Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt4)

Surveying the crowded room, his eyes landed on an empty booth. Making his way around the throng of bodies, he was able to slide into the booth. The crowd was bigger tonight being a Saturday and a live band was playing, his foot started tapping to the familiar tune. Pulling his wallet out, Sav waited for Elisa to drop by his table. When she did, he held up the money and smiled.

“When you get a chance, tell the owner to drop by my table.”

“We are very busy, she may not be able too. I will let her know.” Elisa said loudly over the music. “I’ll be back as soon as I can with your order.”

“Thank you Elisa.” Sav replied as she hurried away.

Settling back in the comfortable seat, Sav once again surveyed the throng of people. The crowd closest to the stage were pumping their fist to the tune, bodies bobbing about dancing. Further off to the other side, groups of 3 or more stood around, trying to talk above the music. Even the billiard tables had people standing around watching others play.

Elisa stopped at his table and sat the bottle and glass laden try down, picking one up then returning it. Finding the one she was looking for, she popped the cork and was getting ready to pour when Sav stopped her.

He reached for the bottle, gently taking it from her. “I can pour my own drink.”

She smiled gratefully as she sat the glass down. “I’ll be by later, see if you need anything.”

With a nod, he watched her hurry off to take care of other guests. Seconds later the next song started, within eight cords, Sav groaned inwardly, dropping his head back on the seat. Cringing when several cords were played wrong.

“Something wrong with your drink?” Came the woman’s loud voice.

Sav snapped his eyes open to see the owner standing in front of him.

“Uh…” he sat up straighter. “No.. no its fine. The band is...the band is playing that wrong.”

She glanced behind her at the band, then back to him. “They are not top notch but the guests seem to like them.”

Sav crinkled his face and shook his head.

“Yes, well. You asked for me?”

“I did, yes. Have that drink with me.”

She crossed her arms. “Does it look like I have time to stop for a drink?”

Sav smile up at her. “It looks like you could use one.”

“Maybe I can...soon.”

“Great.” Sav replied.

She smiled, turned on her heel and disappeared in the crowd. Elisa breezed by short time later and dropped a ‘reserved’ plank on the table. A loud pitched squeal caught his attention and Courtney came bouncing out of the crowd.

“Hi, Rick.” She beamed a smile “May I sit?”

Sav pointed the seat next to him, Courtney promptly sat down.

“I really wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight.”

“I didn’t have any other plans.” Sav returned her smile.

Scooting closer to him, her hand landed on his thigh under the table. “I want to thank you again for such a lovely evening.”

Sav stopped her hand as it traveled upward. “I’m glad you had a good time.” He learned closer to her ear. “I don’t do second dates with anyone.”

Courtney jerked back, as if shocked in what he declared. Shock turned to a seductive smile as she brought her finger up to lightly trace his lips. Eyes a light yellowish hue to try and pull him in. “It wasn’t a date, it was fun fuck party.”

Sav nodded in agreement as his eyes traveled to her lips.


Both of them turned at the woman’s voice. “Mr. Savage is a VIP guest, there for, off limits.”

Snatching her hand away, Courtney bounced from the booth, leaning closer to her. “He wasn’t off limits last night.” She winked at her, waved bye to Sav and left the table.

Setting her own glass down, she slid into the seat next to him, picking up the bottle to pour appropriate amounts in both glasses.

The band was taking a break, so the music coming from the juke box wasn’t as loud, enabling them to talk.

“I only have a few minutes.”

Sav stared at the woman, her captivating deep green eyes, pale flawless skin stirred his desire. Picking up his glass, he titled towards her. “At least you can have that drink with me.”

Shifting under his intense gaze, she looked out over the floor at the throng of people. “I knew who you were last night, but wanted to treat you like any other guest.”

“My reputation has hit every continent on the planet, it would seem.”

“I know nothing of your reputation. I followed your career from the first rumblings of hot new rock band from Sheffield, England. I saw you many, many times during your years with the band. The tour in late ‘93 is when I learned you are one of us. Later years, most of the band members. That is the reputation I know, the only one I want to know.”

Sav turned in his seat to watch her. “Being known all over the world back then, was ahuge challenge, it was a long time ago. There are occasions I get recognized. Mostly from the vampire community, with others, I play it off as mistaken identity.” Grabbing the bottle Sav refilled their glasses. “You didn’t give your name.”

Holding his steady gaze over the rim of her glass. “Sharna.”

“The pleasure is mine.” Sav replied.

“Yes, well...I’ve had that drink with you...two drinks, talked a little and my few minutes are up.” Sharna stood and pushed her form fitting, thigh length dress down.

