Ready For Asuka

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Sasha Banks had heard your whole life flashes before you during a near death experience, and while this wasn't quite as bad it certainly felt like it. In fact, she'd rather die than actually tap out to Asuka, as there was far more on the line then the RAW women's championship. Although just giving up in such a high-profile match in front of this huge PPV audience, both sitting in the crowd and at home, would be devastating to her pride, high-profile titles on the line or not. But try as she might Sasha couldn't get out of the Asuka-Lock, and could only flail helplessly in the middle of the ring, while her tormentor cackled with delight. That was when Sasha found herself flashing back, not through her whole life, but the last few weeks.

That was bad enough, because she had to watch as Asuka brutally sodomised Bayley, who was Sasha's girlfriend and more importantly her number one bitch, to the point that right before the title match Bayley had bent over in the middle of the locker room, spread her cheeks wide apart to reveal a gaping crater, and then proudly announced, "I'm now Mistress Asuka's bitch, not Sasha's."

Which of course, echoed in Sasha's mind throughout the match, providing distraction enough for Asuka to get the upper hand, something she kept throughout the match. Asuka absolutely humiliated her, landing a series of brutal strikes and devastating throws before locking on her signature submission manoeuvre. To her credit Sasha had almost got to the rope at first, only to be pulled back into the centre of the ring with the lock on tighter than ever. She knew deep down she didn't have the energy to break out of it, and she was only suffering more pain unnecessarily now, but even that seemed preferable to the alternative. Also, if Sasha actually tapped it would be exactly what she deserved for allowing this to happen to her.

No! This wasn't her fault. The odds had just been so stacked against her that not even John Cena could have won. Because not only had Sasha been humiliated by Bayley's betrayal, but right after Alexa had fallen to Asuka's feet, started frantically kissing her boots and telling her how much she was looking forward to being fucked by a real top again. The fucking bitch. It wasn't like she had been that good a fuck anyway. Sure, Alexa had a bubble butt which practically had everyone who saw it drooling, but the entire time she just wouldn't shut up about what an amazing top Mistress Asuka was, and Sasha just couldn't compete, and Sasha would know what true happiness was when Mistress Asuka was stretching her ass.

That was another thing that echoed in Sasha's mind as she began literally crying in pain and frustration. Alexa had also gone into great detail about how hard she would cum from being ass fucked by a true Alpha female, and just how wide her poor little butt hole would gape after Mistress Asuka was done pounding it. Even wider than Sasha would make her gape, and even harder than Sasha would make her cum, something which she would repeat an annoying amount, but especially after another failed attempt to break her by The Boss. So instead of being able to counter Bayley's betrayal with her total conquest of Alexa poor Sasha had to wrestle with a major disadvantage, and it had showed in her pathetic performance.

If only she could have won the match everything would have been alright. Bayley would have been hers again, giving Sasha plenty of time to remind her girlfriend who her big fat booty truly belong too. And she could have made Alexa pay for her words, and finally truly broken her. Most of all, she would have got the one thing that no one else had been able to get, that being Asuka's anal cherry, which would no doubt break her instantly and expose her as a wannabe. Oh yes, and Sasha would have been the RAW Alpha female and Women's Champ, making her undisputedly The Boss of all of the WWE. But instead, all she could do was choose between passing out and tapping out, before a public ass fucking.

She tried to hold on, so she could at least have a shred of dignity in passing out from the pain, like one of her heroes Stone Cold Steve Austin did during one of his defining performances. Of course he didn't have the same thing waiting for him that she did, and the combination of the physical pain and the mental pain ultimately just became too much, forcing Sasha to swallow her pride and do it. For The Boss to tap out live on PPV, in a championship match, and awarding the titles, the bitches, and herself to the terrifying woman known only as Asuka. Or Mistress Asuka, the thought of actually calling her victorious opponent that making Sasha fume with rage.

Just when Sasha didn't think things could get any worse Asuka placed one triumphant foot on her defeated body, which was somehow all it took to keep her in place while the RAW women's champion was handed her belt and the referee raised her hand. Of course Asuka was all smiles, holding up her belt with the other hand as she began to celebrate her victory. A celebration which would end in the complete and utter humiliation of Sasha Banks, her poor ass hole widely gaped and displayed to the rest of the locker room, just like all of the other conquests of the Empress. Something which Sasha was unnecessarily reminded of as Asuka smiled gleefully down at her broken body, and tears of shame, humiliation and frustration slid down Sasha's cheeks in a very un-Boss like manner.


