Ready For Asuka

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"Yes! Oh my God I'm going to cum again! Oh God! Mmmmmmm, oh God please Mistress Asuka, can I please cum again?" Alexa shamelessly begged, "Please, ooooooooh God, your slutty little anal bitch wants to cum with your big beautiful girl dick in her dyke whore butt! Please let me, ohhhhhhh, please make me-"

"Were you ready for Asuka?" Asuka interrupted.

"Fuck no!" Alexa shook her head, "I wasn't ready for Asuka, mmmmmmm, and she turned me into her little cock sleeve."

"Again, and you can cum." Asuka said simply.

There was a few long seconds as Alexa really thought about her next words, before just repeating over and over again, I wasn't ready for Asuka, I wasn't ready for Asuka, I wasn't ready for Asuka, I wasn't ready for Asuka, I WASN'T FUCKING READY FOR ASUKA AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!"

Mickie James was so jealous right now it was physically painful. She had thought for sure by now that she would be receiving some attention of her own, but no, Mistress Asuka just kept relentlessly destroying Alexa's butt hole. It was hard to blame her for it, as Alexa Bliss had one beautiful little ass hole, which Mickie had spent the better part of the last year worshipping with her tongue, and it wasn't her call. Mistress Asuka was in charge here, which was made crystal clear by the way she had her way with Mickie's former Mistress, and it was certainly thrilling to watch, and Mickie was a good little bottom which wouldn't dream of complaining to a top. And yet, she got very close as Mistress Asuka took them back to her hotel room and then brutally sodomised Alexa for what seemed like hours.

They had gone through all the classic positions, and now Alexa was anally riding that big dick in the classic reverse cowgirl position, her back bending as she screamed hysterically and her cum shot out of her cunt, across the room and literally to where Mickie was kneeling watching the action. God, Mickie loved it when a beautiful blonde like Alexa Bliss came in her face, although this was even better than when she was eating her pussy. Oh how Mickie wished she was eating Alexa's yummy pussy right now. That would at least be something, instead of being forced to watch Alexa receiving the kind of blissful ecstasy which Mickie always craved. Especially as Mistress Asuka started jack-hammering her hips back and forth, making the ass fucking even more intense, so much so that Alexa collapsed down with exhaustion on top of her new owner.

Without a single care for Alexa's welfare Asuka pushed her defeated opponent off of her, pointed to her ass flavoured dick and simply ordered, "Mickie, suck."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Mickie instantly replied and obeyed.

It wasn't what she really wanted right now, but at least it was something, and Mickie was honoured to wrap her lips around Mistress Asuka's cock and taste the deepest part of Alexa's ass. Which was the taste Mickie had been craving lately, and was surprised it took so long for her to receive, as she figured someone would have broken Alexa months ago. Don't get her wrong, submitting to the tiny blonde had been wonderfully humiliating, but Mickie was glad to be owned by a true Alpha female again, which Mistress Asuka continued to effortlessly prove as she almost immediately began fucking the brunette's face, barely allowing Mickie a chance to get used to having that big cock stuffing her windpipe.

Luckily Mickie was a greedy ass to mouth whore, and hadn't wanted to give Alexa enough time to recover, so she had barely taken a few seconds to savour the deepest part of the blonde's butt before shoving that strap-on down her throat. So really, Mistress Asuka was just helping her get every drop of that precious anal cream, something Mickie showed her gratitude for by relaxing her throat as best she could to make it easier for the superior woman to use her face as a whore's cunt, or another wrestler's ass hole. That, and staring lovingly at the new Alpha female of RAW. And of course, silently pleading her to wreck her fat ass the way she had just destroyed Alexa's little booty. Hell, at this point Mickie would settle for just half of the anal love her former Mistress had received.

Then suddenly Asuka yanked Mickie by the hair off of the cock, slapped her in the face and asked her, "Mickie, are you ready for Asuka?"

Mickie had to think for a few long seconds about what Mistress Asuka would want to hear, and more importantly, what would more likely get her ass fucked, before grinning, "Yes Mistress Asuka, I'm ready."

"We shall see." Asuka smirked, before simply adding, "Bend, over. Give me your ass!"

"It's yours Mistress Asuka!" Mickie grinned submissively, doing as she was told, "All yours!"

