Ready For Asuka

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Charlotte Flair normally wouldn't tolerate meeting in someone else's hotel room. Her sluts either came to her, or more often than not she fucked them back in the locker room. Or wherever she damn well pleased. But it was rare the other Alpha gave her an invitation to meet up, and better yet gave her an offer she just couldn't refuse. So there she was, strolling boldly down the corridor with her head held high towards the locker room of the undefeated Asuka. Others would have been terrified to knock on Asuka's door, but Charlotte did it confidently. Admittedly even she was a little apprehensive, but she told herself she could handle whatever was on the other side of the door. Which turned out to be quite delightful, especially when the door was answered by a pouting and more importantly naked Sasha Banks.

"Hello, butt slut." Charlotte smirked.

"Shut up, and just get in here before anyone sees." Sasha whined.

"Gladly." Charlotte grinned, herself and her bitch Naomi stepping inside, the latter closing the door behind them. For now Charlotte ignored her bitch, and more importantly the moans coming from further into the hotel suite, and told her long-time fuck toy and self-proclaimed rival, "Well, give us a twirl. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm curious if your new Mistress has your ass hole plugged, or gaped."

"She's not my Mistress!" Sasha snapped angrily, before pouting, "And I ain't doing shit for you."

"Without your new Mistress's permission." Charlotte quipped, having a lot of fun with this.

"Just get in the bedroom." Sasha said softly in defeat, lowering her head in shame.

"That eager for me to ass fuck you again?" Charlotte teased, even as she turned her back to Asuka's latest conquest.

"Just that eager to see you be put in your place." Sasha countered.

Which caused Charlotte to pause for a few long seconds to consider her options. It was extremely tempting to turn around and put Sasha in her place, but there would be plenty of time for that later, and right now she wanted to see what Asuka had waiting for her. Although it was pretty obvious, given that she recognized the voice screaming in pleasure. And sure enough, the Alpha female of Smackdown strolled on her long legs to find the Alpha female of RAW lying on her back on her hotel room bed, her predecessor frantically bouncing up and down on her strap-on cock. It was a fairly obvious threat, one straight out of the Charlotte Flair playbook no less, but frankly Charlotte didn't find it threatening in the slightest. No, she found it incredibly hot.

Especially when she got closer and got a good look at Alexa Bliss's butt hole sliding up and down that strap-on. Which admittedly was barely visible given how hard and fast Alexa was hammering her own ass on the dildo, but as a butt busting super top Charlotte had a knack for recognizing such things. And God, it made her practically drool with lust, and wish that Asuka had been willing to trade her Alexa. Of course, Charlotte could insist on finally getting a crack at Alexa's crack, but she was confident that would happen sooner or later, and she still loved the original plan. Especially given that involved spending a few long minutes watching that beautiful little bubble butt being completely defiled, before Asuka finally gave her bitch the permission she was clearly craving.

"Make yourself cum bitch!" Asuka ordered, slapping Alexa's ass roughly to make it crystal clear who she was talking too.


After that. poor little Alexa became completely incoherent as her cum squirted violently out of her cunt and all over her Mistress's stomach. Which should have probably made her top smile wickedly, but instead Asuka frowned in annoyance. Probably because Alexa didn't call her by her proper title enough, or just didn't finish what had been an obvious script designed to get under Charlotte's skin. Or maybe she was mad because it backfired, as it only turned Charlotte on more, something that the Alpha female of Smackdown was fairly certain was clear, something Charlotte was very proud of. It was a small victory which she didn't get to enjoy for very long before Asuka was shoving Alexa off of her and standing up threateningly.

The two Alphas had a stared down for a few long seconds, before Asuka smiled wickedly and ordered, "Sasha, suck my cock."

Sasha found her mouth ultimately opening to give the same reply the broken bitches gave, but she managed to stop herself at the last second from actually saying anything. Luckily for her Asuka and Charlotte were too busy staring each other down to notice, but that still left her in the humiliating position of getting down onto her knees in front of another top and taking that top's dick into her mouth. At least she was able to prove to Charlotte she wasn't broken by being at least a little bit hesitant to actually wrap her lips around that cock, even if her mouth was watering at the thought of tasting Alexa's ass again. Oh yes, Sasha had been tasting the deepest part of Alexa's ass on Asuka's strap-on dick a lot over the past few weeks, along with the butt cream of the rest of Asuka's bitches, and that heavenly taste was driving her crazy.

That quickly became obvious by how loudly she moaned in pleasure as soon as that flavour hit her taste-buds. She tried not too, but she just couldn't help herself, and predictably her reward was the laughter of her peers. Hell, it wasn't just her fellow tops laughing at her, but Naomi too. Fucking Naomi! Oh God, the idea that bottoms were now laughing at her made Sasha blush furiously, and whimper pathetically. Then she closed her eyes tightly and tried to savour that flavour as a way to ignore the mockery that was soon to come. Although that didn't come until later, at which point Sasha was eagerly bobbing her head up and down the dildo Asuka had just used too pummel Alexa's bowels.

"Good girl. Mmmmmmm, that's a very good girl, Sasha." Asuka said as she finally looked away from Charlotte and down at her new bitch with a beaming smile, "Oooooooooh yesssssssssss, that's a good little cock sucker. Sooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, suck it. Suck it good and get every drop of Alexa's ass cream off of it. Oh yes, prove what a little ATM slut you are to our guest."

"Oh believe me, I know." Charlotte reassured with a wicked grin, "Oh yeah, when I was on RAW Sasha spent a lot of time on her knees and gleefully sucking my cock fresh from a bitch's ass. Normally her own. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, so I, and everyone else, know exactly what kind of ass to mouth whore Sasha Banks is. Just as I know that while Alexa may have had the ass sluts on RAW like Mickie, Bayley and Sasha fooled I know from my NXT days she was nothing but a bottom playing it being a top, and thus exposing the fact that you really hadn't any competition yet Asuka. And I'm not so impressed by this little show of yours. So are we going to do business, or not?"

There was a long pause, just long enough for Sasha to get the last couple of inches down her throat, before Asuka finally looked at Charlotte, gave her a smirk and then ordered, "Bitches, line up against the wall and present your asses. And yes, that means you, Sasha."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Mickie James replied loudly and proudly, getting up from where she was patiently waiting for her turn for some fun.

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa weakly replied shortly after, struggling to do as she was told.

