Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt7)

The plane finally landed in Nice, France an hour later, rolling into the private hanger where it would immediately be serviced, making sure the terrifying ride wasn’t mechanical. Dan and Kevin didn’t think it was mechanical, siting a very bad patch of air at 25,000 feet. Crystal did manage to doze off while still in the air once the adrenaline rush ebbed away, but that didn’t last but a few minutes and still didn’t feel comfortable again until they were almost landing. Sav used the incident to keep to himself, choosing to stare out the window, deep in his own thoughts. Nick would occasionally glance at him or probe his mind seeking entrance, only to be abruptly held at bay.

The car pulled through the iron gates, circled the cobble stone drive, pulling to a stop in front of the large double glass pane doors. The dimly lit, two story old french villa sat nestled around rich green foliage. Ivy grew in several places along the stone walls, flowering plants of many varieties of the reign dotted the grounds.

Crystal looked around as she tugged her bag to her shoulder, eye brows popping at the beautiful building and what she could see of the grounds. “Wow, this is really beautiful. But…” She turned to Nick. “Can you ever do anything...small?”

Nick was pulling suit cases from the trunk when he glanced around, but didn’t provide an answer.

“This is small…” Sav filled the silence. “Compared to our chateau about three hours north of here. This one will sit inside that one, with plenty of room to walk around.”

Crystal mouth huge open trying to picture such a grand home. “I...I haven’t been there yet. I can only compare it to de Brabant Castle.”

Sav laugh. “The castle is bigger.”

Nick snorted and headed for the door.

Crystal hurried after them. “Why not stay at the other place?”

“We are here for the festival, to much time would be spent driving. Hard to enjoy a week of festivities driving all the time.” Nick added.

“You could buy a helicopter, one of those six seat ones, it goes faster then a car.”

“That’s actually not a bad idea. We would have more privacy at Cicilia.”

Nick glanced between them. “Did you not tell me that buying another plane was a waste of money. Now you suggest buying a helicopter?”

Crystal laughed at him. “I guess he isn’t thinking about that.”

Sav smiled, winking at her.

Nick rolled his eyes and followed them inside.

The three of them stood inside the large foyer, taking in the lavish tile work, landscape painting on either side of the door. Fresh flower arrangements sat on the eighteenth tables.

Crystal spied the wide stair case with its black iron scroll work railing. She raced up the stairs. “I get first pick.”

“She is right. You didn’t have to lease one so big.” Sav stopped beside Nick, leaning in to kiss him, he followed her upstairs to choose a room for them.

Crystal peeked in one door, didn’t like the colorless room and moved to the next one. Standing in a larger room she took in the pale green, lightly flowered wall paper, built in book cases, lighter creams on the wood furniture, double wide bed with same pattern comforter as the walls. Moving another door to peer inside the en-suite bathroom, she marveled at how big it was. Same cream colors with black and white checker board marble tile flooring. Spinning around as Nick placed her suitcase on the stand.

“I’ll take this one.” She smiled.

“We will be a few doors down on the left. Get settled in and we can go for bite to eat. The staff don’t arrive until morning. In the kitchen are menus you can fill out for each meal, anything extra you can add.”

Popping the lid on her suitcase, Crystal smirked. “Small Nick, small.”

“I’ll remember that for next time. See you soon for that bite to eat.”



They spent the better part of very late evening strolling the cobble stone streets, stopping at an all night cafe’ so that Crystal could eat, talking about what they were going to do over the next week for the evening portion of festival. Before leaving the plane, Dan and Kevin jovially volunteered to be Crystals chaperon during the daylight hours. Kevin’s wife was arriving the next day from a much needed vacation.

A deep yawn rolled through Crystal as she trudged tiredly up the stairs to her room, opting to take a shower later, she quickly changed, slid into the cool sheets and was fast asleep.

