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Asuka could feel all eyes turned to her as she entered the RAW women's locker room. Rather than show weakness by avoiding their gaze she stared down each one of them in turn, which didn't take long, and then smugly made her way over to the nearest locker to put her stuff in it, and began changing. Of course, the smugness was more or less automatic at this point, and not what she truly felt inside. No, inside she was feeling self-conscious, and terrified that she was about to be further knocked off her perch. After all, everybody knew what had happened to her. No one had any proof, but everyone knew. She had lost to Charlotte! She had lost her title, and her anal cherry, giving the little butt sluts surrounding her the misapprehension they could disrespect her. Which she would need to put a stop too as soon as possible.

Just as she was choosing a butt slut to make an example out of the new RAW women's champion Charlotte Flair walked in, smiling widely with her head held high. Asuka thought she was about to declare herself the new Alpha female of RAW, and dare anyone to argue. Specifically Asuka, which would probably lead to another match between them. However, for better or worse, Charlotte seemed happy just to pick a locker on the other side of the room, and keep an eye on her rival, both of them waiting for the other to make the first move. Which was very tempting, but after such a devastating loss, the winner of the first ever women's Royal Rumble could do with an easy win. Luckily for her, she had a volunteer, as Nattie Neidhart of all people had the audacity to come up to her.

"So, what was it like?" Natalya asked almost casually.

"What?" Asuka frowned in confusion.

"What was it like to lose your anal cherry to Charlotte?" Natalya grinned smugly, leading to a chorus of laughter from their audience, before laying it on thick, "I mean, we all know, she's good, but for a first timer? Mmmmmmmm, I bet that was truly mind blowing. That you just couldn't stop cumming. That you came so hard and frequently it destroyed everything you thought you were, and now The Empress is just another anal craving dyke whore. That you'll never truly be the top you were before, because now you know the joys of taking it up the butt. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, and you know it's just a matter of time before a superior woman makes you hers."

There was a brief silence, then Asuka finally turned to Natalya and simply told her, "You would know."

"That's right, I would." Natalya admitted, before quickly adding, "I know exactly what it can do to you, how vulnerable it can leave you, mmmmmmmm, which is why I signed up to be your opponent tonight. Oh yeah, that's right Asuka, the second I saw you tapping out like a little bitch to Charlotte at the Rumble, I knew you'd be spending the rest of the night getting your juicy little ass plowed, leaving you nice and loose for a repeat performance tonight. And it is loose, isn't it baby? Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I bet you still can't sit down after a pounding like that. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, I bet I'm going to slide into the mighty Asuka's ass hole like a hot knife through butter."

"Is that what you think?" Asuka smirked, getting closer to the uppity bitch.

"Yes." Natalya gulped, a little put off by this reaction, but knowing her only chance was to push forwards, "I'm, I'm going to beat you. Be the second woman to ever beat Asuka. And then I'm going to fuck you. Fuck you up the ass in front of this entire locker room, and do the one thing that not even Charlotte could. Make the mighty Asuka my anal loving bitch."

Another brief silence, before Asuka laughed in her face, just about able to get in, "Ha ha ha ha Nattie so funny, Nattie so funny, ha ha ha ha!"

"It's not-" Natalya began, only to be cut off by a hard slap to her face.

Asuka then grabbed her hair roughly, pulled it back so roughly that Natalya was bent in half and whimpering pathetically as the superior woman looked deep into her eyes and then after a few long seconds growled, "I...  am going to make an example out of you."

Natalya was then unceremoniously dropped onto her ass as Asuka headed to the ring, and to make matters worse for her Charlotte then scrunched up her nose at her, and then told her, "As if a fuck hole like you could ever amount to anything."


