Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt32)

Malvin made his way over to his intended target, who was talking to Ethan about the wonderful time they had on the yacht. Patting his arm to get his attention, Mal apologized for interrupting and pulled him aside.

“It’s getting late Joe.”

“Is it....damn, I was having such a good time, I forgot…thanks Mal.”

“That’s what you pay me for Joe. Now, go do what you are good at. Talk.”

Joe smiled at him a moment before he turned to yell for everyone to quiet down and gather closer. “OK…alright everybody be quiet and listen. There is another reason why Malvin went through all the trouble to get everyone here.”

“He didn’t have to twist my arm to hard after he gave me a logical reason as to why.” Mal smiled and winked at Joe.

“Now that I’m all dry and Phil isn’t hurting so bad.” Joe darted his eyes to Phil.

“It’s still…” Phil said rubbing his jaw. “…a little stiff.”

“You deserved it…anyway, I almost got caught several times over the past two months talking to Malvin on the yachts satellite phone.” Joe quickly stepped over to Malvin and planted a firm kiss on his head. “Thanks.”

“He did get caught.” Chelsea chimed in. “I threatened to toss him overboard…for good, if he didn’t tell me what he was up too.”

“So I spilled my guts.” Joe countered, moving back to his place. “Chelsea and Travis agreed to help in any way they could.”

“After you begged us not to say anything.” Travis put in.

“I did a lot of that…didn’t I.” Joe laughed. “Well, I didn’t fancy going overboard again either. That wasn’t fun the first time.”

“It wasn’t fun for us either.” Chelsea added.

“I do want to apologize again for ending the cruise sooner than you expected and were paid for.”

“Don’t worry about it Joe, we understand.” Travis again reminded him.

“I was enjoying myself…really, but I was….”

“Joseph…” Nick cocked his head with a smirk. “…do I need to find a stick so you can go about beating the bushes over there?”

Bouts of laughter circled the group.

“OK..OK…get on with it…well hum…yeah…it’s been one hell of a fucking few years.” Joe started, looking around at everyone as they nodded in agreement. “One I have no plans on reliving any time soon...ever. It was hard on all of us, not just me, we all lived it. Chelsea and Travis are aware of the hardships we faced, what we went through, how Thomas and Tracey were taken away from their families.” Joe smiled warmly toward the couple. “I consider them part of our extended family now and they are under our protection.” Cheers and glasses were raised in official welcome.

“Is that why you brought us here Joe?” Rick asked. “We kinda figured that out already.”

“No, that’s not all Rick. I wanted us all together…reaffirm our bonds…make new ones.” Joe pointedly looked at Tiny.

Tiny grinned broadly. “I’m more than ready to sink my teeth in your lovely flesh Joey…and Savages...I may not live long enough to enjoy the pleasure of it.”

“You will have to wait just a little longer Tiny, I’m not quite finished.”

Phil patted a now sulking Tiny on the shoulder.

“I know I was an complete ass to many of you here tonight, for that I deeply regret and apologize.” Joe slowly walked toward Phil and Rick. “No words can express my gratitude to my best friends, who stood by me through the rough times dealing with Armand. Phil was the level headed one, while Rick was the voice of reason that I needed.” Pulling both men in for a tight embrace, Joe kissed them on the cheek, whispering ‘thank you.’

He spun around seeking out Amanda and his grandchildren. Joe moved quickly and scooped her up in his strong arms. “I’m so sorry for turning my back on you and the children. You needed me and I wasn’t there.”

Amanda pulled away, smiling through her tears, staring in his green eyes that were so much Thomas. “You are now, and so is he.”

Joe reached up and brushed the tears away, then looked to where he felt Thomas to be. “Yes, he is here.”

“Joe..the children and I have been thinking of moving to Dublin. New York holds to many bitter memories. I feel as though we will be closer to Thomas in Dublin and to their grandfather.”

Joe pulled her in for another embrace. “I would like that very, very much.”

Sav watched him back away from Amanda and went over to Amber, he dropped his gaze to the sand beneath his feet.

Amber placed her fingers over his lips. “I already know Daddy. I think we all know what a rotten person you were for the last two years.” Joe chuckled and took her hand, squeezing tightly. “You don’t have to tell each and everyone us how sorry you are, we already know and love you just the same.”

“She’s right…” Phil started. “…no words are needed here tonight.”

“But…I…I need to say them Phil. Its part of the healing.”

“Save the speeches for later Joe.” Tiny ambled toward him and grabbed his arm. “We have a date with the bond man.”

“No…I have to do this. I want everyone to know how the last four months have affected me, how it helped to clear my head of the grief over Thomas, and Tracey...all the hatred and anger I was holding inside.” His eyes met Lily’s, to see the tears glistening there. Long strides had him hugging her tightly. “Your Dad is so proud of how you handle yourself. You will find love again one day. Just know that Tracey will always be with you as the others have been.”

Lily smiled up at him through her tears. “I know.”

Joe returned her smile and kissed her fore head. Leaving her in Gail’s embrace, he scanned the group looking for his next target.

“For so many years I hated you, despise everything you stood for, everything you did to Rick, what you have put us through…I still hate you, if truth be known. With no thought or care, I could have staked you out in the sun, danced on your ashes and slept like the dead that same night.” He stepped in front of Nick.

“And now.”

