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Alexa Bliss's huge, wide grin faded as she heard Asuka's music hit the sound system. She was almost too scared to turn to check, but sure enough the infamous NXT women's champion was interrupting the RAW women's champion, and was answering the challenge she had just laid out. The undefeated Asuka, who left nothing but broken bodies and crushed spirits in her wake. And of course, gaping ass holes. So unless Alexa wanted that to happen to her she had to think quickly. She wanted to run, but that was no good as her treacherous body remain planted to the spot as the Japanese superstar slowly got into the ring and looked her up and down, mic in hand.

Ever a woman of few words Asuka firmly said, "I challenge you. Winner take all."

The fans in the arena thought that just meant their titles, but every woman actually working for the company knew it meant so much more, and Alexa's ass hole quivered with fear, anticipation, and lust at it's now perhaps inevitable fate. No, Alexa firmly thought to herself. She hadn't built herself up from an NXT fuck hole into the Alpha female of RAW just to be taken down so publicly. She had to find some way to at least keep her title, and her ass hole, safe. Although, if she could somehow beat Asuka, on her RAW debut no less, Alexa actually would be untouchable. Then everyone would have to bow down to her. Even Charlotte. And being the Goddess that she was, Alexa quickly came up with an idea of how to do just that.

"I accept." Alexa said, surprising everybody in the arena. Then she quickly added, "On one condition. Mickie James is the referee."

Asuka smirked, and without hesitation replied, "I accept."

Given that Mickie had been her favourite and most loyal anal loving bitch for almost a year now Alexa was confident that she had this in the bag, which was clear from the smirk on her face. Unfortunately that smirk was quickly wiped off, because no sooner had the bell rang Asuka hit her with a quick roundhouse kick which made the tiny blonde crumble to the floor. Although to her credit Alexa wasn't knocked unconscious, and was vaguely aware of Mickie getting onto her knees and beginning to count her out. But it wasn't a slow count like Alexa was expecting, meaning she barely got her shoulder up before the three count. Then she barely had time to look at Mickie with betrayal before she found herself captured in the Asuka-Lock, the pain so excruciating that without even really thinking about it she started frantically tapping out.

For a few long seconds Asuka kept the submission hold on, savouring her victory, and then she whispered into her defeated foe's ear, "You're mine!"

All Alexa could do was respond with more tapping and a pathetic whimper, before literally beginning to cry as the superior wrestler finally let go of her, grabbing both titles and held them high above her head as the crowd cheered. She even placed her foot on the defeated blonde, making her superiority even clearer. And Mickie? She was holding Asuka's hand up in victory and smiling dreamily at her, the way she had been smiling at Alexa before Asuka's music had hit. Oh God, how had things gone so wrong, so quickly? Seconds ago Alexa had been on top of the world, only for her to lose her title and her position in the women's hierarchy in under 30 seconds. Which would have been bad enough, but that was nothing compared to the fate that awaited her once she got back stage.


As soon as Asuka allowed it Alexa ran to the back and tried to get her things and run, only for her to be tackled to the ground, "What the fuck Mickie? What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm sorry Alexa, I really am." Mickie said apologetically, "But I can't let you just run away from this."

"But... WHY?" Alexa whined, trying and failing to wriggle herself free, before giving up and reminding her bitch, "You're mine Mickie! You're supposed to do what I say!"

"Well, I have so far." Mickie cheeked, before explaining, "I know, I know, you wanted me to help you cheat to win, like I have for months. And if it was anyone else, I would have. But it's not. Mmmmmm, it's Asuka, and now she's here on RAW there isn't a single woman on the roster who's ass hole is safe. That's just a fact, so I'm really helping you by not postponing the inevitable, and pushing you into surrendering to the pure bliss awaiting you."

Just then Asuka walked through the door of the women's locker room, the RAW women's title hanging proudly over her shoulder and a terrifying smile on her face, which made Alexa whimper pathetically, and then in one last effort to at least minimise her humiliation she ordered, "Everyone out!"

"Everyone, stay." Asuka said firmly.

Which led to Alexa whimpering pathetically, "Please?"