Things couldn't have gone better for Asuka. Natalya had tried to put her off again, but it totally backfired, only motivating The Empress to completely destroy The Queen of Harts. Poor Nattie never even got out of the gate, really. Asuka hit her with a vicious strike from the opening bell, and stayed on her. Honestly, Asuka could have probably ended it right there, but she had made a promise she needed to keep, both within the ring and outside of it. So she spent an extremely long five minutes hitting the only female graduate of the Hart Dungeon with everything she had. Every single signature move, all her big impact offense, and then finally, mercifully, locked in her finishing submission.

Obviously Natalya had been banking on putting Asuka in a submissive mood, but failing that she was probably hoping that the perhaps former Alpha female would be so angry she made a mistake. And it was very possible that Asuka gave her such an opening, one Nattie should have been easily able to capitalize on. But for all her training, Natalya Neidhart was nothing but a ragdoll that night, thrown around like she was nothing. Even worse, when Asuka finally locked in her signature submission the only female graduate of the Hart Dungeon didn't even hesitate to tap out, and kept doing so increasingly frantically as her conqueror held onto the hold for a few more long seconds.

"Pathetic." Asuka snorted into Nattie's ear, as she finally let go of the hold and left the ring.

Natalya whimpered pathetically, and just lay there for a few long seconds wallowing in her defeat, before rolling out of the ring and reluctantly making her way to the back, hanging her head in shame. Luckily the audience didn't really notice. Things moved fast in the WWE, and they were already setting up the next thing. But all the girls in the back knew exactly what this meant, and they were probably very much enjoying her walk of shame. Or at least, that's what Nattie thought. But when she actually got to the back there was no one there waiting for her. That definitely wasn't the case with the locker room, but even then, Natalya had to wonder, was anyone actually watching the match? Or did they all just assume that she would lose?

Considering her pedigree, Natalya Neidhart should have been the most dominant woman in the history of the WWE. She should be a multiple time champion, and the Alpha female throughout, even while this new generation was making a name for itself. Instead the curvaceous blonde found herself past around like a piece of meat, and she barely ever got the win on TV. She had tried and tried to turn her fortunes around, and when she saw Asuka tapping out to Charlotte, she saw another opportunity, which she just had to take. But once again, she had failed, and in more spectacular fashion than ever before. And the worst part? When she got back to the locker room, absolutely no one was surprised. Hell, the only one who seemed to care was Asuka, who was already naked, sitting in a chair in the centre of the room and patting her knee.

"Strip and bend over my knee, you pathetic whore." Asuka ordered coldly.

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Natalya lowered her head and replied submissively, before quickly doing as she was told, just trying to make this easier on herself now.

Which made Asuka smirk, and then once Nattie was in position she pulled her defeated opponent's meaty cheeks apart, and taunted, "What's this? A closed butt hole? Mmmmmmmmm, a veteran ass whore like you should always be open and ready back here, so superior women can use you for their pleasure. Here, let me help!"

"AH FUCK!" Natalya cried out loudly.

In turn Asuka chuckled wickedly, then pushed, "And what do you say?"

"Thank you, Mistress Asuka." Natalya whimpered.

"Good girl." Asuka mockingly praised as she began playing with that fat ass, "Mmmmmmmmm, very good girl."

That playing with involved squeezing the cheeks of Natalya's ass with one hand, and with the other she began thrusting the butt-plug Asuka had just shoved into the other woman's back door in and out. After about a decade of getting relentlessly ass fucked, this was no big deal for poor Nattie Neidhart. No, to her shame, she was used to being anally violated with much bigger toys, and while she hadn't been expecting it, due to Asuka simply hiding the toy behind her back, it was still easy for Natalya to take. Hopefully it had been first covered with lube, or spit, but that would have been a small comfort. As was the fact that she was barely able to stop herself from moaning in pleasure, as she received a hard strike just before it. And even then it was touch and go.