Asuka licked her lips at the delicious prize in front of her. Mickie James truly was the perfect bottom, broken to the point she didn't have an ounce of self-respect or dignity, which was proven by her latest response, and the way she quickly got into position, and then wiggled her big ass teasingly at the woman she knew was going to destroy it. Which was why Asuka was spending most of her energy making sure the stubborn Alexa Bliss was truly broken, while leaving the breaking of Mickie until the end. Or more accurately, officially inducting her into her bitches, after having previously had a one night stand with the butt slut, before Mickie was taken from her and given to the so-called main roster, and ultimately Alexa. While now it was time for Asuka to reclaim what was hers, and she intended to do it in style.

Wanting to give Mickie a special gift for being a good girl and not trying to screw her over, and remembering her place, and honestly to give herself a little rest, Asuka lean down to give the other woman a rim job. This could be seen as submissive, so she made sure not to spend too long on it, and a long rimming certainly wouldn't be necessary given what a proud anal whore Mickie was. Perhaps more importantly before she even started Asuka gave that big booty a hard double smack, the sound of the blow echoing throughout the room, along with Mickie's cry of pain. Of course the little slut seem to be delighted about that pain, although not as much as the feeling of a tongue probing her pretty little pucker.

"Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss Mistress Asuka, mmmmmmm, eat my ass!" Mickie moaned happily, pushing herself back against the tongue now sliding over her ass hole, "Eat my fucking ass, oooooooooh shit, get it nice and ready for your big cock! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you like to say no one's ready for Asuka, mmmmmmmm, but my whore ass is! I swear! Please, take it and see."

This of course caused Asuka to grin wickedly and even chuckle evilly into Mickie's big booty. She preferred breaking in her defeated opponents, but anally abusing a shameless butt slut was a very close second, which was a very good thing for Asuka, as she was determined to turn every single hot woman in this company into her needy little ass whores. Oh yes, they would all soon be arguing over who could take a rectum wrecking better, Asuka becoming lost in that heavenly thought, as she gently lapped away at that whore hole. Then she refocused on the rim job by swirling her tongue around Mickie's ass hole instead of up and down, and then pushed her tongue inside that big butt.

It seemed while she was just a wannabe top, Alexa had done something right, as Mickie's fat butt was loose enough that the entire length of Asuka's tongue slid into it. Although she almost certainly wasn't the only reason, as Asuka had no doubt over the last year this total bottom had been butt fucked by every single woman on the roster multiple times, so really it was good that the new RAW women's champion was still using her 14 incher, as anything smaller probably wouldn't satisfy this anal whore. Then again, Asuka could think of something else which would be fun to try first. Which she would do, after she'd had her fun with eating Mickie's ass, the super top getting carried away with this treat, before slowly swapping her tongue for two fingers, which she shoved straightaway up that well loosened bitch hole.

"Oh Mistress Asuka, YES!" Mickie cried out shamelessly as she was suddenly anally violated by something better than a tongue.

"How much can you take?" Asuka purred.

Looking back at her new owner Mickie grinned, "Anything you can give, Mistress Asuka."

Which in turn made Asuka smirk, "We shall see..."

Mickie cried out joyfully as Mistress Asuka emphasise those words by pushing another finger into her slutty little ass hole. The first two had been easy, but this one immediately caused her a little pain, simply because she hadn't been sodomised in over six hours, which was pure torture as far as Mickie was concerned. Hell, that was about as much sleep as she could get before she was waking up Mistress Alexa, or whoever had been using her the night before, and begging them to violate her needy butt hole. Luckily Mistress Alexa had always obliged, which was one of the reasons Mickie liked her so much, although she feared that soon Mistress Asuka would have so many bitches she'd have to wait in line.

Fortunately she was interrupted from thinking about such things by Mistress Asuka adding a fourth finger, which was far more than was necessary when preparing her ass for a cock. Hell, most of her co-workers would just give her two fingers, and that was only when she hadn't been butt fucked recently. When her hole was properly loosened, as it always should be, the superior women would just ram their girl cocks up her gay butt and give her what she deserved, a.k.a. a total rectum wrecking. The fact that Mistress Asuka was using so many fingers was a likely indication that Mickie was about to get another anal treat, and sure enough her new Mistress slid her thumb into Mickie's butt hole and then slowly but surely began pushing forwards.

Which naturally caused Mickie to cry out, "Oh yes, fist me! Fist my whore ass Mistress Asuka! Slam your whole fucking hand up my butt and fuck me with it! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, fuck me like a whore. Fucking sodomise me with your whole fist like the slutty little ass whore I am! Oh yes, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, FUCK ME!"

