Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny (Pt20)




“Do you even have to ask why?”

“Yes, because I though you wanted me to help you. How can I do that if you are in Dublin and I’m here?”

“I am here, you don’t even see me, that kind of distance is already between us, maybe more.”

Sav shook his head and closed the door to his cabin, then turned back to face him. “You’re not making sense Joe.”

“I’m making prefect sense.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Sav sighed. “OK, fine you are.”

“Fine.” Joe replied shifting on his feet.

Sav crossed his arms, then stared at him. “Is that what you want, to go home?”

“No.” Joe vigorously shook his head. “It’s too quiet at home.”

Sav rolled his eyes and threw up his hands. “What do you want Joe?”

Dropping his bag to the floor, he took a chance and stepped closer to him, causing Sav to back up against the door. His deep green eyes held his until Sav looked away. Joe reached up, hooking his finger under his chin to make him look at him again. “What I want, I can’t have.”

Trying not to show the affects his voice and closeness had on him in just those few minutes, Sav swallowed softly repeated. “What do you want?”

“You.” Joe leaned closer, intent on kissing him.

Sav slid down the door a bit and stepped sideways, his shoulder bumping into the door frame. “um…you…we uh...dropped your bag.”

Joe smiled inwardly when Sav stumbled over his words, always the first sign that Joe was affecting him. Putting his hand on the wall to block his slow sliding movement sideways. “I wanted to give you something before I left.”

“oh..w..what?” Sav found it harder to look away from him.

Closing the distance between them, Joe spread his legs to bring him eye level with Sav, then pressed his body against him.

“Something for you to really think about, while we are thousands of miles apart.” His lips a fraction of an inch from touching his.

“Can he satisfy that need in you like I can?” Joe lightly trailed his fingers up Sav’s arm.

“Can he leave your body trembling with the slightest touch of his fingers…?” Barely skimming his lips along his jaw line and down his neck.

“…or the softly spoken words that leave you breathless?” Flicking the tip of his tongue just below his ear.

“Does he make your blood race with desire?” Moving back down his neck, Joe softly licked the sensitive area over the vein.

“Can he make your heart beat wildly at the mere sight of him?” Moving to the other side of his neck, Joe heard the soft moan in his throat.

“Does his blood calm the savage beast; satisfy your lust for blood?”

Sav closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly as Joe gently sucked the skin. “Does he do all of that for you?”

“It’s not Nick I think about.” Joe moved back up, sucking his earlobe before moving on. “I think of you...only you.”

In spite of himself, his mind and body responded to Joe’s touch, his voice, the words he spoke. “But he does make you feel that way?” Sav brought his hands up to grip Joe’s waist, digging his fingers in the flesh to pull him closer.

“No.” Joe whispered against his lips. “Only you do that to me.” Titling his head, he took his mouth in searing kiss, darting his tongue inside to tangle with Sav’s, sending tingles racing up his spine from tasting him again. Twisting his head the other way, Joe deepened kiss, all the while keeping it gentle, soft, not rushed or demanding. His hips barely moved against Sav’s and felt him harden more.

Sav moaned softly again and twined his fingers in Joe’s hair, pushing his mouth harder against his. The desire for him that he fought to keep at bay for so long rushed forward, the need to feel his bare, cool skin on his was overwhelming, the burning desire to taste his blood again, sent him reeling.

Joe felt the change in the man that he had pinned to the wall, was waiting for it to come and he knew that he had him. Fighting his own burning need to take it further, he slowly broke away, his lips lingering lightly on Sav’s, their heavy breathing mixed together. Joe brought his hand up to circle his fingers gentle around Sav’s throat, kept him from looking away, golden flecked eyes never wavered from one another.

Chelsea jolted to a stop as she came upon them in the passage way. She thought they were fighting, the way Joe held Sav around the neck and took another step forward. “Is there a problem here?”

“Only you Chelsea.” Joe replied, never taking his gaze from Sav’s, afraid he would break the slim connection between them.

“Rick…” Chelsea turned her questioning gaze to him.

“uh… problem.” He managed after finding his voice.

Chelsea looked back and forth between them, still thinking that they were going to fight, she spun around to quickly make her way up the stairs in search of Nick.

“um Nick…Joe and Rick look like they are going to fight.”

“They are not going to fight.” Nick replied stepping back on board carrying crate of frozen meat.

“Joe has him pinned against the wall, glaring at him. Looks like he’s ready to rip Rick’s head off.”

“I can assure you, they are not going to fight.” Nick smiled broadly.

“They’re making up!” Crystal exclaimed, scooting across the slick roof top to peer inside the window.

