Ready For Asuka

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Sasha Banks was hanging on by a thread. In a way she had been for years, but she'd never been this close to breaking, not even with Charlotte. Well, maybe when she had lost her anal cherry. But luckily for Sasha, Charlotte had found her defiance amusing, and had chosen to leave her unbroken, while Asuka seemed determined to break her once and for all. And sure, she'd had like a week to recover as Asuka played with her new toy, Becky Lynch, but that hadn't really counted, as the entire time she had to watch. She also had to watch all the others, including her beloved Bayley, get their asses wreck, the entire time wishing that was her. And not in Asuka's place, like she should be wishing for. No, Sasha spent the entire time wishing it was her getting her ass owned by the RAW Alpha female.

It was likely that wish would be granted, as like the proverbial Pied Piper, Asuka led her bitches to the RAW taping earlier than usual, and ordered them to strip. Which included Sasha, and even though she wasn't broken, and had recently lost a match, Asuka was still the Alpha, and therefore she had to do what she said. And, if Sasha was honest with herself, she wanted to do it. Hell, she didn't even question it, and even blushed and smiled bashfully as the incredible butt wrecking top seem to only have eyes for her, when she was surrounded by increasingly naked women. Although what happened next certainly wasn't what Sasha had been hoping for, namely Asuka grabbing a foldout chair, placing it down in the centre of the room, and then sitting down on it, staring at The Boss the entire time.

"Sasha, come on." Asuka patting her knee, and then just in case there was any doubt ordered, "Bend over my knee."

"Please... don't do this..." Sasha whimpered pathetically, even as she slowly approached. Then she gulped, not believing what she was about to say, "Couldn't you just fuck my ass?"

"I will." Asuka promised with a smirk, "After."

"But..." Sasha began, only for Asuka's look to turn cold, pushing the once mighty Boss to lower her head, and whimper, "Oh God..."

With that Sasha did as she was told, placing herself over Asuka's knee, her ass in the perfect position for a spanking. But of course, Asuka didn't get straight to it. No, that wasn't her style. Instead, she chuckled wickedly, grabbed Sasha's booty and then spent several long minutes of groping and squeezing that backside, making the formally dominant NXT Alpha female and champion whimper and squirm pathetically. Then all of a sudden Charlotte came in, flanked by her bitches. Sasha had no idea they were coming tonight, and they certainly weren't booked to appear, so it was very likely they were guests of Asuka, here to witness what she did to The Boss. Although it didn't really matter why they were here, because whatever reason it was Sasha was even more humiliated than before.

Then again, maybe she should be grateful to them because it meant the spanking got officially underway, Asuka lifting her hand up then bringing it down on Sasha's butt at what seemed like lightning speed, the sound of the impact echoing throughout the room, along with a loud cry that Sasha let out. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Asuka giving her a series of hard strikes which simply took Sasha off-guard. Asuka wasn't normally this rough in the beginning. At least not for this long. For better or for worse, she then switched to a more slow and steady rhythm, with plenty of groping in between. Which certainly felt like a relief at the time, but Sasha quickly realized it was a very bad thing for her, as it meant that Asuka intended to give her a long, drawn-out spanking.

Asuka definitely intended that, and rejoiced at being able to spank Sasha as the rest of the RAW women's division, and a few from the NXT and SmackDown divisions, slowly came into the room and took a seat. The only difference between them, was that Charlotte used Mickie James, the bottom Asuka had traded, as a foot rest. Which had the two Alphas exchanging a wicked smile, before Asuka returned her attention to what mattered, namely The Boss's cute little booty. Of course, she kept an eye on the others in case they tried to do anything, but they all behaved, which was good, because The Empress wanted the biggest crowd possible for this without getting her in trouble, and she definitely got it.

Which made it a fitting setting to break The Boss once and for all. Oh yes, it'd been very amusing to see this delusional bottom try to claim to be a top, and very, very impressive that she had lasted this long, but Asuka couldn't allow it to go on for any longer. She wouldn't allow it. No, Charlotte might have been okay with such defiance, but she wasn't. And Asuka would prove her superiority over the so-called Queen by doing the one thing that she can't, namely break Sasha Banks. Just like she'd broken Charlotte's precious Becky, who was now on Asuka's inside of the room, on her knees with her head lowered, just waiting for instructions. Sadly for her, she'd be waiting all night, because Asuka's main focus was Sasha, and that heavenly little booty of hers.

