Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt30)

Rachel tilted her head back into the soft pillows, tightening her fingers in the soft curly mane of hair of the man above her. Lips slightly parted, she breathed out a soft moan as he kept to a slow agonizing pace within her. His mouth now upon her neck, nipped, teasing until he reached her lips, sliding his tongue in to duel with hers.

She knew what he was doing with all his slow hip thrust, teasing mouth and tongue, driving her to the edge slowly, building her body to a heated frenzy to make her beg for what she knew he could give her. Rachel groaned against his shoulder when his movements slowed even more.

With a deep growl within her chest, she easily flipped him to his back and re-positioned herself above him. Staring down in his gold flaked, blue eyes sent tingles through her every time. The slight upward curve of his lips, knew she was right about what he wanted.

Rachel moaned softly when he cupped her breast, pinching the taunt nipple between his strong fingers. Weaving her fingers through her midnight black hair she leaned back, letting the tips brush his thighs. Gyrating her hips over him as he thrust upward. Leaning back further, she placed her hands on his knees as his trailed down between her breast, stopping to finger her moist folds, bringing her closer to the edge.

“aahh…” Rachel cried out. Pulling herself back over him she devoured his mouth, sucking his tongue into hers. Tearing her mouth from his, she went for his throat, sinking her long teeth into the vein.

His hands held firmly to her hips, felt her body spasm while he took her shoulder, jerking his hips upward, growling deep in his throat from his own release.

Moments later she collapsed on his sweating, heaving chest. Rachel groaned softly when she straightened her legs, then kissing him before lying beside him.

“You always make me feel so complete when we are together.”

“I can say the same about you….” He tightened his arms around her shoulder and took a deep breath. “…I get to fuck my virgin every time.”

“Rick!” Rachel exclaimed and pinched his nipple.

“ow!” Sav rubbed the sore spot and chuckled. “Well its true….besides I’m the only one you fuck, so how can you compare?”

Rachel rose up on her elbow to glare down at him. “How can you make something so wonderful sound ugly…dirty?”

“How do I do that?”

“By what comes out of your mouth.”

“Like my tongue..” Sav stuck his tongue out and rapidly flicked it. “There is nothing dirty or ugly about licking your wet pu…”

Rachel slapped her hand over his mouth, causing the rest of his words to be muffled. “The words that come out of your mouth afterwards.”

Sav gently pulled her hand down to roll on top of her, brushing her hair aside that obscured her face, kissing her softly on each corner of her mouth. “I promise never to say anything like that again.”

“What would you say?” Rachel tangled her fingers in his hair as he dipped to her throat, running his tongue over the cool skin.

“That I love to fuck and lick my virgin lover every chance I get.” Sav didn’t hold back his giggle, but knew that he was taunting her.

“oh…you…” Rachel growled and swiftly flipped him to his back, pinning him to the mattress.

“That same virgin lover that can make my blood run hot when her alter ego is present.” Sav grinned and sat up crushing her mouth in a heated kiss.

Rachel scrapped her fingernails up his back and grabbed his hair, yanking his head back. “What else?”

“She has a beautiful body that I could…can worship for hours.” Sav spread his hand over her bum, pushing her higher on her knees.


“To bring her such pleasure that only I can do.”

Rachel slowly lowered herself down on him. “Don’t flatter yourself Mr. Savage. There are men that can bring me the same pleasure, if not better than you can.”

Sav smiled as he watched her trying to hide how good it felt sliding down on him and back up. In an easy fluid motion, Sav pushed her down on the mattress, never loosing the contact between them. “No one can bring you to such unbidden ecstasy as I can.”

“I’m not looking to find anyone else.” Rachel told him and hooked her legs around his, lifting her hips up to meet his downward plunge.

“Wise choice, because you’re mine…”


“ belong to me…” Sav’s voice had taken on a seductive tone.

“…yes…” Rachel replied letting herself fall under his spell.

“…my woman…”


“…my lover…” Sav pulled her arms above her head, holding them tightly with one hand as the other cupped her breast, dropping down to swirl his tongue over the hard nipple. Shifting his body above her, he was able to move within her faster, harder.

“…yes…” Rachel cried out feeling him deep inside her, stroking her sensitive core.

“…only mine…” Sav growled when he felt her walls tightening around him again.

“…uunnn…Rick please…”

“Say it…” He growled again, close to her ear, holding back the need to take her blood so soon after starting.

“…yours….only yours….I belong to you…” Rachel stammered out.

“…my bueatiful Rachel…all mine.” Sav whispered seconds before he sank his fangs deep in her throat.


Joe caught Nicks arm as he passed by him. “Hey, have you seen Sav?”

“Hum…” Nick frowned. “..come to think about it…no I haven’t, not for a few hours. Why?”

“I can’t find him…or feel him.”

“I haven’t bothered to look, but I can’t feel him either.”

“You don’t think something happened do you?”

“I’m sure he’s fine Joe, just enjoying the party without our constant presents in his mind, like last night.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Joe sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “He didn’t like that at all.”

“We should have known that he would react with anger, by pushing him to hard, watching his every move.”

