Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt36)

Two weeks later…..

Nick slammed the phone down, abruptly ending yet another call to his accountant about the missing money. He had to wait two weeks while Andrew researched the matter and got back to him. Now that he had the information he needed, Nick was set to confront the one person that took the money. He ascended the stairs two at a time, quickly strolled down the hall to where he felt him to be. Tightly gripping the bedroom door knob, he swung it open to step inside.

Nick stopped in his tracks as giggles, laughter and hushed words reached his ears. The thin, copper colored sheet outlined the men underneath and fluttered widely among their playfulness.

“aaahhh…..stop…sshhhh, I think someone just came in.” Joe said in a hushed tone.

“That some one doesn’t know how to knock.” Sav growled in return.

Nick pushed aside all thoughts of joining them, instead he pushed the door closed. “Joseph, may I have a word with you.”

“I’m kinda busy, can’t it wait?”

“No, it cannot wait.” Nick sternly replied.

“uh oh,” Sav snorted. “What did you do?”

“Nothing yet…to him anyway.” Joe grumbled.

The sheet gently fell away as Sav sat up and brushed the mass of hair from his face. “Make it fast Nick, Joe and I have unfinished…pleasures to enjoy.”

“That we do,” Joe growled and ran his hands up Sav’s thighs. “Why don’t you ride me while Nick babbles?”

Sav titled his head and smiled. “You seem to enjoy this position a lot lately, and I know why but….” He reached down between them and wrapped his fingers around Joe’s cock and began to slowly stroke him to full hardness.

Nick cleared his throat. “I received the final report about the missing money from Andrew. Would you care to explain to me why you took such a vast amount, Joseph?”

“It wasn’t that much.”

“I hardly call $380,000 pocket change.”

Sav’s attention stopped. “Wow that is a lot. What did you spend it on?”

Joe grabbed his wrist, urging Sav to keep moving his hand. “The love of my life and chasing him all over the place. Ending up in a tropical paradise to tell our closest friends how much I love him.”

Sav’s smile widen at the memory. “It was very romantic too, a side of you that doesn’t show very often.”

“Like your shyness; a side of you that I love to see.”

Nike rolled his eyes around the room. “You spent all that money to impress him and at the same time, told me it wasn’t the material things that keep him happy.”

Joe grumbled deeply under his breath and sat up, kissing Sav hard on the mouth. “Sorry baby, the unwanted, annoying presence is distracting me. Let me finish with that asshole, then I can focus all my attention on you.” He told him before he turned to Nick. “I didn’t spend it to impress him, Rick doesn’t care about what I can buy him. I spent it chasing him around. The exact same thing you have done a lot of times. I do have receipts for everything if you want them.”

“That will not be necessary. You knew I was investigating where that money went. You should have told me…..”

“You could have asked me.” Joe smirked.

Taking a step closer to the bed Nick narrowed his eyes. “I shouldn’t have to ask about…”

“Since when do I need to tell you I withdrew money? Last time I checked it was our money.” Joe spouted, indicating toward the three of them.

“You could have at least mentioned it.” Nick huffed, and crossed his arms.

“I am now. I also spent some on Crystal’s birthday present and party.”

“You don’t have to tell me now, since I already know.” Nick shot back.

Joe rolled his eyes toward the ceiling, then back to Nick. “Why are you riding my ass about how much money I spent? What about you? How much did you spend to keep Rick away from me?”

Sav chimed in. “That wasn’t Nick keeping me away.”

“Oh right…” Joe started, sarcasm dripping from his tone. “That was me, it was entirely my fault that you left, entirely my fault for spending so much money to find you…”

Sav clamped his hand over Joe’s mouth. “Great, it was, but we are not going to argue about money.” Looking to Nick, Sav held his eyes. “Are we?”

“No, we are not. Joseph is right. I did spend an insane amount on our trip. My apologies for ‘riding your ass’ which, in my opinion, is a pleasurable way to put it, for the amount you spent.”

“Happy now.” Sav smiled at Nick.

“Of course he isn’t,” Joe scoffed and flopped back on the bed. “Just another way for him to control everything we do.”

