Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny (Pt35)

Sav vigorously scrubbed his face with his hands, taking a deep breath he blew it out and dropped his head back on the sofa. Staring at the gentle curve of the bulk head above him trying to figure out why he snapped at Crystal.

“She’s right….I was a shit.” Sav groaned. ‘Why did I do that?’ He thought back to the way she was standing there with Sean, her face still flushed from sky diving and holding his hand. Sean’s thumb was gently caressing the back of hers as he asked her to dance with him at her party. He had also noticed how Crystal tightened her fingers around his at the request.

They had spent some time together on the island. Sean would seek her out to talk or get a drink for her. He could sense that he liked her. ‘Oh hell, who wouldn’t like Crystal? She is smart, out going, very easy to talk to, something he found out on their trip. But what made me react so harshly toward her? Was it the way they were talking and holding hands? She is a beautiful young woman, any man would be drawn to her, like Sean…..maybe that is what it is….Crystal has taken a liking to him too and my reaction was a bit on the protective side. Considering how that creep treated her before she went to live with Joe and everything that happened since then….yes that has to be it…right?’ Sav questioned his conscience, but he still didn’t feel as thought he came to any conclusion as to why he snapped at her.

Taking a deep breath, a soft audible groaned rumbled in his chest as to the reason he didn’t know. Leaning forward he snatched a magazine from the rack. Propping his elbow on the sofa, he jabbed his fingers in his hair, flipping the pages but not really paying attention to the articles and pictures. His mind still a whirl wind of thoughts about Crystal.

“Come on…move…go up the steps.” Joe’s deep voice floated through the plane along with a few soft bangs.

Sav didn’t give it much thought as to what Joe was doing until he spoke again to get his attention.

“Rick…look what I found wondering around out side. Something for us to play with on the way home.”

Sav looked up at him, Joe was in the process of ripping Nick’s shirt off, his mouth playing over the exposed skin of his throat. “Playing with him got boring on the boat.”

Slipping his hand down inside Nick’s torn jeans, Joe glanced over to Sav smiling. “Maybe we need to find a new game.”

“Nick already knows all the games, but you go ahead and have fun. I’m not interested, nor in the mood.” Sav looked back down to his magazine and roughly flipped the page.

“Come on Rick,” Joe replied in that low seductive tone that would pull him in no matter what kind of mood he was in. “We can tie him up, make him beg us for what he wants, and not give it to him.”

Nick moaned softly and reached up to grip Joe’s hair, pulling him closer to his lips. Resisting him, Joe went to his throat instead, fangs posed to sink into the flesh.

“No thanks.” Sav said on an exhale of breath.

Joe snapped his golden hued eyes up, his fangs barely touching Nick’s throat. All thoughts of a threesome between them quickly vanished by Sav’s non-interests. Roughly pushing Nick forward, he closed the short distance to the sofa and flopped down with his head on Sav’s thigh.

Nick gathered himself as much as he could and eased down in the seat across from them. “It will be a bit difficult now, but I will try and occupy my self with other matters.”

Joe smiled apologetically at him for what he tried to start, then turned his attention back to Sav. “What’s wrong?”

“You are lying on my magazine that I’m trying to read.”

“You weren’t reading it, just flipping the pages. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sav barely shrugged his shoulder.

Joe pushed himself up, placing his hand on the other side of Sav for support. He grabbed the magazine and tossed it over his shoulder to the floor. Tilting his head up, Joe tried to peer into his eyes, but Sav turned away so that he couldn’t. “Something is bothering you, what is it?”

“Nothing,” Sav said and leaned his head back on the cushion. “I’m looking forward to getting home, getting on with our lives, that’s all.”

“Me too.” Joe whispered and leaned forward to kiss his neck. Playing with the buttons on his shirt, they easily popped free one by one. Leaving his neck, he went further down to tease his nipples.

Sav wet his lips, tilting his head sideways to look down at him. “I’m really not in the mood for that.”

Trailing his lips along Sav stomach, Joe worked the snap and zipper on his jeans, then scooted further down to place light, teasing nips of his teeth on his stomach. “It’s a good way to pass the time on the flight.”

“Sleeping is another way.” Sav stopped the pleasurable moan that threatened and gently pushed him away.

“All right, I’ll stop.” Joe sighed heavily, shifting position to lay back down.

“Good idea.” Nick commented from his seat as he ran his hand through his hair.

Sav briefly looked at him, then closed his eyes. “Sorry I don’t feel like playing along with your seduction.”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Nick leaned over to grab the bottle of blood wine before it hit the floor when the plane banked to the right. “It was Joe’s idea when he learned that Crystal wasn’t going with us.”