For Sasha really the only silver lining was that this would not be the first ass fucking she received in the middle of the locker room. In fact she had suffered that fate at the hands of both Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair, and if anything it had been even more shameful to lose to them, so this would be nothing. Well, far from nothing, but it was humiliation she had taken before without breaking, and she was determined this time would be no different. Even if Asuka had effortlessly broken Alexa, she wouldn't do the same to Sasha. No, Sasha would take her punishment, then she would get her revenge. Because no other outcome was acceptable. So she took the long walk to the back, and then waited for Asuka to make her way through the curtain, and when she did Sasha snapped at her.

"YOU, will not break me." Sasha pointed angrily, before reminding the other woman, "Others have tried and failed, and so will you. And then? I shall have my revenge."

Asuka cocked her head and smirked, "Like you got revenge on Alexa, and Charlotte?"

Which of course had Sasha fuming with rage, and snapping, "Don't you dare-"

"NO, don't you dare!" Asuka swiftly interrupted, before smirking, "Your arrogance is cute, which I'm sure is why no one has succeeded in breaking it. But I will Sasha, I promise you that. Even if it won't be tonight. Now, get your sweet ass to the locker room. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, your ass hole has a date with my strap-on."

"Ah fuck!" Sasha cried out, clutching her ass after Asuka slapped it hard enough for the sound to echo throughout the corridor, making her blush as she watched in a stupor as the Alpha female walked away from her.

"Do not make me ask you again." Asuka threatened without looking over her shoulder, then smirked as she sensed Sasha following her like a pouting toddler.


Asuka pretty much smirked the entire way to the women's locker room, the expression only becoming wider and more proud as she stepped through the door and held her title high in triumph. The bitches she was yet to conquer looked impressed, but apprehensive, except maybe Smackdown women's champion and Alpha female Charlotte Flair, who was clearly confident in her abilities and just eager to see a show. Of course Asuka's broken bitches looked up directly at her from where they belonged, on their knees awaiting the arrival of their Mistress. Lastly, there was Sasha, who after a few long seconds to gain her nerve stormed into the room, bitching as usual.

"This means nothing!" Sasha whined, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little titles too."

"Oh shut up and strip Sasha." Charlotte interrupted her, enjoying the annoyed look on her rival's face, "Oh yeah, we're all eager to see you getting put in your place. Again."

There was a brief pause, then Asuka pushed, "You heard your first top."

"She's not my first top." Sasha whined, before snapping, "I've never had a top, and I never will."

Which just made Asuka, Charlotte, and a few of the others laugh, frustrating Sasha even more. She even looked like she was going to continue running her mouth, until Asuka gave her a look which finally had her doing as she was told. Not in a slow and sexy way of course, but Asuka found it unintentionally adorable, and she sensed she wasn't the only one. Besides, the result was the same, a naked Sasha standing before her, just waiting to be used as the bitch she was. Something Asuka chose to build anticipation for by slowly circling her pray, licking her lips as she admired her ultimate prize, namely Sasha Banks's cute little bubble butt, which after a few rotations she gently grabbed, making Sasha gasp.

"So cute." Asuka purred into Sasha's ear, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, your ass is so cute Sasha. I look forward to tearing it apart, and leaving it a gaping crater. Mmmmmmm, and I hope when I do, you will remain so bold, and won't break right away. Oooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, it's been so very long since I had a challenge."

"I'm more than AH FUCK!" Sasha began, before swearing loudly as she was interrupted.

That interruption came first in the form of a hard slap to Sasha's booty, and then Asuka growling something in Japanese in her ear, before then translating with a wicked grin, "Silence, you disrespectful little bitch! I may find your defiance cute, but I cannot let it go unpunished. Mmmmmmmm, but just because kicking your ass didn't work, doesn't mean that spanking it won't."

"Oh no." Sasha murmured softly.

"Oh yes." Asuka grinned, using the hand which wasn't on Sasha's ass to click her fingers and order, "Alexa, get a chair, and place it in the centre of the room."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa eagerly replied and obeyed, adding after she did so, "Oh Mistress, I so loved watching you destroy Sasha in the ring, mmmmmmm, and I'm going to enjoy watching you destroy that cute little butt of hers in every possible way even more."

"I bet you are." Asuka said dismissively, giving Sasha's ass one more squeeze before she strolled over to the chair, sat down on it and then patted her lap invitingly, "Bend over Sasha. It's time for your new Mistress to put you in your place. Or at least, to start breaking you in, in the way lesser women fail too."