For better or worse the process continued, the second-generation superstar once again receiving a humiliating spanking right in the middle of the locker room. Which again, was something she was very familiar with, but that kind of made it worse. Although Asuka spent a lot more time playing with that plug than a top normally would, which almost seemed like mercy, as Natalya got a lot of pleasure with her pain. Hell, the spanking was mostly playful at this stage, so it was arguably all pleasure. But that's exactly why it wasn't mercy. Because getting pleasure from this act was almost unbearable to someone like Natalya, to the point where she seriously considered begging for a brutal butt beating. In fact, if this went on for any longer, she would definitely have to do that.

Asuka was actually very tempted to give Natalya a brutal butt beating right from the start, given that the veteran anal whore had the audacity to challenge her. God, Asuka couldn't believe she had fallen so far already. Or that Charlotte hadn't tried mocking her for it. Yet. Of course, if she did, Asuka would simply point out that deep down, Natalya must have known that she just wanted yet another ass fucking. Something she might make her admit anyway, as it was probably true, and because The Empress felt deeply embarrassed by being challenged by such a shameless and infamous bottom. Because if those types of 'women' thought it was okay to challenge her, what example did that set?

So The Empress was going to make an example out of The Queen of Harts. And for that, a hard spanking right from the get go, simply wasn't enough. No, Asuka needed to make Natalya wallow in her humiliation, and clearly being made to enjoy it every step of the way. And thanks to that butt-plug, the first part was embarrassingly easy. In fact, Asuka felt embarrassed for Nattie, given how easy it was to make her squirm, whimper and even moan with pleasure from just a few gentle spanks, and fucking her ass with such a small toy. God, Natalya Neidhart really should be something special in this business, but she ended up as nothing but a disgrace to their entire gender, and maybe even the wrestling business as a whole. It was almost enough to get Asuka to show some pity for this woman who had disrespected her. Almost.

But again, she needed to set an example. And the last thing she could afford to do now, was show weakness. Especially as Charlotte was obviously keeping a close eye on things, while pretending to play with her phone. Which was honestly bull-shit, given the way that she was clutching the RAW women's championship, which rightfully belong to Asuka. Which in turn, forced the multi-coloured haired woman to turn her focus from one blonde to the other. Oh yes, she turned away from the tall blonde, and focus on the shorter, curvier one, which wasn't hard when that one's big fat ass was jiggling so beautifully on her lap. That big fat ass was also nicely pink, just from the gentle strikes, reminding everyone of why this admittedly talented wrestler was nothing but a popular bottom.

Of course, as much fun as that gentle spanking was, inevitably Asuka ran out of patience, and began to increase the force of the blows. She also phased out the groping of those big meaty cheeks, and left that butt-plug where it belonged, buried as deep as it could go into Natalya's big booty, keeping that back door nice and loose for it's intended purpose. Which would be happening soon enough, and in no time at all Asuka was giving her new bitch a hellacious spanking, one which turned those cheeks bright red, and made them jiggle obscenely. And yet, through it all, Natalya Neidhart cried out in mostly pleasure, meaning that The Empress was very much successful in her mission to completely humiliate The Queen of Harts.

Natalya desperately tried to control herself, but it was no use. Asuka had proven herself to be just as effortlessly good at this as advertised, making her enjoy every second of it, and worse, make it obvious to their audience that she was. God, even towards the end, when the pain was physically excruciating, the mental high of being put in her place made up for it. Maybe even her proper place? Oh yes, countless women had reinforced that this was where she belonged. Something which was incredibly hard to deny right now, given just how wet she was. Oh God, her pussy was rubbing up against Asuka's thigh, and her ass hole was clamping down on the plug stretching it open, making her ache to cum. And maybe, just maybe, if it had lasted longer, she would have.

She wasn't forced to suffer that final indignity, but that was a small comfort, considering Asuka then left her there for a few long seconds, allowing everyone to admire her handiwork. Oh God, those butt cheeks had to be bright red by now, and it felt like it took ages for them to stop jiggling. And then there was the fact that she was moments away from an ass fucking. That she was once again going to be fucked in the ass for the amusement of other women, and the pleasure of this woman who was very clearly superior to her in every way. And God help her, Natalya was this close to begging for it, when she was unceremoniously pushed onto the floor, and given another order.

