Everything He Ever Wanted

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last time:

It was a while before they finally fell asleep, neither knowing that the other had troubling thoughts running through heir minds.



Hitsugi woke up slowly, the sands of sleep trying to push him back into its too comfortable embrace. That was the best sleep he’s had in a long time—actually he’d never slept like that before. That dream had been so realistic and so sticky; he knew there would be laundry to do today. He really needed help if that had been a dream. He was about to stretch when he noticed something was…off. There was a weight on his waist and leg. His cats didn’t usually sleep on him and they didn’t weigh that much. Had he been overfeeding Light again?...

He opened his eyes and was met by a head of copper colored hair that definitely did not belong to any of his cats. He lifted his head to peer down and see who that head belonged to, when a gruff voice mumbled something behind him and a strong arm pulled him deeper into a warm embrace. The arm that was on his waist pulled tighter and he finally realized what’d happened.

‘I slept with all of them.’ He remembered his eyes impossibly wide. His first instinct was to scream, but he managed to calm down enough that it came out a strangled whimper. As Ruka hugged Hitsugi tighter, Yomi followed his movement, not wanting to miss the warmth of Hitsugi’s body.

He raised his head once more and was met with Sakito’s gaze, who had awoken at Hitsugi’s slightest movement; he was an extremely light sleeper. Sakito smiled at him, his smile calming him down considerably.

“I’ll make breakfast.” Sakito offered, slowly disentangling himself from Ni~ya’s possessive embrace.

“Wait.” Hitsugi said a little too loudly, his hand coming up quickly over his mouth, an apologetic look on his face.

“It’s okay. You’re going to be extremely sore. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting you go any time soon.” Somehow, Hitsugi felt that Sakito’s words had double meaning.

A few minutes later after Sakito went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Ni~ya stirred turning towards Sakito’s now missing body. Falling onto the bed instead of pressing up against the guitarist, Ni~ya jerked awake. His bleary eyes half open he looked around, meeting Hitsugi’s amused gaze.

“Hey.” Ni~ya said, his voice hoarse with sleep. “Where’d he go?” The question was answered when Sakito came out of the bathroom sporting one of Hitsugi’s shirts-where had be gotten that from?- and a pair of shorts that were huge on the older guitarist. Sakito looked over at the bed and blinked, surprised, then smiled, leaving the room and heading towards the kitchen.

“Ugh! Morning people.” Ni~ya said disdainfully, even as he was heaving himself off the bed, oblivious to the fact that it was no where near morning. It was almost twilight again.

“You could sleep more if you want.” Hitsugi whispered, knowing he was staring but not caring as Ni~ya stretched his long body before him. Having slept without a shirt, he was given a great view of the bassist’s smooth lean torso, the muscles rippling underneath, the bones popping into their sockets loud in the quiet room.

“Nah. He’s already awake and ’s probably gonna wake me up anyways. Besides we have...things to talk about.” Ni~ya said right before he disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the guitarist alone with that loaded statement.

Yeah, they had a lot to talk about.

Hitsugi tried to move slowly, not wanting to wake the other two men practically sleeping on him. He shifted his leg and froze as a sharp sting raced up and down his spine, making white flash behind his lids.

‘This is what virgins feel like after their first time?’ Hitsugi wondered, somewhat shocked at his own thoughts.

He tried to move again, the pain still there, but it began to dull the more he moved, as he got used to the pain. He pulled Ruka’s arm from around his waist and lifted Yomi’s leg from atop his own pushing the latter away gently until he fell on his back, giving him enough room to move. Hitsugi followed, rolling onto his stomach and was attempting to get on his knees when another sharp stab reminded him of yesterday, making him whimper in pain. He tried pushing his upper body off the bed, but his arms gave out as he tried to move again. He hissed in pain, his eyes watering slightly.

‘Damn, this is enough to make me swear off sex.’ He thought, but knew it was an empty threat.

He tried to shift his leg once more, grinding his teeth against the stinging pain that turned into an annoying throb as he tried to ignore it. He was almost completely off the bed when Ni~ya came out of the bathroom dressed in only the jeans he had on the previous day. He stopped to stare at the turtle like movements of the guitarist. Every move he made was precise and meticulous.