Surprisingly this didn't result in any more backtalk. Asuka thought for sure at least Charlotte would try to argue, but instead both she and Sasha simply glared for a few long seconds, before the so-called Boss stomped over to where her new Mistress was sitting. For a few long seconds she stared down at her threateningly, but Asuka just smirked confidently back, until inevitably Sasha hung her head in shame and defeat, and then bent over her new top's knee, presenting the RAW women's champion, and the rest of the locker room, with an excellent view of that beautiful little booty of hers, which Asuka could now use as she pleased. And oh, how she intended to use it.

While there was part of her very eager to get right to it Asuka couldn't resist reaching down and sliding her hand over Sasha Banks's cute little bubble butt again, resulting in the same pathetic whimper from the self-proclaimed top. God, it had never been more obvious that Sasha was a bottom in denial, just begging to be put in her place by a superior woman. And Asuka was just the woman to do it. Which was why Asuka took so much time squeezing that cute little ass, heightening the overwhelming humiliation that Sasha must be feeling, and therefore making the spanking even more effective. Which was why she continued to do so even after she began the butt beating. That, and it was just so much fun.

Sasha had experienced this kind of humiliation many times before with Alexa and Charlotte, but that didn't make experiencing it again now any less horrifying. In fact, it almost felt worse, because this was now the third woman to the list, which was definitely a pattern. Also her previous tormentors were watching her latest humiliation, which was especially bad that now one of them was the bitch of her current top. No! Asuka wasn't that, and she never would be. Something Sasha felt in desperate need to remind this bitch, and telling her to hurry up with it. But as she opened her mouth Asuka quickly raised her hand and bought it down as hard as she could upon The Boss's booty, meaning instead of talking back Sasha let out a loud and pitiful cry of pain.

That cry was rapidly followed by another, and another, and another as for a long minute or two Asuka rapidly attacked Sasha's ass with vicious blow after vicious blow, only for it to be stopped just as suddenly as it was started. So as a result, one second the room was filled with the sound of flesh smacking off flesh, and Sasha's cries of pain, to be suddenly replaced by just The Boss's whimpers. Both sounds she let out were whiny and pathetic, Sasha hating herself for them, but hating Asuka even more. Especially because as much as she tried to promise herself she wouldn't make those sounds any more Sasha knew from experience that she couldn't keep that promise, and she chose to put that blame on her tormentor, where it rightfully belonged.

After all, she was the one doing this to her, which Sasha could use as motivation to get her revenge in the inevitable rematch. If she blamed herself then she was more likely to lose that inevitable rematch, but if she could just remember this feeling of anger and humiliation then she could use it as motivation to defeat the mighty Asuka, and give her a taste of her own medicine. To bend her over her knee and spank her like this, only twice as hard, and then after she had ruined the outside of Asuka's ass she could get to work on the inside of it. Oh yes, she would soon be beating Asuka's booty bright red, and then she would take this intimidating woman's butt cherry, gaping her back hole wide open, take her titles, and most importantly make this bitch her bitch.

Before that it would be Sasha's ass being brutally fucked, but while there was a great humiliation she was in no way looking forward too The Boss was dangerously close to begging for it, as the blows continued raining down upon her poor little butt. It was bad enough in the beginning when she received a series of hard strikes, only for Asuka to switch to greedily groping her ass, which massaged the pain away, but heighten the humiliation. Although that had nothing on the constant brutal butt beating she received later on, especially as it literally made her cry in front of the rest of the locker room, and even worse, it made her squirm so much upon Asuka's lap the friction caused her to get wet. Which had to be the only reason she was turned on right now, because any other explanation was unacceptable.

Asuka on the other hand was confident that Sasha was wet because she enjoyed getting put in her place. Oh yes, lesser tops had tried and failed to put this stubborn bottom in her place, but the undefeated Asuka was here now, and Sasha's body was acting accordingly, recognizing a superior woman, and practically begging Asuka to truly break her, something the true Alpha female was only too happy to oblige. Firstly by giving a nice, long spanking right in front of the entire women's division of both RAW and Smackdown, and then with the kind of ass reaming that would truly break the so-called Boss once and for all. Which was why after quite a while of gentle spanking and groping Asuka switched to brutally beating Sasha's butt.

Sadly she had to hold something back for the anal sex, but for a few long glorious minutes Asuka gave Sasha's ass every ounce of strength and speed she was capable of, causing those cheeks to jiggle like jelly, become a dark and angry red, and of course Sasha squealed in agony like the little bitch she was. God, Sasha was squirming so much at that point Asuka thought that the former champion was about to cum just from the combination of grinding herself against her thigh, and the spanking itself. Something which would almost make it worth continuing this. But no, Asuka just couldn't resist switching tactics. So just as abruptly as it started, she stopped the spanking and just switch to straight up groping. Which she would probably deny later, but Sasha clearly enjoyed that part, given her adorably soft whimpers.