"Face down! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, spread your cheeks, and give me that whore hole!" Asuka yelled, seemingly towering over Natalya in the process.

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Natalya whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

That meant getting into what was the most familiar position to her, namely face down and ass up, while reaching back and spreading her butt cheeks. And in this case, she wasn't just presenting her victorious opponent with her prize. No, she was presenting the entire RAW women's locker room with her back hole stretching around a butt-plug, and the other women barely paid any attention to it. They treated it as a mundane thing they soar every day, because it practically was. Hell, there was more interest in Asuka retrieving a nice big strap-on, and thankfully covering it with lube. Something she did slowly for affect, which certainly built up the atmosphere, along with building up Natalya's excitement about getting a big dick in her ass again.

Sadly, she would have to wait for a bit longer, as even once Asuka was kneeling down behind her, she went right back to playing with that butt-plug. Oh God, Asuka grabbed onto the handle of that plug, and began sliding it in and out of Natalya's slutty little ass hole. Which had the second-generation superstar moaning with pleasure and anticipation. In turn, this had some women chuckling, and even mocking her under their breath, but poor Nattie just didn't care anymore. She needed her whore ass filled with big rubber dick, and she didn't care what she had to do to get it. However, as she was opening her mouth to beg for it, she was interrupted by getting exactly what she wanted.

Which went a little something like, "Please fuck me, oooooooooooh, oh my God Mistress Asuka, fuck me! Fuck my big fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck it hard and deep, and make it yours! OH YES! Fuck me, please fuck me Mistress Asuka, make me yours, make my ass yours AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Asuka was already in the process of pulling the butt-plug out and replacing it with her cock when Natalya started shamelessly begging to be butt banged. Which startled her into inaction for a few long seconds, then she chuckled with glee, and pressed the tip of her strap-on against Natalya's butt hole while the other woman continued to debase herself. Oh God, it was so tempting to just leave it there for several long minutes to listen to this anal whore beg. However, there would be plenty of time for that later, and Asuka had already committed to the idea of anally penetrating her latest conquest, so that's what she did, and none too gently at that, causing the other female warrior to let out a very satisfying cry.

Given that first thrust was hard and rough, and buried the first few inches of the dildo into that whore ass, it was unsurprising that the proud second-generation star let out those kind of sounds. Or what should be a cry of pure pain definitely had some pleasure mixed in, and the fact that there was no other form of complaint. No, Natalya Neidhart was once again proving herself an embarrassment to wrestlers everywhere, which continued to be the case, as this anal whore enjoyed getting her fat ass penetrated. Probably because of the countless ass fuckings she had taken over the years. And would continue to take. Oh yes, Asuka would ensure that the stupid anal slut never forgot her place again, and would exclusively come to her for butt fuckings, not matches.

That thought put a wide grin on Asuka's face. Or more accurately, that continued to be the case right after the anal penetration. Before then, even. And she continued grinning as she began to slid the rest of the big dick into Nattie's tailpipe. Something she probably could have done in one more hard thrust, or two at the most, and this shameless butt slut would still have thanked her for it. However, even when dealing with shameless butt sluts, Asuka liked to take her time, and really enjoy the bottom stuffing. And that was exactly what she did here, albeit after savouring that initial crying and whimpering, and the chuckling from the other women around her.

She then began pushing inch after inch of her big dick into Natalya Neidhart's rectum, something which was on perfect display thanks to the other woman continuing to spread her ass cheeks for her, and their audience. Oh yes, Asuka got the perfect view of her strap-on sliding into what was supposed to be the most forbidden hole on a woman's body, but was probably more used than any other on Nattie's body. This seemed to be solidified, given just how easily the ass whore seemed to take it. Oh yes, it slid through that back door and deep into that back passage like a hot knife through butter, the defeated wrestler, whimpering, crying out and even moaning in what seemed like pure pleasure the entire time. Which again, wasn't surprising.

