Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt25)

A half day of driving up the mountain, Crystal took in the view of vast ocean from the cliff of Nova Sintra island, southwest of Cape Verde island. In the distance she could just make out the volcano Pico do Fogo towering above the water, commenting to Chelsea how beautiful it was. Tightening the strap of her hat, she heard the click of Chelsea camera, turning to smile at her, another photo was taken.

“I’m starving. Ready to head down to the village? I know a wonderful out door cafe.”

Taking another look, Crystal followed her down the half mile dusty path back to the car.

Half an hour later Chelsea parked across the road from the cafe.


Authors note:  :/ Wanted to spend the day or two here, but it’s just not coming together. Bit of a summary of what I was trying to write: Extension of above would include Crystal talking about her friends back in LA, her mother, foster homes. Joe and Sav do have a night out ‘hunting’ each other, ending up on the high area some where, relaxing, cuddling. Nick and Travis take care supplies, business, talking. Set sail again, still going south off the coast of Africa, three months into this voyage. Two weeks later from last island hope. Not going to, shouldn’t force a part/chapter.



Joe dropped down to devour Sav’s mouth, lips ground painfully together against teeth, as each man sought that release they both craved. Shifting his aching legs and planting one knee firmly in the mattress beside Sav’s hip, Joe changed his rhythm to short, hard strokes. With just enough room between them, Joe’s hand slid over Sav’s throbbing member, eliciting a deep growl of pleasure from him. Tearing his mouth away Joe descended to his neck, licking and sucking at the sensitive skin he knew so well.

“uuugg…Joe…I ca…”

“Yes…you can…” Joe growled in his ear, then taking his mouth again as he felt Sav’s body tense more. Leaving his mouth, he went to the other side of his throat, licking, teasing, and harder nips of his teeth as his own body screamed for release.

Pressing his fingers hard in his side, Sav pushed away the urgent need to sink his fangs deep in Joe’s shoulder, to suck the blood from him and take him over the edge. Instead he concentrated on what Joe was doing to him, his voice and what he was saying.

“unh…” Sav glanced between them then slammed his head back down.

Joe raced along his jaw to his mouth, thrusting his tongue deep to dance wildly with Sav’s before moving on. “…Rick.”

“…ah…uunnnn…” Sav jerked his hips against Joe’s hand, that all too familiar tingle in his groin tittering on the edge, racing down his spine.

“..gonna fuck you…do it baby…” Joe’s deep growling words was Sav’s undoing.

“…nnnaahhh….this…un…un…” Sav hissed between his teeth, his body jerked uncontrollably, muscles tight all over his body. “..oh fuck..AAHH..”

Joe barely moved inside him, clamped his mouth over Sav’s to stifle his yell and ran his tongue over his fangs, causing Sav to tear his mouth away. Pulling back, Joe looked down at him, he could see and feel the ecstasy within Sav, spurring his own need forward. Without thinking, Joe quickly sank his fangs deep in Sav’s neck when he turned his head, pulling hard on the blood that sent him reeling to the core.

Slamming his hips several more times against him before he stilled, but stayed buried deep within Sav as he slowly came down from his orgasm. Sliding his fangs out of the flesh, Joe sensual licked the area clean, taking a deep shaky breath he collapsed on top of him. Waiting for his breathing to return to somewhat of a normal pace, Joe slide down Sav’s body, landing softly on the floor.

Sav lay sprawled across the bed, every muscle in his body to limp even to try and move. His legs dangle over the edge from the knees down, he could feel the sweat soaked sheets under him. Pulling in a haggard breath, he worked at getting his limps to move.


“Are you alright up there?” Joe asked from his place on the floor, in much the same shape Sav was.

“No, I hurt…ow…all over and can’t….move…hope it was good for you and you hurt just as much.”
“Mind-blowing.” Joe replied.

“Yeah it…ouch…was…mine is oozing from my ears.”

Joe giggled then groaned as he slowly pushed himself from the floor to gingerly climb to his feet. Bending over the bed, he propped his arms on either side of Sav’s waist, he leaned over to look down at him.

Sav saw the tinkle of desire in the bluish-green depths. “oh..I…I…no, you must be kidding Joe. I can barely move as it is.”

“That’s all right baby, I don’t think I can again myself.” Crawling on the bed Joe sank to the mattress beside him. “The intense look on your face and intense pleasure I felt from you, is worth the aching muscles.”

“Yeah... y..y…you cheated by taking my blood to get off.”

Joe rose up and kissed his sweaty chest. “mmm…I know.”

“I didn’t think I could do it…without the bite.”

“I knew you could, just had to find just the right spot.”

“How the…where the…how did you..who…hell, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say.” Sav wiped his hand down his face and turned to look at Joe.