"We don't take orders from you any more." Bayley reminded her bitterly.

There was a brief moment of silence as Asuka stared at Bayley and the others, which they took as an order to be quiet and just watch, whereas Mickie wasn't afraid of the new Alpha, and welcomed her with open arms, "Mistress Asuka, may I please have the honour of preparing Alexa's bitch hole for you?"

Asuka turned to Mickie, her smile almost warm, and she informed her, "Yes! Eat that whore ass, and get it ready for Asuka."

"Thank you Mistress." Mickie beamed happily, before doing as she was told.

Mickie and Alexa were both tiny women, but the brunette was curvier and thus heavier than the blonde, which meant it had been easy to knock her to the floor and keep her there. Which Mickie felt guilty about, but like she said, she was doing Alexa a favour in the long run. Although truth be told she was also doing it for selfish reasons, namely that she wanted to suck up to Mistress Asuka in hopes that the superior woman would take her ass next, and regularly. Like, hopefully every single day, because Mickie still thought about the hellacious rectum wrecking she had received when she had lost to Asuka in NXT, and then being used as the Japanese woman's plaything for the rest of the night. And of course, she hadn't been around when Alexa had been in NXT, so she wanted to see just how much of a submissive anal whore her friend could be.

If anyone could bring out that side of the now stubborn top Alexa Bliss it was definitely Mistress Asuka, Mickie only too happy to help in some small way with that. Especially when it involved eating Alexa's gorgeous ass, something she had been given the privilege of doing ever since she found herself back on Smackdown. Oh yes, like 10 minutes after they had been introduced Mickie's wrestling trunks had been around her ankles, and the then Smackdown champ had violated her big fat slutty ass, turning Mickie into the bitch of yet another blonde. But that ass fucking, and the countless ones that followed, from Alexa couldn't compare to what Mistress Asuka had done to her slut butt, so Mickie would have totally helped Mistress Asuka win if she hadn't known how effortlessly this true goddess could beat the so-called goddess, and sure enough, and now here they were.

Cautiously Mickie took her weight off of Alexa, and was filled to see her friend has submitted to her fate, at least for now. Oh yes, Alexa remained still as a statue as Mickie grabbed onto the other girl's wrestling trunks and underwear, and pulled them down to her knees, revealing that big bubble butt of hers. Sure, it wasn't quite as fat as Mickie's rump, but considering how otherwise slim Alexa was it was ridiculous just how much booty she had. And at least in this moment, it belonged to Mickie. Well, technically it belong to Mistress Asuka, but that just made it even better. Mickie had never been a butt buster, having lost her anal cherry to Trish on her first day in the company, but she loved eating ass, and right now this tiny blonde's tasty booty was hers to savour.

So savour it she did, just staring at it for a few long seconds before leaning down, spreading those meaty cheeks with both hands and slowly sliding her tongue up the full length of Alexa's ass crack. She then repeated that lick over and over again, albeit shortening the length of the licks until she was just focusing on the other girl's cute little butt hole. Then a warning clearing of her throat from Mistress Asuka told Mickie that this was no time for lingering, prompting Mickie to give her an apologetic look before letting go of those cheeks and burying her face deep in between them while frantically licking that tasty back door. Which of course, like with everything she had done before had Alexa moaning and crying out joyfully.

Alexa tried to stop herself from doing so, as she was effectively rewarding Mickie for her betrayal, but she just couldn't help it. Mickie James was just so ridiculously skilled at being a butt munching sub she couldn't stop herself from moaning, whimpering, gasping and crying out in pure pleasure. If she closed her eyes, she could even pretend things were like they should be, with Mickie eating her sweaty ass after a long, hardfought victory, her bitch gleefully proving her inferiority to her while the rest of the locker room watched. First with some butt munching, then with some ass fucking, Alexa gleefully giving her favourite anal whore with a nice deep rectum wrecking to reward her for the spectacular rim job she had just received.

