Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.



Winds of Destiny(Pt1)

“Is this your idea of spending time together?”

Nick finished tying the rope to the buckle on his harness and stood straight. “Yes.” He replied with a smile then kissed him.

“I don’t know about this.” Sav started looking up. The shear rock wall disappeared in the dark. “I have never done anything like this.”

“It’ll be fun, you’ll see.”

“Why climb it when we can just fly up to the top?” Sav asked.

“Because it’s there.” Nick mocked at him. “Besides, flying would defeat the purpose of the adventure.”

“Flying would be a lot bloody faster.” Sav grumbled.

“Now, you have to remember not to use your abilities. Pretend you’re a weak mortal again.”

”Not all mortals are weak Nick.” Crystal stopped beside them and handed Sav his helmet. She walked off to grab the rest of her gear.

Sav turned the helmet over in his hand, then tossed it over his shoulder. Nick picked it up and plopped it on his head. “You will need this.”

“I can’t see.” Sav mumbled.

Nick tucked his hair under the rim out of his eyes and then behind his ears, his fingers lingered there. “Better?”

Sav saw the desire jump in his eyes. “It…um…yes better, but uh…” He looked up again. “..I’m afraid of heights.”

Nick snorted. “You fly hundreds of feet off the ground, you can’t be afraid of heights.”

”No I don’t.” Sav shot back. “I fly just above the trees. This rock is higher than that.”

“It’s not a rock and not that high Richard, about 1000 feet.”

Sav’s mouth dropped open. “I..I’m not climbing that.”

“Will you stop being such a drama queen and come on.” Crystal said as she buckled her helmet.

“I’m not a drama queen.” Sav whined.

“Then stop acting like a child.” Nick kissed him again.

“I’m not a ch…OK..fine.” Sav grumbled and adjusted his harness. “How do I let you talk me in to doing this crazy shit?”

Nick grabbed his face between his hands and kissed him hard. “Because you love me.”

“You wish.” Sav shoved him away.

Smiling at him, Nick buckled his helmet, “This crazy shit is what keeps us entertained for endless centuries of living.”

“Watch your language around the lady.”

“Dirty language is easier to ignore then your drama queen mood.” Crystal said over her shoulder.

Nick laughed and agreed with her.

Sav mumbled under his breath, then exhaled loudly, “Why are we doing this again?”

“For adventure.” Crystal yelled back.

“Oh wait. What about the sun? Is there a place to go way up there to get away from it, if we don't make it back down in time?”

“Yes.” Nick replied. “There’s a small cave deep enough for us to hide in. It’s perfectly safe.” He saw and felt the fear in him. “What?”

“A..a cave.” Sav stammered.

“Yes.” Nick repeated. “Craved out a long time ago for our protection.”

Sav started tugging at the buckle of his harness. “I..I changed my mind. I don’t want to go.”

Nick’s shoulders slumped as realization came over him. “I forgot about that.”

“Nick.” Crystal said between clenched teeth. She walked by and smacked him on the back of the arm, ignoring the glare he gave her.

Stilling Sav’s hands on the buckle, Nick pulled him into his arms, softly rubbing his back. “I forgot about the….it will be alright. I’ll be there with you...nothing is going to happen.”

Sav squeezed his eyes tightly shut, trying to push away the memories the mention of cave brought. What he had to endure with Armand before he left him there to die. “I can’t stay in that cave.”

“Then we will not go.”

“No…” Sav pulled away from him and turned to Crystal. “…you and Nick go. Don’t let me ruin it for you.”

“You didn’t ruin anything Sav. Nick did by forgetting. It’s no big deal really. Besides I can’t see in the dark like you and I might lose my grip and fall. That would be really scary.”

“But I thought you wanted to do this?” Nick asked a little puzzled.

“Well I did, but…”

“Then go Crystal.” Sav said softly. “Enjoy yourself and be careful.”

“You didn’t let me finish.” Crystal shot back.

“Oh sorry.” Sav held his hands up, then took his helmet off.

“We could still go half way, just not inside the cave. You could carry me and we fly up there.”

“Um…” Sav looked up in the darkness, removing his harness, dropping it to the ground. “…I’ll wait for you back the room.”

“Rick.” Nick called after him as he disappeared in the dark.

“Nice going Nick. How could you forget something like that?”

“The same way you keep forgetting to tell him.”

“Uh...” Crystal played it off like she didn’t know what he was referring too.

“I’m a close observer of everything around me.” Nick smiled. “Now, do you still want to go up or not?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Pulling on her gloves and checking the harness again.

“Oh, I believe I do.” Nick replied with a wink. “Shall we?”

Crystal switched on her head lamp and watched him start to climb the rock face, the clamps clinking together on his waist. ‘I know what you’re capable of Nick. I’ve read their journals. But he has shared things with me that he hasn’t with you. Now if I can just get him to notice me other than for a person that listens…yeah right, like that is going to happen.’ Crystal rolled her eyes at the notion that he would think of her like that. Taking up the rope she gave it a good yank. “Can we just fly up there instead?”

Nick dropped back to the ground. “Are you one of those weak mortals?”

Crystal jabbed her hand on her hip. “Do I look like one?”

“No.” Nick replied, remembering the day Joe destroyed the living after Thomas' death she helped him clean and straighten everything. “Why do women have to be so indecisive?”

“I don’t know.” Crystal loosened her harness and laid it on the ground. “Because we can be, have to keep you men on your toes somehow.”

“And that is not very hard to do.” Nick mumbled. “Shall we go and enjoy the view?”

“What I’ll be able to see in the dark anyway.”