Reluctantly Sasha pulled her lips away from the dildo, took a moment to catch her breath, and then reluctantly stood up and joined the line that was forming after grumbling as mockingly as possible, "Yes Mistress Asuka."

After watching this play out Charlotte told her bitch, "You too Naomi."

"Yes Mistress Charlotte." Naomi replied and obeyed quickly.

Which involved her coming to stand next to Sasha, meaning that The Boss was not only in the line, but surrounded on both sides by shameless anal loving bottoms. All of them were bent over slowly and pressing their hands against the wall so they could stick out their asses and present them to the two Alpha females, including to her shame Sasha. Mostly because she knew she'd be punished if she didn't, and she recently lost against her Alpha, making it difficult to argue she was one of her bitches. And honestly, Sasha just couldn't help herself. It felt good to humiliate herself in this way, which in a way was even worse than the ATM. Although there was at least one saving grace, namely that her girlfriend wasn't here to see it, for some reason.

As if reading Sasha's mind Charlotte asked, "So, where's Bayley?"

"I gave her the night off." Asuka said dismissively, before reminding her fellow Alpha, "I told you, she isn't part of the deal. That's nonnegotiable, and I didn't want her here to tempt you."

"I know, I know, you have plans for her and Sasha." Charlotte smirked, reveling in the chance to taunt her old rival, before sighing, "Still, it's a shame we won't have an audience for this."

"There will be time for that later." Asuka said dismissively, before offering, "Now, you may inspect the merchandise. Provided I can do the same, of course."

"Go ahead." Charlotte grinned, closing the distance between herself and her pray, "Mmmmmmm, I'm going to enjoy this."

As Charlotte practically purred that last part into her ear Sasha had a bad feeling about it. Sure enough it was quickly followed up with a hard smack to her ass, causing her to cry out in surprise, but there was definitely some pain too, and maybe even to her shame some enjoyment. It was hard to tell whether Charlotte picked up on that, but either way she began shamelessly squeezing and fondling Sasha's butt, quickly adding her secondhand to the equation so she could maximize the groping, and the humiliation. Meanwhile at least for now Asuka just watched, which was another small mercy. Admittedly, it was hard to really appreciate that given the next exchange.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, I've missed this ass. Has it missed me? Huh Sasha? Because I bet it has. I bet it's just been aching for another taste of my big hard cock stretching your shit hole wide and deep, and treat you like the anal slut you are. Oh yes, I bet you spend night after night frantically dildoing your own butt, moaning my name, and wish I took you with me to SmackDown as my personal anal pet, instead of being stuck on RAW with second-rate tops like Alexa, and now Asuka. Yeahhhhhhhhh, this sweet little ass is just begging for a proper pounding, isn't it?" Charlotte taunted, both disappointed and impressed that Sasha didn't take the bait, before gleefully adding, "Well good news bitch, this ass is getting my dick again tonight."

"WHAT? NO!" Sasha protested, pushing Charlotte away and then yelling at Asuka, "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

"MY ASS WHORE!" Asuka interrupted loudly, before reminding her bitch, "That's what you are Sasha. That's all you are. Or did you forget that you tapped to me? Did you forget that you tapped out in the middle of the ring, and not on a house show, in the middle of Summer Slam where everyone could see you? That was you undisputedly giving me your ass hole. It's mine now Sasha, and until you can beat me, or someone else does, you are my bitch. That means you bend over for whoever I want, including Charlotte. Or leave now, and forfeit the chance for revenge. The choice is yours, but make it quick. I will not tolerate another out burst like that."

For a few long minutes Sasha just stood there with her mouth open in disbelief, then in anger as she desperately tried to think of a way out, or something to say. Something. Anything. But in the end all she could do was turn back around and take the position she had before while whimpering, "Oh fuck me."

"Yes, that's what I'm going to do to you tonight Sasha." Charlotte gleefully rubbed salt in the wounds, both with her words and by smacking Sasha's ass even harder than before, getting the same pathetic yelp from her butt slut for the night. Then she turned her attention to Alexa's gaping ass hole and whistled, "Wow... speaking of asses I've missed, Alexa? Are you feeling nostalgic as I am right now?"

"No Mistress Charlotte." Alexa answered, before quickly explaining herself, "Mistress Asuka is a better butt buster than you. Why would I want to settle for second best?"

"I don't know about that..." Charlotte laughed, before smacking Alexa's little butt roughly with both hands and began to gently fondle it. Something she got distracted doing for a few long seconds, before sliding her thumb around her former bitch's butt hole and quipping, "Your ass is nicely gaped, but I remember stretching your back hole little wider than this."

"True, but this was just me stretching my ass out for her on her big cock." Alexa confessed, finally looking behind her and grinning, "You should see my shit hole when she's actually done with it."

"Here, take a look." Asuka offered, gleefully grabbing her phone so she could show her rival a picture.

"Fuck." Charlotte murmured, genuinely impressed with the gape, before quickly recovering, "Impressive, but nothing I haven't done to one of my bitches before. Something that you're about to find out... Mickie!"

"Oh God yes!" Mickie squealed in delight as her fat ass was smacked by Charlotte, who quickly moved down the row to pay her some attention, "Gape my whore ass! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck that big fat ass hard and deep and leave my slutty little shit hole a gaping crater. It's what I deserve for being such a nasty anal slut!"

"Oh Mickie, you do not disappoint." Charlotte chuckled wickedly. "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I heard you were the nastiest anal loving bottom in the history of the WWE. Is that true, huh? Because I've known a lot of nasty anal loving bottoms, and created quite a few, so you have a lot to live up too."

"I will." Mickie moaned lustfully, eager to prove herself, "I'll prove to you that I'm the nastiest anal loving bottom in the history of wrestling! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I've been getting my big fat ass fucked by superior woman since Trish took my anal cherry on my main roster debut, and that was 10 years ago. Since then everyone's had this ass! Oh yes, my butt hole is a loose, well used fuck hole. Even when it isn't already stretched out like this. Mmmmmmmm, I love it though. Oh yes, I love walking around with a butt-plug up my fat ass, reminding me that I'm the property of a butt busting top, who's gonna bust it real good. Oh please, please, my Queen, fucking wreck my shit-pipe."

"Ooooooooh, that's what I like to hear. Oh yeah, a butt slut who knows her place." Charlotte chuckled, before taking another jab at her former friend, "Take note Sasha, this is exactly what a nasty little anal slut should be saying to their superiors. Mmmmmmmm, and I have no doubt given Asuka's reputation that you soon will be."