“I know, but it’s a hard habit for me to break.”

“Try to relax tonight, enjoy being with family.”

“I’ll try.” Joe whispered and ambled off to find Evelyn.

Nick watched him go, feeling his insecurities once again about Sav and their relationship, the same ones he felt for the past four months. He drew in a deep breath, wondering why Joe was even worried that Sav would suddenly change his mind and leave him. ‘Sav isn’t going to leave you Joe, that much I know. I would stake my life on it.’

Joe’s words trailed off and he looked toward Nick, feeling and hearing what he was thinking. A small smile touched his lips.

Nick watched him a few more minutes and finally wondered off toward Ethan and Phil, getting into their conversation of the new music hitting the airwaves.


An hour later, Joe jumped to his feet when he saw Sav emerge from the under brush, going straight to the table lined with green bottles and pouring a drink for himself.

“There you are.” Joe leaned in to kiss him, noticing he smelled like soap and his shampoo on the yacht. “I was looking for you earlier. Where did you go?”


“Since when does salt water smell like your shampoo?”

“You know I don’t like the sting of salt water on my skin. I took a shower before I came back.”

Joe grabbed his hand and looked at his fingertips. “You were swimming for three hours and your fingers aren’t even wrinkled.”

Sav glanced at his fingers, then shrugged his shoulder. “Hum…so.”

“So…you’re lying to me.”

“I’m not lying Joe, just not telling you everything. We did go swimming.”

“We?” Joe raised his brow.

“Yes, we…as in two people, but we didn’t stay in the water long.”

“Who were you with?”

“Her.” Sav indicated with a slight nod of his head to where Gail was sitting on a blanket in front of the fire pit.

“You couldn’t have, Gail was here the whole time.”

Sav elbowed him in the side. “Not that her, the other one.”

Joe darted his eyes to the woman sitting beside her. “Rachel.”


“But she…I thought you…you still do...?”

“Oh yeah.” Sav replied on the exhale of his breath, then winked at Joe.

Glancing back at Rachel, Joe locked eyes with her; she smiled and waved at him. “I...I thought you ended your...?”

“Did you know that Ferdinand Magellan stumbled upon this island on their failed expedition around the world?”

“Riiick.” Joe drawled out.

“Why would I end my affair with her?” Sav snaked his arms around his waist. “She belongs to me.”

“But…Rachel an Elder, she can’t belong to anyone.”

“She does now.” Sav kissed him hard, urging him to walk backwards.

“What did you do?” Joe said, narrowing his eyes.

“Nothing for you to worry about.”

“Worried is my middle name.”

“No it isn’t.” Sav chuckled and began to slowly sway to the music. “You don’t need to worry about anything.”

“But I…I am worried.”

Sav moved his arms to drape them around Joe’s neck, bringing him within inches of his mouth. “’bout what?”

“Us…the few flaws we still have in our relationship, your continued involvement with Rachel, how that can cause prob…”

Sav barely brushed his lips, cutting off his words. “I’ve been meeting up with Rachel off and on close to ninety years. That hasn’t caused any sort of problems…trust me. Everyone has flaws Joe…” He tilted his head the other way and softly kissed him. “…nothing wrong with that…”

Kissing him a little harder, he felt Joe’s hand travel under his shirt to the middle of his back. “…I’m not going to leave you…not for Rachel, she knows that...not for anyone…” Sav took his mouth in a deep heated kissing. The soft friction on their lips and swaying bodies sent both of them reeling with desire.

Joe pulled away first, gently sucking on Sav’s lower lip before he rested his forehead against his.

“Kissing me like that drives me insane.” Sav whispered.

“I know, you do the same to me.” Joe smiled and lifted his eyes. “We are being watched.”

“Nick always watches us."

“Not just him…” Joe started, glancing around more. “...just about everybody.”

Pushing Joe’s loose collar further aside, Sav moved in and kissed his skin, then trailed his tongue upward. “Let them watch…I don’t care.”

“It’s not like you to be the center of attention. Not like you at all to seduce me in front of everyone.”

“I’m in a fantastically good mood and I don’t care if everyone is watching.” Sav quickly moved to the other side.

Joe was finding it more difficult with each passing minute to resist throwing him down in the sand. “Did you do a line before you came back?”

“No.” Sav breathed against his skin.

“Drink a whole bottle of Tequila?”

“No.” Sav chuckled and captured his mouth again.

Joe was the first to pull away again, dropping his head down to the curve of Sav’s neck and shoulder. “You know I love it when you are like this, but what has gotten into you?”

“Great mood, relaxed, having fun.” Sav held his eyes. “You should try it, never know where it might lead. You’ve let the past go, pushed out all the hate and anger, wrestled the demons. It’s time to move on Joe, to enjoy life again.”

Wrapping his arms tightly around him, he whispered in his ear. “As long as I have you to enjoy it with me.”

Sav leaned back and held his eyes. “You will always have me.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Temporarily forgetting about Rachel, and everyone around them. Joe smiled at him, enjoying the movement of their bodies that molded them together perfectly.


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