Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt13)

Nicks laughter from what Crystal said carried around the courtyard as they approached the large stone structure of the villa. Walking around the pool, Nick grabbed the empty bottles on the way to the door that lead into the kitchen. Pushing them open he let her go in first, then followed, softly closing and locking them behind him. When he turned around still smiling about the joke, it vanished. Nick reached for Crystal, grabbing her arm to pull her back by the door.

“What?” Crystal asked him a little puzzled.

“Don’t move.” Nick told her just above a whisper. Facing the room again, his eyes swept the kitchen and sitting area, noticing two more empty bottles on the center island.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary in here.’ Nick thought as he moved around, his unease steadily climbing. ‘But something isn’t right. Something seems very familiar about this.’ Tasting the faintest hint of Sav’s blood in the air. Standing in the doorway that would led him to other parts of the villa, Nick looked back at Crystal.

“Some thing doesn’t feel right. Stay right there, don’t move until I come back for you. Understood?”

Moving away form the door, Crystal flipped on the light to sit down at the island. Recognizing the demanding authority tone in his voice, she knew not to argue with him. “OK.”

Nick left her there, cautiously making his way through the sitting room, stopping in the foyer, his eyes traveled up the stairs. He quietly flew to the second floor, looking both ways down the hall. When he felt Sav’s unease, he flew back down the stairs, his pace quickened down the long hall toward the bedroom he shared with him. Moments later he was standing in the doorway, a broad sweep of his eyes until they landed on Sav’s rob. The slightest movement of air as everything he was feeling or not feeling came through the bath room door. Joe causally strolled into the room wearing nothing but gray sweat shorts.

“Oh hey Nick.” Joe said just as causally, moving toward the bottle of blood wine on the table. “Wasn’t expecting you back so soon from your walk.”

“Joseph.” Nick replied curtly, glancing toward the bathroom door. “I can’t say the same for you. I wasn’t expecting you at all.”

“Surprise.” Joe mocked and tossed back his drink.

“Where is Richard?” Nick calmly stayed by the door. “Why are you here Joseph?”

Joe glanced at the ceiling, then back to Nick. “To reclaim what is mine.”

Nick smirked at his answer, being thrown back in the past of a time he did the same thing. “Ah…I see. And just where is he?”

“I though you could find him anywhere in the world.” Joe stated.

Nick spun on his heel in a huff, heading for the place he felt Sav to be.

Joe watched him go, waited mere seconds before his long strides took him into the bathroom. A deep growl and blur of motion stopped him before he reached the door way.

Joe had anticipated his reaction and met him head on, but Nick’s rage sent them crashing to the opposite wall, some twenty feet away.

“How dare you!” Nick spat in his face.

Joe shoved him backward. “Me! I haven’t done anything worse than you have.”

Nick grabbed him by the throat. “I warned you long ago to never do that to Rick ever again.”

Joe knocked his hand away, his eyes turning to a soft amber glow. “What are you going to be about it Nicholas? Beat me up…kill me, maybe even put me in a cage…”

Swinging his arm up, Nick caught him in the jaw. Joe spun back around to face him.

“Ah, come on. I know you can do better than that.” Joe taunted him, putting his hand up, motioning for him to come closer. “That didn’t even hurt, try again.”

From the corner of his eye, Nick saw Sav lean against the door frame of the bathroom.

“Stop it!” Sav managed to yell at them.

Both men glared at each other for a long moment, until Nick took a step closer, just inches from Joe.

“If you ever lay a hand on him again...” Nick hissed.

Joe shoved him harder. “Don’t fucking threaten me Nick.”

Taking a step toward him, Nick stopped when Sav yelled again for them to stop. Both men continued to glare at one another for long moments. Joe finally tore his red heated gaze from Nick. “Get out of my way.” He shoved him again and went to Sav. When he reached for him, Sav flinched away, thinking that he was going to hit him.

“Don’t.” Sav held up his hand to stop him. “I don’t want your help. You are too angry right now and may make it worse.”

Joe whipped his head around to glare at Nick. “I did this to you and I will be the one to clean you up, unlike someone else I know.” Not giving either one of them a chance to respond, Joe grabbed his arm, yanking him away from the frame. “Nick, I will be taking him home tomorrow.” He called over his shoulder and slammed the door.

Nick clenched his fist, staring at the door a moment, spinning on his heels he went over to the dresser and snatched clothes out. Tucking them under his arm he stormed past Crystal who had heard the commotion and Joe’s loud voice from the kitchen.

“You were told to stay kitchen.”

Crystal stuck her nose up at him and stalked to the bathroom door, she banged on it loudly. “Open the door Joe.”

It flung open and Joe loomed in front of her, she pushed him aside and went in. Sav was sitting in the chair, his head down so she couldn’t see his face, but did see the light bruising on his wrist. “Are you going to be alright Sav?”