Nick strolled into their en-suite bathroom, his steps slowed once he noticed Sav relaxing in the large claw-foot tub. His eyes closed, head slightly bobbing to the soft music coming from unseen speakers in the room. In all his years, Nick would never understand the need for music in bathroom. Making up his mind, he spun on his heel, flew downstairs to retrieve the blood wine that had already been delivered, two crystal goblets from the wine cabinet. Racing back upstairs, he stripped his clothes off, slipped on his rob and dimmed the lights in the room. Going back into the bathroom, he set about lighting the candles scattering around, then dimming the lights even more. The flickering candle light danced around the high polished Italian in-layed marble of pale blue and creams. By the time he padded softly to the tub, Sav had ducked underwater, his hair smoothed back from his face. Popping the cork, Nick halfway filled both glasses, then held Sav’s out to him.

Sav watched him as he took off his rob to slid into the steaming water, stretching his legs on either side of him. Pulling in the scent of his blood wine, Nick closely watched Sav as he did the same.

“Rich flavor.” Sav softly told him. Taking another sip, he sat the glass on the table beside the tub, leaning his head back and drawing one leg up.

Nick swirled the liquid, while watching the man across from him. “You are quiet this evening.”

Sav peered at him through an eye slit. “I’m enjoying my bath, helps me relax after a long night.” Taking up his wine, he drained the liquid and settled back in the water.

Nick quickly refilled both glasses. Changing his position, he got on his knees, leaning forward he briefly hesitated before lightly kissing him. Pulling back enough to see what his reaction was, to see the corners of his mouth slightly jut upward. Taking his mouth again, Nick sought entrance for what he had been craving for a few days. Straddling his waist, Nick deepened the kiss, pulling a soft man from Sav.

Underwater, Sav trailed his hands up Nick’s thighs, feeling the taunt muscles twitch under his touch. A deeper groan rumbled in his throat when his fingers lightly encircled his growing erection. Sliding his hand over the smooth skin until he was fully hard. Another soft breathy moan from Sav as Nick nipped his way across his shoulder, then to his neck until he sat up to look at Sav. His deep golden eyes of desire stared back at him.

Sav licked his lips. “Stand up.”

Both men changed position, Sav knelt before him and quickly deep throat him, pulling back slowly, forward again, little faster out ward...down...Nick twisted his fingers in Sav’s wet hair, resisting the urge to plunge fast and hard into that luscious, wet mouth. Nick sucked in his breath when Sav used his fangs to heighten the sensations on his cock. Both hands were now tangled in his hair, holding his head slightly, his thrusting hips picked up the pace a few moments until Sav placed his hand on his hip to stop him from going to deep.

“Enough.” Nick growled. “Turn around, stay on your knees.”

Sav sucked hard and slowly pulled back, releasing him as his tongue swirled around the tip. Looking up at him to smile before he turned around, bracing himself on the edge. “Water might splash out.”

“I don’t care.” Nick replied seconds before he slid deep into Sav, momentarily staying still until he relaxed more. Digging his fingers into his hips Nick pulled back and slowly went back in, repeating the movement, then rammed deep and hard only to go back to slow and steady. Bracing himself the best he could on the slick surface, Nick picked up the pace, thrusting fast and hard, pushing him closer.

Grabbing Sav’s shoulder to pull him up, wrapping his arm around his chest to hold him place. Sav arched his back enough so that Nick could move with short hard strokes. Breathing heavily Sav dropped his head back as Nick trailed his lips and teeth along his neck, sucking lightly seconds before he sank his fangs into the vein. Hips grinding hard against him as he rode out his orgasm.

Sav dug his fingers into Nicks thigh. “aahh…” Against his hard pulls of his blood. Moments passed when Nick released him, quickly licking the holes for the them to close. Sliding out as his body still tingle.

“Turn around, sit on the edge.”

“Not wide enough, I’ll fall off.” Sav told him as he stood up and leaned against the side wall, he slid down unto his feet were firmly touching the other side of the tub. Nick was between his out stretched legs, barely giving him time to get in place before sucking his cock into his mouth. Setting a fast pace to pull Sav back to the edge.