Sav’s bubbling laughter made Joe frown even more. “You always seem to forget that about Nick.”

“Yeah well…I’m stubborn and don’t like to listen most of the time.”

Nick’s soft chuckle caused them to look at him. “That you are Joseph. I will leave you to carry on with….with…whatever you were doing….” He let his voice trail off, then quickly spun on his heal to leave the room.

Sav reposition himself above him, then leaned down closer. “Don’t let his ranting get to you or ruin the moment.”

Twining his fingers deeply in Sav’s hair, Joe pulled him closer. “It would take more than Nick’s ranting to ruin the moment.”

Two minutes later, the door burst open again. “I did forget to mention one other thing.”

Joe’s arms flopped on the bed, a deep, heavy sigh rushed from his mouth. “You are determined to kill the mood.”

Sav was at that moment slowly making his way down Joe’s chest, swirling his tongue around the hard nipple. “Maybe he changed his mind and wants to join us.”

“If he does, I’ll tie him up just close enough so we are touching him.” Joe darted his eyes to Nick and smirked. “Let him get all worked up and not do anything about it.”

“I’m always willing to join you Joseph, but I do have other matters to attend to.”

Looking toward him with dark eyes, Joe pointedly told him, “So go attend them and leave us alone.”

“So, what is it this time?” Sav put in as he moved upward to nip at Joe’s throat.

“I was going to mention this on the flight home, until that fax came from Andrew and thought nothing else of it until now.”

A soft moan rumbled from Joe’s mouth when Sav scraped his fangs along his throat, while his hips started a slow downward grind on Joe. “Just say it and get out.”

Taking a deep breath to calm his rising desire again, Nick told them. “It is time to move on.”

Sav stopped a breath away from crushing Joe’s lips to slowly sit up, turning his sexual hazed eyes toward him.

“Why did you stop?” Joe said and tried to pull him back down.

Sav grabbed his hand from where it started roaming his chest. “We can finish in a minute Joe.”

Still standing in the door way, Nick waited for Joe to acknowledge what he had told them. When nothing was forth coming, he repeated his statement. “Joseph, it is time to move on.”

“I’m trying to, but you keep coming in here and interrupting.” Joe hissed in response.

Sav swung his eyes back down to Joe. “I don’t think you understood what Nick said.”

Moving further into the room again, Nick clasped his hands behind his back. “Joseph, its time to leave Ireland."

“We just got home and you want to leave again?” Joe huffed.

Shifting his weight above him, Sav squeezed his hand. “No, what Nick means, we have to sell the house and move out of Ireland. Find a new place to live.”

Letting it sink in as to what Sav said, Joe frowned and looked at Nick. “I don’t want to sell this house or move from Ireland. Why do we need to do that?”

“It has been this way for many centuries,” Nick started. “We must move on from time to time, change our identities, our life style. Staying in one place to long, puts the Community at risk of being discovered.”

“Everyone knows us here. Most of them are part of the Community.” Joe argued.

“Most of them yes, but what of the mortal friends that you have know for many years. The ones that wonder why they are getting older, while you still look the same as you did the day you met them?”

Joe’s smirk returned. “I tell them I have a healthy diet and work out a lot.”

Nick swiped his fingers through his hair. “This is no joking matter Joseph, you apparently don’t understand the seriousness of protecting the Community.”

Joe pushed himself to his elbows as Sav gently slide to the side and flopped down on the bed. “I do understand when you use big words that you are heading toward that arrogant asshole mode.”

“I am not being an arrogant asshole,” Nick said in a tone that was calmer than he felt. “You are being a bratty little child about something that is detrimental for our survival. We must move on.”

“And just where would we go?”

“Anywhere you choose…outside of Ireland.” Nick quickly added when he noticed that Joe was going to protest again about leaving. “There are thousands of place we could go. Australia…”

“No.” Joe easily shot that location down.

“America, New Zealand….what about de Brabrant Castle?”

Joe shot up to a sitting position, eyes glaring and nostrils flared. “Absolutely not!”

“Why not?” Nick started. “It is finished and there is enough room for everyone.”

“You are in our life to much already. If we move in there, you will be there every minute of every day. I can’t kick you out when I have too. Being in that castle with you all the time just helps you plan the next move to break us apart.”