Joe twisted his head to look at him, smiling wide. “That got your mind all jumbled didn’t it?” Pushing up on his elbow he stared down at him. “I heard about it a long time ago and wanted to try it.”

“I didn’t know about it, why didn’t you tell me?”

Shrugging his shoulder, Joe trailed his finger down Sav’s chest. “We could do it like that every time.”

“Oh no way…” Sav laughed, rolling over he pushed Joe to his back and draping his arm across his chest. “Once a year…eeww, we’re all sticky…is plenty for me.”

“Yeah I guess your right.” Joe said as he wiggled to get up. “This boat has all the luxuries of home. Come on, I’ll wash your back.”

“Except solid ground.” Sav grumbled.

“It’s not that bad, it has given us time to work on our problems...”

“Your problems.” Sav corrected him.

“Well almost, I will talk to you about my dreams…someday.”

“You could always let me inside that part of your mind Joe.” Sav replied, looking deep into his eyes and caressing his cheek.

Taking his hand, Joe kissed the back, a small smile touched his lips. “I’m not quite ready for that.” Sliding his arms around his waist, Joe kissed him softly on the mouth as he maneuvered them to the shower.

Bathing as quickly as they could with their sore muscles, so not to use all the hot water the yacht had to offer, they tumble back in bed. Sav scooted behind Joe, slipping his arm under his head, across his chest, pulling him closer. Joe twined their fingers together, while the other lazily caressed Sav’s knee that rested on his hip.

“This is the most enjoyable part of the night.” Sav whispered.

“mmm…falling asleep in each others arms….then waking up.”


“Mine too.” Joe’s reply came on an exhale of breath.

Sav pulled the thin blanket over their shoulders, he could feel Joe’s soft caress in his mind as he slipped further into sleep. Sav waited a few more minutes, then gently nudge deeper into Joe’s mind, seeking out a weak place in his deepest thoughts and unable to find one as the minutes stretched. He stopped to concentrate harder on something he had felt before, pulling and pushing until it came through. Joe sighed in his sleep, but Sav kept hold of that feeling….the peace within him.

Sav squeezed his eyes tightly shut against the burning prick of tears at finally knowing that Joe found that peace, for Thomas. It didn’t matter at the moment of when or how, and Sav wasn’t going to dwell on that now, just knowing that he did find it was good enough for him. Tightening his arms around him, Sav raised his head just enough to place a soft kiss on the back his neck. Letting Joe’s slow steady breathing and the gently rock of the yacht lull him to sleep.


Joe slowly pulled from sleep, feeling his body tilt slightly as the yacht cut through the water. He could feel Sav moving behind him, pressing his hips forward on him, the slow gentle tilt of his body in a different direction. Opening his eyes, Joe blinked several times to clear his vision. His keen hearing picked up on the sounds of creaking wood, wind and the waves slapping against the hull.

“mmm…what’s that…noise?” Sav mumbled.

Joe turned his head to look at him just as the yacht rolled sharply to starboard, sending both of them tumbling to the floor. Joe’s forehead smacked the edge of the night stand table, leaving a shallow gash.

“What the fuck!…” Sav exclaimed as he scrambled to sit up.

Joe too pulled himself to a sitting position as the yacht tilted downward at the bow. Gingerly touching his forehead with his fingers he looked at Sav. “That was a very rude awakening.”

“Yeah it wa…hey your hurt.” Sav closed the gape between them to get a better look. “It doesn’t look that bad.”

“It will heal soon.” Joe glanced around. He could feel the movement of the yacht going over another wave. “We need to get dressed and find out what is going on.”

Minutes later they emerged into the passageway, using the walls for support, they made their way to the dining area. Chelsea was bent over charts at the navigation desk, mapping out their course, the radio crackled with another voice giving out some kind of co ordinance and she marked them on the chart. Crystal was busy securing everything that was movable in the dining are, then she moved to the galley.

“Chelsea…” Joe started as he approached her. “…what’s going on, are we in a storm?”

“Yes.” She replied without looking up at him, then spoke into the mic.

Joe waited until she was finished and hung up the mic. “Oh…um, is it bad or going to get worse?”

“We are just on the outer edge of it…for now and will try to stay there.”

“OK, is there anything I can do to help?”

“uh yes there is.” She quickly went over to a trunk and handed Joe a life vest and rain slicker. “Put these on, help Travis and Nick on deck.”

Joe looked at the life vest, and tossed it on the chair.

Chelsea snatched it back up, shoving it back at Joe. “Even vampires can’t tread water or fly around in this for hours on end.”

“If it will ease your mind, I’ll wear it.” Joe replied putting on the life jacket. Buttoning up his rain slicker he went over to Sav.

“I’m going to help Crystal down here. Be careful up there, don’t want a repeat of last time.”

