Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

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Winds of Destiny(Pt16)

Joe shifted nervously back and forth on his feet at the appointed place where he was supposed to meet him. The streets weren’t very crowded this time of night and he kept glancing down each one, looking for him to come out of the shadows toward him, then up at the brightly lit large white faced clock in the square. 10:08 it read.

“I’ll wait all night if I have to.” Joe mumbled and picked up his bag, dropping it again next the white stone building and sat next to it. Leaning back, turning slightly so he wouldn’t keep glancing at the clock, he rested his head against the cool stone.

He let his mind drift to Sav once again, thinking of ways to make up for all the hurt and pain he had caused him. ‘Pursue him like he did me in the beginning. Na, that wouldn’t work.’ Joe mused. ‘Be myself around him. Ah hell, that isn’t going to work either. Nice…nice could work, understanding and listening would too. Maybe soul shattering love notes to…with thorns removed. Chocolates on his pillow…he can’t eat chocolates idiot. Tackling him and making mad passionate love would be the best.’ Joe rolled his eyes open. “Must not think like that.”

Briskly rubbing his face, he blinked several time to realize that someone was standing in front of him.

“Monsieur Elliott?”

Joe looked up at the boy of perhaps 15. “Yes.”

The boy smiled and motioned for Joe to get up. “Venez suivez-moi.”

Joe didn’t understand much French, but he understood the boy’s hand motions. Pushing himself from the sidewalk, Joe picked up his bag. “Who are you?”

“J'ai été envoyé pour vous.” He replied.

“Can you understand a word I’m saying?”

“Monsieur était très occupé et ne pourrait pas le faire.”

“What…I don’t understand what you are saying?” Joe quickly caught up to him to lightly touched his shoulder. “English?”

The boy stopped, turning to face him, bringing his thumb and forefinger together to show Joe how much he understood. “I..sent..uuu…ce qui est le mot anglais?…you follow.” He said in his best broken English.

“How am I to know that he did? You are a complete stranger to me.”

“No… much anglais….he say…Monsieur Elliott….tell me Thomas…”

Joe stared at him dumbfounded. ‘This boy knows who I am. He may not know how to speak English very well, but understands it.’ Shaking it off he pointed down the street. “Lead the way.”

Joe continued to follow him and not much was said between them because of the language barrier. Joe glanced around as they came to the waterfront; he followed the boy to the right and down several hundred yards before he stopped. Joe looked up at the building, noting that it was a waterfront hotel.

Why would they check into another hotel?’ He mused and felt his companion tap his arm, then followed to where he was pointing.

“Down there?” Joe pointed.

“Oui…not far.” The boy smiled in reply.

“Merci.” Joe replied to watch him run back the way they had came. Pulling the strap of his bag further up his shoulder, Joe headed off the way he had pointed. Wondering why his companion didn’t indicate to him the hotel right behind them.

Titling his head to the side a bit a few minutes later, Joe picked up on Crystal’s voice carried on the light breeze. Puzzlement danced in his mind at what she was talking about, then Nick’s voice explaining to her what the turn-buckle was for.

Sav was stacking crates of bottles when his movements stilled, feeling Joe’s presence close by, then looked up just as he stepped into the beam of light from the dock lamp. Their eyes met as Sav slowly straightened and Joe came to a jolting stop.

Joe’s heart slammed into his chest seeing him standing there in those blue denim cut-off’s that left him breathless every time. The unbuttoned thin white cotton shirt hung loosely off one shoulder, as the gentle breeze moved the shirt about his torso. Remembering how to breathe, Joe slowly pulled in the cool night air to calm his racing heart. It finally dawned on him that someone was calling his name.

“uh..” Joe started turning to the voice.

“What are you doing here Mr. Elliott?” Nick pushed back the smile that threatened to spill across his face at Joe’s reaction to Sav. So much like his own when he bounded up the stairs earlier in the evening.

“I received a…” He was cut off by a hard mental push from Nick. “I was…um…walking around and saw you over here.”

“With your suitcase packed?” Crystal asked.

“Well, actually I was getting ready to go…home.” Joe again glanced at Sav, who hadn’t moved. “But decided to take a walk around before my flight and wound up down here. What are you doing here?”

“We’ve been here a few days, getting ready for a trip.” Crystal told him.

“A trip…on a boat…but its…not enough protection.”

“That is why we’ve been here fixing everything that can be of danger to Sav and Nick, mostly the sun coming through the small windows down in the cabin area.”

Sav stared at him from his place on the bow, then over to Nick, who was staring at Joe with an amused look on his face. ‘OK what is that look about?’

Forcefully tossing his bag to Nick, Joe grabbed the railing and climbed on board. “This is nice…” He started as he glanced around until his gaze landed on Sav again. “..very nice indeed.” Joe smiled, then turned to Nick. “I think I will invite myself along. Can’t miss such a great opportunity to tie you to the mast Nick, waiting for the sun to come up.”

“Very funny.” Nick replied dryly and tossed his bag back to him. “If Richard doesn’t have a problem with you inviting yourself along…”

“You get to toss me off.” Joe smarted.

“Yes.” Nick smirked, catching Sav’s eye, who shrugged his shoulder and went about finishing what he was doing. “Very well then.”

“Welcome aboard our home for the next 3 months, with stops whenever we can.”

Joe leaned over to kiss Crystal’s cheek. “Hope you don’t get seasick.”

Crystal laughed. “We have medicine on board if I do. Come on, I’ll show you around.”

“Crystal...” Nick started as he joined them. “You finish what you were doing, I’ll show him around.”

“Oh Joe…I’m sorry for slapping you that night.”

“Its forgotten sweetheart.” Joe smiled and tapped the tip of her nose.