"Never." Sasha said softly, but defiantly.

Completely ignoring that Charlotte turned to her fellow pure top and told her, "Thank you by the way, for properly preparing these bitches. That was sweet of you. I know some tops prefer to open up a nice tight hole, but for me, I just can't stand the thought of an anal slut with a closed butt hole. Ass whores like Mickie, Naomi, mmmmmmm, and especially Sasha should have constantly stretched opened back doors to remind them of their place. That they're nothing but holes to be used. Otherwise they can develop delusions of grandeur, like Sasha here. Which is why when I was on RAW, mmmmmmmm, Sasha's ass never fully closed. Plus, it just looks sooooooooo gooooooooodddddddd."

"That didn't stop me from taking your title. Twice." Sasha grumbled, although again she was ignored.

"You're welcome." Asuka grinned, before asking, "Does this mean you intend to skip straight to the ass fucking?"

"God no." Charlotte quickly turned that down, sounding appalled, before explaining herself with another wicked grin, "These asses look way too yummy for that. Besides, this will be my first time tasting Mickie's fat ass, and I have really missed Sasha's cute little fuck hole."

"Good." Asuka replied a little dreamily as she began to focus on Naomi's gigantic booty.

Asuka had enjoyed simply watching Charlotte indulge, going back and forth between Mickie and Sasha and squeezing their butts like the fuck meat they were. Of course the entire time she kept an eye on Alexa's gaping butt hole, which was on perfect display despite the tiny one that spreading her cheeks, and more importantly the offering that Charlotte had bought her. On Naomi, and that ridiculously fat ass of hers, which really had Asuka drooling with anticipation. Which was even more the case when she actually closed the distance between them and grabbed two big handfuls of that huge booty and give it a good squeeze. In turn this made the anal whore moan softly and practically quiver with desire, proving that unsurprisingly Asuka wasn't the only one really looking forward to what happened next.

"Shall we eat then?" Charlotte asked, admittedly after another minute or so of butt groping.

"Let's." Asuka agreed with a wicked grin.

With that Asuka and Charlotte reached between the cheeks of Naomi and Mickie, grabbed hold of the handle sticking out of their ass holes and slowly started pulling them out. At first the two Alphas stared each other down, but they just couldn't resist turning their attention to the stretching holes, especially Asuka who was both impressed and annoyed just how wide the plug turned out to be. Most of her annoyance came from the idea that the other top was able to outdo her at anything, and she half expected Charlotte to point that out, but apparently she was too busy shoving the plug which had just been inside Mickie's ass into her own mouth. Grateful for that Asuka followed suit, safe in the knowledge that Charlotte couldn't mock her for it.

Arguably it wasn't a very dominant thing to do, but why should bottoms get all the ATM fun? Besides, it wasn't like they weren't going to get a chance later. In fact, if history told them all anything, the bottoms would likely be tasting a lot of ass before the night was through. So it wasn't surprising that the broken bitches didn't complain. That, and they were too well trained. Sasha meanwhile was probably too embarrassed to admit she was jealous that Charlotte got to clean the plug which had been stuffing her cute little booty. Of course, before that Charlotte had slowly savoured the taste of Mickie's ass, while slowly pulling the plug out of Sasha's butt, which Asuka very much enjoyed watching, before tossing the plug she had been cleaning aside and burying her face in Naomi's gigantic bottom.

While again it wasn't a very dominant thing to do Asuka just couldn't resist suffocating herself in those meaty cheeks, pressing herself so deeply in between them she literally couldn't breathe. It was totally worth it though to felt those gigantic globes covering her face, and knowing that soon these giant cheeks would be jiggling against her thighs as she may Naomi want to be her butt slut forever. Although admittedly thoughts about the future were fleeting, as mostly Asuka just enjoyed this precious moment, and the wonderful one when she officially started tonguing that back door. However even when she did that, she only pulled herself back a little bit, the need to breathe properly nowhere near as important to her as being able to keep her face buried in those enormous butt cheeks.

Charlotte meanwhile enjoyed the little show to her side, and promised herself that when she took down Asuka she would shove her face back into Naomi's butt, and the butts of her other bitches, and of course her own butt, as a way to humiliate her defeated rival. Also, because it was just hot. Of course that couldn't hold her attention for long, not when she had two perfect little asses waiting for her attention. Well, more accurately one little ass, and one big booty, both of which made Charlotte practically drool with anticipation. Which led to the agonizing choice of which ass she was going to eat, which was really tough, but ultimately she just couldn't resist that cute little butt. Besides, unlike the fat ass, it wasn't going to be hers directly after this.

So ultimately Charlotte buried her face in between the cheeks of her old friend and rival Sasha Banks. Which of course, like Naomi before her, made Sasha gasp loudly, and then whimper and moan, the main difference being that the first anal bitch didn't have a shred of dignity left, and maybe never had, while Sasha clearly did, and was embarrassed by her reaction. If it had been anyone else Charlotte would have found that annoying, given how much time she'd spent pounding this cute little butt hole, however she had found Sasha's defiance so amusing she'd never really tried to break her. It would be ashamed if Asuka succeeded in doing so, but Charlotte was mostly confident that her fellow 'horsewoman' could hold onto her stubbornness. Either way, Sasha's sounds of pleasure only made this act more enjoyable.

It was one Charlotte savoured for a few long minutes, before switching over to Mickie and doing the exact same thing. Oh yes, she buried her face in between those cheeks, and this time they were so much more meaty. Not as meaty as Naomi's ridiculously big booty, but it still made it hard to breathe. Which probably shouldn't have added to Charlotte's enjoyment, but it did. So much so that she began going back and forth like that before finally spreading those meaty cheeks so she could get as much access to that back door as possible. Then again she switched, giving Sasha the same treatment, and then going back and forth, relentlessly attacking those forbidden holes with her tongue.

Although in the case of Mickie and Sasha forbidden was probably the wrong word. More like loose and welcoming, those once tightly closed secret passages having been well opened and stretched to the point where they were like garage doors. Oh yes, thanks to years of anal pounding and those butt-plugs Charlotte was able to shove her tongue deep into the tail-pipes of these ass whores and literally butt fuck them with her tongue. Which of course made her ache to use something much bigger to give these anal sluts what they really deserved, but at least for a few long minutes The Queen was satisfied by dining on this feast, which was fit for a Queen.