The first woman to do this to her of course had been Trish Stratus, her first top in the WWE, who had effortlessly taken Mickie's anal cherry on her first night on the main roster, like the true Alpha female she had been. At least back then. Of course, that first night it had been a strap-on, as it was with every night after that, but occasionally Mistress Trish and others had anally fisted her. That first time with Mistress Trish had been long and slow, her first top giving her plenty of time to relax as her knuckle stretched her butt hole wider than ever before. Initially it had been for her benefit, but many of the following tops, and even Mistress Trish, had spent longer than necessary to tease her. But not Mistress Asuka.

No, Mistress Asuka barely paused when her knuckles were stretching Mickie's ass hole as wide as possible before she rammed it inside, causing Mickie to squeal loudly in pleasure. Which again proved just how much of an anal whore she was. Further proof of that came with the fact that she let out sounds of pure pleasure as Mistress Asuka began to ass fuck her with her fist, and the fact that it wasn't even a little exaggerated. Sure, there was a little pain, especially initially, but Mickie actually enjoyed that, and it soon faded away to pure pleasure as her fat ass was once again used for it's intended purpose, to prove how inferior she was to other women, to prove their superiority, and most importantly, to solidify herself as the biggest anal loving bottom in the history of the WWE.

Alexa truly loved Mistress Asuka, she really did. More importantly, she loved the incredible pleasure she could give her. But she was extremely grateful for the chance to rest. Hell, she had barely been conscious by the time Mistress Asuka had shoved her off of her, and only had been barely aware of Mickie getting some much needed attention. Despite the fact that Mickie had betrayed her Alexa was happy for her, as she knew how cranky Mickie got if she went too long without a butt fucking. She even hoped that Mistress Asuka would enforce a strict, Mickie James cannot go six hours without an ass fucking, rule. Which Alexa had been enforcing for the past year, with a little help from the rest of the roster, who were only too happy to abuse that fat ass. Especially of Mickie had screwed them to help her Mistress.

Initially Alexa just lying there to get some of her strength back, listening to the fun the other women were having, while whimpering at the pain in her sore ass. Then she lifted her head and looked back just in time to see Mickie get a fist up her ass, which made her battered butt hole whence with second-hand pain. And yet somehow it also quivered with jealousy. Oh God, Mistress Asuka really had turned her into an anal whore. Alexa had fought so hard to regain her dignity and become dominant, and yet a few hours with the terrifying woman known as Asuka and she was already back to the butt slut she had been in NXT. Perhaps even worse, given how she was already craving another butt fucking. Something which Mistress Asuka seemed to somehow know, given the evil look she gave Alexa, which made her butt quiver and whence even more.

After a few long seconds of staring, and fisting Mickie's fat ass, Mistress Asuka ordered, "Alexa... bend over, next to Mickie."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa whimpered pathetically, slowly getting up and crawling over to get into position.

Once she had Mistress Asuka smacked Alexa's bubble butt as hard as she could and growled, "Obey faster!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka, I'm sorry Mistress Asuka!" Alexa cried out.

Mistress Asuka then grumbled in Japanese, and Alexa tried to relax as she prepared for another spank. Instead Mistress Asuka shoved her whole fist up her butt. Well, it was more like just all of her fingers at first, the new Alpha female of RAW at least having the decency to slow down when it came to pushing her knuckles into her predecessor's loosened ass hole, but even though that ass hole was widely gaping Alexa still cried out in pain from the sudden violation. There was more than a hint of pleasure though, which was also the case both when the fist was fully embedded inside her ass, and then when Mistress Asuka officially began to sodomise her with her whole fist.

Perhaps more than any of the humiliation she had received so far this made Alexa whimper and literally cry with shame. She'd had it all just a few short hours ago, been an Alpha female and champion, and now her ass was so loose and slutty she could not only take an anal fisting, but actually enjoy it. Oh God, try as she might Alexa Bliss just couldn't stop from moaning like a shameless butt slut as she received an anal fisting for the first time in over a year. Well, she wasn't moaning quite as shamelessly as Mickie, but not by much, and it was easily as shamelessly as when Sasha Banks had given Alexa her first anal fisting so many months ago. And she was too broken to focus on the fact that she actually got revenge on Mistress Sasha for that indignity.

