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Asuka chuckled as she entered her modest hotel room to fine two naked juicy female asses hanging off the bed. She'd only just arrived in Philadelphia, a day early for the Royal Rumble 2018, where she would be defending her RAW women's championship against Charlotte Flair, in a champion vs champion match, winner take all. Only it wasn't just the titles which would be on the line, or even just pride and bragging rights. Those things would always be important, but more importantly, winner take all meant winner take all, as in the winner would get to do anything she wanted to the loser. Anything, which in this case meant each other's virgin asses, as Charlotte and Asuka were the only women in the company who had never been anally taken.

One way or another, that was about to change, and Asuka was determined that it wasn't her ass which was going to be violated. Of course, if she was going to get out of Philadelphia with her anal cherry intact, she was going to need to pull out all the stops. Maybe that should mean that she spent the night before the big match wearing herself out in the gym, or better yet just resting and mentally preparing herself for what was to come. However, those weren't the actions of a true Alpha female in her opinion. No, she needed both a mental and a physical work out, and for that there was no better option than fucking a couple of shameless bottoms in the ass. And as the Alpha female of RAW, she had plenty to choose from, but in the end she had chosen two anal sluts who were near and dear to her heart.

Namely Dana Brooke and Emma, who had been her first opponents in NXT, and thus naturally, her first anal bitches in the WWE. They had tried so hard to convince everyone that they were tops, but by the time that they got moved out of NXT they were a shell of what they had been. And of course, once Asuka had turned up on RAW, they had been amongst the first bottoms to bow down and pledge their allegiance to her once Alexa was broken. Which had been quite a pleasant night, Asuka gleefully going back and forth between the three blonde anal whores, but Asuka had been so busy lately breaking bitches that she hadn't been able to give Dana or Emma much of a chance. But that was about to change.

"Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, that's what I like to see." Asuka chuckled wickedly, "Two little anal sluts, ready and waiting for me."

"Yes, we're ready for you Mistress Asuka." Dana replied quickly and eagerly, before quickly adding, "Or at least, as ready as anyone can be."

"Please fuck us Mistress Asuka." Emma cut to the chase, "Fuck us like the anal whores we are!"

"Oh don't worry, I will." Asuka promised with an evil chuckle, "Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, I'm about to rip apart your slutty little asses!"

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Dana quickly replied.

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Emma parroted after that.

For a few long seconds Asuka just allow those words to hang in the air as she continued admiring her property. Then she very slowly began to take off her own clothes, retrieve a strap-on, and cover it with lube, after making sure the door was securely locked of course. She then kneeled down behind her prey, and licked her lips. Considering just how much these two had been butt fucked, especially Emma, there was no need for further preparation. Oh yes, Asuka could have just slammed the full length of her cock up those whore holes, and when it came to Emma's, she didn't even have to be gentle. But she really loved eating ass, so that was exactly what she did as an appetizer to the real fun they were moments away from. And of course, she started with the anal slut who needed the most attention.

Dana let out a loud gasp as her butt cheeks were suddenly pulled apart so that Mistress Asuka could press her tongue at the bottom of her ass crack, between her front hole and back hole, and then slowly slide her tongue upwards all through that butt crack. Which was a process which was repeated over and over again, Mistress Asuka's gradually decreasing the range of the licks until she was focusing on Dana's back door. And soon after that, that tongue swirled around her forbidden hole, and even pushed inside it. Which thanks to Mistress Asuka, was not only possible, but fairly easy to do. Oh yes, that tongue was pushed deep inside her backside, preparing it for the cock to come. Oh God, this was so hot.

This wasn't what Dana had imagined for herself when she joined the WWE, but she had to admit, all her hard work and sacrifice was worth it just for the joy of Mistress Asuka tongue fucking her slutty little butt, just like she was doing now. Oh yes, it felt so good sometimes Dana thought that she could cum just from a rim job. At least when Mistress Asuka really kicked the tongue fucking into high gear. Although admittedly, a big part of the appeal was knowing that she was minutes away from getting a nice big cock up her ass, from a dominant woman who knew exactly what they were doing. And Dana had never met anyone more dominant than Mistress Asuka, who was now the Alpha female of RAW, and there was a very good chance that soon she would be the Alpha female of the entire WWE.