“You will see plenty.” Nick replied.

Crystal moved closer to him and looked up. “How tall are you?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering.”

“Don’t shine the light in my eyes.” Nick said and turned it off. “If you must know, I’m 5’10.”

“That’s really tall.” Crystal frowned.

“No, you are just short.”

“It sucks sometimes.” Wrapping her arms around his neck, Crystal held her breath as Nick pushed off the ground.


Slamming the door behind him, Sav strolled into the lavish penthouse suite at the resort they were staying in. Going straight to the bar and pouring a healthy amount of liquor into a glass. Tossing it back, he followed it with the deep red of blood wine. Taking two more shots of the sour tasting liquor he grabbed a bottle and fell in the chair.

“Idiot.” Sav mumbled. “That one little fucking word sent me running to hide, like some child afraid of the dark.” Taking another long pull from the liquor, he leaned forward in the chair, sitting it on the table. He quickly finished both bottles, hoping the liquor worked fast to numb his body and mind of the invading memories in that cave. Taking a deep breath he stood up, not wanting to stay in the suite to let the memories get the better of him.

Moments later he was standing outside the resort, glancing both ways down the city street. Making up his mind he slipped around to the dark shadows where he took to the skies. He scanned the city below him as he headed in the direction of a club he knew that catered to vampires. Landing beside the large brick building he could already hear the music playing inside. Heading for the door he went inside, the strong vibration of vampires assaulted his senses. After paying the club fee, he glanced around the room and spied a booth in the back.

He preferred the back booths where ever he went, it enabled him to observe the crowd in every direction, giving him an opportunity to choose a target, perhaps stepping in the back room or the alley. But not tonight, he was looking for more, a way to drown out the memories.

A waitress stopped by his table. “What can I get you sweetie?”

Smiling at her, Sav dug out his wallet, pulling out several large bills and slid them toward her. “The best in the house.”

“It will cost more then that.” She informed him.

Sav paused in putting his wallet away. “OK, how much?”

“1200 to 5000 euro.”

Sav stared at her a moment, the smile never leaving his lips as he pulled out more bills. “Alright, here is half of 5000, you can have the rest if ‘the best’ is worth it.”

“It’s all up front or you can have the house special.”

“I can always find another club.” Sav quickly replied.

She spun on her heel heading back to the bar. Sav watched her briefly speak with the bar tender, then disappeared in the back. Several minutes passed before she emerged, grabbed a try a from the bar and went off to the other side of the room.

Finger tapping on the table, his patience running thin, he waited...and waited for that drink. The waitress didn’t even bother to stop by his table to give an explanation as to what was taking so long.

Shifting in his seat, his gaze sweep the room again, stopping on a tall, red haired woman heading his way. Her long teal dress hugged every curve in all the right places. As she moved closer, Sav held her deep green eyes, the slight up turn of her lips, until she stopped in front of his table.

“My apologize for taking so long. We don’t get many request for the best in house. I had to retrieve this from the cellar.” She pulled the cork and poured very little in the glass, then passed it to him.

“Perhaps it’s the price.”

“And you should know that good blood is hard to come by. Not every mortal that knows of us will just donate for a cheap prices.”

“Not all vampires can afford it either.” Taking the glass from her, Sav swirled it around, pulling in the deep aroma, taking a small sip he found it smooth, flavorful, the mix of donated blood and alcohol pleasing to the taste.

“No, they can not and the reason it’s in the cellar under lock.”

Smiling he slid the remaining bills to her. “Is 5000 per glass or bottle?”

Returning his smile, she picked up his glass to fill it and slid it back to him. “Per bottle.”

“It’s very good, full of flavor, but a hint of old.”

“As I said, not many request.” She sat the bottle down. “I know all my patrons. I’ve never seen you in here.”

“I’m on vacation. I passed by here not long ago, decided tonight would be a good first time in here.”

“Vacation from where? You sound British.”

“I am, but live in…” His voice trailed off as he thought about home. Shaking off the sadness he finally replied. “..from Dublin, Ireland.”

“Well, I must be getting back. I hope you enjoy your stay in our city. If you need anything, just let Hank, the bar tender or Elisa know.”

“Would you like to share this bottle with me?” Sav asked, taking note of her body language.

“No, I must be getting back. I do have a club to run.”

“Oh, this is your place.”

Taking a step back she smiled at him. “Yes, has been for many years. Enjoy your evening. Excuse me.”

Sav chuckled at her hasty retreat. “I will try for that one later.” He mumbled to himself as he resumed scanning the crowd.

It wasn’t until he finished his second glass that some one caught his eye. Sav watched him awhile, to make sure he was reading his body language correctly. Handsome, young, toned body underneath the snug jeans, button up shirt. Wavy, sandy blond hair that brushed lightly across his shoulders, even though he had a young adult look, Sav sensed him to be as old as he in vampire years. He waited for the man to finish talking with, what he assumed to be friends, before standing up to go introduce himself. Taking his bottle and glass with him, he sat them down on the bar.

“Is this seat going to be taken?”

The young man turned to look at him. “Um, no.”

Smiling at him, Sav slid onto the bar stool beside him.

“Never seen you in before.”

“First time.” Sav replied. “Can I buy you a drink?”

The guy boldly sweep his eyes over Sav, stopping on his blue eyes. “Sure…Andrew.”

Sav waved at Hank to get his attention. “Another glass for Andrew if you will.”

Hank grabbed another glass, took the bottle that Sav brought with him and filled both their glasses.

Picking his up, Sav lightly touched Andrews. “Rick.”

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