"Get on your knees, bitch! Come see what I have for you." Asuka abruptly ordered as she pushed Sasha off of her and then turned her attention to another one of her pets, "Bayley, bring me a nice big dick, strap it to me, and then suck it right in front of your little girlfriend. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I want my cock covered in your spit as it goes up her ass."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Bayley eagerly replied as she scrambled to do as she was told.

Which of course caused Asuka to smirk wickedly. That, and the fact that her eyes were locked with Sasha's the entire time she was saying this, being sure to enjoy all the expressions that it caused to cross over her face. Then Sasha looked away, which also gave her the opportunity to watch as Bayley returned with a nice big strap-on, which she held out so Asuka could step into it. Bayley then pulled it up her thighs, tightened it around the waist of her top, and then eagerly took it into her mouth and started to suck it. Sasha also watched this, although perhaps didn't want too, but just couldn't look away, something that Asuka felt obliged to comment on.

"What's wrong Sasha? Wish it was you sucking my cock?" Asuka chuckled, "Well, maybe if you beg nicely enough, I'll let you."

"Fuck you Asuka." Sasha grumbled.

"Yes Sasha, I am about to fuck you." Asuka said, turning her conquest's words against her, before again returning her attention to one of her broken bitches, "Isn't that right, Alexa?"

"Oh yes Mistress Asuka. Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, you're about to fuck The Boss in the butt." Alexa eagerly agreed with her trademark evil smile, before pointing out, "Although, I think you're being way too nice about it. Oh yes, after all the work that me and Charlotte did loosening up that whore hole you can probably slide right in, no lube necessary."

"Perhaps." Asuka grinned, "But I'm in a generous mood, mmmmmmmm, so why don't you properly prepare that whore hole for me? Oh yes, eat The Boss's butt. Tongue it good, and maybe I'll reward you later."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Alexa eagerly replied and obeyed.

"Good girl." Asuka purred after Alexa eagerly buried her face in Sasha's ass, before turning her attention to her cock sucker, "Deeper Bayley! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, take that dick deep down your throat! Yesssssssss, take it as deep as it will go up Sasha's butt. Oooooooooh fuck yeah, make sure this strap-on slides into your little girlfriend's ass hole like a hot knife through butter. Then she can be just as big an anal whore as you. If she isn't one already. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, you want that, don't you Bayley? Huh? For you and your precious Sasha to both be my anal loving bitches? For me to fuck both your slutty little ass holes and make sure you never forget your place again? Yeah you do, yeahhhhhhhh you do, mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, suck it good!"

It sounded like Bayley did her best to reply 'yes Mistress Asuka' like the well-trained little bitch she now was, even as her new owner continued encouraging her. Which was completely unnecessary, as Bayley had also been just savoring the latest privilege she received from her Mistress, anticipating that Asuka would make somebody else eat Sasha's ass, and now she was prompted to try harder that was exactly what she did. Oh yes, the seemingly sweet and innocent girl was soon shoving every inch of that strap-on dildo all the way down her throat, gagging and choking violently on it, but continuing to please her Mistress Asuka, making Asuka very proud of her. She was also extremely proud of Alexa, who was just as passionate with the rim job as Bayley was with the blow job.

Alexa had eaten Sasha's ass a lot, so in a way burying her face in between those milk chocolate cheeks felt like coming home. Oh yes, back when they were both in NXT together Sasha had been pushing Alexa's face into her ass and making her rim her as a sign of The Boss's dominance, only for the tiny blonde to turn the tables on her when they got to the main roster. Admittedly Alexa had also enjoyed making Bayley eat Sasha's ass for her, but mostly she just hadn't been able to resist tonguing that forbidden hole herself, and this was wonderful reminder of why. God, it was just so tasty, and Alexa loved this new experience of not preparing it for herself, but preparing it for another woman, making her love her Mistress even more.

Wanting to do a good job of it Alexa did her best not to concentrate on all the butt munching she'd done with Sasha in the past, including making the so-called Boss eat her little bubble butt. She also tried not to focus on what Mistress Asuka's reward for her might be, as there were also some things she was receiving from her new owner, although honestly she was expecting and hoping for her own ass to be fucked. Also she tried to ignore the fact that they had an audience for this, Bayley loudly sucking on that strap-on, and most of all Mistress Asuka giving encouragement to both herself and Bayley. Oh yes, there were a lot of potential distractions, but Alexa focused on what truly mattered in that moment, namely eating Sasha's ass.

