked my locker putting my math books away grabbing my Bible and my lunch.  

“Hey Junsu.” Bae said behind me right when he took my Bible out of my hand almost making me drop my lunch.  

Bae was the bully in the school, he didn’t listen to no one; Not even his own parents. I already saw him today so I knew what he was wearing. Starting with his head his hair was long about to his shoulders which he wore back in a ponytail though he was told to cut it off to school policies of how to wear our hair. His eyes were dark almost as dark as the lunar eclipse. He was about as tall as my math teacher who was about 5 feet and 12 inches tall. Then he wore a black t-shirt with usually a skull and crossbones with black jeans on with a hole in the knees. Today he looked no different.  

I turned around to face him sighing loudly. “Can I please have my Bible back Bae?”  

From behind Bae came his two little brothers, the middle brother was Hyun Ki; He dressed like his older brother. From his hair style to the type of shoes they wore. It almost made it look cool how Hyun Ki wore it he never put it in a ponytail just left it hanging to the sides of his head. Though Hyun Ki’s eyes were dark they weren’t as dark as his brothers. Like Hyun Ki had more life in him then Bae. I wasn’t to sure if that was the right set of words or not but it sounded right at this time. Then I saw the youngest, Yong Sook. He on the other hand was different. For starters we used to be friends, then he started to act like his older brothers. Yong Sook was the only one out of the brothers they paid attention to anyone. He had his hair cut like the rest of us and he wore his school uniform. I looked into his eyes they were dark but not half as dark as either brother. For that I prayed for every night that the look in Yong Sook’s eyes would never change.  

“He wants his book back.” Hyun Ki said mockingly more then anything else.  

Bae looked between Yong Sook and myself like he was trying to find out if we where talking to each other using our eyes. “Yeah I heard him… What will you give me for it?”  

“I have nothing to give you. Just give me back my Bible please.” I pleaded with him.  

Bae turned around and just started walking away. I couldn’t believe it he was trying to take my Bible. The Bible that my grandmother gave me when I was ten years old. I ran after him pulling on his sleeve to get it back. Just when it was in my reach he throws it to Hyun Ki. I knew where this was going. I ran after Hyun Ki to get my Bible. But he throws it back to Bae.  

“Come on guys this isn’t gym no monkey in the middle.” I said already tired of it. I didn’t want anything to happen to it.  

Bae smiled that evil smile of his. “Oh come on Junsu we used to play monkey in the middle all of the time.”  

Yong Sook then said. “Junsu-hyung… You should have played more.”  

I smiled a little bit thinking back when Yong Sook used to follow me around calling me his hyung. I couldn’t help but smiling from those memories but I shook myself out of it fast. He wasn’t like my little brother no more.  

“That will not work this time Yong Sook. You’re brother’s took my Bible.” I said looking at him carefully.  

“You guys do know it’s not nice to pick on people.” Said a voice it sounded familiar.  

I stopped in my tracks I knew that voice. Someone I had just met today, the new student. His voice was so clear in my memory. He didn’t sound shy anymore but strong and brave. As I turned around to face him I saw my Bible in his hand and Bae looking really mad. I thought I would never see the day that Bae got mad. I saw from the back of Bae’s head his own face turning red from a student was standing up to him.  

“I just happen to see you guys take his Bible from him. Is it fair to have three on one match?” he asked almost sounded innocent.  

“It’s fair when it is in our favor.” Hyun Ki said from behind me.  

Bae looked at the new kid. “What are you Junsu-hyung’ new boy toy?”  

“Hold on Bae I don’t even know him. I met him once. I don’t know anything about him.” I said in a rush.  

The new kid walked over to me handing me, my Bible. “No I’m not his boy toy you sick brat. Also about what Kim-hyung said is correct. We have only met once and that was out front. I just got into this little miss understanding cause I hate it when others are picking on people who don’t deserve it.”  

Bae didn’t say a thing just started coming after me and him. I ducked out of the way while the new kid got hit. Bae kept hitting him over and over again. When I turned to run to the main office Hyun Ki caught me holding me there watching my hero get hit. 

“He has nothing to do with this Bae… Leave him alone!” I screamed at him only to have Hyun Ki put his hand over my mouth.  

That’s when I saw the new kid stand up and start hitting back. I’ve never seen people get up after Bae hit them. He was strong. This kid was beating the crap out of Bae. I was smiling under Hyun Ki’s hand. I was so glade to see him. Finally to see the person that had clouded my brain all day since I met him outside. I knew at this time that we could be friends. That’s when I saw the principal coming down the hallway. Oh boy where all of us in trouble now.  

“Stop it now boys. All of you my office.”  

Hyun Ki let me go. “He started it sir.” pointing at the new kid. 

“No he didn’t Bae started it Sir.” I said telling the truth for us.  

He looked at both of us. “Mr. Kim, Mr. Shim, and Mr. Tan bring you’re two brothers.”  