But Alexa didn't dare close her eyes, as things were far from the way they should be, which was made clear by the way Asuka was standing directly in front of her, smirking down at her defeated opponent. God, Asuka had such an aura of natural dominance that Alexa yearned to lean forward slightly and start kissing the feet of the woman who had just handed her a quick and humiliating defeat. Which was something she would probably be doing soon enough, Alexa thought with another whimper. Although it was nothing compared to what was about to happen to her, so Alexa tried to enjoy the rim job while it lasted, and tried not to think about how for the first time in over a year she was about to get ass fucked, and not just by anyone on the roster who had gotten lucky, but by the infamous rectum wrecker Asuka.

The fact that Asuka just stood there for so long, making her wallow in her defeat, made the whole thing worse, Alexa very nearly just begging her just to get it over with. But then she saw Asuka take out her Bitch Breaker, a ridiculously big 14 inches long, and even more worryingly 3 inches thick strap-on dildo. Alexa's strap-on was a 12 incher, but that was because she was the Alpha female, so this was totally cheating. But who was going to dare tell that to this terrifying woman? Or that the extra inch of thickness was obscenely cruel? Hell, it didn't look like it should fit into any orifice, and yet as Asuka slowly strapped it on and covered it in lube Alexa had no doubt that at least most of it would be going up her butt.

Her only comfort in this moment was ironically the treacherous Mickie, who was so anxious to please Asuka she gave Alexa like the best rim job ever. Which was really annoying considering they had been doing this exact thing for over a year, but it had never been more important for her butt to be eaten out with this kind of skill and enthusiasm. Oh yes, Mickie was frantically swirling her tongue around Alexa's ass hole as well as up and down, and even pushed her tongue inside her butt. She normally didn't get very far, but for better or for worse Alexa's back hole quickly remembered it used to be a well used fuck hole, which was moments away from being used again, meaning that her anal ring relaxed and allowed Mickie's tongue to slide deep into it and massage her rectum for several long minutes.

Then Asuka moved round while ordering Mickie, "Out of my way. This fuck hole is mine."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Mickie reluctantly but immediately obeyed.

"Lift your ass bitch!" Asuka then ordered Alexa, smacking that juicy butt hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle.

Alexa cried out at the sudden blow, then whimpered pathetically and lowered her head in submission, "Please... just be gentle."

Which just caused Asuka to smirk, "Spread your cheeks!"

Asuka then chuckled wickedly as Alexa not only did as she was told, but did it nice and slowly, obviously trying to suck up to her by playing the role of the proper little submissive bitch. Or perhaps slipping back into the role of the shameless bottom she was always meant to be after playing at being a top for so long. Which had been adorable, but the Empress of Tomorrow was here now, and it was time to secure her new Empire by conquering her first bitch on the main roster, starting with this walking fuck hole, right in front of the other women of this brand. They all just couldn't look away, as with one final glance at them, and an evil smirk, Asuka pressed her monstrous strap-on against her target and slowly pushed forwards.

This of course had the once mighty Alexa Bliss whimpering pathetically as she felt that big cock knocking at her back door, and then the poor girl cried out as her ass hole started to stretch for the first time in over a year. And be stretched far wider than it perhaps ever had. Certainly by a single dildo. Asuka had heard that the four horsewomen used to pass Alexa around like a piece of meat, daily sessions with two out of the four of them ending with double stuffing this beautiful booty. Perhaps that was true, perhaps it wasn't, but either way the poor little girl let out a frantic scream as her forbidden hole finally stretched wide enough for the head of Asuka's giant dick to slide through it and into her bottom.

It was the first important step towards breaking Alexa, and given that the blonde managed to keep spreading her cheeks and only offered up pathetic whimpers instead of complaints promised that it wouldn't take much more to get Asuka what she truly wanted, namely another opponent turned into a mindless fuck toy. Of course she savoured that fact, and the beautiful sight and sounds before her, before she slowly pushed more of the dildo into Alexa's guts. Which had the poor girl literally crying as more and more of her rectum was stretched obscenely wide, telling Asuka that she'd need to be more gentle with her new bitch. At least for now. So she started pumping her hips back and forth, gently causing those first few inches to slide in and out of Alexa's shit hole, meaning that she was officially beginning to sodomise her defeated opponent.