Spanking admittedly wasn't Asuka's favourite thing to do to another woman's backside, and she tended to skip it entirely when the other girl was a good little anal loving bottom for her. But Sasha's constant defiance had earned her an hour long butt beating, the type which would make anyone think twice about being anything except a good little butt slut for The Empress. Which of course, meant starting off with plenty of groping, and even when the spanking properly began Asuka constantly went back to it, easing the pain away in the process. However to truly punish her bitch Asuka didn't really start out gentle. No, it was hard right from the start, and then just got harder, until towards the end Asuka was using every ounce of her considerable strength.

That meant that while Sasha was crying out adorably at the beginning, and her cheeks were jiggling with every blow, it was nothing compared to how she was towards the end. Oh yes, the once mighty Sasha Banks was squirming on top of Asuka's knee and literally wept, as she was well and truly put in her place. Something which this total bottom liked despite her reaction, given how wet she was. Oh fuck yeah, Asuka could feel it. She could feel wetness against her thigh, and she loved it even more than just how red that milk chocolate booty became against the now vicious assault that she was giving it, and again, how much that ass was jiggling for her. Which made Asuka even more eagerly than before to butt fuck this bitch. Of course, there was one thing they had to do first, which would help Asuka prove her point even more.

Sasha was very mindful of it too, considering it would be her chance for revenge. And throughout the brutal butt beating she fantasized about it. About beating Asuka in the centre of the ring. Of making her tap out. Of doing the exact same thing to her, and worse. Of course, deep down she knew it was no use, that even when she was ready as she could possibly be, she wasn't ready for Asuka. And she never would be. That all she would ever be is a superior woman's bitch. Which hurt even more than the relentless booty beating she received. In fact, that was the main reason she was crying towards the end. That, and it just hurt so fucking much. Seriously, she had been spanked before, but this was truly unbearable, and she was already tapping out, and begging for mercy before the match, which wasn't a good sign for her.

All of a sudden, the spanking abruptly stopped, meaning the only sound in the room was Sasha's weeping. Which she tried to get under control, but it was just so hard when she was in such physical and emotional pain. And she didn't even have the benefit of Asuka caressing some of that pain away. Instead Asuka seemed perfectly content to admire her handiwork, before abruptly pushing Sasha off of her and then changing into her ring gear as if there was no one watching her. Probably because everyone's main focus was on Sasha, who just lay there for a few long seconds, fighting the urge to curl up into a defeated ball, before putting on her own ring gear, just in time for her match with her tormentor.


"Well, that was embarrassing." Charlotte quipped when Sasha sulkily returned only a few minutes later.

Which was like the understatement of the century, given the mighty Sasha Banks had gone from almost beating Asuka in a 20 minute match, to tapping out in about a minute. No doubt the thousands of fans in attendance, and the millions watching at home, would be questioning what the hell happened. Hopefully they would never know that underneath her ring gear Sasha's ass was a dark and angry red, and as a result every single movement was like agony for her. That combined with the thought of what had just happened, and what was likely going to happen when she got back to the locker room, proved to be too much of a distraction for Sasha to take, and The Boss suffered the quickest and most embarrassing loss of her career. Especially given what the consequences of it were.

Honestly, Sasha had never been more tempted not to return to the locker room. To forgo the right of ever competing for the title of Alpha female again, just to save her own ass hole. Of course, it would have been a temporary fix, as at this point Asuka was probably going to get her no matter what. Any other result would make Asuka look weak. Or at least Asuka would likely think so. But most of all, Sasha would not end up being the first one being able to pay the piper. So she slowly made her way back to locker room, hoping that she could survive whatever came next. Although that seemed extremely unlikely, given the horrifying sight that awaited her.

Something which caused her to not even hear Charlotte, and instead murmur one word in disbelief, "Bayley?"

"Hey Sasha." Bayley said bashfully.

There was a brief pause, then Sasha asked in disbelief, "What... what are you doing?"

"What does it look like she's doing?" Charlotte smirked, and before Sasha could try and say something witty she quickly added, "She's being a good little bottom, and doing whatever her top tells her."

Another brief pause and then Sasha grumbled, "If she thinks I'm going to... going to..."

"Bayley? Do you want to tell your bestie what her Mistress told you, after she left?" Charlotte cut in.

Yet another brief pause as Bayley gave Sasha an apologetic look, before telling her, "If you're not riding this dick by the time she gets back, you'll get another spanking."

Sasha's eyes went wide, and her mouth fell open in disbelief for a few long seconds, before she lowered her head and whimpered, "Oh God."