Sav dug his fingers into Nick short sandy blond hair, watching him take every inch of him down his throat, knowing it wouldn’t take much once he felt Nick plunge his fingers as deep as he could. His body tensed, legs already slightly shaking from the position as that all to familiar tingle roared to the surface. Reaching for Nicks hand that was on his chest, he brought it to his mouth, sinking fangs into the soft flesh of his forearm.

Pulling in a deep breath, Sav realize that Nick was still going down on him, his tongue sliding along his shaft, then back into the coolness of his mouth.

“mmm…” a soft moan erupting when Nick released him, lazily licking the area above his hair line. Once he removed his fingers, Sav eased himself back down in the water, Nick crushed his mouth in a deep kiss.

Leaning back, he rubbed his thump over Sav’s lips until he opened his eyes.

No words were spoken as they settled back in the large tub. Sav quickly refilled the wine and leaned back against Nick’s chest. Draping one arm around him, Nick cupped his hand to bring up water, then slowing rubbed his hand down ward, he repeated the motion several times. before he stopped to softly caress the skin.

Sav pulled in a deep breath, enjoying the sensation that kept his body tingling from what they did moments ago. He knew Nick was intentionally doing it, felt his desire through their bond, the hardness that pressed into his back. A day of passion had already begun to build between them.

“I think the water is cold.” Sav said after some time had past.

“Probably on the floor too.” Nick chuckled.

“We need to get out.”

Kissing his neck, Nick pushed himself up when Sav moved to the other end of the tub to pull the lug. Turning around, Sav raked his eyes over Nick’s body, desire still humming within him as he watched the water trickle down his chest.

“I might have another taste of that.”

Nick caught his eyes, a crooked smile touched his lips. “Have all the taste you want.”

Spending the better part of the day in the throws of passion, Sav lay awake staring out the dark tinted windows that held the sun at bay. His head lay in the crook of Nick’s shoulder, arm draped across his midsection. Shifting his position, Nick tightened his arm around Sav’s shoulder and settled. Sav listened to his slow heartbeat, occasional breath to try lure him to wasn’t meant to be. For many weeks now he was finding it more difficult to sleep, became nearly impossible the night after he spent with Sharna, the incident in the shower.

That dull throb he felt that night was still there, could feel it deep down in the shadows of his mind. The feeling was similar to what he felt when Armand was close, his senses resonated with jitters, pulsing threw his veins. Sighing heavily he rolled to his other side, Nick rolled with him and molded to his back. Willing his body to push those thoughts away, he concentrated on the effects daylight hours had on his vampire mind. He eventually fell into a troubled sleep.


Over the next few nights, the three of them enjoyed the annual Carnival of Nice, taking in the elaborate costumes and masks the Carnival was known for, worn by the locals and tourists alike. They causally walked the streets filled with vendors selling their merchandise to tourists. Crystal would stop at several booths to taste local cuisine, wrinkling her face when she didn’t like something.

Stopping at one vendor, Crystal admired the beautiful 18th century jewelry. She smiled politely and shook her head at the man behind the table speaking rapidly in French. ‘I don’t understand a word he is saying.’ She thought to herself as she picked up an elaborately designed ring with rubies and diamonds, it fit perfectly on her right hand ring finger.

“That’s beautiful.” Sav commented as he stood beside her.

“Yes it is, but probably to expensive for my budget.” Pulling it off, Crystal put it back on the velvet cloth.

Sav glanced at her, seeing the wishful expression in her features. Picking up the ring he gestured to the vendor. “Combien coûte ceci?” 

“1500.00 dollars américains.”

Sav quickly shot back.“1000.00.”

The vendor shook his head. “Marquis de Sade a eu cet anneau en sa possession en 1868. $1500.”

Nick ambled over to them, looking over Sav’s shoulder at the ring. He snorted at what the man said. “Marquis de Sade n'a jamais possédé un anneau de ce type.”