“Crystal, mind your studies, not what is going on below.” Nick chided her and looked at Chelsea. “They are rekindling a fiery passion for each other, one in which was deeply buried months ago. Something I’ve looked forward to since planning this journey.”

“You look forward to them getting back together?” Crystal questioned in disbelief.

“Yes sweetheart, I have. By this time tomorrow evening, we will see two completely different men.”

Crystal frowned and sat up. “Those two can be so stubborn, makes you want to run a wooden stake through them.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.”

“Where does that leave you Nick?” Crystal asked, closing her book.

“Two steps behind.” He shrugged looking at Chelsea.

“Joe would probably laugh his ass off at that remark. Are you going to be happy about that?”

“I am. I have remained in that position with them for many years, I’m content with that now. It has also been what I have wanted since the whole affair with Armand ended.”

Crystal frowned again at the mere mention of his name. “I’m glad he is dead.”

“I know about your relationship with them and about theirs, but are you sure they’re not going to fight?”

“Absolutely positive.” Nick cocked a grin and pointed to his head.

“What does that mean?”

“Our bond Chelsea, I told you about that too. I can feel both of them, it is not anger or discord I feel, but desire, passion…ecstasy.”

Chelsea’s face turned pink thinking about his words and what they meant. “Alright, I guess I will have to trust your word.”

“Great, now shall we finish getting the supplies on board?” Nick spun on his heel when he heard Travis conclude his business with the Port Master. “Travis, how soon can we get underway?”

“Underway?” Travis arched his brow. “I though you wanted to spend a few days in Santa Cruz.”

“We’ve changed our minds.” Nick glanced at Crystal.

“What about Joe, he hasn’t left yet?”

“He’s not leaving.” Crystal chimed.

“So, how soon?” Nick glanced between Travis and Chelsea.

“Uh, a few hours maybe.” Travis scratched his head, wondering what had changed so suddenly.

“Great.” Nick grinned and clapped his hands together.


Joe let the corners of his lips turn up in a teasing smile, his fingers loosened around Sav’s neck, letting them trace along his collar bone, then started pushed the shirt from his shoulder.

“W..what are you doing?” Sav darted his eyes to where Joe’s hand was, then back to his face.

“I wanted to feel your cool, smooth flesh beneath my fingers.” Joe replied and lightly kissed him.

“But I thought were leaving.”

Dipping his head to the exposed flesh of his shoulder. Joe trailed his lips over the skin to the curve of his neck. “I might…probably will...” He gentle nipped with his teeth, then flicked his tongue out.

Sav bit his lip, stifling the moan when Joe pushed away from him. Then watched him pop the tiny buttons of his purple cotton shirt through the holes. Joe’s fingers lightly trailed on his stomach, causing the muscles to jerk at his touch. Sav didn’t move to stop him as his fingers found their way down to the waistband of his shorts, slowly unbuttoning them. The metal clicking of the zipper loud in both their ears.

Licking his lips, Sav leaned his head back on the wall, he forced his eyes to stare at the ceiling and not into those golden flaked, green eyes, the same one that could make him loose all sense of control. “Don’t do this to me Joe.”

“Do what?”

“Don’t seduce me into forgetting why I’ve been so distant with you.”

Joe smiled wanly and eased is hand down inside Sav’s denim shorts, watching his face all the while. “Do you want me to stop?”

Drawing in a haggard breath, Sav spoke his words on the exhale. “I’m trying really…hard not… fall in your...”

“But…you are baby.” Joe said in a rush before taking his mouth, kissing him thoroughly before pulling away again. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“Which one?” Sav breathlessly replied.

“Well you have with the first ones.”


“The first ones…the way I make you feel. The things I can do to you that no one else can. The two you haven’t answered yet. Do you want me to leave or stop?”

Without much thought to his actions, Sav reached up to tangle his fingers in Joe’s hair, getting lost his golden eyes. “No..too both.”

Not wanting to push to fast or to hard, fearing that any moment Sav would change his mind and push him away. For months he had wanted him, needed him, ached for his company to make him feel alive again. He wasn’t about to ruin this chance by getting to rough and pushy, instead he stomped down his raging desire to let Sav take the lead.

Sliding his hand to the back of Joe’s neck. Sav pulled him down to kiss him harder than before, while using his other hand to tug the shirt from his jeans to get at the coolness of skin beneath the material. Dropping his other hand down he grabbed the edges and waited for Joe to raise his arms to pull it over his head. In turn Joe removed Sav’s shirt and dropped it to the floor, then snaked his arm around his waist, pulling Sav against him, while groping for the door knob.

“Not out here baby.” Joe growled into his mouth, pushing him backwards through the door, he kicked it shut with his foot.


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