“I’ll be fine.” He replied softly.

“Are you sure? I mean, I could stay if…” Crystal glanced at Joe.

“No…” He finally looked up at her, then to Joe. “…I’m fine really.” He turned away from her. “I’ll see you later today.”

“OK.” Crystal whispered. She went up to Joe to stand in front of him, then slapped him across his cheek. “I hate you for doing that to him.”

Joe clenched his jaw tightly closed staring at her until she left. Dragging in a shaky breath to calm his anger, Joe ran his fingers through his hair and stepped over to the sink. Taking a wash cloth from the shelve he wet it with warm water and wrung it out. He glanced at Sav pale form in the mirror to see him swipe at his face, regret for what he had done churned in his stomach.

Kneeling down in front of him, Joe hooked his finger under Sav’s chin to lift his head and began to gently wash his face. “It might be easier for me to clean you off if you took a shower.”

“Why are you here?” Sav asked softly. He jerked away when Joe wiped across the cut on his lip.

“The house…our home has been too quiet since everyone left...” Joe stopped and held his eyes. “…since you left.”

Sav turned his gaze elsewhere. “You know why I left.”

Joe resumed cleaning his face, running his fingers through the blood encrusted curls at his temple. “Yes I do, that’s why I came here to make it up to you.”

“How?” Sav whipped his head around. “By beating me into submission like Nick does.”

Joe sat back on his heels, stunned at what he said. Looking down at his hands, he twisted the blood stained cloth in his finger. “No…I don’t know why I did that. I guess I was upset that you chose to leave with Nick, when you should have stayed home with me so we could work on our problems.”

“I didn’t have the problem.”

Joe raised his head to look at him. “Instead, you ran away from it.”

“I can’t believe you.” Sav let the chuckled bubble in his throat. “I didn’t run from anything, I left the problem behind and got on with my life!”

“I’m sorry Rick.”

Now you are sorry!”

“Yes I am.” Joe said loudly.

“For what?” Sav prompted, trying to get Joe to tell him what he couldn’t say months ago.

“For everything…the blame..treatment, everything I put you through.”

Sav watched his movements closely to determine if he meant any of the words that were quickly spoken. “Don’t lie to me Joe.” Sav whispered.

“I’m not!” Joe yelled as he stood up.

“….if you weren’t, your eyes would have stayed on mine, not wondering all over the room.”

“What more do I have to say or do to make you believe me?”

“Look at me and say it with meaning. Don’t put up a veil to hide behind, hoping that I won’t see that you are lying. You still can’t look at me and say it; it’s in every move you make.”

Shoving him backwards in the chair, Joe’s voice turned cold and hard, gripping Sav’s chin painfully to gaze deeply into his blue eyes. “I forgave you for raping Amber, bringing her across. All the times...”

Sav angrily knocked his hand away. “Don’t throw that in my face. It ha..”

Joe curled his fingers around his neck, squeezing. “I forgave you in everything you have done to me in the past. If I can get past all of that, then you sure as hell can forgive me in blaming you for Tommy’s death and the way I treated you afterwards.”

“How can I do that, when I still see it in your eyes?”

Joe groaned deep in his throat, releasing him and stood, noticing that Sav flinched from his quick movement. He began to pace around the small room as Sav cautiously stood, to began moving toward the door, watching Joe from the corner of his eye.

“Can I ask you something?” Joe started, stopping Sav before he left the room. “Why are you with Nick? Considering all that he has done to you, but yet, you kept forgiving him and going back.”

“Nick never blamed me for the death of his son.” Sav calmly told him and stepped through the door.

“He doesn’t have one!” Joe quickly followed him into the bedroom. “He has done far more than I have and I want to know why you keep going back to him.”

“This isn’t about him.” Sav replied, then took a long drink.

“I know it’s not about him, I just want to know why you keep forgiving him and not me.”

“I never had to forgive Nick. I expected his cold treatment and beatings.”

“But not from me.”

“No.” Sav told him softly and took a deep breath. “I did forgive you. I told you that before I left, but obviously you weren’t listening.”

“I did hear you say it and asked you to…begged you to stay, but you left anyway.” Joe took a few steps toward him and stopped when Sav backed away. Seeing the uncertainty and touch of fear in his eyes of what he might do, knots of fear twisted in his stomach, that he may have lost Sav this time. Turning around, Joe jabbed his fingers through his hair. “I know it’s my fault for pushing you away, making you leave.”

Sav took in a breath to say something, staring down at his fingers that were twisting his shirt, his brow knitted together when Joe turned around, still refusing to look at him and say all of that.

“Fine, you don’t believe me.” Joe growled, sitting in a chair a few feet away. “Drop that damn wall you’ve had up since you left me…again and you will know that I meant every fucking word.”