Natalya was in heaven right now. Sure, she was being a total disgrace to her entire family, her entire gender, and what she thought she should be. But who cares about all that? Or championships, or trying to be a top, or becoming an Alpha female, or even winning a match, ever again? There was a dick in her ass! There was a big, beautiful dick sliding through her butt hole and deep into her bowels. And that big beautiful dick was attached to a real woman. No, not just a real woman, or a superior one, but the most superior of them all. Except maybe Charlotte, and the jury was very much still out on that, given the way that this true goddess of a woman was now acting. Oh yes, Alexa Bliss had called herself the goddess, but she was never anything but a pretender, and now just another proud butt slut of the true goddess of the WWE.

This was Asuka, and she was once again proving just how far above everyone else's league she truly was. And oh God, Natalya was going to be her bitch! Wasn't she? Oh God, she had to convince this superior woman to keep her, as it would be an honour to be her anal loving bitch. Hell, Nattie had bottomed for far worse. In fact, she had bottomed to everyone, from respectable wrestlers like Charlotte and her beloved Beth Phoenix, to even the eye candy divas, like Eva Marie, and The Bellas. Which each were wonderful in their own way, but she knew that right from the beginning that this would be an epic butt fucking, and Asuka did a wonderful job of proving her right.

Admittedly that wasn't saying much, as Nattie had been butt fucked so frequently that she could feel pleasure from just getting her ass penetrated and stuffed. And not just mentally, but physically, as she had become that much of a shameless anal whore. Yes, it was still painful. Although discomfort might be more accurate, given how permanently loose she was back there. But it also stimulated her slutty little ass, especially during a nice, long, slow ass stuffing like this. Of course, all good things come to an end, and eventually Asuka's thighs came to rest against Natalya's butt cheeks, announcing the superior woman had buried every inch of her big cock as deep as it would go into the inferior woman's bowels.

Something which Asuka then drew attention to by moaning, "You hear that? Mmmmmmmm, you hear how she moans? Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, she not only takes it easy, but she loves it. Yessssssssss, yesssssssssss, yesssssssssssss, ha ha ha ha, mmmmmmmm, Natalya Neidhart loves getting her slutty little ass stuffed! Oh yes, she is the biggest blonde anal whore in this entire company. At least at the moment. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I'm using her for her intended purpose. Her intended purpose, as a fuck hole! Oh yes, Natalya Neidhart is a fuck hole! My little fuck hole! Oh yes, take it bitch! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, fucking take it!"

During the taunting words it was very clear that Asuka threatened Charlotte, but it went by so quickly that no one seemed to pick up on it, or no one could be bothered to comment on it, given that they knew what happened next. Natalya was tempted to comment, regardless of the consequences, as she was now desperate to officially take a butt fucking. Thankfully it didn't come to that, because as soon as she was done with that little speech Asuka pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of that big dildo to slide out of Natalya's bottom, only for it to be slid right back in. And of course, the process was repeated over and over again, officially giving Nattie the ass fucking it now felt like she physically needed.

This was where Asuka really excelled, as she quickly established a slow and steady rhythm, providing Natalya with some truly blissful pleasure, while leaving her wanting more. And it certainly helped that after half a dozen thrusts, Asuka pushed Natalya's hands out of the way, so she could deliver a few more spanks to that well-rounded rear, making the cheeks jiggle and shake just like they had before, this time with a much bigger toy abusing the hole in between them. Her most private hole, while Nattie's cunt dripped with jealousy. Then again, it wouldn't feel as good in any other hole. Oh yes, this was the hole she was meant to be fucked in, as those incredibly slow thrusts proved.

