Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt28)

Pulling a slow deep breath through his nose, Sav jerked his head from the tickling on his nose. Scratching his nose, bringing him more awake. When he tried to roll to his back, he realized that he was pinned between two cool bodies. Wiggling more he tried to sit up, the arm around his chest tightened.

“Where ya goin’?” Nick sleepy slurred.

“I’m getting up.”

“You don’t have to, stay in bed.” Nick opened his golden eyes.

“I want to…to take a shower, wash the sweat and grim off…”

Nick licked his chest, growling softly. “But you taste good.”

“It doesn’t feel good.” Sav tried to push him away, only to have him move on top of him.

“You can take a shower later when I’m finished with you.”

“No…” Sav pushed again. “Now get off.”

“Should we tie him to the bed?” Joe’s voice startled both of them.

Sav whipped his head sideways to see Joe smiling back at him.

Nick chuckled deep in his throat. “A very arousing thought. We can have our way with him.”

Looking back up at Nick and his devilish grin, Sav replied flatly. “Didn’t both you have your way with me all ready?”

“Hum…yes we did…” Nick wiggled his brows. “…watching you in such an intense fashion would be a pleasure to watch again.”

A light blush burned his cheeks under Nicks glare, knowing that he was referring to watching him get off without the aid of biting him. Shoving Nick hard on the shoulder, he quickly sat up. “No….besides, it takes too much out of me doing it that way. You and Joe can fuck it you want to, but I’m taking a shower.”

“Are you going to watch?” Joe called out.

“No.” Sav yelled back and slammed the door to the bathroom.

Nick sighted and flopped down. “He takes all the fun away.”

“We could join him in the shower.” Joe said and looked over at him.

“Splendid idea.” Nick smiled as Joe jumped from the bed, Nick close on his heels.

A few minutes later, among the soft banging on the shower walls and Sav’s protest, deep moans carried through the bathroom.


Hours later Sav emerged from the bedroom, grabbing a bottle on his way to the upper deck. He sat heavily on the bench seat across from Chelsea.

“Something wrong?” Chelsea asked.

“Everything is great.” Sav sarcastically replied.

Chelsea knew all to well about his mood swings and only nodded her head in reply. She also knew that he would blurt out whatever was on his mind at the moment and right on queue, he did.

“Why do I let them get to me that way?”

“I would have to guess, because you love them.” Chelsea replied.

“Yeah.” Sav huffed and looked at her. “Is it that obvious?”

Chelsea smiled at him. “It’s not hard to see Rick.”

Sav rolled his eyes and dropped his head back on the cushion. “I don’t..he can be a total asshole, mean, can you love some one like that?”

In the dim light, Chelsea could just make the fading bite marks on both sides of his neck. Not even aware that her eyes traveled down his bare chest to land on the trail of dark hair just above his shorts. His stomach moved and she darted her eyes back to his.

His head slightly tilted, Sav was staring back at her. A touch of a smile played across his lips, knowing that he caught her, saw the pale blush touch her cheeks.

Chelsea cleared her throat as she looked at the controls. “I...I didn’t think vampires could love or care about anything, have the same emotions as humans.”

Reeling in his desire for the woman across from him, Sav shifted on the seat. “You didn’t even know about vampires until we charted your boat.”

Chelsea nodded her head. “No I didn’t. I’ve learned a great deal about them too since we started out on this journey. Your secret society is safe with us, just like I know we will be safe from your kind, because we know about them.”

“Yes you will.” Sav replied. “Anyway, you shouldn’t have such thoughts.”

Chelsea frowned. “Thought about the vampire community?”

Sav dropped his head, staring at her through his hair. “No, thoughts of wanting, desire...when you know I could take you below to satisfy them.”

“ do you know my thoughts were…”

“Your body language, heart beat, your eyes...smell. I’ve had many years of practice getting what I want or need, but...I will not cross that line with you.” Sav suddenly stood, closing the distance between them. “How long before we get there?”

“Hum…” Chelsea tore her eyes from him, trying to shake those feelings and tone of his voice from her mind. Her eyes landed on the controls, checking the headings. “The island is probably on the horizon, so it shouldn’t be long now.”

Sav was scanning the dark watery horizon, trying to see the island in the distance.

“Can you see that far in the dark?”

“Of course.” Sav exclaimed, stepping over to her and peered over her shoulder at the controls. “If there is anything I learned on this trip, it’s navigation…you’re going to miss the island if you follow those headings.”

“Really?” She also stood and strained her eyes to see the island.

Sav closed the distance between their bodies, his chest against her back, he leaned forward, reaching around her to grip the wheel and turned it to port, until the yacht was lined up with the island. “There…can’t miss it now.”

Chelsea became acutely aware of his body pressed to hers. She could hear his breath close to her ear. Shifting on her feet, trying to keep her voice even. “I’m not even going to try and explain why I was off course.”

“You don’t have to, everyone can make a mistake.” Sav whispered in her ear, then kissed her bare shoulder. Backing away, he dropped back on the seat. “We’ve been out on the water to long and I can’t wait to put solid ground under my feet.”

“You have to be careful when you do step foot on land. Your legs are use to the movement of the water.”

“Oh I know, but it’ll still be great.”

Chelsea tightened her ponytail, then glanced at him. “No more of that...voice, can’t cross that line.”

Sav smiled. “Only if you want me too.”

Joe bounded on deck, taking a deep breath of fresh air. He stalked over to lean over Sav to kiss him soundly on the mouth. “mmm…you smell good.”

“That’s because I just took a shower.”

“It’s not soap or shampoo that I smell.” Joe growled and tried to go for his neck.

Sav pushed him away, snatched up the bottle he had been drinking from, passing it to Joe. “Drink some of this.”

Joe pretended to pout, but took the bottle anyway. Placing it back in the holder, he went to stand beside Chelsea. “So, how much longer before we get there?”

Looking around at him, Sav snorted. “I asked Chelsea the same thing. Not far, take a look for yourself.” He pointed the island out for him.

“I can’t wait to get there.”

“Neither can I.” Sav replied softly.

Joe went back over to him and pulled him up, Sav groaned in protest as Joe encircled his waist, then dipped his head down, lightly trailing his lips along Sav’s neck and back up to his ear. “You know what I want to do?”

“I can only imagine.”

“I want to chase you around that tropical paradise…..”

“Foreplay.” Sav growled.

“Oh yeah.” Joe giggled and pinched his nipple.

Sav twisted from his arms again, giving him a sultry look before spinning around and heading to the bow.

Mentally shaking himself from watching Sav walk away, Joe turned and smiled at Chelsea. “I’ll get the mainsail when we get closer.”

“Be sure to pay attention to what your doing and not your boyfriend…wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Chelsea teased.

“Oh…I will, trust me...I don’t want to miss out on that chase.” Joe called over his shoulder as he made his way forward to the mainsail rigging.

Chelsea thought about what Sav said a few minutes ago ‘only if you want me too’ she couldn’t deny the effects he has had on her for months now. But like Sav, she will not cross that line.


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