Naomi also wished the tops would just batter their butt holes with the type of big toys they were known for, one of which was still currently around Asuka's waist, making it that much more frustrating, because she was so close to getting what she wanted, and it felt so far away. However she was also good with what she was receiving now. Probably because Naomi knew her place better than any of these other bitches, except maybe Mickie. That she was a fuck hole to be used by more dominant women, and therefore her opinion didn't matter. But also, she loved to get her butt munched. Especially when it was in preparation for an anal pounding, and the person giving her back door a tonguing clearly knew exactly what they were doing.

Maybe especially in the case of Asuka, who had a reputation of knowing exactly what to do with a booty, and was definitely proving that now, at least when it came to eating it. Although Naomi had been there when Asuka had butt fucked Sasha for the first time, and at least the end of her latest rectum wrecking session with Alexa, so she knew she was in for a real treat, and the rim job she was receiving now only confirmed it. The only downside was that she wasn't the only one receiving that benefit, as Asuka insisted going back and forth between Alexa and Naomi, even though that Alexa had already taken a butt fucking. Which again, Naomi didn't complain about, but more than anything else it made her want too.

She wasn't sure whether Asuka was following Charlotte's lead, or simply couldn't resist Alexa's tasty little butt. It was probably a combination of both, as Charlotte had a commanding presence, and Alexa had one tasty little booty. Both of which Naomi had learned while being the anal bitches of one blonde, and then the other. Or maybe the tops were simply in competition with each other, a point which seemed to be confirmed when almost continuously Asuka and Charlotte replace their tongues with their fingers. Which was very much welcomed, because between them Asuka and Charlotte had enough fingers to shove inside all four slutty little ass holes, Naomi crying out joyfully as she received two straight from the start.

Alexa's loose whore hole meanwhile received four fingers straight away, but that was only a consolation prize, because after barely a minute of attention Asuka ordered, "Get Charlotte a strap-on."

Even though Alexa cried out and then whimpered in disappointment as the fingers left her butt she quickly replied, "Yes Mistress Asuka."

"And don't bother with lube, or spit." Charlotte quickly added, "These loose ass whores don't deserve it."

"Yes Mistress Charlotte." Alexa quickly replied and obeyed.

Despite her posturing Naomi couldn't help but notice Charlotte spit onto her hand and rub it into her dick pretty much the second that Alexa attached it, proving that she wasn't without mercy. Asuka did the same with her already attached strap-on, which Naomi should've welcomed, but she couldn't help whimper as it meant an end to the anal fingering. Then instead of getting right to it Asuka teased her by pressing the full length of the dildo in between her meaty cheeks and sliding it up and down, tittie fucking her, except with her butt cheeks. Which was probably meant to be humiliating, but mostly Naomi was just frustrated that dick wasn't in her fat ass yet. Although at least she had it better than Mickie and Sasha, as Charlotte seemed undecided who she was going to fuck, or more accurately, fuck first.

Asuka drew attention to this when she asked, "What is wrong?"

"I can't decide who I want to fuck." Charlotte sighed, actually appearing disappointed, although she was anything but, and was again simply rubbing in the humiliation, "I mean, I never fucked this piece of meat before, and I've so been looking forward to trying out Mickie James's legendary slutty fat ass. But now I'm here, and I have Sasha Banks in her rightful place, bent over in front of me, her cute little ass just begging to be fucked, I'm not sure I can resist. Especially as it's been way too long since I got a piece of it, and unlike Mickie I'm not about to own Sasha's ass hole, so I should probably make good use of it... mmmmmmm, but this ass is so fuck-able I just want to destroy it right now!"

This made Sasha's ear prick up, and while Mickie looked apprehensive she was too well trained to say anything, giving The Boss the opportunity to once again interrupt one of The Queen's endless promos, and give her a much-needed jab, "Awww, poor Mickie. Looks like you're about to be handed off to a lesser top."

"Lesser top?" Charlotte growled, narrowing her eyes briefly, before grinning wickedly, "Or are you admitting you prefer to be ass fucked by your Mistress Asuka!"

"No!" Sasha protested, "I was just..."

"Trying to get me to fuck your ass first?" Charlotte interrupted with another wicked smile, "Well if you want it that bad, I guess I'll choose you. After all, it's the friendly thing to do right? Mmmmmmm, and like I said, I have really missed this sweet little fuck hole you call an ass hole."

"That's okay, Mickie can go first." Sasha whimpered pathetically.

"I think not." Charlotte dismissed, getting up close to Sasha's ear and growling into it loud enough for everyone to hear, "And just to clarify, this is a trade. As in, I'm trading Naomi for Mickie. But I really, really wanted you back where you belonged, being my adorably reluctant little cock sleeve, but the only way I can get that was if I traded Becky, and that's never going to happen."

"Unless you lose at Survivor Series." Asuka purred with another wicked grin.

"Like I said, that's never going to happen." Charlotte huffed, before grinning again as she turned her attention back to Sasha, "But once I break Asuka and make her my bitch, you're all mine. Which is good, mmmmmmmm, because I really have missed you Sasha. Especially that adorable defiance of yours, so try not to lose it before I get you back."

"Oh, you mean like pointing out you're somehow tricking Asuka into trading a veteran with actual talent for a glorified booty dancer?" Sasha shot back.

"Yes, exactly like that." Charlotte chuckled, pressing her strap-on against Sasha's butt hole.

"I don't need help to beat Charlotte." Asuka said boldly.

"Awww, more adorable defiance." Charlotte chuckled, before quickly adding, "And for the record, I see this as an even trade. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, a used up fuck hole with a fat ass, for a used up fuck hole with a fat ass. Just like you Sasha. Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, you three are nothing but used up fuck holes. Here, let me prove it..."

Sasha opened her mouth to try and give a witty response, but the only thing she got out was a sharp cry as her ass hole began to be stretched. Unfortunately the combination of the plug, the skillful rim job and the fact that she'd been relentlessly butt fucked for weeks meant that she cried out in pure pleasure. In reality there was initially some pain, especially when her back door stretched wide enough to allow the head of Charlotte's big dick to slide through it and into her well used ass. But Charlotte did it slowly enough that she was able to minimize the pain and maximize the pleasure, the incredibly talented top gleefully showing off her ass taming skills, and reminding Sasha why it had been so enjoyable being her bitch.