Bayley had never felt more sorry for her girlfriend. She knew that Sasha was a proud woman, who had fought so hard to reach the top in the WWE, only to be constantly knockdown by first The Queen, and then The Empress. And there was every chance that Mistress Asuka only meant she'd give her another spanking later. But obviously she just couldn't take that risk. Not with her ass so very sore from the last butt beating. Of course it wasn't a problem for Bayley, as she would take whatever she was given, but she loved Sasha, and hated to cause her emotional pain. She also kind of hated the fact that she was the main reason why at that moment, as the only thing more humiliating than a second spanking, or tapping out in under a minute, was anally riding a bottom of Bayley's calibre.

It was also pretty awkward for Bayley, as she really hated to wear a strap-on. It was just such an unnatural feeling for her, and while it meant that she would be helping out a top, which made her happy, it couldn't compare to being the focus of a dominant woman's attention. Especially when that dominant woman was a top the calibre of Mistress Asuka. So she wouldn't really enjoy what came next. Apart from watching Sasha get naked. Oh yes, even if it was a little too fast for her liking. Then again, she would have plenty more chances to ogle her lover. And things got even better for her when Sasha pulled a huge butt-plug out of her own ass. Which showed she been properly prepared for this, or at least a little bit. Something like it anyway. Then Sasha showed how much she loved Bayley, by shoving the plug straight into her girlfriend's mouth.

Which caused Bayley's eyes to quickly light up in delight as she saw it coming, her mouth quickly opening seconds before that sex toy was shoved into it. Bayley then moaned loudly at the taste of Sasha's perfect little ass, her eyelids fluttering closed as she savoured the sweet flavour for a few long seconds. Sasha clearly took that time to enjoy the show, because it wasn't until that time was up that Bayley felt her girlfriend straddling her waist and awkwardly lining up the large dildo protruding from the Hugger's crotch, and Sasha's poor little butt hole. And although she couldn't really tell for sure, Bayley was fairly certain that when she opened her eyes it was ironically, the moment that Sasha started pushing downwards.

Admittedly Bayley was far from an expert on these things, but she'd been anally violated in front of her mirror plenty of times, often by Sasha, and the expression on her girlfriend's face right now was very familiar. Only except of crying out and whimpering loudly and shamelessly in pure pleasure, Sasha seemed very ashamed, and was clearly desperately trying to hide those sounds, while failing miserably. Which again bought Bayley back to feeling sorry for her girlfriend, as the last thing she wanted to do was cause her pain. Physical or otherwise. Then again, as her wonderful Mistress Asuka had pointed out, if she could help Sasha finally stopped fighting her true nature, and accept that being a bottom was the absolute best, the sky was truly the limit for her. At least as far as the pleasure she could receive.

Sasha was probably supposed to suck the butt-plug clean herself, but surely she was suffering enough that Asuka would let it go? It was probably at least a little more forgivable than simply throwing the plug to the ground, in which case it would be probably shoved into her mouth regardless. Part of her hadn't wanted to reward Bayley for being willing to humiliate her like this, especially in such a public setting. But she just couldn't resist that pretty face. Besides, watching and especially listening to Bayley suck the butt cream off of that plug so ravenously and shamelessly was a hell of a turn on, and kind of made what Sasha had to do next easier. In fact, she tried to concentrate on it, and of course relax as she pushed herself downwards.

It was incredibly debatable if Sasha had time for these things. Asuka was going to an interview after the match, but that probably wouldn't hold her up long, so Sasha should probably just shove herself all the way downwards at this point in one hard thrust. Which would be agonizing, but at this point Sasha would almost welcome the pain. She certainly deserved it, considering how weak she had been. And it would surely be a million times better to whimpering, gasping and moaning in pleasure the entire time she slowly pushed herself down a strap-on. Especially when it was going up her butt, and even worse, when that cock was attached to a total bottom like Bayley. But she just couldn't help herself.

As a result, she made the most humiliating experience of her life even worse by actually enjoying it. Oh God, she actually enjoyed the feeling of her ass hole slowly stretching to allow the head of Bayley's cock to slide through it and into her backside. Well, thankfully she cried out in pain from the initial anal penetration, but that pain was fleeting, and there was definitely pleasure mixed in. Then she let out even more pleasure filled sounds as she started slowly lowering herself downwards, taking inch after inch into her tailpipe like it was the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately she ran out of time, and suddenly the locker room opened to reveal the Alpha female of RAW.

