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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Asuka or Alexa Bliss or Ember Moon or Mickie James or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ember Moon had just won her first championship in the biggest wrestling organisation in America, the WWE. More accurately, the NXT women's title, which was actually more prestigious than the titles on the so-called main roster, given the megastars who had held this belt. So she should be on top of the world, right? Well, she was. After all, her achievement couldn't be taken away from her, it was just that instead of defeating the former champion, she had won a four-way to win the vacant title now Asuka was on RAW. She'd beat three of the best NXT had to offer, but it would take a lot for her to be recognised as the NXT Alpha female, given that no one, including her, had come close to taking that from Asuka, and what happen directly after that four-way.

They had all known it was coming. Asuka was furious at being stripped of her NXT championship, having wanted to hold all the belts at once, argued furiously for staying on both shows, but management insisted that she gave it up. With no other choice she relented, but only on the condition she was there to award the winner with their prize. Which of course meant while she was all smiles and congratulations in the ring as soon as she got back stage she would destroy the lucky woman who had taken what was hers. Which was more than enough to make Ember wonder whether everyone else had taken a dive, as everyone assumed the winner would be brutalised like never before. And it certainly seemed that was going to be the case, as Ember found herself being forced to watch Asuka tearing apart the ass holes of her poor opponents, the entire time staring at her, which of course beg the question, if this was what the losers were getting, how bad was she going to get it?

Despite her fear Ember couldn't deny that she was extremely turned on from watching Asuka brutalise the asses of Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane, Peyton Royce, and even Billie Kay who hadn't even been in the match, and was just supporting her tag team partner and secret girlfriend. Ember had wondered if Asuka would take it easy on Kairi, given they were both Japanese and were even friends, but no, Kairi's butt hole had been violated just like the rest. Except of course Nikki, who just kept laughing in delight as she was held in the Asuka-lock while her butt hole was brutalised, which of course just made the new RAW Alpha female and women's champion fuck her ass harder. Although it was anyone's guess whether this was because Nikki was a total anal whore after losing to Asuka a couple of times, or just because she was crazy.

Whatever the case Ember had to admit she was kind of jealous of her fellow NXT superstars, despite her afraid she was. Although it really helped that she had the face of the former Alpha female of RAW currently buried in between her butt cheeks frantically licking her back hole and getting it nice and ready for their Mistress. It was also frustrating, because Alexa Bliss had been munching her big booty ever since she got back stage, so by now she was aching for more, and she knew she wouldn't get it until Mistress Asuka was done with her other bitches. Thankfully it didn't seemed like it would be much longer, given even Nikki with all her insane stamina was finally beginning to fade.

Alexa had always loved rim jobs. As the Alpha female of RAW she'd spent hours with her bitches literally kissing her ass, which was always especially satisfying with the likes of Sasha Banks as it had been the other way around in NXT. Which was why Alexa was getting such a weird case of déjà vu, because it was like she was right back to where she started in the WWE, only instead of having her face buried in Bayley's big, beautiful Latina butt it was Ember Moon's big, beautiful black booty. God, she wished Ember would have been around back in those days, because she really did have one tasty booty, and Alexa had missed the feeling of suffocating herself between a pair of meaty cheeks like this.

Thanks to Mistress Asuka she was very much back to doing this on a regular basis. True, Mistress Asuka's butt wasn't quite as big as this one, but it was still on the meaty side, and Alexa had of course been giving Mickie James plenty of rim jobs to prepare her for their owner, or just to soothe her aching and gaping back door after it had been used by the superior woman. Something Alexa hadn't done nearly often enough when she was still trying to be a top, which really seemed like a travesty now Mistress Asuka had generously reminded her what she was always meant to be. For that, she was happy to show her gratitude in any way she could. Even though she was understandably jealous of all the lucky bitches getting butt fucked right now, especially as her top probably wouldn't have any left in the tank to destroy her slutty little back door.

Resigned to the fact that this was probably the best she was getting Alexa pretty much put her all into this rim job right from the start. That meant shoving her face straight into Ember's big black booty right from the start and frantically lapping away at it like it was melting ice cream on a hot day. When it became clear that she would be here for a while she slowed her role, savouring it a little, and also began to slide her tongue around the puckered hole as well as simply up and down. Then she started switching between the slow pace and the frantic one, and eventually she even pushed her tongue into Ember's ass hole. As Ember had been wearing a butt-plug, and had spent months being Mistress Asuka's favourite anal whore, Alexa was able to push her tongue as deep as it would go into Ember's butt, at which point the real fun began.