Asuka also let out a little cry, followed by a moan, just like her anal sluts. The sounds were completely drowned out of course by the butt bitches, who constantly let out sounds of pure pleasure as she fucked them. Sure, this was Mickie's first fucking of the night, so it took her a while to adjust, and Alexa's bitch hole had to be incredibly sore by now, so both of them let out whimpers of pain a long the way, but they soon relaxed and began feeling nothing but pure pleasure. Which was obvious, not just because the sounds were louder, but because the little ass whores started pushing themselves back against Asuka's fists, obviously wanting to be butt fucked harder.

This caused Asuka to chuckle wickedly, and then point out, "You are my little butt puppets."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, ohhhhhhh yesssssss! We're your butt puppets!" Mickie quickly agreed, ever the shameless and eager to please bottom, "We're nothing but your fucking butt puppets! Oh fuck!"

"Yes." Alexa whimpered, hesitantly agreeing, "We're nothing but little butt puppets, mmmmmmm, dancing on your fists, oooooooooh Goooooooddddddddd, fuck me Mistress Asuka! Fuck us harder! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, fist fuck me like the fucking butt puppets we are!"

It was impressive there was any amount of hesitation left in Alexa after the relentless ass wrecking that Asuka had given the tiny blonde's little butt hole. Impressive, and really annoying, both of which had only encouraged Asuka to brutalise Alexa's bitch hole even harder. However it was becoming apparent that Alexa would require a little something extra to become as shameless as Mickie was. Or perhaps just weeks, or perhaps months, of relentless butt fucking, which Asuka was more than willing to do. However she was determined to try to push her over the edge tonight, and Asuka had a wicked idea of how to do just that. But first she just couldn't resist making them cum from a good anal fisting.

"Cum for me! Cum for Asuka!" Asuka ordered with a growl as she slowly increased the pace of the anal fisting, "Cum like the little butt puppets you are! Yes! Cum whores! Cum!"

Of course her new bitches were only too happy to oblige, as all it took was a slight increasing in the pace to make Mickie cum, and Alexa soon followed her. Which made Asuka grin wickedly, and continue increasing the pace until she reached her top speed, at which point she was rapidly punching the asses of her little butt bitches. She also pulled her fist back until those bitch holes were stretching around her knuckles again, and then shoving them in so hard she seemed to be getting deeper and deeper with every thrust, until it felt like she was up to her elbows in whore ass. It wasn't quite that far, but it was more than enough to make the anal sluts cum multiple times, often simultaneously. Again this caused Asuka to grin widely and sadistically, although not quite as much as when she suddenly pulled those fists out, making her bitches whimper pathetically at the loss.

Asuka then spank those asses brutally hard, making her whores cry out pathetically, and then she growled, "Fist yourselves! Mmmmmm yesssssssss, I want to see just how slutty you are!"

Again only too happy to oblige Mickie shoved her whole fist straight up her big booty. Literally! She did it slowly so Asuka could get a good view of everything, but she did it. Fuck, she didn't even slow down when it came to her knuckles, the widest part of her hand just slipping through her loosened whore butt hole with ease. God, Asuka really had never met anyone with such a slutty little ass hole as Mickie James. Which would easily make her one of the favourite pieces of ass in Asuka's collection. Of course Alexa was a lot more cautious, but there was something cute about the way she started pushing finger after finger into the hole which had just taken a whole fist inside it, until she too was pushing her knuckles through her own ass hole like the shameless anal whore she was. Which were two beautiful shows which Asuka enjoyed for a very long time before rejoining the fun.

Mickie yearned for Mistress Asuka to rejoin the fun, and give her a rectum wrecking with that big fat cock which was still in between the legs of the Japanese goddess, which had sadly gone unused for quite a while now. However, Mickie was also always overjoyed at being able to prove just how much of an anal whore she was, and this was far from the first time she had anally fisted herself. In fact, she had always fingered her butt while Trish or one of her other former tops was busy sodomising some other lucky bottom, and that had eventually moved onto fisting herself as her ass hole became increasingly loose and greedy. She was however pretty sure it was Alexa's first time doing something like this, so she made a point not to make herself cum until her former top had her whole fist up her butt.