The loud clanking of bottles and a dull pop inside one of the crates caused them to look over at Sav.

“Something wrong Sav?” Crystal asked.

“No. it…it slipped.”

Joe tore his eyes from Sav as he turned around, bending over to grab the next crate of bottles, then read the name stenciled on the wooden deck chair. “Obsession, kind of fitting name for a boat wouldn’t you say Nick?”

“Depends on ones prospective of the word.”

“That’s your prospective.” Joe pointed to Sav.

“No, he is my obsession.”

“That’s what I meant.” Joe smirked.

Sav rolled his eyes and finished stacking crates of blood wine that were to be lowered down inside the hold. Picking one up again, he dropped down through the hatch to began stacking them against the bulkhead.

Nick motioned for him to go first; Joe ducked his head to keep from banging it on the low over hang of the door as he went down the stairs to the cabin below.

“Wow this is…” Joe looked around the elegant compartment that held the sitting area, lightly colored maple wood trimmed in mahogany. A small sofa and 2 chairs in tan leather sat on one side and across from that; a large entertainment center with most everything you would want. The small kitchen/dining area were in matching colors, right down to the wood flooring. “…wow. You never were one to do things small Nick.”

“Well…I suppose it is a bit over the top.” Nick glanced around. “But I want to keep Rick happy.”

“It’s not the material things that keep him happy.” Joe reminded him.

“Perhaps.” Nick said and stepped toward the passage way.

“I hate it when you use that word.” Joe grumbled to follow him.

“This is where you will be sleeping.”

“Why can’t I have one of the rooms?” Joe asked glancing around at the many drawers filed with equipment for the yacht. A large pile of sails dominated both sides and hundreds of yards of thick rope.

“Sav and I are in the master cabin, Crystal is in the guest cabin. The owners, Travis and Chelsea are in the smallest one, leaving this for you.”

“I was a last minute thought to you then.”

“Yes.” Nick leaned against the door frame.

”Oh...OK.” Joe didn’t believe him and squeezed through the door dropping his bag. “Do I sleep on the sails the whole trip?”

“No, I’ll have a mattress delivered before we leave midday tomorrow. You could probably move some of the stuff from those drawers into others to make room for your clothes.” Nick watched him began to move about the small space, moving stuff from one drawer to another. “Just to warn you, Chelsea is Travis’ wife, so don’t even think about…”

“I have one person on my mind and that’s Rick.”

Nick didn’t doubt him for a moment, could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. “It’s not going to be easy Joe, to win back his trust.”

“Or his heart.” Joe replied solemnly, tucking his shirts away.

“You never lost that. Don’t push him to hard, give him some space and time while on this trip.”

“What I did to him, cut really deep, I know that, but I’ve put it behind me and I’m ready to face the hardship of winning him back.”

“And you will.” Nick’s words were softly spoken, although he had his doubts about he had put the troubles behind him.

Joe smiled at him. “So we have to play the love/hate roles again.”

“I didn’t realize we were role playing.” Nick returned his smile. “But for appearance sake, I guess we will.”

“This is going to be fun, we can’t run away from each other here.”

“We can’t let it get out of hand, no blood drawn.”

“Um…no, that wouldn’t be fun. The smart ass remarks to each other will do just fine.” Taking the socks from his bag, Joe stuffed them in the drawer. “So, what is in this for you?”

“To see the two men I love and adore back together, as it should be.”

Joe moved to stand in front of him, it wasn’t a big step in the small confines of the sail room. “It’s nice to hear you say that. But I really did think you were going to make me wait out there all night or not show up at all.”

“I considered it.” Nick shrugged.

“Why, so you can have him all to yourself for as long as possible?”

“Something like that.” Nick smiled wanly. “But I also know he hasn’t been happy for a while, since we left Dublin actually. I tried to ignore it, but I can only do that for so long. I truly miss that side of him and only wish to see it again.”

“You are actually putting his feelings first and not your petty demands?”

“I’ve always put him first.” Nick shot back.

“Really!?” Joe exclaimed.

“OK, maybe not all the time, but I do…”

“The name of the boat is very fitting for you Nick. Obsession, whipped is a good one too.”

“Speak for yourself.” Nick huffed.

“I am.” Joe laughed and pulled him into his arms. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet Joseph. We could both be out of his company for a very long time if this backfires.”

“And we wouldn’t want that.” Joe pulled back to hold his gaze.

“No more talk of how you managed to be here beyond this point. Now….”


“Now, for your chores on this journey.”

“Chores?” Joe swallowed.

“Yes chores. You will be in charge of keeping the galley clean.”

“What’s a galley?”

Nick snorted. “The kitchen.”

“Kitchen. Uh Nick…hum, you know I can’t cook that much.” Joe followed him back down the passage way.

“I didn’t say anything about cooking, just cleaning up after meals that are prepared by Chelsea.”

“OK, I think I can handle that.” Joe chuckled. “Hey Nick…do they know what we are?”

“Yes, I told them the same night I paid for the yacht.”

“You do like to break the code don’t you?”

“When it is necessary for the safety of others.”

Joe nodded his head in agreement. “What about sailing the boat, who is going to do that when Travis and Chelsea are sleeping?”

“I’ve done a little sailing in my time.” Nick smiled. “Perhaps I could teach you while on this trip.”

“That sounds like fun…maybe hard. I’ll give it some thought as I finish putting away my things.”

“Join us for a drink on the bow later and to meet Travis and Chelsea.”

“OK, where is the bow?” Joe called out from the sail room.

“Joseph you are not that naive…the pointed part of the yacht.”

“I was just kidding.” Joe poked his head out.

The smile remained on Nick’s face as he took the stairs to the upper deck, thinking of what the coming trip and months hold in store for all of them.



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