While Alexa was blissfully happy being Mistress Asuka's anal bitch there was still part of her which missed the heaven that was sodomising another woman. But this way, she could still do it. Not with Mistress Asuka of course. No, her ass hole was still virgin, and probably always would be. But Alexa still fuck Mickie's slutty ass, albeit with her tongue, and Ember welcomed that tongue deep into her hot black ass, the new NXT women's champion moaning like the little anal whore she still was. Oh yes, the message of the night was clear, management could force Mistress Asuka to vacate the NXT women's title, but just because Ember had one that didn't mean that she was the Alpha female of NXT. That was still very much their Mistress, something which the Japanese superstar was eager to prove.

The first part had gone off without a hitch, and once Nikki had thoroughly clean the cock which had stretched her ass Asuka pushed her away, and ordered, "Ember, spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, it's your turn to get your fat ass fucked."

Finally Ember thought as Alexa wordlessly moved away from her, allowing the new champion to do as she was told and submissively reply, "Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka."

Asuka usually liked to take her time anally violating another woman, especially when they were a completely broken bitch like Ember Moon. However the NXT women's roster, and especially the new champion, needed to pay a heavy price for taking the title away from it's rightful owner, Asuka making that crystal clear by shoving her dick, roughly into Ember's ass hole, and then forcing the full length of that strap-on into the other woman's rectum with a hard series of thrusts. Which of course had Ember crying out loudly and pitifully, but Asuka had absolutely no mercy for her. Especially as the pain clearly wasn't unbearable for this anal whore, given there was pleasure mixed in with her cries of pain, and the fact she didn't begged for mercy.

It may have been because Ember was too well trained, or she was just too afraid to beg for mercy, or just believed her Mistress wasn't in a mood to show any. And to be fair, she was right, Asuka had no mercy for her. But that wasn't just because she was pissed off, but because of all her NXT bitches Ember Moon had proven to be the biggest butt slut of them all, which was the point that Asuka intended to hammer home. First by almost literally shoving her dick up that big fat booty in one thrust, then barely giving her butt bitch time to whimper pathetically before she officially began to sodomise her with her giant weapon of ass destruction. Which again, made Ember cry out in mostly pain, but with little pleasure which both delighted Asuka, and disgusted her.

This was her successor? Really? The biggest bottom in NXT? What a fucking disgrace. Then again, Asuka had originally won the belt from Bayley, who was a literal definition of a walking fuck hole, who had no business doing anything but bending over for superior women. God, it was so sad, and after all her hard work bringing respect to the NXT women's title her reign would be book ended by a pair of fat assed anal whores, but on the bright side, it made Asuka that much more impressive. Which was again, something she was determined to prove tonight, and arguably already had, but she had something extra special planned for her last night in NXT.

Before she could get to that Asuka had to make sure that Ember's big black booty was as loose as possible for her going away present, but that was luckily easy for a total stud like the new RAW women's champion, and true Alpha female of the entire WWE. Oh yes, once she was balls deep in that black butt Asuka slowly built up the speed and force of her thrusts until she was pounding Ember's slutty little ass hole with almost every ounce of strength and speed that she had. Which of course caused those meaty cheeks to jiggle like jelly and the sound of flesh on flesh echoed throughout the room. Most notably of all screams and cries of mostly pain turned to moans and whimpers of pure pleasure, once again proving Ember Moon was a shameless anal whore, and her shit hole was more than ready to be stretched like never before.

Mickie James was very experienced receiving that kind of brutal butt pounding from a top, especially Mistress Asuka, who truly did see her as nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. Which was probably the main reason why Mistress Asuka was Mickie's favourite butt buster ever, because at this point in her career, that was all she wanted. Not championships, or money, or applause, which were all nice, but they couldn't possibly compare to the joys of being anally dominated and owned by a superior woman. And Mistress Asuka was proving her superiority as she seemingly literally ruined Ember Moon's ass hole, while Mickie's own back hole quivered around the plug inside it, begging for attention. Oh how she hoped that her owner would have enough in the tank to do that to her too.