It took a while for Alexa to reach that point, and when she finally did Mickie grinned gratefully and began increasing her pace. However just as Mickie was reaching the edge of orgasm again Mistress Asuka grabbed onto her wrist and yanked her hand out of her butt. The country girl barely got a chance to whimper with disappointment before the Japanese superstar replaced it with her big cock, slamming the first few inches straight into her loosened back door. Which both caused Mickie to cry out joyfully, and painfully, because 3 inches wide of strap-on was a lot to take, even for her. Thankfully Mistress Asuka then spent a few long seconds slowly sliding every inch of that big dick into her tailpipe, Mickie groaning with pure joy every step of the way. She still felt both pain and pleasure, but Mistress Asuka made her love every single second of it.

What was even better was that when Mistress Asuka was fake balls deep in her shit pipe she quickly established a steady rhythm and just kept building on it, until she was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Mickie's butt hole. Of course, Mickie was cumming long before that, each one being the kind of satisfying climax that she'd only ever received from having another woman destroying her most intimate hole. However there was a difference between the powerful initial climaxes, and the monster orgasms she received when Mistress Asuka was giving it her all. Especially considering that just before then Mistress Asuka yanked her head back by her hair and demanded some words from her.

Right after she had yanked Mickie's head back Asuka growled, "Were you ready for Asuka? Are you mine! Are you my anal whore!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mickie squealed gleefully, before quickly clarifying, "And no, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, I wasn't, oh fuck, I wasn't ready for Asuka, mmmmmmm, no one is ready for Asuka! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, not even my slutty little ass hole was ready for your big dick Mistress Asuka, oooooooooh shit, but I'm so glad you gave it to my greedy little back door. Oh yes, mmmmmmm, I'm so grateful to you Mistress Asuka, for shoving your big fat dick up my big fat ass and making me yours! All yours! I'm your anal whore now Mistress Asuka! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, I'm your ass slut, ohhhhhhhhh, your little butt bitch, ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd, you fucking own me! I'm yours! I'm your bitch Mistress Asuka! I'm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss!"

Try as she might Mickie just couldn't stay coherent as the ecstasy she was feeling just became too much. Eventually she couldn't even tell what Mistress Asuka was saying, but to be fair an increasing amount of that was in Japanese, and it didn't really matter, because the point was pretty clear. It was the same one being made by how roughly Mistress Asuka was pulling her hair, and smacking her ass roughly. That being Mickie James belonged to Mistress Asuka now. Oh yes, Mickie was her fucking property. No romance, like there had been with Trish, and even sometimes with Alexa. Mickie was just a hole to use whenever this goddess wanted, a fact which just made the shameless anal whore cum harder.

Alexa was a little jealous of Mistress Asuka for pounding that big meaty butt, especially given the way those juicy cheeks were jiggling with every thrust, and the sound of flesh on flesh was echoing around the room almost as loudly as Mickie's squeals of pleasure. But of course, mostly Alexa was jealous of Mickie, and yearned to be in her place. Oh yes, even though her ass hole was still stretched and battered from the pounding it had taken Alexa still found herself aching for more. Then again, she probably always would, now her butt hole had been reminded of just how heavenly it was to have it fucked, and Alexa was especially never be able to get enough of Mistress Asuka's cock up her butt. Thankfully she was about to get another opportunity for that.

Suddenly looking over at her blonde bitch Asuka ordered with a growl, "On your back! Spread your legs!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa replied and obeyed without hesitation.

Unfortunately she was then left there for another few long minutes as Mistress Asuka squeezed a few more orgasms out of Mickie, before yanking that monster dildo out of the brunette's bowels and just admired her handiwork for a few long seconds. Alexa couldn't really see it from this position, but she imagined Mickie's bitch hole was a cavernous ruin, much like her own slutty ass hole. Not that it stopped Mickie from whimpering in disappointment when the dick was removed, and looking back to see what happened next. Namely Mistress Asuka shuffling over to Alexa and then pressing her wet dick against the blonde's still gaping butt hole. Which caused Alexa to whimper in anticipation, fully expecting Mistress Asuka to just ram the entire length in and one thrust, but that's not what happened.

Instead Asuka spent a few long minutes teasing her pray before asking, "What are you?"

Which caused Alexa to blush, because she knew what Mistress Asuka wanted to hear, and what she had to say to get what she wanted, "I'm, I'm your bitch. You own me."

Asuka then smirked, "Were you ready for Asuka?"

"No." Alexa whimpered, as there was no doubt about that.