“So soon.” Sav smiled up at her. “Surely you have others that can over see what ever comes up.”

“Actually I don’t. It’s hard to find trust worthy people these days.”

“I have many friends vampire and mortal, that I trust with my life.”

“Not all of us do Mr. Savage.” With that, Sharna made her way through the crowd to the bar, briefly talking to Hank before she went into the back room.

Sav could only watch her walk away, eyes transfixed on the gentle sway of her hips. Brushing the hair from his eyes, he leaned back in the seat, throwing his arm on the top. A smile tugged at his mouth, thinking about the chase that Sharna was going to present to him.

In the back room, Sharna leaned on the wall, head back with eyes closed, trying to get herself under control. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would ever met him in person. Now, he was in her club, even asked for her to have a drink with him. It wasn’t like years ago when fans crowded around him, wanting just a short moment with him. Something she could never do, to be so close, not trusting her self, afraid it would be all to clear that she wanted him. Pulling in a shaky breath, Sharna pushed away from the wall, making her way to the storage room.

Out in the noisy club, Sav slid from his booth, weaving his way to the bar to briefly speak with Hank. He passed some folded bills to him, smiling at him a ‘thanks’ and proceeded to the back rooms. Moments later he leaned on the door frame, hands in his pockets, head slightly tilted watching Sharna lean over to pick up a heavy box of blood wine bottles.

She felt his presents before he even spoke.

“Would you like some help?”

“You shouldn’t be back here.” Came her answer as she stood up to face him.

Pushing from the frame, Sav slowing made his way toward her. “Big storage area, thriving business.”

“It pays the bills.” Sharna glanced at the door. “D..did you need another bottle? Those are not in here."


“Then what do you need Mr. Savage?”

As he drew closer, Sharna took a step back, her foot hit the box on the floor, seconds later she was being held snugly against him, just inches separated their lips.

“Can’t have you falling, hurting yourself.” Sav reached up with his free hands to brush the hair back that had fallen in her eyes.

Sharna inwardly groaned, quickly becoming fully aware of his hard body pressed against hers. The light touch of his fingers that made their way down her cheek, under her chin, to gently lift her head. She glanced down at his lips, then back to his gold flake, blue eyes, in that brief moment, she knew resistance was not going to be possible. The desire for the man she watched bounce around stage, grinding his hips against the bass guitar he played, to the voice that rang through the speakers.

Taking in the deep, the rapid rise and fall of her chest, Sav slightly smiled, leaning close, saw her tongue wet her lips, closing the small space between them, their lips touched, softly at first. Sav knew the moment he had her, when her hand landed just above his hip, the other around his shoulder to pull him closer. Deepening the kiss, he plunged his tongue into her mouth to tangle with hers, his hand come up to cup her breast through the silky material of her dress. Leaving her mouth, Sav trailed his tongue along her jaw line, then down her neck, feeling the pulsing vein against his lips.

Sharna softly moaned feeling his fingers pushing into the lower curve of her back.

“Close the club early.” She heard him say.


“Close the club early.” Sav repeated.

Sharna sucked in her breath when his cool tongue circled her nipple, she didn’t even realize he had pushed her dress top away until then, so caught up in what his mouth was doing. “I can..can’t do that.”

“Why not?” Hearing her gasp when his fingers barely brushed over her panties. Then harder to feel her push against them. Sav devoured her mouth again, eliciting another moan from her. Flicking his finger several more times over her before moving his hand to slid around her waist.

Leaning back, Sav looked down at her, the slightly yellowish hue of desire in her eyes, matched his own. “Kick everyone out of the club, lock the doors for the evening.” Gently pulling the materiel back over her breast, he straightened the rest of her dress.

Trying in vain to pull herself together, Sharna found her voice. “I can’ clients would be disappointed.”

“Let them be.” Sav replied tracing her lips with his finger. “You are the owner and can do whatever you want.”

“I have bi…” she began.

“I want to explore every inch of your flesh with my tongue, but not in this dingy store room.”

Tingles exploded through her body at the different tone in his voice, one of lust, desire, seduction. Compiled with what his mouth had already done, Sharna couldn’t resist him. She stepped away from him and cleared her throat. Holding his gaze a moment before moving past him to leave the room.

Taking a deep breath to get his own desire under control, Sav rocked back on his heels, then heard her voice over the house speaker telling everyone the club was closing. Boo’s all around, a few protests that Sharna quickly shut down. Sav made his way back to the floor, leaning on the end of the bar to watch every one shuffle out. A few patrons stopped to question Sharna about closing early, she just smiled and gave a made up excuse. Once everyone was out, she locked the door, turned the ‘closed’ sign on and was making her way across the floor.