Then to everyone's surprise, or at least everyone who was still conscious, Mistress Asuka yelled out, "Mickie, get a strap-on, put it on, lie down. Alexa, suck it."

Which was so shocking it actually took Mickie a few long seconds to obey the command of a top, which was very unusual for her. But again, this was a very unusual command, and definitely not what she had been hoping for as she prayed to be included in the fun. She also felt a little sorry, but mostly even more jealous, as she knew exactly where this was going. After all, there was only one reason Mickie was ever allowed to wear a strap-on, and the best Ember could hope for now was she would simply receive the humiliation of having to anally ride another bottom. Although Mickie, and everyone else from the looks of it, suspected her ass hole would be in for something much more brutal.

As Mickie James fantasised about that happening to her she was fumbling to attach the harness to herself, something so unfamiliar to her now that Alexa actually had to help her. She shot her friend a smile of gratitude as a reward, although Alexa didn't look up as she was too busy wrapping her lips around that cock the second it had been attached, before Mickie had even got onto her back. Which was something that Mistress Asuka didn't even notice, as she was too busy grinning with delight and watching those big chocolate cheeks jiggling for her as she continued violating Ember's ass. Mickie didn't complain either, instead getting on her back and stroking Alexa's hair as the blonde quickly pushed the dildo into her throat, correctly guessing she didn't have long to prepare it.

Deep down Ember knew she wouldn't be allowed to cum so quickly, especially not after winning the NXT women's title, but she was brought to the edge, and so quickly and skilfully kept there, eventually she had no choice but to whimper, "Please Mistress Asuka, make me cum! Fuck my big fat ass and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh, show everyone that I will be never anything but your anal loving bitch!"

"NO!" Asuka abruptly interrupted, yanking her cock out of Ember's ass and then smacking it, "Ride Mickie's dick first. But no cumming. Just prove that you are so pathetic, that you ride bottom dick with your shit hole!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Ember whimpered, before scrambling to do as she was told.

Happily proving that she was no Alpha female, and never would be, Ember scrambled over to Mickie so quickly that Alexa didn't have time to pull away. In fact, Ember actually ended up pushing Alexa out of the way, just so she could have the privilege of shoving her fat ass down Mickie's cock, barely taking the time to line it up properly so she didn't embarrass herself. But clearly Ember had been anally riding their Mistress a lot, because she was able to do that with ease. Also thanks to that wonderful Mistress Ember moaned and whimpered with mostly pleasure as she anally violated herself, and then started bouncing up and down on Mickie's strap-on. Oh yes, thanks to the brutal rectum wrecking she just received from arguably the former NXT Alpha female, the supposed current one moaned and whimpered in pure pleasure from anally riding the biggest bottom in the history of the WWE.

Asuka enjoyed that sight for a few long seconds, which was not part of the plan, but it was just so beautiful she couldn't help it, and arguably it accomplished her goal perfectly. No one could possibly take Ember seriously as an Alpha female, or champion for that matter, after shamelessly bottoming for freaking Mickie James, of all people Yes, Asuka was clearly the puppetmaster pulling the strings here, but the sight of Ember Moon anally riding Mickie James would never be forgotten, and would haunt the talented black woman for the rest of her career, and undoubtedly secure her legacy as a fuck hole. Or at least combined with losing her double anal cherry on the night she won her first title in the WWE. Oh yes, news of this would spread throughout the company, turning Ember into a complete laughing stock, and make it even clearer that no one could ever mess with Asuka.

"Stop and spread your cheeks! Give me your double anal cherry." Asuka ordered firmly, kneeling down behind her prey.

Which actually caused Ember to protest nervously, "But-"

"Now!" Asuka snapped angrily, seconds away from yelling abuse in Japanese before her bitch did as she was told.

"Yes Mistress Asuka, sorry Mistress Asuka." Ember whimpered pathetically, a tear of utter humiliation sliding down her cheeks, while her body quivered with fear, "Please... oh God, take my double anal cherry Mistress Asuka! I want two cocks in my fat ass! I want my slutty little shit hole to be torn apart like never before! Fuck me, oh fuck me. Oh fuck!"