For a few long seconds Sasha froze with fear, and then she shoved herself the rest of the way down, and thus burying the remaining length of the cock deep in her bowels. Which thankfully caused her to cry out in pain again, because she had just rammed about 6 inches straight into her shit-pipe. But the fact that she did it at all also proved that she was so desperate to avoid a spanking, or maybe she just wanted to please Asuka so much she would inflict this upon herself? Sasha told herself that last part wasn't true, but honestly she wasn't sure anymore. And she certainly felt grateful when Asuka stayed in the doorway for a few long seconds, allowing Sasha to get her bearings before she officially started anally riding that cock to coincide with the entry of her Mistress, meaning that she had obeyed the command she left for her.

Asuka had been curious whether Sasha would do that for her if she gave her the chance, and she was delighted that she did, chuckling with wicked delight as she slowly entered the room and close the door behind her, her eyes never leaving the beautiful sight in front of her. And why would it? It was such an amazing sight, and wonderful proof of her dominance. And most importantly, that Sasha was on the verge of breaking. Oh yes, she was so close she could practically taste it. All The Boss needed was one more little push, and she would be hers completely. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for Sasha, Asuka had the perfect thing to do that. Or more accurately, things.

So after a few long minutes of just watching Sasha bounce up and down Asuka ordered, "Sasha, lift your ass all the way off of that cock."

Immediately Sasha stopped bouncing up and down, but she hesitated to obey which was hilarious, Asuka already on the verge of laughter when Bayley of all people smacked Sasha's ass roughly and ordering, "Do as you're told, bitch!"

"AH FUCK!" Sasha cried out, before whimpering, "Bayley?"

"And respond correctly." Asuka added firmly.

"Oh God..." Sasha whimpered pathetically, and then slowly lifted herself off of the cock, before grumbling softly, "Yes Mistress Asuka."

"Good girl." Asuka purred, and then the moment the cock popped out of Sasha's ass hole quickly added, "Stay where you are!"

"But..." Sasha tried to protest, not wanting to keep her ass squatting up in the air like that. But all it took was a look from the dangerous Japanese woman and the black woman replied with another whimper, "Yes Mistress Asuka."

Asuka smirked at this response, thought about it for a few long seconds, and then ordered, "Becky, suck Bayley's cock! Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, clean it of that yummy ass cream."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

Which was another thing which had Asuka smirking and chuckling with delight, along with the way that Becky moaned loudly with pure pleasure in getting the privilege of tasting Sasha's ass all over that cock. As always, the little ATM slut savoured the flavour of the deepest part of that ass, in this case Sasha's, before quickly beginning to bob her head up and down the cock, taking more each time until she was stuffing her throat with butt flavoured dildo. Probably because she was hoping to get even more later, although she probably also guessed she would have to wait her turn. In fact, she wouldn't have even got the first turn, if it wasn't for the fact that Charlotte was watching the fun.

To her credit The Queen managed to keep up a Poker Face while watching Becky blowing Bayley, but Asuka could tell there was something off behind her eyes. Actually, that was the case throughout the initial sodomy, and especially later, Charlotte clearly nervous that Asuka would embarrass her by achieving what she couldn't. Or maybe she was just mad, because she liked Sasha's defiance, and Asuka was bringing an end to it. Whatever the case, she definitely resented Becky submitting to Asuka, which made it so much more satisfying for The Empress. Then things changed, and all of a sudden Charlotte very clearly enjoyed the show a lot more, namely when it was other ATM sluts tasting Sasha's butt.

Right before that Sasha was ordered to shove the dick back up her ass, something she obeyed without hesitation. She didn't even complain when she was forced to repeat the process, constantly holding her ass in the air, so that everyone could see her back hole was already beginning to gape. Although that wasn't the main focus. No, that was on the latest lucky bitch getting the privilege of tasting Sasha's ass. Oh yes, each of Asuka's bitches got their turn tasting that booty, and then everybody else. Well, all of the bottoms had been happy to do it. Charlotte unsurprisingly declined with an evil glare, but it was only a matter of time. It was also only a matter of time before Bayley got the privilege, but she would have to wait for longer, because after close to an hour of ass to mouth Asuka was more than ready to re-join the fun, and break The Boss once and for all.

"Sasha?" Asuka called out, waiting until she had her pet's full attention, before asking, "Have you ever been double ass fucked before?"

"Oh God." Sasha whimpered in horror, immediately freezing in place, with the dildo fully embedded within her butt.

"Is that a yes?" Asuka teased.

"N, no." Sasha answered with another whimper, hating where this was going.