“What was that about anyway?” Joe asked as he re-buttoned Sav’s jeans, but didn’t miss the opportunity to run his hand softly over his chest.

“Nothing…I just asked her to travel with Sean after seeing them talking by the steps.”

“They did that a lot on the island,” Joe commented after thinking about it. “Are you thinking they may have a go at a relationship?”

Nick chuckled. “I highly doubt that.”

Joe twisted around to look at him. “You don’t know that, it is possibly they might be.”

“Call it a hunch, but they aren’t.”

“I don’t know. Crystal seems to like him more than just a friend.”

Nick stood up, carefully making his was to a small cabinet to retrieve some papers that were printed from the fax machine. “She doesn’t.”

“I think they would make a cute couple,” Joe commented. “They do have a lot in common.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Nick stated. “But, she isn’t interested in him for a relationship, just friends.”

Joe twisted and scooted around more until he was comfortable lying across Sav’s legs. “Have you asked her?”

“Not in so many words.”

“Then how do you….”

“Give it up Joe. Mr. Know-It-All will argue for eternity that he is right.”

“I am right about some things.” Nick boosted, puffing out his chest.

Sav rolled his head to the other side so he could look down at Joe. “What are you going to do about Evelyn?”

“I thought we were talking about Crystal.”

“You and Nick were talking about her, I was thi…listening.” Quickly catching himself, he pushed all thoughts of Crystal from his mind.

Joe closed his eyes and took a relaxing breath. “What do you mean?”

“You brought her across, under the impression that you will get back together. From what I have seen so far, you haven’t even attempted to take steps in that direction.”

“That is because I was busy chasing you all over the place, trying to fix us.”

Sav smiled down at him. “You did a very bad job of that.”

“Couldn’t have been that bad. We are together now.”

“Yes, but we still have a few little things to sort out and we will in time. Now, what about Evelyn?”

“I just want to make sure we are going to be alright.”

Sav lifted his head and stared hard at him. “We are.”

“I don’t know, it may be too soon,” Joe looked away from him. “I have a lot of stuff to make up for, for you. I want to put all my energy into our relationship before I...”

Sav rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Stop being so insecure about us Joe. We are together and everything is going to be fine. Tell him Nick.”

“Joseph will not listen to me.”

“Tell him anyway.” Sav shot back.

“What exactly should I tell him?”

“To stop being so insecure about us, that I love him more than life and nothing will change that…ever. Our love is strong enough to get us through everything…has gotten us through everything, no matter what tears us apart, we always find our way back to each other.”

Nick smiled brightly at him. “I couldn’t have said it better myself. Look at Joe and say it now.”

Sav narrowed his eyes. “I fell for that again.”

“You did.” Nick chuckled.

“He doesn’t have to, I get the point,” Joe replied as he sat up and took Sav’s mouth in a searing kiss. Pulling back, he glanced down at his shirt, fingering the buttons he had replaced earlier. “Are you sure you don’t want to engage in a little skin play?”

“At home in our big bed….without him.” Sav smiled, jerk his head toward Nick.

“I will most likely be on the phone most of the day, from the looks of it. So you will have to enjoy each other without me.”

Joe again twisted around and smirked. “Too bad for you.”

“Why do you think you will be on that long?” Sav asked while pushing Joe’s hand away from the snap on his jeans.

“With our accountant. There is a large amount of money unaccounted for.”

“You did spend an insane amount on our trip, maybe you misplaced a receipt some where.” Sav suggested.

“Don’t concern yourself with this.” Nick informed him with a wave of his hand.

Sav jerked when he felt Joe lightly nip at the skin on his chest. Gently pushing a protesting Joe away again, he quickly buttoned up his shirt. “So what about Evelyn?”

Joe flopped down, laying his head back on Sav’s thigh. “I already talked with her...on the island. She has been dating Andre for a while now. She seems happy with him, so I’m not going to do anything.”

“I...I didn’t know they were dating. I’m sorry to hear that.”

Joe looked up at him. “Why would you be sorry? Wasn’t your fault she left me. I’m to blame for our relationship, marriage falling apart. Not you.”

“But, I played a part…”

Joe placed his fingers over his lips to stop him from saying more. “You didn’t, so stop thinking you had anything to do with our troubled relationship.”

Sav ran his fingers through Joe’s hair, met the green that stared up at him.

Joe smiled. “Are you sure you don’t want to fool around?”

Sav chuckled. “I’m sure. We can sit here, just relax, enjoy each others company...quietly.”

“Alright.” Joe mumbled, getting comfortable on the sofa.


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