Sav took that moment to pull his wallet out, counting out a large sum of bills, then slid them across the bar to Hank.

“I can’t believe she actually closed the doors.” Hank told him.

Sav winked at him, then turned at her voice.

“Paying off my bartender Mr. Savage?”

“Nope. Paying your missed income for the tips.”

“I don’t need your money.”

“It’s not mine. It’s from your guests that you made leave.”

Sharna glanced at Hank, he shrugged his shoulder and smiled. “We got this, go have fun for once.” he pointedly looked at Sav.

Stepping over to her, Sav took her hand. “I couldn’t agree more. Lead the way.”

The slight sexual under tone was still in his voice, laced with a bit of playfulness.

“Don’t forget to count the bot…”

“I know what to do Sharna, as does Elisa. Don’t worry.” Hank reminded her. “She is a little nervous.”

Sharna shot back, “I am not. Goodnight.” Pulling Sav behind her, they went to the other side of bar to a hidden door that led up to her apartment.

Going up the stairs, Sav watched her hips, the toned muscles in her legs...legs that would soon be draped around him, sent his desire roaring back to the surface. Stopping at the door, she jingled the keys, looking for the right one for the door. Sav moved up behind her, pressing his body to her as he moved the hair from her neck. Trailing his lips lightly along the curve.

Sharna fumbled with the keys, nearly dropping them, finally getting the door open, she stepped forward and turned to usher him inside. Sav smiled as he bent at the knees to wrap his arms around her waist, lifting her off her feet to pull her tight against his chest. Taking a few steps forward onto the room, he kicked the door shut behind them, then pressed her back against the door. Sharna leaned her head back when Sav moved to her neck. She could feel his growing arousal pressed into her lower stomach. She pushed his jacket from his shoulders and Sav shrugged it the rest of the way off, letting it fall to the floor. Sav came up and devoured her mouth. Sharna squeezed her hands between them to work on the buttons of his shirt. Sav let her slid to the floor, helping her out of the tight fitting dress to reveal a dark green lace bra and panties, his head dipped down to run his tongue over the swell of her breast, while Sharna went to the snap on his jeans, all the while pushing him toward the bedroom.

Sav pulled away long enough to hop around to tug off his boots. Sharna was about to kick her high heeled shoes off when he stopped her.

“Leave those on.” He told her and dropped his jeans on the floor.

Sharna roved her eyes over the nude man before her, a few scares marred his other wise flawless skin, a moment of confusion as to why they were even there, his vampire nature should have made them vanish.

His desire laced voice cut through her mind. “Something wrong?”

Tearing her eyes from the tiny scares on his stomach, she looked up at him. “No...I...I always imagined what lay hidden beneath…”

Sav smiled wickedly, crooked his finger to beckon her closer.

Sauntering over to him, his hands cupped her face moments before he crushed her mouth, quickly pulling her desire to the surface with his kiss, his smell of arousal. Her nimble finger landed on the cool skin of his side, lightly traveling downward to run them over his ass.

Taking a few steps back, Sav sat on the bed. He squeezed her firm breast and ran his thumb over her taunt nipple, followed by his tongue.

Sharna dove her fingers in his hair as a soft moan escaped her lips. She felt him nudge her legs further apart, the finger that teased her, then slowly sinking into her, drawing forth another moan. She could never remember a time a man had brought her so close, so quickly as he did in that moment. The deep groan that rang out in room when he stopped.

“Oh...aahhh...why did you stop?”

Sav scooted back on the bed, urging her to straddle his hips. “I told you, I’m going to lick and touch every inch of you.”

Getting lost in his golden eyes, the tone in his voice, Sharna gave into temptation. Leaning over she trailed her lips and tongue over his stomach, moving upward, she flicked his nipple, much the same way he did hers. Smiling to herself when he moaned, not wanting to stop there, Sharna moved to his neck, feeling the pulsing vein beneath her tongue. A deeper growl rumbled in his chest causing her to quickly sit up to grind her hips down on his hard shaft a few seconds before she rose on her knees, slipped her hand between them to grasp his cock, slowly sliding down on him.

Both of them held their breath as their body adjusted to each other, Sharna’s body took over and began to move on him. Sav squeezed her firm breast and ran his thumb over her taunt nipple, thrust upward to her downward movement. Rapid breathing, moans of pleasure bounced around the room. Sharna fell forward to capture his lips, driving her tongue into his mouth.