"Good." Asuka purred, before ordering, "Bayley, spread those cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, give me the perfect view of taking The Boss's double anal cherry."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Wa, wait..." Sasha protested, before begging for mercy, "Please, don't do this to me, I'll-"

"Break for sure?" Asuka offered, before asking, "Tell me, Da Boss... did you ever give any of your bitches mercy? Like Alexa, for example."

"No, she didn't." Alexa smirked.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Asuka chuckled, before coldly ordering, "So shut up and take it like the bitch you are. And don't worry, soon you'll be nothing but another one of my mindless sluts, and then? You will not care how much it hurts, or how wide your butt hole is. All that will matter is the incredible pleasure you are feeling. And pleasing me. As all women in this company should."

"We'll see about that." Charlotte grumbled.

"But..." Sasha tried to whine, only to get cut off again.

"And you know the rules." Asuka reminded her bitch, and then gleefully taunted her, "I won your ass, so it's mine! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, I made the once great Sasha Banks tap out in less than a minute. Yeah I did. And now? You are mine once again. And soon, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, you'll be mine forever. And you will love it. No more running or deluding yourself Sasha. This is it. The moment you have been waiting for since you step foot in a wrestling ring. The inevitable moment you become the anal loving bitch of a superior woman! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, relax Sasha, because from now on, your ass is mine."

Asuka and Sasha then stared at each other for a few long minutes, before the once mighty former Alpha female whimpered pathetically and lowered her head in submission, as the current Alpha cackled with victory. Because that was what this truly felt like. Oh yes, Asuka shouldn't get ahead of herself, but she could practically taste it. Sasha Banks was hers. Well, she always was, and it was only a matter of time before the so-called Boss broke completely, but it was still a sweet feeling. One that Asuka savoured for a few long seconds, before kneeling down behind Sasha, and pressing the tip of her cock against that already widely stretched back door, again, causing her defeated opponent to whimper pathetically, and deliciously.

Which again Asuka savoured for a few long seconds, before slowly beginning to push forwards, causing Sasha Banks's butt hole to stretch wider than ever before. Oh yes, the most private hole on Sasha Banks's poor little body just kept stretching, and stretching, and stretching, until finally the head of Asuka's strap-on slid through that anal ring and into Sasha's ass, alongside Bayley's dick, making it official. Asuka had just taken The Boss's double anal cherry! Something which of course Asuka had to brag about, albeit after a couple of minutes of sadistic laughter, and a deafening cry from the poor little fuck hole she was using for her pleasure. Then came the taunting to solidify her conquest.

"And there it is, mmmmmmmmm, your double anal cherry is mine! Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, I just took your double anal cherry! It's mine Sasha, all mine! You, are mine." Asuka taunted gleefully, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, your ass hole is stretching for two big dicks now, and you know what that means, huh? Yeah you do, mmmmmmmm, it means it's over. You're a bottom, now and forever. My anal loving bottom! Ooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, no fighting it anymore. Just you, bending over whenever and wherever I want! Or whatever else I want. Oh yes, your my fucking bitch now. Nothing but my bitch! Oh fuck yeah, get ready Sasha, because your new life starts now."

Unsurprisingly poor Sasha couldn't offer up much of a response, other than a few more whimpers and cries, which continued to be the case as Asuka began pushing her hips forwards, causing more of that second dildo to violate a hole which was never even meant to take one dick. Something which of course Asuka did nice and slowly, which was the bare minimum of mercy she could show Sasha at this point. Admittedly a sadistic part of The Empress craved the harder and faster ass stuffing, but that probably would've done serious damage, and maybe even permanent damage, which wasn't the way to get herself a new bitch. No, better to go nice and slowly, and give The Boss time to adjust. Besides, why would she want to rush this, when this was one of her favourite things in the world?

Sodomizing another woman was Asuka's favourite thing in the world. She loved every aspect of it, but there was definitely something to be said for a butt stuffing. Of watching inch, after inch, after inch of her cock slowly disappearing into another woman's ass hole, slowly increasing her dominance over her with every inch. And oh God, it was so beautiful. Oh yes, Asuka could watch her strap-on disappear up a bitch's butt forever. Maybe especially when there was a cock already inside that bitch's butt, meaning that she wasn't just anally abusing a conquered opponent, but turning her into the biggest kind of ass whore imaginable. Namely, a double anal whore. Oh yes, the once mighty Sasha Banks was now her double anal whore, and she always would be.