Something she started by giving rapid licks directly to Sasha's shit hole, making the little anal bitch moan shamelessly for her. That moaning only became louder as Alexa slowly started increasing the force of her licks, until she was practically attacking Sasha's butt hole with her tongue. Along the way she started swirling her tongue around Sasha's ass hole as well as up and down, before finally trying to push her tongue inside The Boss's back hole. In a somewhat surprising turn of events she couldn't get very far, proving it had been far too long since this bottom in denial had been put in her place. But luckily Mistress Asuka was here now, and Alexa was really going to love watching Sasha get what she deserved.

"Stick your finger in her ass Alexa!" Asuka suddenly ordered, surprising everyone, especially Alexa, "Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk yesssssssss, prepare her ass for me good and proper, like you were doing before. Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, you didn't know it Alexa, but your attempt to top before? That was all just you getting bitches like Sasha to be mine. Oooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, that's what you were doing. All you were doing. So do it. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, finger that slutty little ass. Get it nice and ready for my big dick. Mmmmmmmm fuck yes, there's a good bitch. Finger that bitch! Finger her good! Oh fuck!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa gladly replied when she was given half the chance.

Honestly Alexa was about to agree with all of it like a good bitch should, but Mistress Asuka kept talking, which was uncharacteristic for her, but she was understandably excited, and probably wanted to make an impression on their audience. Besides, Alexa got distracted by spitting onto her fingers, then on to Sasha's ass hole, and then bringing the two together. Oh God, then her entire world became the tightness of Sasha Banks's butt as she slowly pushed her index finger into it, moaning happily the entire time. Of course, Sasha moaned to, proving that she was still an anal whore, even if she had tightened up significantly since Alexa had last taken that ass. Which, perhaps for the first time since she was broken, made Alexa truly jealous of what her top was about to do.

Asuka waited until Alexa was two fingers deep inside Sasha's butt before pushing Bayley away from her thoroughly lubed cock and ordering, "Okay, that should be more than enough preparation for this ass whore. Oh yes, get ready Sasha, mmmmmmmm, because I'm going to destroy your ass! The ass that belongs to me now! Oh yes Sasha, now your ass is mine! All mine!"

"Never!" Sasha whimpered defiantly, but to her shame not particularly convincingly, "I'll never be yours. I didn't break before, and I won't break now."

"Awww, such adorable fighting spirit." Asuka chuckled wickedly as she positioned herself behind her prey, "Try and hold onto that for as long as you can while I'm breaking you in."

"Fuck you." Sasha whined pathetically.

"You already said that. Don't you have anything else to say?" Asuka challenged, only to be greeted by more pathetic whimpers.

Asuka then chuckled wickedly again, and pushed one of Sasha's ass cheeks aside and then just rested it there for a few long seconds, savouring the moment. Then she pushed forwards as slowly as possible, watching in delight as that tight little ass hole started stretching, and stretching, and stretching until the head of that big dick slid through Sasha's most private hole and into her bottom. Which of course, cause the proud former champion to cry out in pain, and then whimper pathetically, which in turn caused the rest of the locker room to chuckle wickedly. Meanwhile Asuka also chuckled wickedly in delight, and once again savoured the moment before slowly pushing forwards again.

If she wasn't such an experienced butt buster Asuka might have mistaken Sasha's ass for being virgin as it was so incredibly tight, but there were signs that it had been used before, most noticeably that this so-called Boss let out gasps, whimpers and cries of both pain and pleasure as her butt was stuffed with strap-on. Of course, it was also possible Sasha was just a natural anal whore, like her precious girlfriend Bayley, but Asuka had no reason to doubt what she had been told by her loyal bitch Alexa, and the freshly broken in Bayley. Especially when even Sasha herself had inadvertently confirmed it by the way she had acted around Alexa. Besides, it would just make her an easy conquest.

Certainly any whining and complaining had completely stopped, seemingly so that Sasha could put all her energy into desperately trying to hide how much she was enjoying this. Actually enjoying getting her ass stuffed! God, Asuka didn't know how Sasha could possibly live with herself. She could just about imagine enjoying the anal sex itself, but to actually enjoy getting a dildo shoved up her ass? Surely only the most broken of anal sluts did that. After all, Asuka's bitches certainly did, making it only more laughable that Sasha had thought she stood a chance against a true Alpha female. Oh well, she was now being exposed for the ass whore she was, and when Asuka was done with her she would be grateful to her for opening her eyes, and her ass hole, to the truth.