At least, that meant there was no shame in submitting to her, right? Well, a small part of Dana felt ashamed, as she'd had planned on being the Alpha female and champion of at least NXT by now, and left a trail of gaping ass holes in her wake. Again, it was hard to be too upset about that when she knew she was moments away from receiving incredible pleasure, but some of that shame crept back in when Mistress Asuka switched over to giving Emma the exact same treatment. Of course, mostly Dana was just jealous that she wasn't getting all the attention anymore, and she wasn't even waiting that long before Mistress Asuka started going back and forth between them, pretty much going straight from tongue fucking one loosened butt hole to another.

Then Mistress Asuka abruptly ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitches! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, show me those fuck holes."

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Dana quickly replied.

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Emma replied just as quickly and about the same time.

Simultaneously Dana and Emma grabbed on to their meaty cheeks, and slowly spread them wide open for Mistress Asuka to inspect with a wicked grin. Then also simultaneously Mistress Asuka pushed the index finger on each of her hands into the saliva coated ass holes of her butt sluts, which of course caused Dana and Emma to cry out and then moan happily at the anal penetration. They continued making those happy sounds as those fingers were buried all the way inside those slutty little fuck holes, and then began sliding in and out. Eventually they were even joined by additional fingers, Mistress Asuka doing a truly wonderful job is stretching them out for the butt pounding to come. Which Dana would have happily begged for, given the chance, but that wasn't necessary.

Asuka considered making her bitches beg, but she'd rather get straight to it, so without warning, she replaced her fingers with her cock, and began pushing forwards. Specifically, making the switch for Dana's bitch hole, while leaving the fingers on the other hand buried as deep as they could go inside of Emma's butt, while she concentrated on anally violating Dana. Given Dana's inexperience, at least compared to a total anal whore like Emma, Asuka showed some mercy by going nice and slowly. Of course, that wasn't a completely selfless act. No, she also did it slowly because there wasn't anything better than another female wrestler's most private hole stretching for her big dick, and Asuka wanted to savour this wonderful moment.

Of course a combination of lubricant, saliva and the frequent butt fuckings Dana had received over the past few years allowed that whore hole to stretch pretty easily, and perhaps sooner than Asuka would've liked, it couldn't stretch any wider. Although it was hard to complain when that meant the head of her cock slid into Dana's ass hole, causing the defeated warrior to let out a pathetic cry of pain, but with more than a hint of pleasure. Oh yes, Asuka could remember when it had been pure pain. Now Dana Brooke was just another anal slut. Again, not on Emma's level, but still fairly slutty. Something which Asuka proved when, after a few long seconds of savouring this moment, and allowing her bitch to adjust, she silently switched to her other bitch's butt hole.

Despite the fact that this anal penetration was faster, Asuka pretty much shoving the first few inches straight up Emma's ass, the shameless butt slut cried out in pure pleasure, proving just how thoroughly used this hole was. Something which made Asuka cackle with glee, and reward Emma by slowly pushing a few more inches inside of her tailpipe, and barely pausing before doing so. Unsurprisingly, this led to more cries of joy, making it very tempting just to keep going. But Asuka had a plan, and she decided to stick to it, meaning that over the next few minutes, she constantly switched between the two anal honeypots, the only difference being that she was a little more gentle when switching over to poor little Dana.

Nearly the entire time Asuka was grinning and cackling maniacally, and even offering up a few words of encouragement in her native tongue. She was just so happy in that moment, and not simply for the joy of butt stuffing two women. No, these women were special. The first female warriors to fall to her in the WWE. Asuka had dreamed of being a crossover success, and was so very close to making all her dreams come true. Oh yes, she had reigned supreme in her homeland, and now she was conquering America. It was once thought of as unthinkable, given that WWE management preferred pretty little blondes like this. And these pretty little blondes had the audacity to try and top her on her first day in NXT, only to suffer this exact fate. Oh God, it was truly delicious.

Dana was also vividly remembering her first time with the Empress, and her career so far. She had tried so hard to make a name for herself, to be a top, but the truth was she had been a loser right from the start. Just like Emma. Oh God, they had both lost their anal cherries right away, and been taking it up the butt ever since. At least in Dana's case, she had lost her back door cherry to Charlotte. There was no shame in that. In fact, it was impressive that she had been able to survive without becoming a total bottom. But then the butt fuckings had just kept coming, until Mistress Asuka had redefined her understanding of pleasure, effortlessly breaking her completely in the process.