It always sounded funny when people used there last name. I had to try not to laugh loudly. I went over to help my hero up looking at him in the face. He didn’t have a single mark on his face. I didn’t know what to say to him as we walked to the main office. This would be our first time in the Principal’s office ever. Him because he was new and me cause I never got in trouble.  

“Are you alright Kim-hyung?” He asked me.  

I looked up at him. “It’s Junsu and yes I am fine thank you.”  

“I’m Shim Changmin. You’re welcome Junsu-hyung.” Changmin said smiling lightly at me. 

That’s when I looked down at the floor while we walked into the office sitting into the chairs. The office wasn’t any different then any of the classrooms in our school. Well besides that their where two huge desks in the room and three doors. One to the Principal’s office, another to inside the school, and the last one to the outside of the school. I was guessing that it was easy for the teachers to get to their cars.  

--Changmin’s point of view--  It’s been all day and I haven’t seen a single glimpse of Junsu-hyung. Though right now I was in computer class, which yet again he wasn’t in. We where learning things that I’ve known about since I was 10. Though I knew it I didn’t raise my hand or anything. I didn’t want to look like a know-it-all. That would be bad for me as a new student in a new school. I glanced up at the clock wondering when the bell would ring. I was getting hungry and lunch was next. 

“Okay class, class is almost over I want you to do a report of the CPU of the computer. Double spaced, two pages.” The teacher said.  The rest of the class moaned in distressed. I just shrugged it off. I had worse in my other school. Next to me there was the boy that has been in every one of my classes I do believe his name was Kang Hyo. He wore his hair just like the rest of the school I wondered if it was something the school said like a regulation of the school. That meant I had to cut my hair, it wouldn’t be too much to cut off but it had to go. Kang Hyo’s eyes where a light brown. I didn’t think he was even Korean but I found out last period that he was full blooded.  

“Hey Changmin-hyung… You look like you’re day dreaming again.”  

I blushed lightly. “Oh where you saying something Hyo?”  

Hyo laughed lightly. “No but you looked like you where daydreaming like you have in every class so far. If you keep it up you wont get to far.” 

“That’s all right I know this things all ready. I was just thinking of a boy I met earlier. I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself to him.” I looked down as I told him why I was all dreaming lately.  

“Well, maybe I know him. Did you hear a name that he was called?” Hyo asked I could hear the curiosity in his voice as he asked me.  

“Umm… His name was Junsu.”  

Hyo looked at me with wide eyes. “That’s Kim-hyung. He’s great. His brother is a bit of a jerk but Kim-hyung stays by his side like nothing can separate them. Kim-hyung and his brother Junho-hyung are twins. Though if you ask me Kim-hyung is better then his brother.”  

I listened to him talk about Kim-hyung like he was his best friend. I stopped listening to him when he got to Kim-hung’s favorite color and that. I wanted to ask myself. At least I knew what his name was and what people call him in the school. Now I will know what to call him when I saw him next. That is if I saw him for the rest of the day.  

“Are you listening to me Changmin-hyung?” Hyo said reaching over lightly shaking me.  

I looked at him nodding my head lightly. “Yeah I heard you. Thanks.”  

I smiled my little smile to let him know that I was happy at least a little bit with the information that he told me. Before we went on with our conversation the bell rang. Hyo got up looking at me.  

“Did you need help finding you’re next class?”  I looked up at him. “Nope I got that set. Since it’s lunch. I’ll be fine thanks Hyo.”  

Hyo left the room without another word. I got my things together ending up being the last person out of the classroom. Oh well I was used to it. Usually the first in the last out. I walked out of the classroom I began thinking about the teachers that I had on my schedule noticing that this entire school was nothing but males. There were no women teachers. I was wondering if it was a good thing that my mom set me here. Though I didn’t feel nervous around them.  

As I walked to my locker I was thinking about Kim-hyung wondering where he would be when I seen him next. I put my notebook in my locker closing it starting to walk to the lunch room. I then noticed that the halls where mostly empty. That’s when I heard Kim-hyung’s voice something about his Bible. I went around the corner towards the lunch room seeing three boys picking on him. Right now I couldn’t really understand what the others where saying. Though I’ve heard about them. They all had long hair besides one. These guys where Bae, Hung Ki, and their little brother Yong Sook. Yong Sook looked around my age if not one year older. As I started walking over to them I heard Yong Sook talk to Kim-hyung. 

“Junsu-hyung… You should have played more.”  Kim-hyung smiled but it wasn’t cause of the situation that was around him. It looked more like a memory that past though his head when Yong Sook called him Junsu-hyung. They must have known each other for a long time to bring a smile on his face. I was glade that the windows where right there or I wouldn’t have been able to see that smile on Kim-hyung’s face.  

“That will not work this time Yong Sook. You’re brother’s took my Bible.” I heard him say more claim then before when he was screaming at Bae  

“You guys do know it’s not nice to pick on people.” I told them as I walked closer to the four.  Before Kim-hyung turned around I had already took his Bible from Bae’s hand. 