Sav knew she was already getting close, could feel in her body movement, the pulsing around his cock. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he stilled her movements, with ease, he flipped her on her back, drove deep and hard into her core, crushing her mouth with his to quiet her startled yell only to be replace by moans of pleasure when he slowed his movements.

“Rick please…don’t stop, feels good.” Moving her hips the best she could, moaning loudly at the feel of his throbbing cock inside.

Sav groaned deep in his throat, with his hand he held her hip down on the mattress, stilling her body. Raising on his arm her starred down at the woman, taking in the golden eyes, glimmering with desire, long fangs behind her full lips. He began a slow, steady rhythm, every downward motion pushing them closer.

“mmmm….” Holding himself deep, barely moving, he took her mouth softly, then trailing his lips to her neck, nipping, suckling the cool flesh before moving further down, to gently bite the curve of her breast.

Sharna watched him twirling his tongue around her nipple, close his mouth around the taunt peck to ever so lightly suck. Arching her back as he moved down her to stomach, leaving a tingling trail from his tongue. A soft gasp escaped her lips when he flicked his tongue just below the hip bone. When she felt him move off the bed, she opened her eyes to see what he was doing. Seconds later she was pulled to the edge of the bed.

He smiled wickedly at her, then dropped to his knees. “I like this position, more freedom with the hands.”

Sharna held her breath, feeling her body throb with anticipation of what he was going to do. She didn’t have to wait long when his fingers slid into her core, while his lips and tongue glided over her inner thigh, moving further down until his tongue flicked over her clitoris.

Sharna sucked in her breath, hips moving ever so slightly against his mouth, pushing her head into the mattress as his tongue alternated between fast flicking to hard, slow movements. A breathy moan escaped her lungs from what he was doing with his mouth and fingers, pulling her closer to an intense release. She didn’t even realize that he had stood up, slid his hardness into her pulsing slit, until he was crushing her mouth, seeking entrance to the coolness of her mouth.

“mmmm…so tight.” Sav breathed on her neck. Grinding his hip against her, he slipped his arm under her back, to hoist her further up the bed. Planting his knees firmly on the mattress he started a slow thrust into her body.

Sharna bucked her hips in time with him, sending her flying back to the edge.

“uuhh...Rick…” Gliding her fangs along his neck, she sank them in, pulling on the blood that would release that intense feeling she longed for.

Positioning himself again, Sav thrust into her faster, harder, feeling his own need racing to the surface. Scarping his fangs over the vein moments before sinking them gently in. Sav heard her slight gasp, felt her tighten more around him.

Sharna reeled at the feel of him taking her blood, pulling forth a need within her like she had never felt before, propelling her into yet another intense orgasm.

Sav continued to grind his hips down on her as he licked the holes closed. Place feather light kissing on her neck and shoulders as they both started to relax. He trailed his lips to her mouth, softly kissing her a moment before letting his head fall to her shoulder, his weight pushing her onto the mattress.

Sharna rubbed his sweaty back lightly with her fingers, savoring this moment with him, one she had dreamed about many times. Never expecting to actually happen. A slight smile touched her lips. “Wow.”

Sav chuckled against her neck, then raised on his elbows to look down at her. Smoothing the hair back form her face, he lightly kissed her nose, mouth. “Like that did you?”

"Humhum.” She replied and tangled her fingers in his hair, pushing it back so she could see his face in the dim light.

“Although, I haven’t licked every part of you yet….still time for that.”

Sharna starred up at him, her heart thumped in her chest just thinking about what he meant by licking her all over would involve.

Sliding off her, he flopped on the bed beside her. Sharna in turn rolled to her side, propping on her elbow. Her hand landed on his chest to play with the light speckling of hair, then traveled down to his stomach.

“How can it be you have scars?” She felt the slight jerk of his stomach when she couldn’t resist touching them.

Sav looked down to where her fingers gently touched the paler white marks. “Oh those...its nothing.”

She felt his sudden change in the air around them. “You shouldn’t have them at all.”

“There is a lot of things I shouldn’t have.” He quickly sat up. “So don’t ask about them.”

Sharna sat up and kissed his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s OK.” He stood up and looked down at her, then leaned over to kiss her. “Can I use your shower?”

“Yes, of course.” Sharna replied. She watched him snatch up his clothes and going into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Confusing settled over her, then realizations that he would be leaving after that shower. Standing up, she pulled her rob from the hook, wrapping it around her. ‘Probably shouldn’t have ask about the scars.’

Leaving the bedroom, she made her way to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of blood wine and glass. She sat at the island to wait for him to finish his shower.



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