Once again proving her superiority, Mistress Asuka effortlessly loosened her rectum, until it was able to take every single inch of that big dick. She then stayed perfectly still for a few long minutes, before beginning to pump her hips back and forth, and therefore officially starting to sodomizing her. Unfortunately, then she switched over to Emma to do the same, leaving Dana feeling horribly empty and unloved. Something she felt during every switch, but never more so than in that moment, given that the pain had pretty much faded entirely, and all she was feeling was pleasure. Fortunately it was not long before the switch was made again, but that just meant that soon there would be another switch.

Sure enough Mistress Asuka switched back and forth between the bitch holes of Dana and Emma, constantly teasing her bitches in the process. Which she'd been doing throughout, but at least in the beginning Mistress Asuka anally fingered which ever ass didn't have the honour of having her cock in it. But once those slutty little fuck holes had been thoroughly loosened up she no longer bothered, leaving Dana feeling horribly empty and unloved whenever that cock was taken away from her, and it was clear that Emma felt the same way from the pathetic cry she let out when the switch didn't go her way. To be fair, Dana let out the exact same sound whenever the switch didn't go her way.

If it was anyone else, except maybe Charlotte, Dana would have probably complained by now. Hell, maybe even Emma would have. But not when it was Mistress Asuka topping them. No, Mistress Asuka was far too scary for that. Besides, Dana was confident that sooner or later she would get what she so desperately needed, in the meantime, there was definitely something to be said for the torturous teasing she was receiving now. Oh God, and there had been a time where she thought she could actually compare to this goddess? This Empress? What a joke. No, it had never been more clear that Dana Brooke and Emma were nothing but anal loving bottoms, who's purpose in life was to bend over for this vastly superior woman.

"Finger your butt holes." Asuka abruptly ordered, then quickly clarified, "Whenever I'm not using them."

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Dana cried out in relief.

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Emma moaned happily, quickly doing as she was told.

Emma was maybe especially grateful for that permission, as she been aching to touch her own arse hole pretty much entire time. Of course right now that hole may be part of her, but it didn't belong to her. In fact, it'd been years since Emma had truly owned her own body, years of lesbian domination turning her into nothing but a fuck toy for any woman who wanted her, but especially the true Alpha females like Mistress Asuka. So if Mistress Asuka had just wanted to spend the whole night teasing her, she would have taken it, and done her best not to complain. But of course, she had confidence that wouldn't be the case, and with Dana currently the one who had the privilege of getting her arse stretched out she was quick to reach back and shoved two fingers straight away into her back hole.

Then for a few long moments she dreamt of being sodomized by one of the many, many women who had used her for their pleasure in the past, like Alexa Bliss, the horse women, and even her beloved Paige, many of whom had taken a mighty fall in recent years. But of course there was the likes of Mistress Asuka around to give Emma the brutal anal poundings that she craved, something that she had never been more grateful for than in that moment. And especially when there was another swap, and she had an arse full of cock again. Which of course made her crave more, but she was a well-trained anal whore, and she knew she had to wait for as long as possible. At this point, so was Dana, but she had a lot less practice holding back, and it showed.

Dana tried her best, but inevitably she just couldn't stop herself from begging, "Harder! Oh please, mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, fuck me harder Mistress! Pound me, oooooooooooh, pound my butt. Pound it hard and deep and make me cum like a bitch! Your bitch! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, I'm your bitch Mistress Asuka! I'm your anal loving bitch, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, and I need to be fucked in the butt! I need it! Please fuck me, ooooooooooh shit, fuck my butt, butt fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me in the butt, oh God yes, make me cum, oh fuck, make me cum, oh God please make me cum! OH GOD, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Not wanting to be left out of the fun now Dana was getting what she so desperately wanted Emma cried out, "Me too, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me Mistress Asuka, fuck me! Fuck my arse. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, slam fuck my slutty little bottom! Pound it hard! Make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my arse! Please? Oh please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck my arse! Arse fuck me! Fuck me up the arse! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Selfishly Emma hoped that the fact that she held out longer would mean that she got to cum first, but no, Mistress Asuka chose to give Dana that privilege too, just like she'd given her the privilege of being anally violated first. It was hard not to be jealous in that moment, although Emma supposed she could see the logic in it, given that Dana was the one who still needed to be slowly pushed towards a brutal bumming, and hopefully this meant that when it was her turn she would receive a rectum wrecking right from the start. Although either way, there was definitely something to be said for getting to see Mistress Asuka in action. Especially as it was a preview to what Emma would soon be experiencing.