That fact was a great source of shame for Sasha, but her time with Mistress Asuka had truly reminded her of her feud with Charlotte over the RAW women's title. Despite beating the bitch several times, including winning the title off of her a couple of times, Sasha had spent the entire time being Charlotte's butt bitch, and while she had hated every minute of it nothing had ever made her cum harder or more frequently. Except maybe being Mistress Asuka's butt bitch, something Sasha was tempted to tell her old rival, if it wasn't so humiliating for her. Then again it was hard to imagine that was possible, given how she continued crying out and whimpering pathetically, and yet mostly pleasure, as Charlotte began stuffing her shit-pipe.

But of course, Charlotte found a way by simply beginning to taunt her again, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it Sasha, moan for me! Fucking moan for me, just from me stuffing your slutty llittle ass full of my big dick! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, fucking moan! God, you're such an anal whore! Is that why you're moaning so much for me already, huh? Or is your Mistress Asuka just keeping your whore ass nice and loose for me until I inevitably reclaim it as what it was always meant to be. What you were always meant to be. Mine! Oooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, you were always meant to be my little butt bitch Sasha, ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, and now, ooooooooooh, I get to prove it."

Again as much as Sasha would've liked to fire back with a witty retort all she could do was desperately try to keep her mouth shut to at least minimize her sounds of pleasure as she was anally violated. Oh God, what the fuck had happened to her? Back in NXT she truly had been The Boss, the Alpha female, the butt buster busting all the bitch's butts. And now? She was nothing but a piece of ass to be traded by real women. No, not even a trade, but a bonus gift to sweeten the deal. How had she let this happen to her? How had she sunk so low? Oh yeah, because even in her glory days of NXT she could never truly take down Charlotte. No, she could never top 'real tops' like Asuka and Charlotte Flair, and now she was paying the price.

She became so lost in these overwhelmingly shameful thoughts Sasha almost didn't notice when Charlotte's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every single inch of the other woman's strap-on cock was deep within her bowels. Or at least she might not have noticed, if Charlotte hadn't gloated about it. Surprisingly not with words this time, at least not yet, but her evil laugh was more than enough to torture Sasha's soul. Also she didn't start fucking her ass right away, meaning that Sasha had to live in that moment for what felt like an eternity. Hell, she was practically ready to beg to be butt fucked, at least until it happened, forcing the kind of humiliating pleasure filled moan out of her which had Sasha longing for the pause.

Charlotte tilted her head back and let out nearly hysterical laughter as the so-called Boss immediately moaned in pleasure, just from the first couple of long, slow thrusts she gave her. God, she had forgotten how much fun it was to anally dominate a delusional bottom. And of all the bottoms she had butt fucked Sasha was by far the most delusional, which again Charlotte found adorable and intoxicating. Of course, it wasn't just that defiant personality she had missed so much. No, the main reason Sasha was so deliciously delusional was because she had an ass which had been clearly made for fucking, and it was hilarious she thought she was ever meant to be anything but an anal loving bitch to superior women.

Something which Charlotte delighted in telling Sasha, "Ooooooooooh fuck yes, I've missed this ass! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I've missed this fuck hole you call an ass hole! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, the hole you shit from makes the perfect fuck hole Sasha! I love using it so much! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you want to be used. Born to be used as nothing but a slutty little fuck hole by superior women just like me, mmmmmmmm, and even your precious Mistress Asuka! Hell, Naomi and Mickie might not be as much of a mindless fuck hole as you are, mmmmmmmm, because at least they're smart enough to recognize what their proper place in life is. But you? Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're such a delusional anal whore you actually think you can come back from this. But you can't, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, because you're nothing but a butt slut who's got just the perfect little ass made for fucking!"

Again poor Sasha just didn't have it in her to offer up a response. Or she was just trying to minimize her sounds of pleasure, although if that was the case she was doing a lousy job, because Charlotte could hear them all loud and clear. Which was the first time since she started stuffing Sasha's shit pipe that Charlotte realized she was the only one anally violating a bitch. That instead of anally penetrating the ass whores in front of them at the same time Asuka was just content to continue sandwiching her dick in between Naomi's giant butt cheeks and staring at them with that twisted and wide grin of hers which was always creepy as fuck, especially now.

Of course, Charlotte refused to be intimidated, and just ignored the other Alpha in favour of continuing to sodomize Sasha. Which to be fair, was really easy for her to do, maybe especially once she'd established a steady rhythm. Actually she loved every moment of anal sex, especially as she spent most of these early stages spreading Sasha's ass cheeks with at least one hand to make sure she got the best possible look of her dildo first slowly entering the other woman's tailpipe, and then pumping in and out of it. Two things which Charlotte loved dearly, even if she couldn't resist letting them go eventually in favour of feeling those cute little cheeks jiggling against her thighs as she reminded this bitch of her rightful place once again.

There was another sight which pulled her attention away from the heavenly view of Sasha's juicy little ass getting fucked though, namely Mickie's big fat butt. Oh yes, whether it was out of sheer anticipation of what was about to happen to her, or she was trying to entice Charlotte, Mickie was wiggling her ass and making those meaty globes jiggle in a way which made the total top practically drool with anticipation herself. Which also guaranteed that even though she would have plenty of time later, she totally needed to save some energy to sodomize Mickie James tonight, in front of her former owner. In fact, Charlotte just couldn't resist doing that right now.

Mickie was indeed trying to get Charlotte's attention, as she was desperate to feel that big hard dick in her ass. It had been far too long since she'd been butt fucked. God, she hadn't had a dick in her ass since lunch. Lunch! That was way too long to go without being sodomized for a totally shameless anal slut like herself. Hell, if she had it her way she would be getting ass fucked 24/7, although admittedly not even her whore ass could probably handle that. Besides, minimizing it into three ass fuckings a day was a good way to keep it as a special treat. Although she'd only been anally rammed twice today, and she got really cranky when she didn't get her full daily dose of anal sex.

At first it helped to see Sasha getting anally violated, because it made Mickie's greedy little ass hole quiver with anticipation. Hell, if she closed her eyes and concentrated on Sasha's sounds of pleasure she could almost imagine it was her rectum being stretched out and filled by a big hard strap-on being wielded by a skilled top. And she could tell that was what Charlotte Flair was just by looking at her, and just by the way that she carried herself, which was why Mickie was so very eager to meet her. Sure, it hurt a little to be traded, but it had happened a lot, and mostly Mickie loved being treated like just a piece of ass which could be traded for another piece at the convenience of real women.