While part of Natalya would have loved to be sodomized like that forever, the truth was, that would be torturous, as it would be unbearable without being able to cum. For better or for worse, Asuka increased the pace, just as she was about to ask for it, briefly making Nattie wonder, would she be given the privilege of cumming without having to beg for it? Of course, she should've known better. Naturally, such a skilled top would not allow such a thing. No, instead Asuka simply ass fucked her to the edge of orgasm, and then decreased the force of her thrusts, bringing her down from her high. This process was then repeated over and over again, until Natalya had no choice but to beg. Beg to cum, and hopefully, for the honour of being this real woman's anal bitch.

"Harder! Fuck me harder, oooooooooooooh please, Mistress Asuka, fuck my ass harder!" Natalya begged, "Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, ruin it, ruin my fucking ass hole! Make it your fuck hole! Make me, mmmmmmmm, make me your fuck hole! Make me your anal bitch! I wanna be Mistress Asuka's anal bitch! Please? Oh please, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, wreck my butt, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, wreck my big fat fucking butt! Gape my shit hole! Make sure I can't sit for a week! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Yesssssssssssss, make me cum Mistress Asuka! Please?"

"You want to cum, huh?" Asuka smirked, and then ordered, "Very well, make yourself cum. Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, bounce that booty back at me. Yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, bounce it! Bounce it real good, you whore! My little anal whore! Oh yes, Natalya Neidhart is my anal whore! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, cum for me whore! Cum for me! Oh yes! OH YES! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Not needing to be told twice Natalya lifted herself up onto all fours, and started hammering her ass back at the bitch taming thrusts. In no time at all, she was on the edge of orgasm, with of course, The Empress being the one to actually make her cum. Oh yes, Asuka further proved her superiority, by not simply offering up a series of strategic thrusts that would make her cum harder. No, she just suddenly unleashed what had to be everything she was capable of, brutalizing Natalya's butt hole and sending her over the edge of not one climax, but a countless number of them. Something that rendered her in coherent, and something that soon robbed her of the ability to think.

In her last lucid moments for a while Natalya took a moment to focus on her surroundings. On her fellow female superstars, who had gone from almost bored at watching her being spanked, to great interest in seeing her being butt fucked. Mostly because they wished they were in her place, given that half the roster was now owned by this superior woman. Which was a club she wished she had joined before now. Sadly she had been in what was now the minority, that being the bitches waiting to be claimed. Claimed as she was now being, which was the last coherent thought that the second-generation superstar had for quite a while, as she became lost in her anally induced orgasms.

Asuka smiled wickedly with pride as once again she put a bitch in her place, and turned her into her bitch. Admittedly, Natalya Neidhart was not the grand prize that she should be. No, this was the easiest conquest ever, and she gained very little from conquering her. Something which Charlotte looked like she couldn't wait to point out. Of course, Asuka could counter that she was in the mood to sodomize a blonde with a fat ass, and Nattie was simply the first to come up to her, and practically beg for it. And she wouldn't be the last. Or even the last small steppingstone Asuka took to achieve her ultimate goal, that being taking over the WWE, and Charlotte's ass hole.

Which was a conversation they pretty much had just with their eyes, Asuka turning to her rival and locking eyes with her as Natalya started cumming like the little anal bitch she was with a dick in her ass. And even though this bitch was one of the most shameless bottoms she had ever met, to the point where she wasn't even worthy of her time, it was kind of a shame to miss out on such a wonderful show. Then again, Asuka could still here Natalya crying out in pleasure for her, and those thick, meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs. She was even aware of just how violently this anal whore's cum was squirting out of her cunt, and just how jealous the butt sluts surrounding them were that it wasn't their back doors receiving the honour of being destroyed by The Empress.

