Everything He Ever Wanted

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Hitsugi sat on his couch, petting his cat and being soothed by the contented sounds the purring creature on his lap made. It had been a long day, but he couldn’t go to sleep. Exhaustion and adrenaline fought in his body and was emotionally drained; yet he had never felt so free and elevated and light. They had just returned from their Tenka Daiboso concert and celebrated a job well done.

‘All those people.’

They had finally gone their separate way around 7 am the next day. Now he had the whole day to sleep and he couldn’t close his eyes for more than a blink.

‘All those people.’

Their performance of Star[K]night blew him away- he actually messed up, playing his guitar chord too loud. He was awed by the intensity of their voices and their unity. They sounded like angels. It blew him away. He was so grateful, and happy; he felt fulfilled as though if he were to die right then and there, he would die the happiest man on earth.

But then who would feed his cats?

Ni~ya hated cats.

Sakito wouldn’t have the time. That and he had a pet bunny. What if Sakito forgot to feed his cats and they got so hungry they ate his bunny? No—he didn’t want to go down that train of thought.

Ruka would forget…. What about Yomi?

The vocalist seemed to love his cats almost as much as he did. Okay, no one loved cats like Hitsugi did, but surely Yomi would care for them with at least some percentage of the love Hitsugi gave, right?


Hitsugi chuckled to himself quietly, not believing his mental ramblings. He really needed some sleep.

He gently picked up his cat, careful not to startle her and began walking to bed. He didn’t always sleep with his cats, but he was in such a good mood and so was she. His other cats, Light and Sunset began following him at their own pace, purring for his attention.

“Fine.” He told them. “You can sleep in the room too.”

Light mewed and took off at a pace that made it seemed as though she was skipping happily. Sunset answered with her own mew and got off the armrest of the couch and followed at a much calmer pace. Hitsugi lay Midnight on the bed and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and change into his pajamas. He went back to the room only to find three lazy cats on his side of the bed.

“Okay you guys, move over.” Hitsugi said narrowing his eyes playfully. Two pairs of eyes opened and a third stayed shut, but he was answered by a mewl.

“If you don’t move, you’ll sleep on the floor.” Light meowed and gave him the ‘puppy eyes’.

“Oh no, that’s not going to work this time.” Hitsugi said with a serious face even though he wanted to laugh, knowing that if he caved now, they’d get whatever they wanted with one look. The cats ignored him again.

“That’s it!” he picked up Light and Midnight and put them on the floor and picked up Sunset and put her on the floor as well.

He settled down on the bed and a few minutes later felt the bed dip lightly as three sleepy cats began to make themselves comfortable on his bed. Hitsugi felt fur on his feet and knew it was Sunset, the light pressure on his head was Light and the little head that was trying to wiggle itself under his hand so that he could pet it was Midnight. He complied the silent request and began petting Midnight, lulled to sleep as the cat began to purr.


dont worry i didnt lie...it will be (mostly) Naitomea PWP...

NAITOMEA ROCKS!!!.... gomen....

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