Sav blew out a loud, annoyed breath and slammed his hands down on the bed. “Enough, both of you,” He yelled as he rolled out of bed. “We can look for a place in Canada after Crystal’s party. That’s it, end of discussion.” Spinning on the ball of his foot, Sav stalked off to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Joe stared at the door a moment before picking up a pillow and launching it at Nick. “Now look what you did asshole, you pissed him off. Just get out.”

“You are the one that started arguing, Joe.” Nick calmly reminded him and threw the pillow back. Glancing quickly at the bathroom door, he then turned around a left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Dropping back down on the bed with an audible groan, Joe stared at the ceiling. Shaking off the pointless argument and anger toward Nick, he contemplated the pending move from Ireland. ‘All the memories that will be left behind…not behind, we can take them with us. We raised two children in this house.’ Joe’s mood suddenly grew sad at the thought of leaving Ireland and the family members that will not be going with them. ‘Thomas, Rebecca and Vivian are home, laid to rest in the soil they loved so much. I’ll take their memory with me.’ Sweeping his eyes around the room, memories of years past played in his mind. ‘We have lived here so many years, we are comfortable and safe here. I trust all our mortal friends to keep our true identities, what we hide beneath our skin, the vampire Community a secret. It will be hard to find and trust other mortal friends with that knowledge when we move away from here.’ Running his hand down his face, Joe sighed heavily, knowing he had to move, but not liking the idea. “I hate the nomadic life of a vampire.”

The bathroom door swung open and Sav walked back into the room, a towel wrapped tightly around his middle and with another towel, drying his hair. “Did Nick leave?”

“Yes,” Joe grumbled as he sat up. “He ruined the moment, just like I knew he would.”

Dropping the towels to the floor, Sav stepped into the large closet to retrieve his clothes. “You didn’t have to argue with him either. You knew the day would come when we had to move.”

“Yea.” Joe replied softly. “I may agree with the reason, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Sav emerged from the closet, pulling on a light blue, silk shirt and stood there buttoning it up. “I don’t like it either, but we must live by the code.”

“I don’t like the code either.” Joe grumbled then looked up at him. “Where are you going?”

“Nick ruined the moment, you said so yourself. We could go to the club, little drinking, dancing...maybe pick up a third person…”

Joe scooted up on the bed to lean against board, yanking the sheet to cover his nude waist. “Not in the mood to go out. We have plenty to drink here.” Joe’s smile touched the corner of his lips. “You can dance for me here too.”

Sav returned a smile of his own, gyrating his hips, he moved closer to the bed.

Joe licked the dryness from his lips. “You have on to many clothes.”

“You want a striptease, eh?”

Joe’s breath hitched in his lungs watching Sav slowly run his hands over his chest until they stopped on the buttons. His eyes traveled to his tall frame to the seductive movement of his hips. “You can fuck me with your clothes, doesn’t matter.”

Sav’s smile widen. He reached out to grab Joe’s ankles to yank him down the bed. His mouth came down hard on his, thrusting his tongue deep into coolness of his mouth.

Joe tangled his fingers in Sav’s hair, pulling him down on top of him. Reaching down between them, he nudged Sav to raise his hips, enabling him to fumble with the snap and zipper on his jeans.

Sav was on the move to his neck, nipping, licking pulling soft moans from Joe.

The door slammed against the wall. “Joseph, we got off track with our discussion, we have unfinished business regarding that money.”

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Joe grumbled deeply. “I’m going to kill him...please, can we kill him?”

Sav chuckled against his neck as he tried to wiggle out of his jeans.

“You have eternity to enjoy each other, one night of repeated interruption will not change that.”

“Our third person just walked in.” Sav whispered in his ear.

“I would rather kill him.”

Sav smacked him in the chest. “Stop it Joe.”

“Fine.” Joe huffed. “What do you have in mind?”

Sav swung his eyes toward Nick as he sat up. “We have eternity to enjoy having Nick at out beck and call to do with as we please.”

Joe turned his gaze toward Nick, smiling wickedly. “Not if we kill him.” be continued...



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