Of course initially this just had more agonising sounds escape Alexa's lips, even if she continued to submit to the superior woman, but there was definitely a hint of pleasure even in those first few thrusts. It then became more than a hint as to her clear shame Alexa slowly got used to having her ass taken so obscenely, which in turn caused Asuka to smirk and start adding more inches. She couldn't add that many before another heart-breaking cry from Alexa made it clear that the poor girl couldn't take any more, at least not right away, but it would be so worth it when the full length was inside her new bitch. Then the once proud Alpha female of RAW would break completely and thus become just another anal whore for Asuka. Just like little Mickie, who knew the joy of this giant cock inside her fat ass, a joy that Asuka would soon be rewarding her with.

Deciding to give Mickie another reward sooner Asuka called out, "Mickie, spread her cheeks."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Mickie eagerly obeyed.

Mickie had loved watching the now former Alpha female of RAW submissively spreading her cheeks to give Mistress Asuka and every other woman in the locker room the best possible look of her ass hole being stretched three inches wide and who knows how many inches deep. Well, maybe there was about half, it was hard to tell this point, because there was still so much to go, and yet at the same time Alexa had taken so much up her butt. Of course, Mickie would always obey a total stud like Mistress Asuka, especially if it got her an even better look at the true Alpha destroying the ass hole of a wannabe, and that's exactly what Mickie got. It also served as a wonderful reminder of the treatment she had previously gotten, and would hopefully be receiving soon, amongst other things.

She wasn't waiting long for one of those other things, Asuka abruptly pulling her cock out of Alexa's butt hole, pressing the toy against Mickie's mouth, and simply ordering, "Suck!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Mickie eagerly responded and obeyed again.

The last time she had tried this Mickie's ass hole had been completely wrecked and she had been totally cum drunk, but she still remembered pretty accurately just how difficult it was stretching her mouth around such a monster. If she hadn't been relentlessly going ass to mouth for years she probably wouldn't get very far, but the promise of butt cream was just enough for Mickie to be able to stretch her jaw wide enough to take the head in. Which was painful, but it was totally worth it to be able to taste the deepest part of Alexa's bowels around Mistress Asuka's big dick, Mickie moaning with blissful happiness at her special treat. Something which her wonderful Mistress allowed her to savour for a few long seconds, before pushing on the back of her head.

At first it was gentle but forceful, and Mickie knew that total failure just wasn't an option, so she did her best to relax her breathing and push herself down further. Impressively she got almost to the back of her mouth, but that was it. She just couldn't take more. At least without help. And for better or for worse, Mistress Asuka was more than ready to provide that help, grabbing a hold of Mickie's head and holding it firmly in place while she pushed forwards slowly but firmly until the dildo was being pushed deep into her throat. Which made Mickie violently choke and gag, but that wasn't important. All that was important was what Mistress Asuka wanted. Or at least, that's what Mistress Asuka was making clear to her.

So as Mickie flailed, whimpered and tried to beg for mercy Mistress Asuka began thrusting her hips back and forth, literally fucking it like she would a whore's cunt, or another wrestler's ass hole. Well, to be fair she didn't force her cock quite so deep, but the effect was the same, wrecking Mickie before she was done with her. Then she slapped her over the head and swore at her in Japanese for her failure, which Mickie took as an order to lick the cock clean, which she quickly did. Mistress Asuka then started going back and forth between Alexa's ass hole and Mickie's mouth, brutally fucking them both right in front of everyone to prove her dominance. Which of course, the submissive Mickie loved every second of, even at it's worst, and she could tell it was the same for Alexa, even if the tiny blonde hated herself for it.

Alexa mostly hated Mickie and especially Asuka. They were the ones responsible for her suffering the ultimate act of humiliation and submission, and making sure she had to wallow in it, instead of just getting it over with. And she wanted to make them suffer so bad. Spank Mickie until her butt was bright red and then force her to watch Alexa wreck her precious Asuka's ass. Oh yes, more than anything in that moment Alexa wished Mickie had just played along, helped her end Asuka's undefeated streak and then take the terrifying woman's anal cherry. Maybe even make the bitch her bitch, proving once and for all she was the Alpha female of the whole WWE, and not just RAW. But yes, she also hated herself for not being able to save her own ass hole, and the fact that she was bottoming again.