Sasha had tears streaming down her cheeks because of that fact. Because it was bad enough that she had been butt fucked countless times now, but even in her most humiliating moments, her most submissive moments, she could comfort herself with the fact that she had never been double ass fucked. And more importantly, she would never stoop that low. No, she could never stoop that low. Her ass was too small. Yes, to be a double anal whore she would need to have a fat ass, made to take multiple cocks, like those shameless butt sluts Mickie James, Naomi and even her precious Bayley. Admittedly, Alexa Bliss had taken plenty of double ass fuckings, but her booty was still bigger than Sasha's, just about, and again she was a shameless butt slut, made to be ass fucked. Not like The Boss, Sasha Banks.

But now here she was, her back hole and back passage stretched wider than ever before, and way beyond what she thought it was capable of, and the worst part was that even at its very worst, there was some small twisted part of her which found it enjoyable. Especially when Asuka's thighs came to rest against her cheeks, announcing every inch of that second cock had been buried deep within her bowels. Something which made Sasha weirdly proud of herself. And then, the Alpha female of RAW began to prove her superiority by beginning to thrust in and out, effortlessly causing Sasha's shit-pipe to relax and actually accept getting double stuffed. So much so that the initial agony faded away and was eventually replaced by ecstasy.

Never in her whole entire life had Sasha tried to fight against something more, but it was inevitable. Asuka... Mistress Asuka was just too good. Too amazing. Too much of an incredible butt busting top. Oh God, how had Sasha ever thought she could compete with this woman? Or any woman, for that matter? And why would she, when she could feel pleasure like this? Oh yes, clearly she had been wasting her time being The Boss. Or trying, unsuccessfully, to convince everyone that was what she was. This whole time, she could've been The Bitch. Oh yes, this whole time she should've been The Bitch all along. Mistress Asuka's Bitch. Something that she would be proud to be from now on, if Mistress Asuka deemed her worthy. Something that Sasha tried to mention, while shamelessly begging for the orgasm she now needed more than anything.

"Make me cum, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooddddddddddddd, make me cum make me cum make me cum, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Sasha cried out desperately, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, make me cum, and I'll be your bitch! No, mmmmmmmmm, I am your bitch! I'm your bitch I'm your bitch I'm your bitch! Oh fuck yeah, I'm not The Boss anymore, I'm your Bitch! I'm The Bitch! Oooooooooooooooh shit, please, Mistress Asuka, solidify I'm your fucking bitch by wrecking my little ass hole! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, destroy my butt! Ruin it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fucking ruin it! Ah fuck! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, WRECK MY BUTT HOLE MISTRESS ASUKA! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Thankfully it wasn't long before her wonderful Mistress increase the pace ever so slightly, which was all it took at that point, to make Sasha cum. She tried desperately to continue begging for more, etc, but it wasn't long before she became completely incoherent, and not long after that even becoming incapable of thinking coherently, as the ecstasy became too much. Because of course, being the absolute ass wrecking stud that she was, Mistress Asuka pounded Sasha's shit hole through climax after climax, Bayley mostly staying still, so it was like Mistress Asuka was hammering her butt hole with two cocks at once. Oh God, Sasha loved her Mistress so much, which was the last thing which echoed through her mind before the multiple orgasms became too overwhelming.

Asuka again cackled evilly, this time as she made the once mighty Sasha Banks cum over and over again from a brutal double ass pounding. So much so that Sasha's cum squirted out of her cunt and all over the stomach of her ex-girlfriend, who would never ever respect her as a top again. And neither would any other woman surrounding them. Oh yes, The Boss was finished. Now she was truly nothing but The Bitch, and all that was left to do was celebrate her victory. And Asuka could think of no better way than to squeeze every orgasm out of Sasha that was possible. Well that, and to cum herself, of course. But that could wait, Asuka showing off why she was a true Alpha female, by holding back as long as possible, to completely wreck the other woman's ass hole.

That pretty much meant using every ounce of her strength, speed and stamina to maybe literally ruined Sasha's most private hole. Of course there was at least one enemy in this room which might try something if she sensed weakness, so unfortunately Asuka did have to hold back a little bit. But it was more than enough to cause the sounds of her thighs smacking against Sasha's ass cheeks to echo throughout the room, along with the sounds of the other woman screams of ecstasy. Also, considering she was such a small girl, Sasha had quite the big booty, which felt so wonderful against her thighs. And of course, there was her audience, who Asuka played too by smacking Sasha's butt, pulling back on her hair, and dishing out some much-needed verbal abuse.