It was a show which Emma had a front row seat to before, and while it was previously being painful to watch a lover being humbled at this point she and Dana didn't have a drop of self-respect or dignity left, meaning that she enjoyed every second of watching the other pure bottom cumming hard and fast pretty much as soon as Mistress Asuka started increasing the pace. Especially as the other women seemed to love it so much. Maybe especially Mistress Asuka. Because sure, Dana was the one cumming harder and more frequently, but there was a blissful smile on the face of the Alpha female which made Emma's submissive heart flutter. She could only hope that Mistress Asuka enjoyed pounding her slutty little arse hole half as much.

Asuka made sure to save enough energy for Emma's slutty little ass hole, while still giving Dana's slutty little butt hole a deep and thorough pounding. Which might've been hard for some people, but not for The Empress. Well, admittedly it wasn't exactly easy, as it was very tempting just to get lost in slamming the hot little fuck hole in front of her, especially when it was being this responsive. Oh yes, the fuck hole known as Dana Brooke had tried to begged for more, but she had very quickly becoming coherent when Asuka began picking up the pace, and the short time after that the other woman's cum started squirting out of her cunt, and her screams became truly hysterical. Just the way that Asuka liked it.

There was even a decent amount of jiggled to Dana's booty. Not as much as some of her other anal sluts, but it was definitely something. Especially when Asuka started smacking that ass for extra impact. She also pulled on Dana's long blonde hair, yanking back and forcing the other woman's head upwards. And of course, she dished out some encouragement, first in her native tongue, and then in English so that her anal bitches could understand it. Even if it was only subconsciously, like in the case of the blonde anal whore she was currently pounding. Then she switched over to give Emma the exact same treatment, doing so without warning, and almost going straight into the brutally hard rectum wrecking.


Most women would've probably screamed with agony at having a cock pretty much shoved straight up her ass, and then received a hard anal pounding after only a few seconds of adjustment. And they would have no doubt protested to the things Asuka was saying. But not a total anal whore like Emma. No, Emma had been broken years ago, and Asuka hadn't even broken a sweat reminding her of her true purpose. So even this rough treatment made the shameless butt slut cum hard and frequently, just like her little friend Dana before her. And like with Dana, there was a decent amount of jiggled to her booty. In fact, even more so with Emma. Then there was the satisfying smacking sound of their flesh meeting, which was almost as loud as Emma's screams of pleasure. And then of course, the sheer joy of anally dominating another woman's wrestler. Oh yes, this was all heaven for the mighty Asuka.

So much so that all of that combined with her own words, and the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, made Asuka cum nice and hard. Which of course, she pushed herself through, and several more that followed it, just so that she could give Emma a true rectum wrecking. And with no one else to move on to Asuka could truly allow herself to give Emma's poor little ass hole everything she had. Or more accurately, everything she had left. Which was more than the so-called tops in this company, probably including Charlotte, but even the mighty Asuka had her limits and ultimately she had to pull out of the fuck hole in front of her, before she did something embarrassing, like collapse on top of her fuck toy. Luckily for her, the beautiful sight of two widely gaping open butt holes reinvigorated her, especially after giving her next order.

"Spread your cheeks, you filthy little blonde anal whores!" Asuka ordered loudly, emphasizing her words by smacking each of those butt cheeks nice and hard, one blow for each bottom, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's it, spread them! Spread them nice and wide so I can show 'The Queen' her future."

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Dana whimpered softly and pathetically.

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Emma moaned happily and dreamily.

Emma could have probably spread her cheeks a lot faster than she did, but she assumed that Mistress Asuka would want her blonde anal whores to do this together. So Emma waited patiently for her friend to regain some strength, and then when Dana finally reached back Emma made sure they moved as one, both grabbing hold of their own arse cheeks and then spreading themselves wide open to expose their widely gaping bum holes. Not that it was necessary, of course. No, the proud bottom could tell she was so stretched out back there, that it was visible either way, but it did enhance the gape, and enhance her submission. Besides, it was pleasing her top, so she was only too happy to do it.