Even though it took a agonizingly long time Mickie eventually got what she wanted, and better yet when Charlotte did make the switch she didn't go slowly as she did with Sasha. No, whether it was because she was in the groove now after stretching Sasha's shit hole out, or she just wanted to test whether Mickie really was as big a slut for anal as everyone said, the SmackDown Alpha female pulled her cock out of Sasha's ass hole and shoved it right up Mickie's big butt in one fluid motion. More accurately, Charlotte shoved the first few inches of her dick straight into that well used whore hole, making the proud anal slut cry out with pure joy. She then continued shamelessly doing so when Charlotte gave her a few more hard thrusts like that, burying the full length of the dildo deep within Mickie's bowels in a matter of seconds.

"Ooooooooooh Mickie, your reputation precedes you. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I heard you were a shameless little ass slut, and it's clear that you live up to the hype." Charlotte taunted with wicked glee, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, it's true, Mickie James is nothing but a total anal whore, with a big fat butt that was made for fucking! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that's what you are, and it's clearly what this is. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, the hole you shit from is nothing but a depository for girl cock, because you're nothing but an anal dyke fuck hole! God Mickie, mmmmmmm, don't you have an ounce of shame?"

"No! I have no shame!" Mickie moaned shamelessly, "Everything you've heard about me is true. I'm nothing but a total anal whore, an ass slut, a worthless little butt bitch who only exists for real women to fuck. Oh please, mmmmmmm, please Charlotte, fuck me! Butt fuck me like the anal whore I am! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck that ass, ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me in the ass and officially make me your bitch! Oh yeah, I love it when tops pass me around like a piece of meat. Please solidify the trade by wrecking my fucking shit hole! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, fuck me like the shameless little ass slut I am! Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, let me prove that what you've heard is true, mmmmmmm, that I'm the biggest anal whore in the history of the WWE!"

"The whole history of the WWE, huh?" Charlotte chuckled, "That's quite the claim, given the other anal whores I've owned, especially Sasha here."

"It's true!" Mickie insisted, "Mmmmmmmm, please let me prove it, oh please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, please, please, please, oooooooooooh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd, fuck me hard and make me yours, oh shit, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, AH FUCK!"

With another wicked chuckle Charlotte began pumping her hips back and forth, officially giving Mickie her third ass fucking of the day, and the one that she had been craving the most. Because Mistress Asuka was an amazing Dom, and Mickie was so lucky to be owned by her for as long as she was. However Mickie had come back to the WWE in the hopes of finding a new generation of butt busting tops, and while she'd been probably looking forward to meeting Mistress Asuka the most Charlotte Flair, now her Mistress Charlotte, was a very close second, and quickly proving why she should have been Mickie's first choice, as she quickly established a steady rhythm and gave the in ring veteran the kind of pleasure she had become addicted too.

Asuka hadn't wanted to wait so long to fuck the big fat black ass in front of her, but she knew she would be distracted if she did it at the same time as Charlotte anally humiliated Sasha, so she decided to wait until her rival had established a rhythm, or better yet switch to Mickie. Instead she became so enthralled with watching Charlotte that she not only became lost in the other Alpha female giving Sasha a nice and thorough rectum loosening, but doing the same to Mickie. The other Dom used radically different techniques, but to everyone's delight she got the same results. Well, everyone except Sasha, but that was the point. Actually given her needy whimpers the other former member of Team Bad probably didn't enjoy the long pause, but she was just a piece of fuck meat, so her opinion didn't matter.

Perhaps more importantly, while she was focusing on the beautiful show besides her, Asuka was doing an excellent job at teasing Naomi by sliding her cock in between those giant globes, so that technically she was fucking that ass, just not in a way which gave Naomi any satisfaction. It insured that when she finally did give her what she wanted she would be grateful, and sure enough the anal whore cried out in pure pleasure as Asuka finally pushed the head of that big dick into her butt hole. There had been such a long waiting period between the preparation and actual penetration that Asuka was sure that it sweet agony for Naomi, so she went nice and slowly, but from the way she cried out it seems she shouldn't have bothered. Something Asuka felt compelled to point out.

"God, what a whore! Mmmmmmmmm, what an anal whore!" Asuka moaned with sadistic delight, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, every inch! Every single inch up this anal whore's big fat ass! Oh yes, and it slid in like a hot knife through butter. That's how much of a whore you really are Naomi. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, you're good for nothing except anal sex, mmmmmmmmm, and being a superior woman's bitch! Oh yes, take it bitch! Take it like the disgraceful little butt slut you are! Oh yes, moan for me, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, moan like the worthless little ass whore you are! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, take it bitch, fucking take it!"

It wasn't long before Asuka was just simply dishing out abuse in Japanese and laughing evilly, because she was way too horny to translate, and her message was clearly getting across anyway. More to the point, she was just too focused on the anal penetration to notice. Oh yes, Asuka was way too lost in stuffing that fat ass to notice anything but inch after inch of her big dick disappearing in between those meaty cheeks, the RAW women's champion and Alpha female spreading those cheeks wide so she could get the best possible look of that, the moment that her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks after one long, slow thrust, announcing that her strap-on was fully embedded within Naomi's big black booty.

For a few long seconds Asuka savoured the moment, before abruptly pulling out and then repeating this process with Alexa, and getting the exact same results. She then went back and forth between Alexa and Naomi, never truly wasting her energy on fucking like Charlotte was, at least not yet. No, she was just stretching their asses out, but it was clear that when she started pounding Naomi's fat ass she wouldn't want to stop until that bitch was thoroughly broken in, and Naomi was cumming like the shameless anal whore she was. Something she was sure would be easy, given the reaction she continued to get as she switched back and forth between the fuck holes in front of her.

Naomi was so jealous of Mickie and Sasha right now. She knew it wasn't her place to complain, but her fellow bottoms were at least being treated to some thrusting while she and Alexa had to be satisfied with just receiving one anal penetration after another. Of course Naomi once again proved that she was the true biggest anal whore by moaning in pure pleasure just from that. Well, she also whimpered in disappointment whenever the dildo was yanked out of her big fat ass, but that just further proved her point. And really, she had it worse than anyone else, because at least Alexa had been given the privilege of fucking her own ass to orgasm, meaning that so far tonight Naomi was the one to receive the least amount of pleasure.