Proving she was not without compassion Asuka press the tip of her cock against that already widely stretched shit hole and pushed slowly but steadily forwards. True, this also allowed her to savour the moment, and solidify this sight in the minds of their audience, but truly in that moment it was mostly for the benefit of her bitch. Of course, even with this gentle treatment Ember whimpered, whined and cried out as her ass hole was stretched wider than ever before, and then she let out a deafening scream as she was robbed of her double anal cherry. Although to her credit she was a good bottom, who didn't complain again, and gave her Mistress what rightfully belonged to her, causing Asuka to grin proudly. Also wickedly, because she loved taking cherries, and this was extra special, making it appropriate for this night.

For a few long seconds Asuka both allowed Ember to get used to this abuse, and more importantly for her total dominance over NXT to sink into everyone's mind, especially that of her successor. Then she very slowly started pushing inch after inch of that second strap-on deep into Ember's bowels, sliding along the first and forcing the poor woman's rectum to stretch wider than ever before. Which of course caused Ember to whimper pathetically, and literally cry as the pain was so great, but again she continued being a good little fuck hole by not complaining and taking it right up her fat ass. Even when for once Asuka laid on the verbal abuse, something she didn't normally bother with as she struggled with English, but this seemed an appropriate night for it.

"Take it! Take two cocks up your ass you whore!" Asuka snapped angrily, yanking back on Ember's hair to make sure she had her full attention, even while that second dick rearranged her insides and perhaps truly and forever ruined them, "Fucking take it all! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, take every single inch of that second cock. God Ember, you're such an anal whore! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, a double anal whore! Look at you, taking a second dick into the hole you poop from. Have you no shame? No ounce of dignity? No, you don't. No, mmmmmmmm, you're nothing but a pathetic little fuck hole. An inferior woman for a true Alpha female to use for their pleasure. Just like all your little friends here. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, remember, whatever happens, you're mine! All of you are mine! I own all of your asses, and you will bend over for me the second and you hit the main roster. But especially you, Ember. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, I'm going to miss this butt hole. Ha ha ha, it really is the perfect fuck hole."

Of course, being the shameless anal whore that Ember Moon was those words only made it easier for her to take this obscene anal abuse, which was proven by the way that she actually cried out and even moaned in pleasure from getting her fat ass double stuffed. True, it was mixed in with a lot of obvious pain, but it couldn't be more clear that the new NXT women's champion was the kind of butt sex loving skank who actually enjoyed being humiliated like this. So much so that when the double butt fucking truly got underway the double anal virgin was moaning, whimpering, and crying out with pure pleasure in no time, once again solidifying her true place as a walking fuck hole unworthy to hold that belt. And just as importantly, Asuka as still the rightful champion of this brand.

Ember hadn't thought it was possible for her to be more humiliated than to anally ride another bottom, something she had done several times to prove to her Mistress she understood her true place in life. She also thought she would never experience pain and humiliation the likes of that when she had first lost her anal virginity to the goddess known as Asuka, but now she was proven wrong about both of those things. Oh God, she literally thought she was going to be torn in two when her shit hole stretched wide enough for Mistress Asuka to enter it, and then when the other woman started forcing that second cock deep into her bowels. And even when her ass didn't tear in two, it was so much worse than any injury she'd ever received, and certainly the most humiliating and degrading she'd ever experienced.

Honestly, she should probably have seen this coming, considering she'd heard of other women experiencing this indignity, but Mistress Asuka wasn't fond of sharing, and was famous for dishing out brutal rectum wreckings without help. Apparently she was willing to make exceptions for special occasions, and Ember literally thought it was going to mean that she would be forever ruined back there, and unable to sit down, ever again. Thankfully her wonderful Mistress went nice and slowly, making this obscene act as easy as possible for her lowly anal whore. Then just when Ember didn't think it could get any more humiliating, it did, because of course she was the type of anal whore who would actually receive pleasure from this. Something she tried to hide at first, but it was no use, and she was rightfully mocked for it.

"Oh my God, did she just moan?" Billie cackled with delight.

"Oh God, she did!" Peyton laughed, slapping her hands together gleefully, "She fucking moaned from getting her ass stuffed. What a fucking disgrace!"

"It's more than that." Billie was quick to point out, "She moaned from getting her ass double stuffed! Can you imagine? God, she must be taking it up the ass every single night. Mmmmmmm, or just naturally be a massive anal whore."