Despite being nothing but a top on the main roster Alexa had been a total bottom in NXT. Back then she had no-confidence, and had been passed around like a piece of meat, and her body remembered how good that felt disturbingly quickly, utterly and completely betraying her as the humiliating sodomy felt ridiculously good, ridiculously quickly. Or maybe that was just because Asuka was a ridiculously skilled butt buster? Honestly it didn't really matter, because either way the result was the same, that being Alexa's ass relaxing and turning into the eager little fuck hole it had once been. Which was only made worse by the constant teasing of going back and forth between her slutty little bubble butt, and Mickie's anal cream hungry little mouth.

It was only a matter of time before Alexa begged to be butt fucked hard, and everyone in the locker room knew it, Alexa's now former bitches eagerly watching this humiliation as their fear of Asuka was forgotten. Hell, some of them had their hands down their pants, others had pushed them down so they could openly masturbate, which combine with Mickie constantly going ass to mouth unfortunately made Alexa even more turned on than if she had just been getting the cock up her ass. The cock up her ass she had missed so much. Hell, if she closed her eyes maybe she could pretend this was just a particularly vivid memory. Like it was Sasha, or Charlotte, or even her first top Paige taking her ass, blissfully unaware that she would get her revenge on most of them.

Remembering that only pushed Alexa closer to the edge of not only begging, but breaking, so with a pathetic whimper she hoped she could get Asuka to settle, "Please... Asuka please... fuck my ass! Fuck it hard, mmmmmm please, I need to cum, oh please, oh fuck, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

Much sooner than Alexa or anyone else expected Asuka pushed Mickie away, rammed the cock all the way up Alexa's juicy little booty and started roughly butt fucking her. There was barely any build up between the gentle sodomy, and the brutal rectum wrecking, but by that point Alexa's ass had been thoroughly loosened to the point where there was barely any pain because of it. Or more accurately, it was overwhelmed by the ecstasy she was feeling. And that was before she even came. Then when she did cum, far harder than she had in over a year, Alexa wondered why she bothered ever trying to be a top. Then several climaxes hit her, and she was completely robbed of the ability to think coherently.

Asuka smirked at how easy it was to make Alexa Bliss cum like a little bitch with a dick in her ass. God, how had the women surrounding her allowed such an obvious bottom to masquerade as a top, let alone the Alpha female of this brand? God, she hoped the Alpha female of Smackdown Charlotte Flair would be more of a challenge. Ideally a few of the women surrounding her now too. Of course, no one was ready for Asuka, something which Asuka was determined to prove during these precious moments. Oh yes, she would use Alexa as an example of what happened to those who thought even for a second they could challenge her. Which admittedly was the same as what she would do to the women who didn't, only a little more humiliating.

Initially taking Alexa on all fours like this was enough, especially when the little bitch started hammering herself back against Asuka's thrusts, making sure the dildo slammed as deep as it could possibly go into her back door and her juicy cheeks jiggle as much as possible with the impact, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as Alexa's squeals of pleasure. Which of course made Asuka chuckle with triumph, smack that ass to make it jiggle even more, and start yelling abuse in Japanese. Honestly even Asuka wasn't sure what she was saying, and it didn't matter. She knew no one in the room could really understand her, and the point was made clear anyway.

Of course, poor little Alexa didn't have the strength and stamina that Asuka did, and ultimately she collapsed face down on the locker room floor, the new RAW women's champion's firm grip on her hips being the only reason that the former champ's ass stayed in the air. And it was fun to sodomise a woman in that position, something Asuka gleefully did for a few long minutes. But it wasn't enough. It was something any of the women surrounding her would do, and she needed to show her superiority. So reaching down, Asuka grabbed Alexa, put her in the Asuka-Lock, and stood up so the poor girl was impaled upon her dick. She then started bouncing her up and down upon it, Alexa whimpering and frantically tapping as she was utterly brutalised, and yet her cum continued squirting out of her cunt. Hell, in her current position it was shooting across the room and all over her gym bag.