Bracing himself for what he knew he would find, Sav opened the bond between them just a crack, he flinched from the anger that poured through, the emotional turmoil his mind was still in for Thomas and something else that he couldn’t quite read...yet. Opening the threshold a little more, he probed his mind harder. Joe didn’t resist him as he muddled through his thoughts. Anger began to take root as he pinpointed what Joe thought he was hiding from him. Stopping him from going further to find that forgiveness that he sought.

“It was you.” Sav narrowed his eyes. “You’ve been following me all this time.”

“I like to think it was more of….stalking my prey, waiting for the right moment to take him and I did.” Joe replied with a shrug.

Sav stared at him in disbelief, everything he had felt, been through over the past few months all because of Joe. All thoughts of going home with him vanished. “You are unbelievable Joe. I thought you were here to work out your problems, that I offered to help you with. Come to terms about Thomas, everything else that happened. I was ready to come home, regardless of your constant blame that I would see. Now…now you can forget that.” Sav headed for the door.

“Why, because I followed or stalked you all over France? It was fun.”

Sav spun around, a touch of dizziness caused him to sway. “Fun! Do you have any idea what you’ve done, or were you so intent on getting your prize that you didn’t give it a second thought as to how it would affect me?”

“Not really.” Joe shrugged. “I still haven’t figured out why you didn’t know it was me. Let me guess, you weren’t expecting it to be me.”

Sav covered his face, trying to comprehend what Joe was saying. He dropped his hands, on somewhat shaky legs, he headed for the door again. “You know what, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to…”

Joe shot from the chair to grab his arm. “Sav wait..”

“Let go of me!” Sav growled, jerking his arm free. “Go home Joe.”

“Come on Rick, you don’t mean that.” Pulling him to his chest, Joe leaned forward to kiss him. “Come to bed and let me make it up to you.”

Sav shoved him away. “That is not going to fix it this time.” He spun around, almost losing his balance and left the room, Joe was right behind him.

“Where are you going? We’re not finished talking yet.”

Sav stopped where he was and turned to face him. “For months I tried to get you to talk to me and all I got was…nothing.”

“How could you have gotten nothing, you were with Nick all the time.”

“And whose fault was that?”

“Not mine!” Joe fired back.

“Will you stop and listen to yourself Joe?! It’s pathetic how you can’t take any fault here!”

“Oh now I’m pathetic. You are worst than I am Rick, always running away from everything or trying to kill yourself, instead of facing it. It doesn’t matter what Nick does to you, you always run back to him.”

Sav dropped his head to stare at the floor, marveling at how Joe always turned an argument around to Nick. Closing the few feet that separated them, he stared intently at Joe. “Go…home!”

Unable to stop the urge, Joe reached up to touch his face, but Sav backed away, slowly shaking his head. “Rick ple…”

“Any chance for reconciliation between us is…gone.” Taking a step back, Sav spun on his heel to leave, but Joe was in front of him in mere seconds.

“Please Rick, let me explain.”

“You don’t have to, your inability to look at me without lying and your stalking told me everything I need or want to know.”

“Your ability to run away from the problem is what made me stalk you.”

Staring at him in disbelief a moment, Sav understood that he was still not getting through to him. “Go home Joe.” He repeated and brushed past him.

Joe stood there a moment watching his retreating back down the hall, into another bedroom. Forcing his legs to move, he went to catch up. “But I don’t want to go…” He came to a jolting stop as Nick stepped in front of him in the doorway of the room. Joe looked past him to see Sav standing by the dresser. “I’m not going home until we talk about this more.”

Sav didn’t respond, instead he turned and went to sit on the bed.

“Rick please. I want to expl…” Joe took a step forward and was met by Nick’s hand against his chest. He knocked it away and tried to go forward; once again he was stopped, but dared not move.

“I believe the conversation is over Mr. Elliott.” Nick sneered, touching the tip of the sword to his throat.

Holding his gaze, Joe reached up to grasp the sword between his fingers to push it away. “Do you always travel with a sword?”

“This one is brand new, but still very old.”

“Good for you.” Joe barked. “Now get out of my way. It’s not ove…”

“I believe it is.” With a quick flick of his wrist, Nick whipped the sword back to his throat.

“Ow!!..” Joe stumbled back, his hand immediately going to his neck. “You fucking bastard, you cut me!”

“I will relieve your body of your head Mr. Elliott, if you do not leave.” Nick growled taking a step toward him.

“Do you really expect me to believe you would cut my head off?”

Nick barely moved his arm, the soft swish of the sword. “Would you care to test me on that belief?”

Joe clamped his hand over the cut on his arm and stared at Nick. Thinking it would be better to leave than push him, Joe backed down and darted his eyes past him into the room. “Rick….” Trying their bond, Joe found the same wall that had been there before. Backing away from the door, not another word was spoken, he left the villa.



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