"Are you kidding? It's totally both!" Peyton cackled gleefully, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, our new NXT women's champion, ladies! And what a champion. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, what a pathetic excuse for a champion. No, mmmmmmmm, what a pathetic excuse for a human being. Taking two cocks up her ass, and fucking loving it! I can't even imagine having so little self-respect. God, it's going to be so easy taking the title from that fuck hole. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, it's probably going to take both of us to satisfy her though. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, you and me Billie, we're going to be the first ever co-NXT women's champions, and were going to celebrate it by double stuffing Ember Moon's whore ass!"

"No way, I will win championship. I will tear apart her ass with my dick!" Kairi said firmly in broken English.

"No, Nikki... Nikki wants to play with that ass!" Nikki spoke up gleefully, "Mmmmmmmm, Nikki wants to fucking destroy that big fat black ass by shoving both her fists up there at the same time."

"Shut up you two, it's not like you won the title tonight, or even came fucking close." Peyton snapped.

"Well, neither did you." Billie pointed out, getting herself an annoyed look from her girlfriend for her trouble.

"Shut up the lot of you!" Alexa snapped of all people, a bit of her top persona resurfacing, before switching right back to happy bottom, "I wanna enjoy watching Ember getting put in her rightful place."

Again, the mockery only made her enjoy it more, especially once Mistress Asuka had buried every single inch of the second dildo up her butt and began sodomising her with it, pulling Mickie's strap-on along with it so that both cocks were sliding in and out of Ember's ass hole, causing her the most intense mixture of pain and pleasure she'd ever received before. Which was really saying something considering just how often, and brutally Mistress Asuka had wrecked her rectum. Which had a lot to do with the fact that the pain slowly but surely faded and was replaced by pure pleasure. That, and again, Ember Moon was born to be an ass whore. Something Ember was only happy to prove if it meant she got to cum, that urge eventually becoming overwhelming.


With an evil chuckle Mistress Asuka finally gave Ember what she wanted, increasing her pace ever so slightly, which was all it took to make the shameless ass whore cum. Ember then solidified her own role in this company by cumming over and over again with two cocks up her ass. Of course by this point in her career she had probably solidified herself as a permanent bottom without even a shred of dignity, but after this she wasn't sure she could even find the confidence to win a match. And how could she, when obviously her purpose in life was to get her fat ass ruined by not just total butt busters like Mistress Asuka, but other butt sluts like Mickie James. Which was the last coherent thought Ember had for quite a while, as she became blissfully unaware of anything, except pure pleasure, and the dildos destroying her ass.

Asuka was very tempted to use every ounce of her strength to literally ruin Ember's ass forever. Honestly she might not be able to resist when she inevitably came herself, but at least if it came to that her exhaustion would be able to prevent her from giving the type of butt busting she had given to the poor IIconics, who had been the first to get their asses taken by her tonight. Because to be fair, it wasn't technically Ember's fault that she was now champion, but the idiots in the WWE management insisted on Asuka giving up what was rightfully hers. Well, they could take her title, but after this the position of Alpha female of NXT would very much still belong to Asuka, and her so-called replacement would be nothing but an orifice for the pleasure of superior women.

Perhaps more importantly in that moment, Ember Moon would forever be her bitch. Oh yes, this was arguably a funny way to show it, but Asuka really did adore Ember, and loved having her as one of her favourite fuck holes. In fact, she would put as much pressure on the WWE as possible to bring Ember to RAW as soon as possible so this big fat ass could be reunited with the joy of knowing Asuka's dick deep inside of it. Perhaps even two dicks, as an ass this size truly looked like it was made to take two dicks at once, and it certainly made Ember cum extra hard. So much so that the anal whore violently squirted her cum all over Mickie's stomach, who came pretty hard herself.

It was such a hot site that inevitably Asuka went over the edge herself, cumming so hard she almost passed out. Almost. But even though she was extremely tired Asuka once again proved herself a true Alpha female by pushing herself through that climax and the others that followed, while continuing to brutalise Ember's butt hole like never before. Which included smacking that fat ass and making the meaty cheeks jiggle, babbling abuse in Japanese, and yes, even increasing the force of her thrusts to a pace which would ensure that it would be a long time before Ember would be able to sit down, or take a dump, without agonising pain. Totally worth it though, for the incredible orgasms they all received, and making Asuka's message crystal clear.