Sav glanced sideways at him. “Vous savez ceci parce que?”

“I knew him personally.” Nick looked back to the vendor. “Je le connaissais personnellement. Il ne porterait certainement pas … petit, délicat. Les diamants peuvent être réels, ils ne valent donc pas plus de $450.”

“You are full of surprise Nick.” Sav told him and turned back to the vendor. “$450 dollars américains.”

The vendor glanced from Nick to Sav, smiling softly he shook his head. “L'épouse aurait ma tête si je prenais moins de $500.”

“Alors peut-être devrait obtenir une nouvelle épouse.” Sav chuckled. “$450 est tout ce que je vais offrir.”

He glanced at Crystal, getting the wrong impression about the young couple before him. “Pour votre jolie épouse? $500.”

Sav spun his gaze to Crystal. “Elle n'est pas mon épouse.”

Crystal tugged on his sleeve. “What did he say?”

“Je suis.” Nick jabbed Sav in the ribs, then wrapped his arms around his waist, smiling brightly at the shocked expression on the vendors face.

“Pardonnez ma hardiesse en assumant cela.”

“ll n’est pas.” Sav smiled at him and shrugged Nick off to pull out his wallet, passing the man the right amount of bills. “Il n'est pas mon épouse non plus.”

Taking the money the man smiled. “Merci Monsieur. Profitez du reste de la soirée et du carnaval.”

**(Translation at bottom for those that want to know what was said)**

“Merci.” Sav again smiled and turned to Crystal, sliding the ring on her finger. “Call it an early birthday present.”

“You really paid him $450 for this? Thank you Rick.” Crystal stretched as high as she could get on her toes to plant a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Your welcome sweetheart.” Sav managed to get out before Nick spun him around locking his mouth over his.

Pushing him away, Sav felt his desire through their bond. “What was that for?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you could speak French?”

“No I didn’t?” Sav looked confused for a moment.

“Yes you did, babbling away as if you have spoken it for years.” Crystal replied. “I didn’t understand hardly any of it...none of it actually.”

“I spoke French? Really strange.”

“You probably picked it up from me. After all, you do retain some of the knowledge from sharing blood.” Nick told him, pulling him closer. “I would love to hear more later.”

Sav rolled his eyes. “Are you one of those types that get all giddy from hearing someone speaking a different language?”

“Just listening to your voice gets me all giddy. To my ears you have an accent.” Nick leaned forward to kiss him again, sucking in his bottom lip when he pulled back.

Crystal smacked both of them in the arm. “Will you stop that? People are staring at you.”

“Let them stare.” Nick told her and ran his tongue across Sav’s lip, diving in for another taste before he stepped back. “That holds much promise for later.”

“Is that all you think about?” Sav huffed and started walking away.

Nick caught up to him, looping his thumb through the belt loop on Sav’s jeans. “It is not hard to think about you in that way.”

Sav glanced at him. “Well, I will try and make it worth your time and…and sweat for you to enjoy later.”

Nick leaned closer to kissed him on the neck. “You’re always worth my time Richard.”

They managed to work their way to the main street where the Carnival Parade was in full swing. Hundreds of people milled about on the side of the street to watch the parade of costumes. For those walking or dancing in the parade waved to the spectators on the side.

Crystal tapped Nick on the arm to get is attention. “Can we go to that shop over there?” She pointed across the street.

“We can, but trying to cross through the procession will be hard. We will have to wait for a break.”

“We could fly across.” Sav put in.

“That would stop everyone in their tracks to stare and wonder how we did it, then we would probably get mobbed for the answer.” Nick chuckled and took his hand as Crystal took his so they wouldn’t get separated as they crossed.

“Here comes a place we can try.” Crystal craned her head to see around the crowd. Tugging on Nick’s hand she stepped from the curb and made her way across the street. Glancing up, she noticed that they were drifting down the street with the crowd, moving away from the shop that she wanted to go in. The throng of people walking in the parade and trying to cross began to grow heavy, pressing them together. Crystal squeezed Nick’s hand tighter, hoping she wouldn’t lose him.