Sadly it wasn't a position Asuka could keep going for long. Partly because Alexa slipped into unconsciousness, and she didn't like to fuck unaware bodies, but also Asuka could no longer hold herself back from climax, and it was as powerful as any she'd ever had. So powerful it threatened to weaken her, and while she pushed through it so she thoroughly proved her point she couldn't keep going indefinitely. Not while she was surrounded by her rivals. So she allowed herself to cum a few times before reluctantly letting go of her victim, allowing Alexa's beaten and broken body to fall to the ground, the dildo slipping out of her perhaps literally ruined ass with an obscene sound. Asuka then stood there proudly, grin sadistically at the bitches surrounding her, and the one she had just destroyed.

Asuka just stared into the depths of Alexa's bowels via that widely gaping butt hole until her broken bitch let out a whimper as a sign that she was coming to, and then Asuka gave her a gentle kick and ordered, "Spread your cheeks! Show them that... you weren't ready for Asuka!"

The fact that Asuka said that last part while staring out into the crowd made the butt holes of most women quiver with fear and anticipation, including Sasha Banks, who tried to make up for it by puffing up her chest and claiming, "I will be!"

It was telling no one else had the guts to say that, and that Asuka just chuckled, licked her lips while looking Sasha up and down, and then simply said, "We shall see."

Alexa meanwhile was too busy wallowing in her defeat, her body beaten and broken, unable to move. At least until Mistress Asuka kicked her again, harder this time and growling some threatening sounding words in Japanese, which somehow provided Alexa the strength needed to reach back and quickly pull her ass cheeks apart, showing off her gaped butt hole to the woman who had just destroyed it. She then received another kick, telling her she was facing the wrong direction, something Alexa's tired mind only just realised. She then quickly tried to correct herself by turning around so her butt was facing at least the majority of their audience, and Alexa was kneeling in front of her conqueror.

Timidly, Alexa looked up at the goddess before her, almost having the urge to laugh out loud that she ever tried to give herself that title. This woman before her was a true goddess, and her completely wrecked ass hole was proof of that. Because seriously, it felt like her back door was as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon. That it would never be the same again. That she would never be the same again. Oh God, Alexa could never imagine topping anyone again, especially when being Mistress Asuka's anal whore was so rewarding. Instead she wanted to do everything possible to please the rightful Alpha of the WWE, or at least do a better job than she'd been doing. And thankfully, she got her chance.

While not glancing down at her bitch Asuka simply pointed at her dick and ordered, "Suck."

Guessing that was mostly intended for her Alexa scrambled to kneel before her new owner and wrapped her mouth around her big dick. Although she stopped just before trying, because she was blown away by not just the size of the toy, but the fact that this 14 inches long and 3 inch wide monster had fit all the way up her butt. It made her feel even more defeated and broken, because seriously, what kind of whore could take that in any hole? The answer simply being of course, one of Mistress Asuka's anal loving bitches, a member of a club that Alexa was now weirdly proud to call herself a member. Which was enough for her to take a deep breath, and then take as much of that dildo into her mouth as possible.

Unfortunately she was out of practice, and could barely get the head into her mouth. But oh, was it worth it, Alexa moaning happily at tasting her own ass on a cock for the first time in over a year. Well, she'd had her bitches rim her and then kiss them, but that was very different to tasting the deepest part of her bowels on a cock which had just defiled her butt. She then got even more of that heavenly cream as her wonderful Mistress grabbed onto her head with both hands and started to fuck her mouth, gently at first, but eventually as hard as she was pounding Mickie's throat. Which was too much for Alexa to handle, given her lack of practice, and by the end she was a total mess, saliva covering her face sliding down to her tits while she frantically gagged and choked until she passed out, and yet even through that brutal treatment she felt proud to be pleasing her Dom.

After Alexa passed out Asuka threw the used up fuck hole to the ground again and announced with an evil grin, "She, not ready for Asuka. Will you be?"

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