The two of them were then left in that position for a surprisingly long time, which probably wasn't all about them. No, Mistress Asuka seem deep in thought, especially after she grabbed her phone, and took a picture, and clearly sent it to someone, probably Mistress Charlotte. Which certainly had Emma daydreaming, because oh boy, was she ever looking forward to seeing how that match turned out. Because naturally, she had every confidence in Mistress Asuka, but no one had managed to top Mistress Charlotte so far, so this was an anal cherry vs anal cherry fight, the kind which hadn't been seen in the WWE for quite a while, especially not on the main roster. Of course, just as Emma was imagining what it might be like if things didn't go Mistress Asuka's way she received her next command, which awoke her from her daydreams.

"Get over here bitches!" Asuka snapped angrily, "Clean my cock."

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Dana replied quickly and eagerly.

"Thank you Mistress Asuka." Emma also replied quickly and eagerly.

While they then quickly turned around to do as they were told Emma was briefly distracted by the look on Mistress Asuka's pretty face. She seemed strangely annoyed about something, especially considering she was about to get a blow job from two defeated opponents, making them taste the combination of their own arses in the process. It was also kind of weird they didn't receive encouragement from Mistress Asuka, who stayed eerily silent for the next few minutes. Especially given that Emma had been so disrespectful, and not simply obeyed immediately like a good bottom should. Something she hated herself for, because it meant she missed out on some yummy butt cream.

Because Dana hadn't even noticed there was a problem, instead scrambling over to Mistress Asuka, and wrapping her lips around the head of the big strap-on dildo which had just been used to pummel the arse of the two blonde anal sluts. Something which unsurprisingly had her moaning loudly, which awoke Emma from her thoughts, but by that point it was already too late, Dana beginning to quickly bob her head up and down, greedily trying to get all that yummy anal juice for herself. Which was a little harsh, considering they were supposed to be doing it as a team, but Emma couldn't blame the other girl for it, as she would've probably done the same thing if the roles were reversed. And besides, this was not the time to complain about it. No, this was the time to get over there and start licking the lower half of the shaft, before there was no arse cream left to clean.

Asuka had grabbed her phone to take a picture of her handiwork. She had plenty of Dana and Emma gaping for her, but she wanted a fresh one today to send to Charlotte, something which went off without a hitch. Well, she almost sent an old picture, because she knew that she had gaped those bitch holes wider than this before. Hell, she was tempted to use a picture she had taken at the end of a night of butt pounding, when those whore holes had been obscenely wide, but that would be cheating, and The Empress didn't need to cheat to get inside of the head of The Queen. However, when she unlocked her phone Asuka found out that her rival did not offer her the same courtesy.

It was a mistake to open a message from Charlotte Flair the night before their big match, Asuka knew that, but she just couldn't help herself. At first it wasn't so bad, as it was just a close-up picture of an incredibly cute butt hole stretched around a dildo. Then there were two more messages, one featuring that cute little butt hole bouncing up and down Charlotte's strap-on as another close-up, and then a wide shot, revealing that The Queen was making a slender blonde anally ride her. Which was no big deal, as the WWE was full of hot blondes. However, there was something familiar about this one. And sure enough, Asuka's suspicions were correct, and Charlotte was currently deep inside of Alexa Bliss's cute little booty.

Theoretically it could be old footage, but deep down Asuka knew the truth, and she couldn't help feel betrayed by her favourite anal bitch. But really, she shouldn't be surprised. Of course, Charlotte was trying to cheat her way to victory. Like father, like daughter. And of course, Alexa was addicted to getting her ass fucked, so she wouldn't be able to resist the legendary butt buster Charlotte Flair. Maybe Alexa even hoped this would motivate her owner to conquer The Queen. But whatever the case, Asuka couldn't help be angry, and promised that both those blonde bitches would pay dearly. In the meantime, she would take her frustrations out on the poor little blondes who had the misfortune of being in the room with her, starting with a nice hard throat fucking, Asuka going back and forth between those fuck holes while yelling abuse in Japanese.

She then spent the rest of the night doing the same to the butt holes of Dana and Emma, much to the delight of the shameless anal whores. But through it all, Asuka just couldn't get those pictures and videos out of her head. She also couldn't stop thinking about the numerous messages that Charlotte left her throughout the night, mostly consisting of Alexa being her little anal slut, but there was quite a few telling Asuka exactly what was going to happen to her ass hole tomorrow night. Which again, just gave Asuka more fuel to use against her bitches, and later Charlotte. Oh yes, these little sluts hadn't been ready for Asuka, and they never would be. And more importantly, neither would Charlotte.

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