That certainly seemed increasingly the case, especially after Asuka's thighs came to rest against Sasha's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dildo was buried within her bowels. Oh yes, after only a few long seconds to savour the moment Asuka began pumping back and forth, arguably officially beginning the sodomy, almost immediately making Sasha moan in pleasure. The bitch was already moaning in pleasure, which again caused Asuka to chuckle wickedly and wonder how a total anal loving bottom could be so delusional. Oh well, the truth was being exposed now. Exposed right in front of the entire RAW women's locker room, who were watching with great interest as Sasha Banks got put in her place. Hell, even Bayley seemed to enjoy the show.

Bayley had watched Sasha getting ass fucked a lot, and she always enjoyed it. Alexa had even forced her to admit that out loud, and if Mistress Asuka asked her to do it again she would do it in a heartbeat, in front of everyone. However, she would feel bad about it, just like she felt bad about wishing she could touch herself right now. But she hadn't been given permission for that, so she stayed where she was like a good little broken bitch, just watching her girlfriend getting her butt fucked, and clearly loving it from the way she was moaning already, and no doubt hating herself for it. Which had some of the other women gossiping already, but before they could really get going or say something to the defeated woman Mistress Asuka suddenly gave her another order.

"Bayley, get over here and spread your girlfriend's ass cheeks." Asuka suddenly commanded.

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Bayley eagerly replied and obeyed.

Naturally another thing Bayley had been feeling was jealousy towards Sasha for having the privilege of getting Mistress Asuka's big strap-on cock deep inside her ass, an honour Sasha wasn't even truly grateful for, not like Bayley would be. Of course it was a fleeting thought, as Mistress Asuka had truly proven herself worthy of the title of Alpha female by anally pounding multiple bitches a night, and Bayley had no doubt she would soon receive the same treatment sooner. Especially as it could be seen as another message to Sasha. But in that moment, her greedy butt hole couldn't stop from aching to take the place of Sasha's shit hole. At the same time, her mouth watering at the thought of what would probably happen next, and she was proven wonderfully right as Mistress Asuka pulled the dildo out of Sasha's ass and pressed it against Bayley's lips.

"Suck it!" Asuka ordered firmly, and then chuckled wickedly as Bayley happily did as she was told, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, suck my cock! Suck it clean of The Boss's butt. Oh fuck yeah, suck it cock sucker! Fucking suck it bitch! You like the way your girlfriend tastes on my big dick, huh? You like that? Ooooooooooh yes you do, yes you do. You love tasting Sasha Banks's bitch ass on my dick! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, take it deep down your throat! Mmmmmmmm, make sure you clean it of every drop of Sasha's slutty little shit hole. Oh yeahhhhhhhh, do a good job, and maybe I'll let you clean it again after I've spent a few more minutes owning this ass and making it mine. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you want that, don't you? Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah you do!"

It was likely that one of Mistress Asuka's other bitches would be allowed to taste Sasha's butt next, which made Bayley want to be selfish, and spend as much time sucking that cock as possible. However then she would be punished, most likely by the other bitches getting seconds without her. So she quickly began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, going further down, each time until the entire dick was buried within her well-trained throat. Which meant that she was able to get every drop of that precious liquid in a matter of a few minutes, Bayley enjoying every bit of it, like she did the previous times that Alexa an Charlotte had allowed her to taste Sasha's ass on their strap-ons.

Just as Bayley predicted Mistress Asuka then gave Mickie and her favourite Alexa a chance to clean her cock, albeit after a detour into Sasha's back passage. In fact, it was more than a detour, Mistress Asuka gleefully sodomising Sasha just long enough to make her moan in pleasure again. Which admittedly was not long, but it was long enough that Sasha obviously became increasingly frustrated as the ass fucking was once again paused in favour of ATM. All of which was almost painfully hot to watch, before Bayley finally got what she wanted, the chance to taste Sasha's butt, which she greedily took with a happy moan. The same happy moan she let out every time she got to wrap her lips around an ass flavoured strap-on, especially when it was Sasha's ass she was tasting.

Sasha became increasingly frustrated by all this. It was also annoyingly predictable, as she had suffered this humiliation at the hands of Charlotte and Alexa, but surely that should mean that Asuka should know better than to waste everybody's time by putting her through this again when it wasn't going to break her? Although maybe Asuka wasn't even trying at this point, the sadistic smiles and laughter suggesting she was just having so much fun degrading not only Sasha, but her broken bitches, proving her power and dominance to their audience. Of course, the worst part of it was that part of Sasha, a very small part, was actually enjoying being dominated like this, and even was jealous that she wouldn't get a turn tasting her butt, which was extra ridiculous as it was likely she would have to do that at the end.