Which was really disappointing. After all, wasn't Asuka supposed to be some kind of super butt destroying top? That's what Naomi had heard from a lot of reliable sources, which meant her butt hole quivered with delight when she heard she was being traded. But now Asuka seem to be less than half assing it Naomi was afraid that she was being forced to suffer a serious downgrade. Especially as Mistress Charlotte continued to show off why she'd been so successful in the WWE as she effortlessly dominated two weaker women at the same time. Hell, Naomi was on the edge of complaining, which was a big deal for a well-trained bottom. Thankfully before she did that Charlotte chose to poke the bear.

"Is that really the best you can do?" Charlotte scoffed, "That's so tragic. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, is that really all the mighty Asuka can do? Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, I can dominate bitches better than that in my sleep."

Asuka chuckled, and then confessed, "This? I'm just amusing myself, and teasing them, while watching you. Mmmmmmm, but if you think that you are ready for Asuka, then I'll be happy to show you what I can do."

"Bring it bitch, oooooooooh yesssssssss, I want to see what The Empress can do, before she bows down to The Queen." Charlotte grinned challengingly.

Only too happy to oblige Asuka ordered, "Mickie, Alexa, grab a couple of dildos and use them to keep your butt holes nice and loose. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, put on a show for me and Charlotte, while we completely wreck the fuck holes Naomi and Sasha call their ass holes."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa whimpered, unable to hide her disappointment, but at least it was something, and hopefully she would be butt fucked again soon by a top.

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Mickie moaned, even as she couldn't actually comply, given that Charlotte was fucking her fat ass in that moment, and the blonde seemed reluctant to move away from the brunette's fat butt.

Noticing this Asuka pushed, "If you have energy left, you may use it on Mickie, but first I wish to make sure Sasha's slutty little ass gets a real pounding. Think of it as a favour, if you must."

"No problem." Charlotte reassured, slowly pulling out of Mickie and allowing her to join Alexa in grabbing a dildo, "I was simply teasing Sasha, like you were with your other bitches."

Asuka let out a soft hum of disbelief, then once her rival was in place she pushed, "Well then, let's see what you've got."

"You first." Charlotte pushed back.

There was a tense moment were the two Alphas just stared at each other, then Asuka let out a terrifying chuckle and finally started properly fucking Naomi's ass. Admittedly Asuka showed a surprising amount of restraint by slowly building up her pace, but that was more than enough to have Naomi crying out with pure pleasure. Probably because she was anticipating what was to come, but thanks to the constant stretching she was more than ready for a hard pounding. And oh God, did she get one, Asuka slowly but surely increasing her pace until she had to be hammering that big black booty with every ounce of strength that she possessed. Or at least, Naomi hoped so, because if there was more maybe not even she could take it, which was really saying something, considering that she had been a shameless anal whore for almost a decade now.

But it was true, as it literally felt like she was taking the hardest spanking of her life, making her gigantic cheeks jiggle obscenely and the sound to echo throughout the room along with her hysterical screams. It also felt like her rectum was literally being destroyed this time. And yet, while Naomi continued to be very aware of that pain it was worth it for the pure ecstasy she felt. And that was before the mighty Asuka even made her cum. When she did, it was of course followed by another, and another, and another, completely robbing Naomi of the ability to speak. Of course, her last coherent thought was how grateful she was to be the anal bitch of Mistress Asuka, and she would do anything to show her loyalty to her.

Charlotte's own ass hole quivered with fear as Asuka showed her what she had, mostly because she imagined herself in Naomi's position. She didn't want to, but she couldn't resist, and she was afraid that it was inevitable. That there was no way that she could compete with that. Then again, it wasn't like she recorded herself butt fucking bitches, and just because she'd never seen anyone who could truly compare to her before it didn't mean that wasn't exactly what she was seeing now. Which had to be true, Charlotte told herself, because if it wasn't she didn't stand a chance. Although a good way to find out was to show The Empress exactly what The Queen could do with a whore's ass hole.

Luckily for her she hadn't exactly been stunned into a complete bystander to the action. No, virtually at the same time Asuka started 'officially' pounding Naomi's fat ass Charlotte had been doing the same to Sasha, although admittedly she was a little behind given she had to shove her strap-on up The Boss's slutty little booty first. She then continued gently pumping Sasha's pooper as Asuka switch to a rectum wrecking which was even more devastating than any Charlotte had seen her give before, so when she came to her senses the butt slut was more than ready for a rectum wrecking. Which of course Charlotte was only too happy to give, gradually building up the pace until she was pounding Sasha's ass with every ounce of her strength.

Despite Sasha not having such a meaty butt it more or less resulted in the same thing. Oh yes, those cute little ass cheeks jiggled so wonderfully for her, the sound almost as loud as Sasha's screams, if not Naomi's, and Charlotte couldn't get enough of it. In fact just before she worked up to her full speed, and even a little after it, she smacked that ass just so she could get a little jiggle, and of course, to humiliate this delusional ass slut even more. She also grabbed a firm hold of Sasha's hair and yanked it back as hard as she could, and most of all, provided some of the trash talk that she so adored giving her bitches at this stage, with predictable results. And to Charlotte's annoyance, she wasn't the only one.



Thankfully after that short outburst Asuka mostly stuck to Japanese, and as far as Charlotte was aware nobody really spoke it apart from The Empress. Of course that wasn't necessary, as the message was loud and clear, but Charlotte felt she had to claim it is a win, because otherwise she was severely behind on points. Although if she could only out last the mighty Asuka this little competition of theirs would be hers. After all, arguably the most important part of wrestling was the finish. That was the part that everyone remembered the most, and Charlotte was determined this ending would end with The Queen victorious. And of course not just for tonight, but when this little feud reached it's inevitable conclusion. Which was the thing which finally sent her over the edge of cumming.

Asuka had been struggling with that same thing the entire time, as there was nothing she enjoyed more than butt wrecking bitches, but right now that was kind of a bad thing. After all, it had never been more important to hold back, and yet it had never been harder to do so. Naomi's big fat black ass was just so much fun to fuck. Especially given how much it jiggled against her thighs as she pounded it hard and deep. Plus she had her favorite bitch Alexa Bliss right next to her hammering her own slutty little ass hole with a handheld dildo. Mickie was doing the same, although it was hard to see her, but only because Sasha was getting what she deserved thanks to Charlotte, which really was the most important part of the night. Oh yes, Naomi was just another ass for the taking, so what really mattered tonight was further pushing Sasha down the road of submission.