Nick yanked on her hand, stopping her from going further. “Wait..I…”

“What is it?” Crystal looked back at him.

“Where the hell did all these people come from?” Nick grumbled as he quickly turned around to look for Sav. “I lost Rick, one second he was here, the next he’s not.”

“Sav knows where we are going.” Crystal said as she moved closer to stand beside him as the crowd pushed against them.

“Yes, he does.” Nick held on to her and began pushing through the crowd toward the sidewalk. “We can wait for him there.”

“Sav is in your head all the time, so you didn’t lose him.” Crystal told him as she stepped on the sidewalk and started looking for Sav.

Nick smiled at her. “I suppose I didn’t.”

Meanwhile Sav was being pulled along with the crowd as he tried to make his way toward the opposite sidewalk. He too, wondered where all the people had come from all of a sudden. Murmuring apologizes as he moved along, his bare arms brushing against the colorful silk smooth material of costumes. He would make brief eye contact with the faces hidden behind the brightly colored masks, some decorated with shinning jewels, others adorned with feathers. Unease began to settle in the pit of his stomach, the warm human blood in many different smells assaulted his nose.

Why can’t I get out of this crowd?’ He thought to himself as the unease grew more apparent.

That same feeling of being watched, like so many times over the months hit him. Sav spun around and froze. He barely heard the protest from the people he bumped into as he did. The feelings gripped his insides, making his breathing fast and swallow. The faceless people walking past him, the many voices with their jumbled words. His eyes wondered back and forth between the moving crowd, trying to find who or whatever it was to cause him such fear that he could barely move. Sav’s vision stopped on the solid red mask dancing between the others, seconds later it disappeared. Another red mask danced in his memories, deep brown eyes filled with hatred, the evil laugh behind that mask...

“Richard, is that you?”

Sav whipped around when the light touch landed on his shoulder, recognition didn’t set in at first as to who the woman was. When it did, her named rushed from his mouth. “Rachel.”


***Translation if anyone is interested in what was actually said. It’s slightly different than above.

Sav glanced at her, seeing the wishful expression in her eyes. Picking up the ring he gestured to the man. “How much is this ring?”

“1500.00 American dollars.”

“1000.00” Sav quickly shot back.

The man shook his head. “That ring is worth much more than that. Worn by the Marquis de Sade himself in 1868.”

Nick ambled over to them, looking over Sav’s shoulder at the ring. He snorted at what the man said. “Marquis de Sade never wore a woman’s ring mister.”

Sav glanced sideways at him. “You know this because?”

“I knew him personally. He certainly wouldn’t wear...small, dainty. The diamonds could be real, so it isn’t worth any more than $450.”

“You are full of surprise Nick.” Sav told him and turned back to the vendor. “This it is a woman’s ring and would be impossibly for the Marquis to have worn it. I will give you $450.”

The man glanced from Nick to Sav, smiling softly he shook his head. “My wife would have my head if I took anything less than $500.”

“Then maybe you should get a new wife.” Sav chuckled. “$450 and that is all I will offer.”

He glanced at Crystal, getting the wrong impression. “For your young pretty wife, you drive a hard bargain mister.”

Sav spun his gaze to Crystal. “She’s not my wife.”

Crystal tugged on his sleeve. “What did he say?”

“I am.” Nick jabbed Sav in the ribs, then wrapped his arms around his waist, smiling brightly at the shocked expression on the vendors face.

“Forgive my forwardness in assuming that….”

“No harm done.” Sav smiled at him and shrugged Nick off to pull out his wallet, passing the man the right amount of bills. “No, he is not my wife either.”

Taking the money the man smiled. “Thank you mister, enjoy the rest of the evening and the Carnival.”

“Thank you.” Sav again smiled and turned to Crystal, sliding the ring on her finger. “Call it an early birthday present.”

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