Hopefully by that point Sasha wouldn't be a pathetic little broken bitch like Alexa, Mickie and even Bayley, but her body was just betraying her so hard. She'd wanted to cum from being fucked in the ass before, because while Sasha hated to admit it. Alexa, and particularly Charlotte were amazing ass fuckers, or had been in Alexa's case, Sasha desperately trying not to think about the butt pounding the two blondes had given her, as it made her want to cum even more. But it was more than that. Oh God, Sasha didn't just want to cum, like she had before. No, she wanted to break and be Mistress Asuka's bitch, a desire she was fighting with everything she had, but it was just getting harder and harder.

In the end it was the desire to take away that temptation more than anything else which had Sasha whimpering patheticly, "Please..."

"Please what?" Asuka pushed.

After a long pause Sasha whimper bitterly, "Make me cum..."

"Oh come on Sasha, you can do better than that." Asuka grinned wickedly.

Yet another long pause, then Sasha snapped, "Make me cum! Ooooooooooh Gooooooooddddddddddd, make me cum you bitch! Oh fuck! Make me cum nice and hard with a dick up my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, make me cum like an anal slut! Oooooooooh, mmmmmmmm, make me your anal slut, if you can. But you can't, mmmmmmmm, we both know you can't, oh fuck, others have tried and failed, ohhhhhhhhhhh, and you will too! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, pound fuck my slutty little ass hole and make me cum for you! Please? Oh please, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, FUCK ME, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

No matter how hard Sasha seemed to beg she was continuously denied what she wanted, until she thought this really might be it, the moment she had been dreading since starting her wrestling career. The moment that she broke, and became another woman's anal bitch. Perhaps the worst part of it being, at least in that moment, it didn't actually seem so bad, if it meant she would get this kind of pleasure on a regular basis, and even better when she was finally about to orgasm. And it was clear that she was being conquered by a true Alpha female. Oh yes, if she was going to be broken by anyone, she was glad it was an undefeated juggernaut like Asuka.

Then just as it was feeling too overwhelming Asuka began slowly increasing her pace until she had to be using every ounce of her strength, and the sound of her thighs smacking into Sasha's jiggling butt cheeks were almost as deafening as The Boss's screams of pleasure. Of course it only took a gentle increase to make Sasha cum at that point, and the relentless rectum wrecking she then received made her cum a record amount of times. Which was kind of a problem, as this was arguably more effective than her having to say any kind of words. Not that she was able to really worry about it at that moment. No, Sasha soon lost the ability to think, as she was bombarded with climax after climax from being fucked in the ass like a little bitch.

Asuka had sensed Sasha was close to truly breaking, but this had proven to be almost just as effective in the past, and she figured The Boss deserved a reward for lasting so long. Besides, Asuka just didn't want to wait any more to pound the cute little ass in front of her. So she didn't, Asuka rewarding herself as much as Sasha, if not more given that like their audience the RAW Alpha female and women's champion got to enjoy the sight of her defeated opponent's butt jiggling so hypnotically as her thighs crashed against them. Perhaps more importantly, Asuka got to enjoy the pure satisfaction that could only come from using another female wrestler's most private hole as her personal fuck hole.

The only downside was that it was so satisfying that it became increasingly a struggle for Asuka not to cum, which would truly be the beginning of the end of this amazing experience. Although, they were basically there already, and ultimately it just became too much. The other end of the dildo bashing against her clit. The sheer joy of conquering not only another female wrestler, but one who management and the fans expected great things from, and allegedly a butt busting top at that. A woman who once been an Alpha female in her own right, back in her NXT days. God, it was all just too much and ultimately Asuka just can't hold back anymore. No, she came and came and came, each climax seemingly more powerful than the last.

Of course, luckily for her she was the undefeatable Asuka, and she was easily able to push herself to multiple climaxes, and perhaps twice as many for her new bitch. Because that's exactly what the once mighty Sasha Banks was now. Oh yes, this loudmouth diva was nothing but Asuka's bitch, even if she didn't know it yet, and the Japanese woman would be only too happy to beat it into the stubborn American. Something she literally did for a while by beginning to brutally spanked Sasha's ass, making the surprisingly meaty cheeks jiggle even more, while she rained down abuse at her. Mostly in Japanese, but for the benefit of her audience, Asuka made sure to deliver some of it in English.