Naturally, all those things combined with the fact that the other end of the dildo was bashing against her clit, to make sure that Asuka received a powerful climax of her own. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, just as it always did. And just as always, she was able to push herself through each of those orgasms, to keep the butt fucking going for as long as possible. She was also able to increase the pace ever so slightly, with admittedly the help of Natalya hammering her big booty back at her, the two warrior women working together to make sure that the weak one's most private hole would be gaping open for hours after this, and Natalya Neidhart would never be able to sit down again without thinking about Asuka. And not at all for at least a few hours.

Of course, as she started to cum herself from this wonderful rectum wrecking, Asuka had to tear her eyes away from Charlotte, and concentrate on her new anal bitch. Because she didn't want to give Charlotte a chance to claim that she in any way helped Asuka to cum with the memory of losing her butt cherry, and the monster multiple orgasms she had because of it. Especially as there was some truth to it. Oh God, Asuka had more or less been able to put that out of her mind throughout this whole experience with Natalya, then annoyingly finding herself thinking of it right at the end. Although on the bright side, that only motivated her into continuing to ass fuck this bitch, until Natalya Neidhart collapsed face down in exhaustion, truly becoming nothing but a fuck hole for a superior woman.

For a few blissful moments Asuka continued using Natalya Neidhart's butt hole for her pleasure, then she abruptly pulled out of it, smacked those meaty cheeks hard and rough, and then ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, show me, and everyone else here, your gaping open shit hole!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Natalya whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

Natalya struggled to keep her ass in the air once Mistress Asuka let go of her hips and moved away from her. Luckily she had years of experience, and was just about able to do it, as the other women gathered around to admire the handiwork of The Empress. Which mostly helped Nattie to stay in place, and then reached back to grab two handfuls of meaty cheeks, and then spread them wide apart, to emphasize the gaping crater which was now her ass hole. Something which was unnecessary, as it felt like her most private hole was now as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon, but it proved her submission to the superior woman, and would hopefully entice her to keep her.

This was nothing new for poor Nattie. She was constantly getting conquered by some new comer, or even another bottom, hoping to make a name for themselves, and then she spent sometime being their anal bitch, before they either lost interest in her, or themselves were conquered. Either way, she would convince herself she could try topping again, and this time it would be different, but it never was. No, each time was more pathetic, and this time was particularly terrible. So, at least in that moment, Natalya Neidhart hoped that Mistress Asuka would indeed become the Alpha female of the entire WWE, and she would keep her as a pet for as long as she rained, and regularly used her, so she wouldn't get any ridiculous ideas about topping again. Because at this stage, that would be less embarrassing.

After allowing Nattie to expose herself for a few long minutes, and for everyone who wanted to take a photo to do so, Asuka ordered, "Now suck my cock. Mmmmmmmmmm, suck your own butt cream off of my big dick like the ATM whore you are! The ass to mouth whore! Oh yes, suck it good, cock sucker! Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck!"

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Natalya whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

She received a number of encouragements after that, but mostly it was in Japanese, and honestly, Natalya wasn't really paying attention. No, she was far too busy turning herself around, positioning herself kneeling in front of Mistress Asuka, and then taking that big dick which had just been deep inside her ass into her mouth. Which was easier now she'd had time to recover from that hellacious butt busting, and the fact that humiliating herself like that had returned some of her energy to her. Or at the very least, filled her full of adrenaline. Either way, it happened again when Natalya wrapped her lips around the head of that strap-on cock, and then moaned loudly and happily at the taste of her own butt.

It was a flavour that she was allowed to savour for a few long seconds, before Mistress Asuka grabbed the back of her head and forcefully pushed her downwards. Not all the way, but enough that it kicked Nattie's cock sucker instincts into high gear, and she began loudly slurping away at that ass flavoured dildo, and bobbing her head up and down rapidly. She even took it into her throat in record time, before looking up to the superior woman for approval. Sadly Mistress Asuka seemed miles away, no doubt looking deep into the eyes of Mistress Charlotte. Oh yes, those two were on another collision course, and Natalya couldn't wait to see who would end up on top this time.

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