Of course, Asuka only spoke those words when she was getting ready to cum, because they easily pushed her over the edge of orgasm. Oh yes, those words, combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of sodomizing another woman, especially another woman's wrestler, was easily enough to make her cum. And this was an extra special treat, as it was a former Alpha female she was doing this too. Admittedly, that was back in NXT, which was several long years and butt poundings ago. But still, it was enough to make this one of the greatest climaxes Asuka had ever known. So powerful that it almost stopped her from continuing the brutal rectum wrecking. Almost. But she was Asuka, The Empress, the greatest ass wrecker of them all. She would not be outdone by this, or anything. Or anyone.

So like the seasoned pro she was, Asuka viciously pounded Sasha Banks's butt hole through multiple climaxes for them both, mostly while focusing on her latest conquest. However, as extra special as this was, it didn't mean she completed her overall goal, and she couldn't help but turn to Charlotte towards the end and stare at her, letting her know that she was next. That sooner or later her ass would belong to The Empress. And then, Asuka would truly be the Alpha female of the entire WWE. Which was almost enough to make her collapses she came so wonderfully hard. But again, she maintained her composure. Sadly, it meant she couldn't continue, but she had done herself proud, a fact which was solidified when she abruptly pulled out of that ass, and roughly smacked it.

"Spread your cheeks you worthless little anal whore!" Asuka yelled, first in Japanese, then in English, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, spread those ass cheeks wide for me, but more importantly everyone else. Let them see that The Boss was not ready for Asuka. And now? Mmmmmmmmm, she's nothing but my anal bitch."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Sasha whimpered and obeyed without hesitation.

Sasha had only just finished crying out in agony, as it felt like something had been amputated. Hell, she only just realized what exactly happened, namely two big dicks had been pulled from her ass at the same time. Oh God, because of the fact they were so tightly packed in together as soon as Mistress Asuka pulled her dick out Bayley's dildo came with it, which left her gaping ass hole visible from space. Or at least it felt like it. And yet, the once proud Sasha Banks didn't hesitate to reach back, grab hold of her butt cheeks, and pull them wide apart, giving the rest of the locker room the best view possible of that gaping crater which had once been completely closed, and didn't feel like it would ever do so again. All just to please her wonderful Mistress, who had just redefined her understanding of pleasure.

More than anything in her entire life, Sasha hoped she had pleased Mistress Asuka, her heart literally fluttering and a goofy smile crossing her face as she looked around to see a wicked smile on the face of her top. Something Sasha would do anything to make sure stayed there, or at least returned there. Then Sasha looked at all the jealous faces around her, except maybe Charlotte. Or especially Charlotte? It was honestly so hard to tell in that moment, but whatever the case she was sure it was only a matter of time before everybody got to know the joy of being topped by Mistress Asuka. Which just meant Sasha would have to work even harder to please her. Oh yes, she would do anything to please her including the incredibly humiliating order she got next.

"Good girl." Asuka purred with a wicked smile, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, very good, you know your place now, don't you Sasha?"

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Sasha quickly replied.

"And what's that?" Asuka pushed.

"Grovelling at your feet, Mistress Asuka." Sasha replied, actually grinning widely as she got the chance to prove she didn't have a shred of dignity left, "My place is kissing your beautiful feet, mmmmmmmmm, or eating your yummy pussy, or tonguing your delicious little ass hole, ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss, but above all else? My place is taking it up the ass like the nasty little anal bitch I am! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, my place is to take it in the butt whenever you want, just like the only other walking fuck holes who call themselves female wrestlers in this company. They are all your anal bitches, because none of them are ready for Mistress Asuka. I certainly wasn't."

"Well..." Asuka chuckled wickedly, turning to Charlotte, "It seems I have succeeded, where The Queen failed."

"Only because I wasn't trying to break her." Charlotte pointed out.

"Your mistake." Asuka said dismissively.

"I didn't have too. I could top her whenever I wanted." Charlotte insisted, before threatening, "And I still could."

"We'll see." Asuka again dismissed Charlotte, before pointing out, "But I doubt it. You're weak. How else do you explain how easily I took your precious horsewomen from you?"

"Face me at the Royal rumble, and you'll see just how weak I am." Charlotte challenged.

"As you wish." Asuka smirked, before ordering, "But first, I'm not done with my little show. Or more accurately, Sasha is not done with hers. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, it's time to clean cock Sasha... starting with Bayley's. Oh yes, I want to see The Boss get down on her knees and suck her ass off of her best friend's dick."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Sasha obeyed without hesitation.