In her current state those words and the spanking actually had a positive effect on Sasha, at least in Asuka's opinion, as it meant that her new little bitch slammed her ass back against her even more rapidly than before, making sure the rectum wrecking was as hard and as violent as possible. So much so that their audience actually looked concerned, one of them even having the audacity to try and say something, until Asuka silenced them with the look and a sadistic smile. Who knows how long the sodomy went on for after that, but it was long enough that the once mighty Sasha Banks collapsed face down in a pool of her own sweat, truly becoming nothing but an orifice for the pleasure of her conqueror. Asuka gleefully continued butt fucking her bitch for her own pleasure for a few long moments, until a particularly powerful climax caused her to stop and catch her breath.

Asuka then grinned wickedly, very slowly pulled her cock out of Sasha's ass hole and then smacked those cheeks hard, while ordering, "Spread your cheeks, Sasha. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, show me just how well I have gaped The Boss's butt hole!"

Sasha was so exhausted at first all she could do was whimper pathetically, at least until Asuka got fed up of waiting and smacked her sore ass even harder than before and yelling at her in Japanese. Desperately not wanting to get spanked again, especially in her current condition, Sasha quickly obeyed, spreading her cheeks and exposing her widely gaping butt hole to her audience, who all gathered around so they could get the best possible look at it. Worst of all, she made sure that Asuka got the best look at the damage she had done, causing the champion to chuckle wickedly, heightening the humiliation that she felt, which was really saying something. Although, maybe it was a good sign that she could still feel shame at this point.

"You weren't ready for Asuka, where you bitch?" Asuka chuckled.

"No." Sasha admitted bitterly, but then to her relief was able to follow that up with, "But I will be, and I will never be your bitch."

"We shall see." Asuka hummed dismissively, making Sasha expose herself for a few more long seconds, before giving her another order, "But I'm not done with you tonight. Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, you know what happens now Sasha. You know it's time for you to suck my dick. To be the ass to mouth whore you were born to be. So come on Sasha, suck it. Take it deep into your mouth, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, and deep into your throat! Oh yes, deep throat me bitch! Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, deep throat every single inch of that big dick! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fucking suck it. Get every drop of your butt cream like the ATM whore you are."

Having suffered this humiliation before this was almost no big deal, especially when compared to getting ass fucked. Asuka had come closer than anyone else to breaking her, but she had failed like all the rest, surely proving that Sasha was unbreakable, and with that proud thought going through her mind Sasha could take this level of humiliation. Especially when this was the beginning of the end of her suffering. Oh yes, all she had to do was clean that cock with her mouth, then she would be in the clear, and free to start plotting her revenge. So she let go of her cheeks, turned around, kneeled down in front of her tormentor and then took the dildo which had just been used to pummel her ass into her mouth.

Despite desperately trying not to Sasha just couldn't stop herself from moaning in pleasure at tasting the deepest part of her bowels on the dick. To her shame she had loved that flavour since the very first time she had tasted it, something which was unfortunately obvious to the other women of the WWE. It was something that she was regularly taunted for, and Asuka was no different, so Sasha just ignored her in favour of bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, pushing more and more into her mouth and eventually down her throat until she was sucking on the entire length. Which was when Asuka chose to give her a nasty surprise, which had her looking up and pleading for mercy, even though she knew she wouldn't get any.

"Oooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, suck it Sasha! Suck my cock, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck it clean of every drop of your butt cream." Asuka gleefully taunted for quite a while, before dropping the hammer, so to speak, "Oh yes, every drop, mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, get every fucking drop. And then, I'll fuck your ass again. What? I beat you, mmmmmmmm, that means your ass is mine tonight. And guess what? I'm the Alpha female of RAW, the only Alpha female who truly matters, and that means I can fuck you in the ass whenever I want. And I will! Ooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmm, I'm going to butt fuck you, my little bitch, until you break. No matter how long it takes. And honestly? I hope it takes a while, ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, because I'm enjoying having a challenge."

As much as Sasha would've liked to protest she couldn't. Asuka was right, her role was so coveted because she could do things like that, and now she had defeated Sasha so decisively The Boss didn't have a leg to stand on. Of course, Alexa had tried something similar and failed, but Asuka had just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she was so much more scary than little Alexa Bliss. And more importantly, a far more skilled butt fucker. So was Sasha screwed? No, she couldn't believe that. She had to believe she would find a way to turn the tables and finally take her rightful place at the top of the food chain on what was arguably the main show of the WWE. Although in that moment it was hard to imagine how she would ever be able to do that. How she, or anyone else would ever be ready for Asuka.

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