“You’ll grow algae on your back at that speed.”

“This is all your fault, so don’t laugh at me.” Hitsugi gasped as he suddenly jerked at Ni~ya’s voice. Even though he had his back to the bassist, he could feel the smirk on the bassist’s face, could hear it in his voice as he said,

“You’re welcome.”

“You cocky bastard.”

“Why, yes I am.”

“Stop turning everything I say into something lewd.” Hitsugi huffed indignantly, his cheeks flaring as he was finally off the bed. He took slow steps, planting his feet very slowly and trying his hardest not to jar his throbbing body.

“It’s your own fault you know. If you weren’t such a good little virgin, I wouldn’t have fucked you so hard.” Ni~ya said, still looking at the guitarist but not doing anything to help him, the other’s discomfort very entertaining.

“Ni~ya!” the small man gasped scandalously.

“Don’t worry. I’m in love with Sakito. He’s the only one that has to suffer Tako-san’s wrath from now on.” With that the bassist left leaving a shocked Hitsugi to stare after him, seemingly oblivious to the bomb he had set off. Ni~ya had just said that he was in love with Sakito. Huge OMG moment. Hitsugi shook his head, mumbling to himself something about ‘crazy, horny bassists having nicknames for their dicks’ as he made his way to the bathroom.

Now, he knew he wasn’t dirty, had managed to get out all the cum from inside, the enema was just a precaution, but Hitsugi didn’t go anywhere without taking a shower, always taking them first thing in the morning. The steamy water relaxed his achingly tense muscles and he yelped as he arched his spine to have the water hit his lower back. Dammit! He arched his back again, this time ready for the pain and pushing his limits until it dulled slightly. He leaned against the opposite wall of the shower stall, letting the water beat down on his aching lower back and ass.

Twenty minutes later he stepped out of the bathroom slowly, getting used to walking again. He changed into shorts and a shirt as quickly as he could and limped to the kitchen, only to find Ni~ya and Sakito in an intimate embrace. Hitsugi stayed frozen at the kitchen door, embarrassed to having interrupted. Sakito pulled away from Ni~ya, bashfully staring at the interesting floor pattern, a blush staining his cheeks—embarrassed at being caught. He snapped out of it quickly, however, and returned to making dinner.

“Are you feeling okay, Hitsu-chan?” Sakito asked a bit concerned for the younger guitarist.

Hitsugi snorted. “I can barely walk. But other than that, I feel great.” He ended, a grin breaking out over his face.

Sakito smiled back, a knowing look on his face. He himself was limping, but he concealed it better even if he was very sore, being more experienced than the younger man—Hitsugi had been a virgin last night, something the older guitarist had helped end.

Sakito took a deep breath and went to get plates to serve them all, placing rice in its respective bowl, having fried fish, something he’d seen in an American cooking channel. He liked trying new things, and while his friends weren’t opposed to it, they were wary as to Sakito’s tastes. Hitsugi stayed standing near the island, having tried sitting and deciding against it.

“You. Here. Now.” Sakito said to Ni~ya who looked at him with a raised brow.

“What?” he asked, knowing but not really wanting to.

“Don’t ‘what’ me. Get over here and help.”

With a long weary sigh Ni~ya grudgingly got up form his stool and helped Sakito serve their meal. Hitsugi could only stare as he saw the two work around the other as if having their movements synchronized and attuned to each other.

‘These two are perfect for each other.’ Hitsugi thought in awe. Then a pang of guilt hit.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. Both Ni~ya and Sakito stopped moving.

“What?” Sakito asked, worry apparent in his face and voice at the tone of Hitsugi’s voice.

“I’m sorry.” He repeated. “I knew you two really liked each other and yet I made you... what happened yesterday...”

Before he could continue Ni~ya stopped him.

“You have nothing to apologize for. If anything, you got rid of a lot of sexual tension between us.” Sakito elbowed him in the ribs, giving him a dirty look. That was not the way to say it.

Hitsugi couldn’t compute what Ni~ya said, unable to believe what he’d heard; that they weren’t blaming him for spoiling their chances of being happy together.