What made those climaxes even more intense was being able to look around and seeing that message had got across loud and clear, the other women of NXT both extremely turned on and extremely terrified of this act of total anal dominance. Something which Asuka wished could have lasted the rest of the night, so much so that she almost regretted using so much of her energy brutalising the rest of the NXT women's roster. But again it was totally worth it to get her message across, and she certainly didn't put herself to shame with her performance. Especially considering just how widely Ember's ass hole was gaping open when Asuka suddenly pulled her cock out of that big booty and stepped back.

Naturally this caused Mickie's cock to come out with it and Ember to collapse in exhaustion down onto the other bottom, which in turn caused Asuka to smirk with triumph for a few brief seconds, before she slapped that big black booty roughly, and demanded, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Show me, and these other fuck holes, your gaping shit hole!"

"Ah fuck! Yes Mistress Asuka!" Ember cried out before scrambling to do as she was told.

Alexa meanwhile gasped just from the sight of the initial gape. She didn't even think a butt hole could stretch that wide, and somehow the damage seemed to be wider and deeper than she first realised, as was clear from Ember stumbling off of Mickie and spreading her cheeks wide apart to emphasise her gape. It both made Alexa's constantly stretched ass hole quiver with fear, and twisted hope that she would receive the same treatment. Hell, at that moment she kind of wanted to beg for it. Or at least the privilege of tasting the deepest part of Ember's big black booty on one of those cocks. But she wasn't expecting it, and she knew her place, so she kept her mouth shut and tried not to look longingly at those dicks and just concentrated on staring deep into Ember's bowels, like everybody else.

Making sure everyone got a good chance to see it Asuka walked around until she was standing over Ember and then ordered, "Suck my dick! Mmmmmmm yes, suck your own ass off of my big dick! Do it! But do not take your hands off your cheeks. Oh yes, continue showing everyone your gape as you prove you're nothing but an ass to mouth whore."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Ember eagerly replied, once again her need to obey her Mistress Asuka pushing her to quickly obey, despite how exhausted she was.

This time Alexa was purely jealous of the privilege Ember was getting, her mouth watering at being able to taste the deepest part of that ass. She'd been called up before Ember arrived in NXT, and hadn't dared return to her old stomping grounds in case she ran into Asuka. Of course, even then she probably wouldn't have followed through on tasting Ember's big ass, even though she craved to do so, even as a top, something that thankfully her wonderful Mistress Asuka had given her the privilege of. But now she craved to taste it on a cock, which had been far deeper than her tongue could possibly go, and of course to humiliate herself and proved that she too was nothing but an ass to mouth whore.

Watching Ember wrap her lips around the head of the cock which only seconds ago had been buried deep within her bowels in front of the women she was supposed to be in charge of now bought back wonderful memories for Alexa of when Mistress Asuka had effortlessly put her in her place. That night would be always special to her, and she was jealous of Ember being even more degraded in this moment, the black woman managing to continue spreading her meaty cheeks while beginning to passionately suck that cock. Oh God, Alexa so wished that was her, and in her mind it was. Yes, she vividly pictured herself bobbing her head up and down on Mistress Asuka's cock, eventually shoving it into her throat like Ember began too, which of course caused Mistress Asuka to smirk beautifully.

Then without looking away from Ember performing her ass to mouth duties Asuka ordered, "Alexa, suck Mickie's cock clean. Show these bitches what happens to wannabe Alpha females in my presence."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Alexa happily replied, diving for that dick as she was ever eager to degrade herself.

Proving that Alexa shoved the first few inches of Mickie's strap-on in her mouth and moaned loudly at the taste of Ember's butt. It was even more delicious than when she had been rimming the joke of a NXT women's champion, the flavour overwhelming her so much that she just stayed like that for a few long seconds. Then she greedily bobbed her head up and down, quickly shoving it deep into her throat so she could get all those anal juices before she was ordered to share with Mickie. Sadly she didn't get all the way before Ember did, but she more than proved Mistress Asuka's point as the former Alpha female of RAW and the alleged current Alpha female of NXT happily proved they were nothing but ATM whores for a superior woman. And, Alexa thought with a blissfully happy grin, they weren't ready for Asuka.

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