Which was easier then I thought. I came face to face with Bae whose face was really red. I never knew a face of a kid could get that red before in my life. But right here I saw it before my very eyes. I looked over Bae’s shoulder at Kim-hyung smiling lightly at him seeing the disbelief in his eyes and face. 

“I just happen to see you guys take his Bible from him. Is it fair to have three on one match?” I said tilting my head to the side sound as innocent as I could.  

Hyun Ki was the one that answered me. “It’s fair when it is in our favor.”  

“What are you Junsu-hyung’s new boy toy.” Bae said looking at me I could see the evilness of his smile starting to wonder how Kim-hyung got himself in this mess. 

Kim-hyung was the one that answered. “Hold on Bae I don’t even know him. I met him once. I don’t know anything about him.”  

Since I had his Bible already that was one thing out of the way, now I just had to get it to him. I took this opportunity to do it as I walked over to him handing it to him. “No I’m not his boy toy you sick brat. Also about what Kim-hyung said is correct. We have only met once and that was out front. I just got into this little miss understanding because I hate it when others are picking on people who don’t deserve it.”  

As I turned around to face Bae I saw him move out of the corner of my eyes. I saw him coming to hit Kim-hyung but instead I got hit. I fell feeling Bae hit me over and over again. I heard Kim-hyung scream lightly, looking up I saw Hyun Ki put his arms around him making him watch Bae hit me.  I put my arms up so that he wouldn’t hit my face. Though it did hurt I’ve been hit worse then this. So it didn’t really hurt though it made me think of what my father explained to me when I was little.  

“He has nothing to do with this Bae… leave him alone!” Kim-hyung screamed at him.  When I heard his voice I knew I had to fight back. Stop taken all Bae’s hits to my ribs. So when Bae got up to take a breathe I knocked him down start hitting him. I never hit his face for I knew that was wrong no matter how ugly he all ready was. I throw all my might into my punches. Known that sooner or later some teacher was going to see me beating up him but I didn’t care. I had to save Kim-hyung from getting hurt.  

“Stop it now boys. All of you to my office.” The principal said to us.  

I got off of Bae looking up at him out of breathe. Hearing from behind me “He started it Sir.” It sounded like Hyun Ki but I wasn’t to sure.  

“No he didn’t Bae started it Sir.” Kim-hyung said to my behalf I knew that he was correct but I had a feeling that we weren’t going to get out of it just because Kim-hyung said it.  

As I looked up at the principal I knew we were all in trouble as he opened his mouth it seemed slow motion and he said each of our names. 

“Mr. Kim, Mr. Shim, and Mr. Tan bring you‘re two brothers.”  

Tan’s that was their last name. I had to stop myself from laughing out. Known that Bae would have kicked me again or something I wasn’t to sure. I looked up as Kim-hyung came over helping me up. I couldn’t pull my eyes from his wonderful face. I knew he wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt because of him. If you ask me it wasn’t really all because of him. I would have done it for anyone but since it was of him it made it wroth more in my mind. I looked over at Kim-hyung seeing that he was looking down; he stayed by my side as we walked to the main office. I all ready have been there once today but not cause I was trouble. My mother would be really mad at me when she found out.  “Are you alright Kim-hyung?” I asked trying to take the nervousness from me.  

“It’s Junsu and yes I am fine thank you.” He said with relief in his voice.  

“I’m Shim Changmin. You’re welcome Junsu-hyung.” I told him smiling lightly at him.  

It was the best smile I could manage right now wince we where in so much trouble. As I walked into the main office, I took the chair between Junsu-hyung and Bae. I looked around the main office it was the second time I’ve seen it, it looked different then this morning. Now that I’ve been in the rest of the school it didn’t look that much different then my classrooms. Just a little bigger and two huge teacher desks for the secretaries who were guys as well. There were three doors to the main office, they all had signs on them that said “Please keep this door closed at all times“. One I was guessing led to the principal’s office since I never been in there. I knew where the other two went to, one to the school that we walked though not to long ago and the other one said teacher use only. So it was to the teacher’s parking lot.  I took a deep breathe leaning back in my seat trying to get comfortable since I got hit in my ribs so many times. I was sure I had bruises on my ribs I don’t know if I wanted to see them right now or not.  

“Are you alright, Shim Changmin?” Junsu-hyung said to me.  

“Yeah… My ribs just hurt a little bit. Call me just Changmin please?” I told him as I sat back up which hurt more then I thought it would. It must have showed on my face since Junsu-hyung had a worried look on his face.  

“Are you sure Changmin?” He asked me looking at my ribs where he saw me getting kicked over and over again in the same spot.  

“Oh yeah I’m sure.” I smiled at him as big as I could make it to have him stop worrying about me.  

When the principal came out and told Junsu-hyung along with myself to come into his office at the same time. I got up to go into the office feeling Bae’s hand hit me hard right in my rib cage I fell to my knees coughing lightly. I couldn’t stop that one from happening. The principal saw it and told Junsu-hyung to take me to the nurse to get my ribs checked out and to make sure to come back after words.

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