To go ass to mouth for an ass wrecking stud like Mistress Asuka was humiliating enough, but to do it for a shameless anal loving bottom like Bayley was pretty much the lowest Sasha could go. Maybe even more than taking a double ass fucking, although admittedly not by much. But it was nothing she hadn't done before, and she was now so broken she would've probably sucked that strap-on if Bayley had ordered her too. Mostly because her mouth was watering at the thought of all that yummy butt cream that was covering it, but also because she was eager to prove Mistress Asuka had succeeded where Mistress Charlotte had failed, and truly broken her. And she was sure everyone in this room wanted to see the mighty Sasha Banks suck ass flavoured dick.

Luckily for them they got their wish, Sasha dropping down to her knees in front of Bayley, and shoving the first few inches of her best friend's dick into her mouth, and then moaned loudly and happily at the taste of her own ass. Something she got more of by beginning to bob her head up and down, albeit after savouring the deepest part of her rectum. Sasha even managed to continue spreading her cheeks, maximizing everyone else's enjoyment, and her humiliation. Something that would hopefully get her rewarded. Ideally by Mistress Asuka and Mistress Charlotte, sharing her ass. Oh yes, what she just experienced was amazing, and she wanted it again, this time with the woman beneath her thrusting up into her slutty little shit hole, making the ass wrecking even more devastating, and the orgasms that much more powerful.

Asuka absolutely loved the beautiful view she was getting right now. So much so that she got out her phone and took a few photos. Mostly of Sasha's gaping butt hole and The Boss enthusiastically sucking her own ass off of a total bottom's strap-on, and her best friend at that. But she also captured the look on the faces of her audience, especially Charlotte's, which was priceless. And she had the perfect way of making it even better, and getting into her rival's head. Which admittedly she could've done if she had Sasha moving on to her dick, which was very tempting, as it would further solidify The Boss's submission to her. But that had been signified enough, and Asuka had an even better way to annoy The Queen.

So while staring Charlotte straight in the eye Asuka ordered, "Becky, get over here and suck my cock!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

Initially Asuka continued staring at Charlotte, but The Queen did a good job of keeping her face neutral, so it wasn't as fun. Sure, she could see in her eyes that she was annoyed, but clearly she had been expecting something like this. Besides, Asuka just couldn't resist looking down to see Charlotte's precious girlfriend, Becky Lynch, getting down on her knees in front of her and wrapping her lips around her big dick. Then just like Sasha before her, Becky let out a long, loud moan at the taste of another girl's ass. Becky no doubt wished it was her own, the slut, but it was clear from the way that she noisily and happily cleaned that dick, this wasn't a bad alternative. In fact, it was one that she very, very much enjoyed.

Something which was clear from the way that she savoured the flavour of the deepest part of Sasha's butt, before bobbing her head up and down. Becky had some catching up to do, but like the well-trained ass to mouth whore she was, she inevitably caught up with Sasha. Oh yes, both members of the infamous four horsewomen, AKA Charlotte's former bitches, were passionately sucking strap-on dick, which had been deep inside Sasha's ass for the amusement of their Mistress Asuka. And they were so eager to please, and to get every drop of that butt cream, that eventually they deep throated every inch of those dildos with well-practiced ease. While their Mistress Asuka encourage them, of course.

At first this was just with Asuka condescendingly patting Becky's head, and stroking her hair, while returning her gaze to Charlotte, but inevitably she taunted, "Oh yes, ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, that's it Becky, suck my dick. Suck my big dick clean of your fellow slut's ass cream. Your fellow horsewomen, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, suck your fellow horsewomen's ass off of my cock. Oh, would you look at that, two out of four horsewomen sucking ass flavoured cock, and now three of them are my broken bitches. Yes they are, yes they are. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, just one more to go, and I'll have the complete set."

"That will never happen." Charlotte promised.

"It will." Asuka said firmly, before grinning, "But for now, since your precious horsewomen did such a good job of cleaning cock, I shall give them another reward. Oh yes, I shall give them the honour of kissing my feet. Yes, I loved Sasha's comment about grovelling at my feet so much, the three of you can do it now. Mmmmmmmm yes, and then later, you can join them Charlotte."

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes Mistress Asuka, thank you Mistress Asuka." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed.

As her mouth was free at the time, Bayley was first, followed by Becky and Sasha, although there really wasn't much in it, which further proved there was no fight left in The Boss. Of course, Asuka would make sure it stayed that way, with regular ass fuckings, starting with when they got back to her room for the night. Oh yes, Asuka would line up these three horsewomen, and whoever she felt like, and would thoroughly brutalize their butt holes for her pleasure. And do anything else she wanted to them. Maybe this again, because there was definitely something to be said for seeing these three amazing female wrestlers press themselves down to the ground and start covering her feet in kisses. Especially with Charlotte watching.

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