“Now…” Joe smiled. “…I have a confession to make that will shock everyone here…I still hate you Nick, but love you at the same time. I wouldn’t have made it all these years without you. Your calmness, strength, patience, keeping me focused in the worst of situation. You were there for me when Rebecca was so abruptly taken from me...when Sav was deathly ill. More recently with Thomas and afterwards, you kept me sane during and after all those times, you never gave up on me and what was best in the end.”

“I will never give up on you Joseph.” Nick softly replied.

Much to his surprise and everyone else, Joe leaned in to place a lingering kiss full on Nick’s mouth.

Phil nearly dropped his glass, mouth hanging open. He knew at one time they had slept together years ago, but nothing since then, that he knew about. Now, right in front of everyone he does that.

Tearing his gaze from them, he glanced at Sav, noticing that he had moved to the back of the group and was staring at the ground. Phil pushed into his mind to get a sense of what he was feeling.

Sav raised his head to look at him, Phil could see the tears brimming in his eyes even from the distance they were separated. ‘Joe is pouring his heart out to most everyone that was directly involved, but keeps over looking the most important person.’ Phil thought.

Turning his attention back to Joe, he saw him move over to Gail and Crystal, then again as he held Evelyn close, acknowledging her relationship with Andre. His words were mumbled in his ears as Phil’s senses honed in on Sav, feeling his sadness creeping in.

Joe laughed and clapped his hands together. “I feel so much better after getting everything out. Now we can enjoy the rest of the night.”

“Joe...” Phil quickly headed for him, placing his hands on his friends shoulder.

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you forget someone?”

”Uh…” Joe glanced around, then smiled down at him. “Nope…I spoke to everyone that I needed too. Now, if you will excuse me. I’m going to dance with Evelyn, if Andre will let me.”

Phil wanted to stop him and point out who he had forgotten, instead he whipped his head to where Sav still stood, one hand shoved in his pocket and the other down by his side, holding the glass loosely in his fingers.

Joe’s loud voice drew Phil’s attention back to him, along with everyone else.

“Oh damn…!” Joe exclaimed and snapped his fingers. “…one more thing, then everyone can go off to do whatever.”

Sav didn’t pay any attention to him, he didn’t want to know what Joe was going to do next, not until his soft voice was right in front of him. Sav looked up at him, saw the smile that creased his lips.

“I saved the best for last...the most important one.” Joe pulled Sav’s hand from his pocket, lacing his fingers through his, he gently pulled him forward until they were standing in front of everyone. Joe tucked Sav’s hair behind his ear, fingers lingering there for a moment as he held his questioning gaze.

Moments later, Sav realized Joe had dragged him in front of everyone, he dropped his gaze and quickly looked around the group. “Joe.”

Joe placed his finger over Sav’s lips. “shhh…don’t get all shy on me just yet. Stay in that good mood and I don’t care mode for a few more minutes.” Tracing the firm outline of his jaw, he smiled again. “It was a long difficult road we traveled this time, but we made it. I knew deep down in my heart we could, but I refused to acknowledge that in the beginning. When Thomas was killed, I did blame you…I thought it was your fault he died, that you hesitated about saving him.”

Sav pursed his lips together as the anger started to take over and tried to pull his hand from Joe’s, he started to back away.

Joe tightened his grip. “I was wrong....terribly wrong. You couldn’t save him any more than I could have, no one could.”

“It was too late for him, I told you that.”

“You did, but I wouldn’t listen. It was in my dreams, being there made me realize I was blaming the wrong person… Thomas helped me see that.” Joe pulled him closer. “I did so many wrong things in the months after Armand, the cave...when you came home to me.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Sav tried to reassure him.

“Yes…I did…you wouldn’t have left…no one would have lectured me.”

“It doesn’t mat…”

Joe once again placed his fingers over his lips. “Please does matter. I have to tell you this.”

Glancing around at everyone, Sav nervously shifted on his feet. “You have told me.”

“Not everything.” Joe replied softly caressing his cheek, taking a deep breath he plunged ahead.

“You are my rock, my guiding light in this world of darkness, the one I can forgive for all his faults, the one I live for, the one I would die for.”

Trying to focus on Joe and not everyone that was standing around staring at them, Sav let himself get lost in the color of his eyes and the tone of his voice, the words he was telling him. He didn’t notice Joe leaning forward a bit, reaching behind him or the glass that was gently taken from his hand.

Joe continued to smile, while he took his right hand and brought it up between them. “Thirty-two years ago you gave this to me….”

Sav tore his eyes from Joe’s, looking down as he slipped the ring on his finger. “But I tho…”

“…as a symbol of our undying love, our commitment to each other…I want to return this ring to where it belongs….you have always been my destiny Rick.”

“I…I did you get these?” Sav barely mumbled as he looked down at Joe’s other hand where his ring was nestled in the palm of his hand. His hand shaking, tear rolling down his cheek, Sav picked it up, holding Joe’s green eyes, he slid it back on his finger. “As you are mine.”

Joe hooked his finger under Sav’s chin and titled his head upward more, wiping away the tear he leaned forward. Soft as baby’s breath he kissed him. Slipping his arm around his waist to pull him closer, deepening the kiss, sealing their commitment.

“I love you Rick.” Joe whispered when he pulled away.

“I love you more.” Sav replied on a shaky breath.

“Yes.” Two men hissed lowly behind them as cheers erupted around the small clearing.


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