There was also little doubt that Alexa was Mistress Asuka's bitch, but it was still embarrassing to the woman who used to call herself a goddess. And obviously her new top wanted to stamp out any trace of dignity or self-respect Alexa might have for herself, given that some version of that exchange was repeated over and over again as Mistress Asuka slowly stuffed Alexa's ass with dick again. Then she began to gently sodomise her again, and picking up the pace, until once again Alexa was desperate to cum. Which embarrassingly only felt like seconds, given she had already cum multiple times, and her back passage was nice and loose, and more welcoming to the cock. And of course, with every exchange Alexa became more desperate, until the inevitable embarrassing conclusion.

"Were you ready for Asuka?" Asuka asked one final time.

"Fuck no I wasn't! Ooooooooh Goooooddddddd I wasn't ready for Asuka I wasn't ready for Asuka I wasn't ready for Asuka!" Alexa whimpered over and over again while looking directly into the eyes of her top.

"And you are?" Asuka gently pushed.

"Your bitch! I'm your anal loving bitch!" Alexa gasped without a trace of hesitation or perhaps even shame, continuing to stare into the eyes of her new Mistress as she assured her, "I'm yours, mmmmmmm fuck, all yours! I'm the property of Mistress Asuka! She owns me! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, I'm just a fuck hole for her benefit. Oh please Mistress Asuka, use your fuck hole! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, pound it hard and deep, mmmmmmmm, fucking ruin it! Ruin me, oooooooooh, fuck yes, gape me like the bitch I am! I want it, ooooooooh, I need it! Please give it to me. Please, make me cum! I'm yours forever either way, just please, slam fuck my shit hole and make me oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd! Fuck me! Fuck! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me!"

It took a lot longer than Alexa would have liked, humiliating herself beyond repair in the process, but finally Mistress Asuka increased her pace, which made it all worth it. Oh yes, Alexa would truly do anything just for the ecstasy of having her ass pounded by the true goddess known as Mistress Asuka. And that was before she even experienced the kind of incredible climax she could only have while being sodomised by a true Alpha female. When it did happen, when her cum started squirting out of her cunt again, this time landing on the stomach of her new Mistress, Alexa lost the ability to think coherently and she just ended up staring lovingly into the eyes of her precious owner.

Asuka chuckled wickedly to herself, first at getting the words she wanted out of her new pet, and then making the tiny girl scream hysterically as she fucked the cum right out of her. Which was something Asuka took pride in doing with all her little sluts, and from now on Alexa Bliss would definitely be one of them. Oh yes, in truth Asuka had been pretty sure Alexa was broken already, but it didn't hurt to make sure. Besides, she really liked rubbing in her victory like this. And there was just something special about staring into the eyes of a newly broken bitch and seeing love and devotion staring back at her, while she absolutely obliterated that poor little bitch's shit hole.

Once she had been fully embedded within Alexa's ass in that position her new bitch had wrapped her arms and legs around her lovingly, encouraging Asuka to fuck her deep and hard. Asuka had delighted in that, and happily obliged, but now she felt like getting some deeper penetration, so she pushed Alexa's legs onto her shoulders, bending the poor blonde in half. Luckily the former cheerleader was incredibly flexible, and even if it was slightly painful for her she didn't let out any protest. Exactly the opposite, as she continued screaming in pleasure as Asuka destroyed her little back door for a few long minutes, before without warning going back to Mickie's equally slutty butt.

She then went back and forth between them, using them like the little fuck holes they were, and proving her superiority over most tops, and men for that matter, as she was able to pound each of them in turn hard and deep for what felt like an eternity, pushing each of them through countless climaxes in the process. Of course, even Asuka couldn't keep this up forever, and the other end of the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of turning two women into her anal slaves ultimately caught up with her, sending her over the edge of her own climax. To her credit she pushed herself through it, and the many that followed, but she knew it was the beginning of the end. Which was sad, but inevitable.

Normally this would be the point she stopped, like when they were in the locker room, but there was no one who was a threat to her here any more, so Asuka chose to just indulge herself. Oh yes, she rolled Alexa onto her front next to Mickie, so it was nice and easy to go back and forth between them, the fact that those back doors were now cavernous ruins making it even easier to switch between those fuck holes which Mickie and Alexa called their ass holes. Towards the end, she was even putting them in the Asuka-lock and screaming abuse at them in Japanese, but it didn't matter, because they were too exhausted to even tap. All they could do was whimper, and take it like the fuck holes they were, until Asuka finally rolled off of them, grinning and cackling at her victory.

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