“No…that wasn’t fun. I’ll be careful this time?” Joe smiled and kissed him. “Don’t worry, that’s my job.”

Sav watched him until the doors were firmly closed behind him, then turned to take direction from Chelsea on what to do in securing everything. At one point he snagged Crystal around the waist to keep her from falling as the yacht slammed down hard on the water. Her soft feminine curves under the bulky life vest didn’t go unnoticed by him.

When he let her go, Crystal turned around to thank him and was immediately thrown back in his arms when the yacht rolled again.

“M..maybe you should sit down, before you get hurt.”

But I like it here.’ Crystal thought, then looked up at him and noticed the look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

Sav glanced around and tightened his arm around her waist as they went over another, steeper wave. When the yacht leveled out a little, he looked back at her. He tried to smile, but the churning in his stomach had other plans. Pushing her away, Sav bolted for the aft bathroom.

“uh oh.” Crystal mumbled and went after him.

Chelsea followed behind and stopped just inside the door to see him hunch over the toilet. “oh…I didn’t think vampires could get sick. If I didn’t know any different, seeing him puke up blood, would have me very worried.”

“I have heard that some have taken blood and it made them sick. But Sav was sick, almost died from taking some that was tainted with AIDS years ago. His stomach isn’t as strong as it used to be.”

“I didn’t know that.” Chelsea said and handed a warm cloth to Crystal so she could wipe his face when he was finished.

“uugg…I hate doing that…” Sav groaned and flopped on the floor.

“Feel better now?” Chelsea asked when she bent over to push the hair from his face.

“No.” Sav squeaked.

Chelsea smiled softly at him when he opened his eyes. “I bet the rolling doesn’t help?”

Sav shook his head and groaned, then lend back over the toilet.

Joe skidded to a stop inside the small room, and nearly knocked Chelsea down. “What….sorry…Rick…” Stripping the wet rain slicker off, Joe knelt beside him, rubbing his back until he was finished again.

Sav sucked in his breath and slumped against his chest. Joe took the wash clothe from Crystal to wipe his face. “Mr. Worry.”

“That’s me.” Joe chuckled and tightened his arms, smoothing back his hair to kiss his temple. He held him like that a little longer, when Sav made no move to lean back over the toilet, Joe whispered in his ear. “Do you want to stay in here or go out to sit at the table?”

“On deck…I need fresh air.”

The yacht slammed down on the water again, jolting the four that were in the bathroom.

“um…I don’t think that is a good idea.” Joe said.

“Fresh air might help Joe.” Chelsea commented.

“I’ll help you take him out.” Crystal reached for his arm.

“No sweetheart, I can take him. You better stay down here, it’s too dangerous up there for you. You should stay down here to Chelsea.”

“I’ve been in several storms Joe, this one is no different.” She told him, securely snapped a life vest and rain slicker on. “Everything is secure down here. I’m going to see if they need any more help.”

Sav fell in the seat, dropping his head on the table to rest on his arms. Crystal slide into the seat across from him as Joe looked for a bucket just in case Sav didn’t make it to the bathroom. He grabbed a green bottle on his way to the table.

“Here, try to drink a little of this.”

Sav glanced up and made a face, then pushed the bottle away. “No.”

Joe took a long drink himself and sat on the edge of the seat. The yacht rolled to port and Sav groaned. “Is this the storm we were trying to go around?”

“Yeah, from what Travis said it blew in faster than he could get information. I think he and Nick turned us around to go…”

“Where is Nick?” Sav asked raising his head.

“He’s helping Travis steer the boat.” Crystal answered.

“He shouldn’t be up there, he might g…” Sav tried to scoot from the seat.

“Where are you going?” Joe didn’t move to let him out.

“To get Nick, he shouldn’t be up there, something might happen to him.”

“Nick can take care of himself. He has a harness on that is buckled to rung on the boat, so he isn’t going anywhere.” Joe told him. “You, on the other hand are staying down here.”

“Yeah Sav, it’s too wet up there with the waves going over the deck and the wind is very strong.”

“And you don’t need to get wet either.” Joe leaned closer to him, rubbing his back. “Now I want you to stay down here with Crystal. I’m going to do what I can to help them.”

“No.” Sav grabbed his arm to keep him from getting up. “Don’t go up there Joe, I need here with me.”

“Rick, I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Crystal will take care of you and I’ll be back every few minutes to check on you.”

“Joe, please stay here with me.” Sav pleaded.

“Don’t worry baby…” Joe smiled, kissing him softly. “...I’ll be fine.” He stood up to make his way across the small room. Retrieving the rain slicker he tossed down and put it back on. He noted the worried expression on Sav’s face and reassured him through their bond that everything would be alright.


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