“But I ruined your chances of being together.”

“Oh, get over yourself Hitsugi.” Ni~ya scoffed.

“Ni~ya!” Sakito gasped, a scandalous look on his face. Hitsugi looked like he got smacked.

“You’ve ruined nothing. If anything, what happened had made me see how much more I care about Sakito. I care about all of you, but I love Sakito. And starting today, I’m not sharing him with anyone.” He supported his last statement by circling Sakito’s waist with his arms, passionately kissing the shocked guitarist.

Hitsugi stared in shock. Will wonders never cease? Ni~ya had just professed his love for Sakito with Hitsugi as witness. The words slowly sank in and Hitsugi’s face was a collage of every emotion he felt as he processed everything Ni~ya had said. He played every possible scenario in his mind of the things he would retort as his emotions shifted: anger, hurt, befuddlement—he didn’t understand why they didn’t hate him. Then he replayed once more everything Ni~ya had said, reading between the lines, so to speak.

Oh, that’s why.

‘Ah! See, talking makes everything better.’ A voice said somewhere in his mind and he had to agree, it was right.

After a few minutes of companionable silence, contemplation and getting his internal turmoil settled, Hitsugi sighed, a genuine smile, though small, gracing his lips.

“I’m happy for you two.” He said sincerely. The blush staining Sakito’s cheeks was enough to assure Hitsugi that the bassist’s feelings were returned.

A furry pressure against his leg made him look down and see Sunset. He waned to pick her up, but knew it would be unwise in his current condition.

“Hey, baby. You hungry?” Hitsugi crooned at the feline, always pampering his cats. He was answered by a pitiful mewl as the cat started rubbing against his leg more firmly. Hitsugi slowly made his way to the other side of the kitchen where he kept the cat food separate from his food.

“That’s impossible.” Sakito said, somewhat amazed. “I already fed them. She can’t possibly be hungry.” Hitsugi looked a bit perplexed, thinking his cat was being a glutton, but then another possibility popped into his head.

“Which box did you give them?” He asked almost sure of the answer.

“The purple one.”

“And therein lies the problem. Sunset is allergic to seafood, so she can only eat this kind.” He explained holding up a green box of cat food and began shaking it. “If you fed them the same thing yesterday, then Sunset hasn’t eaten since last morning. My poor adorable Sunset.” He said, cooing at the animal, making cat noises as he picked up the feline from atop the counter when she jumped on the island, petting it as the cat purred.

“C’mon baby, let’s get you fat and pampered.” He said going to her bowl and giving it a good portion to satisfy her hunger. Ni~ya chuckled at the young guitarist’s antics.

“I swear that man loves those cats more than himself.”

Yomi walked into the room, an obvious limp in his step, just as Ni~ya sat down to eat with a can of soda. Yomi reached over and took the can from the man’s unknowing hands, sticking out his tongue as the bassist narrowed his eyes. He took a big gulp then set the can back down.

“Sucks, doesn’t it?” He taunted childishly. A few comebacks almost escaped Ni~ya’s mouth, but the bassist bit his tongue; the comments wouldn’t be appreciated be a certain brunette, seeing as they were lewd in nature.

Ruka was the last to enter, looking dead as he groggily slumped on a stool, his head dropping on his arms atop the island next to Yomi’s plate.

“Why’d you wake up so early if you’re still so sleepy?” Yomi asked amused. Ruka couldn’t be bothered to answer. They settled into a somewhat comfortable silence as they ate, the air slightly awkward, seeing as how Hitsugi couldn’t sit down.

Hitsugi was the first to break the silence.

“So...where do we go from here?” He asked, stirring his rice, unable to make it go down his throat. He looked at everyone, trying to make eye contact as the other’s refused to meet his gaze.

“Sakito said that this was a one time thing and him and Ni~ya are going to go steady. What about us?” Hitsugi said looking at Ruka and Yomi, lost. Ruka immediately lost all traces of sleep, sitting up, worried.

“I mean...do we continue sleeping with each other, or will I have to choose between you two?” His voice was becoming increasingly panicked.


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