Which so far had been an outstanding success, given how violently Sasha's cum was squirting out of her little cunt, which perhaps more than anything else pushed Asuka over the edge of orgasm herself. Although the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, those butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs and most of all the sheer joy of sodomizing another female warrior, even if Naomi wasn't much of one, definitely had a lot to do with the fact Asuka came. And Charlotte too, no doubt. However both of them proved themselves as true Alpha females as they pushed through those climaxes to really show off what they had got. They even had strength left over to switch over to Alexa and Mickie, while leaving poor Naomi and Sasha just enough energy to stay on their feet.

It more or less happened at the same time, both tops even having the presence of mind to grab hold of the dildos the bottoms had been using to keep themselves nice and loose and shoved those toys straight into the mouths of Alexa and Mickie, letting those lucky ass whores taste themselves. Which of course had them moaning in pleasure, and then again just as loudly when Asuka and Charlotte literally shoved their strap-ons up their butts so they could give Alexa and Mickie the same treatment they had just given Naomi and Sasha. Although at that point the details were a little blurry for Asuka, as she truly became a mindless ass wrecking machine. To a lesser extent Charlotte did the same, and despite her best efforts Asuka just couldn't out last her.

Honestly this wasn't what Asuka had been expecting, but it was actually better. She'd come to the WWE in the hopes of new competition, but instead she had just found a bunch of ass whores. Finally, a challenge. Although it would be a shame to lose Charlotte as she was now, as it was really fun anally pounding first Naomi and Sasha, and then Alexa and Mickie, and making them squeal and squirt like the little butt bitches they were. Which sadly couldn't go on all night, and despite trying their best to out do each other the two Alpha females ended up stumbling back at the same time, which resulted in them giving each other a look of respect. Then of course their attention turned to their handiwork, although while Charlotte seemed content with just staring deep into the bowels via the gaping craters that were the butt holes of their bitches Asuka wanted more.

Something she initially made clear in Japanese without really thinking it through, which just led to Asuka grinning wickedly as she repeated herself, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, such pretty little gaping ass holes! Oooooooooh, but they could look prettier. Oh yes, reach back and spread your cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, spread them wide apart and show us your gaping slutty shit holes!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Charlotte eagerly agreed, "Do as she says bitches! I want the best look at those gapes for my photo album. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, that way I can truly cherish this special night."

Sasha was too exhausted and cum drunk to even consider disobeying. Hell, when she reached back to grab her cheeks she even pulled them apart nice and slowly like the rest of the broken bitches, exposing herself just like a well-trained bottom should. This of course made her blush furiously with embarrassment, but she couldn't stop and disobey the Alphas, mostly because those were the rules, but also partly because she didn't want to, which again made her blush furiously. Although she then blushed even more fiercely as Asuka and Charlotte began taking pictures of their handiwork, and then again when she was told to look back at them so they could get a good look at their faces. Which again she did without hesitation.

"That's it, show us those gaping slutty shit holes! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, just like that. Now look back at us. Oh yes, look back and show us those pretty little faces to go along with those pretty little gapes." Charlotte gleefully ordered, thoroughly enjoying this display of submission, before bragging, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, nice to see you've been keeping these bitches in line Asuka. Of course, I was the one who broke them in. Well, Naomi and Mickie were taking it up the ass before I ever thought about getting into wrestling, but no matter what happens Sasha's anal cherry will always be mine, and while I didn't get her cherry whenever I was around Alexa was nothing but an ass whore being passed around like the piece of meat she was. Like you will be, when I'm done with you."

"We shall see." Asuka said dismissively, before refocusing on what mattered, "But this is not over. No, these cocks need cleaning, and I have the perfect bitch to do it. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, Sasha, get down on your knees, and crawl over to us. Oh yes, I want you to be the one to taste this cocktail of ass covering our big dicks."

"Oh yes! Suck our cocks, you fucking cock sucker!" Charlotte eagerly chimed in, "Suck them cock sucker! Mmmmmmm, and make sure you get every fucking drop!"

Unlike before when there was a chorus of 'yes Mistress' to hide the fact that she did the same thing this time there was deafening silence as Sasha opened her mouth to reply only to stop herself at the last second. However that fact alone was enough to make Asuka and Charlotte grin wickedly, and Sasha whimper and lower her head in overwhelming shame and humiliation. Which she continued to feel as she obeyed, slowly dropping down to her knees and then slowly crawled over to the Alphas. For better or for worse it was a short distance, so she wasn't crawling for very long, but then she was kneeling in front of her tormentors, and Sasha wasn't convinced that was much better.

Especially when Charlotte pressed her cock against Sasha's lips and growled, "I said suck it you whore! Suck my ass flavoured dick like the submissive little bitch you are! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, that's it! Suck it! Mmmmmmmm, fucking suck it good and get every drop of that butt cream. Oh yes, yours and Mickie's. Then get Alexa's and Naomi's. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, get all that anal juice you filthy little ass to mouth slut! Show us all, once again, that you aren't The Boss of anything except going ass to fucking mouth! Mmmmmmm, and of course, taking it up your sexy little butt. Oh yeah, mmmmmmm, take it Sasha! Take it as deep into your mouth and down your throat as you took it up your fucking ass Yessssssssssss, suck it, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fucking suck it good!"

Knowing it was useless to try and resist Sasha quickly did as she was told, opening her mouth and allowing Charlotte to push the first few inches of her dick passed her lips. Thankfully it was more than that at first, giving Sasha time to get to it, and more importantly a chance to savour tasting her own and Mickie's butt, which of course made her moan loudly and happily. Although that was probably why Charlotte, and then later Asuka allowed Sasha to go at her own pace at first, as they knew she would humiliate herself without even trying. Even though it was hard to care when Sasha was being treated to that wonderfully addictive anal cream which she started greedily sucking from those cocks.

It wasn't long before Sasha was going back and forth between those cocks like the well-trained cock cleaner she had become, too lost in the act to even think about holding on to even a shred of dignity. Then Asuka and Charlotte made extra sure that she didn't have any left as they each in turn grabbed a firm hold of her head and started to literally face fuck her. It started out gently at first, but it wasn't long before they were taking it in turns to fuck Sasha's mouth like a cunt, or her ass hole, pounding it hard and deep, making her choke and gag violently. She was a sorry state for sure, but she didn't break, and Sasha had to believe that meant she never would. Little did she know that Asuka had an even more humiliating night planned for her in the near future, one which she was nowhere near ready for.

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